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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  June 21, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this sunday june 21, father's day, here's what's happening this morning. a shooting at a block party in west philadelphia sends seven people to the hospital, three children. we'll have the latest on the search for the gunman. stung details are released about the alleged gunman in charleston, south carolina as mourners prepare to return to the church today. the rain is stopping just in time for the gary pappa run and walk. let's turn to chris sowers with more on what to expect from mother nature. >> reporter: perfect timing,
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right, it was range when we were sound asleep now it's turning off. one thing you'll notice, the humidity is through the roof. dewpoints well in the 70s feeling very very tropical. flood watch continues for the entire area, we have a flood advisory in effect for southern new jersey and central and southern delaware and this is part of the viewing area, rather that saw anywhere from one to two inches of rain during the overnight hours. double scan showing this is all that's left of tropical storm bill now out to sea. forecast for this morning the gary pappa run a lot of clouds and lingering showers extremely humid you want to there, make sure you keep yourself hydrated. 7:00 a.m. temperatures, 74.
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10:00 a.m. 78 degrees, not a bad day we'll see sunshine, temperatures skyrocket we're in the 90s we'll talk about the hottest temperatures. year so far in the seven-day forecast. >> philadelphia are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a block party and left seven people wounded three are children. "action news" was there as balloons carried away the victims on ogden street in west philadelphia. a large crowd gathered for the block party when a man opened fire. >> at 10:00 p.m. there's a large party going on it is block. people are barbecuing, and someone turns the corner at least one has a shotgun shots are fired. we have seven people shot at this point. three children ages 18 months and 11 and 12 years old were wounded. they are in stable condition at children's hospital. the other victims were adults
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and treated at other hospitals. bliss are looking into reports that a gold buick century may have been seen leaving the scene of the shooting. a man was shot and killed on the 3700 block of mount vernon street. a man in his 20s was shot in the head. medics rushed him to penn presbyterian medical center where he died. two suspects broke into a home and pistol whipped the homeowners. two people were inside the home afternoon four men entered the home. they were pistol whipped and they had their electronics stolen. the suspects are at large. in south carolina the large mural was painted in honor of
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the nine victims. 24 artists created the mural which includes a picture of each person killed. this is chilling details about the killer are revealed. abc's marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: possible insight into the mind of an accused mass murderer. authorities are working to confirm the legitimacy of the site in which his racism was sparked by the trayvon martin case, it concludes saying charleston was chosen for its history. outside the church where police say the 21-year-old shot and killed 9 people wednesday night. prayers along the flower-lined walls. >> it makes you want to cry.
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>> reporter: with roof behind bars charged with nine counts of murder, the very doors he walked through to carry out his deadly rampage will reopen, loveingly and symbolically for sunday services. >> if that man thought he was going to divide this country with racial hatred he failed. >> reporter: the family released a same time offering condolences saying our that regrets cannot compress our shock and disbelief of the shooting. >> we have more at for information on the shooter the victims at any time. a prayer vigil was held in trenton yesterday with pictures of each of the nine victims.
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congregation of the ame church prayed for the victims and the their families. two veterans from new jersey receivedment surprise welcome home celebration. motorcycle hims and fire trucks showed up in haddon township yesterday to celebrate the homecoming of the two soldiers. well wishers brought gifts including accommodations from lawmakers to thank them for their service. they recently returned from qatar and were in germany. lou can you say contain is -- lucas kane is only 2 years
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old. but this is the second time for the blood drive. now rachel and her husband are here in oaks donating as a party of three. >> we could have had a baby-sitter, we thought it would be cool coming with him. we thought we would bring the baby and introduce him to the and. while the blood driver was the main attraction, there are other things to do, donate to alex's lemonade stand. loyal mmr listeners came to give. >> we live in an area where people are unflinchingly generous and everyone smiles. >> we want to shake your handle and say thank you for coming out and listening to the show.
