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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  June 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪♪ helping protect that world takes state farm. >> ♪♪ >> now on "action news," zeroing in on a possible cause of the six alarm fire that damaged 20 homes in mercer county. >> there is new fallout from the video of a police officer seen pushing that teen to the ground texas. a parent whose child was in the crowd says he wants to press charges. >> a delaware county baseball player makes the play of his life when an umpire collapses on the field. >> good morning, out there, it is 5:30 now on this tuesday june 9th. let's find out about your weather with dave murphy and karen rogers has that commute. good morning. >> still muggy out there this morning and on storm tracker six live double scan there are a couple of showers around. most of these in south jersey. a cluster coming up from llewes delaware up into cape
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may getting close to atlantic city. another small cluster that's pushing into burlington county now with a slightly heavier cell that only bugs you for about five minutes right close to the new jersey turnpike. a a couple more of those cells farther to the south. there's a little sprinkle out in the poconos now. that looks like it might clip allentown later but it's not going to amount to much. as we take a look you can see the severe weather boxes we had north and west of philadelphia yesterday. had a few trees and wires down here and there. no major damage and no funnel clouds in our area. you have to go out to schuylkill county to find one of those. does look like once we get rid of the morning precipitation there will be more coming in bypasses lunchtime and then in through a portion of the afternoon some spotty showers. 71 degrees and muggy if philadelphia just popping up to 70 in allentown, 70 wilmington, 70 in sea isle city. everyone enjoying or maybe not enjoying similar conditions with that humidity. 70 degrees by 6 o'clock and 71 on the bus stop. muggy, partly cloudy, mainly dry as you just saw. new jersey a couple spots getting wet. and as we go through this warm tuesday we're going to get up into the 80's again.
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by 3 o'clock you'll be at 86. that will be your high this afternoon. and again there is the chance of a spotty but potentially drenching and gusty thunderstorm here or there. i'll track those for you on future tracker six coupling in a couple minutes. >> looking live in the city this is the vine street expressway near the schuylkill. traffic moving nicely. was a little wet in spots. some of those storms that came through. that accident not far off on the schuylkill westbound at south street which had been blocking all lanes for awhile all clear. everything is fine and looking better there. we have a new accident though coming in to us, it's southbound on the roosevelt boulevard at levick street much it's in the outer drive so just stick to the inner drive to avoid this accident scene. on the big picture this fire location in southwest philadelphia on beaumont avenue. might want to avoid that between 56th and 57th streets in this area. and in lower merion this do you understand tree. one of the problems with the storms from yesterday we got a few downed trees in the area. this one is on asbridge road and dare dale between wakefield.
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matt. >> as many as 60 residents of a mercer county neighborhood are picking under pieces this morning where a multi alarm fire destroyed nearly an entire block of homes. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live from that fire scene in hamilton township. katherine. >> reporter: matt, thankfully no one was injured but this was a fast moving fire. there is a lot of destruction left behind. you can see as we take a look it's getting lighter, you can see some of the damage this morning. the flames jumped from roof to roof. that roof is just ripped apart. there's charred windows, 60 people have been displaced. she said she smelled smoke yesterday afternoon around 3:45 and looked outside. >> it started like four doors down. by the time we got out and got the dog out, you know, it was already at my house. >> reporter: in the end 20 homes were damaged. 15 of them heavily. 175 firefighters were called in to the 1700 block of east state street. some came as far as hunterdon and burlington counties to help battle the fast moving
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flames. >> it moved fast. we ran out of personnel. >> reporter: the cause of the fire remains under investigation. the red cross was killed in to assist the families devastated to have lost their homes but grateful for their lives. >> my daughter lost her fish in the fire and she's so upset reporter: her pet fish. >> five of them. >> five of them. >> she's sad because she lost her fish but her life is saved. >> reporter: investigators believe the fire began in the area of the roof and spread. there were roofers at work prior to the fire but it's unclear what the source is according to investigators. the cause remains under investigation this morning. again, 20 homes damaged, 15 of them heavily, 60 people out of their homes. we're live in hamilton township, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. new this morning, police will be stationed at a school in burlington county for the start of classes this morning. police had responded to harrington middle school in mount laurel overnight.
