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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 4, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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matt pellman will have more in the "action news" traffic report in a few minutes. >> i'm brian taff. >> and i'm sara bloomquist. now accuweather and day eight of our heat wave, sky 6 hd with a live look in atlantic city, the heat is on and part of our area could be in for another round of stormy weather, lets get to adam joseph for the latest from accuweather. >> the same old same old with the temperature, heat wave number eight continues today. 95 is the high, eight days straight now of 90 or above and today marks the 21st time we have seen the temperatures above 90 degrees in philadelphia. as we look at the numbers, 91 in philadelphia, not bad to the north of town, 95 in philadelphia and 86 in lancaster.
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double scan live radar is in new england with severe weather, can you see at this point, nothing is going on in the mid-atlantic with the front draped through but through the next few hours there could be an isolated thunderstorm that pops. we are talking about cape may county and delaware. it would be brief with downpours and gusty winds but most of us
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will just stay ott and dry, coming back we'll talk about a break in the heat wave ain soaking rain on the way. >> thank you adam. of course is your one stop shopping for you every day for the hourly forecast and live storm tracker 6 radar images. philadelphia police are investigating a hit and run that seriously injured an 8-year-old boy, they say that someone ran over the boy's legs and kept ongoing. it happened yesterday in philadelphia not far from the scene of another hit and run involving a 5-year-old girl, "action news" reporter, david henry, is live now with the latest. >> sara is seems like it's open season for hit and run drivers, three incident over the first two day of this week alone and two of them involving young children. >> how are you feeling today?
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>> i'm feeling pretty good. >> 8-year-old azim brown is a lucky boy and he a friend were playing in a fire hydrant and the force of the water pushed him into the street and the car ran over his legs and kept going. >> the tire went over my legs. >> that was a block and a half ago from where carly green was rundown, she was playing and was hit by a light colored suv and it kept going, she wam home from the hospital last night. and 23-year-old parker sims remained hospitalized after being hit by a pickup truck yesterday, she was at the bus stop at linwood boulevard. that driver also kept going, commissioner ramsey says hit and runs are happening in an alarming rate. >> so far this year we have 7,
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and this time last year we only had three, we have already equaled the total for all of 2014. >> police believe they found the suv that hit carly but no charges have been filed as they try to determine who was driving. >> the car that hit azim was a late model charge and they are looking for a small pickup truck that hit dominique yesterday morning. >> people, for whatever reason panic, perhaps. and just leave, and that just compounds an already serious problem. >> reporter: commissioner ramsey says it's trending upwards because of texting and the use of cell phones, he is asking everyone to pay more attention especially this time of year when children are outside playing. david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a former delaware county
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teacher accused of sexually assaulting several girls learned his fate. he was sentenced to one to two years in state prison and has to register as a sexually violence predator for the rest of his life. the teacher plead guilty to inappropriately touching young girls at darby elementary school. the owner of a cemetery and three employees are facing charges today. authorities say that they swiped brass urns and exchanged them for cash. police say that they took the urns from head stones at sharon hills memorial park and brought them to a scrap yard in april and may in exchange for a few hundred bucks. ethel melvin is the mother of two suspects, they also manage cemeteries in smyrna and camden.