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>> reporter: this is the region's largest blood drive of the year with 1500 people signed up. the timing is no accident. >> the summer months are difficult, donating blood is not on the top of the mind. it's a big event it's a good way for people to make time to donate. not just to donate, but to set an example. >> she knows it is important to help other people. people need transfusions for reasons, and there's accidents i mean i'm healthy, i can give blood. >> the gary pappa run kicks off in an hour and a half. the event has a few changes this year. it includes a 10 can have -- 10k run followed by the 5k and one mile walk. the event is named after gary
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pappa our former "action news" sports director, he lost his battle to pro state cancer 6 years ago the event strives to help keep other father succumbing to this disease. he would be so prowled to see how many -- proud to see how many people come out. >> fires on the west coast are growing as firefighters gain the upper handy. >> reporter: heat indices or feels-like temperatures will soar into the mid 90s i'll have the details from accuweather when we come right back.
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>> firefighters out west are working around the clock trying to contain several major wildfires. the is san bernadino mounts east of l.a. is growing. in alaska, 85 separate fires are scorching that state nearly 30 homes have burned in these fires. we have a flood watch in effect until 8:00 p.m. >> reporter: the rain is over
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falling. overnight we didn't have the rainfall we expected. in the meantime there's the view in cape may. dealing with wet weather down the shore we're expecting sunshine to peek through there as well as the day wears on. double scan live we have one cluster pushing across the delaware bay region over cape may county. tuckahoe, ocean city southward heading south along the garden state parkway. sea isle, wildwood seeing rain drops, heaviest at gandys beach and fortescue. it's continuing to race off to the north an east at 20 miles per hour. notice how the the lightens strikes are lower they are taken in 15 minute increments. everything is starting to pull way. allentown, 72.
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millville, 73. get a load of the dewpoints this morning, it feels awful feels like houston wilmington, dover millville in the low to mid 70s. philadelphia, 71. even the lehigh valley which was beautiful it took time for the humidity to get into the lehigh valley and the poconos it's up there, as well. later this afternoon the dewpoints ease back, somewhat, but it is oppress issue for this part of the county. as we get into monday, we see the dewpoints drop. we have one more oppressive day on the way. even though the temperatures are climbing into the 90s tomorrow, with the humidity lowering it will be better than what you're experiencing out there today. here's the left overs of what was once bill. there's the cold front that's the saving grace so to speak the humidity buster that will
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slam through. the frontal system is the only thing that we're watching over the next 24, to 36 hours future tracker 6, skies will brighten you were, bring water you'll need to stay hydrated. temperatures shooting up to the low 90s, feels-like temperatures in time mid 90s this afternoon. if not higher than that. here comesment approaching front, you'll see a pop pop-up shower, that's about it. monday, combination of sun and clouds, temperatures in the 90s, jersey shore beach haven, 86. cape may 86 degrees. philadelphia we're going 892 hazy, hot and humid spotty thunderstorm possible late. winds out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour. overnight tonight, a leftover
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evening thunderstorm. 65 degrees outlying suburbs, 73 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the hottest temperature. year so far that arrives tuesday, 92 today, monday, sun and clouds, 92. monday's 92 will feel better than today's 92. tuesday blazing heat. 96. feeling like 100 if not higher. the rest of the seven-day forecast looks good until friday with a little bit of rain. philadelphia's love park received a beatle's themed makeover. instead of love park, it became all you need is love park. it was honor of sir paul's concert at the wells fargo center. local artists performed his song as visitors sat back and enjoyed the light show. we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back on this sunday, 6:19 73 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at center city and city hall from the temperature university camera. happy father's day to all the fathers out there today is the gary pappa run and walk, we're so glad so many of you participating. the event has raised $190,000. "healthcheck" this morning high school football players who suffer concussions or other head
