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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  June 21, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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good morning, it is 7:00 a.m., sunday, june 21, father's day here's what's happening this morning. a shooting at a block party in west philadelphia, sends seven people to the hospital, three children not one even 2 years old. we have the latest on the search for the gunman. >> stung details are released about the alleged gunman in the south carolina shooting as mourners prepare to return to that church today. >> the rain is stopping just in time for the gary pappa run and walk. for more on that and blazing heat on tuesday let's go outside to meteorologist chris sowers. good morning chris. >> reporter: good morning, nydia, the rain is winding down a lot of heavy stuff is off the coast, but we have leftover showers across south jersey and delaware and downpours being reported. flood advisory is in effect for another 15 minutes or so.
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most interior sections of south jersey and delaware. mainly the creeks and streams is what we're watching closely here. rainfall totals ranged anywhere from one to two inches across south jersey and delaware. there's double scan live there's what's left of the remnants of tropical storm bill. you can see the reds and yellows, we'll zoom into atlantic city, oceanville, absecon somers points and mays landings extends north into brigantine and beach haven. let's go live on sky 6. it's very gray we have rain drops falling but don't let that view scare if you are heading to the jersey shore today, by afternoon you'll see a decent amounts of sunshine, the afternoon doesn't appear to be that bad. it will be hot and humid but you'll see sundown there. forecast for today hot and humid, a mixture of clouds and
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sun, after a couple of hours worth of dreariness. there will be thunderstorms firing up late, probably after 5:00, or so, that's with the passage of the cold front. the day planner looks like, 9:00 a.m., 77. lunchtime, 83. note the increase in sun here, 3:00 p.m., 90. 6:00 p.m., that's when the thunderstorms could get strong, 6890 degrees feeling like the mid 90s with the humidity and we do have a severe element with the storms that fire up later this afternoon. as you can see it's most of the viewing area, i'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast when i see you in ten minutes. >> philadelphia police are looking for a gunman who opened fire on a block party and left seven people wounded three of them children. "action news" was there as ambulances carried away the victims on the 4100 block of ago ago -- street in west
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philadelphia. >> it was nice weather conditions people were barbecuing and someone turns the corner, one has a shotgun shots are fired, we know we have seven people shot at this point. >> reporter: the children who were wounded are 18-month-old and 11-year-old and 12 years old. the other four victims are adults and being treated at other hospitals. police are looking into reports that a gold buick century may have been seen leaving after the shooting. >> the search continues for another gunman after a man was shot in the head and killed in the city's mantua section. the shooting happened in the 3700 block of mount vernon street. a man in his 20s was shot in the head. medics rushed him to penn presbyterian medical center where he died. no arrests were made. >> the search is on for
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suspects who broke into a home and pistol whipped the homeowners and robbed them. it happened in time city's tacony section. four men entered the home at 10:30, two people inside the home were pistol whipped and had their cell phones and electronics stolen. the victims were taken to the hospital for minor injuries. the four suspects are at large. in south carolina this large mural has been painted as a tribute to the nine victims of the deadly church shooting. 24 artists completed pictures of each person killed surrounded by chilling imagery. >> haunting possible new insight into the mind of an accused mass murderer. fbi looking into a white supremacy website connected to dylann roof. on it dozens of chilling photos and purported manifesto.
