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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  June 29, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EDT

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residents who are dealing with power outages. >> wawa welcome america is underway in philadelphia, where you can go fourth and learn for free today. >> we have beautiful day we have david and karen, good morning. >> reporter: absolutely, it's comfortable and cool, we have cloud cover up to the north that will erode quickly. generally speaking lots of sun from starting point to finish. comfortable, 6 # -- 64 degrees currently, 61 degrees in allentown. 59 in reading right now. 61 in trenton. 67 in sea isle city. this afternoon well, it's going to get warm, 8:00, 64 that's not bad. noon, 74 that's not too bad. 3:00 p.m., 79. at 4:00 p.m. we'll hit a high of 81 degrees, you'll need sunscreen and cool drinks with low humidity and nice below-average numbers this is a winner.
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as we go through the rest of the accuweather seven day though, we introduce higher humidity into play and chance of thunderstorms. karen, what are the roads looking like? >> reporter: we have a disabled vehicle off on the shoulder the ramp schuylkill expressway to belmont avenue. the ramp on the vine street expressway eastbound to 8th street. the traffic lights are out police on the scene, be careful if you're heading in that area. on the big picture west philadelphia we have 52nd close at westminster due to the water main break. blue route, schuylkill expressway i-95 no major problems with speeds in the 50s we may see traffic organ 42 northbound with people coming back from the shore. not seeing that just yet. looking good, northbound traffic moving okay. a 13 minute ride from the ac expressway to the walt whitman
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bridge. delaware memorial bridge weekend construction cleared all lanes back open, matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. developing this morning a plane crashed into a home in massachusetts slamming into the ground with such force it erupted into flames. we learned that the plane started its trip locally taking off from lancaster airport. let's go over to katherine scott live in the satellite center. >> reporter: we know that the plane took off from lancaster airport. we don't know the victim's identity this morning, all three people on board the small plane died in the crash. the family that was inside the home in massachusetts was able to get out alive. >> my kids are out in the yard playing and they came running in screaming. >> reporter: a small plane crashed into this plainville massachusetts home around 5:45 p.m. killing three people on board. the family inside the home managed to escape. >> it took a hard left and banked and leveled off. >> i assumed it was thunder i
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felt the house shake a little bit. i ran outside and saw people running and yelling. >> reporter: the beach craft was heading to memorial airport in massachusetts before it crashed 30 miles southwest of boston. >> engine was functioning and making noise and sputtering as i recall it wasn't gliding. >> reporter: fire crews worked to extinguish the plane for 3 hours, two adults and a juvenile were killed. >> the occupants of that home that was severely damaged by fire a rapidly spreading fire were able to escape. >> reporter: this morning that crash remains under investigation, ntsb officials are expected on the scene today. live from the satellite center katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. philadelphia police are investigating two separate shootings, shots rang out along
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price street. 3 men were shot multiple times 34-year-old was pronounced dead at the hospital. 31 in critical and another 31-year-old in stable condition. about a mile and a half gunfire erupted. the man was dead on arrival. police have not identified a suspect but believe robbery was the motive. a man came home torched a car crashed into home the impact destroyed his daughter's bedroom. witnesses say the car was blue damaged to the rear side. the driver was seen fleeing toward lion's avenue. thousands of residents in gloucester county are still without power because of storms
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last week. to date there's been no emergency declaration and no federal aid to help the community with cleanup. some residents say they are disappointed with governor christie's response. the township's mayor went public with his frustration. >> as a fellow republican i've been good to him since day one. as a community the township has been good to him. the governor repaid us by forget ting us in our time of need. >> governor christie said 99% of the power has been restored. >> while the debt in greece is having an impact around the world it will lead to a lower open on wall street. let's go over to stacy dellicat in time square. >> reporter: we're expecting a rocky start to the trading
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session. stocks in europe are lower and in the u.s. futures are indicating a drop. there's plenty else for the markets to deal with as the reports on home and auto sales are due out and jobs report released thursday. in greece, officials have closed the banks as the government scrambles to prevent a collapse of the financial system. the banks will stay closed for 6 days and little on what can be withdrawn from atms have been imposed. greece's president announced that he put a bailout to a referendum. greece may have to leave the euro zone. owners of former trump plaza in atlantic city plan to keep the casino closed for ten years. trump entertainment filed a deed restrictions which can be cancel if there's a new owner.
