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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 10, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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at a local gas station, we will show you new video that could help track him down. plus car slammed in the house in northeast philadelphia, we have new information about the elderly home owner who was injured. but the big story on "action news" this noon is new violence in ferguson, missouri. a gun battle broke out on the anniversary of michael brown's death. authorities say a man opened fire on police late last night. officers returned fire and shot him leaving him in critical condition. at the end of the day more demonstrations are expect. abc's marci gonzales is watching the latest development and she joins us live from new york. marci? >> reporter: rick, protest and organizers designated this as a day of civil disobedience. extra officers are on patrol concerned about a potential repeat of last nights violence. today pro protests planned after a chaotic night. a black teenager shot by police after they, say he
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opened fire, on officers. the violence and looting, following a week of peaceful protests and marches. >> my family. >> reporter: commemorating first anniversary of the shooting death of 18 year-old michael brown by police officer darren wilson. >> there is a a small group of people out there that are intent on making sure that we don't have peace that prevails. >> reporter: police say the 18 year-old shot last night tyler harris was not part of the protest but was in this crowd when gunshots rang out at 11:15 between two rival groups. investigators claim harris ran and started shooting at a police suv were four detectives inside. authorities say as the detectives got out of the vehicle, harris continued to shoot at them with a stolen 9-millimeter semiautomatic weapon. all four detectives fired back. eyewitness tony wright posting this video to twitter of what appears to be harris on the ground with an officer
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standing over him. >> unaudible. >> backup, get him some help. >> backup. >> harris is still, hospitalized, listed in critical condition. meanwhile at least three officers are recovering today after officials say two were pepper sprayed by protesters and one was hit in the face by a rock. reporting live, marci gonzales channel six "action news". >> rick, back to you. >> thank you. back here philadelphia police are investigating a deadly accident that killed two people early this morning. their suv overturned in the lawncrest section of the northeast philadelphia. it happened on adams avenue near whittaker avenue at two will 30. police say vehicle was speeding when it hit a curve and utility bus before flipping over. twenty-four year-old woman and 30 year-old man were ejected, both pronounced dead at the scene. investigators have not released their names. also in northeast philadelphia two people are recovering after a car slam in the house and then burst into flames here on bustleton avenue overnight. "action news" reporter david
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henry has been talking to neighbors of the home owner and he joins us live at the the scene with the look at the damage, david? >> reporter: yeah, hi there rick, this is a tough one just when things could not get any worse this is what eight five-year old carmen odamos house looks like today, his wife, died last week, and last night, a car crashed into his house and caught fire. his next door neighbor in the twin house was jolted out of bed. >> i heard a big boom, the whole house was shaking. >> reporter: this man, thought a bomb hit his head but it was a car speeding down bustleton and then right into the house. jay says his neighbor carmen was lucky to be in the back bedroom when it happened around 11:30 last night. normally he says he would be watching television in the front room at that hour. jay ran to the front of the house, and he could in the believe what he saw. and then, flames.
