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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  June 22, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, june 22, matt o'donnell is off, nydia han joins us. we're following breaking news. >> bullets fly on a philadelphia street overnight striking two people. >> a delaware driver takes a wrong turn and stuck on the
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tracks as the train is coming. >> surveillance video is released of a serial robber in the act. police need your help before he strikes again. david murphy is outside counting the seconds so he can get back inside, and karen is taking a look at the commute. >> reporter: today is a day of change and it's generally good. we'll start you out with satellite, we have the sun up over the horizon early on. it's humid, we are waiting for drier air to march in from the morning into the afternoon and northwest. the higher humidity air we felt yesterday is starting to push closer to the coast. 76 degrees and warm in philadelphia as you step outside. allentown, 67. 6 in reading, 75 in sea isle city. checking out dewpoints anything over 60 means it's humid. in philadelphia, 66 degrees dewpoint. allentown, down to 61. the poconos no longer feeling that humid. stickier down the shore with the dewpoints at 69. as we roll through the day it
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will be hot with the dewpoints and the humidity related to it will continue to drop. nonetheless by 3:00 p.m., up to 90. high today of 91 probably around 3:30 or 4:00 p.m. tomorrow we turn it around, the humidity comes roaring back and in fact it gets hotter and there could strong thunderstorms in spots, i'll have that as we check out the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: we're getting word of an accident i-95 southbound at cottman it happened a couple of seconds ago. we see people off to the side of the road. there might be debris there, as well. you can see they are out of the car, on their phones, never is good sign, right. calling for help right now with an accident on i-95 southbound at cottman stepping over the median there be careful we don't see any of the flares set up. you see traffic so close to the guys off to the sight be careful of that. i-95 southbound at cot plan --
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cottman an accident happening right now. westbound schuylkill jamming up. the vine westbound to the schuylkill has opened it will close because of the construction altitude 11:00 p.m. that lasts each night this week. in west philadelphia we have an accident at haverford avenue at 41st street. that's new coming in. 52nd remains closed at westminster in west philadelphia because of the water main break use any other numbered streets to get around that. the main roads are okay, except i-95 southbound with the accident at cottman. >> we are getting breaking news this morning the search is on for a gunman who fired shots that hit two people new car. katherine scott is live outside hanheman university hospital with brand new information let's go over to her. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam that's right, we have updated information for you, but i meant to start by telling you that one of the victims was released from
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the hospital, the other is in stable condition inside the hospital. one of the victims was able to drive himself to hanheman. you can see his car is parked outside the emergency room. quite a few bullet holes inside of it. the driver of the car suffered a graze wound he was released from the hospital just before 5:30 a.m. his car has a bullet hole in the door and windshield. toyota the drivers side window was shot out it happened at 2:00 a.m., 11th street and west styles. the driver said he saw a group of people on the corner and heard gunfire. his car was hit several times. another man walking on the sidewalk was shot. initially we heard both victims were inside the car. that does not appear to be the case. one was inside the car and another walking on the sidewalk. the neighbor drove the second man to the hospital. it's early on in the investigation, police don't know
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if the driver was targeted. we are told he had a graze wound to the hip and since released from the hospital. the search continues for the gunman. live at university hospital, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> next on "action news" this morning, police in delaware rescued a senior trapped in his vehicle struck on railroad tracks, look that, a cfx freight train barreled into the vehicle. the elderly driver got stuck while trying to make a turn on west main street in newark. two newark police officers were working a paid job at the deer park tavern. the officers ran and pulled the driver to the to safety. accident investigators return to the scene later this morning. police in south jersey are looking for a serial pharmacy robber. these surveillance videos shows the man in wool rich on friday
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night. he is demanding oxy and ran away on foot. police believe it is the same man who robbed a pharmacy in logan township dressed as a construction worker. delegates of city and church leaders arrived in rome heading to vatican city to finalize the pope's plan coming up in september. mayor nutter and cardinal charles chaput are heading the delegation. business leaders and archdiocese personnel will be meeting with their counterparts, as well. 6abc will be in rome as the delegates from the archdiocese and the city of philadelphia and the world meeting of families hold the final meetings before the pope's visit. follow brian's trip and getting
