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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 12, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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individual charms against her. and that the story as we know it is inaccurate and incomplete and she and only she is fighting the good fight. kane who is accused of leaking grand jury material to hurt a rival came out swinging saying she is the victim. >> it's not about sting investigations or vendettas or press releases, it's a story that begins with pornography, racial innocensensitivitinsensi. >> among others were judges and lawyers. >> have tried desperately to insure that these emails and more importantly their attachment to it never saw the light of day. >> she says that people moved to suppress the information by using grand jury rules, she
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called on judge carpenter who sits on the grand jury to allow the release of all the emails, kane called that what happened to her was a grand plan to remove her. and she went off track and spoke to her sons saying it was too bad to ignore. >> i'm telling you christopher and zach, i have never been that person, i brought this fight to our doorstep. >> and with that the indicted attorney general walked off the stage taking no questions. >> reporter: and so the drama continues here s. "action news" reached out to judge carpenter's office for comment, so far nothing from that office, a harrisburg activist has asked the supreme court basically to suspend the attorney general's law license, if that were the case, if that were to happen it
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would preclude her from fulfilling her duties as attorney general. in the meantime, back to you. >> this is far from finished we brought you kathleen kane's news conference live today at, can you watch video of her entire statement and read more about her side of the story, we have posted the criminal complaint filed against kathleen kane by the montgomery district attorney. two massive explosions just rocked the chinese city of teengin. china's official news agency tweeted there are hundreds of people in the hospital, the source of the blast seems to be the shipping container, this is a sister city of philadelphia, right now two massive explosions rocking that chinese city and we'll followle story and bring
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you more information as we get it. philadelphia police have identified the driver of a tour bus involved in a dead will he hit and run in center city, 66-year-old walter jefferson of north philadelphia was behind the wheel yesterday, that bus struck and killed joseph herd as he walked on north franklin street outside of police headquarters, he told investigators he did not realize what happened. >> the driver was telling us he was on the route and he is on that every day and didn't realize anything happened. now they are getting a warrant for his cell phone records and now a man wanted for a craigslist scam is being sought by police. and collected deposits for a rental and said it was no longer available and refused to refund
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the money and one was a disabled veteran. more on this story at 4:30 this afternoon. he was the mayor a new jersey town for more than a decade. master sanpeco plead guilty to abusing a child in marlboro from 2002 to 2003 and went to prison for 21 months after being found guilty of tax evasion. from our delaware newsroom, a teenager went to the hospital today after a crash in hockessin, the action cam was on the is hundred block where a car hit a pole, medics took the 17-year-old girl who was driving the car to christiana hospital, there is no word on how badly she was hurt and the crash
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knocked down wires and that closed old wilmington road while crews cleaned up. >> a welcome change in the weather on this wednesday afternoon, sun is shining and skies are blue. >> and humidity is nice and low, meteorologist, abdam joseph is outside, lucky you. >> this is my kind of summer day, sunshine and low humidity and little in the way of cloud cover, the numbers are below average, 82 in new york city and 90s squashed way to the south, richmond 85 and 83 in roanoke. the winds from the northwest have fallen since yesterday, now the dew point is in the 50s, that is comfortable air s. all the way down to the vnl and north carolina border they are getting a break from the tropical humidity we had of the last couple of days. this is perfect timing with our upon in town, mostly clear and
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comfortable, 83 to start the game there, 90th minute 75 and if are you up in the lehigh valley for musikfest, zz top taking center stage and clear and comfortable with the temperature then of 70 degrees, we'll have some kind of showers in the sky tonight and i'll elaborate tomorrow what kind of showers those are, plus a heat wave coming into the forecast brian, i'll have all the details in accuweather in a little bit. >> that is a tease my friend. the eagles are inching closer to their first preseason game this sunday against the colts and it will be the first time to see new editions, including demarco murray, the birds are careful how they use their free agent this year. >> reporter: so far very cautious with demarco murray, but he was definitive about
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whether he can lead the rushing in the nfl, he believes he can become the top rusher even though he is getting limited reps and carry the ball fewer times than he did down in dallas. he spent time with the trainer again, not part of individual drills and then during team drills he was in and out. he is not hurt but getting his body right, a player on a new team in a new system. have you to wonder if he is a little bit behind, murray tells me he is not. they are just managing his reps something he did in dallas as well. >> he watches enough film and knows what i'm working on things i need to work on constantly, and other things i'm more comfortable as doing. the coach has a good grasp on how to use certain players, and you know what to throw at them. >> murray was quite the work