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the district says someone made a threat over the phone. police searched the school and will screen everyone that couples into the building today. and the district has asked students and staff to bring fewer items into the building to speed up that process. the mount school district says a number of similar threats were made to schools across new jersey. >> a church in berks county will hold a special service tomorrow night. it's for their pastors who are involved in a terrible crash. pastor lynn cock was killed and her husband brian was injured. an suv collided with the pair who were riding on their shared motorcycle on sunday. the husband and wife team had served glad tidings church in spring township for nearly 30 years. pastor brian cock remains in there hospital. his injuries were so severe doctors had to amputate one of his legs. and police in pennsville, new jersey, say the suspect in a hit and run that critically injured a teenager has now confessed. 23-year-old zachary mcdonough surrendered to police hours after officers said they found his heavily damaged car hidden
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under a car cover. he's accused of hitting kyle pszenny. friends report pszenny has had brain surgery is that showing positive signs. students will gather at a vigil tonight. >> members of the nc nccap want a white officer fired. a 13-year-old said the policeman pushed her away when she tried to help her friend who was pinned to the ground by the officer. her father intend to file a criminal complaint. >> looked at that and said wait a minute this cop is out of control. >> in watching the video we did that want to conduct a full investigation. >> hundreds of demonstrators rallied against excessive force in mckinney last night. other people held a small counter protest to say they believe the officer was doing his job.
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fraternal order of police released a statement saying this was not a racially motivated incident. casebolt is on administrative leave. >> new this morning a delaware county teen is credited with saving an umpire's life. he knew just what to do when the impure collapse during a baseball game. he's a junior firefighter with the darby fire company. he was on second base during the game in folcroft last night and according to the cherry hill fire company the umpire went into cardiac arrest. he immediately started cpr. the fire company says the umpire is now recovering at a hospital thanks to that teen's heroic action. >> good job. 5:37. time for accuweather. >> all right. a couple of showers out there mainly in south jersey. storm tracker six live double scan shows you some of them down in cape may county, others up closer to the delaware river giving you that bird's eye view. you can see that this is mostly light to moderate precipitation, sort of nuisance stuff. it's pushing up towards the northeast going closer to philadelphia, a little bit of
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it crossing the river and getting into south philadelphia in the next couple of minutes butter this isn't going to be bad. farther to the north you see slightly heavier cells that are popping up into areas close to wrightstown. obviously no lightning involved with any of this and then if we drop down to the south we do have cape may county also experiencing some of this lighter stuff and some of that is pushing up into atlantic county now and getting close to atlantic city. so couple of light nuisance showers out there for the most part this morning. as we take a look outside we have cloudy skies over philadelphia. might find some sunny breaks as we go a little later into the morning and then overall sun and clouds today with some more spotty thunderstorms possible later. 71 degrees is your temperature currently. the dewpoint has actually climbed a bit since we've been on the air at 4:30 so it does feel rather muggy out there. winds out of the southwest at 10 miles per hour, a bit of a breeze but warm and muggy. yesterday we actual had a tornado watch across much of the region for a time. but no tornadoes locally. we did get a 65 miles per hour straight line wind gust in
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topton pennsylvania. mertz town pa a 60 miles per hour gust, skippack, penny sized hail reported and trees and wires down in alburtiis. you have to go to schuylkill county to find a if you think cloud and that's outside of our area. looks like there's a possibility of a bit of rain this morning. by 11:30 or 12:00 in the northern and western suburbs we could starter to see the development of some additional showers and thunderstorms. these are going to be spotty. where they hit they could produce heavy downpours and also some brief gusty winds out ahead of those downpours. it does look like as we get up to 6 o'clock most of this is off with the exception of stuff north and west. we will not only see things dry out but the humidity will also drop. threats from today's storms where they happen to hit lightning obviously downpours and strong gusty winds. not worried so much about hail and no tornadoes today. your exclusive call from accuweather in terms of temperatures well, it's going to be warm again, 71 by 8 o'clock, 78 by 11 o'clock, 85 degrees by 2 o'clock with a high of 86 around 3 o'clock
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this afternoon. and high temperatures across the region, everybody on the warm side. 83 in allentown and trenton and around 80 down the shore in atlantic city and cape may. spotty storms possible but as you saw they're going to be pretty spotty. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 86 today. that spotty thunderstorm chance. and then tomorrow partly sunny and nicer. remember i said the humidity is going to drop off tonight. well it stays low tomorrow so even though tomorrow is warm with that high of 86 it's going the feel better. but then on thursday another front approaches and that creeps that humidity right back up. we'll get a high of 92. it will be hot, more humid. friday pretty sticky with a high of 90 and a late thunderstorm and back to the 80's for the weekend with a spotty shower or a thunderstorm both saturday and sunday. >> okay. thank you david. it's now 5:40. next up a semi trailer overturns on a ohio highway and thousands of piglets inside take off running. >> the guy uses a bulldozer to go on a rampage sending an australian family fleeing their flattening home. karen.