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they are still looking for a suspect, donald melvin. we'll see if wawa gets the green light to sell beer at one of their sites, the delaware county based chain is looking to sell six-packs at its store on neiman road, wawa already sells beer in virginia and florida and may seek to extend to other stores in pennsylvania if chadds ford is successful. eagles fans are getting their first look at the new team, today's practice was the first to be open to the fans, what do the faithful think of all the changes? chad pradelli is live now from lincoln financial field. >> reporter: this really is a great event for the fans, first of all it's free and secondly you have all sorts of stuff for famliz and those fans get to get on the first level and get close
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to the action, talking to fans in the linc they are confident about the season and think the birds will make the playoffs and like the changes this team has made. >> woo go birds! i can't wait. >> fans had their game faces on for training camp. i call it christmas in july and christmas in august this year. >> a look into the green grass of the link and you'll see new faces, gone are shady mccoy and nick foles, here are sam bradford and kiki alonso. >> i like demarco murray, and if sam bradford plays anything like he did before he got hurt, it will be good. >> he has a nice arm, but if sam can stay healthy we'll be in great shape. >> chip kelly has jettisoned many players and some while walking out the door accused him of racism. but talking to fans of all
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races, it seems most trust chip and he is the guy to bring philadelphia the first super bowl title. >> say what? you duplicate the chip, kelly that is. >> i think is he exciting and different, he is not afraid to say if are you not doing the job hit the road we'll bring somebody else in. >> so a great day here in the the linc the weather cooperated and if you missed it there will be another free day at the linc coming this sunday. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you. well, bethlehem police are beefing up security at this year's music fest. they will add additional cameras that will be monitored from an on site mobile senter and they will bright the path down main street. after a number of serious incidents last year including two shootings near festival
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grounds. so musikfest runs august 7th through the 16 and in bethlehem and hundreds of acts take to the stage including snoop dog and darius rucker and jerry seinfeld. abc 6 is a proud sponsor of fusic fest for the'11"th year. and they were joined by archbishops from syria and iraq, talking about the plight of christians that are persecuted in the middle oosthuizen. a time concern for the pontiff and the knights of column use yus that have raised $3 million to date to help the fundments lifts in syria and iraq. >> i have seen people kill,
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slaughter, a woman -- violently, houses destructed churches and -- invaded. >> both archbishoped say it's a dark time and with the support of the pope and the knights of columbus, here in america they are now starting to see the light. the knights of columbus will launching a television campaign this weekend to draw greater attention to the plight of christians in the middle east. >> all right alicia thank you. time now to get the "action news" traffic report, it's been a busy afternoon. >> it certainly has been definitely on the pennsylvania term turnpike, matt pellman is standing by with an update. >> it's the stuck traffic officially the turnpike eastbound remains closed, these people getting by in the left
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lane on the pennsylvania turnpike, these people have been sitting here for almost five hours, stuck waiting to get past the scene of this tractor trailer fire, from which we still see smoke coming up, this is a major mess, if you feel like your day is bad, at least you were not stuck on the pennsylvania eastbound for five hours. there is still traffic there waiting to get by on the left lane, the eastbound lanes of turnpike remain closed through willow grove and 611 and bensal. head north and use 63 or head south and use route 73, turnpike eastbound is not why wr you want to be. northbound 95 from the walt whitman bridge from girard to allegheny and farther north a crash just cleared approaching street road, it's heavy from academy to this points.
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lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report. 3, 6, 5, 7, 4, 9 miles per hour all around the pennsylvania turnpike, with the waze app you can check the alternates. 63 and 73 are possibilities. we'll check these abyssmal speeds again in the next half hour. >> how about people with children in the car or running out of gas. thank you matt. more to come on "action news" at 4:00, including fallout from the killing of that protected lion in zimbabwe. and a road collapses and sends cars into the river in china. and high chairs are essential for parents with young children but how easy are they to clean. let me tell you, not very easy. consumer reports puts the top brands to the test.
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dramatic video from north china heavy rains caused this road to collapse sending three vehicles plunging into a river and a man climbed down the collapse cliff to get to one of vehicles, media says this was the heaviest rain storm in years. fortunately nobody was killed . three people are dead in new hampshire after powerful storms ripped through fair grounds. a father and his daughter were killed and nearly three dozen others were hurt, more than 100 people were inside of the circus tent when it ripped apart, the storm packed 60 miles per hour winds and hail. it was only 15 minutes into the show and at least 32 circus goers were injured and that father and his 6-year-old daughter were killed. the national weather service issued the thunderstorm warning just 20 minutes before the
