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tv   Action News 500 AM  ABC  June 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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so, that's our loyalty program. you're automatically enrolled. and the longer you stay, the more rewards you get. great. oh! ♪ i'll stand by you ♪ ♪ won't let nobody hurt you ♪ isn't there a simpler way to explain the loyalty program? yes. standing by you from day one. now, that's progressive. >> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday june 23rd. matt o'donnell is off. nydia han is joining us. here's what's happening. >> there's an all out search this morning for a driver involved in a hit and run that left a man critically injured. >> a suv slams into a philadelphia home trapping a woman underneath the vehicle. you'll hear from a good samaritan who rushed to her rescue. >> accuweather is tracking
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oppressive heat and humidity and the threat of severe storms later today. >> you are going to be a busy man today david murphy and karen rogers is taking a look at the commute. good morning. >> we talked about all of this yesterday of course. excuse me. we are looking at a couple of issues in today's weather and the first is the heat combined with the humidity that will make things uncomfortable particularly during the afternoon. a heat advisory kicks in at 11 o'clock today doesn't end until 6 o'clock its in all the central counties and urban centers especially. the combination of high heat and high humidity will combine to give you heat indexes near 100 much that's what it's going the feel like so definitely a day to keep it easy cool drinks and all those other good precautions. on the lookout for thunderstorms right now. , see this action out to the north and west of us. there's actually a little watch box that will probably start fading off the map to the north of pittsburgh and fire up more watches toward the east later this afternoon. as we take a look at temperatures we're off to a warm start. 76 degrees currently in philadelphia. 66 in al south jersey, 75 in
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sea isle city, 75 in wilmington. dewpoints are also up there in philadelphia we've hit 70. anything of 70 or above is oppressive humidity so definitely on the sticky side this morning. and as we head out over the next couple of hours 74 by 6 o'clock, 79 by 8 o'clock and muggy conditions. it will be dry this morning but obviously on the sticky side. rolling through the day that's when the heat really gets kicking. 91 by noon. 95 is your high at 3 o'clock. there is a high heat and humidity combination there and by about three or 4 o'clock starting in the northern and western suburbs we will see some thunderstorms develop that will slowly push straight through the region and down to the shore later this evening and they could be strong and gusty with variable and varying threats. we'll talk more about what to expect from these storms when i come back with future tracker six. karen. >> all right, so we're dry far our morning commute. we're looking okay out there and the construction is cleared. this is the vine street expressway approaching the schuylkill. the vine has reopened in both directions so looking pretty good at this hour. also looking live at i-95 at the blue route. the construction that was closing the ramp from i-95
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northbound to the blue route has reopened. the construction has cleared. things are looking good out there early this morning. we do have a problem from an earlier accident that brought down a pole. and 422 westbound is still blocked. they reopened eastbound but westbound is shut down between route 100 and 662 so just stick to 724 as your alternate to deal with that. we also have this disabled vehicle in upper merion on north gulph road at first avenue. a fire location in blue bell is causing an issue here on pemberton road at stenton avenue so watch for crews on the scene there and construction blocks two lanes the right lane and the center lane on the turnpike westbound past norristown so a few things going on early this morning, tam. >> okay, thank you karen. philadelphia police are looking for the driver who they say struck a man late last night and then just took off. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in north philadelphia with new details from overnight on that investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning tam. that's right, the victim remains in critical condition
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at the hospital and the search is still on for the driver. investigators feared the accident investigation district are looking for tips. if you have any police were called out last night to the 600 block of erie avenue in hunting park after report of a man struck by a vehicle. that vehicle took off. he had been on his bike, that 40-year-old man when he was hit. he was rushed to temple university hospital in critical condition around 10:15 last night. police soon located the vehicle, a ford f-150 with some front end damage, but the search is still on for the driver this morning. police haven't said yet if they know who they're looking for. there are some surveillance cameras near that accident scene but police haven't said if there's any footage that can help in this investigation. again, if you have any information, police want to hear from you. we're live in north philadelphia, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you. three people were hurt when an suv slammed into a home in philadelphia's rhawnhurst section apparently pinning someone inside the
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house underneath the vehicle. police say a 24-year-old woman hit another car head on yesterday. then went up a handicapped ramp and right through the door of the home. a 19-year-old woman with autism and her caretaker were inside the house. mark was riding in the back seat of the car that was hit. he says he found the caretaker pinned underneath the suv. >> these two men are trying to get her out. she says help, help. so they couldn't move these brick things and i was able to -- i just got some sort of energy and i was able to move these boulders. >> oh, my gosh. the caretaker the teen and the driver of the suv are all in stable condition. while police have ruled out intoxication, they still don't have a clear picture from the driver as to why she lost control of her jeep. a pleasantville man arrested for robbing several hotels in atlantic county, new jersey. police say they arrested emanuel heath yesterday after responding to an attempted robbery at the comfort inn
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sweets in egg harbor township. police say they found a gun and ski masks that link heath to two other hotel robberies that occurred in the past two weeks. >> and developing this morning, a tornado touched down in northern illinois. dozens of homes and businesses were caught up in its fury. erin o'hearn is live for us. she's in the satellite center. she's got the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. wicked weather in the midwest. we now know at least seven people have been injured after a severe storm spawned at least one tornado across the northern part of that state. now, the national weather service confirmed the twister touchdown in cold city, which is a community of about 5,000 people in illinois. several homes were damaged as storms ripped through the chicago area last night. there are also reports of downed power lines throughout the area, natural gas leaks to many homes and heavy flooding that made much of the area impassable. now, take a listen to residents as they describe the moment the tornado struck.
