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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  August 3, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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a long heat wave, temperatures haven't been that hot. the highest days the first two days last tuesday and wednesday when we hit 93 degrees. right now in philadelphia it's 91 degrees. temperatures have dropped a little bit in trenton and wilmington down to 88 degrees. allentown 86, millville 89. still holding at 90 in dover and with that sea breeze finally kicking up at the jersey shore avalon currently a lot cooler than inland. it's 80 degrees. dewpoints though have been creeping up over the weekend. we had a very dry air mass over the weekend with dewpoints in the 40's and 50's. now dewpoints are rising up generally in the low 60's. that's slightly humid. dewpoints are in the 70's along the coast with that ocean influence. so it's not oppressive humidity but it's uncomfortable for some people. but there are some changes on the way. satellite6 along with action radar showing there's a cold front across the great lakes. ahead of it some cloud cover some isolated showers and thunderstorms, not expecting widespread rain.
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however, what this will do is finally bring us an end to the heat wave as we head towards the second half of the week. tonight, though, the evening planner showing it is certainly going to be a warm night, becoming more humid. at 7 o'clock 89 degrees. by 8 o'clock 86. 84 at 9 o'clock and at 10 o'clock, temperatures still holding in the low 80's, 83 degrees. so, what's ahead. looks like we have one more hot day tomorrow likely hitting around 90 degrees. that would be the eighth day in our heat wave. the middle of the week i'm tracking some showers and thunderstorms thursday into friday especially. a good chance of some heavy rain on friday and then get ready for a dramatic pattern change. believe it or not you might want to think about finding the sweaters. i'll talk about that in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. back to you rick. >> sweaters? >> yeah, cool. temperatures not even getting out of the 70's. >> wow. all right cecily. thank you very much. of course stay with as our heat wave continues. storm tracker6 shows us live
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street level forecasts when things start to change and our live sky6 cameras give you a bird's eye view before you head out. in other news tonight an elderly chester county man is recovering after a violent home invasion. this is the sketch of the man police say beat, tied and threatened to shoot the victim on bertolet school road in west vincent township. it happened a week ago yesterday. the elderly resident says the attacker first identified himself as a water department worker. he got away with cash and jewelry. anyone with information is asked to call west vin center township police. >> a five-year-old girl suffered head injuries in a hit and run accident is expected to be released from the hospital tonightly karley green was hit last night in the 2200 block of north lambert street in north philadelphia. police say the driver of the suv sped away. that vehicle is described as a light colored suv or jeep with a possible pennsylvania tag. "action news" reporter vernon odom will have more on the search for the driver coming up in a live report tonight at 6:00. >> pope francis will be here
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in september and anline lottery to get special regional rail passes to use during his visit as officially begun. you have until midnight to register for the one-day passes on septa's web site. notifications will be sent out on thursday to those who have been selected. then those people will have a chance to actually buy the passes. septa is selling a total of 350,000 passes for the weekend for both september 26th and 27th. the passes are $10. and you can get updates on the pope's visit by following at 6abc pope on twitter. we are posting the latest news tips and pictures as we prepare for the arrival of pope francis in september. >> jurors in the colorado theater shooting trial say they will not rule out the death penalty as they move towards sentencing james holmes. on all 12 murder counts the jury said aggravating factors do outweigh mitigating factors so a death sentence is still an option. the same jury jeckd claims
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that holmes did not know what he was doing when he killed the 12 people. the panel begins hearing testimony in the sentencing phase tomorrow. new york the latest state to outlaw toy guns like these. state attorney general eric snyder man says more than 6400 toy guns were sold between 2012 and 2014 that do violate new york state laws. issued $300,000 in penalties to retailers including wal-mart and amazon. the push to regulate toy guns has increased since a cleveland ohio police officer tate fatally shot 12-year-old tamir rice in november while he held a realistic toy gun. >> the heat wave has been the story for our forecast but severe weather is moving east today while large portions of the country are cleaning up after storms tore across communities. one of them turned deadly at a chicago festival. abc news reporter marci gonzalez has the story. >> reporter: today cleaning up. >> wiped out bunch of trees just torn up and as you can
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see thrown over here. >> reporter: after severe storms. >> terrible. >> reporter: and at least half a dozen reported tornadoes in the upper midwest: near chicago sirens blaring into the night strong sudden winds uprooting trees. >> i've never seen anything like that. >> reporter: and toppling a tent at a festival. its support poles sent flying injuring 15 people and killing this father of two. >> it started hailing and stuff so we ran into the tent 'cause we had the girls and then we decided to run in there to be safe and next thing you know it came so fast and i thought he was behind me and he wasn't. >> reporter: nearby everyone escaping just before this sports dome collapsed. >> all of a sudden you could see the rip in the death it just kind of blew down. >> reporter: and thousands of people sent running from the louisiana la palooza festival.
