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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  June 17, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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who stole drugs from a south jersey pharmacy and then proceeded to carjack a priest. >> bracing for floods. flash floods and tornadoes in place. >> dave is off, karen rogers is here along with matt pelman and good morning. >> good morning. satellite6 and action radar showing we're starting our day off dry,. we have high pressure briefly in control and things will be nice today. the couple storms yesterday broke the heat and humidity. you feel the difference when you step outside. it's more refreshing. numbers are way down in in some spots. 61 degrees in quakertown, 62 in kennett square but it is a warmer 73 currently in center city. 62 in browns mills. we dipped even further in new jersey. 65 in glassboro. 67 in dover delaware so today as you're planning your day we have a nice high of 84 degrees, pretty low humidity. dewpoints in the 50's in the afternoon. by 9:00 a.m., 78 with bright sunshine. we're going to see more clouds fill in as the day progresses.
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by noon 82. by 3:00 p.m. lots of clouds and 83. by 6:00 p.m., 78 and later tonight into tomorrow, we have some showers even thunderstorms that moved through especially in the overnight hours. tomorrow morning's commute is wet. enjoy the dry while you have time now. >> sun glare this morning. we're watching that and one glaring problem on the traffic front is on the pennsylvania turnpike. it's a multi vehicle accident on the eastbound side about 3 miles east of the willow grove interchange there at 611. we're hearing that one driver was trapped in one of the vehicles. so it's a good spot to avoid. all lanes temporarily blocked on the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike. you want to bail at willow grove, sick 11, and then use one of the local roads like maybe street road, county line road even 63 to work your way over to route one and then you can get up to the bensalem interchange, get back on the eastbound side of the pennsylvania turnpike. on the big picture we had a downed tree overnight that closed the lincoln drive by gypsy lane. that's out of the way.
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things look fine on the boulevard and the schuylkill and the vine street expressway reopened. it was closed overnight by 76 for construction. everything is reopened and ready for you now. and overnight construction on 95 in south philadelphia has also cleared. just a little bit of traffic at this point just north of the walt whitman bridge. during the midday 9:00 until 3:00 watch out for southbound restrictions between broad street and 420 but right now the lanes are opened and ready for you. tam. >> okay, thank you matt. this is new this morning. a trio of armed robbers made it a painful night for one man in the logan section and they're still out there on the run. katherine scott is live outside of northwest detectives and she picks up the story. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning tam. that's right, police are looking for three people they believe are behind this, two men and one woman. the victim remains in critical condition at the hospital after being shot, robbed, stabbed and assaulted and the search is on again for these three suspects. there were several witnesses. they were taken to northwest detectives to be interviewed.
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this happened last night around 11:30 in logan at sixth and somerville. when police arrived to the scene they found the man lying on the sidewalk. he was bleeding heavily. he had stab wounds in his back. he was shot at least once in his thigh. he also had some puncture marks in his face. police rushed him to the hospital and on his way to einstein he was conscious and told responding officers that he was robbed. >> he said that his watch his wallet and cell phone were taken from him by three people, two males an female. no further description. all three were last seen on foot east on somerville from sixth street. >> reporter: and police are now checking for local surveillance cameras to see if there's any footage that can help in this investigation help give further descriptions of those three people they're looking for. we're live in fern rock, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thanks, katherine. "action news" learned overnight that an armed robber
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who carjacked a priest in camden county may have held up another drugstore. the man was wearing a reflective vest, a hard hat and was carrying a traffic cone when he stole adderal from a rite-aid on the 700 block of haddon avenue in haddonfield yesterday afternoon. he then ran into the parking lot, forced the priest out of his vehicle and took off with that. the robber drove the car a block, jumped out and ran. police say the robber who held up a rite-aid in gloucester county back in may also wore a reflective vest and a hard hat. charges have been filed against a leesport man for a fatal crash that killed a berks county pastor and injured her husband who is also a pastor. investigators say sean irick was under the influence when his ford explorer crossed into the path of brian and lynn cox's motorcycle earlier this month. irick surrendered to police yesterday. the coxes had served glad tidings church in spring township for nearly 30 years. >> police are still looking for a suspect in a delaware