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>> only safe spot was in the back bedroom. that's the bedroom where he was and looking down the main hallway down the trailer you can see the tree branches and tree trunks inside the trailer reporter: certainly some scary moments there. now, the storms continue to move east and of course we are expecting some of that severe weather in our area later today. know live in the satellite center, erin o'hearn, channel6 "action news." guys back to you. >> thank you erin. going to be a rough afternoon around here. >> yes. going from steamy to stormy. >> yeah, basically. we had a break yesterday in the humidity in a lot of neighborhoods but it's really roaring back. you can feel it out there right now and we are setting the table for thunderstorms later on much right now we're dry, though. as we take a look outside, we have sky6, you can see how little bit cloudy out there. probably seeing some early sunshine and then as we go later into the day, the clouds start to pick up, the heat is on and then thunderstorms arrive. currently 76 degrees in philadelphia. 75 in wilmington.
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73 in trenton and it is very muggy out there. you definitely notice the humidity this morning. even up in allentown where the humidity isn't quite so bad it's also sticky. in terms of showers and thunderstorms today well, through the morning it's a sun and clouds mix. and as we get into the afternoon, more of the same. after about 3 o'clock there is the chance of a couple of pop-up showers here or there but it's really more like four, five and then into 6 o'clock that we start to see some of these showers pop up in the northern and western suburbs and then dive down toward philadelphia. now, anywhere you see these they could produce drenching downpours, lightning but also some strong gusty winds. as we get to 6:00, 6:30 looks like these are plowing through philadelphia, some of them still popping up by allentown probably not so much down the shore yet. but then later in the evening 7, 8, 9 o'clock you see how that storm activity does move to the shore and gets off the coast by about 11 o'clock tonight much these storms as i mentioned could produce a lot of lightning and downpours where they hit. there's also an issue with strong gusty winds and a
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moderate chance some of these storms producing some hail. even though we're listing tornado as a low chance there is actually a chance of an isolated tornado especially from around i-95 up to the northern and western suburbs. association the bottom line as you look at this if you hear thunder later today or tonight take cover indoors on the lower floors. these won't hit everywhere but where they do they could be strong and eventful storms. as we take a look at allentown's call today hot and humid a-high of 91. an afternoon thunderstorm can't be ruled out. down the shore we have an issue ahead of any storm activity later this evening with rip currents so be sure to swim near lifeguards today. a late storm probably not until evening, a high of about 89 degrees in ac and a little cooler in cape may. 95 is your high in philadelphia. hot and humid conditions with that afternoon and evening storm chance and winds a little blustery out of the west -- southwest i should say at 10 to 20 miles per hour. 79 by 8 o'clock, 88 by 11 o'clock and then we spend the afternoon in the hot and humid 90's.
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your exclusive accuweather 7-day, today's high is 95. hot and humid those afternoon storms could be strong and gusty in some neighborhoods but all of that's gone overnight and tomorrow we're left with a sunny and nice day a high of 87 and more comfortable. sun mixing with increasing clouds on thursday. we can't rule out an afternoon or evening shower or thunderstorm. we're hoping it holds off until after our parade of sails. 84 is the high on thursday. friday cloudy skies. not going to be a total washout but there will be some periods of rain around and a high of 77. now looks like we ease back into the low 70's for saturday sunday -- saturday night in through sunday a period or two of rain again not a washout but it might be a little damp at times. >> okay. >> at least the heat isn't lasting too long. >> right, right. that's the important thing. >> thank you david. 55:10. detectives are hoping new leads will help in a cold case case.