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injuries may be at the risk of migraines. nearly 34% of players self reported a history of migraine but doctors believe the number is understated because many players don't realize they have a concussion or migraine. those with a history of headaches have a higher risk for concussion and may take longer to recover from concussion. if you have children chances are your stressed. there are steps parents should take to avoid parental burn out. if you're working walk or do deep breathing exercises improve your mindset and energy levels so you can engage with the family once you arrive at home. instead of cooking every night allow take outevery now and then, and get the family to help out with the household chores. the world's busiest airports are camping on to a
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simple concept that harried travers need a room for calm. last year, airport in london opened a yoga room. the concept is even taking to the skies. >> we have one dedicated video that will be used by most of our member airlines, where people can do yoga during their flights in their seats. in the u.s., dallas, for the worth, san francisco and chicago o'hare airports have yoga rooms yoga won't make delays go away, but it might make it easier to endure.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:24 subpoenaed morning, storm tracker 6 live double -- sunday morning, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing moisture across the cumberland and cape may counties. flood watch continues until 8:00 a.m., and flood advisory for western portions of south jersey. this stretcheses east wrd morris town and tuckahoe getting downpours, route 9 is getting wet. stone harbor, sea isle city, and avalon, as well. these are the remnants of bill pushing off to the east. notice what's going on here, skies are beginning to brighten up a little bit, as the clouds thin out. it's only going to take another hour, maybe two tops. once that pulls through the afternoon should be nice with a
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combination of sun and clouds. gary pappa run sticky out there, lingering showers temperatures climbing into the up err 7 ons. >> turning to sports now a tough loss for the philadelphia union on the west coast. they played the galaxy in los angeles, the galaxy scored first in the 23rd minute and never looked back. the union's only goal came in at the 58th minute they lose it 5-1. now, here's jeff skeverski with your sunday morning sports. >> reporter: blame the manager blame the ballots point the finger anywhere you want with the phillies, but don't leave out the starting pitchers, the starting pointers have not won a game in almost a months. some are blaming the squirrel, this fan puts up a fine, squirrel go back to saint louis. codey ashy who is from saint louis gets a homer.
6:26 am
in the 6th tied at 1 takes a page out of the mike trout's book. phils down 4-1. saint louis gets four more in the 8th. phils lost 10-1. everything is falling apart even freddie galvis loses his cup. it's getting comical. the phils biggest rival washington nationals gave matt scheser. $200 million. national star had a perfect game with two outs in the 9th against the pirates who drops his elbow on an inside pitch.
6:27 am
but next batter, he gets josh howard for his first no hitter in his brilliant career. jason worth celebrates by giving him a hershey's chocolate bath. he faces it is phils next friday at citizens bank park is a little disappointed he lost that game. the process are -- the pros are complaining about the course. to make matters worse there's a fire off the course. check out dust continue johnson on 8. how much the approach shot, misses the green kicks off and takes off check out the roll. it keeps going and going and going, does it stop?
6:28 am
no. johnson's ball is out of control. we would be here all morning if we didn't speed this up. would you did it roll back to the tee box believe it or not johnson saves par on the hole. it's still going johnson at the lead with four under. it should be a great final round later today. that's sports, happy father's day, i'm jeff skeverski. >> how much would you pay for what seemed as the most prized watermelon. one man poneyed up $2,800 for the fruit in auction at japan. they only sell fruits that meet strict sugar content standards. most are sold at an average of
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>> a man is dead after being shot by a security guard in a north philadelphia bar. it is 67:30 -- 6:30,.
