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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 12, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news police have questioned a tour
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bus driver in connection with a hit and run. and we have a preview of the court hearing underway right now. but the big news is the statement expected to attorney general, kathleen kane, they will talk about the charges leveled against her, "action news" reporter john rawlins is live in harrisburg where kane is expected to talk this afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon, we were told there would be a live statement by the attorney general and that would be followed by questions from reporters to the attorney general. apparently there has been a debate within the attorney general's camp, given the severity of the charges against her, we are told there may not
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be a question portion this afternoon. we'll have to wait and see. so how will the attorney general break her silence, will she dispute the allegations that she leaked grand jury information and lied to cover it up. prosecutors say it was a motive of attacking state prosecutors. according to the indictment released last week, kane in an email said i will not let them discredit me, this is war. >> this is her war, based upon the evidence without record to the rules or the law. >> or can she assure the public she can continue on her job and work on her defense, she faces challenges, jean has petitioned the state court, to suspend her
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law license, something the attorney general must have. and the governor has called on her to step down. >> i think she should resign, i don't know how she can continue to do her job and defend herself against the charges she is defending herself against. >> rick, we are under an hour away from hearing from the attorney general to get her side of this drama, we are not completely sure she will take question, but we understand she will make a statement. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we'll bring you kathleen kane's news conference live at 1:00 at 6 abc, and stream it live at you can read more about the charges against her and her decision to remain in office. philadelphia police are investigating a shoot that left a point breeze neighborhood riddled with bullets, police
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found bullet casings last night and two men were shot and they remain hospitalized. police say that a bullet fired into a home and came within three feet of a pregnant woman and narrowly missed another woman sleeping on a sofa, katherine scott will have a full report at 12:30. police are questioning the driver of a tour bus allegedly involved in a hit and run, a man was struck and killed outside of police headquarters in center city. police say a white tour bus hit him and kept ongoing but they are unsure if the bus driver knew anybody was hit. the bus when to d.c. and came back to philadelphia for the driver to be questioned. they are planning a news conference for 1:00 this afternoon and will bring you any updates. a toll hike is up for debate
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in new jersey, the commission wants to increase fees on the tacony palmyra and the burlington bristol bridge. tolls for easy pass would increase by $1, they need extra revenue for improvements on both spans. turning to accuweather now we are enjoying a much nicer day after yesterday's pretty gloomy conditions, sky 6 hd looking liveality the center city skyline and clouds are mixing with sun and david murphy has the latest and joins us live outside of the studios. >> the humidity is lowering as we speak and right now the sun is fading back and form behind fair weather cumulous clouds but there is enough to warrant sunscreen. if are you headed to the pool, beach or anywhere else for any extended period of time. there is enough sun for a burn.
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>> you see thicker clouds on satellite and clouds on radar popping up near the new york and pennsylvania border that activity is expected to drive south and the northern and western suburbs will pick up some of that here and there, and some of that could make it to philadelphia eventually. 83 is your current temperature and upper 70s in trenton and allentown and sea while city, 80 on the boardwalk. and a high of 85 in philadelphia, right around average and once the potentially shower activity melt as way we are looking agent a cool and comfortable overnight. ahead of that overnight low, we have a union match at ppl park at 7:30, this is the chicago fire in town to take on the union in the semi finals of the u.s. cup, the union trying to make the finals for the second straight year.
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75 at the start and the 90th minute. when i step inside we'll look at the shower chance on future tracker 6, and then great days in the forecast followed by another change. i'll have details coming up in the seven day, kind of hate to come inside. >> come on in any way david. in other news, septa is holding yet another lottery nor toez that want a special pass for the pope's upcoming visit, these tickets for the norristown high speed line, 101 and 102 in september, the lottery opened just after midnight and will last until 11:59 tonight. we have a link on our website at >> meanwhile, "action news" is going to pope francis's home town next week, jim gardner will be in argentina to meet the
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people and he'll have live reports at 6:00 and 11:00. he is looking for a higher power to help his philadelphia eagles. prophet fatel is looking for the pope to bless sam bradford's knees. as of this morning a little more than 5,000 people have signed the petition, bradford says he is open to the idea. patriot's quarterback tom brady is in federal court for attorney face-off against commissioner roger goodell, both are seeking a settlement for his punishment for deflate-gate. marcy gonzales joins us now. >> reporter: things got started an hour ago with both parties meeting privately with the judge
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and the judge came out and said he had not decided which side would prevail, today a deflate-gate face-off in federal court. new england patriots star tom brady fighting his four game suspension going head to head against nfl commission under, roger goodell. >> we'll cooperate fully with that and allow the judge to handle the process. before the hearing the judge issuing a last minute orderer, encouraging both sides to engage in good final settlement issues. >> this judge will say if you can't resolve it, neither of you will like it. brady and the union taking it to court after the appeals of the nfl were denied. they said that brady's punishment after they said that they played with underdeflated
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balls last year. >> it was harsh. >> harsh. >> i have all played within the rules. >> but goodell says he concealed potentially relevant evidence. under the collective bargaining agreement he had every right to issue and oversee the punishment. >> if the punishment is upheld, he cannot play in a regular season game until october 18th. >> still to come a u.s. army helicopter has crashed on to a naval ship. the hard landing that injured several people. and plater a pennsylvania beauty queen accused of faking cancer, those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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endorsed by aarp. don't wait. call now. a u.s. military helicopter crashed off the coast of japan today. the chopper's tail broke off when it came in for a hard
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landing, seven people were injured and taken to a navy hospital, ten other passengers were on board but they were not hurt. still unclear what caused the hard landing. an egyptian isis affiliate claims they beheaded a croatian prisoner. he is wearing a jump suit similar to this picture, taken from a video released last week, he was abducted last month in western cairo, they say they killed him because his country participates in the war against the islamic state. meanwhile, a young couple is in jail here in the united states, held without bond, accused of trying to join isis. the fbi says the newlyweds planned to fly from mississippi to the netherlands and then on
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to turkey, they say that jean young and muhammad molalla confessed both graduated from mississippi state university. a state of emergency could be lifted in ferguson, missouri, as protests turned peaceful last night. sunday night a man shot into a police van, they released a video showing the man grabbing a gun from his waist band, they were out numbered by officers in riot gear, no one was arrested. a large wild fire continues to spread in lake county, california, authorities have ordered more evacuations and many had just returned home after a different blaze threatened their home last week, this new fire sparked on sunday and has burned through 22 square miles and is only 5% contained.
