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tv   Action News 1130 PM  ABC  June 14, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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it is hard to get excited about the phillies but rebuilding propers zest is taking a step in the right direction. aaron nola their top pitching prospect will get to triple anla the phillies drafted seventh of all is leaving reading for lehigh valley. in double a the pitcher is seven and three with 1.88 earned run average. he is only 21 years old. despite all of the changes go figure former eagles first round pick brandon graham is still here, despite even though this time last year it felt like he was on his way out. the linebacker is out to help turnaround this defense. >> i think this defense can be elite. the way we work, we come out every day, in the complaining about nothing. we know, where we need to work, we need to get better. we watch film together. i like the group that he brought in. he had has a good group.
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i think that the back end this year will be better, way better then it was and front seven just got stronger. >> let's hope so. finally, crazy scene during indy car racing, in toronto wow, rc anderson hits the back bumper of another car, goes flying upside down, and take another look from this angle you can see how fast this happened, scary scene in toronto. yet somehow some way he walks away just okay. >> amazing you can never tell by the way. >> how that guy walks out of there. >> thanks, jeff. finally this half april hour it was a dream come true for a 13 year-old girl from delaware. it is all thanks to a police department that has a special connection with the music mega star. victoria marsh has down syndrome and a recently diagnosed with osteo sarcoma which is a form of bone cancer. her biggest wish, was to meet taylor swift. as you may know swift was in town this past weekend but victoria's doctor would not
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let her go to the concert because of the lingering effects of chemotherapy. so the dover police department, better men for making a viral police involved taylor swift music video made a video plea to the singing superstar. well, it work. this weekend her doctors gave her a pass from her hospital room and victoria not only went to the concert but she got to meet swift backstage. >> such a nice story. >> much more ahead in the next half an hour of "action news" tonight new concerns about new technology a man who lashed out at a drone he says is invading his privacy. a really sweet 16 local girl who used her big birthday party to give back to the hospital to save her life when she was just young. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back.
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here's is what happening on "action news" at 11:30, we have new details about the man who opened up fire on police headquarters in dallas texas. what investigators learned about his past that could help them determine the gun man's motives. a nightmare flight for passengers headed to london they ended up stranded at a remote air force base in canada and finally arriving 33 hours, late. also one generous young lady used her sweet 16 party
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to support a great cause. the lesson for all of us about paying it forward. but first search for two escaped killers in upstate new york is heading in to its tenth day. that state's governor now admits searchers have no idea where those men are. >> as they combed area near the prison investigators are piecing together the day before the escapees broke out trying to figure out exactly how they did it. we will get the latest from richard cantu. >> she's telling inside story of an inside job. joyce mitchell, now suspended from her position in the danamore prison is charge with supplying blades, chest ills a punch and screwdriver bit. she helped rich art matt and david sweat for months with their escape preparations. mitchell smuggled in speed bag boxing gloves and lighted glasses similar to these. matt groomed mitchell as an accomplice. >> he was paying attention to her, being nice to her. >> reporter: she agreed to be
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her getaway driver and met them at this power plant the night of their escape. they planned to drive to an undifficulties leased location seven hours away. >> they need her car because it was a jeep were four wheel drive. >> reporter: mitchell got cold feet and they got left in the lurch. investigators say matt and sweat helped themselves to power tools stored in the prison by contractors returning them to the boxes each morning after cutting their way toward freedom at night. >> they had been working on cutting out holes in their cells, getting down to the tunnel area of the prison and working their way out. >> reporter: police think men had in backup plan so that the search goes on in the vicinity of the prison. richard cantu abc news, new york. details of the trouble past emerge regarding a man accuse of a violent attack on police in dallas texas. an attack that ended with his death. officials say james bolwear put pipe bombs outside police headquarters yesterday and fired at officers before he was killed. two years ago, bolwear was
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arrested after his family was report ared he was armed and might attack schools and churches. his father says his son blamed police after losing his child in the bitter custody battle. attorneys in the corruption case of the senator bob menendez are due back in court this week to argue for a change of venue. menendez is accused of accepting gifts, donations totaling one million-dollar, from an ophthalmologist in florida in exchange for political favors. his attorneys claim that it would be a disruption to menendez's senate work to have a trial in new jersey. they say mote of the alleged criminal acts occurred in washington d.c. growing popularity of the drones is sparking disputes among neighbors across the country. in huntington beach california a man was captured on camera swatting a drone down to the ground. he warned the drawn's owner not to fly it over his house. owner filed a report with police and demanding that the man pay for the destroyed drone. he said it is worth more than
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$1,300. >> what thing you the down, it hit his leg and then hit the cement and smashed camera, blades and messed up the helicopter. >> reporter: in van suffer washington a seven year-old boy saw a drone outside his window got scared and hid. a family friend got out his bee-bee gun pointed it at the drone and then the drone flew off. it was a frustrating flight for passengers trying to get to london from chicago this weekend. their flight ended up landing 33 hours late. united airlines flight 958 took off from chicago o'hare saturday evening bound for london. but three hours into the flight the plane was forced to turnaround because of some kind of plan kailash you. they landed in goose bay canada for 22 hours the passengers stayed in military barracks with just a few blankets and very cold conditions all while the crew stayed at a nearby hotel. >> what will happen, when will we go? how will we get us to london?
