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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  June 11, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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that may be over. police arrested john sarina they believe vandalized a church and school and slashed tires. nora muchanic is live with the details. >> reporter: he has been described as a one man crime spree terrorizing his own neighborhood. police were called for allegedly firing a bb gun at a pedestrian. and he was charged for torching this church and a whole lot more. >> this is john sarina of levittown hanging his head after being charged with multiple charges. police say sarina, a convicted felon confessed to slashing 30 tires and vandalizing a nearby school and park and vandalizing the restoration church around the corner from his house.
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>> he didn't really have an explanation, just his unhappiness in life. >> i say hi to him every day i wave to him and i can't believe it's him that was doing all this. >> police say that he has been on their radar screen since the church fire since april 15th where he allegedly burned a cross out front and threw a fire bomb inside that caused thousands in damage. >> it's a big relief on our end, we felt bad for the citizens that had their tires slashed, insurance does not cover that. we as a church body forgive him for what he as done, even though it's a huge headache. reaction in the neighborhood is strong, they believed he was responsible for the vandalism. >> this has been going on for two months now and god knows what else he has been up to.
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i hope stays there for a long time. >> there being jail, he is now in custody and will likely be behind bars on a parole violation, he is only charged with the church arson right now and he has 52 victims involved in all of these various crimes and it will take time to get the paperwork and charges together. >> i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. at this hour, the search continues for two conviktsed killer that were missing after escaping from a prison in upstate new york and there were reports that one suspect was spotted by a taxi driver in philadelphia this morning was unfounded. blood hounds picked up the scent of the men last night near the prison and they are looking into 500 other tips they have received sib the weekend. and in our delaware newsroom the cyber stalking
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trial of relatives of the man that killed two people at a delaware courthouse. matusiewicz killed his daughter-in-law and and friend and then turned the gun on himself. they alleged that he conspired for years to terrorize and stalk bellford but they denied having knowledge that he intended to kill belford. the action cam was on the scene of a fire at the girard grocery store at 1:40 this morning, the blaze then spread to a store next to the grocery and apartments above. nobody was injured and the cause is still under investigation. now to accuweather the heat and humidity are back and could be sticking around for a few days lets head outside looking live from sky 6 hd showing you penn's landing and temperatures climb into the 90s today and could start a trend of steamy weather,
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david murphy is live outside the studios with close to breaking record temperatures today. >> we'll be in record territory and it's about as uncomfortable on the terrace as i have felt through the summer season. lets take a look at satellite and we do have clouds filtering through and you can see these they are thin enough to give us nothing but hazy sunshine look to things. and it definitely is not enough to prevent it from getting in and giving you a burn, a sun burn alert for the pool and beach or if just walking around outside today the worst hours are always between 10:00 and 4:00 for the sun burn ozone action day is declared. the rest of us can help out but not filling up the car until after 6:00, sensitive groups include young kids, senior citizens and others that suffer
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from asthma respiratory ailments or heart or lung disease. 86 right now in philadelphia the same numbers in washington, but with the southerly flow the humidity is building up from the south and heading north similar numbers from washington to philadelphia but the dew points are different because the humidity is having more of anin pact in washington. if you take the train down to d.c. and get off of it it's going to be oppressively humidity and we'll see due points like that around here tomorrow. today 93 degrees and your high is 95 degrees that would tie the record for this date in philadelphia at 4:00, and by 6:00, 92 and humid with higher humidity on the way tomorrow. we'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, and we'll talk about the thunderstorms that could pop in neighborhoods this afternoon but guys the big issue is the heat and humidity. police are looking for a southwest philadelphia store
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collect that they say shot a customer during an argument. on the 4500 block of perish street. he claimed that his $20 bill was fake and they argued and he shot them in the back and leg. >> it's not like these are kids these are adults. >> that store clerk fled and has not been seen since the customer is still recovering at the hospital. >> a pennsylvania state house panel is taking up governor tom wolf's moratorium on the death penalty today this is the second of three before the house judiciary committee he propose tropical disturbance back in february calling it error prone and expensive and he issued a reprieve and will continue to do