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>> reporter: it woke me up, i have difficult time sleeping i was very upset about that, let's go live on sky 6 looking at atlantic city, heavy storms, lots of lightning strikes during the overnight hours rumbles of thunder, all that pushing out to sea as we look toward the northeast. downpours along the coast. everything is starting to calm down a little bit now. we'll go over to double scan live, the heaviest weather is off the coast, a couple of showers lingering across cumberland and cape may counties. note philadelphia areas north and west around the trenton area everybody is clearing out nicely. we have one or two hours worth of wet weather, scattered showers, after that we clear out nicely, you can see the gray shade these are the thin clouds out through here, we're clearing across central and western
6:32 am
pennsylvania that's heading east, so again after two hours of leftover showers, we should see a combination of sun and clouds throughout the majority of the day, it will turn hot and humid, maybe you're playing a round of golf. 79 degrees by 9:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 88. we're forecasting 92, with the humidity it will feel like 895 96. if you're outdoors keep yourself hydrated. before heading outdoors check the storm tracker 6 live app on your mobile device there you will find the latest weather conditions for your exact locations and follow our team of meteorologist e meteorologists on on facebook and twitter. seven people including two toddlers are recovering from a shooting at a block party. police say all the victims including the children ages 18
6:33 am
months, 11 and 12 are in stable condition. investigator say based on on preliminary reports they think the kids were hit by stray bullets they are looking for a gold buick century seen leaving the scene. philadelphia police say a security guard shot and killed a bar patron overnight. the action cam was outside the old corner madrid bar. the guard removed a 27-year-old man following an altercation. the guard said he shot him in the head after the man threatened him on the sidewalk with a bottle. the guard is being questioned by investigators. police are investigate another deadly shooting involving an employee and bar customer. this happened in north philadelphia. police say the bartender shot a man following an argument around 2:00 a.m. they are not sure if the shot was fired inside 0 or outside the bar.
6:34 am
that customer was pronounced dead after 4:00 a.m. police have not said if the bartender is arrest or facing any charges. there are major new developments for the manhunt of two conviction who escaped -- conviction who escaped from prison in upstate new york. abc's lindsey janice has the details. >> reporter: a new hot spot in the search for two escaped killers. >> forest rangers see if they can assembly a crew and stage it for grid severance. >> reporter: grid searches. >> reporter: investigators say a resident saw two men matching the description of david sweat and richard matt in allegheny county hundreds of miles away from their prison. after two weeks it could be the
6:35 am
break police need. search areas are set up around the towns. >> our plan is to pursue these men relentlessly until they are in custody. >> reporter: there were two other possible sightings along the new york-pennsylvania border. the first happened a week ago near a rail yard in irwin new york. and report of two men walking across a county road 11 miles away. residents were told to be on alert. back at the prison a male corrections officer was placed on leave in connection with the investigation into the escape itself. >> my client is here of his own free will. >> reporter: the officer knew the prisoners and joyce mitchell she is hind bars for providing matt and sweat with the tools for their breakout. lindsey janice, abc new york.
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a manhunt is underway for a man in new orleans who shot and killed a police officer who was transporting the man to jail. travis boyd was handcuffed behind his back in the squad car, managed to get his hands in front of him and grab a gun and shoot and killed the officer. boyd got to the front seat through the opening in the cage that separates the front and back seat. they don't know how they got the weapon or which weapon he used be they don't believe it was officer hallway's gun. it's expected to be an emotional morning when services resume for the first time since the massacre. mourners line up next to flowers and balloons honoring the
6:37 am
victims of the massacre. one of roof's former friends said the alleged killer joked about shooting up the college of charleston. >> i don't even think the church was a primary target. he told us he was going for the school. but i think he couldn't get into the school because of the security and all that. >> meanwhile funeral plans have been made for south carolina state senator and pa tore clementa pinkney a viewing will be held at emanuel ame where he was shot following a funeral at the state house and church in columbia. calls are being made to remove the confederate flag from the state house a republican state legislator said he'll remove the flag and poll to a state confederate military museum. he said the flag is not a symbol
6:38 am
of hate but pride of one's hatred. black lives matter and we can't take it norm. the peaceful event ended at the daughter of confederacy building where they hung the names of the people shot to death at emanuel episcopal last week. a construction crane toppled over in wilmington and created quite a mess. it was prepared to do work on king street yesterday when the cable snapped. the street had to be shut down while they put the crane back together and move it out of the way, nobody was hurt. a truck crashed in roxborough after the brakes failed. surveillance video caught the truck slaj into a utility post
6:39 am
smashing into pieces, the driver escaped unharmed. hundreds gathered for the solstice in the name of charity. organizers raised funds for the site. it's the first-ever national historical handle mark cemetary. >> you know the cost cost of throwing the wedding but what if you're a guest. we'll take you a look at what it costs after you rsvp yes. >> strong winds and storms blew through the sunshine state. >> reporter: meteorologist chris sowers will have the father's day accuweather when "action news" sunday morning continues in just a moment.
