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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news this noon a trip to the circus
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ends in trenl guy, the fair ground accident that kill aid father and daughter. and a shooting outside of a concert in new jersey, the attack that left two people in critical condition. we begin with developing news this noon, a former teacher is sentenced on sexual assault charges. he plead guilty to inappropriately touching school students in glenolden. katherine scott joins us live in media now with the full story. >> reporter: sara, more and more victims have been coming forward as this investigation has been going on. this morning the prosecution referenced 12 potential victims, and it's going on inside of this courthouse in media. they are all teen girls, and this took place over a 14 year period. lets go to the video, today began with two counts of
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corruption of a minor and then a witness was called by a witness, melanie sharone. who claimed he abused his trust most recently in the a darby township school thark he groomed his victims whispering to them and giving them candy and escalated to a sexual nature, in most cases over their clothes, the ables range from 6 to 10 years old and he has turned in his teaching certificate and is unable to teach again and he sourpderred earlier this year and today moved for immediate sentencing, but that has not happened yet, right now a different psychologist has taken the stand, by the defense and there will be statemented by the victim's families. >> katherine thank you.
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one person died in a traffic accident this morning in chester county, chopper 6 hd was over the intersection of fairview in glen more at 7:30, police are investigating what caused the vehicles to collide, police have not identified the turn that died. traffic is a mess on the new jersey turnpike in northern knowledge, a dump truck collided with a car and closed two lanes in linden. no word yet on injuries. we are on the home stretch of a week long heat wave, sky 6 hd is looking at center city right now, we see climbing temperatures with a mix of clouds and sunshine, meteorologist, david murphy, is at the big board tracking the latest conditions. >> ahead of that we have one more day of the heat and humidity and perhaps storms rick. right now not a whole lot on
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radar but i want to point out this little precipitation to the north, that kind of marks the frontal boundary drifting in our direction, this will be here this afternoon and this evening, and ahead of it, right around philadelphia, we are expecting to fire up some of this kind of activity and we have enough dynamics in place where we could see a strong storm or two, this will be later this afternoon perhaps into the early evening hours and the prediction center agrees with this from areas down in philadelphia down to the shore, given that front coming in it could produce 60 miles per hour gusts, of course strong enough to bring trees and wires down, before dawn we had a little bit of this action coming through chester county, they were not quite this strong but those brought drown trees and wires in spots and this could be something we are in for starting at 2:00 or 3:00, a slight chance
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of hail form from these storms, another indication that they are strong, the prediction center has an area closer to the shore in philadelphia, where there is a slight chance of an isolate the tornado and put this together and they are expected to be spotty but if you see the skies turn threatening and hear thunder take cover in the indoors and lower floors. 87 in philadelphia, and the dew points are still pretty high and feels humid. i'll have more on the potential of storms using future tracker 6 showing you where they might pop up later in the half hour. powerful storms are blamed for two deaths at a fair ground in new hampshire, a charge contents collapsed during a circus show, a father and daughter were killed and three others were hurt. now they are looking at how the tent was set up. and if there was warning from the organizers.