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>> united has since apologized to customers passengers, and travelers also told us that they were also offered a $500 coupon for future united airlines tickets. it is a scene of desperation in turkey as thousands of syrian refugees are crossing the border with whatever they can carry. people threw their belongings over the fence while others passed infants over bashed wire. these refugees finally broke a hole in the fence to get through. many were met by turkish police who gathered them together to prevent them from going deeper in the country. refugees are fleeing intense fighting between kurdish fighters and jihadi. an american flag with 13 stars was raised at the betsy ross house in old city in recognition of flag day which was today. this is all part of the flag day events taking place throughout the city, including colonial reenactors in custom, reading proclamations and celebrating the great symbol of american independent. flag day celebrations
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continued, at the national constitution center where our current flag complete with 50 stars was raised. the day is also birthday of the u.s. army so these folks took time to honor our wonderful soldiers as well. still to come on "action news" tonight a local teenager is remembering her past while celebrating her future. why this young lady asked guests at her birthday party to donate their money instead of giving to it her. also jurassic world makes a monster debut at the becomes office melissa. walter, things are calming down for now across delaware and lehigh valley, we are tracking another wave of energy and batch of moisture that moves in on monday. details coming up with the full exclusive accu weather forecast.
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a celebration was held for a south jersey girl celebrating her sweet 16 but she asked her friend not to bring any gifts. natalie dogget and her guests danced at the department for skating center in westville gloucester county. natalie told her guests instead of presents she wanted them to make a donation to the to the children's hospital of philadelphia natalie had open heart surgery at chop at just ten days old and her party was her way of giving back. >> it breaks my heart to see that, these kid you know, they need to pay the medical bills for her heart disease and so doctors saved my life and i feel like i really have to help other kid grow up happy. >> we don't know exactly how much money was raised for the
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hospital. if you'd like to make a contributions to chop, find a lincoln six and we wish natalie a happy sweet 16. >> happy birthday. time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee. it depend on where you live with the walt result of what you got so far. >> scattered showers and storms are moving through the east and another batch moves in overnight and start of the workweek guys. have umbrellas on stand by. storm tracker six live double scan radar showing you that the heavy rain is pressing to our east, moving off shore but, off to the west across central pennsylvania and harrisburg that is a secondary batch of moisture we are tracking overnight tonight and even for the commute for some tomorrow morning. we will show you the picture outside, sky six live in hd, looking at the center city sky line on this sunday. call than see mostly cloudy sky, overcast conditions, things are starting to clear out for right now but again that moisture out across central pennsylvania will move
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east ward during the overnight hours. these numbers north and west are still in the 70's after a high today of philadelphia in 90. still quite warm and sticky outside. seventy-one in warrington. seventy in center city. seventy in fleet wood. lower 70's for kenneth square and oxford a cross new jersey at boardwalk 69 degrees. sea isle city 69. in dover 74. seventy-one in south jersey and glassboro. here's satellite six with action radar. showers and storms are pushing on off to our east, so we will get a slight break in the activity but more showers will refire. you can see this moisture that we are tracking currently moving out of western pennsylvania. this will come to the south and east as we go throughout the overnight hours and into monday. storm prediction center, once again has placed all of our region in the low probability of finding some severe weather. tonight that low probability was for city and points to the west. tomorrow everybody is included in that risk. major concern will be damaging wind possibility of some hail
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and some drenching downpours that could produce some brief but heavy rain. future tracker six showing at 2:00 in the morning during overnight hours you can see moisture for areas in the poconos, reading west ward into philadelphia and down across south jersey, it continues for commute tomorrow morning. 6:00 o'clock in the morning use caution and give yourself some extra time because those showers will be around and they have have the atmosphere ripe with moisture. once we get heating of the day by the afternoon hours 1:30 tomorrow, things will once again reignite and refire across the region. we will take you down to the tropics. we are keeping a close eye on not really an organized system that we're tracking but showers and storms are developing in the southern gulf of mexico and as we go throughout the next 48 hours this will continue the path to the north and move into an area that is more favorable for development. is there an 80 percent likelihood this could be a tropical system and we will track it very closely as we get in the even of the
