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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  June 10, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> breaking now on "action news," a hit and run driver seriously injures a man who was just walking along the roosevelt boulevard. >> search for a suspect delaware county police are confident they're closing in on the killer. >> wonder dog. a trained canine throws himself into harm's way to protect his own here is blind. good morning 5:30 on this wednesday. tam is off. erin joins us. david and karen with weather and traffic. >> it's going to be flies to get a break today, isn't it? we've lots of sunshine on the way. it will be warm this afternoon with a couple of pop-up fair weather cumulus clouds around at times but no rain today and lower humidity. that's probably the most important part of the package. comfortable this morning, not much wind, 68 degrees in philadelphia.
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cool in allentown 57 degrees. how comfortable and refreshing is that as you step outside this morning? 61 in wilmington, 63 trenton and 63 in sea isle city. heading out the door to catch the school bus for one of the last times, 66 by 6 o'clock and 68 degrees by 8 o'clock low humidity comfortable conditions and a pretty nice wednesday across the region for everyone. 68 on your storm tracker six app. probably around the same by 8: :noon up to 82 and your high today is going to be that 87-degree reading at 3 o'clock. so warm condition outs there but not as humid and we're getting a break today. as we take a look at pollen counts we are in the medium high range today and probably fluctuating between immediate numb high and medium for the next several days into the weekend. the other big change in our forecast starts tomorrow with the buildup of more heat and more humidity karen. details ahead in the seven-day. >> all right, dave i've got the latest on this overturned tractor-trailer in new jersey. it's right on 295 northbound in burlington county at route 541, that's exit 47.
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all lanes had been blocked. now they're blocking the two right lanes. so, traffic squeezing by but you got to expect a jam here on 295 northbound in burlington county. you can take the new jersey turnpike instead. we've got no problems on the turnpike or if you want to head over to 130 also an option. traffic squeezing by but it's going to be a slow go on 295 northbound. overall on the big picture though we're not looking at any issues. speeds in the 50's for the most part, blue route schuylkill, i-95. we can take a live look at 95. at cottman roads clear and dry. not just right now but your evening commute too. that's southbound traffic headed towards center city. maybe a little bit of building volume in the construction zone but no big problem yet. this is a live look at 422 that's eastbound traffic. a bit slow near route 23. otherwise moving okay and you're going to expect sun glare today, matt. >> thanks karen. breaking news, police say gunfire struck an innocent bystander in north philadelphia. it happened at north front and lippincott streets at 4 a.m. police say a gunman tried to shoot another man but missed and that bullet hit a
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53-year-old man who was sitting on his front steps a few doors away. it struck him in the carl. he is in stable condition. the gunman fled the scene. the man police believe was the target of the gunfire is being held for questioning. and more breaking news here, the search is on for a driver who slammed into a man along the roosevelt boulevard and kept on going. "action news" reporter katherine scott live near the scene in olney with what we know about that striking vehicle. katherine. >> reporter: matt, the victim is 25 years old, he was taken to the hospital in critical condition and is expected to survive. but the search is now on for the driver. it happened overnight here along roosevelt boulevard in the inner lanes in the northbound lanes. it happened around 1:30 this morning. multiple 911 calls came in. officers found a 25-year-old man lying in the road. he had head trauma, a broken leg, a broken pelvis. the driver took off continuing northbound on the boulevard.