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marcy gonzales is live now from new york. >> reporter: investigators are still out at the scene and we just an update from them as we hear more from witnesses. >> a circus tent whipped apart with nearly 100 people inside. >> i see the big metal poles holding up the at the present time coming out of the grown ground, a 15 minutes into a walker brothers international performance like this one. >> it was terrifying, you hear the screaming children and the crying, at least 32 spectators were injured and a father and his 6-year-old daughter killed. the storm that moved through part of the same system that spawned tornadoes in the midwest and caused a deadly tent collapse near a festival near
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chicago and the national weather service putting out a severe thunderstorm warning just 20 minutes before the disaster. >> it's the responsibility of the show to monitor the conditions and we don't know why they were going on at that time. and what they knew. >> and investigators are looking into whether the tent was properly constructed. at this point they don't expect to file any charges. >> marcy thank you. breaking news now from the pennsylvania turnpike in buck county, these are the eastbound lanes of the turnpike in southhampton bucks county, this is the result of a vehicle collision with a tractor trailer, the vehicle portion of the truck is on fire, fire is burning out of this tractor trailer, all eastbound lanes are blocked and if chopper can widen out we can see traffic backed up
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here at the willow grove and route 1 interchange along the eastbound side of the p.a. turnpike, amazingly no injuries to report, but again all lanes are blocked. eastbound turnpike at mile marker, 340, as a result of that collision and a fire burning in a tractor trailer. we'll monitor it during our newscast and at in other news, philadelphia police have the name a possible suspect for a murder in brewery town last night. police responded to a fatal shooting at an auto repair shop in the 2700 block of west cabot at 5:15, a man was shot in the chest and they followed a trail of greasy footprints to an apartment on west jared avenue, s.w.a.t. teams took a man into
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custody. in west philadelphia, a police officer, a taxi driver and a passenger were hurt in a collision early this morning, the police cruiser was responding to a call when it struck the taxi at 3:00 a.m. and sent it into a building. a 19th district police officer had injuries and a concussion and the passenger and taxi driver were treated for bumps and bruises. just over 30,000 people entered the latry for regional rail tickets, septa is making 50,000 tickets vanlable for weekend. the random data base will select the winners it's not clear what septa will do if there is any extra tickets once the sale is completed. for the first time this
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season eagles practice is open to fans. they are celebrating legends of the franchise with eagles alumni day. we'll have a live report coming up at 12:30. still to come on "action news" at noon, a federal lawsuit over what happened in this video, why two police officers handcuffed an 8-year-old boy in a school classroom. and four local cemetery employees are under arrest for stealing from people's graves.
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new jersey state police are searching for a gunman that shot two people outside of a concert at pnc in holmdel. witnesses said an argument broke out followed by gun fire and people stampeding to get away, the victims are in critical condition in the hospital, investigators believe the suspect fled into the woods. 13,000 people were told to evacuate because of a massive wild fire in northern california, the rocky fire has
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burned more than 100 square miles and destroyed at least two dozen homes, yesterday the flames jumped the highway that was serving as a containment line. it caught firefighters off guard and at least two dozen other wild fires are burning in california right now. a death toll for a legionaires outbreak in new york city has risen to 37 people, it is linked to cooling towers and 80 patients were linked to the rare form of pneumonia. a clients of a popular rental website was robbed of $35,000, the homeowner rented her place through air b and b, but her guests broke into locked room and took valuable belongings in fronts of home cameras. police quickly arrested the suspect, air b and b says they
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are working with the victim and they cover up to $30,000 in property damage. police are facing a lawsuit after they handcuffed an 8-year-old boy in kentucky. >> that hurts! >> a school staff member recorded this video in november, but the american civil liberties union just released. that two sheriff's deputies handcuffed the child because of what his parents blame on ptsd. >> he stands 3.5 feet tall and weighed 54 pounds and at no time has been a danger to himself or anyone else. >> the sheriff's department in kentucky is not commenting until they review the lawsuit. two department stores will start same day livery in the
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two major department stores begin same day delivery beginning this month. the macy's and bloomingdales will make the deliveries available starting september 25th, you can get any deliveries from their mobile app and
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website. south jersey is not being included in this service. >> health check this noon, taking high doses of vitamin d may not be the answer to stopping bone fractures. vitamin d has been linked to falls and breaks with orlando adults. university of wisconsin researchers tested 230 women past menopause. an evebtive ovarian treatment -- a second dose delivered directly to the abdomen, helped women with advanced symptoms of the disease. several veterans shared their struggle to get back on their feet today. the action cam was in university city has they detailed their brush with homelessness, philadelphia leaders discussed the progress they made on