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>> live on the boulevard and looking pretty good at this point. that's your southbound traffic headed towards the schuylkill starting to dry out here. we'll take you to delaware and check the 30 bypass coming up. >> utah father issues a strong message for anyone thinking about joining in on a dangerous act. "action news" continues.
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:43. looking a little gloomy here from our temple cam facing the ben franklin bridge in camden, new jersey. most of us not seeing rain any
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but some of us little spotty rain this morning. >> let's go over to karen rogers see what your tuesday morning commute is looking like. good morning. >> well, the storms from yesterday still kind of causing problems for your morning commute. it brought down a couple can of trees, one of them that's an issue here is in warwick bucks county. meetinghouse road between bristol road and turkey trot road so watch for that that downed tree causing an issue. outside on the 30 bypass some of your roads are trying to dry out at this point. we had sun glare yesterday on the 30 bypass we don't anticipate that being a big problem as we'll see a mix of clouds and sun. eastbound traffic still pretty light on the 30 bypass. coming from coatesville this is what your ride looks like. no big problems. south jersey and delaware overview showing your majors for the past mort moving in the 60's, not bad. i-95, 495 looking pretty good. in new jersey 295 and the new jersey turnpike about 63, 65 miles an hour. we've been tweeting any issues as they pop up with traffic with the #6abc traffic so this is a good way to find the latest. here on storm tracker six live
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double scan you could see exactly where the morning showers are. we watched them cross over from delaware into new jersey so you're wet in sea isle city, atlantic city, glassboro along route 55 still pretty damp. not the heavier cells we saw earlier. a little damp on the turnpike and coming out of the city and also route 70 here and near wrightstown we had a heavier cell that moved through and hitting wrightstown right near the new jersey turnpike so watch for that as you're headed out. no big problems and later today a spotty storm here or there could affect you tarnal. >> thank you karen. an out of control vehicle ignite add huge gas explosion when it crashed into a business. more than a dozen people were burned at least three people have serious injuries and victims were seen running out of the cafe while they were still on fire. witnesses summed up the scene as pandemonium. the fire at the cafe is now under control and police have blocked off the area for an investigation. and abc news is reporting former house speaker dennis
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hastert will plead not guilty in federal court today. hastert is charged with lying about withdrawing big sums of money paid to keep sexual misconduct allegations under wrap. to convicted he could face five year sentence and a $250,000 fine on each of those charges. >> a utah father is speaking out against the dangerous act of car surfing. kevin kenner's daughter sidney was seriously injured last month after trying the stunt. the 13-year-old rode on the outside of a vehicle while a friend drove. she fell off and suffered severe trauma to the head. doctors put her into a medically induced coma. >> don't even think about this type of activity. the torture and the pain that we went through for two weeks in the hospital, all you kids, it's just -- it's not funny. >> the teen survived but will spend months in rehab. federal health officials say there were 99 reports of car surfing between 1990 and 2008. not a lot. but here's the team deal.
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more than half were deadly. >> on route 35 near dayton last night crews picked up the squealing pigs by their hind legs. they were taken to a local county fairgrounds. unfortunately more than 300 of the pigs did not survive. others went missing when they ran off into a wooded area near the road. >> it's 5:47. philadelphia police release surveillance video hoping someone can identify a tire thief. >> a plan on a bulldozer goes on a destructive rampage do you know under. david. >> we're dressing the kids in shorts and t's today because it is a warm and humid one out there. there is the slight chance of a spotty storm around but the chances are pretty good your kids are going to miss that. in south jersey a couple of showers this morning. we'll be back with your day planner forecast and we'll talk a little bit more about those storms coming later on. >> ♪♪
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get any small latte for 99 cents from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. your coffee, your dunkin'. >> this is all that was left behind by a man who went on a bulldozer rampage in australia. police say he leveled a house belonging to a family he was ordered to stay away from. three people in the home escaped minutes before the place was destroyed. police say the man stole the machine from a nearby planter. his attack ended when police smashed into the cabin of the bulldozer and used pepper spray on the driver. >> geez. >> crazy story there. let's check the area roads and see what's going on. some of the roads a little bit wet and we have an accident just coming in to us right on the new jersey turnpike. now, this is a little farther north it's in monroe township but southbound past jamesburg exit 8a watch for the left lane blocked and the outer lanes on the turnpike. your area bridges for the most part traveling in and out of the city, you're looking pretty good. this is the ben franklin bridge and we're seeing that westbound traffic come in.