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the building can be used for other purposes, but not a casino during that ten year period. matt and tam. >> david murphy joins us with a pleasant start to the workweek. >> reporter: it is a pleasant start. sky 6 double scan showing there's sunshine across the region. looks like the tall ships are getting ready to leave and we're back to the regular ship traffic in the delaware, i hope you had a chance to go down there and see those guys, i saw them when they rolled in, it was absolutely cool. 61 in allentown, 59 in reading 54 in lancaster. 61 in trenton. 64 in philadelphia. 58 in millville. 67-degree reading up and down the boardwalks for your early-morning stroll with the sun coming up. satellite shows you a significant cloud cover what we see off to the north will fade away. high pressure builds in. that will be the main feature.
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allentown, 78 degrees, nice in the lehigh valley this afternoon and down the shore we're looking at a good one on the beach with the high off atlantic city 78 degrees, pleasant conditions and low humidity, too today. humidity levels will be in the comfortable range. in philadelphia, 81 degrees, mostly sunny and pleasant. winds out of the west, 8 to 16 miles per hour. what am i going to do guys, yard work. 64 degrees by 8:00. 71 by 11:00. the high of 81 around 4:00 p.m. pretty nice day. for this evening,'s phillies contest against the brewers nice, 77 for the first pitch 9th inning, 71 degrees, a pleasant night for baseball. tomorrow, we have a frontal boundary inching toward the region. during the afternoon there's a chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. the latest model run wants to suppress this to the west. i will allow something to get
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closer to philadelphia tomorrow afternoon and evening. the better chance appears to be out west there's the 6:00 view. of by 11:00 tomorrow evening cecily and adam will show you stuff on ray are did -- radar. there's a better chance with it starting earlier tomorrow, as we have the frontal boundary closer to us. today, no issues, 81 degrees is the forecast high. tomorrow, thunderstorm possible, spotty stuff 85 degrees is the high. hoping it stays dry for the union contest. 835 degrees. by the way if any thunderstorms pom on wednesday, get ready for a drenching downpour from the humid air mass. 87 degrees very warm. thursday, clouds and sun 85 degrees, there might be a lingering thunderstorm but it depends on how far through the
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region the frontal boundary has moved. so it could be that we'll be tweaking that and taking that thunderstorm out on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday for the holiday weekend we're looking at warm and humid conditions. you notice thunderstorm icon each and everyday including fireworks on saturday, i think it's spotty, not affecting all neighborhoods, but it's a fourth of july, and we get a lot of these, where you have to keep your eyes on radar. lightning sparks panic on a popular hiking trail. >> dozens of families have to flee their homes out west. >> reporter: this is your shot you'll see lots of sun glare as traffic drives through the sun not seeing too much of a problem just yet. a smart phone maker is trying to double the life of that cell phone battery that's next in tech bytes.
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is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. only at a sleep number store. don't miss the lowest prices of the season, with the c4 queen mattress set only $1499.98. know better sleep with sleep number. >> welcome back you're taking a live look here, this is bristol borough park in bristol bucks county. a gorgeous sculpture they have there. a beautiful start to the day
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6:13 63 degrees. >> getting bright out there karen. >> reporter: lots of sun glare but at least it's dry no weather-related problems affecting you. i-95 southbound looking at heavy traffic from academy to cottman to girard. i-95 is one of the first spots we start to see the jamups that's happening here. allentown, look for this montgomery county. east goshen township they are working on a gas main installation they will block one lane 9 to 3 until july 6th. boot road and wilson drive stick to airport road as the alternate to that. we're talking about the problems in gloucester county due to last tuesday's storms. we have the ramp from 295 to harmony road remaining blocked due to downed wires exit 17, but
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they have reopened, exit 16 and 15. i know i drove through that area not that long ago, looked like the war zone with the trees all over the highway. use the #6 business traffic to get -- 6abc traffic to get the traffic on twitter. 61 in allentown. feels good out there today low humidity too. >> 15 people are recovering will ever being hit by lightning on a colorado mountain. fell hikers helped before rescuers arrived. one of the victims said he felt tinkling in his irntion if and static in the air after the strike. five people went to denver area hospitals. unfortunately a dog that was with the group did not survive. at first it looked like a textbook launch but two minutes 19 seconds into the flight, the space x rocket exploded in the
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skies over cape canaveral yesterday. this is the third mishap for resupply missions all unrelated. nasa said it has enough plies on the space station to last until october. a new supply launch is set for friday from russia. samsung is working on a game changer for smart phones. >> extending the phone's battery life. samsung said it has found a way to double how long the phones will run before running out of power. >> don't throw out your batteries an cables, it could be years before we see the new batteries. >> spotify apple as biggest launch may be piracy. many get their music from other
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sites. a solar plane is heading to hawaii, the longest leg of the trip so far there's no place to land in case of emergency. >> we wish them good luck. >> yes we do. >> those are tech bytes. words of wisdom, three high school students receive a surprising response from an unlikely pen pal a major crime boss. the. >> sunny and beautiful don't forget the sunscreen if you're heading to the beach or walking or work. we'll be having the day planner forecast next. before you begin an aspirin regimen.