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president obama's initiative to end veteran homelessness, and responsered by veterans affairs and hoping development and housing. here is alicia vitarelli live in the newsroom with a preview. >> hey guys, coming up today at 4:00, arch bishops from iraq and syria are in town to talk about religious persecution, also high chairs are a must have for women with babies but they are not all easy to clean, consumer reports puts them to the test. and look at this video showing several cars crashing down into a river, if you have not already downloaded the free 6 abc news app, can you watch our newscast streaming live, we'll see you today at 4:00.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is back now with a look at the precipitation people may see today. >> we have the potential for a strong thunderstorm later today but right now we don't have it. we were dealing with this during the early part of the rush hour and now a break. taking a look outside, we have chopper 6 hd flying over downingtown, pennsylvania, and beautiful pictures out there, if you are down at the ground level, it's a little bit hot and humid out there, your temperature is 87 degrees in philadelphia and your dew point is 64, and anything over 60 indicates humidity and dew points over the region and winds from the southwest right now, 14
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miles per hour continuing to draw in that humidity, 87 in the city and 85 in wilmington, not quite so bad, and 84 in trenton and 85 in millville, and down the shore in cape may 84 degrees, here are the due points, 64 degree reading in philadelphia, anything over 60 indicates humid air and we have higher numbers in other neighborhoods and 70s down south in cape may, obviously it's still sticky and a frontal boundary coming in from the north will tend to take care of that, here is future tracker 6 right now nothing going on but as soon as 2:00 or 3:00, we are expecting that to get close enough to start churning this hot, humid air and turning it into thunderstorms. from you underneath wuchb these storms you are in the minority and these storms themselveses are rather strong drenching
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downpours, and by 5:00 it looks like the action is over south jersey and delaware, by 7:00 until 8:00 it's off the coast, several issues with these storms, the high probability is light and downpours but some could produce damaging wind gusts and large hail is not out of the question, i'm putting a low chance of a tornado but there actually is a chance. it will alert you if there is a warning in your neck of the woods, if you see the skies become threatening, get into the lower floors during your first opportunity. especially at the playground or pool get to shelter. not quite as hot as yesterday but still sticky, down the shore on the muggy side, 6-on the beach and 70s in the water and that spotty storm chance exits
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in the afternoon and evening. get off the boards or the beach if the skies turn threatening. still humid out there however if you are headed to the phillies game tonight, i think even though it may be sticky at the start of the game, you'll feel the humidity dropping during the game. hot and humid, 92 and look for spotty storms tomorrow warm 89 but feeling better and 82 for a high on thursday, another wave of throw pressure approaches on thursday and clouds thicken, late in the day or at night we see periods of heavy rain develop and friday is wet and there are models with heavy rain and a thunderstorm tossed in, any rain on saturday ends early though and the rest of the weekend is dry. >> thank you david. >> a young boy from schuylkill county pennsylvania, does not want gifts for his 10th birthday, instead blake who suffers from cerebral palsy is asking his friends and family to
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make donations to the wounded warrior project, so far blake has raised more than $450, the wounded warrior project recognizes blake's support and they wished him a happy birthday. >> as do we. more ahead in our next half hour, we are foming breaking news from the pennsylvania turnpike. chopper 6 hd is live over the accidents causing delays in bucks county coming up next. and an update on the people attending a concert in central jersey. next.
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we are back with breaking news, chopper 6 hd is live over the after imagine of a collision on the pennsylvania turnpike that happened on the eastbound lanes near mile marker 340 in bucks county. there was a collision between a trick or treat and a vehicle. all lanes are blocked at the scene, between willow grove and the route one interchange. the rear portion of the tractor trailer is on fire and smoke is coming out of the back of that tractor trailer since the collision happened. firefighters are on the scene trying to extinguish it. quite a book up here eastbound on the pennsylvania turnpike, in southhampton township, buck
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county, traffic is backed up for miles. we'll continue to update this situation on the air and online at and now to the eagles, it is day three of training camp in south philadelphia, and for the first time the practice is open to the fans, chad pradelli joins us live from lincoln financial field with more on that. >> hey rick, the birds are back, the gates open at 10:00 a.m. and thousands of fans streamed into the stadium to get their first look at the eagles and training camp, a lot of changes with this football team, gone are shady mccoy and nick foles and jeremy maclin, in or demarco murray and keiko alonsalonso. they are optimistic with this team and believe they will make the playoffs. the general fe


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