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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  June 18, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> good morning everyone, 6:00 a.m., thursday, june 18 we're following breaking news. >> new details are emerging about the gunman who killed at least nine some people at a church in south carolina. >> several vehicles collide on i-95 in delaware county the impact sends a tire flying into on coming traffic. >> accuweather is tracking rain
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for your morning commute. >> let's over to karen rogers in for david and matt pellman is looking at the roads. we have steady rain out here right now. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you exactly that. as we look at this you can see the steady rain moving through the area. it's taking it's time. we're starting to see breaks in allentown, west of reading you can see you're dry in lancaster. in wilmington you have showers and dover just coming out of that. in cape may not a whole lot. in south jersey we're seeing areas of yellow meaning steadier and heavier rain right there. satellite and radar showing the motion moving through the area. the steadiest rain is moving through the morning commute. beyond that we have showers here or there. let's talk about the temperatures 67 degrees, 64 in allentown. 67 in millville. kind of muggy out here today, as well. here's how today will go,
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9:00 a.m., 70 degrees, showers around noon, lots of clouds, 72. 3:00 p.m., 79 degrees late today looks like by 5:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. we start to see another chance for heavier shower or thunderstorm move through especially north and west of the city. 79 degrees for your high. you need to umbrella as you head out the door. you'll not need it all day long, i'll show you on future tracker 6 coming up in just a minute, matt, i know the roads are wet. >> reporter: they are, we have ponding and puddling and we have a vehicle facing sideways i-95 north of academy road. southbound a delay is starting to form approach cottman and girard, 20 miles per hour. on the schuylkill expressway speeds in the 40s not as bad but normally at this point hour they would be in the 50s, we have a fire location in sharon
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hill delco blocking hook road 13 chester pike can get you around that. if you're heading to works at graphic packaging international a problem along longford road and brandon circle of of there's a crash in delaware as you enter southbound 495 stay on i-95. we have a down pole closing route 41. stick with 55 or the black horse pike as alternates on this thursday morning. >> we're starting with breaking news a prayer service at a black church in south carolina ended in carnage when a man stood up and started shooting. authorities are giving an update. we've seen them coming back and forth to the podium telling us about the search for the suspect. we've got team coverage with katherine scott and erin o'hern let's get started with erin.
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>> reporter: you mentioned the preference press conference that just took place moments ago. they have distinct surveillance video released, because they are asking for the public's help. they say the shooter who is in his 20s who ended up killing 9 people inside the church is considered dangerous, they want to catch this guy, they have that picture of him that they just released and they have a picture of the vehicle they believe he was driving in which has a distinct front plate. these are the details coming out of the charleston, right now. just to recap what happened the seen unfolded last night at the emanuel ame church. the assault is called a hate crime. although, authorities have not been spisk about what moat -- specific about what motivated the shooter. the pastor has been pushing a bill intended to help police
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agencies get body cameras prompted by the fatal shooting of an unarmed black man walter scott by a police officer who months ago. the pastor is among the dead. >> people in prayer on a wednesday evening, a ritual coming together and praying and worshiping god to have an unlawful person come in and shoot them is, is most intolerable and unbelieve act possible. >> reporter: a horrible tragedy for the community. fbi and the sheriff's department is looking for a shooter between 20 and 25, they have released a surveillance video and the vehicle he was driving. they are pleading for the public
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to come forward if they have any information. we know there will be another update at 7:00 a.m., of course we'll bring you the details at there will be a vigil outside the church at noon today but we're staying on top of this story, it was a horrible moment in charleston, matt. >> thanks for the details. of. katherine scott is living in queen village and has more on the local ties to the church in south carolina. katherine? >> reporter: matt, the pastor here got a call about the shooting shortly after he left the church meeting. he said he has been up ever since. he said the ame community is a tight-knit community. there are people at mother bethel whose family comes from south carolina. pastor dr. mark kelly tyler spoke to us inside about the grief he feels for all the victims. he is a good friend of reverend
