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tv   Action News 530 AM  ABC  June 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> developing now on "action news," police believe an argument outside of this car throwed a pregnant woman being shot. we are live with the overnight details. >> new this morning, a close call for an off the duty offer whose vehicle nearly flipped over in a crash. >> new jersey governor chris christie will make it official. he'll be getting into the race for president for 2016. >> good morning everyone the 5:30 on this tuesday. david and karen, we would like to get a preview of weather and traffic. >> sure you would. but, okay, we're starting out in good shape. a little bit more humid this morning but we're dry. we've got some sunshine up over the horizon and there is some cloud cover coming in from the west but early on we'll get some bright action going. and then as we get past about lunchtime or so there is the chance of some of these showers beginning to build in and some of them could develop into thunderstorms that could produce drenching downpours and perhaps some gusty winds so take cover from any storms this afternoon. 68 degrees in philadelphia. 69 right now in wilmington. still 63 in allentown and 62
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in trenton. and we're still running more or less around 70 degrees on the boardwalks at the shore. heading out this morning between six and 8 o'clock in philadelphia, a nice start. mild, 66 by 6 o'clock and 71 by 8 o'clock. so, temperatures climbing pretty quickly. and that will continue to be the pattern into the afternoon. 81 by noon. by 3 o'clock 86. that is going to be your high today. and then 81 by 6 o'clock. a bit more humid as the day goes on and there is that chance of thunderstorms any time after about lunchtime. want to remind you to plan ahead today because you're actually getting a whole extra second this afternoon. astronomers adding a second, a so-called leap second on this date because the earth's orbit is slowing slightly. i guess matt that means in a couple years trees will go flying off into space because the gravity will be -- >> it will be a mess. >> i don't think you have to worry about that but you need to adjust every now and then and that's what they're doing. today we get 86401 seconds. i know you're making plans. >> i'm going sleep.
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a vehicle facing sideways but it's since cleared so schuylkill westbound past gulph mills both lanes opened now and looking pretty good right there. vine street expressway reopened at this point so no problem. the crews have left the scene. they'll return tonight again at 11 o'clock so we'll watch for those closures once again with construction on the vine. we've got an accident in monroeville gloucester county right on monroeville road at ridgewood road. you may see restrictions there. we're still killing dealing with problems in gloucester county from downed wires from storms that were a week ago. harmony road remains closed near swedesboro road. the ramp connecting to 95 to harmony road exit 17 remains closed. you can take exit 15 or 16. they have at least reopened, tam. >> thank you karen. and we start this morning with a developing story. a pregnant woman wounded in a double shooting and her unborn baby did not survive. katherine scott has got the latest. good morning katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. that's right, two people were
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shot here last night, one of them was a woman who was around four months pregnant. her baby did not survive. the man who is believed to be her boyfriend and the father of that baby is in stable condition at the hospital. she is in critical condition. it happened over there right on the 7300 block of thouron avenue in west oak lane right by that utility pole. there was a car parked there and that's around where the shooting happened. that car has since been towed. witnesses told police they heard some sort of argument, then gun shots. when police arrived, she was sitting in the passenger seat of that car. the engine was still running. she had been shot in her lower back. the 46-year-old man was lying nearby on the sidewalk. he had been shot several times in both legs. police believe the shooting happened outside the car. after being shot they think the woman got in the front seat. investigators were here for hours overnight gathering evidence. >> based on ballistic evidence we know that at least four shots were fired from a large caliber semi-automatic weapon. we found four spender shell
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casings on the sidewalk and in some bushes. >> reporter: two men were seen fleeing the scene but so far they don't have a detailed description of the suspect. police want to hear from you. if you have any tips t we are live in west oak lane, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine, thank you. and also new this morning an off duty philadelphia police officer suffered minor injuries in a nasty wreck. this happened on the 9500 block of germantown avenue in chestnut hill just after midnight. the vehicle nearly tipped over after hitting a tree and jumping the curb. the officer had to pull -- be pulled out of the wreckage. he's now in stable condition. >> ♪♪ >> and then there will be another one. happening today, new jersey governor chris christie will finally end all speculation and announce that he is running for president. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board with this story. erin. >> reporter: matt, the new jersey governor known for his blunt outspoken style is throwing his hat in the ring after years of will he or
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won't he banter. the tilt like it is governor is expected to make his campaign official today at 11 o'clock at livingston high school perhaps because he was once president of the student body there. now, ahead of today's announcements this video was posted sunday and all but confirms his white house ambitions. >> ♪♪ >> i get accused a lot of times of being too blunt and too direct and saying what's on my mind just a little bit too loudly. >> reporter: now experts insist christie has a lot to every come in order to be a viable candidate for 2016 including a 30 percent approval rate as governor and the lingering 2013 bridgegate scandal. although legal authorities have found he was involved in the apparent act of political retribution, questions about christie's involvement have been damaging. he also faced criticism at home for the shut down of many atlantic city casinos that have punctured the state's economy and a pension system supported by crusty christie that
