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tv   Action News 1130 PM  ABC  June 21, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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in right now. and hope that i get another opportunity but a lot of people don't get this opportunity. i'm very very grateful. >> he was given the opportunity and really stepped up. really showed maturity out there and just under control and that was the most impressive part of it. >> phils now headed to new york to face yankees and expect cole hamlees to take the mound wednesday. bullpen session today goes a-okay. hamels missed friday with an hamstring
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keeping up with the eagles receivers these days is just as hard as keeping up with kim kardsahian exs, miles came this season to make them strong are offensively. eagles signed former cowboys star in march and lightning in a bottle after injuries slowed him down the last few years even though miles say veteran believe it or not he's leaping on young guys agholor, matthews and huff. >> a lot of those guys are ahead of where i was at my first or second year. so i think you know they know what they're doing. i try if i can say anything maybe i'll drop a little line one way or the other we're learning on each other which i think is really important. >> and coming up in 20 minutes more with the eagles with espn
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sal palantonio and sam bradford aers contract and more will be discussed with sal pal coming up. >> more "action news" when we come back. >> much more to come.
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>> sunday night here's what's happening on "action news" at 11:30 there's a growing fury tonight over the con federate flag flying over south carolina's capitol and it's taking on new meeting in the wake of last week's massacre. >> and a daughter and father that share a bond. they sayre share a kidney. >> thousands turned out to walk or run for a great cause and we'll interest dice you to some of the men and women that ran in gary papa run. >> the congregation fathered from the first service that ended with nine people murdered. >> hundreds joined hands in solidarity near a bridge in down southern charlotte. >> a solemn sight in south carolina low country. stream of thousands holding hand across the rav nal bridge points
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pleasant to charleston monica malpassry of those that last their lives wednesday. few miles south church bells ringing out. the historic church reopening doors for first time. a jam packed crowd in attendance. >> bring burdens to the lord and leave them there. whether you're praying for yourself or denying families. >> as thousands gathered graffiti discovered on con federate monument a short drive away i with the words this is a problem #race problem #racist. >> you've had your time. >> as calls from south carolina residents rallied to take down the flag on the steps. raining women and children that's what it stands for.
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>> and some believe the decision should be left to the state. >> it's a decision made here in south carolina. >> this is part of the healing process and at a nation i'm together. jim ryan, "abc news" charts stone south carolina. >> if we cannot parishioners remember the nine killed in charleston and lit candles to remember the congregation. they said priors for all of charleston south carolina. >> cop federate flag and shooter dillon rooj he baited. lead rz say it's a move long over do and would help the state move forward in a number of ways. once senator there the slaing should be put and name of south carolina history against the urging of money including jeb
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bush and mitt romney who called from removele from ledic card. >> she's city in olney section weep police stay it started at the old prad drik bar. they say he came at the the guard with a bottle. no charges were filed. philadelphia police are serving for four men that probing into a home at the tacony section of the city. 10:30, 6300 block of tiger man street. investigators say the men who were armed and wearing masked pushed on the backdoor and peeps a little. >> from delaware newsroom a tractor-trailer filled with baby white flipped over on i-95 in cies christianne today. the truck was making its way on
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to southbound route one exit in indiana when i driver lost control and over turned. a huge backup along that stretch ensued. it was injured. >> it was a happy father's day for delaware dad. usually dads celebrate the gifts today and he is celebrating the little voice for his baby girl. >> when the trouble can. >> we woke up this morning and had a puffy face. >> they could not finds the cause on standard tests. we want aid sample of her blood where a specific type of genetic testing can be performed. they found she had denny draft syndrome. >> it's againetic spontaneous not inheritsed parents to child. >> it causes capitol hill kidney failure before the age three and cancerous tumors.