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>> final details for the pope's visit. some big name performers will be joining in that celebration. karen. >> we're live on the boulevard approaching broad street where we are clear, we are dry. we'll check 309 for you coming up. >> and coming up in the morning buzz you will not want to miss the moment when a pilot realizes, wait a second, somebody else is on this plain. "action news" will be right back.
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paint like no other. certified asthma and allergy friendly by the asthma and allergy foundation of america. >> ♪♪ >> welcome back. it is 5:13 on this tuesday. 77 degrees. sky6 hd taking a live look at philadelphia international airport. it's going to feel like triple digits in philadelphia today but much cooler towards the ends of the week. >> good news, karen.
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seems as though this commute will probably be a lot better than this afternoon. >> that's right. at least we got a dry commute for you so we have no weather related problems and of course later in the day we're expecting some strong storms especially in the evening hours. let's look at your suburban traffic report time and go on outside and see what's going on in the northern section of montgomery county here. this is 309 at the five points intersection where we could see no problems out there. kind of quiet here but south of this area at welsh road reports of debris on the roadway. both lanes opened but just something to watch for if you're south of this area on 309 near welsh road. construction out there going on on the pennsylvania turnpike westbound blocking the right lane and the center lane. and that's past norristown and also a fire location with crews on the scene so look for that on pemberton road at stenton avenue. time for your commuter traffic report. illegal hands is up and out on 295 southbound reporting a pothole on the road near penns grove. watch for that one if you're traveling on 295. temperature-wise it's warm already, 68 degrees in
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quakertown but 72 in saint davids. 76 degrees in center city. exactly what it was at this point yesterday but we're really heating up today. 72 in browns mills, 75 in dover, delaware. your high today 95 but it's going to feel like it's about 100, tam. >> oh, geez, louise. thank you karen. investigators are hoping a new youtube video will provide some leads in a two-year-old mysterious death in south jersey. the video shows a time line for carol reiff leading up to her disappearance she was reported missing june 20, 2013 and police found her body four days later near a maintenance building in her gloucester township apartment complex. there is a $20,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of a suspect. and "action news" is in rome as city and church officials get ready for the pope's visit to our city in september. this video is just in from rome this morning. officials from the world meeting of families including archbishop charles chaput announced andrea bocceli and the philadelphia orchestra
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will perform for the pope. grammy winning artist will also be performing. "action news"'s brian taff is with the delegation and he has this report. >> reporter: hi, guys and good morning from rome. we've gotten off to a gang busters start so far today. we've learned some of the names of the performers who will be gracing the stages of the world meeting of families during that week when pope francis of course is set to the a tend among them famed operatic singer andrea bocceli who will perform with the philadelphia orchestra. right now the delegates some 35 of them, are engaged in face to face meetings to hammer out all of the last minute logistics as we wind ever closer to that all important date just three months from now. we'll have much more for you as the planning continues this evening and all week long right here on "action news" but for now, in rome, brian taff, channel6 "action news." >> and stay with us for continuing coverage as brian will have reports from rome all week long. you can also get updates on "action news"'s visit to the vatican plus progress on the pope's visit to philadelphia in september by following our
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dedicated twitter account 6abc pope. >> the phillies have snapped a 12 game road skid with a victory over the new york yankees. michael franco hit a home run in his first ever at bat at yankee stadium. he had a career high of four hits and drove in five runs. franco and the phils win it 11 to eight. game two of the series is tonight in new york. pitcher sean o'sullivan will start. >> 5:17 now. and a screech ler not common in our area washes ashore along the coast of new jersey. >> the list of things to avoid when you are pregnant is already extensive but now the nation's top obstetrics group is adding another item to that list and it may surprise you. we'll be right back. yeah, i'm married. does it matter? you'd do that for me? really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking
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>> jellyfish are common in the waters off of new jersey but what washed ashore on long beach island took folks by surprise. a portuguese man o war was found in the water. it's not actually a jellyfish
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and it's typically found in many whatter waters down south but certain conditions can send their painful tentacles in our direction. >> i was in water with my son and i hate to go in the water and i was so worried about jellyfish. i would have freaked out. let's take a look right now in the ben franklin bridge. we're looking live from camden. looking good this morning. no problems ongoing construction westbound block the right lane coming out of the tolls but you could see such quiet volume out there. burlington bristol bridge reopened. the maintenance cleared. it will close tonight at 9 p.m. and last through 5:00 a.m. so watch for that one and app disabled vehicle cleared in upper merion on north gulph road dave. >> all right karen. we're off to a warm and muggy start with temperatures in the 70's in many neighborhoods. as soon as 9 o'clock we'll be up to 82. the first part of today's story is how it's going the cook. 91 degrees by noon. 95 by 3 o'clock. that is your high today. and humidity levels much higher than yesterday. in fact it's going to be oppressively humid in some spots.
