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tv   Action News 630 AM  ABC  June 26, 2015 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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y veteran wants answers after a new jersey transit bus refused him and his service dog. let's go over to david murphy with accuweather and karen rogers has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, everybody we're off to a cloudy start across the region. take a look at satellite we did get showers as expected. they did get through the region in a hurry. there are light sprinkles and showers by the coast. overall we're looking at clouds and sunny breaks, but frankly it will be a day where it's difficult to get a whole lot of sun in play. 69 in philadelphia. 64 in allentown. 63 in reading. 66 in trenton somewhere in the neighborhood of 70 on the boardwalks. noon 80 degrees, 83 by 3:00 p.m. with sunny breaks that's the high. by 6:00. back to 77. it's going to feel a little muggyier today than yesterday but not too bad. a slight chance of a sprinkle
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here or there it's a good day to see the tall ships. when i step inside we're on the look out for heavy rain at times tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. i'll have the latest on future tracker. we could have flash flooding so important information for the weekend just ahead. >> reporter: this morning the rain moved out quickly we're looking dry and fine on i-95. heavy southbound approaching cottman and betsy ross bridge to girard. we have a vehicle that ran into a pole jacksonville road at county line road. a down pole is an issue. i want to give you an upon the storm related issues we're dealing. police in chester county said they have intersections without power, 926 street road is blocked near caleb drive. we've got route one that's a big one. baltimore pike southbound blocked between schoolhouse lane
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and thornton road. we have harmony road closed between swedz bore -- swedes borough road and 207. the ramps connecting the ramps with gibbs borough and paulsboro. east greenwich alone ten intersections without lights. treat it as a four way stop because there may not be police on all the intersections. tam and eva. >> thanks, karen. new information on the breaking news from france, authorities there have opened a terror investigation following an attack at a gas factory in southeast france. we know one person was decapitated and others injured. now french officials say two men crashed through the entrance and hit gas canisters that caused an explosion. banners with arabic writing was
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found near the body. this is the work of a terrorist organization. 8 people including a pilot are dead after a crash into a cliff they were from the westerdam cruise ship that left seattle for a seven day round trip. the passenger said what it felt like after the captain made 89 announcement after the deadly plane crash. >> it's very quiet and people are reflecting on themselves and on their vacations and on what could have happened. >> federal officials say the weather is hampering recovery efforts. >> president obama will mourn with the city of charleston, south carolina today where a gunman killed nine people inside a historic black church last week. the president will deliver the eulogy at the funeral for the
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state lawmaker and pastor clemente pinkney. it will be held inside the ame church where the shootings took place. >> reverend pinkney was a serve haven't of all we -- servant to all, we come together to say thank you brother pinkney for the work well done. >> the family of the suspected gunman released a statement saying they know people are asking questions about the 21-year-old but they don't want to say anything while the victims as families are grieving. "good morning america" will have a live report from charleston at 7:00 a.m. a investigation is underway after a veteran said he was denied a ride on the new jersey transit bus because of his service dog. daniel wright tried to board the bulls in newark, he was with his service dog named tank. the driver wouldn't let him on
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even though the dog had on a vest and tank. he said he needs tank for many reasons. >> i need awareness brought veterans don't have to be blind or did he have to have a service animal. >> another bus came threw and allowed them to -- came through and allowed them to board, new jersey transit is investigating the complaint. >> camden country didn't get the -- camden county didn't get the brunt of the storm but they have seen more damage than they have seen in recent years. reuben perez adjuster, said this. >> take pictures of anything you throw out personal property, some people are tossing thing out they told me about the items they threw away. they said they got picked you mean. i said you have to take pictures
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to show that the items existed. will ilindenwald towers are without electricity. most of the remaining power outages are in new jersey. atlantic city electric reported 86,000 customers are off line. in pennsylvania, peco is working on 17,000 remaining outages. >> well, let's talk about what we can expect with accuweather today and over the weekend. >> reporter: mostly cloudy today not real big weather issue saturday especially in the day are 0 at night we're looking at heavy rain and strong thunderstorms and possible flash flooding. it never ends. warm weather season around here. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we're mainly dry after overnight showers some lingering activity by the shore that should not last much longer. what is there is light nuisance variety. we have the action cam live on independence mall looking at independence hall you can see the clouds, obviously not wet
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out any more in philadelphia. fairly overcast we're looking at the clouds hanging fairly tough today. 69 degrees in philadelphia. not all that uncomfortable with a light comfortable breeze at # miles per hour. the dewpoint over the 60-degree threshhold, a little muggy as we go through the day, with the clouds out and no sun on your back it doesn't feel that bad. the rain ask getting ready to go off the coast. lots of clouds and sunny breaks, while some of small blips of green might make it through the region at times with just a brief spotty sprinkle or light shower it will not last long and most of you won't see it. it's basically going to be dry across the region. the high is 83 around #-- 3:00 p.m. we'll spend most of the afternoon in the 80s. upper 70s in allentown and reading, mid 70s down the shore. warm ocean temperatures, but not the best looking day with mainly cloudy skies overhead.