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accident investigators were here earlier gathering evidence and they believe the victim was crossing at the crosswalk. at this point it's unclear who had the light. police don't know how fast the driver was going when the victim was hit. >> the impact from the accident caused the victim to come out of his shoes. both of his shoes are on the scene. >> reporter: and back here live at roosevelt boulevard where you can see the road is now opened. accident investigators cleared the scene overnight. the vehicle police are looking for is described as either an acura or honda dark or black in color. there are several businesses nearby that intersection and police are hoping that one of them has surveillance footage that can help in this investigation. we're live in olney, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. this is developing. police say they are getting conflicting information on what happened on this block in the city's kensington section. one person was shot three times in the legs either inside or near a home on the
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1900 block of east first street at 1:00 a.m. the victim is in stable condition. police took one person into custody but it was on an unrelated charge. detectives are trying to figure out if this was part of a home invasion or if it was something else. we will keep you posted. >> police in delaware county say they're following several leads in the search for a killer thief. this is a sketch. he's wanted for murdering 63-year-old tom childs. investigators discovered childs' stolen cell phone in a cemetery yesterday. the truck driver was getting ready for work when someone gunned him down at a wear louse in yeadon. childs' family released a statement saying "he was a hard working man. he was also a loving husband father grandfather brother and friend who was loved by all who came in contact with him. >> there is newly released evidence in connection with a fatal traffic stop in philadelphia where police
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officers shot and killed a man. the evidence includes grainy surveillance video of the incidents in mayfair back in december. police say 26-year-old brandon tate brown escalated the situation with several scuffles and refused to be handcuffed and then reached into his car for a loaded gun. his death sparked protests in the city over excessive force. a lawyer representing tate brown's family in a lawsuit against the city says the new video along with interview transcripts from internal affairs contradicts the original story. district attorney seth williams did not have any comment on these developments. he refused to charge the officers with criminal wrongdoing after reviewing additional surveillance that was not made public. >> 5:36 now. a massive sweep of a great lakes community turned up no sign of the fugitive killers who escaped a maximum security prison in upstate new york. reports of two men walking along a road in willsboro brought hundreds of officers to the small town about 30 miles away. david sweat and richard matt
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supposedly used power tools and crawled through a steampipe to break out last week. there are new reports that prison supervisor joyce mitchell was supposed to be the men's get away driver but she got cold feet. >> several businesses in south jersey have no cooling systems with a potential heat wave approaching. cameras in turnersville captured two crooks stealing air conditioners from a shopping mall on route 42 early yesterday morning. they were seen piling up and strapping down four compressor units which practically overloaded the back of the pickup truck. business owners say thieves have struck before but police are not saying if the cases are connected. >> and probably today will be a nice day at least the beginning to have your windows opened. >> yeah, i think so and i'm also recommending that if you have errands to run today is the day to do it because we start to see the heat and humidity build back in tomorrow. storm tracker six live double scan shows you we're dry and as we take a look outside we have sky six. lots of sun getting ready to
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pour up over the horizon. we're starting to see it get up over the horizon beyond the ben franklin bridge checking out that beautiful picture on sky six from our new temple university camera. as we take a look at the temperatures right now 68 degrees your dewpoint down there at 56 so it's not as humid as it was over the last couple of days and the winds are very light this morning. comfortable start. this afternoon it will get warm. we're going to be fairly bright. you can see the lack of cloud cover out there. we'll probably see a few fair weather cumulus filter through as we go through the afternoon but generally speaking bright, warm but not as humid as it was in the last couple of days. 68 degrees under the sun by 8 o'clock. by 11 o'clock, 80. by 2 o'clock, 85 with a high of 87 around 3 o'clock or so this afternoon. and then 84 by 5 o'clock. still a day for cool drinks but not as sticky which is always nice. 85 degrees in allentown. 87 in that reading. 84 in trenton. 87 in philadelphia. upper seventies in cape may and atlantic city down along the boardwalk. really this is about the best kind of summer afternoon that you could have with the low humidity.