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some low clouds in spots here or there with some of the showers that moved through but not looking bad dave. >> a couple showers on storm tracker six live double scan this morning. some skirting the jersey coast, others in central south jersey all moving toward the northeast. wrightstown saying goodbye to one of those pretty quicking. because of the rain we had yesterday and a little bit more today we are expecting low pollen counts so that's one positive out of having some unsettled weather. we do expect that pollen to rise as the humidity rises and as things get a little more toasty and unsettled around here later in the week. for today 73 by 9 o'clock, 81 by noon, 86 is your high at 3 o'clock. it is going to still be humid today with humidity falling off later on in the afternoon and evening. there is the chance of some pop-up showers and thunderstorms today that could produce gusty winds and drenching downpours. they'll only be in a few neighborhoods so hopefully they miss yours tam. >> thank you david. new this morning caitlyn jenner faces another lawsuit in connection to a deadly car crash back in february. jessica stein dorf is seeking compensation from jenner. she was injured in one of the
5:52 am
vehicles that was hit in that pileup. a third driver kim howell was killed when her car was knocked into oncoming traffic onto a california highway. jenner has already been named in a wrongful death suit filed by howell's two adult stepchildren. former penn state student james vivenzio of virginia filed suit against penn state. he claims the university ignored his complaints about sexual assault hazing and truck use at a campus fraternity. kappa delta rho has been suspended for three years and 38 of its members expelled by the national organization. penn state denies vivenzio's claims saying neither he nor his family were willing to file a complaint. >> 5:52 is the time. up next police nab the man wanted for terrorizing women in a south philadelphia neighborhood. >> and the renewed push to find a missing delaware woman abduct fred her home. home-- abducted from her home. we will be right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here. the skies above cape may had a little rain overnight. what will we get today? could be a little spotty showers out there for some folks. it's 5:55 and 69 degrees. >> philadelphia police are on the hunt for the gunman who shot a 75-year-old man in the back of the head. it happened last night on the 400 block of east indiana avenue in west kensington. the victim had surgery and is expected to survive. detectives are trying to figure out if the senior citizen was the shooter's
5:56 am
intended target. a thief may be tired out after all the climbing and crawling he did during a burglary in the kensington section. the break in happened at black tire shop on east cumberland street last friday at 1:30 in the morning. the crook stole cash from the store's register before making his somewhat slow get away. now t-the rubber really meets the road for philadelphia police. after releasing this surveillance detectives hope someone can can identify the burglar. >> new this morning, a delaware man is charged with his seventh dui offense. 51-year-old phillippe koring was involvedly in a car crash sunday night near magnolia kent county. troopers smelled alcohol on koring. troopers say he had dui convictions from 1987 through the year 2008. police arrested the man wanted for breaking into two south philadelphia homes. 32-year-old raheem felder is formally charged with the rape
5:57 am
of one woman and the attempted sexual assault of another. the most recent attack happened memorial day on south rosewood street. the other one happened march 26th on chadwick street. an anonymous tip led to if he would's arrest. >> a foot kisser is on the loose on a california college campus. police at california state polytechnic in pomona say a man in his early 20's approached female student in front of the men's gym and asked if he could take photos of her bare feet then proceeded to kiss and lick her toes while recording it on his smartphone. then he ran off. >> okay. it's 5:57. time -- new this morning a store fire spreads to apartments on the seconds floor of a building in southwest philadelphia overnight. >> also an outpouring of support for a woman in the lehigh valley who lost one of her granddaughters in a terrible accident. we will hear from her when "action news" continues.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning everyone. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday,one 99th and we have news you didn't see last night. >> an armed man holds up a local convenience store making offer way pile of cash. >> picking up the pieces. an entire block of homes in mercer county lies in ruins this morning. we have a live report from the scene of a six alarm fire. >> and don't put away the umbrellas just yet. accuweather is tracking unsettled and potentially stormy weather. >> let's go to dave murphy for weather and karen rogers for traffic. >> a couple of showers around this morning in south jersey for the most part. take a look as you can see them creeping along the coast in cape may, atlantic county, some of those starting to go off the coast near atlantic city and there are a couple of other showers. some have been catching a


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