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tv   Action News 500 AM  ABC  June 25, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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good morning, it is 5:00 a.m. on this thursday, june 25, matt is off, nydia han is joining us. here's what's happening. >> hundreds of thousands remain in the dark this morning we're live with how local residents can find relief today. quick actioning residents save a 4-year-old boy from drowning in a pool. >> the parade of sails is set to set sail down the delaware river. along with a ruby ducky my daughter will love that that
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part. >> reporter: david murphy has weather and pel sell is in -- matt pellman is in for karen. >> reporter: we have satellite showing high, thin clouds comp and well get early sun and later today the thicker clouds roll in, there's a chance of pop-up shower that will hold off until this evening. we have down wireless around the region, i want you to remind your kids if you see any downed wires they might look dead, but they can reenergize in a moment. 59 in allentown. 59 in reading. 70 for your early morning boardwalk stroll in sea isle city. as we take a look outside between 6:00 and 8:00. 67 by 6:00. sun and clouds, warm, but
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comfortable. it's going to be warm this afternoon, 3:00 p.m. we'll get a high of 86. you can see how we climb into the 80s noon, 83. again, that 86 degrees high around 3:00 p.m. later this afternoon a pop-up shower or thundershower is possible, most of the action is holding off until this evening. matt pellman we have rain for part of the weekend i'll have that coming up. you mentioned the downed wires, i'll be talking about that a lot this morning. the downed wires left us without mass transit service yesterday. the good news some of it is resuming. patco we're back up and running on a thursday track work she would. the wood crest station does remain close because of pse&g power problems, ac rail line won't be running, septa buses look good running to chester. septa regional rails resuming
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service, and norristown high speed line will be running between norristown and radnor unlike yesterday when that chunk of the track was suspended. we're without the vine street eastbound, should be clearing any minute, but for now westbound is open, eastbound remains closed. the burlington bristol bridge closed for work, that will be reopening and will close again tonight at 9:00 p.m. there's been progress in restoring electricity after the tuesday morning. peco 6,000 pse&g 15,000 customers, and delmarva, 4,000 customers, katherine scott is live in brook haven delaware county, giving us a look at what it's like for people still out there cleaning up.
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good morning. >> reporter: go to work, tam that's right still a lot of people without power in brook haven. officials opened up borough hall as a shelter. there's only three people sleeping inside right now. but there have been a lot of people at meals, 250 people showed up for dinner, breakfast lunch and dinner planned today they will serve meals until the power comes back on for everyone. happening today, ppl park is opening the doors at a shelter that's starting at 11:00 a.m., people can go and get a shower and get food. this is happening as clean-up efforts continue. another day of clean up in delaware county. residents spent wednesday trying to get their homes in in order as severe storms snapped trees and brought down power lines in the area. >> it was a devastation i got caught driving in it. >> it was surreal. i thought this wasn't real.
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>> reporter: thousands remain without power several shelters open in the county, in brook haven hundreds come to this shelter at burrow hall -- borough hall to get food and cool off. >> our emergency responders and management team are working around the clock. >> peco continues to work restoring power bringing crews in from other places, as far away as ohio. >> reporter: and right now the estimate from peco is that most people will have the power by tomorrow night some, though, may have to wait until saturday. we're live in brook haven katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in south jersey, cell phone video taken by a mantua firefighter shows tuesday night's storm moments before the blew the roof off the firehouse. powerful winds left everything
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scattered across the neighbor's black yard. >> the black sky come across, shut the doors down and that's when it hit. we heard the boom which was the roof coming off the buildings. >> my office, our career staff office, our meeting room everything we worked on about a year ago to renovate this hall on volunteer time is destroyed. >> reporter: only moments earlier, in nearby greenwich the storm blue havoc across the subdivision leaving debris everywhere, too. an f-16 fighter jet crashed on a training flight in arizona. the crash sparked a fire, but there was no damage to homes or businesses, authorities have not given any details on the status of pilot. police in berks county are crediting the quick actions of a