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updates @ pope on twitter. it's good to be the boss, we'll show you how big the boss' check is compared to yours maribel aber has more. >> reporter: ceos made 300 times as much as the average worker. it's a report from the economic policy institute. average ceo from the largest firms is $16 million. that's a jump of 4% earlier. wageses for workers have grown 11%. ceo pay was up 1,000% in the same period. stocks were up friday as investors worried about the debt crisis in greece. a big week for economic report on home sales and durable goods and gdp. there's a new policy from
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uber that probabilities passengers and drivers from having guns inside the vehicle. two incidents involved uber drivers firing guns. the ban was adopted after assessing existing policy and getting field back from drivers and riders. walmart is moving greeters back to the front of the store. it's testing stores around the u.s. greeters we removed from the front of the store. >> it's going to be hot. we have tall ships coming later this week. >> reporter: storm tracker 6
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live showing we're dry sun coming up over the horizon still sticky, we haven't gotten rid of the humidity you all felt out and about yesterday. 67 in allentown, a little more comfortable up north where drier air is beginning to work in and the humidity is beginning to drop. 68 degrees. 70 in wilmington. in the i-95 corridor it's a little bit warmer and humidity is more noticeable. we have a cold front on its way through the region and pushing that higher humidity air to the south today so by the time we get into the afternoon it's hot on the other side of that front but it won't be as sticky as yesterday. up in allentown today we're feeling better humidity wise, later on today 87 degrees, warm, sun and clouds, less humid. down the shore same story, a lot of sun clouds at time, less humid high of 85 degrees, pretty nice on the beach.
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in philadelphia. we're going for a hot high of 91 degrees, sun and clouds, less and humid as the day goes on. winds out of the east at 16 miles per hour. 77 by 9:00 a.m. sticky, might be humid by 11:00 84. by the time weapon get into the late morning and afternoon hours you'll feel the humidity drop. we spent a lot of time in the upper 80s and low 90s enough sun to keep the sunscreen essential today. okay. tomorrow we'll change things around, you're going to get a front coming in from the west, the winds turn out of the southwest, that will make us hotter and humid and with the cold front on the doorsteps in the late afternoon hours, some of the storms in the poconos will zip into the region. they won't hit everywhere, where they do they will produce drenching downpours and strong gusty winds tomorrow afternoon and evening. today, less humid 91.
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tomorrow, hot and humid again high of 95. there's a chet -- there's a threat of late afternoon thunderstorms that could strong and gusty. of on wednesday, the front is gone 87. there's the arrival of the tall ships parade of sails at 2:00 p.m. on thursday, there's a chance of clouds increase, there's a thunderstorm west of philadelphia, i think the parade of sail itself will be okay. friday, cloudy skies rainy 81. back in the 70s on the weekend, and chance of rain on sunday. >> i can't wait to see the ships. . i covered it a few years ago when we did it, it was fantastic. >> dramatic video of a man being pulled from a cave after being trapped for 24 hours. >> there's no longer bad blood between taylor swift and apple we'll explain.
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>> reporter: looking at i-95, a jam southbound at cottman penndot zooming around, here's the accident scene causing the problem. >> hang ten or maybe we should say hang 66. dozens of surfers attempt to break a world record, what they did with is really eye-opening. we'll show it to you when "action news" right back.
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look, the sun already bright and hot and shining this morning, 6:15, 75 degrees as we look over the delaware and the ben franklin bridge. >> we have trouble on i-95, right karen? >> reporter: we have an accident on the scene i-95 southbound heading toward center city approaching cottman. now they are jammed southbound from approaching academy to approaching cottman we've got an accident on the left lane penndot on the scene not seeing police just yet. watch for a jam up as they deal with the accidents scene on i-95 southbound. meanwhile, betsy ross bridge watch for this, it's scheduled to go up at 6:30, burlington bristol bridge, that is,
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scheduled to go up at 6:30 because of a ship coming through. stick to the turnpike connector. burlington bristol bridge will close each night from 9:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. each weeknight this week. look for that. in upper providence township, delaware county. we have construction providence road shut down between dan view drive and sycamore mill road will get you tell around that. we're tweeting the traffic with the #6abc traffic. weather wise no problems, sun glare is an issue 65 degrees, comfortable in quakertown, 76 degrees warmer in center city and slightly humid. 61 in browns mill and 71 in dover, delaware, dry hot and sunny. >> this is new video rescue crews worked for 20 hours to free a man trapped in a cave in northwestern spain. the man fell 20 inside the cave.