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the i-95 corridor, everybody in the low 80s. mid 70s on the beach. 71 in the ocean mostly cloudy skies, 73 the inlet to the delaware bay and mid 70s on the beaches in delaware. 76 degrees at the start of the phillies game against the nationals. phils back home. 70 degrees for the 9th inning. comfortable enough, humid but temperatures not too bad. tomorrow, a wave of low pressure will be approaching from the west. we'll start out cloudy and at some point during day we'll see rain arrive and eventually we'll look at heavy rain, the question is whether that happens in the afternoon or later at night. the bottom line as the low comes through at some point cruel -- you'll get heavy downpours with flash flooding. the latest model run is expressing the heavy rain until later in the evening, there have been runs that bring it in the afternoon and evening hours, i
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would plan on the afternoon growing wet and later at night the heavy stuff pops through. can't rule out a heavy thunderstorm saturday night. down the shore, not great cloudy rainy and 74. sunday, overall drier. 78. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 83 todayment. forfor the weekend 73, mostly cloudy sunday, 77 degrees, mainly dry slight chance of a spotty shower or thunderstorm. monday, nice day 84. tuesday, more humid and sunny conditions wednesday and thursday and getting warm as we go through the next week's workweek. >> 6:39 more news story up next. police investigate a horrible pileup crash on a highway in
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tennessee. >> pope francis makes waves with his recent comments on divorce. >> reporter: in chester we're looking at the 30 bypass 322 building volume. we have problems on the rails in chester county. details on that coming up. >> a quick-thinking ten-year-old is hailed as a hero during a carjacking, see her daring came on "action news."
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>> welcome back you're taking a live look here, taking a look over the constitution center at
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6:42 odds friday morning we're -- on this friday morning we're just a week out from the 4th of july. wawa activities will kick off tomorrow. eva noticed that they are doing the hoagie fest. >> you can get the ten inch cheaper than the shorty. >> reporter: 5'2"-inch eva is eating a hoagie, who knew that. paoli thorndale line service is suspended between thorndale and malvern because of the downed wires in the area. service is running between malvern and center city. you can get there but not there between thorndale and malvern. i want to go over and talk about the other problems in the area, landis avenue is reopened between maine and spring roads. we have better news with the accident that was causing a problem in vineland, cumberland county.
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more details coming in 45, woodstown road is reopened in harrison township gloucester county. greeneville still an issue on bareliy mill road blocked at centerville road. i want to take you outside and show you the roads we're live on the schuylkill expressway, that's the westbound traffic coming toward belmont jammed past the boulevard to gladwyn. no accidents on the schuylkill. normal volume kicking in and slowing you down. i'm tweeting all the traffic with the #6abc traffic. 69 degrees in philadelphia. doesn't feel too bad as you step outside, 64 degrees in allentown, currently heading up to 83. it's warm and humid day today. no major weather problems affecting us roads are dry through the area right now eva and tam. thanks karen. new this morning authorities are in tennessee are working right now to determine the cause of the crash that killed 6 people on a highway. police say the crash outside of
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chattanooga involved 9 vehicles on i-75 northbound last night. more than 15 people in the cars many injured. police don't have the exact numbers that stretch of roadway is expected to remain closed until sometime this morning. it turns out a motor cyclist running from police was running on empty. california highway patrol said the biker reached 115 miles per hour before the dangerous pursuit. he stopped because he ran out of gas, the man on the motorcycle stepped off his bike and waited on the shoulder until authorities arrived. it is unclear whrie police were trying to pull him over in the first place. pope francis is shocking some of the faithful with new comments on divorce, he said sometimes a couple's split is inevitable citing the safety of women and children.