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flooding as deep as 4 feet in some areas. >> if it gets deeper out here i might be able to go swimming. >> reporter: and the rain is still falling. >> what we're going to be facing tonight as it gets dark it makes it 10 times world. flash flooding still a serious concern there while tonight damaging wind and hail are in the forecast from kentucky to maine. marci gonzalez abc news, new york. >> back here police need your help finding an armed man who tried to rob two south philadelphia businesses and left them -- in less than an hour. on july 11 the man came into the little caesar's pizza shop on oregon avenue. demand that a worker open the cash register but she ran to the back and he fled empty handed. almost the same thing happened about 50 minutes later at the dunkin' donuts on south 18th street and he demanded money but again got away with nothing. >> philadelphia eagles now. training camp is in full swing. the birds new running back demarco murray was on the
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field today after being noticeably absent from the first practice this weekend. jeff skversky is live in south philadelphia of course covering the birds with details on demarco murray. hey, jeff. >> hey, sharrie. demarco murray the eagles new poe bowl running back was a little disappointed yesterday because during team drills he was just standing around and watching. but murray with a big smile on his face today because he's running all over the place. let's take a look at demarco murray the eagles new pro bowl running back. he's doing much better today. look he's 100 percent healthy, a full participant today, no reason to worry. chip kelly appears to be easing him in after murray touched the ball more than any other running back in the nfl last season. he's a work horse and they want to keep the former cowboys star fresh for playoff run here in philadelphia. so, what can eagles fans expect when the leading rusher suits up for that monday night owner six weeks from today? well, he has a different style than one lesean mccoy.
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>> i'm not a big flashy guy. i don't bring a lot of attention to myself so i think some people may not like that. some guys respect it but i've always been that guy won't change it for no one and i just try to work extremely hard. in this offense you got to be in great shape and since i've been here i've been in great shape and the best shape of my life like i said as far as cardio level and strength but i just try to work out as hard as i can. >> murray says he's in the best shape of his life. in his entire career and look he better be as fast as chip kelly runs practices and training camp and of course that offense come the regular season in six weeks. murray better be in tiptop shape if the eagles are going to be successful. we'll have much more coming up at 5:30. for now we're live at the novacare complex, jeff skversky channel6 "action news." rick and monica back to you in the studio. >> time to check our "action news" traffic report. matt pelman always in the best
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shape of his life. >> let's see what shape traffic is in more importantly. >> traffic could be in better shape. i probably could, too. let's focus on the traffic. here along 95 in the i don't know going work zone what a treat. we're getting used to this. a new construction traffic pattern here in the northbound lanes just three lanes getting by as you head through the work zone up towards allegheny avenue. we've seen big delays all day long as people have been getting used to this. so, this afternoon things look a little different. the delay starts back just north of the walt whitman bridge and goes up through this point. ones you get around the betsy ross bridge things open up so it's different on 95 today. no telling how long this currents pattern is going to last but the delays from it are spilling back onto the vine street expressway eastbound. those delays spilling back onto the schuylkill and here on the vine westbound approaching 76 there's a crash sticking out into the right lane. couple other issues around the city. in olde city there's a fire location blocking third street near market. stick with fifth instead. that police activity along fairhill near cumberland and a new crash in port richmond ah is at caster and aramingo.