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swimming pool lifeguard and bystander for safing the life of a child. this happened in kin hurst. the 3-year-old boy wandered into the pool while the father was distractedded by a phone call. they saw that the child needed help, 'pulled him to safety and performed cpr. >> as soon as the child was okay en route to reading hospital, she was back to work. if i could give out awards, i would give it to them. >> the boy was conscious and alert before taken to reading hospital for observation. the tall ships sail into delaware river several have arrived others will be floating down the river did you work a parade on the water. the festival includes music beer gardens and ferris wheel. and the rubber ducky standings
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61 feet tall and weighs 11 tons. join us today at 2:00 p.m. for a special broadcast, adam joseph, karen rogers, alicia vitarelli and sharrie williams will bring you live coverage as the ship sails up the river. i keep talking about how my daughter wants to see the you rubber ducky, i want to see it too [laughter]. >> reporter: as we take a look at storm tracker 6 live we're dry this morning. sky 6 showing we have sunshine starting to break out from behind the clouds, getting bright over the ben franklin bridge, i expect early sun with clouds increasing as the day goes on. current temperatures across the region are comfortable enough, 70 degrees in philadelphia. just 59 in allentown. 59 in reading, 62 in trenton. 64 in wilmington, humidity is not all that bad. if you're taker ago stroll along the boardwalk early in atlantic
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city or sea isle city, or any other shore communities temple on or about 70. in the morning sunshine, as the days goes on, clouds increase, at 6:00, the models not pushing a whole lot of precipitation there's a late-day shower or thunderstorm popping up, but most of it holds off until the evening. the late morning runs don't show a whole lot in the way of showers or thunderstorms. it might be under selling it a little bit. in south jersey, i think there's a chance of pop-up shower or thunderstorm. there's an outside chance that some thunderstorms could be strong and gusty. i don't think it will be anything like the widespread stuff like we had the other day. storm prediction centers has the areas in delaware and south jersey at a low risk of something strong popping up. take cover from any storm and most of you won't have to worry about it.
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allentown, a storm can't be ruled out but a late thunderstorm can't be ruled out. 83. if you're down the shore a thunderstorm can't be ruled out. if you're on the beach and you hear a thunderstorm get off the beach. 85 by 2:00 p.m. in the city, 86 by 3:00 p.m. that'sment high. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we have more opportunities for rain ahead. 86 sun to clouds, most of the showers or thunderstorms tonight. friday, there could rain early and we expect the sun to come back, not a bad evening 78 degrees, saturday we see a change, there's another wave of low pressure coming that will cloud us up in the morning. during the afternoon we expect rain to build in and it could be steady at times 72 degrees, so cooler the 6abc union game is at ppl park. clouds and sun on sunday, 78,
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just a slight chance of morning showers maybe a rumble of thunder, looks like a good day overall and getting warmer next week. >> thanks david. 5:11, next up, a blistering heat wave turns deadly overseas claiming more than 800 lives. boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev breaks his silence with a message for his victims and their families. >> reporter: eastbound traffic on the vine is out of the way you'll get it again tonight at 11:00. a lot of roads not open from the storm on tuesday we'll tell you where they are after the break. >> a car company is making the hover board a reality. details later in the morning buzz.
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>> welcome back you got to look up and see this beautiful shot. we're be taking a live look at delaware river where the tall ships festival sails into port this afternoon of it is 5:14, it's going to be a nice day. >> at 2:00, you can see the 6abc special on that. let's go over to matt pellman and take a look at that, good morning. >> reporter: you can see the ships for sure and the burbs this morning, we have issues left over from the storms. these days we're grateful to see working traffic lights, they are working commerce drive by the exton shopping center, we've recovered from the time storms on tuesday several other spots
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in chester county, the same cannot be said we have the closure of 926 street road. wawa set road is blocked. locust grove road gets you around that. southbound lanes of route 1 baltimore pike are closed between school house lane and author ton road. smith bridge --horton road. in case you're wanterring, you won't see any delays on 70 eastbound because two right lanes are blocked at springdale road because of downed wires. 47 is blocked at pitman avenue, traffic lights are on the fritz on the black horse pike. treat it as a stop sign.