5:21 am
the other part of the issue during the afternoon and evening we're going to see some thunderstorms drop down out of the northern and western suburbs. shoot to the shore later this evening and they could be strong and gusty storms so be careful. if you're traveling out of town at a and you look at the chance of severe weather the worst area is right around us from boston through new york, philadelphia and down through washington. these areas could see strong gusty thunderstorms today. and out to the west of us there's a slight risk of some strong storms as well. looks like chicago's clearing out. florida also a little bit of an issue. on the big board at the airport right now all green aircraft so no major delays yet but with most that of severe weather expected later this afternoon if you're flying later you want to check ahead and make sure there aren't any problems. tam. >> thank you david. go together health check doctors are adding a new item on the list of don'ts for pregnant women. sushi unpasturized soft cheeses, deli meats. these are things you know to avoid if you're having a baby but it may seem obvious that marijuana should be on that list too. new research finds as many as
5:22 am
half of women who smoke pot before they get pregnant continue to do so throughout their pregnancy. american college of obstetricians and gynecologists issued a special recommendation. if you're pregnant don't smoke pot. they say evidence pot use is connected to an increase risk of miscarriage and attention and behavior problems in children once they're born. the push back against soaring cancer truck prices is gaining city. doctors posted a formula. the move by the american society of clinical oncology is the third recent effort to focus on value in cancer care. new cancer drugs often cost more than $10,000 a month and patients are paying a greater share through higher co-pays and deductibles. >> many store brand bottles of water are being recalled while k cups could be curbing coffee consumption. here's abc's reena ninan and kendis gibson with america's
5:23 am
money. >> no more confederate flags at wal-mart. the retailer is removing all that merchandise from its stores and web sites. >> the move comes as south carolina's governor proposed removing the flag from the state's capitol following that deadly shooting at a charleston church. >> many store brands of bottled water being recalled this morning. niagara bottling says one of its sources was contaminated by e. coli. >> it is includes 14 brands bottled by niagara. there's a complete list and more details on the abc news web site. u.s. coffee consumption is down and one possible reason may actually surprise you. coffee pods, those little plastic cups now count for more than a third of all the coffee sold in the u.s. >> there's much less waste less stale coffee poured down the sink than with drip coffeemakers. >> i love my coffee pods. >> at least drinking a lot of coffee. >> and that's america's money. >> 5:23 now. up neck in the morning buzz, the stowaway cat is adorable. you've got to see it. it was caught on camera. >> new this morning the football show down between tom
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>> air tankers and helicopters are helping hundreds of firefighters battle a wildfire south of lake tahoe. towns on both sides of california-nevada border remain on stands by for possible evacuations. the fire was sparked by lightning on friday and it's burned nearly 15 square miles of timber and grass and it's only about 10 percent contained. >> ♪♪
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>> we all know the theory that felines have nine lives. >> yes. >> this little guy just used one of them i think. while a flight instructor was giving a lesson in french guyana a cat appeared. look at that in midair. the pilot says he still doesn't know if the cat got in after the preflight check or if the pilot somehow missed this little guy. the cat was able to hold on until the plane landed and he seems to be doing just fine. he actually seems to be enjoying himself. the wind blowing in his layer. [laughter] >> i think that's meow says get mow out of here, get me down from here. their ability to walk while in the air is amazing. it is now 5:27 and the calls are growing louder for the confederate flag to come down in south carolina and it's still having an impact in other states across the south. >> plus, police work to track down the gunman who opened fire in philadelphia neighborhood wounding seven people. "action news" continues.
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(female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. every day, for the rest of your life. (grover) new wheels. nice. see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. . >> ♪♪ >> a hit and run leaves a man
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critically injured in the hunting park section of philadelphia. we're live with the latest details. >> a firestorm is raging over the confederate flag. top law macanese south lawmakers in south carolina are calling for to it come down. >> another unsettled day is on top for us today and we're tracking the very latest for you. >> good morning, it's 5:30 here on this tuesday june 23rd. matt o'donnell is off. i'm here with nydia han. let's head over to meteorologist, david murphy. he's got a lot to tell you and karen rogers is taking a look at the commute. good morning. >> we'll start out with the issue of the heat and humidity. heat advisory in effect starting at 11 o'clock this morning. it doesn't end until 6 o'clock. its for all the central counties in the region especially trenton wilmington and philadelphia. high temperatures are going to get well into the 90's so definitely a drink -- day for cool drinks and light loose fitting clothing. as we take a look at the storm situation everyth


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