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the author writes his racism was sparked by the trayvon martin case concludes saying charles was chosen for its history. outside the ame emanuel church where the 21-year-old shot and killed nine people wednesday night, prayers along the flower-lined walls. >> it makes you want to cry. >> reporter: with roof behind bars charged with 9 counts of murder the very doors police say he walked through to carry out the deadly rampage will reopen for sunday services. >> if that young man thought he was going to divide this community or this country with racial hatred he miserably failed. >> the family released the statement offering their condolences saying words cannot express our shock and grief and
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disbelief is to what happened that night. in charleston, south carolina, marci gonzales abc news. >> we have more at so you can get the latest on the victims, the shooter and the investigation at any time. >> the victims of the tragedy in charleston, south carolina are being remembered in our area this weekend. a prayer vigil was held in trenton with pictures of each of the victims. the congregation prayed for the victims and their families. >> more than a thousand people showed up in kingsessing neighborhood to help keep the peace in their community. this was philadelphia rapper third annual stop the violence kickback block party. it's designed as a day where violence is not allowed in his neighborhood. the festivities included fashion
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show and father's day tribute. two soldiers in new jersey received quite the surprise welcome home celebration. [horns beeping]. >> motorcycle hims -- motorcycles and fire trucks showed up for the two soldiers to be honored for their service. >> thank you. >> reporter: they were originally returned from qatar and employed to germany iraq and afghanistan. >> gary pappa is getting underway,. >> jamie apody is a chairperson. race and joins us live at eakens oval. i know you're a top fund
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racer -- >> reporter: thank you, i think there are two fundraisers who are beating me which is pretty great. we're raising money for the best cause possible to honor the memory and life of our own gary pappa who passed away from prostate cancer. the event has raised $200,000. let's see what's going on, i know it's welt, it's not terribly rainy, they were calling for downpours we got a little drizzle which means everyone please please come down, it's a blast down here, we've got bands and food trucks, we've got a whole lot of fun. this year the race will be starting and finishing on the parkway. let's take a look at races in years past. it's fun to gather and remember our own gary pappa who lost his battle with prostate cancer and his mission before he passed away was to preach early
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detection. he had caught it in the early stages he would be with us today. each and every year someone comes up to me and said i got my psa checked because of this run because of gary. that means we save a life or two or more every year. that's what it all about. for gary this is as important as it possibly was what he wished for was that we could sleep in on father's day that's not the case, because we're still out here trying to raise money in his memory. each year, he funds the popular challenge, which means his own money goes to the top three finishers in the race. there's a 10k and 5k walk and one mile fun walk. we have a band let's strike it up because we're here to
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celebrate gary's life and legacy, come down and join us, we can't wait to see you the 5k run and walk start at 8:00 a.m. you've got plenty of time, come out an join us, live at eakens oval on the parkway, jamie apody channel 6 "action news." we'll send it back to you. >> the race is expanding to the 10k that's terrific. and gary pappa's message is being heard loud and care. >> should you exercise while you're sick? doctors say it depends on the ailment. a firefighter carries a woman from her home after she is trapped by the floodwaters in the midwest. >> reporter: the rain poured down, it's pulling away, but no now the heat is rolling on in. i'll have the details from accuweather when we come right back.
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i'm whoopi goldberg and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world and no better place to lean about the people who shaped who we are today.
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hear about the lives of slaves in colonial new york and about the fight to abolish slavery. pick a stop on the underground railroad and visit the home and grave of one of new york's most controversial citizens. a journey in new york is a journey through history. plan you next trip at there's something for everyone. >> firefighters in illinois
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used inflatable boats and bare hands to rescue dozens of people this weekend. emergency management officials say because the area is prone to flooding the crews staged rescue boats in the area earlier this week, everyone got out safely. >> in our area, flood watch in effect until 8:00 a.m. >> reporter: the flood watch has been discontinued, but it's the flood advisory that's in effect, but it will expire soon. there's the center city skyline we have a couple of rain drops hanging around. the big story today is the increase in humidity and the heat temperatures skyrocket later this afternoon. same thing with tuesday, wait until you see tuesday's numbers. thunderstorms hanging around the jersey shore tuckahoe and east
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ward. beach haven and surf city. everything will start to clear in the next couple of hours. skies will brighten up in the morning hours. wilmington, 74 dover 73. the dewpoints are in the low 70s as well. when you see dewpoints this high it's oppressive and very tropical. overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning the cold front comes in from the north that will squish the weather back down to the south and push it back where it belongs across the virginias and carolinas. this is easier to handle that what we deal with today. today is oppressively humid. satellite and radar you can thank bill for that, this came from the tropics it was a tropical storm at one point. skies are beginning to clear a
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little bit clouds thinning out to the west. as we look wider there's not much going on. this is the cold front that swings through during the late afternoon hours once that pulls through there's nothing going on in the pipeline, so we have clear conditions for the next several days which will intensify the heat because we'll see an increase in sunshine. speaking of sun not a bad day hot and humid plenty of sun mixed with clouds later on. the front 5:00, western suburbs first, that will slide south and east during the course of the day. overnight tonight partly cloudy, warm sticky, thing tomorrow morning that's when you'll notice the decrease in humidity. temperatures soar back into the 90s, jersey shore today you're picking up downpours. by late morning you'll see the skies brighten up a little bit. 86 in atlantic city, you have a lands breeze taking place today. ocean city 87.