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disaster. >> terrifying, you just hear the screaming children and the crying. >> it's really the responsibility of the show to monitor the conditions and we don't know why they were going on at that time or what they knew. >> investigators are looking into whether the tent was properly constructed and they don't expect to file charges against the operators, walker brothers. the very same storm spawned several tornadoes in the midwest causing a deadly tent collapse at a festival near chicago. in less than a week two deadly tent accidents, sad news there brian. >> alicia thank you. three major u.s. airlines have banned the shipment of hunting trophies. they will no long accept rhino, leopard, lion and buffalo
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trophies since that well known doctor killed the lion in zimbabwe. foreign airlines announced similar bans. the closing numbers, it's do you off 47.5 points and the nasdaq off 10 minutes and the s&p 500 down 5 points on the day. temperature-wise the numbers are in the 90s for days now as we get a check of the accuweather forecast. but like wall street they are headed down. adam joseph is here with the details we might like this. >> the only numbers we want to go down in the summertime and that is the air temperature and that will happen in the beginning of the week but not right now. it's 91 in philadelphia, 90 trenton and 90 wilmington but along i-95 and towards the lehigh valley, it's dry with the dew point and it doesn't feel oppressive outside and that
4:19 pm
changes as you head south in dover and atlantic city, it's much more uncomfortable down there, 50s in philadelphia, and 60 in trenton and that is not too bad, once you head to wildwood, there is more moisture in the atmosphere and more uncomfortable. as we look at the water vapor, that is 10,000 to 15,000 feet in the atmosphere it shows moisture to form showers and thunderstorms and there is really a void and all the green is around us this morning with the first round of rain that pushed off the coast and we do have dry air in place across much of the area and satellite and radar confirms that most of the activity is in new england right now and some showers and downpours developing in parts of virginia, if anyone is fair game for a downpour it would be southern new jersey and delaware, for most of us it's mostly cloudy and pleasant. 70 in philadelphia and 70 in
4:20 pm
dover, future tracker will show around 7:00 this evening, there could be an isolated downpour or thunderstorm in southern parts of south jersey or delaware, that could continue until the 10:00, 11:00 hour, and then early on wednesday morning, some high clouds to the south and sunshine to start your midweek and in the afternoon tomorrow a northwesterly wind kicks in and we see a decent amount of sunshine. the four day at 4:00 forecast, sunny and warm tomorrow 89, thursday 82 degrees and periods of rain here on friday of 75 degrees and maybe a few lingering clouds saturday morning turning sunny in the afternoon with a high of 79 degrees, i tell you we can use rain around here especially for our gardens like here on city avenue, jenny rose stopped by
4:21 pm
the garden to talk about there are plants out there, that do well with no rain. okay jenny it's pretty dry as of late and people are looking to plan this time of year you kind of have broken it down. >> look for things with silver foliage. the silver foliage plantses, when i say dry, they will take very, very dry, like parking lots and sides of driveways and roads, you really knts kill them. > >> ala aloe. >> we love that. that stops the moisture from evaporating. >> and what to stay away from is these kinds of plant? >> anything way larger needs more water, ferns and mosses and these types of things,
4:22 pm
generally. those require more moisture. and lots of hibiscus. and water less often and more deeply, when you water it, don't go out and do a little sprinkle, water once or twice a week but make sure the water goes down to the roots. >> and mother nature will help us at the end of the week and pennsylvania horticultural society, we do a great job with the water garden here. brian, those dry weather plants, those are the ones you want to stick with. >> if i could hear that british accent all day long. that was pleasant. thank you adam. >> thank you. well, the redistricting of wilmington public schools can move forward after delaware's governor signed a new bill into law, it gives the state board of
4:23 pm
education the ability to change boundaries. district and colonial schools will move to the east district. it's a group of leaders assigned to oversee the district transition. philadelphia police recruits took a field trip and they boarded buses at the police academy for a drive to the holocaust museum in washington, that is where they use lessons in the holocaust to train the officers in ethics, it's attended by law enforcement from around the country. still to come on "action news" at 4:00, the latest on a deadly outbreak of legionaires disease in new york.
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identify a lone shooter from a new jersey concert last night, someone opened fire at a soldout j cole and snoop dog performance. the vick testimonies were in critical condition and they have not yet revealed their names or ages. coming up an update on a fiery wreck that has it's eastbound section of the turnpike. plus -- >> i'm nydia han looking for a high chair for your little one that will make meal time easier and safer, consumer reports tested nine new high chairs.