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>> so, you know, flame were like crazy up in the roof. i thought in one moment i thought my house was gone too. i was like wow. >> reporter: jay saw carmen leave from the back of the house bleeding from a glass cut. the driver of the carries a 30 year-old woman who is still in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police say they are having her blood tested for signs of drugs or alcohol. neighbors are heart sick over what has happened here. they say carmen, a retired police officer, lost his wife, just last week, and now he is also lost his house. they say he has been the the nicest guy in the neighborhood. >> he was my buddy. you know, anytime, you know, he is the man. he always take her out. he was a good guy. would come by. >> reporter: neighbors say odamo is staying with his daughter living nearby. workers have begun stabilizing the house which looks like it can be repair. neighbors say he and his wife
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have lived in that house since it was built way back in 1957. live in rhawnhurst david henry for channel six "action news". rick. >> david, thank you. the investigation continues into the shooting death of the teenager in southwest philadelphia last night. police say 15 year-old corry tunnel was shot at 6:45 inside of a home on the 6300 block of leafland street. tunnel suffered a gunshot wound to the head and died a hour later at presbyterian hospital. vernon odom is gathering details on the investigation and he will have a live report coming up on "action news" at 12:30. police are looking for suspect who assault aid gas station clerk in the strawberry mansion section of the city. surveillance video shows the crime in the early morning hours of august 5th, at the sunoco station, in the 1700 block of north 33rd street. man walks in and then kicks opened a secured door leading to the cash register and then see him attack the clerk. suspect ran off, without taking anything after the
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employee called 911. on the weather front don't put those umbrellas away just yet, accu weather says more showers and thunderstorms are expected to roll role through the region this week. the as we take a live look at the center city sky line from sky six hd, cloud and peaks of sunshine right now. temperatures on the cool side but overcast conditions, just a for shadow of what is to come late tonight and then tomorrow. meteorologist david murphy is outside otter ace with the very latest from storm tracker six live double scan, hi there, david. >> hi there rick, lots of cloud cover right now over philadelphia. as we look at storm tracker six live double scan since predawn hours we have had showers in the western suburbs. most of these falling apart but you can still see speckle of precipitation in parts of the lancaster county, chester county, southern bucks or northern bucks and northern montgomery counties and the big more widespread, area of precipitation is up around lehigh valley. it is very light for the most part and it is beginning break apart and push on out of here. rest of the day probably features a fair amount of
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cloud cover. you can see how it has welled up over the last couple of hours. some sun breaks not out of the question, a and most of our shower activity the rest of the afternoon and evening will be to the west of philadelphia, and it doesn't look like it will be able to overtake somewhat dryer air right up and down through philadelphia and allentown. 79 degrees in the city. it is warm. seventy-one in allentown. seventy-three wilmington. seventy-six in avalon down the the shore. dew points are not oppressive but they indicate a little bit of humid air out there. sixty-two in philadelphia is your current dew point. sixty-five in millville. anything over 60 independent case human air and i can feel that in place this afternoon we are going for a high of 82. that is below average of 86. warm and on the muggy side, slight chance of the pop up shower especially to the west of philadelphia, and then 72, the overnight low. does it rain on musikfest for the jerry seinfeld appearance? we will talk about that when i step inside and rick, as you mentioned, is there a much better chance of drenching showers and thunderstorms tomorrow morning and perhaps
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again tomorrow afternoon. future tracker six will have that story thanks, david we will see you back inside. this reminder before heading out the door, be sure to check six through will fine live satellite and radar images as well as the hourly forecast from accu weather. remember to follow our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter for expert insights, when severe weather happens. in other news, pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane will speak publicly for the first time concerning the charges against her. her spokesperson says she will talk about the criminal charges and answer questions, this wednesday in harrisburg. kane is charged with leaking secret grand jury information and lying bit under oath. the the attorney general was arraigned on saturday but did not enter a plea, she has maintained her innocence. federal investigators say a drone was spotted near four different planes coming in for a landing at newark international airport. commercial flight crews reported the drone sightings
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yesterday. unmanned aircraft was between two and 3,000 feet above the ground, near the approach path of the runway. none of the flights had to make any maneuvers to avoid it, all able to land safely but flying a drone anywhere near a plane can bring criminal charges, and fines of up to $25,000. the faa is now investigating to find the drones owner. septa is giving people more time to claim their special passes for the upcoming papal visit. lottery winners originally had until 11:59 last night to complete the purchase of their tickets but now the deadline has been extended until 3:00 this afternoon. if you are not select for regional rail pass you still have a chance, any unclaimed tickets will go to random people who entered but did not win the first time. the new winners will be notified by e-mail starting tonight. also for updates on the pope's visit and world meeting of families, follow our special twitter handle at six abc pope.
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still to come on "action news" at noon a big change is coming to target, what the retailer is removing from all of its stores after complaints from some parents. later on an environmental disaster in colorado, coming up, at 12:30 the the threat from toxic water, that is leaking into a river and spread nothing to other states. those stories and more when "action news" at noon continues in just a moment. >> "action news" is sponsored by the american association for cancer research, finding cures together, support cancer research and donate today at aacr more possible plane debris
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has been found in the indian ocean. investigators are heading to the discovery site to determine what it is, and whether it can from malaysia airline flight 370. a wing fragment from the plane was discovered on a different island two weeks ago. workers are still searching that area for more possible objects. flight 370 vanished last year with 239 people on board. the u.s. consul building in istanbullies coming under attack today. authorities say two women opened fire on the building and then got in the shoot-out with police. one of the suspects was captured and hospitalized after she was wounded in the gunfight. investigators have connect her to a leftus group responsible for other attacks.