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rehoboth beach and bethany beaches 87. if you want to do boating or fishing, small craft advisory is in effect. seas building, winds out of the west at 25 miles per hour. philadelphia, hot and humid spotty afternoon thunderstorm developing after 4:00. evening thunderstorms tonight otherwise partly cloudy and humid, 65 degrees outlying suburbs, 73 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows 92 monday hazy, hot but less humid combination of sun and clouds tuesday blazing blistering heat, 96 degrees, it will feel like 100. wednesday, warm, less humid 87. thursday, sun and clouds, 84. thursday, friday saturday, looks like the pattern is breaking down and it becomes a
7:17 am
little bit more comfortable with temperatures in the low 80s. >> let's keep it that way. >> heritage was celebrated in grofort -- gloucester county it was the puerto rican gala dinner dance in deptford. diego castellanos is the host of puerto rican panorama which you can see on 6abc.
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>> welcome back on this sunday, father's day 7:19, 73 degrees, sky6 live hd taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. if you don't like it hot you might want to go somewhere 96 degrees on tuesday,. "healthcheck" this morning a new study about how flies sleep could lead to discoveries about human sleep.
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reachers zero in on a gene look at how well flies sleep. mutated gene helped flies stay awake. higher quality colonoscopy looked at clinical information who underwent colonoscopy they found the higher quality colonoscopy resulted in lower risk of collin -- colon cancer. getting sick when to workout, the mayo clinic said use the neck rule, if the symptoms are above the neck,
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>> reporter: joining everyone, 7:23, satellite and radar showing the remnants of bill pushing on through the heavy drenching downpours the severe weather is working out to sea. note the clearing taking place across central and western pennsylvania. starting to see holes in the cloud cover, that will expand east ward over the next several hours, down the jersey shore
7:24 am
10:00, you're dealing with clouds and leftover showers by afternoon you'll see sundown there. now, we have the probability of severe weather across the entire area. you can see shaded in yellow that's because of a cold front that's going to be pushing into this warm, soupy air over the next 12 hours sore. dynamically we have quite a bit of the puzzle coming into place here. it wouldn't be surprising at all if we see severe thunderstorms especially north and west of the city late this afternoon with potential of winds gusting 55 to 60 miles per hour. midday, return of sunshine, very sticky out there late afternoon, spotty thunderstorms are possible. not a bad day at all. >> good news there, thank you, chris. turning to sports, a tough loss for the philadelphia union on the west coast. the union played the galaxy in los angeles they scored first in the 23rd minute and never looked back the union's only
7:25 am
goal came in the 58th minute. they lost 5-1. now, here's jeff skeverski with sunday morning sports. >> reporter: blame the manager blame the bats, point the finger anywhere you want with the phillies don't leave out the starting pitchers, the starters have not won a game in almost a month. some are blaming the squirrel this little fan puts up a sign that says go back to saint louis. cody ashy from saint louis his first homer in two months, 1-0 phils. gone a 3-run homer. cardinal's are not he hits another homer and saint louis gets 4 more in the 8th. phils lost 10-1. they allowed 48 runs in the last
7:26 am
five games. everything is falling apart. even freddie galvis loses his cup. it's getting comical ugly. washington nationals gave matt scherzer $210 million this off season. that kind of money you can by anything except perfection. matt scherzer had a perfect game with two outs in the 9th against the pirates. wow there goes a perfect game two outs in the 9. the next batter, scherzer gets josh howard for the first no hitter of his brilliant career, unreal consider his last start he had a one hitter. jason worth celebrates by giving scherzer a chocolate bath. scherzer faces the phils at citizens bank park, he said he
7:27 am
is disappointed he lost that perfect game. you think you and your friends play on bad golf courses. even the pros are complaining about the course at the u.s. open. they say it's so bad it's like playing the nba finals on a court with holes in it. to make matters worse there's a fire off the course. check out dust continue johnson an 8. how about the approach shot misses the green and kicks off and takes off check outle roll, keeps going and going and going does it stop? new, johnson's ball is out of control. he'll be here all morning if we didn't speed this up. look at this it rolled back to the tee box johnson saves par on the hole. it's still going johnson in a four way tie for the lead. how about the master's champs,
7:28 am
speef with birdie on three. it should be a great final round later today. that's sports, happy father's day, i'm jeff jeff. he. hometown nfl star returned to his roots this morning. a defensive lineman for the new york giants hosted a free skills camp in bucks county. he was a graduate of counsel rock high school.
