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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  July 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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good afternoon in the news a man charged with raping a teenager at a delaware motel how he allegedly bee befriended the 15 milder ---year-old girl. >> the big story is the return of humid weather and the chance of thunderstorms throughout the week. take a look at sky6 live hd partly sunny and dry across the region, but some of us could see showers at some point today. let's check in with karen rogers in for david murphy at the big board, hi, karen. >> reporter: hi, it's summer and it's feeling like it with storm tracker 6 live double scan. i've got a pair of radars to show you what's happening. we'll show you the close up view. through the region weir mostly dry. -- we're mostly dry. we're seeing a shower or thunderstorm in southern delaware in queen anne along 301 and middletown getting a
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sprinkle but not a big deal just yet. storm tracker 6 live there's a little bit more where that came from staying well to the south. we have a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, south of the city, but not a big deal today. the strong storms are coming out of chicago, they are pushing to the southwest. that's not our worry for today. you get the idea we're in an active pattern for the next couple of days. we have warm and humid conditions too. 81 in quakertown. 85 in martins creek, 8 # in fleetwood and pottstown, 84 in warrington. and right now 84 degrees in levittown. looking at the suburbs in south jersey, 84 in browns mills. 82 in cinnaminson. 83 in glassboro, new jersey and 84 in delaware. the dewpoint is 66 degrees, anytime you get above 60 it's humid. 65 and 70 you're feeling the
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humidity. the next couple of days will be unsettled. if you have anything outside today, today is a good day to do it. the mowing forecast, more humid with the upon the of a shower. 5:00 p.m., 84 can you think down from a high of 87. 7:00 p.m., 80 degrees we have a better chance of rain coming up tomorrow. details in the seven-day forecast in just a minute. >> looks like my lawnmower karen. i never touch it. before you start your week check m/weather there you'll find live weather images and street level radar. >> police are looking for two men who robbed a center city restaurant. it happened after the closing in the 1100 block of spruce street. the suspects got through a side door and forced the manager to the floor with an object pressed
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to his head, but they never saw a weapon. the suspect forced the employee to open a safe. they got away with $3,500. detectives are going over surveillance video. nobody was hurt. >> an accident caused delays in both be directions on atlantic city expressway between exits 41 and 44 in washington township. three vehicles were involved including one that jumped the median into on coming traffic. katherine scott has the story. >> reporter: this was a serious crash, multiple vehicles involved back ups in both directions. merge crews worked at the scene. this is a view of the atlantic city expressway in washington township this morning. from chopper 6 you can see the police sean fire crews on the scene. on the ground viewer video shows smashed up vehicles after the crash that happened at 7:30. >> as soon as i got on the
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expressway it was stopped up. >> reporter: a driver going east struck another vehicle. the striking vehicle went over the grassy median and crashed into a pick up truck in the westbound lane. there was major damage to the vehicles debris was strewn across the highway. the occupants escaped with minor injuries. some drivers changed their plans and looked for alternate routes. >> we heard there was a bad accident. we went to deptford instead of wildwood. >> i was thinking was the normal people coming back from the shore morning traffic. until an hour ago i saw the helicopters and i figured it was something more. >> reporter: this is an on going investigation, stay with "action news" for updates. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> delaware state police have arrested a man accused of raping a 15-year-old girl. william burrows from michigan is
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charged with the attack. investigators he befriended the teen and sexually assaulted her when they met at the motel 6. burrows was arrested saturday night after the teenager's mother contacted police. police are trying to determine what sparked an early-morning fire that engulfed a delaware home. the flames engulfed the home in talleyville. officials believe the blaze caused $250,000. they say the homeowner got out but the family cat was killed. >> there's no trace of the notorious drug lord who escaped from a prison in mexico. joaquin "el chapo" guzman was able to break out he went through a sophisticated one mile tunnel that was likely constructed over the past year.