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it is 4:30 and we begin with breaking news from south hamilton, buck county, chopper 6 hd is live over the eastbound lanes of pennsylvania turnpike where the evening commute has turned into a total nightmare for drivers after a car collided with the willow grove inchange at route 1 this morning. the truck was filled with cardboard and caught fire, it's still smoldering at this hour and both drivers suffered minor
4:30 pm
injuries, the aftermath is all over the roadway, and drivers trapped behind the wreck for hours, they are starting to squeeze by, occasionally in a slow drip but they have appeared to have stopped it once again at the moment. now eastbound traffic is forced off at.willow grove interests change and we are told that some drivers have been waiting so long they are running outs of gas and matt pellman will have much more coming up in the "action news" traffic report in just a few minutes. >> what a mess. >> now to the latest on a deadly airborne update in the big apple at least seven people in new york have died from legionaires disease. mainly from large cooling systems for more on the signs and symptoms, we turn to marcy
4:31 pm
gonzales live in new york. >> reporter: the city's health commissioners says this most likely passed its peak. and meanwhile, officials here are looking at ways from keeping an outbreak like this from happening again. concerns about a growing number of cases of a deadly illness, in less than a month legionaires disease effecting 80 people and killing seven. and in michigan. the disease claimed troy's mother debbie. >> you go from a migraine to a headache and then you can't breathe and your lungs shut off. >> he doesn't know how she can tracted the disease, doctors say it's only spread through vapor, air conditioners and fountains and showers. they linked the outbreak in new
4:32 pm
york to rooftop air conditioners. >> there is no affect on our water supply. >> usually they have underlying medical problems, frequently smokers or former smokers, people with lung disease or kidney disease or diabetes or those with immune problems, doctors are warning people with symptoms including fever and shortness of breath to get checked immediately. >> i was about to wait one more day to go to the hospital, if i had waited one more day i don't think i would have been here right now. >> and doctors say that legionaires disease can be treated with antibiotics and is not transmitted from person to person. >> marcy thank you. abc news chief health medical editor, dr. richard besser will be back with more on
4:33 pm
the outbreak on world news with david muir, can you catch his report after "action news" at 6:00. now to meteorologist, adam joseph, as we wrap up this epically long heat wave. >> the humidity is dropping as we speak. it's still humid in the southern parts of area from the shore to southern delaware but a break is on the way. >> as we look right now, 1r9 degrees if philadelphia and new york city 88 but buffalo and binghamton 60s to 70s and clouds and on and off showers and the heat continues, washington to richmond in the middle 90s. as we take a live look now from our hd camera at society hill, notice a couple of clouds out there, a blue sky and westerly dry wind, meaning the heat index, is the same as the air temperature of 91, as we take a scan at double scan live radar, there are a few showers popping
4:34 pm
in richmond. there could be a couple of thunderstorms in southern new jerseyth delaware but most of us will stay dry and we'll track the end of the heat wave and when it could officially break in the seven day, coming up in just a bit. >> thank you adam, we invite you to join the action when severe weather or breaking news happens around you. senyour picture to or use #6abcaction. sketches could help people identify a woman found dead a year ago. they hope that someone will recognize her, they recovered her body on january 15th, 2014, a helicopter pilot discovered the remains in west depford along the delaware shore line. police have yet to determine how or when she died. anyone with information should contact the prosecutors office.
4:35 pm
a man will go on trial after he confessed to killing his girlfriend. girard hall had his preliminary hearing today. charged with murder in the case of britly green, she was founded in her home in the olney section in june. he called later to confess and was held today on murder and related charges. philadelphia police are hope that new surveillance video will lead them to a man who is accuse have had viciously assaulting two strangers, on the 600 block of south columbus boulevard, you see him talking to four people outside of the venue but the conversation escalated into an altercation and the suspect started to punch one of men and another man was knocked on unconscious when he tried to intervene and the suspect took off in a taxi, if you have any information on this man's whereabouts, call south detectives.
4:36 pm
>> three people including a police officer was hurt following an accident in west philadelphia early this morning, the police cruiser was responding to a call for a person with a gun just before 3:00 a.m. when it struck a taxi, the impact struck a cab and the 51-year-old officer was taken to the hospital for a hand injury and concussion, the taxi driver and passenger were also treated for bumps and bruises. he fell off his fishing boat in rough seas and tread water for four hours and some how survived. rick williams joins us live with more on this south jersey boater's amazing story. >> thank you, that is right. the boater is from williamstown and he was out fishing on saturday night with a friend and suddenly fell out of the boat and into rough waters. the coast guard hoisted him into a rescue helicopter early saturday morning, he tread water
4:37 pm
for four hours and tread water the whole time. there is more on his survival and what kept him swimming for all of that time, quite a story. and that other headlines we are working on for 5:00. a bunch of kids ain great big furry guy boogied the night away in wilmington, delaware. >> that is the philly phanatic showing off his moves at this danceathon, for children, families and patients joined in on the fun, this t was held to boost excitement for the help our kids radio-thon coming up in september. >> you know that the phanatic knows it's all about the bass. >> oldies are more than goodies and you are absolutely never too
4:38 pm
old to be a bridesmaid. the bride is christine quinn, here is her bridal party with one lady to the right stealing the show that, is betty govern, nanny betty, the bride's grandma, the best attitude of all telling the bride are you only as old as you feel and i feel young today. christine and patrick tied the knot on may 2nd, julie the trafficker said that grandma was great and quite a smile. everyone loves her and so does the camera. she apparently also danced the night away. >> grandma kept asking why do you want an old lady in your bridal party, this little lady was clearly the star here.