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>> eager buyers packed an auction room in atlantic city they bid on 39 condos at the bella, an oceanfront highrise, it condos sold for half a million dollars in 2008, the recession hit and forcing sale prices to plummet. one person walked away with a
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condo for $155,000. >> reporter: let's look at two problems one in i-95 northbound approaching street road it's blocking the right lane. police on the scene, looks like the two right lanes blocked we've got emergency workers attending penndot on the scene. merge left coming north of woodhaven road. another problem a fire route 45 monroeville road harrison township gloucester county. >> on the big board we're in the 60s and still there by 9:00. lots of sunshine up over the horizon. noon, 74. 79 by 3:00 p.m. him we'll get a high of 81 around 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. and still close to 80 by 6:00. humidity on the low side today a comfortable day. the best chance of tornados will be in this cluster of strong thunderstorms from cincinnati ohio and data and louisville
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kentucky and nationalville tennessee. straight line winds west of chicago and denver colorado. as we look at the big board this morning, well with the aircraft getting up in the air no major delays, chicago is seeing showers already so keep your eyes on the windy city if you're traveling there just in case there's a delay later on. >> even more reason to replace the gaming control board with something like a baseball. a study looked at boys 15 to 19 years old who spent five hours in front of a screen have lower bone density. childhood is a critical period for establishing bone density level. doctors recommend ten to 20 minutes of gym narvegs or other weight-bearing exercise three times a week. >> the phillies begin a series
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with the brewers at citizens bank park, the phillies and the brewers are the two worst teams in the major league. the phillies had a double header yesterday because of the saturday washout. the nats took game one the phillies game two. sam gagne a new center flyers got over the weekend. gagne wants to stay, he scalder 15 goals for the coyotes last season. >> new at 6:00. a brushfire forced overnight evacuation in washington state. >> the search for the second prison fugitive comes to a dramatic end in upstate new york, a full report is coming up at 6:30.
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>> 6:25 chopper 6 arrived at breaking news, we have a fire burning right now in a barn in a property south harrison township gloucester county, new jersey heavy smoke is coming from the structure and the roof has collapsed inside. it's located along route 45 monroeville road south harrison, township. firefighters are having trouble fighting this, mainly because there are no water sources around there, they are bringing tanker trucks in to bring water supplies, right now looks like they don't have it under control. chopper 6 will monitor this
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breaking story this morning. a brushfire is it threatening homes in the pacific northwest. this is video of the flames in washington. at least a dozen homes have been destroyed. shelters are open for families that are under evacuation orders. three helicopters dropped water on the fire but had to stop when the sun set. a notorious crime boss is dispensing these words from prison crime doesn't pay. whitey bulger said his life was wasted and spent foolishly. he said if you want to make crime pay go to law school. was on the fbi's most wanted criminal last for 16 years before he was captured in 2011. he was convicted on racketeering charges including playing a role in 11 murders. matt o'donnell will read to children at 10:00 a.m. as partly
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of the go fourth and learn event at the franklin institute this morning. the admission is free, and franklin square will host big hero 6 for free. i saw it with my little guys it was fun. >> gunfire erupts outside a bar overnight, the latest on the investigation when "action news" comes right back.
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>> new on "action news," detectives are questioning two people in connection with a shooting in philadelphia. they were spotted in the suspected getaway car. >> the three week manhunt in upstate new york is over. police have captured the second prison escapee as he was making a final break for the canadian border. the city of brotherly love
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snubbed an online survey shows philadelphia not close to being the number one spot to celebrate the fourth of july. >> chopper 6 is over south jersey, harrison township, monroeville road. we have fire crews on the scene partly of the roof chaps collapsed. they are having a tough time because they don't have a natural water source they are bringing water in from tanker trucks, we're keeping an eye on it, as they try to get control of it. you can he sue the flames combining with the water as they try to get the upper hand. >> let's go outside to dave with weather and karen has traffic. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we have a beautiful morning sunshine up, we


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