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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  June 24, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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and the cdc recommends everyone, including those around babies, make sure their whooping cough vaccination is up to date. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we begin
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with noon with the widespread storm damage around the region chopper 6 hd is giving us a better look at the after imagine of last night's severe weather, the storms took out trees and knocked them on to homes and people were without power at some point and some are going to be without it for days. >> the national weather service is sending a team to determine if a tornado touched down in south jersey. we are following the latest developments with live team coverage we begin with katherine scott in washington township, gloucester county. >> reporter: sara are, it's a mess here and these storms were intention -- and you can see the damage left behind, trees down and lines down and they're also investigating in east gloucester
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to see if a tornado touched down there. >> cleanup is underway. >> lived here for 47 years and i have never seen a storm like this. >> severe storms ripped through the area last night and today in washington township you can see the damage left behind neighbors describe the fierce winds and heavy rain that pounded south jersey it sounds like a freight train was coming through and the roof and everything was shaking and i looked outside and the trees were probably at a 35 to 45 degree angle. this tree was uprooted on shady lane and covering a red volkswagon parked in the droif way and around the corner more trees came crashing down. >> a lot of damage four big trees down on the neighbor's yard and he lost a tree and the siding on the front of his house there. >> and what was a fence stood in
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a pile and a giant tree blocked green wood drive and police were positioned nearby thousands remain without power and outages knocked out traffic lights in williamstown by black horse pike and they were out directing traffic at sickleerville road. >> the regular drive home turned into a half hour. the trees were uprooted and all the roads were closed. >> now still a lot of detours, this is one of them, the trees are acting as barriers but you cannot get your car through but several locations we have seen drivers drive over the cables in the street and that is dangerous and one guy got the cable stuck in his tire, look for a detour lots of dangerous streets out today as people are cleaning up and crews are out trying to clean up after this big mess of
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a storm last night. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. the nearby depford mall is in need of big repairs this noon, a sign on the front was ripped off during the storm and workers were inspecting the torn up panels on the roof. and chris sowers showed us what happened in the parking lot. gloucester county opened two senteres for the impact of the storm, 1200 north delsy drive in clayton and the mown laurie firehouse department opened at noon residents can charge their phones and contact their insurance companies and get water and snacks. we are also getting in a lot of video from our "action news" videos, this comes from ed kozmore from burlington county, this is sunny jim drive in medford the tree missed his
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house by one or two feet and another tree is rest aring on top of his roof. >> this is crazy. >> an "action news" viewer capture that viewer in camden county, molly watched as strong winds kicked up debris in her neighbor, she had several minutes to secure her deck furniture, she is glad she had the minutes from "action news" meteorologist, adam joseph. and david henry is in del care county where there is a lot of heavy damage as well. >> reporter: yes we have been informed that delaware county the entire county has been declared to be in the state of emergency and this is why you can see the huge tree across the road here on top of that suv, and around the corner to this house another giant tree has fallen on to the side of this yard and you'll see the twisted remains of a utility poll and
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that tells you why the power is out in this neighborhood all the result of a frightening onslaught of wind and rain. >> trees were ben over and it was really scary. >> trees like this oak just toppled over narrowly missing a house and tree limbs were flying everywhere. brookhaven brookhaven's mayor was one of those caught in the storm. >> i went to close my windows and my sycamore tree, that is 150 years old just snapped like a toothpick. >> maintenance and fire and fleece personnel declared a stays of emergency 50 people shout shelter last night and hundreds of homes are without power and traffic lights are out at major interests sections that is true of mike zam he is not going any why after his car was crushed by this tree, he
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watched it from inside of his house. >> windy and stormy and like the wizard of oz and looking outside the tree was just coming over. >> itle be days before people get their power back, some not before the weekend. >> no power or phones or anything, my dad is on oxygen, we'll have to find a motel to stay in until they get the power back. >> reporter: of course this tree tells you why this cleanup will take so long out here, it may be a long time before they get the power back but in the meantime the municipal complex remains open for those that need a meal. >> thanks david. delaware has its share of problems, large trees are down along the 1500 block of barley mill road, and delmarva has the crews making repairs at philadelphia pike and dunkin