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so. today philadelphia city council is considering a resolution that call fozer a special committee to oversee the district's finances. council gave initial approval yesterday to raising property tax as long with business use and occupancy and parking taxes but it would fall short of producing $70 million for city schools. >> we have raised significant amounts of taxes of the last several years but the school system has to look at things in a different way. >> if we have to go back and find $40 million in savings, then the only thing left to do is to increase class size and that is already at 33 that is not something that i'm willing to do just yet. >> city council will hold a final vote next thursday just before members go on summer recess there are new health
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concerns about the shrimp we eat, most of what ends up your plate is not inspected by the government. aaron ross explains. >> reporter: america is on a shrimp bing, fried shrimp, barbecues shrimp and shrimp cocktail. 90% of the shrimp comes from overseas and now a new trade treaty could lead to lower standards of shrimp coming in from asia. >> our standards will be lower that is the risk. >> as it is there is a problem, according to consumer reports 55% of shrimp from southeast asia, they purchase at leading supermarkets had some amount of bacteria. >> bad stuff is getting through? >> that is correct. >> these studies have been conducted in secret but they
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believe it will require u.s. and asian safety rules to be harmonized and standardized. >> when you negotiate your standards and lower them to achieve the harmony, you are in fact undermining the integrity of your standards. >> the white house claims they will not lower the u.s. health standards but raise them for the farms in asia that ship hundreds of tons of shrimp to consumers every year. >> back here now to a job fair going on right now in montgomery county anyone that is looking for a job is encouraged to bring their resume to the choice career fairs in king of prussia being held on the crown plaza until 2:00 this afternoon the jobs include administration, banking, customer service, financial service and sales. job seekers are submitting their resumes and meeting face-to-face employers looking to hire on the
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spot. >> and philadelphia is getting an early start to flag day the betsy ross flag was hoisted over city hall and philadelphia is the birth place of the stars and stripes and they have kicked off the week long festival it will help take families and visitors back in time. more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, a popular toy for children is now a hot item for crooks find out why the criminals are after legos find out why the criminals are after toys.
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wake up to this -- [ inaudible ] the teenger was on a 50 mile backpacking trip with his father in the great smokey mountains national park and was screaming when with the bear attacked him and his screams woke up his father who was able to kick the bear the two were able to get away by hiking to safety gabriel has been in the hospital since the attack and the bear had to be euthanized. criminals are stealing legos turns out there is a booming black market for the toys that are hard to trace and easy to sell. >> reporter: this isn't childs play watch as these accused criminals on tape stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars
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from toy stores, surveillance cameras rolling at the san diego stores as the alleged thieves leave with a cart of legos returning later with the cart empty. >> what are you doing with all the merchandise, the suspects have yet to appear in court but he they say they are behind a major car theft ring and hitting locations multiple times a day. >> these kids toys come at hefty adult prices, some legos can sell up to $500, making these colorful blocks gold on the black market. in phoenix police recovered from thieves $300,000 worth of stolen legos. it took 18 hours to recover all the toys. >> his garage was filled from floor to ceiling and front to back. >> the oscar nominated movie adding to the resurgence of the
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toy earning $50 million at the box office and thieves nationwide are capitalizing on that popularity. >> these items are difficult and imable possible to get and made in limited quantities. >> and this morning police are cracking down landing people suspected of stealing the colorful blocks in cell blocks. you may have seen a story about a car crash in mississippi, on your facebook feed it's not the story itself but an animated witness that is sharing the story. the police were trying to do a stop point and the man said no not today and they got behind each other like cats and dogs and they got behind the man and his car spined out of control and he hit the pole and his body
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went to one side and his head to the other. >> that crash involved a police cruiser hit by a van hit by a jackson state police officer, and the officer was injured but is at home recovered and the suspect fled the scene as for the witness he may look familiar, because is he a contestant on so you think you can dance and he is wearing a philadelphia eagles hat. pizza hut is hoping their latest creation may be good for business but others think the combo is just ridiculous, lets look at atlantic city, a hot day to be at the shore or anywhere actually and david murphy is keeping on eye on possible record breaking temperatures accuweather when we come back.