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still definitely feels like summer. i was walking by somebody yesterday, said boy i love weather like this but today it would probably be even better for some of you with that lower humidity. down the shore 77 in surf city and beach haven getting up to 78 in atlantic city, down to ocean city, 77's on the point in cape may and upper 70's in rehoboth beach and bethany beach and off the coast of some spots in delaware we're looking at temperatures in the water getting up to 67. that's about as warm as we've seen it so far. tomorrow we get another front coming down and ahead of it we're going to get heat and humidity building back in, a high of 94 tomorrow and much less comfortable as we go later into the afternoon and that hot and humid conditions staying with us for the next couple days. thursday through saturday a hot stretch indeed. we'll have highs in the 90's, heat index getting up over 95 at times. so plan ahead. cool drinks and time off in the shade thursday through saturday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast we're going for a high of 87 today, is that knee and nice. tomorrow hot and gradually
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more humid through the day with a high of 94. and then friday hot and probably even stickier with a high of 94. now, there could be a late day thunderstorm thursday and an evening thunderstorm on friday but not a washout either of these days. the big story will be that heat and humidity. ly saturday we have an outside shot at getting to 90 and if we do that will be the season's first heat wave. remember that's three days of 90 or better in a row. whether or not we make that on saturday it's still going to be sticky and rather warm and pop-up thunderstorm possible there. after that we're back into the 80's with a shower around on -- or a thunderstorm on sunday but not a washout this weekend. >> i love it when you say the best time to run errands is in the morning because i like that advice. matt thinks it's hilarious. >> police are called to break up a brawl in the midwest. hear why the woman went after someone in the store. >> the largest fleet of tall ships in america is about to sail into philadelphia and an
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olde city restaurants is bringing something special to the table just for the occasion. karen. >> so excited about the tall ships again. this is route one at pennsylvania avenue. traffic moving nicely. today the roads are clear and dry. does that mean you have an easy commute? no way. big accident in new jersey. all the latest details coming up. >> plus find out why a judge brought the colorado shooting trial to a sudden halt. "action news" will be right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. 5:44. that is a beautiful shot. it looks like the sun is directly centered over the platt bridge. you can see the traffic is moving nicely. it is going to be a gorgeous day. temperatures in the 80's. very june-like. so not too hot and humid like we've had the past two days but enjoy it out there. we're halfway through the week. >> looks like the blatstein hench or something there. >> it does look gorgeous from that shot. i think you're going have sun glare today. that's the glass half empty approach. big problems in the suburbs. in new jersey, here's the latest on an overturned tractor-trailer. debris over the highway. 295 northbound and we're looking at these traffic images right now and you can see with this new jersey dot camera how backed up traffic s this is even though they're allowing traffic to get by
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now. the right lane its center lane are blocked at route 541. 295 northbound, look at that backup. we have a 10 to 15 minutes delay as you're just trying to sit through this and it keeps growing minutes by minute. and so you have to watch for this debris all over the roadway. they've got a lot to clean up and they have to upright the tractor-trailer. a lot going on right at route 541, that's exit 47, right lane and center lane blocked. for awhile all lanes were blocked. chopper six headed to the scene. you can take the new jersey turnpike. you could even take 130, a little out of the way but it will get the job done. on the commuter traffic report here on the waze app we found people going about 3 miles an hour trying to travel through this area. you don't expect that when you're traveling so early. you think you'll fly by on 295. not today. so it's a big problem this morning. i want to show you some of the other issues around the area because in vineland cumberland county we had an early morning accident that brought down a traffic signal here so look for it on route 47 delsea drive right at lake road. we've got at least one lane blocked in each direction. so, expect as volume is is building out there that that
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could cause you problems. looking outside at the blue route at mid-county. a car off to the side. otherwise, traffic is moving okay right here. you could see the roads are clear and dry and temperature-wise it's 68 degrees, vader in millville, 57 in allentown and some spots nearly 10 degrees cooler than yesterday this morning so feeling pretty good out there matt. >> thanks karen. a woman caught fighting in this viral video taken at a wal-mart in indiana is defending what she did. the woman named amber told a local radio station she winds after someone who uttered a racist remark to an employee. the brawl unfolded in front of the woman's six-year-old son who threw at least one jab of his own. wal-mart has banned the ladies from the store. police are still considering whether to file charges. >> testimony is expected to resume today in the colorado movie shooting trial. a judge dismissed three jurors yesterday. they violated orders about watching or reading media coverage of the case. james holmes has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to opening fire in a crowded theater in 2012.
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three alternates have been chosen as replacements. >> a service dog in upstate new york is being hailed a whoer row. figo the golden retriever threw himself in front of a school bus in brewster to protect his blind owner. both were hurt. witnesses say figo remained by his owner's side and didn't even whimper despite his own injuries. his owner has a couple of broken bones. figo had to have surgery on his leg. the owner hopes to be reunited with the brave pet and soon. >> we hope they both recover soon as well. the largest fleet of tall ships in america will sail down the delaware river june 25th with the world's largest rubber ducky floating alongside. here's jaime apody with a special fyi preview. >> reporter: chef walter staib has meant more than 40 years researching and creating 18th century kiss been. >> in the 18th century dining was much more of an art form. >> reporter: the chef is preparing a meaningful meal.