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police are still looking for the second woman involved in that shooting. so far, no one else was hurt. a texas manmade a brief court appearance on murder charges after police said he killed eight people in houston on saturday. investigators say david connolly entered a home through an unlocked window and fatally shot his ex-girlfriend along with her husband and six children. connolly surrendered after a standoff with police. he told authorities he got into a window after discovering the locks had been changed, after he moved out. the 48 year-old suspect has a violent criminal history. a new wild fire that sparked yesterday's california, has exploded to 3,000 acres. mandatory evacuations have been issued in lake county. meanwhile fire fighters are warning a u.s. forest service member who died over the weekend as he battled a different blaze. twenty-one year-old michael hollandbeck was killed by a falling tree by lake tahoe on saturday. he is second fire fighter to
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die within the last two weeks. another crew member was killed on the front lines of the wild fire on july the 30th. customer feedback has spark a major change at one major retailer. target is getting rid of all signs that separate male and female products. the kids bedding area will not distinguish between girls and boys and girls for example. all references of gender will be removed from the toy oils. it is being welcomed by many parents and gender equality advocates. >> my kids got old enough to notice that there is a distinction, my boys did not want to go down girl aisles. we would have conversations about it is okay for kids to play with any toys that they want to. >> a statement on target's web site says that we heard you, and we agree. the company says that the changes will happen in most stores, over the next few months. and still to come on "action news" at noon, new rumors about the next iphone what we're hearing about the release date.
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also evidence that even moderate stress can ruin your diet, what you can do to stay on track, coming up in health check.
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apple is expect to release the new iphone in less than a month. new reports say that the latest generation is due september the the ninth. the new phones are rumored to have a better camera, faster processor and longer battery life. apple could also release the new apple tv at the same event. stay tuned.
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average price of gas has dropped 11 cents over past two weeks. national average is $2.71 for gallon of regular. that is 81 sent cheaper then we paid this time last year. analyst expect it to continue to drop leading up to labor day unless we see an unexpected disruption in oil production. health check this noon, a new study find even a small amount of stress can ruin your diet. researchers put people in a maryland rately stressful situation and then gave them a choice on cakes, toe nuts, or bananas and broccoli. majority of the pick the food that advertise ted good over healthier option. studies author found stress changed peoples brain chemistry to weaken their wheel power and self control. >> when people are under stress their body actually wants to have glucose. why that is the brain preferred source of energy. you can get it in many ways but the fastest, cheapest, convenient way is cakes, cookies, soda. >> and experts say best weapon against stress is planning
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ahead with meal plans and a steady work out schedule. well, "action news" team is working on these stories tonight beginning at 4:00 o'clock and live from the news roomies alycia vitarelli with the preview. hi a alycia how was your weekend. >> great, hopefully yours was well. broccoli is delicious. >> well, sure. >> that is what i try to tell myself every year. >> yes. >> all right. coming up today at 4:00 big talker as you know there are a lot of people riding their bikes in and around the city and today a bike bill is getting thrown under the bus. we will tell you why local cycling groups have some problems with proposal that would force bike tours wear reflective vests like that one at night. and kid, may dread going back to school but many parents dread back to school shopping. at 4:00 we will help you ease pain of that ever expanding list by showing you easy ways to save hundreds of dollars. don't forget take us with us on the go if you haven't down loaded free six abc news app, watch our newscast
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streaming live on your smart phone and tablet. see you at 4:00, rick. >> thank you, a leash. accu weather up next on "action news" at noon as we look at jersey shore. david murphy will have the seven day forecast, when we come right back. stay with us.
