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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  August 9, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EDT

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>> hall of famer frank gifford football analyst died at the age of 84. eagles fans will remember him as the guy tackled by chuck bednarik. she played twelve seasons to giants leading tomorrow to title. he became well known as sportscaster abc and "monday night football". from hall of fame to hall of fame game pittsburgh and minnesota min kicking off preseason tonight. chris collings worth says he believes brand dan boykin was arguably the best corner he ha had. vikings win 14-3. former eagles quarterback mike kapka throws a touchdown to minnesota. ki not wait for eagles to get going. >> thank you, jeff. >> more to come on "action news" in the next half hour. doneald trump doubles down on controversial comments he made about one of the moderators
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during last week's gop debate and eagles fans get a chance to cheer on their team early during an on practice. all of the players paid tributes to fighting men and women. those stories and more when women. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back
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>> sunday night. here's what's happening on "action news" at 11:30. two local high school marches bands are getting ready for once in a lifetime performance. they will perform for pope francis next month. >> and eagles fans get an early look at be loved birds before season opener for final on practice. we'll tell what you eagles nation thinks. >> how about this for lost and found story. how a wedding ring missing for 5 years turned up during a conversation at a wedding. and but first it was on this day one year ago when a white police officer killed unarmed teenager in furgeson, missouri. death of michael brown triggered summer of unrest in the national conference about the police and use of force. and this weejd, another deadly police shooting is under investigation this time in texas. here's abc candice gibson. >> surveillance cameras at this dallas area car dealership capturing the last minute of christian taylor's life. a college football player exits
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this dark jeep and hops over the barricade into the parking lot police receiveing a call of possible burglary in progress. >> the suspect is trying to get into the vehicle through the windshield. >> watch as he jumped repeatedly on the windshield of gray muingt tank and peels back cracked glass after walking off and drives his car through a barricade around the parking lot and through the glass showroom. officers respond. >> they made verbal contact with mr. taylor through glass wall instructing him to lie on the ground. mr. taylor was not compliant. >> the surveillance cameras do not show what police call a confrontation between taylor who was unarmed and two officers, 49-year-old brad millerer and field training officer. >> shots fired. >> miller firing four rounds striking taylor multiple times. >> a decision to use debately force is one of the most difficult and scrutinized action as i police officer will ever make. >> fbi now investigating.
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>> taylor's death adding fuel to protests in furgeson marking anniversary of michael brown's death former officer darren wilson cleared of wrong doing and town erupting in violence. furgeson further igniting black lives matter movement and "washington post" analysis shows 24 unarmed black men shot and killed by police this year alone. and a statistic not lost on youngest. >> i think i'm going. >> that's how you feel as 8-year-old. >> now protesters plan monday to be a day of civil disobedience. officials in furgeson and st. louis say they are prepared for disruptions. candice gibson, "abc news," furgeson missouri. >> it appear the republican candidate donald trump is not backing down from recent couldn't verse yl comments. >> no apologies to megan kelly. you don't think you crossed the line there. >> no, not at all. i said -- look, she asked me a very nasty question.
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i have nothing against megan kelly. she asked me a very, very nasty question. >> as you heard there, trump did not like a question fox news moderator megan kelly asked during thursday's debate. he fired back during an interview friday cnn seemingly suggesting that kelly was hormonal. trump said that's not what he meant and he's not apologizing. >> musician from two local high high schools have been chose tone play for the pope when he comes to down. jeff chirico has the story. >> they arrived at the cardinal o'hara football field in springfield ready to start band camp not expect ago announc announcement that awaited them. >> it is my honor and privilege to announce that the renowned cardinal o'hara marching band will perform on sunday, september 27 at late plantic aviation for pope francis as he departs philadelphia. >> obvious excitement even a few tears as magnitude of performing for leader of the
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roman catholic church sinks in. >> just truly extraordinary and i'm policed to do this. >> it's a great opportunity. because not a lot of schools get to do that. >> it's amazing opportunity for being a part of the o'hara family and being really focused on our catholic faith to be able to haven an opportunity as great as this. >> cardinal o'hara will perform for pope francis the 27th as he boards a plane to return to the vatican. in downing up to. bishop shanahan marches band got news they will my when the bishop arrives the day before. performing for this hope will have special meaning. i have such an apreciation for pope francis and everything he has done for the catholic church and everything he is doing for the catholic church and just the fact that we get to perform for him is just truly extraordinary. >> it's such an awesome,
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awesome, mind-blowing opportunities and something she'll remember for the rest of her life. >> for the band director planning for this once in a lifetime audience begins now. >> we have not even got tone band camp yet. we're bringing a lot of music with us and go through and peck a nice repertoire of things to play. >> they suspectsed they may be chosen to perform for the pope and cardinal o'hara marching band performed for pope squo john paul ii when he visited philadelphia. jeff chirico, "channel 6 action news". >> two were left lessless after a fire on north broad this morning. it he erupted 1 a.m. in a vacant home before spreading to two neighboring buildings. one house aid chinese restaurant and apartments upstairs. owners of that restaurant lived in one of those apartments and were able to escape without injury. investigators say this fire may have been set intentionally. >> and action cam on the scene
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in oaks today for keystone firefighters conference and four days of training classes and celebrity events wrapped up this afternoon at the expo center and conference is planned by firefighters for are firefighters and proceeds from events go towards all-hands working charity supporting health and welfare of firefighters all across the country. and former philadelphia flier reilly cote was there showing sun port for first responders. >> history came to life today in gloucester studenty new jersey they told civil war stories showing off artifacts and performing battle demonstrations at the old stone house village in sewell. they fired off canyons as you can see and old fashioned rifl rifles for spectators. >> more than 40,000 people packed lincoln financial field as birds held their second and final on practice during training camp and today's practiceen included special honor for those wonderful men and women that served in nation's military. trish hartman has more.
