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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon rick is off and in the news this noon, paramedics rush a 4-year-old to the hospital after pulling the child from a backyard pool and
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one company is hiring dozens of new security guards for the pope's visit to philadelphia, but we begin this news with developing news, the search resumes this morning for a missing boy in delaware county. 11-year-old lakwan lattimore has been missing since monand now the police and fbi are working to track him down. chad pradelli spoke to the family and he joins us live with an update on the search. >> reporter: sara the search for lakwan lattimore was called off overnight and resumed at 8:00 this morning, you can see the command post set up behind me. the boy' family lives in this immediate area and i spoke to them a short time ago, and as each hour passes and his whereabouts are unknown fear and worry builds.
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>> please help us please come home. >> cousin and guardian thompson is making a plea. he was last seen dropping off potato chips to his little sister. >> i don't allow him to stay out. not at anybody's house. >> they got on bikes and take off to different parts of neighborhood. >> the sense of urgency goes on even a run away 11 years old they typically make contact with someone. the fbi and police are going door-to-door and searching the woods and nearby creeks looking for the sharon hill elementary school students, is he known to ride his mountain bike, he is 5
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5'3" tall, and 152 pounds his bike is spray painted gold with a hand painted orange stripe on the frame. >> we are hurt and aching and we don't know what is going on. we believe that god has him and he is okay and scared to go home because he stayed out late. >> the fbi tells me that kwan did leave his cell phone at home and investigators are looking at his social media accounts to see if they provide clues, if you have information you are urged to call the centser for missing and exploited children at 1-800-the-lost. >> chad thank you. police identified the man suspected of killing his father in bucks county this morning 26-year-old eli goodrich was arraigned on charges in the
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stabbing death of allen goodrich. it happened on trap ridge lane last night. father and son had been arguing and it's unclear why. the suspect's mother said to be gravely ill was rushed to the hospital by ambulance after learning what happened. the 26-year-old is being held without bail. a child is in critical condition after paramedics rescued him from a backyard pool in newark first responders were called to the 900 block. the child 4 years owed did not have a pulse they did cpr, and took him to the hospital in extreme condition. in philadelphia a man was shot and killed when he rode his bike overnight police are still looking for the gunman the victim was shot in the winfield section of several people called 911 when they heard the gun fire
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and detectives are working to identify the suspect and the victim. a security company is now hiring in anticipation of pope francis's visit to philadelphia in september. the company u.s. security associates had a special job fair this morning they are looking to hire 100 temporary security guards to help with crowd control during the papal visit. katherine scott spoke to some of the job seekers this morning. she will have more coming up at 12:30, and new details for the city's plans for the papal visit, mayor michael nutter will hold a news conference this afternoon at city hall. you can watch it live at 2:00 p.m. right here on 6 abc and online at turning to accuweather now we may finally break this heat wave today sky 6 hd taking a live look over penn's landing, it's already much more comfortable in the city and
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around the region, for the latest conditions lets head outside to meteorologist, david murphy. >> it's bright and sunny with a few bright clouds in the region you can feel how the hupt has dropped and we are transitioning to a better quality air mass. lets look to satellite there were a few clouds at dawn this morning and now they are thinning out and we expect plenty of sunshine with clouds the rest of the way it's warm, 86 in philadelphia and same thing in wilmington and 84 in trenton and mid-80s at the boardwalk in avalon and atlantic city. we want to show you the numbers, we are hitting the numbers in a lot of neighborhoods and that means the humidity levels are down kind of a numerical representation of what are you feeling outside. we are expecting a high of 89 and if we hold 89 it will end
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the heat wave of eight days, if not we get day nine but with humidity levels so much more comfortable, it doesn't matter much. if we get the 90 that will be the longest since 2012. hopefully we end it today though psychologically it would be nice. when i step inside we'll talk about the next rain maker that is changing its track a bit and that could change its effect on us. i'll have details from accuweather coming up. this reminder keeps you updated with the hourly forecast and see live street level forecasts from stormtracker 6 and get birds eye views from sky 6 before you head out the door. philadelphia is getting a brand new high rise, officials and the developer broke ground on the bridge apartment building this morning in old city, this
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is what it's suppose to look like when the project is complete. the 17 story building is going up on the 200 block of ray street and will have 140 rental units plus retail space. fire investigators are rying to figure out what started an early morning blaze that damaged five homes this is video on the 1100 block of sheridan street firefighters were on the scene for hours dousing the hot spot, four rowhouses were vacant and another was occupied and no one was hurt. >> 11 families were out of their homes, following a fire at an apartment building the fire broke out at 1:30 a.m. here along the humidity drive the flames were contained to one unit but several others were damaged by smoke and water no injuries were reported at the scene. there was a court appearance for a professional hunter who helped
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an american dentist kill cecil the lion in zimbabwe they called the case against him frivolous if he is convicted. marcy gonzales is following the story from new york. >> reporter: yes he could face up to 15 years in prison if convicted but he insists he did nothing wrong. >> one of the professional hunters accused along with an american dentist accused of killing cecil the lion, scoffing at the charges he faces. he lost his hunting license after allegedly luring the lion out of a protected area out of zimbabwe last month. his client walter palmer still in hiding his home in florida vanalized.
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and his extradition to zimbabwe supported by 230,000 people who signed a petition he says his hunt was legal. and now they are fighting shipping the horns and trophy back to the u.s. >> if they condition bring the trophy home, they won't kill in the first place. >> they continue to ship big game trophies ups accepts for shipment, taxidermy items that are legally obtained. they are against the tracking and trade of endangered species. >> the three major u.s. airlines have changed their policies and now no longer allows the remains of big game animals to be transported on board. sara back to you. >> thank you. still to come here on
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"action news" at noon, investigators begin examining the plane wing that washed up on an island. and a man accused of shipping candy laced drugs to new jersey.