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police in los angeles are looking for a man that tried to kidnap two toddlers while they were playing outside. the suspect allegedly jumped a fence at an apartment complex and grabbed the 2 and 3-year-olds, and then their sister jumped into action screaming for help, everybody is safe but parents are worried that the suspect could go after another family, a dramatic rescue is caught on camera in alabama. an 11-month-old baby is stuck in this upside down car after it plummeted down a 100 foot cliff, he franticly screamed while they worked to save baby breely, he was able to get her out of her car seat and hand her uninjured to first responders and her grateful mother. the fda is cracking down on a celebrity drug endorsement. we'll explain how kim kardashian
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got one company in trouble on health check. and the faa is sparking complains, which airline is the worst.
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airlines are receiving more and more complains for delays and cancellations, they are up over 300 from the same time last year, they gave spirit airlines the worst rating, passengers
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only had a 50/50 chance of arriving on time in june and southwest had the fewest complaint, but overall they are keeping more flights on track. and the federal government is cracking down on a drug endorsement. kim kardashian promoted a medication that helped during her pregnancy but the fda says she violated drug promotion rules because she failed to mention potentially dangerous side
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we'll explain the video you are seeing here at 4:00 as well. don't forget can you take us with you on the go, if you have not downloaded the free 6 abc news app, you can watch us live streaming on your smart phone and tablets. lots of juicy stories for you. >> thank as leash a.
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and now when you buy a phone, get 20% off your target run. all things mobile. all in one place. meteorologist, david murphy, keeping an eye on the
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accuweather forecast, a couple of nice days in store for us, could be showers popping up here and there but pretty nice todayp bet ser tomorrow and friday. lets get you started with stormtracker 6 live double scan there is no precipitation out there yet. and as we take a look outside, sky 6 hd earlier this morning, pretty pictures from the camden, new jersey, side of the tell wear river and center city bathed by sunshine earlier and nice pictures on the action cam from our excellent photography staff. 89 in philadelphia and now it doesn't feel all that humid out there in philadelphia, the farther you go through south jersey and down into delaware, it feels a little sticky down there, a nice gentle breeze, 77 in allentown and almost 0-in wilmington and climbing up close to 80 in cape may county, 81 in
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atlantic city. as we get past 2:00, we'll be on the lookout for showers to begin to pop up well to the north and west. and by 3:30, some of this might make it down into areas near i-95, most of this is light, brief shower activity and it doesn't look like this wands to pound the region, from the poconos and beyond you may see a thunderstorm, around here nothing more than a shower or thundershower. we get to 8:00 and it's pretty much all done in our neck of the woods, allentown partly cloudy skies and spotty shower cannot be ruled out, 80 is the high and that humidity has dropped a long time ago even before dawn. down the shore a high of 80 sun mixing with clouds and nice conditions with humidity on the lower side, and ocean temperatures in the 70s. might be a little bit of a chance of a rip current, so swim near the lifeguards today. 85 is your high in philadelphia
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and again sun, clouds and less humid than it was yesterday, and pretty manageable out there, winds northwest at 7 to 14. we have an evening commute, decent out there with a spotty shower in place, but most of you have spotty showers. for music fest tonight it's zz top on the big stage, a few clouds and kfrmts conditions, 74 degrees at 7:30 when the opening act hits the stage and zz top later on at 8:30, if you are out today keep your eyes to the skies, the perseid meteor shower. people on facebook already saw a few of these last night, tonight is clear with high pressure moving in.
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mostly sunny and gorgeous, tomorrow beautiful, lots of sunshine and a few clouds and low humidity, and 87 and nice on friday, for the weekend, highs of 90 on friday and saturday, with the humidity gradually rising through the weekend, could be a saturday afternoon or evening thunderstorm, sunday looks dry for the eagles and the union and 90 on monday. >> thank you david. a new york grandmother is a brand new multimillionaire, 82-year-old marilyn looney hit the lottery, she won $7 million from a scratch-off ticket bought at a long island convenience store. even the owner could not believe. >> he read it and came jumping over and said god lady you are a millionaire, you just won $7 million. >> looney plans to share the winnings with her daughter and four grandchildren.
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(grover) see you tomorrow! (female announcer) cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. play for fun. cash for life. "action news" continues with sara bloomquist, rick williams and meteorologist, david murphy. hello again. philadelphia police are investigating three separate late night shootings across the
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city, the bullets hit windows and cars and narrowly missed a pregnant woman and a day care is closed after a toddler was left unattended by employees. and hillary clinton targeted over email, the new evidence she is set to hand over to feds. >> and now the details, it was a violent night across the city of philadelphia with reports of at least three shootings, the first happened in points breeze after 11:30, shots rang out about a mile away from the scene of the first shooting and then an hour later a third shooting happened in the city's german town section. all three scenes were left littered with shell casings. katherine scott has more. >> reporter: six people were shot overnight in the city here on this block in point breeze, two people were hit and there were near misses, a bullet went through that window, feet from where a pregnant woman


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