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tv   Action News  ABC  June 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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slow bye you surely the lights are coming back on in south jersey and that is next. she was extremely well known in her east mt. airy community, she was involved in many civic organizations. she was well loved. but tonight police are asking the question why was regina brunner murdered?
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monday night the big story on "action news" tonight is the search for clues in the unspeakable killing of an eight five-year old woman. "action news" reporter sharrie williams is live on rumfort road with the latest development, sharrie? >> reporter: and jim at this late hour take a look for yourself, a philadelphia police officer is actually standing guard as regina brunner a's home is a crime scene. this is a person who is admired by this community. neighbors noticed this vehicle was not in her garage and it always is. they noticed that her morning paper was still in the driveway and she always came out to get it and read it. that is when they called police. police then made that gruesome discovery. >> she was such a gentle person. >> reporter: doctor arlene bennet is reflecting on her friend tonight regina brunner. brunner lived here in her east mt. airy home, police found her in the bedroom but bennet remembers a person who loved her family.
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>> i have never met her grandchildren but i know that she was always going to baby-sit, no matter what she was, she was on her way there and i can just imagine that their hearts are broken. >> reporter: philadelphia homicide detectives say brunner a's killer was vicious. >> it was very brutal. we have a eight five-year old female that cannot defend herself, she's beaten and stabbed multiple times and her throat was slit. >> police say her car a 2007 silver toyota corolla with the license plate pd1402x is missing. glenn birdman was brunner's neighbor. >> well, very chilling, very scary. >> reporter: brunner retired but stayed very active. she was a writer, editorial assistant for chestnut hill local, and one article, she advised senior citizens to enjoy life, eat right and join a gym. leon king lived across the street from brunner. >> i feel bad because that is my bedroom and we keep track of regina. >> reporter: this neighbor and friend of 20 years hopes police make an arrest real
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soon. >> i certainly hope that it doesn't take very long, because it is as long as someone like that is loose in the area you just don't know. it makes you very afraid. >> reporter: and, neighbors afraid and very shaken, by what has happened here, police saying at this point they have really no clear motive as to what why this may have happened, they are looking for answers in that way because you there was no forced entry which they say is why she may have let this person in. maybe being trusting. they are still trying to figure this out. place was not ransack. that is not to say some items might be missing. we have seen detective come and go. we know they are looking for that missing car that could be the link to getting police closer to finding answerness this case. we are live, sharrie williams, channel six, "action news" jim. the delaware county council wants the state of pennsylvania to help pay for recovery efforts from last weeks storm. that is why it has asked
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governor wolf to declare a state of emergency. eight municipalities suffered substantial damage, and then emergency declaration would help float the bill. city of chester sustain more than two and a half million-dollar damage, alone. meanwhile utility crews continued to restore power in gloucester county, new jersey with the number of customers without electricity, down to about a thousand, live in east greenwich township is "action news" reporter annie mccormack. it has been a tough call for atlantic city electric but they are gaining on it. >> reporter: they are gaining, they are in progress here, jim. in fact as far as damage goes, this site on this front lawn here is an all too familiar site in this area of south jersey. look at this massive tree limb that remains down on this family's minivan. they say crews are too busy to stop over here to remove this limb. but good news is that this neighborhood for first time in a week had their power back on.