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it took 75 rescuers working in tight spaces to free him. amazon is making changes to get more of your business while apple is backing down after a pop superstar give it the business. we have tech bytes. >> reporter: apple caves to taylor swift the pop superstar who was keep her new album on of the new streaming service because apple was not paying artists during a free 3 month trial. amazon will put more emphasis on reviews that were recent and helpful. the new system is in use but it may take a little while for ratings to change. >> reporter: samsung has a new idea to improve truck safety giant video screens on the back of tractor-trailer.
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k9 advantix® ii. for the love of dog™. >> reporter: trying to get to work on monday morning we've got something jamming you up, let's take you outside i-95 at academy southbound traffic jamming from past woodhaven to approaching cottman because of an accident blocking the left lane up ahead approaching cottman. we've been saying today less school buses on the scene
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teenagers maybe lighter volume, not on i-95 because we have an accident here. in wore wick township -- warwick township, bucks county we have alms house closing through mid july. stick to turkey trot road instead. >> reporter: sun glare might be a problem for you some of you as well based on on karen's pictures. it will be hot today, high of 91 degrees, probably around 3:30 or 4:00. the humidity you feel this morning will go down as we head into the afternoon. it's hot but not as humid later in the afternoon. as we take a look at chance of severe weather for those of you traveling, pittsburgh has a slight risk of the severe thunderstorm there's a better chance in the orange area detroit and chicago and areas to the west and slight chance of tornado and area east of atlanta and jacksonville, florida. no problems at philadelphia
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international, most of the severe weather is later this afternoon. boston has fog maybe a delay later there but right now no problems on big board. >> interesting news from a new study, double jointed people are more likely to suffer from anxiety. researchers showed sad and angry scenes while observing activity in their brain. hyper mobile or double jointed shows anxiety in the areas of brain. >> cole hamels is expected to take to the mound wednesday he is recovering from a strained hamstring. jordon spieth has become the 4th gover since 1960 to win the masters and the u.s. open in the same year. he finished five under par dust
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continue johnson tide -- dustin johnson tide at second place. >> wildfires can be seen from space, we'll have more in california. >> we have more on the shooting in north philadelphia. katherine scott has the latest. >> reporter: that's right nydia, a shooting lands two people in the hospital we'll have the details coming up at 6:30.
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san bernadino forest in southern castle california has grown to 17,000 acres and only 19% contained. the blaze broke out wednesday. more than 1800 firefighters are working to protect buildings and homes, 500 buildings are in the path of fire. campers have been evacuated and hiking trails closed. residents of an apartment complex in levittown bucks county were evacuated after report of a gas smell. the red cross opened a shelter at harry truman high school on green lane for the 200 people displaced. >> what do you get when you combine of 6 surfers and -- 66 surfers and giant surf board? world record. they broke a previous record that was set in australia a
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decade ago. five thousand spectators crowded the beach to watch that world record winning. 6 27 coming up in the next half-hour of "action news," they say when it rains it pours after 3 inches of rain fell in north texas there was this other related water problem, we have more of this video next.
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>> breaking right now two people are nursing gunshot wounds in a hospital after shots rang out on a philadelphia street. we're live with the details. >> with moments to spare police pull a man trapped after his car got stuck on train tracks in delaware. >> a fight is going on in south carolina and social media, over the confederate flag, this after nine people were killed in a
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racially motivated attack in a charleston church. good morning 6:30, june 22, let's head over to david murphy with accuweather and karen rogers has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we have the sun up over the horizon, take a look at satellite, you can see we have significant clouds around, most of the it is meting away. still feels humid right now testers are warm, 76 degrees in philadelphia. 67 in allentown better up there, not as sticky. 70 in millville humid in sea isle and other shorepoints. dewpoints we're dealing with numbers high above 60. the drier air you see working into the north and west will sweep across the region and the humidity will drop as we head into the afternoon. it will be a hot one lat


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