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marci ganldz has details. gonzalez. >> reporter: mexico's president said he is confident he will be captured he is the most powerful drug lord in the man, a man officials say would never escape from prison again. today an all out manhunt after joaquin "el chapo" guzman proved them wrong. >> joaquin "el chapo" guzman is like the bin laden of drug trafficking. >> reporter: he was last seen in the shower area of his cell 8:50 p.m. under that decree a dug out hole. authorities finding a ladder they believe he used to drop himself 30 feet below ground winding his away through a lab
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rint of tunnels -- investigators are questioning 18 prison workers. police are trying to figure out how he managed to get away. >> wherever there's a community in the united states where you can find the presence of drugs heroin cocaine meth, those drugs are connected to "el chapo." >> reporter: the king opinion on the forbes billionaire list has the money and resources to stay in hiding. the last time he broke out in 2001 he wasn't captured for 13 years. when he was caught u.s. officials wanted him extraed him here, but authorities
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officials kept him behind bars. >> officials are trying to identify a bicyclist killed in the hunting park section of philadelphia. it happened yesterday afternoon authorities say a female driver tried to pass another car and hit the bicyclist going the opposite direction. the driver took off but was taken into custody a short time later. she was released pending further investigation. the 20-year-old victim was rushed to temple hospital where he died from his injuries. >> 500 million-dollar new construction project in center city is taking shape. chopper 6 was over the site at 1100 market street as cement trucks began pouring the foundation. the east market development combines office space and apartments and retail and world class dining. it enandandcompasses an entire city block. we'll have more in the next half-hour. >> the naacp convention continues today.
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the organization's president is leading a discussion on the american justice system today. baltimore state attorney, marilyn mosby spoke at a forum yesterday. she was put into the national spotlight back in april after freddie gray died in police custody. she emphasized the importance of empowerment and perseverance in her speech. >> we hear from the woman injured in a mysterious explosion on a beach. the last thing she remembers before the blast. >> another candidate is joining the republican president race, an announcement from scott walker. meteorologist karen rogers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" at noon comes right back.
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>> diplomats are working on the final details of a nuclear deal with iran. officials say an agreement could be announced soon. lingering disputes are threatening to wrap up the deal by midnight. iran and world powers are fighting over the aspects including the attempts to look into iran's work on nuclear weapons. wisconsin governor scot walker is make it official he announced his by the for the white house on facebook. he joins the crowded field of
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gop contenders, he'll kick off his campaign later today in wisconsin. >> police in chicago are trying to to find a driver who struck and killed a toddler over the weekend, the vehicle was fleeing the scene of a shooting. 13-month-old was killed. investigators are talking to suspects, but so far no charges have been filed. >> a connecticut woman is in out of the home at home recovering from the explosion at narragansett beach. officials closed the beach and brought in the bomb squad. she has no memory of the incident. >> it was a beautiful day the beach was busy, there were a lot of people there the last thing i remember was reading my book. >> so far there's no word an to
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what caused the explosion. several beachgoers say they smelled gas but there are no gas lines along the beach. us geologic survey said there was no seismic activity in the area. she said she is not going back to the beach until someone figure figure out what happened. a foul ball hit a woman last month. the second time a fan suffered a injury. the recent injury left the woman with a head wound. she is a a die-hard fan and plans to return to the ballpark with a small modification. >> i would go back, there i don't know if i would keep a glove at chest level the whole game. last month in the same section of fenway part of the broken bat
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hit a woman in the face, that woman was hospitalized for a week and remains in a rehab facility. details of an expanded food recall. the product that may be contaminated with salmonella. >> controversy over a highly anticipated new book, why some fans are not happy with the sequel to harper lee's "to kill a mocking bird."
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>> greek is working to pull
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back from the brink of financial collapse. a new deal with european creditors would avoid an exit from the euro. in order to get a 95 billion-dollar bailout the greek government has to pass and you austerity measures if it meets the requirements it will get a rescue program and decision to restructure the debt. the president of nintendo died at the age of 55. satoru iwata had a bile duct tumor and was only the 4 president in the company's historical. u.s. airways flights will officially become american airlines in mid account. they will combine reservation systems starting this saturday, july 18. but it will likely to take a few years to repaint the planes with
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the american name. the final flight is expected to fly from san francisco to philadelphia on october 17. "healthcheck" this noon, barber foods is expanding a recall after its food were linked to salmon they salmonella. 1.7 million pounds of frozen stuffed chicken. we've posted a complete list and more information for affected customers on the "action news" team is working on new stories beginning at 4:00 p.m. alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom. >> reporter: forget crunches or restrictive diets some experts say that the secret to a flat belly is stomach vacuuming it has nothing to do with your vacuum and it is all natural. people around the globe are
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paying it forward to pay tribute to a teenager who died saving her friend. how her family discovered her ultimate sacrifice is something that was on had your bucket list for years. you won't want to miss a magic moment her baby sees her parents clearly for the very first time in her young life. it couldn't get any sweeter than that. take us with you on the go, you can watch the newscast streaming live on the smart phone or tablet. see you at 4:00. >> we like those happy stories. >> reporter: the sweetest one. >> the accuweather forecast is coming up, i hope it's happy too. it better be. we'll be right back.
