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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  June 15, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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seen 20 miles away, a natural gas line burst rock ago tiny town in texas. >> keep the umbrellas handy accuweather is calling for a steamy stormy day. >> good morning everyone, 5:30 monday, david murphy is off, karen rogers is here along with matt pellman. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing we have storms out there this morning. we have an area that progressed along the coastline along the garden state parkway. let's pull that back up there. it's along the garden state parkway. we had it in wilmington and dover and now we're seeing in new jersey near atlantic city and cape may the areas of red indicating heavy downpours and lightning tryings swell. be -- lightening strikes as well. be careful as you're commuting this morning you're getting heavy rain. it's humid out there this morning, 75 degrees. we'll have a lull in the storms
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from late morning through the afternoon, 83 degrees at noon. they are more numerous later today and tonight. 87 degrees a3:00 p.m., a high of 88. you'll be coming down from that at 6:00 p.m. 87 degrees, a number of showers and thunderstorms around, we needed the rain, but not so far as when it comes down so fast on the roads. >> reporter: yeah it can be a problem when the drains are clogged we could have interesting situations on road. afternoon interesting ride in chester county, by the 30 bypass the 340 exit there's there's a downed tree. they have the westbound lanes blocked completely. if i were you avoid the 30 bypass head for business 30 lincoln highway. this is the vine street expressway in center city reopened it was closed eastbound overnight for construction, it
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is scheduled to close tonight at 11:00 in both directions for the on going workweek for three weeks for complete closures of the vine street expressway. it was busy coming back from the beach, i expect extra traffic on 42 between the ac expressway and 295 and the walt whitman bridge. new today changes for thoses of you who ride the septa trolleys. routes 15, 101 and 102 are not running for the duration of the summer. you're on the shuttle buses instead through labor day weekend because of construction projects. if you ride the 01 or 102 allow 15 to 20 minutes extra you're boarding the buses from the south terminal at 69 account street. >> let's -- 69th street. let's go to a breaking story, a fast-moving fire broke out on sherman street in one
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home and spread two to others. there are no reports of injuries. we've got this breaking news, a person is in custody after a high speed pursuit that injured two pennsylvania state troopers, katherine scott is live outside of the police barracks in skippack she picks up the story. >> reporter: the man taken into custody was identified as daniel vazquez 35 years old. the vehicle he was driving was towed here to the pennsylvania state police barracks in skippack after the high-speed chase on 422. let's go to the video of the car the suspect was driving. police say it was stolen. it was all banged up, the tires were shredded. the initial incident that led to the chase is unclear state police were called into assist reading for a stolen car.
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troopers laid out stop sticks that slowed the car down, but it kept going additional troops positioned their vehicles in front of the suspect's vehicle to stop him that's when the suspect rammed the troopers vehicles. 422 was closed from oaks to limerick lynn field exit. two troopers received minor injuries vazquez was taken to reading police to facing a evaluated assault. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> developing now, philadelphia police are looking for a second man wanted after a shooting in logan late last night. officers arrested one man who jumped out of the getaway car near germantown and bruiner street. he shot two men during an argument on north carlisle street. one man is stable, the other critical, but stable condition. we're following a story in
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texas where crews are allowing a massive pipeline fire to burn out. this is in a town between san antonio and houston. the you people line ruptured last night. the flames could be seen for 20 miles per hour. one witness said the explosion shook his house. seven families were asked to leave as a precaution. the energy company will launch an investigation once the fire has burned out. 5:35 the prison worker charged with helping two convicted killers escape a prison in upstate new york will be in court today. joys mitchell is accused of supplying the men with a slew of tools to help them break out of a maximum security facility days ago. david sweat and richard matt found their way through a manhole that is sealed shot. they are keeping the route 73
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closed schools are open but increased security. out door activities are suspended. s.w.a.t teams with rifles and body armor raided a home in somerton sex of philadelphia, it was all relate to do a case of welfare fraud in new jersey. s.w.a.t teams raided the home on he edison avenue. they are assisting the attorney general who was serving a warrant on the occupant of the rental house. a witness who did not want to be identified spoke to "action news." >> i seen a couple of advance and maybe about -- vans, maybe 20, 15 s.w.a.t team came out they came up the driveway and up to the side, all of a sudden they said open the door. there was nothing and all of a sudden i heard baboom and they hit it with a battering ram. police say the case involved hundreds of thousands of dollars in well fair fraud. mayor nutter announces his
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recipient of the martian attorneys in the corruption case of new jersey senator bob ma den nez will argue for a change of venue accused of accepting $1 million in gifts and donation in exchange for political favors. his attorney general say a trial in new jersey would disrupt his work done in washington. city council meets on thursday before the final session for summer recess. they will vote on capital budgets along with proposed tax hikes to fund public schools. >> i didn't have the umbrellas so i ran back out and get it looks like that was the smart thing to do. >> reporter: that's smart tam
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tam edwards. we have rain in spots in philadelphia it's kind of drying out. but the areas in south jersey, i want to show you closer here with double scan we'll show you what's getting the heaviest rain. its in fortescue you can see the heavy rain. in sea isle city, getting that heavy rain, as well. be careful as you're traveling along route 47, delsea drive and along 49 near millville mays landing, as well. i meant to take a look further up the coastline if you're traveling near seaside heights look at the area of red and yellow between seaside heights and belmawr. i want to take you outside and see what's going on at philadelphia international. lots of low clouds in the wake of the storm that's moving through the city. cloudy skies a lot of moisture, 735 degrees, the current temperature, the dewpoint, 72%.