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>> folks lined up more than an hour before gates opened lincoln financial field ready for another season under head coach chip kelly. >> ago long as we can keep it going the offensive line is good. in chip we trust. >> inside the stands were packed and hopes were high. >> i think they will be good this year. >> fans beg and small came to see the likes of quarterback sam broad ford and running back demarco murray who returned to practice this weekend after an illness. >> i know he was sichblingt i like what chip is doing. he's trying to prove something and they're coming off injurie injuries. >> camouflage numbers today and paying tribute to members of arnldz force. >> they were given to the military personal after thanked for their service and treated to reception and meet and greet with eagles cheer liters for many military members it was
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their first on practice including captain jmy griffith. >> my wife loves the eeings, my sons, my daughter, we all love the eagles, routing for tim tebow. it's a nice thing. >> 1 4 world war ii and vietnam veterans came up from vind land, new jersey. >> most soldiers and say lorz and we shook hands about them all. >> it's start of new season that many hope will end with trip to the super bowl. >> we're losing players left, right and sideways. i'm excited to see what he does with the team. i think we'll go to the big dance this year. i'm ready. >> fans expect birds to be ready for first preseason game next sunday against indianapolis colts. in south philadelphia, trish hartman. "channel 6 action news." >> till to come tonight it took two decades but wedding room is back on the original owner. >> plus everything coming up peaches in peddlers village.
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adam. >> weather is peachy this weekends and comfortable. but tropical feeling will return along with chaps of storms. i'll have the timing in the accuweather forecast when i'll have the timing in the accuweather forecast when "action news" returns
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acme's huge anniversary sale! it's just better. >> everything is coming up peachy in bucks county a whole bunch of people showed up for annual peach festival and sidewalk sale in peddlers village from peach pies and syrup and salsa and barbeque
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sauce. time for a check of the accuweather forecast can meteorologist adam joseph it was peach didn't today. >> avtd least the weather cooperated. things downhill in the week and we'll pick it up made week with sunshine. double scan radar there's been a couple scattered downpours and showers in parts of chester county this evening and new castle county delaware say emand cumberland county and everything faded offer the scope at the present time. temperatures pretty uniform no matter where are you. 7 allentown and 72 in reading and 69 millville and 37 boardwalk and atlantic city as well as promenade and sea isle city temperatures in the lower 7 0s. and the only reason i'm showing this to you is you see they're moving out of early direction. it's been all day long. and rip current throughout the day today. and easterly wind will continue
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tonight and switch south easterly and continue off the ocean that piles up the water and what piles up rushed back out and rip current could become a concern again during the day tomorrow. we had showers bubble up and things are quiet now. we looked west as cluster of storms along the warm front that will pass through here not until after midnight on monday night early on tuesday morning. for tomorrow morning hazy sunshine. more humid with temperatures either side of 70 between 6 and 8:00 and watching that front. it's still way west with associated low south of check chicago. high in control with sunshine east of philadelphia through a good chung of the day. clouds especially west and there could be a scattered shower around, humid, 83 degrees. and then the front closes in eblly tuesday morning. round of pretty heavy
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thunderstorms anywhere from between 1 tok 5:00 tuesday morning gets you out of bed earlier than you. and isolated storms in the afternoon. biggest thing is 82 monday morning. as you look at future tracker rain falls some could get soaking rain and coget over inch of rain. overall, we're looking at half inch to inch of rain monday night to tuesday itself. so down the shore hazy tomorrow. little on the windy side with window the water and keeping temperatures upper 7 0s. watch for rip turnts and shore points are guarded and 79 sea isle city and 80 near rehoboth and 79 bethany beach. the forecast, humid with clouds especially building in from the west throughout the day tomorrow 83. could be isolated shower aroun around. and then heavy morning downpours and thunderstorms on tuesday. more scattered in the afternoon