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>> a man is dead after being shot by a security bar at a bar overnight. >> the search for the escaped convicts turns to the pennsylvania border. >> and now we dry out for father's day. >> chris sowers is outside with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, chris, the gary pappa run happening right now. >> reporter: the weather is cooperating a little bit, other than the fact it's terribly humid with dewpoints in the low to mid 70s. most of the downpours are pulling away the skies will brighten up in the next couple of hours. all that remains from once tropical storm bill hugging the immediate coastline, atlantic city picking up downpours that's about it. you can see things clearing out west of philadelphia.
7:31 am
the lightning strikes, if you look at the cameras over the last 45 minutes there's a decrease in the numbers. that's is a sure sign everything is pulling away. jersey shore it's gray and gloomy, but you'll see sunshine this afternoon. atlantic city brigantine, lbi surf city, beach haven reporting downpours, millville starting to clear out, as well. tuckahoe reporting showers flood advisory looks like this was discontinued. we had a flood advisory for south jersey that expired. temperatures 73 in fleetwood. pottstown, 73. saint davids 71. chester, 72. center city, 73. mid 70s south and east. dover, 74. buena, 74. gandys beach 73. what you're not seeing is the humidity, trust me it feels awful out here, feels like we're
7:32 am
in orlando or miami. if you're doing a round of golf on this father's day the greens will be wet with the rains that pulled through overnight. 79 degrees by 2:00 p.m. 88 degrees, high temperature today expected to top out at 92 with feels-like temperatures around 95, or 96. believe it or not it gets hotter in the seven-day forecast, i'll have that for you coming up in just a bit. >> when you're heading out doors, check out the storm tracker 6 live app there you'll find the latest weather conditions for your exact location. choke out our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter. >> self people including two children and a toddler are recovering after being shot at a block party in west philadelphia. it happened along the 4100 block of ogden street.
7:33 am
3 children 18 months and 11 and 12 are in stable condition. police said based on on preliminary report they think the kids were hit by stray bullets. a security bar shot and killed a bar patron overnight the action cam was outside the old madrid corner bar in olney. that's where a guard removed 27-year-old man following an altercation around 2:30, the guard told police he shot the customer once in the head after the man threatened him with a bottle on the sidewalk. the customer was pronounced at the scene. the guard is being questioned by investigators. police are investigating another shooting involving an employee of a bar and customer in north philadelphia. the bartender shot a man following an argument around 2:00 a.m. they are not sure if the shot was fired inside or outside the
7:34 am
bar. the customer was pronounced after 4:00 a.m. police have not said if the bartenders has been arrested or facing any charges. there are major new developments in the manhunt for two convicts who escaped from a maximum security prison in upstate new york. officials say they are investigating new possible sightings of the killers along the pennsylvania border hours away from the prison. abc's lindsey janice has the details. >> reporter: a new hot spot in the search for two escaped killers. >> forest rangers see if they can assembly a crew and stage it for grid severance. >> reporter: law enforcement on the grounds and in the air over western new york saturday investigators say a resident reported seeing two men matching the descriptions of richard matt and david sweat along interstate 86 in allegheny county that's hundreds of miles away from the maximum security prison. after two weeks it could be the break police need. search areas are set up around
7:35 am
the towns of flip and boazar. saturday's developments come after two other possible sightings along the new york/pennsylvania border. the first happened a week ago near a rail yard in erwin new york, and the report of two men walking along a county road 11 miles away. residents told to be on alert. back at the prison a second employee a male corrections officer was placed on leave in connection with the investigation into the escape itself. >> my client inside the importance of finding these two individuals, he is here of his own free will. he is not being detained. >> reporter: the officer knew the prisoners and joyce mitchell she had behind bars for providing matt and sweat the tools for their breakout. did ilindsey january nis abc news.