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crash in deptford township blocking delsea drive at essex boulevard. good intents road gets you around that. down the shore there was an accident on the southbound garden state parkway past the great egg tolls. that finally cleared but i would still expect heavy traffic in the area. we'll check it again all those heavy spots coming from the heavy guy, rick and monica, in the next half hour. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> much more still ahead on "action news" at 5:00. president obama calls it the most important step we've ever taken to combat climate change. his mandatory changes to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions next. >> also, new research shows a double dose of chemotherapy greatly increases a survival rate for women fighting ovarian cancer. ali gorman will have the details in health check. that story cecily's back with a closer look at that accuweather forecast when "action news" at 5:00 continues in just a moment.
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>> chopper six right now over some breaking news. we're taking a live look at a brush fire. the fire department from city of philadelphia out on the scene for this brush fire. that's happening at the intersection of lehigh avenue and richmond street. this is in the kensington section of the city.
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you can see the smoke there that's billowing from that. also the flames that are edging around the fire. again this brush fire happening in the kensington section of the city. when they got there the philadelphia fire department working to get it anted control. which may be at some point affecting traffic since it is between i-95 and the delaware river. so far though the smoke has not affected traffic so we'll keep an eye on that and bring you updates as we get them. environmental groups are applauding president barack obama's move to impose mandatory cuts in greenhouse gas emissions. the announcement came down today. the white house posted a video on facebook that called for a 32 percent reduction in power plant carbon dioxide pollution by 20's 30. the president talked about in it washington today with his plan calling it the most important step we've ever taken to combat climate change. president obama is encouraging people to also talk about it on social media using the #act
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on climate. >> health check tonight a fourth person has died from an outbreak of legion legionnaires disease in new york. ali joins us with details. >> officials say this is the city's worst outbreak in years. legionnaires disease is a severe form of newspaper monica. cooling towers at five buildings in the south bronx tested positive for the bacteria were disinfected over the weekend but we could still see some more people become sick. so far 70's have become infected as we said four have died. now the illness is spread by inhaling contaminated water droplets. it is not spreads person-to-person. also today unfortunately there are thousands of rare diseases that affect children. but because they're rare they often don't get as much attention or research to find treatments as the more common illnesses. some lawmakers are trying to change that. senator bob casey spoke at a children's hospital today. he's pushing to extends a program that helps advance and
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fund more research into rare pediatric diseases. the program gives incentives to drug companies to find therapies that help. many times rare diseases are overlooked and families can be left feeling hopeless. >> i hope and i believe that if we continue this program we can bring some measure of light to what is often a curtain of darkness. >> the current program will expire march next year. the new legislation called advancing hope act aims to make the program permanent. and there is new hope for women battling ovarian cancer. seems a double dose of chemotherapy that making a significant difference. a study from the james cancer hospital in ohio shows giving women with stage three ovarian cancer an intravenous dose followed by a dose directly into the abdomen boosts survival by 10 percent. at the three year mark
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81 percent of the women survived compared to 71 percent who only got iv chemotherapy. and half of those women who were treated with a double dose, 10 years ago are still alive today which doctors say is a huge improvement. now, in the study however some women did say that the side effects from the chemotherapy in the abdomen seemed worse but researchers are still studying this therapy. they're not exactly sure why it works but they hope that it can help many more people in the future. rick and monica. >> okay, thank you ali. >> thank you. former president jimmy carter underwent surgery today to remove a small mass from his liver. the carter foundation says the elective procedure at emory hospital in atlanta went well. his prognosis is excellent. by the way he is 90 years old.
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>> ♪♪ >> good news for airline customers tonight. they could see the lowest air fares in years. average domestic air fares for the september through november period is forecast to be around $248 and that's more than three and a half percent cheaper than last fall. one key reason for the cheaper fares is fuel. it is the industry's biggest expense and prices have dropped about 30 percent over
5:21 pm
the last year. >> the first of two job fares for veterans in delaware was held today. delaware senators tom carper and chris coons along with representative john kearny hosted this event. it was from 10:00 until 2:00 at the middletown memorial fire hall on west green street in middletown. more than 30 employers were there looking to hire veterans as well as others an second job fair will be held september 3rd. that one is at wilmington university's dover campus. >> still to come on "action news" at 5:00 we'll check the forecast for you. >> let's look outside right now. sky6 hd at the ben franklin bridge. a hot one out there. the heat wave continues. meteorologist cecily tynan with details from accuweather when we come right back.