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chris was a probable match as kidney donor. before he could get to the fir at the six months of tests paper's kidneys failed and had to be removed because of tumor and there were even more delays for further test for further testing. >> that was hardest part ready for the donation and told it's on hold and it may not be until spring now. >> finally in december the transplant happened. piper's feisty personality returned and lees couldn't be happier. they have something to celebrate this father's day. >> her kidney disease is not going to come back to this kidney and this should last here 'long time. >> i'm yondz thankful. >> more good news piper's frat turnal twin does got have the syndrome and older sophie ais thousands as well. >> a father's day tradition this morning taking part 1 annual money for the fight against prostate cancer. trish hartman spoke with runners
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and walkser he mostly who got involved. >> despite the wet weather organizers say runners and walkers 5,000 came out today to honor memory of former sports director gary papa. >> jack erwin is exciting to be a camper. it's proactive when it comes to health. >> i had a kidney stone we did psa test and i wound one cancer and went through read ration taken was a success. >> according to foundation for breast and prostate health one in seven men will be diagnosed in their lifetime. one you of those men was road badle mn. >> this is what he could would have wantd madeleine lost his battle two weeks ago his kiv kate walked
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with them. >> hi mom named the boat the shore cure. she gave him that name. it's been perfect. >> 6abc sports director does not last his badle. kathy continues the mission his wife started. >> every year it's more and more instaring and our mission of course is to get the world out every man to be tested and every year it becomes more and more evident that we're being successful. >> fundraising efforts are not over and we can donate gary papa and tloyld report thanks to generous sponsors and donors we exceeded our fundraising goal of 250,000. eakins official. eakins oval, >> why taylor swift is angry
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with apple and what it could mean for her fans. >> 2,000 firefighters are working to protect they are homes in southern california and why that job is prove proving tougher to do. >> walter, who the fair amount of humidity overhead and heat continues starts of the workweek and first week of summer. humidity will lower. we take a look at details in the full and exclusive accuweather
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>> eye fire in san bernadine owe forest in southern california mzamane grown to more than
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17,000 acres and it's 19% contained. blaze broke out wednesday more than 500 fire fighters are working to protect 500 buildings and homes. campers were evacuated and hiking trails were closed. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> walter, sarah, it looks pretty hot as we get to the start of the workweek and good news tomorrow is humidity will lovr as the day wears on at least for one day. we'll talk about what is going on. double scan radar we're tracking one loan sell that is moving across areas in south jersey. we'll go tighter to street-level. moving east at about 40 miles an hour. and it's just to the north of lower he bank with light to moderate rainfall and lightning strikes as well and even light rainfall in hammonton this continues to push offshore fairly quickly as we go throughout the rest of the overnight hours that cold front pushes on through and we have
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some improve. on the way for sunday. we'll show you the picture outside. the action cam was out in riter house scare. we have a partly cloudy night and folks with the family out and about this father's dayen joeing a comfortable night with warm conditions and that humidity for the post part still overhead. 75 north and west of town and center city. same for chester 75 threat wood. down across new jersey cinnaminson, 82, 78 ewing and 25 browns okay. here's satellite 6 and action radar it's a cold front moving on through so this moyt taught will sag off south and east and high pressure over the great lake will know southward across the region and it looks like we dry out as we get to start of workweek monday. here's setup tomorrow. we have a stray shower or thunderstorm and the call from accuweather the rest of tonight is partly cloudy. dropping to 66 suburbs and 73
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there in philadelphia. as we go throughout the day on monday however it will be about temperatures that will start to increase and 6 a.m. in the morning you have numbers along the i-95 corridor and as i advanced this by 1:30 only to afternoon you can come and you can stay a few days with checks above that for late to follow. the big difference how would you feel. it's owe fresive in many locations today and the dewpoint the level of the atmosphere slightly human with dew point numbers and lower 60s. upper -- here's your day planner 8:00 in the morning partly sunny cloud 11 a.m. mostly sunny he's 91 the must be at 5:00 tomorrow. here's the exclusive accuweather 7 day forecast. hot tomorrow, less humid. high temperature 91.
