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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  July 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon rick and sara are off and i'm matt o'donnell
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we begin with breaking news after a police involved shooting in atlantic city, that began with a robbery and left one person dead. david henry is live with the full story. >> reporter: yes it apparently started as a robbery at the cedar market at 30th avenue a clerk inside of the store was reportedly stabbed to death during the robbery and police were called to the keep and the robber was apparently running across the street and was intercepted by this officer back here who fired several shots can you see the cones marking the bullet casings, over by the curb is where the suspect fell, we don't know his condition whether he is confirmed dead or not. but that sidewalk scene is where they found a knife and a cell phone apparently that the suspect had with him. the clerk inside of the store is apparently of egyptian decent and the store is owned by a number of egyptian and he had
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just been over to egypt recently to visit family and returned here two or three weeks ago and was stabbed to death just doing his job at a popular convenience store in this neighborhood. we talked to one resident in the neighborhood who is overcome by what happened here. >> i'm very emotional it's very sad when you just look around and see someone's life could be taken soencelessly. >> the family and friends of the victim, the clerk in the store have gathered outside, many of them overcome with emotions. they are now being attended to by a cleric who trying to walk them through this process. very disturbing day out here, apparently as we said it started as a robbery and ended with one and maybe two people dead. the atlanta county police and prosecutors office is not
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releasing information at this point. we have released what we know from sources and witnesses at the scene and this is a developing crime scene and we'll keep you posted after we learn what happens here. live in atlantic city, david henry channel 6 "action news." >> david thank you. also breaking this noon, police arrested the head of a private school in chester county george simmons was the equivalent of a principal in west town, is he charged with corruption of minors and indecent assault police say that the 62-year-old inappropriate touched a male student through the eighth and ninth grade. simmons has been fired and the school said it is cooperating fully with the investigation. >> a man was hit and killed at walnut street at 1:00 a.m. aaccording to witnesses the bus driver did not realize he hit
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someone and kept going and police stopped the bus at 11th and vine streets. the hunt continues for suspects in two shootings that took place in the same philadelphia neighborhood, they happened less than a mile apart in grays ferry and left a man dead and a 6-year-old boy injured and the child was shot in the foot on the 1800 block of first street just after 11:00 last night. he was playing basketball with friends and family police say his parents took him to the hop for treatment. a 38-year-old man was killed on the 1200 block of south 28th street and two other men were wounded. police believe these suspects were injured in an ambush. accuweather is really pouring on the heat and humidity today, sky 6 hd is taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge where we see the sun poke out
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and it's recent lls and the potential for heavy hitting storms today. david murphy is live now with a review. >> we'll talk precipitation first, when have you a humid air like this can you pop some heavy downpours and most of the region is dry right now we see some action begin to develop in burlington county and up the coast into ocean county no cells are too big and no lightning is associated with these yet if you get underneath one of these it will be raining cats and dogs and that could give you problems on your roads especially in poor drainage areas, this one is up in reading and this is more of a concern where we got heavy downpours yesterday in the heavy air mass, and the ground is saturated and it it can exacerbate problems on the roads. this is an indication for a
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little bit of weakening, the big part of the story is the warmth and humidity up to 48 degree fz philadelphia lehigh valley 82 and 69 in sea aisle and the boardwalk and a.c. and we also have humid air in place the dew point is showing you that and it's above 70 and this is oppressive humidity heat tips are probably important to keep in mind and breaks are in the shade and sports drinks and water, and carbonated befr ables don't work as well in the heat, check on pets and kids and the elderly when we have this high heat and humidity when we come back we'll look for relief there is some coming and we just have to wait a couple more days, before you head out the door visit there you'll find live satellite and
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radar images as well as the forecast from accuweather and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter. developing right now the fbi and indiana state police have raided the home of subway restaurant spokesman jared foegle, the raid may be linked to a child pornography investigation involving one of foegle's former business partners. he became subway's pitch man after he lost weight on a diet of subway sandwiches. the fallout continues for bill cosby. marcy gonzalez is live now with more. >> reporter: this court document
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was sealed for the past decade and a judge just agreed to release it. this follows claims by more than a dozen women that they were drugged by the commodean. >> i never seen anything like this and reality is -- it the situation. >> now, a possible admission from bill cosby revealed a sealed court document states that the comedian said yes when asked under oath if he purchased the prescription sedatives quaaludes, you gave them to other people. and he answered yes and the attorney asked were you going to use these drugs for women you would have sex with and he answered yes.
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>> she meets me backstage and i give her quaaludes and we have sex. >> these statements were part a deposition he gave in that woman's 2005 sexual lawsuit. and they settled for an undisclosed amount. >> the only reason he settled was because it would have been embarrassing to put all of those women on the stands and that would have been hurtful. attorney gloria allred plans to use these admissions in court. >> from an emotional point of view from the alleged victims. >> now cosby has never been charged and legal experts say that in many of the cases the statute of limitations has expired. matt back to you. >> thank you marcy. >> the mayor of allentown is
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suspending his u.s. senate run after an investigation into his government at city hall. he released a statement saying he decided to focus on assisting federal agents this related to allentown as contracting process. he will re-evaluate the political aspirations once the fbi probe becomes clear. plenty of drivers ruffled feathers today on the schuylkill expressway, a flock of canada geese, as many as three dozen of them were waddling down the west side highway, the police had to stop traffic to make sure they were not goosed by any vehicles as they say birds of a feather fly together. >> hopefully we did in the lay an egg there. still to come on "action news" at, a man walks into a wal-mart and walks out with $75,000, how
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death of a woman in san francisco, she admits to shooting katherine steinly at a crowded pier but claims that the gun went off by accident, federal authorities say he should have been in jail because oh was in the u.s. illegally but san francisco has a sanctuary law and does not fully cooperate with cases. and a doctor that deliberately told healthy opinion patients that they had cancer, the doctor misdiagnosed 500 patients so he could -- and he underwent chemotherapy even though he didn't have the disease. >> it's beyond my thinking how could somebody do that, knowing they are hurting somebody and abusing somebody and continue doing it just for money? >> the doctor has plead guilty
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to health care fraud and at least two dozen victims are xbebted to speak at his sentencing hearing today. the judge will issue his punishment before the week is over. lawmakers in south carolina continue to debate the future of the confederate flag a bill that will move the flag off the state capital, and lawmakers there are expected to put up more resistance, governor nikki haley supports the flag's removal but approves of it being displayed on private property. and workers in the cash officer allowed a man to sign for a deposit of $75,000 and he left with the money and 40 minutes later the real armored truck showed up and only then did the employees realize they were robbed be duped. pope francis is holding his
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second mass in ecuador people camped out last night to get a spot in the buyicentennial park. philadelphia is preparing for pope francis's visit in september, stay up to date with our special twitter account #~ 6 abc pope. coming up at 12:30 tragedy at a popular hiking spot, with what could have caused the clap of an ice cave in washington state.