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it's sticky and warm and humid out there today and certainly a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. we'll get heavy downpours, we have the always on day planner to help you plan ahead. winds out of the south southwest it's sticking with us today. the storms are in motion they are moving through the area, you got them last night and dealing with them this morning. we'll get a lull this morning in the morning and afternoon hours where they won't be numerous. 7:30 we're getting them, i think it would be less than future tracker. a look at noon much of the area may be dry and yellows peppering here or there this particular model shows it near the shore at lunchtime. in the late afternoon and evening hours it becomes more numerous. this is a look at 4:30 at 6:30 when you're driving home lots of downpours in the area. straight through the early evening hours, we have a severe proabt risk of gusty --
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probability risk of gusty winds up to 60 miles per hour. the best threat of severe weather is severe downpours and gusty winds. 9:00 a.m., 78. noon, 83. 3:00 p.m., 87. 88 is the high, we'll be coming down from that at 6:00 p.m. 87 degrees, the better chance of thunderstorms after the morning hours would be late afternoon into early evening. here's a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast it's humid today thunderstorms around 88 degrees for the high. tomorrow, clouds and sunshine, a few thunderstorms that could stronger, 889 degrees for the high. wednesday, less humid and looks like an actual dry day. 86 that will be nice, thursday, clouds, chance for thunderstorms and showers once again 81 degrees for the high. friday, partly sunny, 87 maybe storms late friday night an indication of what's coming over the weekend. we're staying unsettled. clouds and sunshine on saturday, a few showers and thunderstorms
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85. sunday, hot and humid 90 degrees for the high, showers and thunderstorms again on sunday. looking at the seven-day period it's kind of a wet one. we needed rain, but this is all in one week. >> two teenagers were mauled in separate shark attacks in the same stretch of a north carolina beach. >> the father of a man who attacked dallas police headquarters is talking about what may have motivated his son attacking several officers. >> reporter: we have problems on 476. a new work zone in delco after the break. >> it may be mid june but the may flies are working controversy time in one pennsylvania area you got to see the may flies later on "action news." >> they are all over the place. >> yes.
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>> hey everyone, check out the fog in atlantic city, new jersey, sky6 live hd camera can only see the building in which it is affixed to, as we look out there, who knows where. getting up to # # degrees in philadelphia. storms moving through the region particularly in south jeer -- jersey. >> matt pellman that looks like the traffic conditions that makes for traffic troubles. >> reporter: they talk about
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june gloom in la this is our version of june gloom. we are seeing that in some spots if you're coming out of the burbs in chester county, expect delays on 340 it's westbound though, that's entirely closed. i meant to stick with business 30 lincoln highway downtown through coatsville or depending on where you're going use 322 or stay on the pennsylvania turnpike as alternates. speaking of the turnpike on the northeast extension southbound between lansdale and mid county there's a crash off to the side. it's not causing a delay. a wreck on allentown by the blue
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dog public and cvs. we have fire locations skippack creek road is closed and castle road gets you about that. a new work zone starts in collin daily mcdade boulevard will shut down between oak road by the dunkin' donuts and oak avenue by the district court. stay on 1 to get around that. major crash in folsom, atlantic county along the black horse pike. if we hear anything about that we'll let you know. police in player are investigating a deadly shooting that happened on the # hundred block of -- 600 block of north jefferson before midnight. someone so the a 27-year-old man in the chest he died at the hospital. the man who carried out a rampage on dallas police said they were never able to get him psychiatric help he needed.