5:48 am
>> we're celebrating a great party here in the city tavern in honor of the marquee de lafayette. >> reporter: the city tavern dinner will include four courses of 18th century fare. the first dish is a salad course made with european cucumbers bib lettuce topped off with a colonial ingredient. nothing i never have done in my entire life eat a flower. for dessert they use thomas jefferson's creme brulee recipe. clears to a taste of history. cheers. >> of course you can catch fyi philly saturday night at 7:00 and sunday at midnight.
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>> day long emergency repairs close part of the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike for most of yesterday's morning and evening commutes. heavy rain on monday night opened up a sinkhole in the southbound lanes of towamencin county montgomery county. authorities had to divert backed up traffic off the lansdale exit. crews kept the southbound lanes closed between lansdale and mid-county just before 11 o'clock last night. >> yikes. we were talking about that backup yesterday. we were seeing people going you know single speeds headed towards,s it was a mess so better today at least. let's take a look right now on the ben franklin bridge. you could see traffic moving fine right now. no problems coming into the city. that's your westbound traffic on the left and not looking at any construction set up yet eastbound either. but the new mess of the day is in new jersey and this is 295. there's always one right? an accident involving an overturned tractor-trailer. traffic is squeezing by. debris all over the roadway. big backup, dave. >> all right karen on the big
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board dressing kids in shorts and t's. temperatures in the 60's now. this afternoon up in the late. good news low humidity. 59 comfortable degrees in pottstown, 62 in chester and center city, 57 up in quakertown. across the river in south jersey 59 degrees in glassboro, 58 buena, 61 in woodbine, 59 in browns mills and 60's in hockessin down to dover delaware. if you're running errands whether you can do them in the morning or afternoon i would get them done today because tomorrow the heat is going to be higher and humidity will be on the rise again. today fairly comfortable by comparison, a high of 87 degrees. mainly sunny skies with a few fair weather cumulus clouds and of course that humidity level going on down. so today is the day to get things done, erin. >> thanks so much david. michelle obama delivered the... the first lady had an inspiring message to high school graduates in chicago. michelle obama delivered the commencement address. she told students she understood the issues they
5:53 am
faced because she grew up in chicago's south side. >> i know -- i know the struggles many of you face. how you walk the long way home to avoid the gangs how you fight to concentrate on your homework when there's too much noise at home. >> mrs. obama has an emotional connection to the school. two years ago she attended the funeral of one of its students. 15-year-old hadaya pendleton. she was shot and killed a week after performing at president obama's second inauguration. she would have been among this year's graduating class. >> 5:53. up next a child in the midwest calls 911 for food. and the startling plea has his mom behind bars. >> plus, we're following details in an overnight incident where a man was hit by a car in delaware. we'll update his condition coming up. >> ♪♪
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5:57 am
alone, hungry and scared. >> called 911 because he was hungry and he didn't know what to do and as i was actually standing there i watched the cops bring mcdonald's to the little boys and feed them. >> it's very heartbreaking. any time children are involved or any kind of mistreatment of children that can't fend for themselves it's very heartbreaking. >> police say the little boy was left alone for more than four hours along with his 10 month old brother. the mother was taken to jail on preliminary charges of child neglect. >> chopper six has just arrived at a major traffic story we are following right now. this is along i-295 a truck has overturned along the highway and all the stuff inside it spilled onto the roadway. we will have an update from karen rogers when we come back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> hello everyone. it's 6:00 a.m. and chopper six has just arrived over our breaking news story in south jersey. the driver of this tractor-trailer was hurt in a rollover crash on 295. this big rig also spilled containers holding 80,000 pounds of apple juice it's all over the place now. this happened just before 5:00 a.m. in the northbound lanes in burlington township and this is greatly impacting traffic. hello, i'm matt o'donnell. erin o'hearn is filling in for tamala edwards. >> that's right. david and karen are standing by with weather and traffic. first let's get right to


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