7:36 am
a man a man shot and killed a police officer who was being transported to jail. he was handcuffed in the back of the car and managed to get his hand in front him and shoot and kill the officer. darrell halloway died at the hospital. boyd got into the front seat and they don't know how he got the gun or whose it was. they don't believe it was the officer's. it's expected to be an an emotional morning as services resume for the first time since wednesday's night massacre. mourners will come to pay tribute to the nine people gunned down inside the church. police have located a
7:37 am
racist manifesto that may have been written by dylann roof. he joked about shooting up the college of charleston. >> he told us he was going for the school, but i think he couldn't get into that school because of the security and all that. >> reporter: meanwhile, funeral plans have been made for south carolina state senator and paths tore clement tra pinkney -- clementa pinkney a viewing will be held at the church where he was shot funeral services will be held on friday. call also for the remove of a -- calls for the removal of the confederate flag that flies above the state house. a legislator said the flag is not hate but a symbol of pride
7:38 am
of one's hatred. black lives matter that was the battle cry of hundreds who walked through the streets yesterday. a man was hung with the names. nine people shot to death last week. a crane toppled over in wilmington and created a mess. it was preparing to do work on king street when the cable system snapped. the street had to be shut down while crews put the rig back together and move it out of the way. nobody was hurt. the driver of a city dump truck make i go it through the city of roxborough crashed after the brakes reportedly failed. surveillance video caught the struck speed through the intersection, it slapped into a utility pole smashing into pieces. the driver escaped unharmed. >> 13th annual annual
7:39 am
father's day gary pappa run is kicking off at eakens oval. the action cam is live where the 10k event has gotten underway. there's a 5k and one mile fun rock. the event is close to our hearts, of course it's named after our former "action news" sports director gary pappa. he lost his battle to prostate cancer 6 years ago. the event strives to help keep other father succumbing to the disease. $190,000 raised so far this year. the. >> the special father's meaning behind this new mural. >> the cleanout is beginning for people in florida after strong storms tear apart rooftops and rip up trees. sky6 live hd taking a live look at wilmington right now. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast for father coming up. "action news" continues in just a moment.
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>> in florida people are cleaning up after a severe storm sweat through the area this weekend leaving behind a lot of damage. strong winds and heavy rains damaged at least five homes. the winds ripped off rooftops and toppled huge trees look at that that tree landing on top of the car. one woman said she is not sure she'll be able to live in the home due to the damage. >> we had storms roll through overnight, but not that bad. >> reporter: maybe one or two
7:43 am
spawned a severe thunderstorm warning, but for the most part drenching downpours throughout the area. sky 6 we're seeing improvement. cape may looking better, the skies beginning to brighten up a little bit, you had showers and downpours an hour ago, atlantic city picking up good downpours that's about it. extending north ward into lbi. brigantine reporting downpours all this extending north the back edge in oceanville, absecon, lower bank is dry mays landing is dry. once that clears the coast we are done with the rain and skies will brighten up we'll see sunshine later this afternoon. 75 degrees in philadelphia. millville, 74. dover, 75. trenton, 73. humidity wise it will feel awful i'll call it oppressive with dewpoints well above 70, it's comparable to what new orleans
7:44 am
or miami see. we have a cold front working into the mid atlantic and the northeast. it's hard to see on the satellite, it's pushing through pittsburgh and buffalo now. as that clears the coast it will lower the humidity levels. high temperatures in the low 90s, the fact that the humans comes down it will feel better out there. future tracker 6 combination of sun and clouds, the front approaches by 5:00. western suburbs first and it slides into the city by 7:00 or 8, clearing the jersey shore by 9:00. spotty shower or thunderstorm, doesn't look impressive again the bigger story is the lowering humidity levels behind the front. 8:00, it's clear mostly sunny skies, tomorrow looks nice, combination of sun and clouds, hot and humid but not as humid as what we're seeing today. poconos maybe a couple of thunderstorms this afternoon 80 degrees is the forecasted high. the jersey shore morning gray and gloom, a couple of showers
7:45 am
afternoon sunshine mixed with clouds, hot and humid temperatures around 86, 87 it's a lands breeze feeling like 90 with all the humidity, again if you're doing boating or fishing we have a small craft advisory in effect for the small boats if you want to jump in, water temperatures 75 degrees off the coast of cape may on the bay. ocean front, 74 in atlantic city 72, 73 on the ocean side in cape may. that's better than a month ago. 90 degrees in reading thunderstorm late, allentown 89. 90 in dover, 88 in millville. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 92 degrees today feeling like 94, 95, 96 give or take, very hot and humid, 92 monday, less humid sun and clouds, tuesday blazing heat blistering 96 degrees, feeling like 99 or 100 in the
7:46 am
city. maybe warmer south and east with all the humidity. wednesday, warm less humid, 87 it will feel like 87. 84 degrees thursday, sun and clouds, it will feel nice out there friday with periods of rain temperatures barely cracking the 80-degree mark. saturday expect sunshine cooler with temperatures topping out in the upper 70s that looks to be a trend there's several days where we'll be in the low 80s are to the high. a trend we like to see. united church of the first born the church hosted this free fun day give aways, food and entertainment. and dunk tank. it's a great chance for the community to getting together and meet neighbors and make new friends.