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road right now. verizon cell service is still impacted by the storm the outages in pennsylvania new jersey and delaware calls made from a verizon cell phone to a land line is getting busy signals, the text to 911 feature is still working, verizon customers are urged to try that if their calls won't go through. >> meantime the storm is spelling trouble for mass transit. patco had no service at all this morning because of power problems and buses took the people to stops here in haddonfield. they are hoping to restore service soon. and septa has restored much of its service after major delays and suspensions onlines and it remains suspended on the media elwin line all others are operating at this hour, but passengers may see delays of up
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to 15 minutes because of signal problems. and the main street line at radnor station. meteorologist, david murphy, continues our coverage now from the big board you have the facts and figures on last night's storm from accuweather. >> most of our damage was caused by straight line wind gusts of 70 miles per hour or better and we saw several funnel clouds and the national weather service let me know they are sending a crew to the field in gloucester county and other points as well. as numerous reports have been coming in that there may have been a on the ground. and my twitter follower, peter sent this picture of a tree on the road and you'll see this today. peter also shot this, the tree is halfway across the road and it looks like it affected
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traffic as well with a car on board. continuing with the facebook and twitter feed, john shows a tree across the roof of the car and a lot of that going on as well many and a tree at osage avenue that when down the length of the sidewalk but fortunately missed the nearby houses and there were cars as well that got out of that. >> this is what it looked like from my front door from 6:00, 7:00, and watch there as a tree branch, 50 feet long comes down from my neighbor's tree and ended up on his lawn and that one missed the house as we look at the stom that came through, notice at 4:30, 6:00, as this passed through philadelphia it really forms that well defined bow echo, and a notch there that may be placed where tornadoes can potentially form, whenever
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you see the bow echo it indicates stronger winds from the storm and stronger winds ahead of it. that is the source of the straight line winds that cause most of our problem, in the men time areas that are hardest hit from eastern lancaster county and a little bit of berks county, all of delaware county and most of philadelphia, and camden and gloucester county and parts of burlington county and northern atlantic county, 70 miles per hour gusts and funnel clouds and trees down and power outages it's in these areas trying to get around and tonight where are you most likely to see the downed trees and wires blocking roadways and by the way wires, stay away from them. especially true of the summertime when kids are out of school. when i come back we'll talk about wind gusts and some near record gusts across parts of the region and what is coming up and the afternoon forecast which looks a lot better.
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>> we'll check in again later we continue to cover the aftermath of the storm online at right now we have dozens of photos and videos from "action news" crews in the field remember to send us your photos on social media at and pope francis greets a delegation of leaders from philadelphia. a full report is next.
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pope francis greeted philadelphia mayor michael nutter, and a group of church officials in rome this morning. this as the pope gets ready for his trip here in september and now a report from brian taff in sane peters square. >> reporter: good afternoon, from st. peter's square. the sun was shining earlier today and the rain drops fell after and that didn't matter one bit. the philadelphia delegation was sitting up front right in front of st. peters basilica look at this special moment when pope francis wandered down and greeted the philadelphia delegation, many of them ear to ear smiles with the hope that he might shake their hands and he
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indeed did. so many people excited about the moment precisely the moment that pope francis homes to bring to philadelphia a few months from now. we were there for the incredible moment this morning and we'll be there for the meetings this afternoon, more to come throughout the evening here on 6 abc, for now on st. peters square brian taff, channel 6 "action news." >> today is the day that dzhokhar tsarnaev will be sentenced to death for the boston marathon bombing, family members and survivors will testify if i about the impact on their lives. he will also being given the opportunity to speak. federal law requires the judge to impose the jury sentence. and the employee accused of helping two convicted killers smuggle tools to the inmates by hiding them in frozen hamburger
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meet joyce mitchell said she put hack saw blades in the meet and hid it the tailor shop where they worked. the corrections officer did not know the tool was inside of the meet at the time and has since been placed on paid leave however. president obama is clearing the way for families of u.s. hostages from terror groups without the fear of being prosecuted and allows the u.s. government to help facilitate communications with the terrorists holding family members. caitlyn coleman is still being held hostage by the taliban in pakistan. >> buckingham palace is in such bad shape the queen may have to move out.