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in paulsboro we have traffic lights and downed wires we're not getting anything on the waze app. winds and the seas and premonsoon rains are bringing relief to southern pakistan. a scorching heat wave have killed 883 people. the temperatures have dropped to 93 degrees temperatures have reached 113 degrees hours long power outages and little running water and people fasting had worsened the situation. after two years of silence boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has spoken saying he is sorry for the pain and the death he caused. he made the comments before being formally sentenced to death yesterday. the apology came three hours after gut-wrenching impact statements from victims and survivors, many had mixed reaction to what dzhokhar
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tsarnaev had to say. >> he had showed no remorse or regret or empathy for what he has done to our lives. >> i have forgiven him, i have come to a place of peace. >> reporter: dzhokhar tsarnaev will be sent to the death row community in indiana. his lawyers said it is their intention to appeal his conviction. sixers hole the number 3 overall pick and five more in the second round. the yankees beat cole hamels in new york. the final score yesterday 10-2. the phils take today off they will begin a series at home against the nationals tomorrow night. a pop larp grocery store -- a popular gross restore chain is under investigation for overcharging comer -- customers.
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>> it's going to be a great day. >> reporter: we're hoping, let's head outside this morning at the ben franklin bridge, sun is coming up. it's a nice looking shot. later today we'll see the tall ships along the delaware. this morning traffic is moving well on the ben. we have a bunch of related storm closures in greeneville. you want to avoid that area. patco running this morning on the thursday track work schedule with no service at the wood crest station ac rail line not running, the buses are cross honoring the ac rail tickets. >> reporter: this morning, we're off to a decent start some neighborhoods in the upper 50s places like the lehigh valley.
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83 by noon, 86 is the high today. humidity on the comfortable side, but warm. clouds increase late this afternoon and evening there's a chance of thunderstorm or shower most of us that holds off until the evening hours. checking out the chances of severe weather across the country. a big line of it from places close to denver to wichita through the central portion of the country and half you are our area below philadelphia with a slight risk, but down the the east coast and down in that direction, anything that pops in here could have strong gusty winds. but i don't think that will happen around here. take cover if a storm hits. chicago, or dand low -- orlando and nothing here. could vitamins be the cause
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of an acne break out it changes conditions on the skin that allows acne to flourish. it's important in various body functions and said the hope the findings to tell the people who take the vitamin take more or different measures in their skin care. a federal panel has given a weak endorsement to the meningitis shots. vaccine targets dangerous meningitis or blood infections, students get an injection that protects against the common strain. here's abc america's money.
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>> reporter: good morning, topping america's money an upscale grocery chain accused of overcharging. new york city said whole foods overstates the weight of prepackaged items whole foods settled the same charges in california. >> together the dutch and bell begin companies will be the 4th largest supermarket operator in the country and europe too. many beers you think are imported are brewed in the u.s. bech's is brewed in milwaukee by bud wires and in fact they can get a refund because of this.
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a huge chunk of ice crashed through the roof of the home in washington state. the woman heard a lot crash and discovered a block of ice in the parents' closet. police believe the most likely fell out of a plane passing
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overhead. >> you remember marty mcfly from back to the future, we're going into the future, lux us has created what -- lexus appears to be a working prototype of a hover board it uses magnets and helium, it's not for sale, not yet. >> developing this morning firefighters in bucks county battle the smoke and flames from an apartment fire overnight. plus there's a lot on tap from philadelphia's delegation to the vatican today before he this head back home. "action news" continues.
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>> developing on "action news," viewer video captures the moment fire erupts inside a bucks county complex overnights. >> a pro sports team is opening the stadium to storm victims today.
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>> storm tracker 6 live double scan radar will be back in action again tracking another round ever rain coming in tonight. good morning thursday, june 25th, 5:30, matt is off nydia han is here, and matt pellman is here karen rogers is off. david has weather. >> reporter: we'll have sun this morning and later this morning the thicker clouds will ride in, we'll see showers or thunderstorm here or there. we have worries involving down wires. there's a lot of of those that have not been cleaned up, i want to remind you if you encounter any wires they might look dead, but they could reenergize stay away from those and tell your kids the same. 59 in allentown. very cool up north. upper 60s along the boardwalk not a bad morning for the stroll along the boards in sea isle city, ocean city organ


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