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horse last year, close to 500 touches including the playoffs, but he thinks he is fine and he feels fresh and he is not worried about it having a linger effect into this season or having to slit the reps with darren sproles and running back matthews. we'll see in the first preseason game against the colts on sunday. jeff skversky, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> right now septa is holding another lottery for anyone that wants a special pass for the papal visit. these tickets for the norristown high speed line during the pope's visit in september up for grabs can the lottery just opened after midnight and it goes until 11:59 p.m. tonight if you want to enter, head to and we have posted a link for you. before he was pope francis,
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he was archbishop off arm teen a. what is where jim gardner is learning about the man and his views. his live reports start tomorrow at 6:00 and 11:00. after tonight the toll could be doubling on two local bridges, the burlington county bridge commission will vote whether to increase the tolls on the bridges, and it will go up to $3 for easy pass users, it would increase $12 million a year in revenue. they say they need the money to fund a bridge project including redirecting the burlington bristol bridge and replacing mechanical equipment on both bridges. it's time to help you get home this wednesday or as matt pellman likes to say -- we'll let him say it. he is standing by in the traffic
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center. >> it's a special afternoon, it's hump day, happy hump day as we get over the hump and head home, a few issues like this crash on 95 southbound side on the approach to the walt whitman bridge, it was blocking a couple lanes for a while. heading down into south philadelphia, delays on 95 because of the crash, not a lot left of it at this point. there is a broken down vehicle still blocking the right lane, southbound past landsdale. if are you in new jersey on the approach to bridges, first in mercer county, at the scutter falls bridge, a crash taking out a lane and approaching the delaware memorial bridge, a crash involving an overturned vehicle on the new jersey turnpike, the lanes are open and you can get by but watch for the emergency vehicles there, if you
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are heading to the shore, maybe wildwood or cape may, 347 is blocked because of an accidents investigation, stay on 47 as your alternate but expect extra crowding. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day, musikfest continues in bethlehem, extra traffic on 22 and 48, we see speeds like 12 miles per hour, so busy week up there in the lehigh valley, we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> so nice he said it twice. >> the more the merrier. >> thanks matt, an iconic pennsylvania company announced they are cutting 2,000 jobs, plus hillary clinton's campaign makes a big decision about the emails she sent while is he was secretary of state, and the most popular sports league when to court against one of its stars
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more email trouble for hillary clinton, emails she sent while she was secretary of state. after already handing over her personal email server to the fbi, the democratic candidate is poised to do the same for the justice department, this could create problems because two of four emails were believed to be classified are now deemed top secret and a thumb drive was also turned in. clinton's staff saying it's the only device that contains copies of thousands of her emails and clinton says nothing on the server was classified at the time she sent them. now the criticism is pouring in. >> just ignored the threat, and
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where the secretary of state, where was secretary of state clinton in all of this? >> clinton's campaign communications director says she is not facing a criminal investigation and remains committed to cooperating with inquires into her private account. now more eyes on the emails. the national football league went to court today to take on one of its biggest stars, lawyers for tom brady and commissioner roger goodell argued over the four game suspense for allegedly deflating footballs making them easier to throw. marcy gonzales is live now with the details. >> reporter: both sides are still in there hashing out their arguments behind closed doors after taking tough questions from the judge. today a deflate-gate face-off in federal court. new england patriot star, tom
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brady going head to head against commissioner, roger goodell fighting to have his four game suspension thrown out and questioning the investigation and asking for concrete proof that brady was guilty of deflating balls. >> saying he was having trouble finding evidence that brady was part of a scheme, is there a text where he instructed someone to put a needle in a football. >> judge ber man was clear but it was hard to come away with a message that he was trying to deliver to the nfl, that the league better soften up and engage in settlement talks or be prepared to face the consequences. >> the nfl stands by their decision, saying that the texts sent after clearly indicates the nonl of this activity and
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goodell had every right to issue and uphold brady's punishment. >> the judge urging both sides to reach a settlement, if they don't they will be back here in court for a public hearing a week from today. marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> marcy thank you. new jersey war veterans continue to receive important resources that is because of $8 million in special funding that is added to the state budget, steve sweeney and other lawmakers met in mount holly to discuss how to use the money, it will be used to promote veteran care operated by rutgers, it makes up for lost funding discontinued by the federal government. the newly combined kraft-heinz company is cutting 3,000 jobs, it represents 5% of the global workforce, they are
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trying to cut $1.5 billion from the new joint company's annual budget. several will be at the illinois headquarters no word on how many will be in pennsylvania. and now on wall street, a mixed bag, the dow down marginally just fractions of a point and the nasdaq up 8 and the s&p up 2 points on the day. it's time for a look at the accuweather forecast, we pretty much had to drag adam joseph back in. >> can you blame him it's beautiful out. >> you pulled me in by the neck with one of those canes. lots of sunshine again and just a few fair weather clouds do thing the sky across the area and no rain whatsoever, as we look at temperatures, it's similar no matter where you are from the lehigh valley, millville to cape may, frp 80 to