4:39 pm
well the bride always is, playing second fiddle is grandma. these are shares all over social media. >> looks like a spit fire. >> christine looking beautiful too. >> she look gonzalez in this dress. >> thanks alicia. still ahead. scientific proof that many working wimg have been working for, the research that proves your office is freezing all thanks to your male colleagues. >> i'm always getting blamed for something. and pipe dream, a daredevil gives new meaning to ride the waves, how he sped across the ocean on a mote bike. and an accessory epiphany, how tweeting about earring backs will change the way you look at those little plastic discs forever. >> and adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast.
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the video you are about to see is very disturbing and we want you to know that the baby in it is alive and okay. >> yes, that the moment a police officer in beijing pulled that little girl from the public toilet, where her mother allegedly abandoned her. neighbors called the police after they heard the newborn crying, it turns out parents abandon babies in china. so they set up hatches, where you can drop off children. a join sinkhole swallow aid new york city intersection today the collapse happened in brooklyn and formed a hole 20 feet deep, cars were passing through the intersection minutes before and fortunately nobody
4:43 pm
was hurt. officials believe that a water leak cause the the asphalt to buckle. >> i know that was the moment that a p dirt bike daredevil pulled off a stunt that was impossible. driving a 300 pound machine into a wave, robby madison is the man behind the wild water experiment, it took madison three years of trial an error to create the custom-made dirt bike, and is quipped with airbags and come in haney for the recovery part of it. he admits he accidently sunk the bike at least 40 times before the successful run in tahiti. >> that looks like so much funny can't believe it. researchers have confirm what women already believe at work, the office temperatures are just
4:44 pm
too cold. the climate change says the optimal setting is biassed for female workers. based on a 1154 pound man and te female wardrobe is lighter, and researchers say that a cold environment can lead to low productictivity, they are warning offices to raise the temperature. brian and i have an area sharing a desk space and big talkers now better or worse and richer or poorer, that is all fine, for one groom in algeria, it's for made up and done up in lipstick and blush, the man is ewing his bride for the way she looks without makeup. true story.
4:45 pm
this man took his brand new bride to court for not look going. he said when she look said pretty and looked great on the wedding day and the morning after she washed her face and thought she was an intruder and called it fraud and deception and is suing her for $20 grand in damages, she is better off without him. this tiny plastic piece found on an earring piece, is causing a social media stir. chelsea showed how she removed the clear disc on the back, i realized that you are suppose to take the plastic part off, well are you? or is there a reason for it? huge debate on this one, she has been retweeted tens of thousands of times, some people say yes take it off. others say yes leave it be it's
4:46 pm
there to protect your ear lobe, there is no right or wrong yet, with no official to issue a decree on this. >> i think it serves a purpose. it make its sit better. it's too totally different ones. that is what people are talking about. >> lets get another check of the roads right now. matt pellman in the traffic center, with the turnpike accident, all afternoon. >> if people are stuck sitting in this they are talking about this for a while. they are saying some not so favorable things. we have traffic stuck five hours later, with smoke coming from the trailer. we have debris on the right side of the roadway on the eastbound lanes of 276, the pennsylvania turnpike. the traffic getting by in the
4:47 pm
left lane is just stuck traffic. the eastbound pennsylvania turnpike remains closed at 611, the closure is between 611 and route one at bensalem, coming east of 309, fort washington, that is where you want to bail, bail for 309 and use 63 or head southbound and use 63. as are you detouring avoid byberry road and a crash on the schuylkill westbound past the vine, involving a truck taking out a lane, looking at really slow speeds from passyunk on out and a crash on the walt whitman bridge through new jersey giving us delays to i-95, we'll check it again brian and sara in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. meteorologist, adam joseph, is back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. coming up next.