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(wife) what? (grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. meteorologist karen rogers is here with a closer look at the workweek travment. forecast. i guess we should keep the
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umbrellas handy. >> reporter: today is not a big deal for it. >> thanks, karen welcome back. >> reporter: i like that, that's right you'll need the umbrella with you. let's take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region, and you can see we do have a a couple of sprinkles. it's not a big deal, but it's producing a few rain drops or two we'll go in closer with double scan. it's starting to form along 301 and middletown you're looking at a shower or two cross the region. pull the umbrella out of the man bag if you're heading there rick. let's look outside live our sky 6 camera. wilmington, north of the where the shower is, we're dry but the camera is shaking a little bit. sky6 live hd looking live in wilmington, delaware. a fair amount of clouds above. 85 degrees, we're warming things up today. that's for sure. the dewpoint is 62. it was 66 just a half-hour ago
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so feeling humid. the winds are calm and the barometer is falling. sat lit and radar showing we have a good amount of clouds we started off with mostly cloudy skies, now we're seeing sunshine break in. here's the showers down in washington, as they cross east ward we're seeing a shower or two spill out into the region. today is mostly dry. by 3:00 p.m. warm, 86 degrees with sunshine and clouds, by 5:00 p.m., 84 maybe a shower in one or two places south and west. # p.m., 80 degrees, sunshine and clouds 9:00 p.m. 74. the overnight low will be 71. we're watching for a chance for showers. if you're heading to the shore a warm one that's for sure. clouds and sun. noble more humid than yesterday not 100% dry don't let it spoil your plans. 83 in atlantic city, 84 in ocean city. 84 in rehoboth beach and 85 in
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bethany beach. in the poconos sunshine and clouds, i think you'll stay dry in the poconos. let's look at future tracker 6 i think it is more of an important issue come tomorrow. future tracker showing you at 8:30, we have a chance for a shower mostly to the west. lunchtime we'll see a handful of showers and thunderstorms through the region. with the humidity you could get a good downpour, not looking at strong to severe storms, but we could see downpours, this is the look at 8:30, in the lehigh valley you're stuck with showers and thunderstorms. a few things to watch because itself gets a bit more active come tuesday. it's warm and humid 87 degrees for the high, just a chance for the shower. tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms more numerous 85 for the high. wednesday sticky, still staying unsettled 85 degrees for the
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high, showers and thunderstorms. it all changes by thursday, less humid, sunny skies and dry 84. keeping the weather on friday, partly sunny skies 88. saturday warm and humid 88. channels for a shower, sunday, mostly sunny skies 89 degrees, looms a nice summer weekend ahead. as far as week tuesday wednesday, those are the wet days. >> in the coming days we'll see pluto like we've never seen it before, after almost a decade and 3 billion miles nasa's new horizon space craft is approaching the planet. it's expected to sweep past pluto tomorrow. it is the best pictures we've ever had of what is known as dwarf planet. they will release dramatic images in the days ahead. firefighters were forced to stand down before a wildfire
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when aen object in the sky brought everything to a hat. >> a mother has not been seen for five days, and now relatives are pointing a finger
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>> hello again here's some of the stories we're following on "action news" at 12:30 now.
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a historic agreement is reportedly in the works over iran's nuclear program and a deal could come in a matter of hours. we're getting a look at the progress on a 500 million-dollar development project that takes up an entire city block. an investigation is underway after an unusual sight for drivers heading back from the shore. >> diplomats in vienna say they are optimistic about a possible nuclear deal with iran. negotiates have been working for months on the plan which would cush the program. an -- curb the program. abc's mary bruce is following the story live from washington d.c. mary. >> reporter: hey sarah, good afternoon, negotiators are blown past three major deadlines but it seems they a


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