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has billions in unfunded liabilities. one political expert says christie is a candidate who peaked in 2013 but it would be unwise to count him out now. >> i think in the darkest moments of bridgegate many observers thought that perhaps this was an administration that was over and thought that indictments would go broader. but watching the governor over the many years, the five years that i've been watching him it is clear that he is very capable of rebounding and that he is a masterful retail politician. >> reporter: again christie's announcement is expected at 11:00 a.m. today and we will be carrying that live on 6abc. christie will leave right after the speech to campaign in new hampshire. no wasting any time, tam. >> we will see how it all turns out and things are also getting interesting other democratic side. vice president joe biden is now rumored to be considering a run for president. the wall street journal reports that before his untimely death biden's son
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beau biden encouraged his father to launch a bid. biden's other son hunter is also said to be supportive. a source says he has early august before he makes a decision. >> atlantic city electric predicts all of its customers that lost power in last week's storms should have electricity by the end of today. more than 1,000 power crews from out of state pitched in for a final push to get everyone back online. only a few hundred customers are still offline right now down from a peek of 280,000. >> delaware county council asking governor wolf to declare a state of emergency due to the impacts that area saw from last week's storms. eight municipalities suffered substantial damage and an emergency declaration would help foot the bill. the city of chester alone sustained more than $2.5 million in damage. >> time now to take a look at accuweather and sounds like we can get some strong rain later tonight. >> yeah, well, later today and then into the evening, yeah, there is the chance of some
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thunderstorms and some of them could produce drenching downpours and i always worry about gusty winds. there's a little chance of that as well today. storm tracker six live double scan shows you we are dry for the morning commute however. and as we take a look outside some sunshine early across the region and there you see it coming up over atlantic city down the shore those clouds will get a little bit thicker as we go later through the morning. 68 degrees is your current temperature. we dropped a little bit in the last half hour. dewpoint still sitting at 61 so just slightly humid. and winds right now are calm when they are kicking in, they're coming more or less out of an easterly direction. so, future tracker six shows you how the sun will mix with increased clouds as we go in through the morning and by the afternoon as soon as 11:00 to maybe noon there could be a couple of showers popping in especially west of philadelphia and maybe to the north as well. and as we get into the afternoon heating pretty quickly there is the chance of some of these developing into thunderstorms. that might even happen before the end of my hour noon broadcast today but certainly during the afternoon. by 3 o'clock looking at the
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potential for some of this around and of course here on channel six we'll let you know if there's anything strong developing. 6 o'clock there's another chance north and west of philadelphia of some more thunderstorms and maybe something still around the immediate region. as we get later into the evening, most of this is probably shifting off to the north and there will be a little bit remaining on radar for adam and cecily to show you. there is a slider risk of strong storms that could produce not only drenching downpours and lightning but also some gusty winds. the storm prediction center has us in the eastern edge of a big area that goes all the way out to the midwest. i'd say there's a real small chance of this but any time the spc has this yellow color over our area it's an extra reminder that if you hear spunt or see a threatening sky color beginning to develop take cover outflow floors. 71 degrees by 8 o'clock, 80 by 11 o'clock. 85 by 2 o'clock. today's high will be 86 degrees. at times you could get a pop-up thunderstorm as you just saw and getting more
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humid today than it was yesterday. high temperatures across the region only about 80 or so in reading and allentown and trenton. 84 in wilmington. 82 in millville and on or about 80 degrees or so down the shore. i do want to point out though, that we are looking at a potential for rip currents down the shore. the ocean temperature feels good at 71. the beach looks good. probably won't get any rain down the shore. if we do it won't be much but the big issue swim next to the lifeguards. 70 in the water by the way off of our delaware beaches. tonight phillies game 79 for the first pitch. 74 in the ninth inning and a possible thunderstorm. your seven-day from accuweather, 86 today, some afternoon thunderstorms as you just saw are possible. they could push into the early evening. then tomorrow even more humid a high of 87 and another chance of thunderstorms as a cold front comes through. behind it on thursday it may still be a little bit unsettled, 87. a slight chance of a thunderstorm. but probably a little bit less of a chance on thursday than on wednesday and today. and then friday while there is
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a chance of some rain in the morning, the afternoon looks like we'll get a brief break and it will be drive. for the fourth of july sun and clouds warm, probably humid 86 the high. there's a slight chance of an afternoon or evening thunderstorm but at this juncture it looks pretty spotty and most of the fireworks shows should be okay. of course everybody will be watching cecily and adam in the afternoon before you head out. >> thanks, david. 5:41 now. next wal-mart is in damage control this morning. it concerns a cake and the terrorist group isis. >> a west philadelphia school targeted by thieves gets a big helping hand from police. karen. >> we're clear and dry right here on torresdale at harbison. no problem with traffic. want to see wait looks like in delaware county? just wait. i've got a live shot coming up. >> a pop singer's dream of living in a convent turned into a little bit avenue legal nightmare but they're going the hear her roar. we're going to be right back. >> oh, that was a good one.