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it needs plumbing and wiring and asbestos removing. it will cost $237 million and queen elizabeth ii may have to fine somewhere else to live during the renovations.
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the company developed technology that allows drivers to see through giant trucks a
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wireless camera goes on front of the truck and live streams the video view on a giant wall on the back, anyone stuck behind the track will have a real time view of the on coming traffic. samsung says it's still in the early testing phase. a young mother has a warning about a popular fitness competition, whitney finished her first blood run, and the next morning she went blood in the left eye doctors blame flesh eating bacteria that was on the course. and she wracked up an is hundred,000 bill, she is responsible for the debt because she opted out of her employer's insurance. alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom now with a preview. >> hey guys, oh boy do we have a big talker for you coming up you
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won't want to miss this one, a baseball fan getting flak for interfering with the game for snagging a foul ball but did it by barely holding a baby in his arms, we feature the viewer videos and photos from last night's wild storm systems coming up today on "action news" at 4:00, and take us with you on the go on our free 6 abc news app watch us vealing live on your smart phone or tablet and people are doing swrust that especially those without power still. >> thank you alicia. a much calmer accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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meteorologist, david murphy,
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is here now, it's the calm after the storm. >> yes, it sure is. a much nicer day out, there got to be careful of the down trees we still have those and wires too. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are precipitation free and sky 6 hd showing a lot of blue skies across the region and feeling a lot more comfortable across the delaware and lehigh valleys it's dew points are much lower today and temperature 79 degrees in philadelphia, your dew point down at 60 barely at that threshold where we consider things humid and not all that bad out there. winds out of the north at 6 miles per hour. we were down into the upper 50s a few hours ago temperatures are warm and you'll want some water breaks, 76 in allentown and 77 in trenton and 77 in wilmington and 76 in sea isle city, and up the coast in atlantic city 79 degrees yesterday we had a lot of wind
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and severe thunderstorms in this neck of the woods often times only get to 65 miles per hour in terms of gusts. glass bro and long beach island at 70 miles per hour gusts and wilmington 67. no surprise that we had all the trees down across the region and philadelphia, the national weather service has updated the top gust to 72 miles per hour and that is the fourth worst gust on record at philadelphia international airport, you have have to go back before my time, maybe rick's time. 1923. so surprise there are a lot of power outages yet, satellite shows you that the rain is long gone and sun is mixing with clouds cruising through this afternoon and allentown warm but not as hot or humid as yesterday a high of only 83 in
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the lehigh valley and down the shore a good beach day we are up into the low 80s in the shore area and down the coast in cape may, upper 70s and pleasant and 70s on the beach and in philadelphia big time improvement from yesterday and high heat and humidity that set the table for the storms that came through, 86 and less humid and lots of sun for water breaks and light cool clothing and not nearly as bad as yesterday winds from the northwest generally 7 to 14 miles per hour, for the evening commute, we are looking for nice weather conditions we want you to look for downed trees and wires especially if you take a better route 84 by 5:30 and 83 by 7:00 tonight. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows the high of 86 a nice day, with low humidity tomorrow sun to clouds and another high of 86 and the
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parade sail is nice, any showers will hold off until late in the day. and perhaps sunny breaks in the afternoon with a high of 79 clouds move in on scan an area of high pressure moves through in the afternoon and evening could get a lot of rain, could get 2 inches and then on sunday mostly cloudy and 73 and any rain probably early in the morning and that actually looks like a pretty nice day. >> good to hear it. thank you david our team coverage of the storm damage across the delaware and lehigh valley, continues when "action news" comes rights back.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with rick williams sara bloomquist be meteorologist, david murphy. hello again we are continuing to track the damage left behind by strong storms that tore through the tri-state region in the matter of hours. and thousands of customers are still without power as the race to clean up gets underway and they knocked down power lines in new jersey and pennsylvania and delaware video is coming into our newsroom all morning long as they wake up to damage in their communes and in some cases their own backyard the live team coverage continues at 12:30 now and john rawlins is in delaware county where news officials


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