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>> time for accuweather. meteorologist cecily tynan here. day seven of the heat wave. doesn't appear we'll get out of it today. >> tomorrow one more day and then it will be over. if you like the heat though, we've been having it for a full week now. we're live on sky6 taking a look in cape may where if you noticed on the water those white caps showing that the sea breeze is really kicking up. over the weekend the land breeze with the green head flies. cape may currently 81 degrees. but inland the heat is on yet again for the seventh day in a row temperatures in the 90's. 91 degrees right now in
5:25 pm
philadelphia. in trenton it's dropped down to 88 degrees, wilmington 88 and allentown not quite that warm 86 degrees. dewpoints are definitely higher than over the weekend. but they're not oppressive in philadelphia. the dewpoint 58 degrees. when you get dewpoints above 70's degrees that's oppressive and with that marine influence it is a lot more humid along the beaches with dewpoints generally in the 70's but it is going to be getting more humid as we head through the overnight hours. satellite6 along with action radar showing that there's a cold front that's moving across the great lakes. not a solid band of thunderstorms with it. there are some scattered showers and thunderstorms though and we could have a few in the overnight hours. so tonight partly cloudy, a warm night with an isolated thunderstorm possible. 75 degrees in philadelphia. 72 in millville. allentown 66 and wilmington 71 degrees. future tracker showing tomorrow morning at 10:30 in the morning temperatures already in the low 80's. looks like we'll get up near 90 degrees in the afternoon. if we hit that, that is in
5:26 pm
fact the eighth day of heat wave number three. and future tracker showing the overnight hours. i think this is somewhat overdone but we could see some isolated thunderstorms rolling through even tomorrow morning as a cold front slips through dries out late in the day with decreasing humidity and then temperatures drop back down into the 80's on wednesday and we can say finally goodbye to heat wave number three. but the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow will be another hot and humid day with a high up near 90 degrees and again if we do hit that, that's the eighth day in the heat wave. on wednesday it will be a warm day but seasonably warm, not as humid with a high of 88 degrees. and thursday the cold front that slips through tomorrow will stall. a wave of low pressure stalls along it. loads roll in during the day. rain late in the day. look at that high 80 degrees. gets even cooler on friday and saturday. we may not even make it out of the 70's. 79 degrees. friday will be a cloudy and damp day with showers and thunderstorms.
5:27 pm
could have some heavy rain and saturday we begin to dry out mostly cloudy, another cool day for a change, 79 degrees. i'll let you know if that cool trend continues through the weekend into early next week coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast but one more day of the heat wave and then some big changes. >> all right, thank you cecily. >> thank you. >> more to come. cracking down on prostitution. a three week long investigation in new jersey lands a number of people in trouble with the law. and after a weekend full of setbacks mother nature is finally helping out firefighters out west of the the latest in the live report from california. >> plus, a final goodbye to bobbi kristina brown as she laid to rest in new jersey next to her mom whitney houston. those stories and much more when "action news" continues tonight.
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. here's what's happening on "action news" monday night. the search is on for a driver involved in an early morning hit and run. the victim left lying in the middle of a philadelphia intersection. we've got the latest. and a popular comedian takes a stance on gun control. amy schumer's personal
5:30 pm
connection to a recent mass shooting. an unusual crime in delaware. someone damaged a beloved mannequin. the owners are so upset they're offering a reward. >> search is on for a driver who hit a woman earlier this morning and took off leaving her lying in the streets. witnesses say she had been waiting at a bus stop in southwest philadelphia. "action news" reporter david henry talked to a woman who stopped to help and he joins us live from penn presbyterian medical center with more. david. >> reporter: monica, 22-year-old dominique parker sims was in rough shape when she was brought here to the hospital. now her condition has been upgraded to good and she is on the mend. the man who put her here is on the run. >> i heard screeching tires and i heard somebody yell, oh, my god. >> reporter: elaine shumaker was horrified to see a young lady lying in the middle of the intersection of 84th and lindbergh boulevard. dominique parker sims had been waiting here for the bus when she was run down. the driver of the truck that
5:31 pm
hit her stopped briefly. >> he got out looked at her actually walked over, walked around her, you know, and then went -- walked back to his truck. >> reporter: others rush to help dominique. she was in severe pain in and out of consciousness but was able to give them her name. they tried to keep ler comfortable until the ambulance arrived. dominique had recently graduated from iowa central. her father says she's an animal lover and wants to return to school and become avertedaa vet. she was on her way home from the overnight shift when she was run down. her boss says she's an incredible person and they're devastated by the news of what happened. witnesses got a good look at the hit and run driver. >> i saw a tall thin white man with a baseball cap. it was a small green pickup truck, possible al chevy or a ford. >> reporter: now dominique's family is hoping that someone will recognize that hit and run driver who may have fresh front end damage to his truck.