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>> ♪♪ >> gorgeous. taking a live look here out across the delaware over the ben franklin bridge. it's 5:44. you see the sun coming up over the horizon. 70 degrees. enjoy the morning. dave murphy telling us we'll be in for some thunderstorms later this afternoon. >> get something good sunrises on this program this week. >> i know and i enjoyed the moon driving in. so nature however you're getting it. whichever end of the day you're looking at. suburban traffic report time and delaware county, this is the blue route here past macdade boulevard. we could see traffic moving
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nicely. no problems between i-95 and the schuylkill. we're looking dry through the region here and again later on this afternoon we're going to watch for some thunderstorms which could make it tricky to travel in. but for the most part in the morning you're looking good. northbound approaching quakertown we do still have construction blocking the right lane and southbound past quakertown the construction is cleared. some of the crews out there some of the in the process of coming home. this accident in monroeville still out here its been out there for a little bit so watch for that. let's check your commuter traffic report. animals near the road in the schuylkill eastbound. in tredyffrin. jay telling us about. that don't forget join our team so we can mention you on the on the air. 63 in allentown, 62 in millville. not bad start to the day but it's warm and humid today, 86 for your high and we're watching for some thunderstorms later on that could start early this afternoon and any one could be pretty gusty. matt and at a many. >> okay, thank you karen. this is breaking overseas.
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at least 37 people have been killed in a plane crash. a military aircraft went down in a residential part of the city in indonesia. according to the air force chief 17 military personnel were on board that flight. the plane crushed cars and damaged buildings as it made its deadly dissent. medan is indonesia's third largest city. going to new jersey camden county police released a sketch of a suspected sex predator. a woman says a man attacked her behind the off broadway lounge on the 500 block of spruce street last thursday. the detectives are now investigating reports of other assaults against women in this same area. >> a north jersey man has been charged in a plot to help support isis. federal officials say 23-year-old allah saadeh planned to travel into isis territory in the middle east to join the terrorist group the feds say he purchased a plane ticket for his brother. the arrest comes after police arrested another new jersey man on similar charges.