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county home invision. three alleged accomplices are in custody. police say the brothers jermaine and sterling wallace broke into a home on old cedar grove road in broomall monday. they're accused of tying up a 17-year-old and his mother before taking money and jewelry. philadelphia police released pictures of a bank robber who they say struck twice this month. he hit two republic bank branches both on frankford avenue and in both cases he handled the teller a note demanding cash. the suspect is in his mid to late 20's with a beard blue eyes and tattoos on both arms and police are warning that he is armed and dangerous. >> 5:35 now. the city of philadelphia is disclosing its transportation plans for the papal visit in september. mayor michael nutter predicts it will be the biggest event in the history of the city. he warned attendees should expect to walk long distances once they arrive by mass transit. septa's goal is to transport nearly three times its normal number of daily passengers. riders will need a special one
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day $10 pass. they will go on sale next month. nutter also wants to discourage people from planning to leave their cars in the septa station parking lots. >> maybe someone can drive you in the car to the mass transit station and drop you off but they should not necessarily anticipate that you're just going to pull up and park your car and jump on the train. >> pope francis will visit philadelphia for the world meeting of families on saturday and sunday september 26th and 27th. delegates from the philadelphia archdiocese the city of philadelphia and the world meeting of families committee will travel to rome next week for their final meetings before the pope's visit. brian taff will be along for the trip. look for his live reports starting monday on "action news." "action news" is also created a special twitter page for any papal news. you can follow it at 6abc pope. >> former tropical storm bill lost steam as it pounded the texas coastline. it has been downgraded to a tropical depression.
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flood weary texans are still concerned. that area is still recovering from memorial day weekend's floods that left 14 people dead along the blanco river. it's a well arkansas and oklahoma could get up to 9-inches in the coming days. >> could some of the remnants of bill end up here later this week. >> it's what we're tracking. if it does it would come on sunday. i think at this point it's going to ride north of our area. looking like north of i80 but we'll keep an eye on that. let's take a look at storm tracker six live double scan around the region. we're looking good, feeling g let's go on outside and start this day off. looking live on sky6, what a morning. looking at the bright sunshine and the sunshine isn't blazing and oppressive with the humidity out there. so, it actually feels pretty nice. you could get out there and enjoy it. 73 degrees the current temperature. nice and comfortable. the dewpoint down to 58. the winds out of the northwest at six. the barometric pressure is rising. any time you have a dewpoint 60 or below, feels nice and
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comfortable. the humidity is way down from oppressive levels yesterday. satellite6 and action radar showing right now that the couple of thunderstorms we had yesterday really served to break the heat. we're looking basically clear through the region but we can see the high thin clouds kind of streaming in from the south and west and they're going to, a us today. you can kind of see that with the always on day planner of how they're going to fill in as the day progresses. here's what we expect today. a high of 84, nice and comfortable. by 8:00 a.m. 76, by 11:00 82 by 2:00 p.m., 84 with more clouds in the picture. clouds fill in as the day progresses. by 5:00 p.m., 81 and then later tonight we get some showers and thunderstorms. now, this is future tracker's look at 2 o'clock in the morning and you see some showers and in some spots maybe even some heavy rain filling in in the overnight hours and straight through part of your morning commute at 11:00 a.m., it's still rather wet in some spots. so, give yourself a little extra time. come tomorrow you have that change coming your way. here's your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. less humid feels pretty good. some sunshine mixing with the
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clouds and we'll see the clouds increase as day progresses here. 84 degrees for your high. tomorrow we have some morning showers. otherwise, mostly cloudy skies. it's going to hold the temperature way down, 77 so another big change. friday we change it again. but a change for the better. it's partly sunny, 85 and less humid so friday feels pretty good. saturday much of the day is dry. clouds and sunshine, 85 for your high. looks like we'll see a couple of thunderstorms scattered around the area especially the second half of the day but not everybody is going to get it. sunday humid with a shower or two if we see any moisture from what was tropical storm bill we'll get it on sunday on father's day in the beginning of summer. 90 for your high. monday hot with a thunderstorm and 90. tuesday mostly cloudy and 87. the accuweather team has been working on a big special our first ever weather special tomorrow at 7:30, summer storms. i take you behind the scenes of the morning show and dave murphy will also be taking you behind the scenes of our advanced technology showing you storm tracker six live double scan and adam, cecily,