5:32 pm
if you know who that might be, they want you to call the police. live in university city, david henry, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you david. philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that left a man injured in the street. this one happened early this morning in the 1900 block of ellsworth street in the point breeze section. the 31-year-old was shot several times and taken to presbyterian hospital in critical condition. investigators say a witness told them a man in a mask approached and started firing so the witness ran. a car was also shot up. police are still trying to piece it altogether. >> weather is finally helping crews battling a massive wildfire in northern california tonight but they still have a lot of work ahead that of em. fire tripled in size over the weekend. it has destroyed dozens of homes and forced thousands of evacuations. abc's brandi hitt is live in los angeles with the latest on efforts to contain it. brandy. >> reporter: hi, rick, yeah fire crews are cautiously optimistic with the massive
5:33 pm
rocky fire now 12 percent contained. the weather is expected to cooperate over the next three days but when the winds pick up each and every afternoon just one hot spot flareup could end up taking out more homes. fast moving flames and a blackened sky over northern california. the out of control rocky fire tripled in size over the weekend. now scorching more than 93 square miles with no end in sight. >> burned off 20,000 acres in five hours. that's incredible. >> reporter: at least two dozen homes have been destroyed. 12,000 people ordered to evacuate. left wondering if their houses near clear lake will be spared. >> nervous as could be. >> thank you, thank you, thank you to all of the fire people, you know, that are out there. >> reporter: it's the largest of at least 21 wildfires now burning in california including a blaze that killed forest service firefighter david ruhl last
5:34 pm
week. his fellow colleagues and friends stood at attention to honor his service today. conditions are so dry across the golden state. as the rocky fire grows it's creating its own weather. stronger rat particular winds pushing flames into rugged terrain. >> we've never seen a fire like this. >> reporter: with 3,000 firefighters now on the front lines launching an all out assault from the ground and the air. these men and women are on 24 hour shifts right now to stop this fire and california's governor also declared a state of emergency which activates additional resources including the national guard. reporting live in los angeles brandi hitt, channel6 "action news. rick. >> brandy thank you. the body of whitney houston's daughter bobbi kristina has been laid to rest in a new jersey cemetery next to her mother. a hearse carrying the 22-year-old bobbi kristina left a funeral home in westfield headed to fairview cemetery followed by two suv's carrying relatives. fans gathered outside to show their support.
5:35 pm
>> such a tragic time and i just want to show my gratitude and my support. you know, life is too short so we all should come together. >> bobbi kristina died in hospice care july 26th, 6 months after she was found unresponsive in the bathtub of her suburban atlanta townhome. >> police in memphis tennessee have released a new photo of a man wanted for allegedly shooting and killing a belief. 29-year-old tremayne will burn struggled with officer sean bolton in what started as a routine traffic stop. will burn was allegedly in the middle of a drug deal which would have led to a misdemeanor citation and fine the now he's wanted for first degree murder. comedian and actress amy schumer is teaming up with her cousin u.s. senator chuck schumer of new york to call for tighter gun control. today they announced a three part plan that would make it harder for violent criminals and the mentally ill to obtain guns.