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the sound of chain saws, at heavy equipment, and tearing down fallen limbs and debris is the new normal in greenwich township. >> long days, working 14, 15, 16 hours starting at 6:00 o'clock. >> do you have a lot of customers that you still to have get to. >> too many we cannot get to them all. we take them as they come. >> reporter: inside. >> lobster tail. >> reporter: cause of the loss of power is adding up, 81 year old mary got electricity just this afternoon. >> next thing i know, one of my lights came on and that was at exactly 12:26. >> reporter: six neighbors in this mullica development have of more than a hundred remained, without power until tonight, unable to leave because they feared, water would fill their basement. >> someone has to be here because if the generator is not going sump pumps they don't work. >> reporter: desperate call to a priest who had a connection with the atlantic city
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electric finally got crews out here. as storms peak 280,000 atlantic city electric customers were without power tonight, less than a thousand are in the dark. power crews and surrounding states, made up more than a thousand, who pitched in every where that they could today as frustration grew. the mayor called out governor chris christie, yesterday and this south jersey community is not forget ago this. >> i would say get lost we don't need you now. you can forget about my vote for presidency. >> resident that still do not have power in this area, tell me that they are told by atlantic city electric they should have power back on by midnight tonight. reporting live from east greenwich township annie mccormack for channel six a "action news". lets switch live to meteorologist cecily tynan who has word of stormy weather for
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tomorrow but nothing like last tuesday. >> tomorrow we're looking at some storms heading our way some could be locally strong, however, not widespread severe storms, like last tuesday night. double scan live is showing you can see this area of scattered storms working through the ohio valley into western pennsylvania. that is associated with a warm front that will be moving in during the day tomorrow, so that means we do have a possibility of some storms, primarily in the afternoon and future tracker is showing also primarily north and west of philadelphia. this is an event where i think south jersey, delaware, really won't get in any of the action and again we are looking at more unsettled weather, not widespread severe weather. this is what is ahead the next few days that system will stall over us, more showers and thunderstorms, more humid it is a warming trend toward the holiday weekend. i will talk about that in the full accu weather seven day forecast, jim. thanks sitly. philadelphia police say they
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have one of two men in custody in connection with the shotgun shooting earlier this month that injured 11 people, 23 year-old dominic lemar turned himself into detectives this afternoon. police say 23 year-old suspect, is still on it there and $10,000 reward for his arrest and conviction. investigators say men are responsible for opening fire with bird shots on a crowd attending a cook out two saturday as ago on the 4100 block of ogden street in west philadelphia this is martrano's barber shop in upper darby. police say they have delta lot more meth here then they cut hair. martrana is michael alleged motorcycle gang and former prison inmate. police discovered the shop at home and found bags of meth, guns and lots of cash. they found and arrested four other suspects. new jersey governor chris christie will finally end
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autopsy speculation tomorrow by announcing that he is running for president. >> i get accused a lot of times of being too blunt too direct and -- >> reporter: first campaign video has been posted on his web site christie will use livingston high school, as his announcement venue perhaps because he was once president of the student body there. word is christie will leave right after the announcement, to campaign, in new hampshire. vice-president joe biden might throw his hat in the ring for democratic nomination. the wall street journal reports that before his untimely death beau biden encouraged his father to run for president, again. biden's other son hunter is also supporting another campaign, and source tells the wall street journal that the vice-president is setting a deadline of early august to announce a decision. fraternal order of police is hoping to rescue saint ignatius of loyola parish school in west philadelphia fop donated 20ipad, just three
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weeks after burglars stole 30ipads, three dell lap tops and three mack book pro computers. fop is calling on other unions to step up as well, idea being to have all of the computers and i pads replaced by the time school begins in the fall, and meanwhile the search continues for the thieves. for the past couple of weeks wilmington police increased their foot patrols all in an effort to reduce violent crime. and tonight at a community meeting the attorney general revealed, it has been working the foot patrols are as a result of the grant that the city of wilmington received but that grant is set to run out soon. they are hoping to get additional funding from lawmakers. and tonight, people hit the streets in the tioga nicetown section of philadelphia, in an effort to make that community safer tonight's prayer walk was put on by the greater saint matthew baptist church. they were joined by police and other members of the community, as they walk down the streets reading script
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tour, they say that this is just the beginning of many more walks to come. the 12th lawsuit has been filed in the wake of the crash of an amtrak train in philadelphia on may 12th, the family of maryland businessman, robert gildersleeve, junior today filed a wrongful death lawsuit accusing amtrak of negligence, and what it calls outrageous behavior. the ntsb is still hoping to learn why the engineer of the train was going at over 100 miles an hour and in a 50-mile an hour zone. tonight we have learn that the two convicted killers who escaped from prison and alluded a a massive manhunt for three weeks were improvising. one day after being shot and captured david sweat is talking with investigators from his hospital bed. he says that after breaking out of the upstate new york prison, he and fellow fugitive richard matt planned to go to mexico but they had to head to canada instead after their
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getaway driver, prison worker joyce mitchell, got cold feet. >> they would kill mitchell's husband and then get in the car and drive to mexico on the theory that mitchell was in love with one or both of them. >> sweat says that matt was slowing him down, and the two separated five days ago. officers shot and killed matt on friday, about 16 miles from where sweat was apprehended he is expected to remain in the hospital now for several days now. new video tonight shows the chaos during the terrorist attack, at a tunisia beach side resort last week. in the video you can also see unarmed hotel workers running toward the gun man trying to stop him, and a man filming video was heard screaming out warnings to other people. thirty-eight people, mostly british tourists were killed in the a attack on friday, and gunman was eventually shot and killed by police, isis has claimed responsibility. the tunisia terror attack
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was one of three in europe africa and middle east last friday. it is added to growing concern about the potential for isis, inspired violence, here in the united states. the fbi department of the home land security, sent out a bulletin to 18,000 law enforcement agencies to be on heightened alert. of particular concern is the timing symbolically as we approach the july 4th weekend. but the white house today down played the danger, saying that there is no specific, credible intelligence indicating a threat to independence day gatherings. and fbi says it is doing everything it can to make sure people are safe here, big crowd are expected in philadelphia for the fourth of july, events this week, there are no specific threats to the city, but the fbi and police are asking everybody to help protect themselves, by keeping an eye out for and reporting, anything that looks suspicious. still to come on "action news" tonight the supreme
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court, wasn't done, several more five-four decisions were handed down today involving pollution standard, death penalty and abortion. plus, it may be time to check your 401k, we will explain what caused stocks to have their worst day of the year today. and hundreds are forced from their homes and dozens of buildings burnout west from a wild fire that is still something of a mystery to authorities. well comfortably cool today our high 81 degrees, 5 degrees below normal but tracking more warmer humid eras well as storms i'll detail it in the accu weather forecast. ducis rodgers introduces to us new phillies management and what it might mean for familiar faces when "action news" continues tonight.