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>> in florida people are cleaning up after a severe storm swept through the area this weekend leaving behind a lot of damage. strong winds and heavy rains damaged five homes. the wind ripped off rooftops and toppled huge trees. there were no injuries report, but one woman said she is not sure she'll be able to live in her home due to the damage. >> we had strong storms come through last night keeping us awake. >> reporter: let's go double scan live, we have showers and thunderstorms this morning, most of the activity is down toward
6:43 am
the shore cumberland, cape may atlantic counties in south jersey, i'll zoom in there right now, you can see the heavy band pushing over atlantic city, bayshore avenue in somers point and the white horse pike getting drenching downpour. let's look into atlantic city it's a soggy scene on the beach. not a perfect morning down there, but things will improve's the morning wears on, followed by 8:00. you'll see skies brighten up a little bit by 9:00 it wouldn't shock me at all if you saw a lot of fine down there. philadelphia, 75. allentown, 72. humidity levels running through the roof yet again today with dewpoints well into the # -- 70s. we'll call it oppressive. they ease back overnight tonight into tomorrow only to go sky
6:44 am
high on tuesday tuesday's heat and humidity could be dangerous we're forecasting feels-like temperatures in time mid 90s with close to 100 degrees. millville, 95 degrees. satellite and radar cloud cover with the remnants of bill hugging the jersey shore also the immediate delaware valley, but skies beginning to break apart or clear a little bit clouds, i should say beginning to break apart and clear a little bit across the western part of the keystone state. by 11:30 a combustion of sun and clouds -- combination of sun and clouds, and nothing going on, 5:00 p.m., one or two showers or thunderstorms develop. temperatures will be hotter behind the cold front the humidity levels lower.
6:45 am
in the poconos it will be sticky up there combination of sun and clouds, thunderstorms around by afternoon. 80 degrees is the forecasted high. with the humidity it will feel like the low to mid 80s. jersey shore picking up downpours now after 10:00 a.m. or so, we'll see peeks of sunshine we'll go breezy and humid by afternoon 86 degrees, it will feel closer to 90 with all the humidity. for philadelphia and the western suburbs, 92 in the city, 87 in lancaster, reading 90. allentown, 89. combination of sun and clouds, a sticky day is on the way. thunderstorms are late with the passage. front. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, shows another 92 tore monday, sun and clouds this 92 feels better. not much humidity come monday, tuesday, 96 degrees that will be the air temperature. there will be areas that will go over 100 degrees with the heat index, probably places like wilmington and dover philadelphia millville that area to the south probably closer to like 102 03, almost a
6:46 am
dangerous day with the heat and humidity, if you work outdoors keep hydrated and take frequent breaks. >> the arctic ocean may be becoming more harmful to marine life that's according to a study to the atmospheric administrationment found that surface waters are so acidic that animals may not maintain their shells. growing acidy to the water is due in in part to the melting glacier and global warming. the area is home to some of the most valuable fisheries.