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birthday celebration at her school but she got what she wanted. her father the two spent the day catching up on a daddy daughter birthday date. three astronauts are back on earth after a longer than expected trip to space they spent more than 199 days on the international space station a stay fairly a month longer than planned. just a few hours ago they landed safely in kazikhstan. >> now david murphy here with the details on the first heat wave of the season. >> could be. you wish you were an astronaut because it's cool up there. >> how do you know that? >> he is an immediate meteorologist. >> as we look farther outside, lots of hazy sunshine across the region there is the airport next to the delaware river and
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not much relief unless you are down the shore temperature now is 88 degrees in philadelphia and the dew point indicating humid air and not what we consider oppressive but getting close. future tracker 6 showing you we stay dry through the majority of the afternoon but 3:00, 4:00, could be gusty thunderstorms trying to spill down to the lehigh valley from the poconos and could enter bucks and montgomery county. but off the map by 6:00 7:00 and the rest of the evening muggy and partly cloudy. the high today in philadelphia is a potential record tier, 95 degrees and hot and humid and in terms of records today there are several that will be close in allentown 92 is our forecast high, that is only 2 off the record and wilmington you could get the 95. we'll go 94 and probably missing a record in reading but the
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point is it's uncomfortable everywhere you go with the high humidity and unusually hot. down the shore is where you get relief, sun and clouds mixing and hazy sunshine from beach haven to ocean city, we were up to 66 dew point and still cool on the water. and 66 the water off rehoboth beach and where are temperatures going the rest of the way in philadelphia 94 by 3:00 and 88 degrees by 7:00 and 83 by 9:00 perhaps thunderstorms up north your low only 73. and tomorrow again 95 is the forecast high and hot and humid conditions still the chance of an afternoon and evening thunderstorm with the front farther to the north we'll see the storms farther to the north as well.
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and a rise in humidity tomorrow and i can see it getting into oppressive levels, for the next two days, near record heat and at times the heat index could feel as hot as 95 and perhaps 100 in some urban centers. keep the cool drinks handy and take it easy out there. your exclusive accuweather forecast going for the 95 today tying the record in philadelphia if we get there and tomorrow 95 also a record tying high. hot and steamy the next couple of days, and then on saturday, we start to ease back the temperature as the frontal boundary gets closer to us still a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm at times and sticky and a high of 90 if we hit that it will be three straight days of 90 or better and could be the first heat wave. and sunny and 85 on sunday and while there is still a chance of a pop-up thunderstorm it looks pretty far north.
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monday 84 and partly sunny skies and warm and huld on tuesday with a high of 86 and probably back to 84 on wane, we'll be in an unsettled pattern in this humid air and early next week a chance of an occasional shower or thunderstorm. none of these days ahead look like washouts but you could see something pop. >> got it david thank you. well, today tributes are pouring in after fans remember christopher lee his career spanned 70 years he first gained fame as a horror actor in ten films and frankenstein in another he was recently in the lord of the rings trilogy and the star wars prequels.
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if are you looking for distraction this afternoon check out tamrah's final chemo session was extra memorable, her high school sweet heart decorated her room with silver balloons and was waiting for her with a bouquet of roses and he got down on one knee and proposed and she said yes. >> that is nice. >> glad she said yes. david murphy is here now with a closer look at the forecast. >> hot and humid, those are the two big words we are headed to the low 90s and in some cases the middle 90s when you get closer to i-95 a lot of 90s and 92 and down the shore you get relief highs of 80 and sticky on the beach. >> thank you david. >> it's either something you'll
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be excited or disgusted with, pizza hut is introducing pepperoni pizza but two dozen pigs in the blanket, you can snap them off and dip them in the pizza chain says the peas will be available next thursday a slice of the pizza as 46 calories and 30 grams of fat. just have it with a diet coke. that is all. >> a look now at stories coming up today on "action news" at 4:00 another day of water problems in one part of south philly how they cope without water in this heat. that will do it for "action news" we'll see you here at 4:00.
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