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tonight, hubs of people, have been forced from their homes, as fire fighters, battled a raging wild fire in
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central washington. the inferno dubbed the sleepy hallow fire has burned through 4,000 acres and destroyed dozens of homes. the fire began sunday afternoon, outside lenac hi there is still no word how it started. greece is on the brink of the historic financial collapse refusing to negotiate a new deal with european lenders. the impact of the crisis has been felt in greece and potentially throughout europe. thousands of greeks held a pro government rally in atens as authorities closed banks and limited withdraws today. the government is asking citizens to vote against compromisees from lenders to bureau more money. its future as a euro country is in doubt. turmoil in europe punished u.s. stocks today sending the dow jones industrial average down 350 points, the worst day of the year. that also push the blue chips index slightly into negative territory for the year meaning the dow jones has lost all of
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its gains since january. the other major index faired worse, with the s and p500 falling 2.1 percent nasdaq dumb blink 2.4 percent but tomorrow is another day. following a week of earth shaking decisions from the supreme court the justices announced rulings in several more cases today. high court voted five-four that the environmental protection agency didn't properly take the cost of compliance into account when writing regulations to limit toxic mercury emissions from coal and oil fired plants. it is a blow to the obama administration after victories last week but environmental groups say it is somewhat mute since most of the plants have already installed, air pollution controls. meanwhile the justices also ruled five-four today to up hold use of the controversial lethal injection drug, they also issued an emergency order to keep texas abortion clinics opened while a case there is
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decided. coastguard test flight ended with a hard landing this afternoon, in san francisco international airport. the chopper tipped on to its side, two crew members aboard were injured. they are expect to be okay. lets get to cecily tynan and the accu weather forecast, we could have a little stormy weather tomorrow. >> some unsettled weather moves in tomorrow and sticking around for good part of the week. tonight storm tracker six live double scan showing dry conditions out there, low humidity comfortably cool, so freight night to head to manayunk for dining outside one of those days and evening you just want to get outside for that low humidity. almost feeling like springtime earlier today temperatures running 5 degrees below normal. 74 degrees in philadelphia allentown dropped down to 66. trenton 7o millville 64. wilmington 72. sea isle city 72 degrees. good night to get air conditioning a break. we will want to turn it back on tomorrow. we have changes on the way. satellite six with action
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radar is showing if you look down across west virginia, and western pennsylvania, there are some scattered showers thunderstorms, that is associated with a warm front. that will be moving in throughout the course of the day. so morning rush hour though, it is still comfortable, we will see some clouds, mixing with some sun and at 6:00 o'clock 67 degrees. by 7:00 o'clock 69. by 8:00 o'clock 71 degrees. around lunchtime is when he showers and then are storms will begin to develop in the far northwestern suburbs. it looks like they will move close to philadelphia around 5:00 o'clock. really having a tough time moving east of the i-95 corridor this time tomorrow night they will dissipate. really virtually cloud free conditions across the shore if you are down the beach tomorrow great day, however once again a maryland rate risk of rip currents that started on sunday. we have rip currents today but be careful listen to your life guard not on duty stay out of the water and put on the sun screen 78 degrees, down the shore tomorrow, sun with just a few clouds and wind out of
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the south east, six to 12 miles an hour. little sea breeze tomorrow. we have one extra second tomorrow, to enjoy the weather if you or the beach or to get something done, only one second it is leap second this accounts for gradual slowing of the earth's rotation, it happens 25 times since 1972 and the last time was three years ago, so tomorrow seems a little bit on the long side, that is because it is by one second. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, it gets warmer tomorrow, seasonably warm 85 degrees, more humid heading through the day with showers and thunderstorms north and west of philadelphia in the afternoon. they could be locally strong but again not expecting widespread severe weather like last tuesday night. wednesday, a cold front moves through showers and thunderstorms. 87 degrees. it stalls very close to us on thursday. that keeps us unsettled with a few more showers and thunderstorms and high of 87 degrees. best chance of the dry weather this workweek, suffered today
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will be friday with mixture of sun and cloud a high of 84 degrees. for the fourth of july, it is introducing threat of thunderstorms. do i not think it will be a wash out of the day limited threat 86 degrees. behind that system on sunday partly sunny warmer, and 88. monday heat is on with a high of 89 degrees. scattered thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and mainly north and west of philadelphia. >> it is in full swing. >> what is in full swing. >> the wawa welcome america celebration. >> that is right of course. >> just five daysing, to go until july 4th, tonight the invitations for parents and kids, to come out to franklin square for the kick off of the philly at the movie series. those who attended tonight enjoyed beautiful weather while watching disney's oscar winning animation big hero six, outside. six abc is proud to be broadcast partner of the wawa welcome america celebration tamala edwards and matt
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o'donnell kicks off our live coverage on july 4th from 10:00a m until noon, with the celebration of freedom ceremony and the independent day parade, and then please tune in for the philly fourth of july jam on the parkway that night rick williams and cecily tynan will be host along with karen rodgers and adam joseph, concert begins at 7:00 followed by fire works display over the philadelphia museum of art.