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>> good sunday morning and happy father's day to all the dads out there. sky6 live hd looking live over
6:49 am
penns landing it's a little dreary, but meteorologist chris sowers says it's quickly improving. americans are very charitable. americans gave $360 billion to charity. it's the largest amount given in the 60 years the organization has been tracking charitable activity religious institutions were the biggest recipients with $100.9 billion. apple is working on their for the can you -- forthcoming app called news. apple is teeming up with 20 high profile organizations to provide news on the site. it will be available this fall. if you have rsvp'd to a
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wedding this summer, listen up. according to a study by american express, nearly 79 million americans will attend a wedding this year, as a guest they will spend $673 per wedding. it is more expensive to be a wedding guest this year than last year, prices for hotel rooms and food and new clothes have gone up. it's the airline tickets that can break the bank. >> if you have to travel a far destination. especially considering most weddings happen during peak travel times. you meant to prepare in advance to find the best rates on the travel costs. >> if you're part of the wedding party or attending any of the prewedding festivities you'll probably spend more, you can comparison shop on registry items and consider sharing the cost of the gift with someone. now many couples are looking for ways to make their
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weddings environmental friendly. one recommendation is to use season flowers and local florists and pick something that comes from local farms. use seeded papers that have wildfires and herbs woven in it so you can take it home and plant it from their special day. students are heading the open water to study everything from rocks to theater. the 1 1/2 million dollar vessel has been named after a professor. >> it's a unique experience i've never gotten to have glass on a boat. i think i will definitely remember this. >> professors say they are enjoying the experience and they
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say students students seem to be more atenttive when they are on a floating classroom. we work weekends here. because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here.
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>> welcome back on this sunday, happy father's day to all the dads out there. 6:54 73 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at cape may new jersey. we are going up today it's going to be hot but blazing hot on tuesday, high of 96 degrees, so cape may a nice place to be especially on tuesday. on our people scene actor elijah henson is fine after being hospitalized. she posted an picture showing an iv in her arm.
6:55 am
her hospitallation -- hospitalization was the saturday of exhaustion. today on 6abc the debut of celebrity family feud. anthony anderson, the star of blackish and his family will compete against tony braxton. occur at us stone -- curtis stone will take on another family. atmosphere 10:00 p.m., castle, followed by "action news" at 11:00 p.m. a park in montgomery hosted a kick ball tournament for a great cause thanks to an nfl star with pennsylvania roots and
6:56 am
local 10-year-old with a powerful message. >> reporter: first ever kicking it for charity kick ball event wasn't just about the fun, it was about the fight against bullying. hatfield native and former temple football star brandon mcmanas started his crusade against bullying after he met a down syndrome child in colorado. >> enter 11-year-old dominic of hatfield who struggling against bullying and cancer. we first told you about dominic back in april after he took a bold step against bullying he was teased for being short his growth stunted after years of
6:57 am
chemo. you know i may be short it's better than being dead. god slowed down my growth so i could be the best person i could become. dominic is in remission and there's been an outpouring of support ever since. >> many have said we're so proud of you lots of courage. >> reporter: some of the support has been star-studded. quest love riposted his message and gotten a signed jersey from claude giroux of the flyers and personal inhave a takes to the eagles practice facility all thanking a brave youngster for his courage. >> it's good to be different. i would never want to be the same as somebody else. >> reporter: walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> there's more to come on "action news," straight ahead here are the stories we're working on for you if you're
6:58 am
not getting a good night's sleep, how research into flies may unlock the mystery behind shut eye. we'll explain who created the special project that depicts the bond between father and child, plus another accuweather update from meteorologist chris sowers, we'll be right back. discover brookside and discover an exciting combination of tastes. rich, dark chocolate covering soft centers.
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good morning, it is 7:00 a.m., sunday, june 21, father's day here's what's happening this morning. a shooting at a block party in west philadelphia, sends seven people to the hospital, three children not one even 2 years old. we have the latest on the search for the gunman. >> stung details are released about the alleged gunman in the south carolina shooting as mourners prepare to return to that church today. >> the rain is stopping just in time for the gary pappa run and walk. for more on that and blazing heat on tuesday let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers. good morning chris. >> reporter: good morning, nydia, the rain is winding down a lot of heavy stuff is off the coast, but we have leftover showers across south jersey and delaware and downpours being reported. flood advisory is in effect for


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