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starbucks raised prizes again today and the excuse is the prices are too high they are charging 20 cents more for certain drinks even as coffee prices dropped. they say they need to cover the prices of rent, salaries and marketing. the average customer order will go up by 1%. round trip airline tickets become less expengive this fall, analysts project they will drop to $248, a decrease of 3.5% from last year it comes from hopper an agency that predicts prices and it will stay lower through
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the end of the year, driving the price is jeeper jet fuel and competition by discount airlines. the largest cruise company could be heading to cuba, carnival is offering cruises starting next may and would have to go through the new ship line, fathom. health check this noon, delaware governor, jack markell, is banning the indoor use of electronic cigarettes, much like regular cigarettes, they do not contain tobacco but analysts say they still emit harmful chemicals. coming up today at 4:00, including the main reason that a teenager left a beauty pageant and an app to remove you from
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facebook. and a montgomery county mom started a consignment business out of her kitchen, today she employees 110 people and we visit her warehouse. accuweather is next at noon, david murphy has the seven-day forecast. we'll be back. he trash out. i know. and thank you so much for that. i think we should get a medicare supplement insurance plan. right now? [ male announcer ] whether you're new to medicare or not, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. it's up to you to pay the difference. so think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. i did a little research.
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brook. that is not a thunderstorm yet no lightning showing but you can see how it blooms in the last is a minutes and this shade of orange and red there and it's not moving all that fast there. it may take 10 minutes to get through the given area, it could dump a lot of rain in a hurry. pushing towards fleet wood and hamburg again are you driving along and you suddenly get hit by one of these and you get hit with drenching downpours that could give you an issue on roadways, that is highway 61 that is about to be clobbered by that. and there is more of that action moving out of burlington county and surf city and ocean county. as we look outside the chopper is out over atlantic city, a little earlier today and there
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is low lying fog and you can see the casinos popping out over the clouds, temperature is 84 in philadelphia and the dew point is at 70 and lot of areas are over 70 by the time we get to this number or higher it's oppressive humidity winds are not that strong and 83 in trenton and 84 in millville low to mid-80s along the shore and i want to show you the dew points and the 70 in philadelphia that is actually one of lower numbers how about 75 along the boards in dover and 73 in millville and even the northern tub suburb ubs, a little above 70, that high you can cut with a knife humidity. and precipitation the rest of way, 2:00, 3:00 there is a better chance of addition aal pronounced showers coming through and maybe a thunderstorm as well. most of this pushes towards the east and not everybody sees this today and those that do could
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get thumped with heavy rain and poor drainage flooding. warm and humid otherwise a high of 87 degrees and down the shore it's one of those days that you can get relief and 84 degrees on the beach and in the ocean, we are looking at temperatures around the mid-70s, better on the beach than it is inland and better on the water. 89 and very warm and humid. drenching showers and thunderstorms, tomorrow hot and humid and equally sticky more thunderstorms possible. those could also be drenchers and on thursday, it's still relatively humid there could be a couple of drenching showers around and that is a transition day back to weather, and friday and saturday look warm and dry and sunday we may introduce an afternoon thunderstorm. baking out there right now.
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>> an exhibit at the zoo is closed after a bear was having fun and picked up a large rock and shattered a glass barrier, visitors were on the other side when the bear repeatedly slammed the rock into it. nobody was hurt. much more ahead in the next half our of "action news" at noon he is way behind in the polls for the race for the white house but is making major waves why hillary clinton is officially worried about bernie saners. and a boy is recovering after being hit by a plane on a california beach. those stories and much more next.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues. >> hello again rick and sara are off i'm matt o'donnell and here are the stories we are following on "action news" at 12:30, dozens of buildings are shut down after a four alarm fire destroys a county strip mall and two afternoon shootings that happen blokz apart in the city's grays ferry section and an ice cave collapses into washington state and they had concerns for weeks concerns that became a deadly reality. but first back to our developing news story in
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atlantic city, police shot a robbery suspect saying he just stabbed and killed a store clerk, "action news" learned that the clerk was 29 years old and it was just his second day on the job, the robber was trying to hold up the cedar market when the stabbing happened and police intercepted the man nearby and fired several shots, the suspect's condition is unclear, we have a crew on the scene to gather more information we'll have more updates through the afternoon on more than two dozen stores are shut down at a delaware county strip mall, chopper 6 hd is overhead as the four alarm fire yesterday evening. officials today say that they are concerned about the structural integrity of the store where the flames began. "action news" reporter john rawlins is


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