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phillies are charting a new course and what that might mean for folks who are there right now it is that it is at least not clear. >> i have i funny feeling new
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team president will start to clean house some toe speak. if you were expecting new team president andy macphail to immediately change phillies fortune you are cut from a optimistic cloth, we will get to andy macphail in a moment. but first phillies and brewers tonight tied at one in the first inning. milwaukee pitcher jimmy nelson balks in a run. you don't see that too often. phillies lead two-one. four-two phillies in the fifth. sean o'sullivan lead ryan brawn, the brewers scored six unanswered runs, sixth inning, the brewers begin the inning with six straight hits, and ramirez with a two run double, o'sullivan gives up six runs on 12 hits, in five innings and phillies lose seven-four. phillies president might not be bright but they hope opposite hold true for the future. team introduced andy macphail as a new president. six two-year old will take over for pat gillick but in the interim he will shadow gillick to learn the
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organization. he has been in baseball for three decade with the twins, cubs orioles. he had two world series titles to his credit. jamie apody asked him why he is the right person for the job. >> you have turn franchises around, that is part have of your appeal, what makes you think you can dot same thing here. >> it starts with owner ship. resources you have. this franchise has a great reputation. as i said in my remarks we tend to evaluate everything in the current snapshot or time, it wasn't that long ago this franchise was accomplishing some unprecedented things, the game punishes when do you well it will exact its toll. i know of they have a will to win and it is our job to find most efficient quickest way to get them back where they have been. >> one of his first tasks will be to determine ruben amaro junior's fate. he missed on some moves recently. amaro knows he will be judged but he is trying not to focus on that. >> it is always about trying to do what is best for the
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organization. that remains the same goal and hopefully i will be here in philadelphia for a long time but these are decisions i cannot worry about or control. >> aaron nol a makes another start for triple a a lehigh valley and another impressive one. he pitched five scoreless innings in the eight-one win. he is now three and zero since being promoted from triple a. still ahead flyers make a couple moves one involves a trade, and plus chris pronger is set to join hockey's elite.
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eagles signed guard john move it to the one year deal. he has been out of football for three seasons. zach renaldoes on the move, flyers traded him to boston for 20,173rd round draft pick . flyers resigned christian vandervelde i to a multi year deal. chris pronger is heading to the hockey hall of fame. he will not need a ticket. he is one of seven people induct for induction. he led flyers to the stanley cup finals in 2010. won heart trophy, and the
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induction ceremony will be held november 9th, in toronto. well deserved. >> yes. >> thanks, ducis. finally tonight calendar didn't make it clear summer has arrived in camden. "action news" was there as mayor dana redd officially opened up the cities two public pools today also spray parks, one is next to the moore camden community center, the other is at the miller community center. if you could not tell the kids enjoyed it. jimmy kimmel live next up on channel six followed by night line. jimmy's guest amelia clark, vanessa bear and music by miguel who will be in philadelphia for fourth of july. "action news" continues at 4:30 with tamala edward, matt o'donnell, meteorologist david murphy and karen rodgers with traffic. for the entire "action news" team i'm jim gardner good night. >> ♪♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight emilia clarke. from "trainwreck", vanessa bayer. and music from miguel. with cleto and the cletones. and now, ready, set -- here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ jimmy kimmel live ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. thanks. thank you.


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