7:47 am
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>> happy father's day to all of you fathers waking you mean
7:49 am
this morning. 7:48, sky6 live hd taking a live look over center city, the gary pappa run is underway, the 10k started 15 minutes ago the fun run and walk kicks off in ten minutes. the mural arts program unveiled a new nearly in southwest philadelphia dedicated to dads. karen rogers has more in 6abc loves the arts. >> reporter: artists from the philadelphia mural arts program worked with graterford prison to depict the bonds between father and child. >> it is men inside greater folder and other artists collaborated and designed it. it's a group effort. >> reporter: the mural is made up of over 60 separately painted panels. >> you can go inside graterford and have lots of different hands all over the city and they are involved in the painting of the
7:50 am
mural. >> reporter: mural arts designer worked with the prison's father and children together program so inmates could paints with their kids. >> to be able to sit down with your child and do that in a closed setting environment it's something that can't be explained. >> reporter: gentleman have --ment javon work on the painting with his son. now a free man he is excited to celebrate father's day with his son. >> to be able to walk down the street my son to say me and my dad were a part of that. the two children are my own kids. it's a personal connection symbolically, but it's the people involved in the process. >> reporter: it offers tours every saturday where you can learn the story behind dozens of murals in the city. you can find the trolley tours
7:51 am
at 6abc loves the arts for this and other area events. for 6abc loves the arts i'm karen rogers. >> space x has launched a competition to develop pods that would transport people and cargo on the hyper loop. the space x company has been trying to develop the concept since it was unveiled two years ago. careering and university students are encouraged to develop the pod which must move at 700 miles an hour. applications must be in by september 15th. chris sowers has the final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. what will it look like next week? we'll have the answer we come right back. from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. your coffee, your dunkin'.
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>> welcome back, 7:54 right now, the action cam is live at eakens oval where the 13th annual gary pappa is underway. there's the 10k which was brand new and fun walk which willen begin at 8 can mean. this event is close to our hearts because of gary pappa he lost his battle to prostate cancer 6 years ago, trying to prevent others from succumbing from the disease. >> reporter: there's softball games this afternoon be hydrated, you have to replenish the fluids. dplomplet county, you can see -- gloucester county you can see a cell pulling away from route 40
7:55 am
and 322. bill will move away and skies will brighten up in the next a couple of hours. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast decent amount of sunshine, hazy, hot and humid, 92 degrees is the forecasted high. feeling like 95, 96. tomorrow's 92 will feel like 92. tuesday, boy does that look nice, blazing healed and 96, feeling like 100 degrees in parts of the area. >> 7:55 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." here's dan harris with a preview. >> reporter: we're leading with the emanuel ame church reopening for service since the mass car since an online manifesto surfaced appears to be from dylann roof. the manhunt for the two
7:56 am
escaped killers from upstate new york abc news catches up with a second prison worker who was questioned overnight for 14 hours. on a much later note a special father's day edition of pop news. we have a special father's day message in the form of a cheer. we promise to show it to you in full coming up on "g.m.a." we'll see you soon. >> thank you dan glrks here's what we're working on for you runners taking to the streets of philadelphia, for the 13th annual gary pappa run we'll take you there live. >> in "healthcheck," apps that are helping kids looks like weight and stay healthy. plus, chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. now for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han. have a great sunday we'll see
7:57 am
you at 9:00 a.m.
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good morning, america. new details. racist rant. authorities investigating a manifesto that they believe to be connected to massacre suspect dylann roof, the chilling pictures, the words of hate. the city is gathering to heal and this morning, the church reopening. >> it's unexplainable when you lose a parent. >> we're live with team coverage from charleston. closing in? police closing in on two escaped prisoners. the new checkpoints. 400 miles from the prison. are the convicts sticking to train tracks? an abc news exclusive. a second prison worker questioned. fire and storms.


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