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melissa chris everybody is involved with this showing you thousand stay safe with those summer storms and we'll also talk about the hurricane season that's started already. we saw that with tropical storm bill and what's next we'll have that all tomorrow night. >> we'll be watching. thanks karen. next, stealing secrets. the fbi launches an investigation into a major league baseball team that is accused of spying on their rivals. >> fyi philly runs down what's sizzling this summer including day trips perfect for the whole family matt. >> looks like my homeland. a horse and buggy in lancaster county. good morning tam live along 202 in malvern pretty quiet at this point northbound approaching 29. delays will come in a little while. we've got problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, and new issues in pennsauken after the break. >> also when we come back a pennsylvania man says he was given a rather unusual reason for being kicked out of a gym. more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> ♪♪ >> lovely shot of the platt bridge but more importantly the sun as it comes up over the skies in that horizon and accuweather is backing things off for us today. the heat and humidity is not as bad as yesterday its 71 degrees now getting up to 83. >> sounds good to me. if you can get where you were going without too much trouble it would be a perfect start to the day matt pelman. >> that would be nice but for now you might want to back off of those plans if you're
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headed towards the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound. still have problems with a multi vehicle accident, about 3 miles east of the willow grove interchange there at 611, all eastbound lanes temporarily blocked as you head towards bensalem so not the spot in which you want the find yourself. if you're coming eastbound from fort washington i would bail right there at the 611 for willow grove and then use one of the local roads like maybe street road, county line road. you could go down on 63. work your way over to route one and then from there you can get up to the bensalem interchange and then get back on the pennsylvania turnpike. we'll keep you posted on that. meanwhile we're watching a new situation in pennsauken camden county. reports of traffic lights that are out along 130 at cove road road. two left lanes blocked in each direction. you can expect delays at this point. we've got construction they're saying until further notice along the garden state parkway northbound in egg harbor township approaching route 40 and 322. right lane out of commission
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there. let's go outside its camera time in delco. right by the state line. this is i-95. northbound go the taillights headed up toward the blue route and right here is the pennsylvania welcome center along northbound 95. that's going to close today from 9:00 to 1:00. if you normally stop there to use the restroom or maybe get a snack 9:00 until 1:00 today you can't do that 95 here in upper chichester. time for the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. in news castle county reports of a vehicle stopped along the shoulder along highway one. great day to download the waze app for free especially if you're headed down to fire fly down in dover. you'll get reports of things that are happening on the way down there. tam. >> thank you matt. smoke and flames shot out of a new york city taxi during yesterday's rush. crowds stopped to capture the dramatic image on their cell phone. the driver said he pulled over when he heard the sound of sparks coming from his steering wheel. he and the passenger got out just in time. >> federal authorities are investigating a possible case
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of espionage in major league baseball. the fbi is looking into whether the saint louis cardinals' front office hacked into the database of the houston astros. that question is whether the executives gained access to sensitive information like scouting reports or internal discussions about players and trades. both teams and the mlb say they are cooperating with investigators. >> new this morning a man is building a discrimination case against a planet fitness in western pa. chris edmonds friends gave him a visitor's pass to the gym but then his friend got a call that the pair were being kicked out. edmonds asked the man for a an explanation and got a racist response. >> is it my beard, am i tall? my toot as to, what is it. >> he pretty much said yes all of the above. >> the corporate officers for planet fitness did say edmonds and his friend are welcome back. the company statement said the guests were complaining about a training session the pair were leading in the gym. he says that's not true.
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he says he wants to see the surveillance. >> fyi philly devoting a show of what to do around. here's melissa maggie's. >> reporter: if you want to see the country and get your blood pumping guide editors for you. a way we go. what makes the experience so unique here. >> there's definitely a cultural difference here. we try to tailor the routes around seeing things you won't see anything else. >> tour lancaster. >> reporter: there's plenty to see on the 8-mile route. where are we headed. >> going straight and we'll see an amish school on the right. >> reporter: oh. people can come here and get a bit of the lancaster experience. >> absolutely. everything changes when you're on a bike and you're going slower. good to just slow down and take in the view a little bit. >> reporter: it's beautiful to see, it really s and the perfect end to your tour, some homemade ice cream at the lap
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valley farms. >> folks come into our visitor's center i've got three or four hours what do you suggest when we get done with them they realize they three or four days. >> reporter: ice cream toast to lancaster county. >> catch fyi's philly summer fun guide saturday night at 7:00 and sunday night following "action news" at 11:00. >> it's 5:48 an 10-year-old confronts a suspected thief before he has a chance to walk away with her mother's wallet. >> the former leader of the washington state naacp in spokane explains why she chose to identify as black and places doubts on her own lineage. karen. >> satellite6 and action radar showing we're clearing out nicely. we're going to have bright sunshine but change is ahead. details on that um canning up in your accuweather forecast.