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pinkney and he interviewed him for a documentary on the african-american episcopal church in south carolina. >> this is something that hits all ames we're on five continents in 40 countries. i'll guarantee you we'll be getting messages from the south africa and the caribbean all over, we're family. >> reporter: mother bethel will be doing something to do something to show solidarity with mother emanuel they don't know what it is, but it will include prayer. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> a multi-vehicle crash on i-95 in delaware county left a person critically injured. this happened in chester at 320 state police say four vehicles including a semi track carrying cars crashed along the
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northbound lanes a tire flew off the vehicle and hit a person in the southbound lane, that person was not hurt. a company that makes health trackers that that you wear on your wrist is going public today. maribel aber has stipulates on fit bit. >> reporter: stocks had a modest gain as investers reacted to the fed. futures indicating a lower open. fit bit the maker of the number one fitness band in the country going public today it's expected to raise $620 million. the money will be used for research and development and buying other companies. as it turns out unlimited did have its limits at at and t. fcc is finding the telephone company -- fining the telephone
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$100 million. saying it misled its commerce about the data plan it didn't tell the customers the speeds would be slower once they crossed a data usage stlesh -- threshhold. let's get our morning commute. >> reporter: with the rain moving through the city we have all that ponding and puddling it's a mess. >> reporter: we have rain blanketing the region, we're seeing breaks in allentown and reading, lancaster the back edge of the steady rain working through, there's holes in the rain in vineland and atlantic city. i want to go in tighter and show you where the heaviest rain is falling. that's the area of yellow you can see it on the maps. it's going through browns mills and wrightstown. that's trying to push toward the coast. medford lakes has it, its
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working toward chad ford and speed well. you can see holes in norristown or media. the back edge trying to form. it's not here just yet. we can seep the steady rain, the trouble is the damage is done. let's go outside and see what it looks like for you it's raining out there philadelphia international as we look right now, trouble with low clouds out there, as well. overall expect delays through the morning rush we have the showers, the heaviest rain and the downpours have moved through, it's steady out there because of that we have the ponding 0 on the roads localized flooding you'll be driving through all that. satellite and radar, kind of showing that in motion here's the heavy rain the steadiest the heaviest rain pushing through trying to get toward the east. we have a little bit before the back edge moves through the city. we have clouds and showers it's not as if we're dry when the steady rain moves through. 8:00 a.m., breaking apart showers in spots and damp and
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cloudy through the day. this is a look at 11:30 not a whole lot of showers happening at that point but damp. we advance to this 6:00 p.m. you can see what happens the trouble with the roads is kind of on book ends just before the morning commute and the evening commute. we have the chance for rain and thunderstorms. i don't think everybody will see it but watch for it north and west of the city. let's run it down for you. 8:00 a.m., 69 degrees, lots of clouds at 8:00 a.m. we have showers in spots. 11:00 a.m., 71 dry and cloudy. 2:00 p.m., 79 pretty dry 5:00 p.m., we see thunderstorms firing up in a few spots 84 degrees for the high temperatures. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, lots of clouds, damp through the day the steady rain happening right now. 79 for your high. friday, partly sunny skies and 89 degrees a better day for you. saturday we start with sunshine it's not a bad day we leads to clouds, high of 83 and late in
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the day we've got a chance for a couple of showers sunday we'll see downpours father's day gary pappa run thunderstorms and downpours 82. sunday, high of 90, less humid tuesday, 87. it's a good time to tune in tonight we have our first-ever special summer storms keeping you safe we're all involved starting tonight at 7:30 i'll talk behind the scene of the morning show and show you what it's like as david and i put the show together. grand theft auto suspect leads l-a police on a high-speed chase. two commercial jets have a close call on a runway in chicago. >> reporter: this is going to be a rough one.
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i-95 northbound side in delaware county all the flashing lights responding to the accident. we'll talk about this and the problems in gloucester and montgomery county. gloornlg. we'll show you what they like on their burger in japan next on "action news."