5:36 pm
the cause hits amy schumer especially hard. recent deadly shooting inside a louisiana movie theater happened during a showing of her movie train wreck. >> the time is now for american people to rally for these changes. these are my first public comments on the issue of gun violence but i can promise you they will not be my last. >> well, part of the proposed measure would reward states that submit information to the federal backgrounds check system. states that do not comply would be penalized. >> back here new surveillance video from a northeast philadelphia fitness center shows a car thief who made off with a member's keys and the vehicle. it happened at the planet fitness on roosevelt boulevard back in june. you can see the suspect go to a key rack in the customer service area where gym goers hang their keys while working out. police say he took a set of keys, headed out to the parking lot and then drove the corresponding car away. if you have any information about this suspect, you're is there to please call philadelphia police. >> police in percenter is
5:37 pm
county new jersey have made five arrests and seized money in a crackdown on prostitution during the three week investigation they raided several spas in lawrence, ewing and hopewell townships. several managers were arrested including ying lan liu. investigators seized several vehicles. an odd prank in middletown delaware, somebody broke the arm off a mannequin that was bolted down at the halloween haunted house called fright land here in the 300 block of port penn road. the mannequin named dee dee graves is used to hold advertisements that had a now hiring sign on it at the time. managers do have a video of the suspect. they're offering a $500 reward for information. they then removed what is left of the mannequin and they say they'll hold a mock candlelight vigil for the mannequin wednesday night at 8:30. >> in delaware drivers who do not if any their fines for minor traffic offenses will not automatically lose their
5:38 pm
licenses. "action news" was there as governor jack markell signed senate bill 132. under the law people who owe fines can't renew their license or get a duplicate but the license will not be suspended if the driver doesn't pose a safety hazard. markel says the suspensions were unnecessary burdens for those who need to drive to earn money in order to pay their fines. >> time nor an update on the highways and by ways on a monday night. >> over to matt pelman to see what's up. >> this evening commute is causing us some time. here's the silver lining this evening. they reopened this ramp from spring garden street to the westbound schuylkill. had been closed for construction for about week and they were scheduled to close the eastbound off ramp to spring garden street starting today around the clock. now they're just going to do that during the overnight hours. so, that's better news. but, but on the eastbound side of 76 a solid line from city avenue into the vine street expressway because of extra heavy delays on the eastbound vine because of extra heavy delays on northbound 95
5:39 pm
because of a new construction pattern that was set up over the weekend at girard avenue giving us big delays all day with speeds like 10 miles per hour. have some downed wires now in upper gwynedd by green lawn cemetery blocking sumneytown pike. stay up on main street instead. if you ride the market frankford line boarding all trains from the eastbound platforms between 15th and 30th streets because of a medical emergency. rick and monica, back over to you. >> all right. >> thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> coming up next on "action news" tonight another midair drone scare. a commercial pilot started the unmanned object as he tried to land a plane full of people. why these sightings are causing major safety concerns. jeff. >> hey, monica. demarco murray the new eagles running back talks bouts difference between philadelphia and cowboys country plus eagles defensive coordinator bill davis defends head coach chip kelly after another player took a shot at the eagles head coach. that and much more coming up in sports. cecily. >> jeff, our heat wave now day
5:40 pm
seven, 93 degrees the official high. i'm tracking one more hot day and then some big changes on the way. all the details in the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. >> and philadelphia students get help pursuing their dreams of going to college. all that and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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>> either pilot reported a close encounter with a drone while landing at j.f.k. airport. this is the third time in just the past few days. federal officials say a shuttle america pilot reported seeing the device around sickie 6 o'clock last night. the plane did land safely but experts say a drone could cause a lot of damage even bring down a jet if the drone flies into the engine or hits the cockpit window. faa rules do not allow unmanned objects within 5 miles of an airport. >> french and malaysian investigators met with a judge in paris today as a state of the art lab continues to study a wing fragment that may be from missing malaysia flight three 70's. the wing arrived at the lab with a police escort over the weekend. many are hoping the piece known as a flaperon can help solve the mystery surrounding the flight. the plane disappeared in march
5:44 pm