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tuesday summer sizzle returns. humidity increases as well. late tuesday afternoon tuesday night, wednesday not as hot and 87. sun to clouds on thursday high of 84 degrees. we have the parade of sale. tall ships parade along the delaware river by then. and it looks like we have a thunderstorm throughout it's west of philadelphia for mathtivity day and late thursday into friday it will be cloudy with rain possible at 78. sat sunny and school. as we get to next sundays sunday clouds will be around at hoy high temperatures. >> hot tomorrow. >> thanks, melissa. >> bad news forte lor swift fans you will not have access to latest sons on apple's new streaming music service. today music super star posted on let to apple entitled to apple love taylor.
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in it she was mout our bol swivrt pulled mu vick if spotify for several weekends. >> for a second weekend if row jurasic world dominated the box office. according to studio estimate the movie took in $102 it was good weekends pour for pixar "inside out" almost patched it and against was melissa fly with 10 1/2 million in third week and jer social security eric worl. what we're all twice. >> that's prettyty good. >> more to comeen including sports. >> it was a loup ko got in the ocean. it was not a single way to come right back.
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phillies scored the fewest runs in baseball. in the finale st. louis father's day cody ashe getting things started in the second. phils fight three runs in upping and ryan howard how about cardinal killer eating the ship. phils go off 5-1. works into sixth allows just one run phillys are 9-2 winners. >> how about the eagles kickoff
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training camp six weeks from today and after chip kelly turned this roster upside down there's nor pressure on third year coach than ever before especially sam bradford expected to be starter during september. among the topics we through at espn sal antonio. >> i think -- i don't think the eagles want to get it do done. they don't know what they have with sam bradford. they don't tweent commit nor dollars. they owe him 13 million from this year. it's a big question mark. it doesn't make sense. for sam brad foshd is like the jeremy maclin situation mast year brad for the is fighting himself now. he figures he can be healthy and the whole season coming down 20 one thing sam bradford and left
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knee? >> i think the whole season for kelly will be defined by sam bradford's next knee and whether he's healthy this sin and beyond. he treed nick foles. healthy quarterback. he's rolling the gis on a guy who has back-to-back acl tears it's a major risk and if bradford doesn't part the preseason game:00 a.m. that's dress rehearsal for regular season. a lot of questions will be asked about chip kelly's stewardship. >> is this make or break for jeff bradenship. >> your best running back in team history you trade away your starter quarterback you let your starting wide receivers rock. you reogranized offensive line. you basically tear up the secondary and remake the team in your image.
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the buck stops with chip kelly. >> thanks, kelly going to third of five year deal. that's worth 32 1/2 million dollars and he's brought here to win. jeffrey lurie gives him thol and it works. >> finally tonight we're recognizing a brand new world record for an un usual but cool category. 66 people camd on surech broad of huntingdon beach california to break the world people. >> they rolled that way for a full twelve seconds second recorderder set 5,000 spectators crowded the sand there. >> "fyi philly" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 4:30 with matt o'donnell being tamala edwards, david murphy and karen rogers. >> for walter perez, melissa magee, and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist perfect a great night and see
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you back here tomorrow
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>> i'm karen rogers. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli. tonight on fyi philly, >> from lancaster county to hersheypark, we'll show you fun ways to get outside and enjoy. >> from pop up beer gardens and an outdoor roller rink. >> to a slab of center city asphalt where life's a beach. >> and café dining right on the park. >> hi everybody and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are at the phs pop up beer garden at 15th & south streets. >> and it is gorgeous here. >> the perfect place to celebrate the official start of summer. >> phs has had great success transforming vacant lots into lively beer gardens. >> so much so that this year they opened 2 of them. >> phs's east passyunk pop up is at 9th and wharton streets right across the street from pat's & geno's steaks. this is, seems to be truly philly. >> oh, yeah, i think this is as philly as you get.


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