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saadeh's lawyer says he has no criminal record. wal-mart apologizing for making an isis battle flag cake for a customer. a man in louisiana says he ordered it to test the store's boundaries. the same store had refused his first request to decorate a cake with a confederate flag. wal-mart says the employee who made the cake didn't recognize the isis logo. >> 5:47 now. police in one new england town have an unusual crime on their hands. >> an pop singer finds her several in a real estate dispute over a former convent and some nuns. david. >> it's a warm one today and a little more humid than it was yesterday. that high of 86 right on average and the low of 70 tonight also close to average. i'll spell out those thunderstorm chances for today, let you know when the best time of day to run an errand is. that's coming up next with your day planner. >> ♪♪
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>> happening today, the wawa welcome america celebration continues. the philadelphia history museum is offering free admission today starting at 10:30. you can go fourth and learn about the rich history of the city of brotherly love. then this evening philly at the movies is showing a free screening of annie. i wonder which one, though there's so many at dillworth park. that gets going at 8:30. matt and i are proud to kick off 6abc's coverage of the wawa welcome america celebration on saturday. it starts with a celebration of freedom ceremony and the independence day parade from 10:00 until noon in the morning. then tune in for the philly fourth of july jam on the parkway that night. rick williams and cecily tynan host along with our own karen rogers and adam joseph. the concert starts at 7:00 followed by those great fireworks over the philadelphia museum of art. >> some busy people around. >> i know, right. >> wow. >> look at you people. >> so fun to celebrate fourth
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of july in the city. you know, we'll be having fun doing it with you. let's take a look outside right now and check out southwest philadelphia. we're just sitting here on the mid span of the platt bridge not doing anything. traffic moving okay at this point with no problems this morning and the burlington bristol bridge has reopened. maintenance has cleared. it will close tonight at 9 o'clock and it will close until 5 o'clock the next morning and this is through thursday night. when that happen stick to the turnpike connector bridge. dave. >> all right karen temperatures really aren't too bad across most of the region. 66 pottstown, 62 in saint davids, 64 in warrington. 65 slatington. 69 in center city and across the river in south jersey a bunch of 60s as well and a couple of 70's. 71 in gandhi beach in avalon and the boardwalk in atlantic city. up are 60's in smyrna and dover, delaware. if you are running errands at a you probably want to get them done in the morning because we're likely going to be dry through most of the morning. 76 degrees by 9 o'clock. by noon 81. as soon as 11 o'clock or noon in the western suburbs there is the chance of a pop-up
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shower or thunderstorm. we might start to see that up in the northern areas like the lehigh valley as well and then during the afternoon there's the better chance of a thunderstorm plus it gets warmer and more humid with that high of 86 degrees. so, if you're unking errands i think the morning works out better to your. any thunderstorms that form could produce drenching downpours and a couple could have gusty winds. >> thanks, david. a strange string of crimes has taken place in massachusetts. multiple families say their beloved pet tortoises have been stolen over the past few weeks. the most recent one named bill disappeared from a backyard in bristol county over the weekend. bill's owner is spreading his picture on social media and is offering a reward for the turtle's return. she says she just wants bill back safe. >> singer katy perry is in a legal battle over a convent with spectacular views in l.a. the diocese says the owners
5:53 am
jumped the gun by agreeing to sell to it a restaurant owner. they have tried to block the sale saying perry is the better buyer. perry wants to turn the convent into her home but the nuns say perry who met with them to try to smooth things out was offering less money. comedian amy schumer says she'll consider becoming the next bachelorette under certain conditions. schumer says the show has to guarantee a big paycheck a better casting process and the act for the comic to be herself. abc tweeted schumer initial official offer last month. loyal fans are rooting for the comedian's appearances on the show. i definitely think they would get a whole new and bigger audience. >> it would be pretty funny to say the least. >> i would watch. >> 5:53. up next help is coming to a local school that was targeted by thieves. >> who left the keys in a helicopter. if you think a six-year-old can't figure out thousand start one up, you're very wrong. the story and the video at 6:00.
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>> police say police raided this barbershop and home and found bags of meth guns and cash. they arrested four other suspects. the fraternal order of police has come to the rescue of a west philadelphia school. the fop donated 20 ipads to saint ignatius of loyola.
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the fop is calling on other unions to step up as well. >> see a lot of negatives at a about policing and this is a positive thing we're able to give back 20 brand new ipads from apple the apple corporation to help replenish that inventory that was selfishly taken from the students here and from the staff here. >> the idea is to have all the computers and ipads replaced by the time school starts in the fall. >> the state of new jersey has grant add local facility permission to grow medical marijuana. new jersey's health department issued a permit yesterday to compassionate sciences of bellmawr, camden county. it becomes the fifth nonprofit in the state to be licensed to grow. the facility says it will likely be at least three months before marijuana is grown and can be sold. >> 5:57 now and developing a pregnant woman is among those wounded in a double shooting. an update up next.
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>> wildfires continue to threaten homes out west. we have an update on the flames.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday june 30th. and developing this morning. >> a pregnant woman is among the victims of a double shooting in philadelphia. >> also detectives want to know who murdered a well known 85-year-old woman and why. >> and a raging wildfire in washington state burns through thousands of acres, damages dozens of homes and forces residents to evacuate. >> but first up let's get a preview of your weather and traffic and go on over to dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> well, good morning everyone. we're off to a comfortable enough start with some sun over by the coast but


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