of 2014 with 239 people on board. >> time now for sports. jaime apody is live in the "action news" sports center with all the days headlines. >> hi, jamie. >> i might have to check myself in the mirror. >> you don't look a thing like jamie. >> can you just go jamie for us. >> we love you ducis. >> i get it a lot. let's talk about the eagles. day one has controversy from a player who is no longer on the team. day two thankfully we can talk about football. jeff skversky is live at eagles camp with stories from today. jeff. >> reporter: hey jamie or ducis, what's up jamie. how are you? demarco murray the first leading rushing in the nfl to switch teams in nearly 70 years. eagles fans of course are used to booing the guy now they're cheering the former cowboys running back so on day two of training camp today i asked demarco murray if he feels like a philadelphia eagle yet. his response i definitely feel like an eagle. good to know. all right, let's take a look
5:45 pm
at demarco murray the new eagles pro bowl running back arc full go in training camp today after sitting out team drills yesterday. it was a coach's decision murray says. he's 100 percent healthy. perhaps chip kelly is trying to ease the former cowboys running back into the mix and trying to keep those legs fresh. after all, murray touched the ball last season nearly 500 times, more than any other back in football. >> i thought the workload was equal obviously going to be able to be out for a certain amount of time and the tempo and how fast you get going is a little bit different but i've always kind of been in good shape and pride myself on being able to run all day so obviously it's different just the tempo and things of that nature is a little different. >> chip kelly has come under fire this off season for the way he allegedly treats players. brandon boykin the latest to take a shot at chip yesterday but boykin's former defensive
5:46 pm
coordinator bill davis comes to chip's defense today. davis who has been in the nfl for 20 years says this is as good as it gets here. >> it's outstanding and i say that from all sincerity. he has got one of the most open door policies of guys i've been around and you know the guys i've been around and you can make your own assessments. he is wide opened. ask the guys in the building. he really does. it's really being portrayed outside different than it is inside 'cause it really is a easy to be around atmosphere. >> reporter: and davis has if reason. they moved brandon boykin to pittsburgh, it was all about the position of depth. they have a lost defensive backs that they can use so he was expendable. he is sad to see him go. the eagles, though, they feel they are just fine in the secondary live at the novacare complex, jeff skversky channel6 "action news. ducis, jamie, whoever is back there, back to you guys. >> we will see you next half
5:47 pm
hour, jeff. thank you very much. the phillies have the day off tomorrow a familiar face with return in an adversarial role. jimmy rollins and the dodgers will be in town to begin a three game series. the phillies faced rollins in los angeles last month but this will be his first game back in philadelphia since he was traded in the off season. this should be interesting to see the crowd's reaction to j. roll. >> should be a standing ovation. why wouldn't it? phenomenal guy, a hall of famer. he has great numbers. still doing it. you know, he's the man. i always mess with him but he's still doing it, man still playing golden glove short to. he's awesome. >> the phillies fell short of a four game sweep of the braves with a six-two loss yesterday. chase peterson did most of the damage. despite the loss the phillies are still 1213 since the all-star break. that's a look at sports. rick and monica. >> all right well, ducis tell
5:48 pm
jamie we were thinking of her would you do that. >> nice job. >> nice to see you. still ahead on "action news" tonight severe weather causes tragedy near chicago. organizers racing to evacuate a music festival but the storm hit first. we got new details about the man hit and killed when a tent went airborne. >> also stepping outside sky6 hd looking live in atlantic city new jersey, meteorologist cecily tynan with that exclusive accuweather 7-day. we're going to get a break from the heat wave but it won't be today. coming up.
5:49 pm
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5:51 pm
>> people in the chicago area are cleaning up from a round of deadly severe weather. a father of two died yesterday when a tent collapsed at a music festival. 15 other people were injured. witnesses say organizers had shut down rides and were trying to get everyone out of the main tent when strong winds from a storm lifted it into the air. >> wow. >> serious stuff. hot, hot hot. pretty seriously hot here. >> one more day of it and then things change. by the end of the week it will be a little bit chillily. >> my goodness. >> believe it or not, storm tracker6 live double scan showing most of our region is rain free. there is one isolated downpour working out of northern berks county right now. elsewhere, though, it's really just all about the heat. the action cam taking a look up today and seeing, yes plenty of sunshine and blue skies and feeling the seventh
5:52 pm