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all right today marks day eight of the current heat wave, humid in southern areas dry to the north and speaking of it being dry on double scan live, not tracking severe storms and no showers on the scope. it's a little more comfortable to the north and west s southern areas it's hotter millville at 92 and from avalon to dover, these go up, 93 in millville and 95 in cape may and the same for dover, if you look in southeastern pennsylvania, and even north new jersey and trenton, the air temperature and the heat index are exactly the same because of dry air that is
4:51 pm
trying to filtsner from the north and west. speaking of that drier air those dew points will drop into the 40s and 50s for the next two days, wednesday, thursday strks that is extremely pleasant dry air for the summer season and towards the end of week friday and into the weekend it bumps back up into the 60s, that is when it feels more humid. as we look at severe weather in new england right now, we are watching thunderstorms and showers popping in vnl, we'll watch them drift to the north and east, especially for southern delaware and southern new jersey, that is where we see a spotty or isolated downpour and thunderstorm, the rest of the region will be dry, warm and comfy, tomorrow high pressure is coming in over the great lakes, that will send a strong wind out of the northwest tomorrow and low humidity. right now 89, if it doesn't hit 90 we break the heave wave, it
4:52 pm
could, we'll have to wait until thursday, by thursday, it's 82, and we are watching a southern system with moists your to bring us soaking rain thursday night into friday. sunny and warm, and a land breeze and no sea breeze. the same for cape may and rehoboth, and 73 degrees with a warm ocean of 74 degrees, 89 tomorrow and warm, and clouds build after morning sun and 82 and periods of rain are likely on friday the question is how far north does the system get, we'll watch that on friday, at 75 but it looks to move out early saturday, some clouds giving way to afternoon sun of 79 and a pleasant sunday and looking good on monday, 86 degrees, and a few showers and thunderstorms by tuesday of next
4:53 pm
week coming in at 86 degrees and much needed rain by the end of the week. >> thank you adam. we are talking about something that these guys do a lot of us cleaning high chairs. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling.
4:54 pm
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consumer reports just safety tested high chairs on the market, they have safety features that could make meal time and cleanup easier. >> he eats from head to toe and we have to clean his whole outfit and then his high chair. >> consumer reports recently added cleanup as part of its ratings, they found that some of the high chairs were hard to
4:56 pm
clean. the slim stacker has a lot of places for food to collect and doesn't have a tray insert. >> it's a second tray cover that fits over here, it's nice to have you can take it off and clean it at the sink rather than the whole tray. >> it doesn't fully cover the main tray so you need to wash the cover underneath. the better choice is the fisher-price, easy clean, at $85 it's a consumer reports best buy. >> it covers the entire tray. so you may get away with cleaning the insert. >> and a high chair that grows with your child. the groovy high low chair rotates to become a booster chair and it's molded out of plastic but expensive, $400, and the harness is hard to use. >> it was a nightmare.
4:57 pm
>> one to recommend, the ingenuity delux, the seat comes up and can be used as a booster seat and the base as a toddler chair. the whole thing is easy to clean, at $90 it's a consumer reports best buy. >> consumer reports stresses no matter which high chair you use, your child should be fully buckled into the harness system every time you use the chair. >> now we need something to keep parents clean as they feed their kids. >> not going to happen. now for sara bloomquist, alicia vitarelli, i'm brian taff. >> "action news" at 5:00 is next.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. tuesday night, the big story on "action news" is the developing story from southhampton, buck county, where a section of pennsylvania turnpike remains closed, more than five hours after a tractor trailer collided with a car, chopper 6 hd is live over the eastbound lanes, there is still a huge mess on the roadway, you can see smoldering some cardboard that had been
5:00 pm
inside of the car that started burning, they pulled it out of the truck and it's still smolder, it's between willow grove and bensalem, drivers are stuck in their cars for hours and officials are letting some of them get by. >> we'll continue to monitor the situation here and matt pellman will have an update and detour information from along the pa turnpike coming up in the traffic report. now to the forecast, the heat wave continues tonight, it's eight days of dealing with temperatures in the 90s, heat wave number three is making these summer months difficult to deal with for people and pets. there is a chance a few storms will pop up in our region as well. >> cecily tynan is live outside with accuweather. >> there is relief in sight monica. temperatures in the upper 80s, and friday and saturday, only in the 70s, today the high so far in philadelphia, 91


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