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>> 6:15 still raining in many parts of the region, as you see we have cloud cover in center city philadelphia. 67 degrees, getting up to 79 should be clear later this morning. >> let's head over to matt pellman a day when we'll slip sliding in all the puddling. >> reporter: last day of school today in the city's schools congratulation, guys enjoy your summer. we have a crash on i-95 northbound side half mile before curlin street. the right shoulder squeezing by coming away from highland avenue. we're watching traffic lights in upper moreland montgomery county at the intersection of the dunkin doe now it is, fitzwater
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town road at 611. police are directing traffic. adhere to their direction and watch out for them. gloucester county crash on new jersey turn exit 2 to 322 that's off to the side. in gloucester, 41 is close because of the downed pole from the overnight crash in the area of delsea drive and county house road. stick to black horse as alternates to 41. we have -- we had problem with a mulch spill but that's picked up and looking wet. >> a suspected car thief a wanted gang member left la police yesterday. he drove through residential streets on the wrong side of the street and drove over a dirt embankment on the highway before ending up in a cull did a -- culled sack. a woman is behind bars
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accused of hiring someone to kill her husband. the couple's daughter alerted police after the 68-year-old man died of last year. he had serious health problems the autopsy showed he died from a drug overdose. his wife works at a correction facilities she admitted about asking two inmates about having her husband murdered, but claims she was joking. a person shopping for sunscreen may be burned by confusion and how you can shop smarter. move over alexander hamilton, a woman will replace the founding father on the ten dollar bill. dismoa
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>> reporter: almost friday almost friday, just keep telling yourself. because it's going to be a long ride this morning. as you look outside at i-95 in
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delco, what a line line of traffic we have from 452 approaching curlin street we have a crash blockerring multiple left lanes, you want to stick with 291 or stay on route 1 baltimore pike and the media bypass. 42 slowing eastbound it's westbound we have the construction from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at trooper road. watch out for a crash at harleysville pike and park avenue. >> reporter: the rain is light the problem we have downpours that came through earlier now we have the flooded roads. storm tracker 6 live double scan it's starting to break apart. it's moving to the east, it will take a little while. 67 in millville. 66 in philadelphia. a quick look at the forecast, 9:00 a.m., 70 degrees, at that point showers around, but not the steady rain we have lots of clouds. noon lots of clouds mostly dry.
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peek of sunshine, once again during the evening commute we have a chance of heavier rain or thunderstorm especially north and west tam. >> thank you karen. now most of us know we should wear sunscreen but a lot of folks get confused trying to decide what bottle to get. how much spf do you need. many don't know how much spf they need to as to which early aging an ward off cancer. spf is stlees 30 or probably -- at least 30 or probably a little higher. u.s. open gets underway. rory macle roy is the favorite. phillies lost again, this time the home.
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phillies 9th straight defeat their longsest streak in 16 years. they play baltimore again this afternoon. now, 6:23 coming up we have the latest headlines and things you need to know before you head out the door. >> our coverage of the mass murder at a south carolina church continues katherine scott has the local story. >> reporter: thatthat's right matt, we have a live report at 6:30.
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we're keeping a close eye on a church shooting at a church in south carolina. more info is coming out that tops 6 things you need to know. erin o'hern that is -- erin o'hern has that. >> reporter: police are asking the public to be vigilant and come forward with any information that may help them identify the suspect. it is an all hands on deck effort torched the man said to be in his early 20s. faa officials are investigating a near collision between two airplanes at a one way intersection at midway airport. one was cleared the other was not, both were two thousand feet away from a one way intersection the two flights continued on to their destinations. brian williams suspended for fabricating a story about
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the iraq war will not be returning to his nightly news program. he will return nbc did talk about the deal later today. which female historical figure should appear on u.s. paper currency for the first time in 110 years. burger lovers in japan are seeing red. japan will launch their red bun comes from adding tomato paste and chilly flavored angry sauce. a los angeles man ordered fried chicken from a restaurant said he got a fried rat. the fast food chain said it's a
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hoax and the man angled the photos in a deceiving ways, guys, stay away from fast food. >> 6:28, a skydiver misses her mark and lands on a house we'll have more video coming up in the next half-hour of "action news."
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>> breaking right now nine people are dead after a gunman opens fire during a prayer meeting at a church in south carolina. police have released a picture of the suspect. >> a woman speaks to us after she is punched and slashed by a box cutter waiting for a septa train. >> wet roads all of a few headaches as you try to make your way through the morning commute. >> hey everyone, 6:30, thursday, karen is in for


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