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the pope's statement is one of many things he has said that has turned heads on social an political issues challenging some of the cornerstones of the catholic religion. new jersey governor chris christie is posed to take action on the state budget today. the deadline for the spending plan is tuesday, that's the same day the republican is expected to announce his run for president. a cnn poll finds christy is way back among the new hampshire voters he is in 7th place with ben carson. jeb bush is first and the donald is gaining ground with the nomination at number 2. >> i think people find him the most interesting, he is never boring. a live preview of "g.m.a." ask next, two girls make a daring escape from carjacking in california. >> reporter: it's below average today 83 degrees, lots of clouds and muggy, we have the day
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>> reporter: welcome back what do you say we get this friday started? >> reporter: i say let's get it started. >> reporter: we're in new jersey, northbound traffic at creek road a little bit of volume buildings. it doesn't look bad just yet. you can see the roads even 42 in new jersey have cleared off
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nicely off the coastline early. new jersey atlantic city rail line suspended because of down trees on the rails. you can take the buses because they are cross honoring tickets. >> reporter: we're in the 60s everybody is drying out. comfortable enough, light breeze, 79 degrees under the clouds noon, probably fairly cloudy and 80 degrees. 83 is the high, we'll get sunny breaks, but it's a day where clouds are partly of the picture all the way. i do think today is mainly dry we can't rule out a pop-up shower or sprinkle. original to the poconos this issue i'm posting on saturday, 62 on saturday during afternoon and night there will be rain arriving at times it could be heavy enough to cause flash flooding that's saturday. sunday mostly cloudy, drier 66 degrees. eva and tam. >> all right time for a preview of "good morning america."
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>> let's go over to dan harris, dann we know there's breaking news overnight and you guys are going to pick up on that. >> reporter: yes, good morning tam and eva. great to be with you on friday morning. we have the latest on the breaking story overnight. a deadly plane crash in southeast alaska, all nine people killed after crashing into a granite rock cliff. investigators don't know why this happened. president obama preparing to deliver the eulogy this morning at the funeral of pastor and state senator clementa pinkney one of the victims of the church shooting in south carolina. thousands are expected to attend we're live in charleston with the story. donald trump is no stranger to controversies and this morning he is
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ed in a controversy with univision whole not air the miss universe pageant. >> two little girls escaped a dangerous situation as they jumped out of their mother's car as was being stolen. the mother ran into the convenience store when the carjacker jumped into the driver seat with a 10-year-old an 2-year-old still in the back seat. amazingly the 10-year-old grabbed her sister and opened the door and the two tumbled out they are doing just fine. >> that's incredible. >> music world of beyounce and jay-z have been bumped. taylor swift and her new boyfriend, calvin harris raked in $146 million over the last year, thanks to swift's endorsement deals with the likes of sonny and harris' contracts.
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>> and this is has been breaking overnight in the last hour authorities have opened a terror investigation after an
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attack at a gas factory in southeast france. one person was decapitated and left at the gates. authorities say the banners with arabic writing was found near the body and saying this is the work of a terrorist organization. the factory involved in the attack is owned by an american a pennsylvania company it's air product, the company headquartered in upper macungie township in the lehigh valley. >> reporter: down trees and wires affecting the morning commute. paoli thorndale line suspended between thorndale and malvern. there's service between malvern and center city. we have an accident where a vehicle slammed into a pole jacksonville and county line. >> reporter: we have clouds this morning and sunny breaks later the temperatures climb to a high of 83. more humid but mainly dry and
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not bad. >> we'll be back in 30 minutes for the latest updates. we're always on on the app at for matt o'donnell, eva pilgrim david murphy, karen rogers, i'm tamala edwards. have a great weekend! #
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good morning, america. and breaking news deadly terror attack. a rampage at an american gas factory in france. at least one person dead, several others wounded. an islamist flag found on the scene. the latest as we come on the air. also breaking overnight tourist tragedy. a plane crash on a sightseeing trip for cruise ship passengers going down. nine on board. federal officials rushing to the scene. great escape. the terrifying moment caught on tape. an escape artist trapped inside a tank full of people in front a crowd of horrified onlookers and the famous magician who raced to the rescue. >> you're fired. univision cutting ties


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