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meteorologist david murphy is here and we were talking about the seinfeld concert tonight. you will there been. >> yes. >> will we need an umbrella standing out there. >> he won't because he is undercover. >> but i think we will be mostly cloudy tonight but very likely dry in the lehigh valley. >> that is good. >> it will be fun. >> can't wait. future tracker six shows you or storm tracker six shows us a little bit of action in the northern and western suburbs but all very light and really falling apart at this point. if you are up in allentown you are dealing with that light rain but we will see it slacking off a little bit over
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next couple of hours. as we look outside, we have, sky six, live at the new jersey shore, no rain here, a lot of clouds and cover but everybody enjoying nice conditions at the beach anyway as it is dry and warm. 79 degrees in philadelphia. currently. we have 62 on your dew point-meter. that is humid. wind out of the south at 10 miles an hour. taking a look at numbers across the region just 07 in allentown. sixty-eight in reading. seventy-three wilmington. seventy-four in dover. warmer in south jersey over toward the the shore. airport in atlantic city looking at 80 right now. seventy-nine in the city. a bit on the humid side from north to south across the region today. future tracker six picking up the rain story and between now and 6:00 there is a chance of a couple of showers and maybe even an odd thunderstorm that pops up especially west of philadelphia. allentown could be kind of close to some of this later this afternoon. there is 3:00 o'clock view. at his we get in the evening it does look like mostly this dies down and we are into a mostly cloudy sky cover with every now and then some stars coming through.
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by 11:00 tonight still looking dry the with the exception of some sprinkles and showers out to the north and west. so, up in allentown today we will allow for a spotty shower but it looks like overall between now and later tonight it should be dry. 78 degrees. under mostly cloudy skies, heading to musikfest, yeah, maybe i don't know if an umbrella is would are the it but maybe an out plan where you duck under a tent with a quick shower. clouds and sun at the shore. 80 degrees. seventy's in the water. in philadelphia we have a high of 82 this afternoon. bit more humid then it was in parts of the region yesterday. spotty shower or thunderstorm cannot be ruled out but again, that is mainly out in the western suburbs. a chance of the thunderstorm is pretty small. pretty much same story tonight mostly cloudy, spotty shower or then are storm mainly out to the west. seventy-two is the muggy overnight low n between knows two numbers, the evening commute looks mostly cloudy, humid, likely dry outside of the western suburbs. eighty-one by 4:00. eighty by 5:30. still warm at 7:00, at 79 degrees there.
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then tomorrow, it will start this admit night tonight. we are going to start to see some of those showers to the west, spread right through the region. by 5:00 in the morning when we will be on the air earl which storm tracker six live double scan we will see drenching downpours and gusty thunderstorms out of this. then the rest of the day, you will get in the noon hour there is a lull, however a second round of thunderstorms coming in later in the afternoon. there is a slight risk of some of these storms producing strong gusty wind, perhaps enough to bring down trees and wires where those storms hit. that is tomorrow. your exclusive seven day, excuse me, 82 is the high, warm and humid, 82 tomorrow, showers and thunderstorm possible throughout the day as we just saw and some could bring drenching downpours wouldn't be surprised if see localized flooding. the cloud and sun wednesday, slight chance of the shower, thursday and friday look great and hotter on saturday with a possible late day thunderstorm, rick. >> thank you. quick break more news when we come right back, stay with us.
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hello again here are the stories we are following on "action news" at 12:30 now. a teenager is dead after he was shot in west philadelphia now police are trying to figure out how it happened. also more controversy surrounding the donald. find out what he is saying today about his comments to fox anchor megan kelly. beach goers in ocean city
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saw thick smoke yesterday. we will tell you what caused it. now the details. right now philadelphia police are investigating the the shooting death of the teenager. investigation began with a 16 year-old taken to the hospital for what was initially thought to be a nose bleed. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at the house where it happened in the 6300 block of street in southwest philadelphia, vernon? >> reporter: good afternoon, rick. one way or another police believe that this was all a tragic accident here in southwest philadelphia last night. it happened inside of that greenhouse right behind me, and they say no matter who pulled the trigger the the victim's older brother is still being sought by police for questioning. erie calm here in the 6300 block of sreland today, in contrast to last night's grief when single shot, took the life of the popular 16 year-old. it happened inside 6335vreland. two


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