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breaking news now what we are being told was an s.w.a.t. team situation in the hunting park section of philadelphia you are looking at the area of the 700 block of west street in hunting park. here is how this unfolded police responded to calls this morning that two men were shooting at each other we are told that at least one of the men ran into a home on the block just before noon police declared a barricade situation and that means that they believe that one or both suspects are hold up in a house on the block they are believed to be armed and the s.w.a.t. team is already on the scene there and organizing their plan at this time. no word on evacuations but you can see a large police presence
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on the 700 block, one probably two armed suspects believed to be barricaded in a house here. we'll continue to monitor the situation here as best we can, and we'll keep you updated during this hour long newscast and online at today french and malaysian investigators are! ing the boeing 777 wing fragment found on rue reunion island. authorities believe that the plane likely crashed offshore from australia 17 months ago oceanographers say it's possible that the wing fragment floated thousands of miles across the eagles before coming ashore. and now firefighters are making progress against a stubborn wild fire in california.
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the rocky fire is threatening 13,000 homes and people are asked to leave their home and vacation cabins the fire at this point just 20% contained. >> over the past several days we see explosive fire behavior and that is because of years of drought stricken vegetation. >> the rocky fire has already destroyed dozens of homes and other structures extra firefighters and equipment are pouring in from other states. >> new york city police have issued a graphic new warn being a highly new dangerous drug, the k2 has been growing in popularity a man stripped naked and began acting violently and posing a danger to the officers that responded. they are calling it weapononnized marijuana because the user is immune to pain.
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coming up next here on "action news" at noon, one company is now hiring in philadelphia and new jersey we'll tell you where you can apply today. plus netflix might be changing the game when it comes to maternity leave the new policy that gives new parents a full year off.
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needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. aldyes the low price grocery chain is holding a hiring event
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in trenton, bellmawr and bordentown, there are several positions for sale including store associate and shift manager, alde recently purchased the bottom dollar stores. now netflix is giving up to a year of maternity leave. parents can return to work full or part-time. and go back out on leave as needed. the move could pressure other tech employers to improve their baby benefits. >> had is probably the most generous policy by any big company that we have seen. >> companies with 50 employees or more are legally entitled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave but there is not a policy mandating paid leave of any kind. and the american heart
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association is introducing a plan to bring healthy meals to millions of people. the group will do so through a partnership through air mark, the largest food provider they plan to lessen fat and sodium levels in meals at schools, hospitals and entertainment venues. good news for people that like spice in their meals spicy meals may be linked to a longer life. regular consumption is associated with a lower risk of death, could be a key ingredient that is links to fighting obesity, and cancer. the authors are calling for more research to prove their theory. the news team is out working on news stories for tonight at 4:00, let check in with alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> reporter: i'm working on a food story you'll love today at
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4:00, she was a business woman and he was a biochemist this westchester couple gave it up to bring a sweet treat to the delaware valley what inspired them to serve up those yummy waffles there. >> and being able to write down the qualities of your perfect match and then actually meet that person that is what one blogger was able to experience, so did they fine love, you'll have to wait for big talkers to find out. take us with you on the go if you have not downloaded the free 6 abc news app streaming live on our smart phone or tablet. these waffles recommend delicious. i can work on samples for you. accuweather is coming up when we come right back. lunch time.
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david here now with a check of accuweather. a warm day but feeling more comfortable. >> definitely humidity is down and you could feel that during the morning hours. looking outside stormtracker 6 live double scan is dry and sky 6 hd is showing us plenty of sunshine down at the beach in cape may and had a bit a cloudy start for just a time during the morning rush hour but the sun is breaking through nicely now 86 in philadelphia but now the dew point is down into the 60s and that doesn't feel that humid. wins from the west at 10 miles per hour. 82 in reading and 84 in trenton and 86 in wilmington and nice
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along the beach, low 80s at cape may. the clouds are thinning out nicely and we'll see more cloud cover pop through later in the day and generally speaking it looks like sun and patchy clouds, 85 in the lehigh valley and less humid up there since dawn, we had to wait longer in philadelphia but a nice day shape shaping up up north. if you are down the beach swim down near the lifeguards, 87 is your high today along most shore communities, if philadelphia we go for a high of 89 and if we can stop that temperature from hitting 90 we'll end it at eight days and less humid and breezy at times with an 8 to 16 miles per hour breeze and dipping to 68 for a low, and it looks good, warm enough to keep a.c. on in the car and 88 by 4:00 and 6-by
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5:30 and 83 by 7:00 and humidity is on the low side, heading to the ball game, the phillies won a thriller last night and the weather tonight looks even better 83 for the first pitch and 78 for the ninth inning. and humidity is on the low side. tomorrow a wave of low pressure is heading towards us and it will keep us dry during the day and at night we may see rain and the best chance is from philadelphia south though and on friday, it may be raining and the change with this part of the forecast is that the best chance of rain is from philadelphia south, the northern suburbs look okay. 89 is the high today and less humid and high of 85 and rain arriving thursday and extending through friday morning and the main rain is south of philadelphia and clouds break on saturday dry and high of 84 and 86 with sun and sunday and a possible thunderstorm on
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company is hiring hundreds of security guards. and philadelphia police need your help tracking down this burglary suspect. and now the details, philadelphia is hiring help for the pope's visit next month a job fair is going on since this morning right here in the city, up for grabs is up to 100 temporary security guard jobs. >> there is a big economic impact that comes with the pope's visit and part of that is the opportunity for jobs, through this event today they are looking to hire 100 temporary security positions and many people hope that that transitions into something more personal nants. >> this is the opportunity that jasmine tailer is looking for with millions of people expected for the world meeting of families facilities


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