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james boulware put pipe bombs outside the dallas police headquarters. he was shot before he could kill police. his father said his son blamed police for losing a bitter custody battle over his child. >> two teens were injured in separate shark attacks in north carolina. both happened on oak island. witnesses snapped a picture of a girl on the beach who had just been bitten. a shark attacked a 16-year-old boy. >> went in the water coming over with the white wash kid was in shock, he was coherent i saw what was left of his bloody hand. >> both teens were flown to the hospital and the hospital spokesperson said each had to have the arm amputated and the girl may lose part of her leg. officials say these kind of
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attacks are rare they are going to let people back in the water although officials say it may be a good idea to spend time on the beach. a local girl celebrates sweet 16 but didn't get any gifts we'll explain why. >> a woman ran off the road, a daring rescue in the midwest caught on camera.
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a south jersey girl celebrated her sweet 16. she wanted gifts from her friends, but not for herself. she told her guests instead of a present make a donation to children's hospital of
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philadelphia. natalee had open heart surgery at chop when she was 10 years old, the party was a way of giving back. >> the parents can't afford medical bills or there is heart disease, chop saved my life, so i feel i have to help other kids grow up happy. >> what a kid. if you like to make a contribution to chop you can find a link at you can imagine her parents your baby is ten days old and you don't know what's going to happen, and now you see that, their hearts must be full. >> reporter: that's a woman whose going to grow up changing the world. >> a lot of school buses are parked or they will be parked very soon. we're riding the september at that buses instead of the trolleys in a a bunch of cases some cases it's starting today and lasting the remainder of the
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summer, routes 15, 101, 102, the trolleys will not be running the rest of the summer the length of those three lines. five extra minutes to ride the buses on the 15. the 101, 15 to 20 minutes extra. 102, an extra 15. we have a new schedule on the septa regional rails wilmington, newark and norristown line running on new schedules. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we have storms in time for the morning commute. you're getting hit in atlantic city and cape may and seaside heights and belmawr along the coastline. west of philadelphia starting to detect cells beginning to form him you'll watch for those moving into the city, as well. it could rain at any point today. the greatest risk will be early in the morning and later in the afternoon and evening hours we'll have a dry spell in
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between. 9:00 a.m., 70 degrees, showers or thunderstorm around. noon 83, 3:00 p.m., we see the showers blossom once again 87. at 3:00 p.m. we'll hit a high of 88. come down from that at 6:00 p.m. and be at 87 degrees, matt. >> new this morning police in ohio have arrested a 16-year-old boy for the murders of four people over the weekends. their bodies were found in the home in the columbus early saturday morning along with an injured teenage girl. the boy's name was not released, but charged with four counts of murder and five counts of kidnapping. the victims raingdz in age -- ranged in age from 18 to 41. >> a disaster recovery center for the storm victims opens in houston today. 8,000 people have registered for
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dpeem -- fema help. a driver passing by helped to save a woman trapped on top of her submerged car. a man got help from several people who put ropes and wires together to pull the stranded woman to safety. she was shaken up, but is doing just fine. piles of bugs shut down a bridge in central pennsylvania. >> bold clerks wipe out -- bold crook wipe out a cell phone store, the damage they left behind we'll show it to you when we come right back.
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>> new this morning, police in bensalem made an arrest in a deadly stabbing, tyrone lester is accused of slashing a 23-year-old man in the neck. the victim was killed on the 3500 block of east street road. a problem in pennsylvania is bugging people. millions and millions of may flies are buzzing around the veteran's memorial bridge. there's a coating of dead bugs about an inch thick in spots. witnesses say the swarms of flies looked like a blizzard. >> it's 5:57. we're following breaking news, a police chase through berks an montgomery counties comes to a violent end. a cleanup continues on a
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massive water main break in west philadelphia, more on the damage when "action news" comes right back. we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos! welcome to the south pole! if you're dora the explorer, you explore. it's what you do. >>what took you so long? if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance you switch to geico. it's what you do. >>you did it, yay!
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and pull a box of cereal. alrighty. we just like cereal, we make it, eat it love it, live it. (laughing) >> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, june 15 we're following several breaks stories, including a high speed chaste and race through two counties and ended with a pennsylvania trooper and another suffering injuries. >> a long-expected announcement is coming today how jeb bush is working to separate himself out from a competitors and his family predecessor. a massive cleanup is under underway from a huge water main break in west philadelphia. >> let's get weather and


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