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workweek because it could impact our weather as well. call from accu weather for morning rush, use extra time and caution. showers and storms, locally heavy rain and pending on the roadways. here's the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, showers and storms tomorrow by the afternoon. high of 89. still unsettled on tuesday and 89 degrees. wednesday we're looking okay in at 86 and turning humid on thursday because of that tropical moisture i showed you down across southern gulf. we will see what happens with that and friday, saturday, even next sunday which is fathers day and sun begins next sunday temperatures in the 80's, guys. >> thanks, medical list. it was a big weekend at the box office. jurassic world stumped in the theaters and record books as well. dinosaur thriller drew in an estimated 204.5 million-dollar over the weekend. that would make it the second highest grossing u.s. film opening ever, just behind the avengers, three years ago. five of the melissa mccarthey came in second earning
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16 million in the second week and disaster movie san andreas came in third. man in central florida snaps a picture that really looks like it was photo shopped but we're told it is real. take a look at a racoon on top of the gator. man says he was with his family walking near a river saturday morning in ocala national forest. he thinks his son startled the racoon and that is when it hopped on top of the alligator. he snapped the photo before the racoon scurried back on land. the indiana fever paid tribute to the college basketball player who inspired most of the country. in april lauren hill was just 19 years old when she died after a 17 month battle with brain cancer. hill became an inspiration last year when she fulfilled her dream to play college basketball for mount st. joseph college in cincinnati. she became friend with the fever's coach and players during a visit last october. hill's family was at today's game and fans made donations to the cure starts now foundation. >> very nice. much more to come on
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"action news" tonight including sports. >> eagles are back at mini camp this week, jeff is up next to look closer at the team's defense when "action news" comes right back.
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the eagles hit a field for mandatory mini camp on tuesday. while much of the focus a has been on the quarterback and running back, if the eagles will get back the two playoffs they have to be better on d. jamie apody goes one on one with linebacker brandon graham who gets confident from chip kelly. >> watch how he gets after it in the weight room, one of the stronger guys. >> he talks about what kind of shape you are in. what is it to feel like you made a impression on him. >> it feels good because chip
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is a hard one to please and you never necessity what he is thinking. all i know is chip can't say i don't work hard. that is one thing i pride myself on is i will try to give it hundred percent even if i'm not going to do it. >> is this a break out year. >> i try not to talk about it but i will be confident with this one. i necessity i have been working hard. i will do whatever i can for this team. >> what is it, difference, the work you put in or pressure on you. >> work i put in and confidence that chef shown in me. it makes me work harder. i work hard last year but it put a lot of pressure on me to make sure i take that next step and that is what i'm trying to do. >> joel embiid's right foot is not real as quickly as anticipated, in the the best of news for a big guy but nba source close to the sixers center tells "action news" that embiid does in the require a second surgery on the stress fracture.
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embiid has been shut down in the cautious effort to help the healing process. sixers and embiid's doctor do not have a timetable when he can resume activity, he missed all of last season and may miss nba summer league too. lets hope that is not the case. desperate for runs, desperate for wins, phillies call up dominic brown for minors and throw him out there with the pirates but still no dice. he goes hit less. zero for four for the day buy for phillies. they don't score a single run in 11 innings. brown saw nine pitches. in the exactly working count against aj burr net. scoreless in the ninth ben reveer taking a huge risk trying to steel third but foot comes off the bag. reveer out. also a mistake that could have cost them the game. it did. speaking of mistakes, in the 11th jose, to heart to freddie galvis. he throws ate way. would have been final out of the evening. sure enough jonathan papelbon gives up game winning single to john harrison.
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ballgame, one to nothing your final in 11. they have lost 19 of their last 24 games. phillies head to baltimore for two more aaron harang will try to stop the bleeding for the worst team in baseball, sarah back to you. finally tonight an amazing react from a woman find out she's about to be a grandmother this has gone viral. here's why. >> two you're having twins? you are having twins. oh my god twins. >> can you imagine triplets. >> she's pretty surprised to find out that the twins are on the way. they also know that the couple is from georgia and the twins, they are boating to be boys. >> all right. fyi philly is next, "action news" continues at 4:30 with matt o'donnell tamala edward, david murphy and karen rodgers. for walter perez melissa magee and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great
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night. >> good night. >> ♪♪
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