straight day of temperatures in the 90's. our morning low 73 degrees. normal low or average low 69. our afternoon high shot up to 93 degrees. the average high for this time of the year 87 and the record high 98 set back in 2006. not a record but the seventh day in heat wave number three. right now it's still 91 degrees in philadelphia it's 89 in millville, 86 in allentown, 88 in trenton with a wind off the ocean a lot cooler down the shore. avalon and the boardwalk in atlantic city it's 80 degrees. that being said, this is where most of the humidity is with the wind off the ocean that marine influence. it's pretty muggy at the boardwalk in atlantic city. it's 72 degrees. the dewpoint. inlands though philadelphia the dewpoint 58 degrees. not too bad. a lot of area's dewpoints in the low 60's so a little bit more humid than over the weekend but not oppressive. now, satellite6 along with action radar showing what will end the heat wave is a cold front. it's currently across the midwest. not a solid band of thunderstorms with this but as
5:53 pm
it rolls in, it could bring us some scattered thunderstorms especially in the overnight hours. so, the next 12 hours a warm night, partly cloudy skies with a thunderstorm in spots. 68 degrees in the suburbs, 75 for center city. and future tracker showing that we could get some strong storms in the overnight hours especially south of philadelphia. could be rolling off the coast around 8:30 so don't be surprised if you do hear a rumble of thunder early tomorrow morning and it is going to be another hot day. with this front limping through our afternoon high up near 90 degrees. if we hit that, that's heat wave number eight -- heat wave -- the eighth day in heat wave number three i was trying to say. talking a lot about the heat. then as we head into wednesday, this cold front slips off the shore. it will be seasonably warm, 88 degrees. rick standing up right now. lower humidity on wednesday but that front will stall south of us. a wave of low pressure will develop along that and that means we could have a soaking rain thursday into friday. much needed rain. down the shore tomorrow lots of clouds in the morning some
5:54 pm
afternoon sunshine very warm. atlantic city beach haven surf city 87. ocean city 88. rehoboth and bethany a high of 90. so the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow hot and humid with a high near 90. wednesday a warm day but lower humidity. a lot more comfortable 88 degrees. on thursday we cloud up with some rain developing a high of 80 and friday looks to be a cloudy cool and damp day with showers, perhaps some thunderstorms, a high of only 79 trees. we dry things outer on saturday. but it stays cool with a high of 79 and sunday still on the cool side. clouds with some sunshine and a high of 82 degrees. and monday mostly sunny with a high of 84 degrees. so, what i meant to say tomorrow will be day number eight of the third heat wave of the year. >> took you a few times to get that. >> look, i got a headache. it's just going to be hot again tomorrow. we'll be right back. >> make it easy. >> stay with us.
5:55 pm
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>> local students and their families are getting help pursuing their dreams. the annual philadelphia college prep round table is under way as part of a two day conference at saint joe's university in wynnefield. students are getting advice about preparing for college and how to be successful once they get there. admissions advisers will be there to help students realize all that college has to offer for their futures. >> right now jim gardner and the "action news" team are standing by with these stories and much more next at 6:00 police say this man put skimming devices on several atm's. we'll tell you which machines are affected. >> nine car owners find their tires slashed in south philadelphia this morning. how the suspect was apprehended and. and a camden county police officer saves a woman in new york city. his off duty actions that stopped an attack. >> those stories and more coming your way next at 6:00 for adam joseph, cecily tynan sharrie williams, rick williams the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a great night. >> good night.
5:58 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪♪ >> monday night police are looking for the man who attacked a war veteran in chester county and aphides catholic schoolteacher delivers a message to the archdiocese of philadelphia. but the big story on "action news" tonight is the search for a hit and run driver who struck a five-year-old girl. it happened last night at 5 o'clock. the car hit karley green in the 2200 block of north lambert street in north philadelphia. live at the scene tonight is "action news" reporter vernon odom. vernon, two things. what about the condition of
6:00 pm
the girl and what about the search for the driver? >> reporter: jim, first the little girl karley green's family tells me she's stable and her situation is improving tonight. as for the suspect police sources tell me they do have some leads but he remains free and on the lam and at large at this hour. five-year-old karley green is due to be released from saint christopher's hospital late today in the wake of a hit and run accident on lambert street late yesterday afternoon that missed killing her by inches. police are still looking for the hit and run driver. the child was visiting on lambert with her cousins a number of youngsters were playing out in the street when karley was hit by a light colored suv. karley's mother tells me she's making a miraculous recover 43 a concussion and various cuts and bruises. >> she doesn't really remember too much of what happened. in the beginning she was still kind of incoherent blurting out random things. now she's fully aware what's going on. she knows she was in an accident. >> reporter: karley's family has nothing but pra


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