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>> new on "action news" a 10-year-old girl in santa ana california nearly stopped a thief in his tracks. the man you see in blue on surveillance stole from a 7-eleven. he walked out and saw a woman's wallet sitting in her car so he grabbed it and then went back to his car. that woman's daughter the genesis ramos ran after him demanding the what back. >> i didn't think it was right that he could take it so i wanted to get it back. >> genesis didn't stop there. she got out her cell phone and snapped this photograph of the thief's vehicle and his license plate as he was driving off. police are working to track him down. >> good to go. >> i like that she did that. >> detective work in her future i think. as we head outside this morning we're investigating a disabled vehicle along 95 right in the work zone by girard avenue. can you see it there in the distance? it's some white sedan northbound blocking the right lane. not a huge delay yet. right lane is reopened on 42 southbound.
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overnight construction is gone and no big northbound delays headed towards 295. don't forget if you ride patco and use the ferry avenue station starting today the exit will be closed. entrance remains opened but detour signs are posted to get you around that new pse&g work. karen. >> we have a pretty nice day ahead. certainly feels good when you step outside. we have lower humidity. temperatures are comfortable. by 9:00 a.m., bright sunshine and 78. we're going to see more high clouds fill in as day goes on. by noon 82. by 3:00 p.m. 83 degrees with lots of clouds and some sunshine. by 6:00 p.m., 78 degrees coming down from your high of 84 today. so less humid and a bright start. can't beat that. high of 84. tomorrow we have some morning showers. it all starts late tonight and into the overnight hours. we get some showers even a thunderstorm so could be wet for more of your -- most of your morning commute. tomorrow mostly cloudy skies, 77. temperatures way down and friday looks nice with partly sunny skies. tam. >> thank you, karen. so, now we've heard from rachel dolezal the former
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leaders of the spokane washington naacp. now, dolezal resigned her post after her estranged parents disclosed that she is white not black as she had claimed. during her first interview dolezal argued that while born white she now identifies as barack. she says this all started around the time she was five when she was drawing pictures of herself as black and that's a claim that her mother calls a fabrication. dolezal would not say that identifying herself as black is wrong. >> my life has been one of survival. and the decisions there i have made along the way including my identification have been to survive. >> dolezal also told interviewers that there is no biological proof that her mother and father are actually her parents and didn't connect how that would make her claims true. she also dodged questions about whether she changed herself identity only at times when it was a benefit to her. >> ♪♪
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>> the psychiatrist for james holmes testified that the colorado theater killer acknowledged having homicidal thoughts as often as three or four times a day. dr. lynn stanton took the stand yesterday. she also said holmes never let on that he was assembling an arsenal and planned a mass killing. if that were the case she said she would have gone to police. police. >> we have new information about a story that we told you about last week. investigators in the lehigh valley now say the recent rash
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of stray cat deaths is likely due to disease recently at least a dozen cats in lower saucon township turned up dead. at first neighbors and officials thought the cats were being poisoned. the pennsylvania spca performed tests and the test showed one of the cats died from ally contagious disease. the spca is urging all cat owners to make sure their pets have all of their vaccines especially distemper. >> a yellow lab truly lives up to the title as man's best friend. anibel was thrown from her owner's suv when he lost control of the vehicle in rochester new york on monday. the driver had to go to the hospital. anibel went, too, but ran all the way to the er. hospital security says the dog even beat the ambulance. annabel's owner faces charges for the crash so the yellow lab will be staying with relatives. >> wow. >> true life lassie. >> that's true love. 5:57. new this morning a robbery victim is shot stabbed and
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left for dead on a philadelphia street. we've got the details of the brutal attack. we have a live report coming up. >> later, one of the young victims of that shark attack in north carolina opens up about his terror at the beach.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday june 17th we've got news you didn't see last night. >> ambushed, robbed, stabbed and shot. an overnight attack leaves a man critically injured and his three attackers are still on the run. >> philadelphia police are trying to catch a thief who stole a dozen taxis in the past 10 days. >> accuweather is offering a brief break from the hea


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