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and very late in the day peaks of sun at 82. but behind that front things really clear out nicely here for rest of week, wednesday, thursday, beautiful pictur picture-perfect days little in the way of clouds and temperatures near 82, 84 degrees with low humidity and then crank temp up a little and overall temperatures stay below 90 threshold into the weekend good for august that's not bad at all. >> quarter century ago a man from midwest lost his wedding ring. 25 years later it was returned during a wedding. incredible story from abc's david wright. >> for better, for worse, in sickness and had in health larry mati figured he would always have the matching wedding ring on his finger until it slipped off when he was a patient at the mayo clinic. >> i know when i lost it i never expected to see it again. >> that was 27 years ago. his wife linda who worked there kept checking lost and found
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after years she gave up. >> little did they know a plumber dale grovey would eventually find it in a clogged up pipe. >> i turned it into lost and found and after, 7 months they gave it back to me because they didn't find owner. >> dale's wife kathy has worn it ever since. lar write and linda moved on eventually replacing the ring. >> for 25th wedding anniversary i got him a new ring. >> but lost ring had inscription and bride and groo groom's first names plus a dat date. amazingly the plumber and wife met larry and linda's son at a wedding two weeks ago. and the conversation turning to the ring and inscription. >> kathy just got pale and tiered up and said oh, my god do you happen to know when they were married. >> the son called the mom and told him 197 and katie grovy handed over the ripping on the spot. >> these with people i thought of so long since i started wearing the ring i cannot be
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more thrilled to have the ring at home. >> bringing this love story and ring full circle. >> bringing this love story and ring full circle. david wright, "abc news".
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>> he doesn't want to play anywhere else. he would listen if reuben amaro asked him to waiver the no trade clause. utley waving this little phillies over to the dugout and touring the game and saying hello when do you ever see thi this. how cool is this. you guys better stop chitcha chitchatting and watch finish. 7th inning phils up.
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deep to left. cody ashe rob the homer. hats off. jerome williams. pinch hitting two run double down the right field line. phillies win 5-3 they're the best team in baseball since the break. chase utley and phils now head to arizona to start the series tomorrow. >> all right. football eagles don't face those hated dallas cowboys for six weeks it's already building trash talk and trauma after cowboys fans flew a baper over eagles practice today. banner offer the linc reads we still dem boys, stacks coming. hardy helped pail pay for that. 43,000 eagles fans at the linc started booing when the banner was up. eagles love support from the city of brotherly love. >> never been to a practice with this many fans at the practice. so it shows the kind of support
11:56 pm
we have and we're all thankful for that. >> here we have upper deck and so it makes it fun and it makes it -- you still have to focus it's just practice at the same time you feel the energy and ramp up preseason and regular stn was g. it was great. >> smile. sixers rookie jaleel okafor shooting basketball card this weekend. you can get your hands on the card come october. hopefully okafor third overall out of duke will have a good career. for starters he wants to win rookie of the year. >> wearing a philadelphia uniform is a dream come true. to hear my name called finally being at the table with my family and kissing my mom, dad, sister, grand month, before i shook commissioner's hand was what i hoped for. >> at park paing they throw opposing home runs back. well a teenager hits brett
11:57 pm
gardner in back of head. watch closely, ouch. luckily gardner is okay. hey, back to the phils game. how about the ball girl saveing a fan from getting hit in the head. matt kemp ripped it done the line and padres ball girl saved the day. take another look. it's play of the day. wow. what a catch. she makes it look so easy. maybe she can teach me how to catch fly balls. >> maybe someone can. >> please. >> lost cause. >> "fyi philly" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues tomorrow morning at 4:30 with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, david murphy and karen rogers. now for sarah bloomquist. melissa magee, adam joseph, jeff skversky, and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, have a good night and "action news" team, i'm walter perez, have a good night and great week ahead.
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>> i'm melissa magee. >> and i'm alicia vitarelli. >> saturday/toni >> plus it's prime crab season karen tastes some of the >> finest around. >> and it's blockbuster movie time. >> we'll take you to a new theater serving dinner and a show. >> hi everybody, and welcome to fyi philly. >> we are 10 stories with amazing views of the center city skyline. >> (not to mention a pretty inviting swimming pool.) >> we're atop the new goldtex luxury apartment building. >> there's the pool, a hot tub and a state-of the art fitness center up here. >> and when you get hungry, just head down to ground level >> there you'll find a brand new tavern called brick and mortar. brick and mortar's décor is a nod to the building's textile manufacturing history. >> you'll see the coffered concrete ceilings.


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