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83 degrees, for most in a couple of areas a couple of degrees warmer than that. the winds are pushing out of the northwesterly direction at 10 miles per hour. and that goes all the way to the coast, there is no sea breeze, and we have the land breeze in places like brigantine, those green heads like to join the party on the sand, with have a large high pressure in control than is squashing the cloud cover and bringing beautiful weather from chicago, cincinnati, bismark and atlanta and raleigh, but that brings highs 91 in little rock and him imcan that number in dallas and houston and houston expecting north day hitting 100 this afternoon in fact, as we look at houston's heat, six straight days of the century point or
4:21 pm
higher, today could mark day seven, the long of the stretch in four years and yesterday they hit a 106 a new record high, we complain a little bit about the heat and humidity but it's nothing compared to what they are dealing with in southern texas. say flip here, cool and comfy, 61 in trenton and 60 in millville and tomorrow upper 70s, north and west with full sunshine and 81 philadelphia and even at the shore, upper 70s to near 80 degrees, 83 and wall-to-wall sunshine and low humidity on friday, temperatures are back to normal with a little above at 88, it turns hot and humid with highs in the east, we are up to 91 and then on sunday, hot and humid for the eagles and ppl in town, 93 degrees, a little on the toasty side, for the players and the spectators,
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and you saw the tonight forecast, and we teased there are showers in the sky, we'll let you know in the full forecast in the next half hour. >> thank you. >> some studious middle schoolers spent their day learning about science in burlington county, they explained the way the engineering impacted the emily robling day care, named after the wrobelly that haeped to build the brook len bridge. that is impress he. >> more than impressive. a man breaks into a local store and only decides to take specific items. coming up at 4:30, a local day care closed after a child was left alone outside for 20 minutes.
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police in the brewery town section of philadelphia are looking for the man that broke into a grocery store, they gave us new video of last week's crime, it's man broke the lock before 5:00 a.m. and got inside of the torres grocery and he tried to rob the atm he couldn't do it so he took $600 worth of deoderant and cigarettes and ran off. there is a look at him. police want anybody that recognizes him to give them a call. police are looking for the woman that police say is breaking into people's sheds, this is lauren maltesta, saying she broke into six sheds between may and july, police did not say what she is accused of taking from the sheds, they are asking anyone that might know where she is to please contact them.
4:27 pm
still ahead in big talkers a story that sounds like it was ripped from the headlines of hollywo hollywood. a man says a woman used his donation at a sperm bank after they broke up. and a man is leaving his wife in jail for allegedly what she taught their 7-year-old son to do for her.
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"action news" continues. >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with real versus artificial, we'll explore which sweetener you should choose if are you trying to keep your weight in check. >> and a suspect is behind bars for allegedly murdered a man that flagged him down for driving the wrong way on a one way street. you have probably heard of blood brothers but have you heard of milk siblings. a woman that shared her breast fill can with her best friend's toddler. this is the property that police say harry moore listed through craigslist, the problem is that he took tenants money and vanished leaving some without anywhere to go.
4:30 pm
sara bloomquist is live outside with the story and reaction to this arrest. >> reporter: 44-year-old harry moore soundered at northwest detective, he is an accused of running a scam, taking their deposit money, and so far 15 victims came forward and with their deposit money gone many have no where to go. >> he is a scum bag. >> liz is one of 15 victims who has come forward of accusing harry moore of stealing thousands of thrasher from her for renting a house he says he owned on west oak lane, police say moore listed it on craigslist and zilo, and took the deposit money and came up with excuses and never came up
4:31 pm
with keys. money that one mother never expects to see again, she and her family are homeless relying on friends and family for a place to stay. >> this morning he surrendered to detectives and admitted his deceit and blamed it on gambling debt. >> we don't know if there are others out there that haven't come forward yet. but 10 of the 15 that we are recorded, he took $3100. >> he is lucky that no one else caught him first, we are angry, it's children involved and money lost, these people are homeless, we have no where to go. >> reporter: moore now faces charges including fraud, theft and theft by deception, police
4:32 pm
tell us there are plans in the works to put a lien on that property to attempt to recoup deposit money for all the victims. live in the logan section, i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> all right sara thank you. philadelphia police say they have captured the man that stabbed a 21-year-old to death after the victim walked home from a bar this weekend, 39-year-old angelo maldnado was accused of the attack. i pulled him over to tell him he was riding down the wrong way on a one way street and he stabbed him in the torso, he later died in the hospital. police are trying to determine if they had any other interactions before the stabbing. police say that women shoplifted $3,000 worth of
4:33 pm
clothes from the macy's at the mall, one of them collected the merchandise and handed it over to an accomplice who load tropical disturbance into macy's bags and walked out, they left in a tan ford focus, anyone that recognizes them should contact springfield police, the department of human services shut down a berks county day care, after leaving a toddler outside alone. it happened on wyomissing on july 27th, they were playing in an unfenced area, and when they went back inside they left a 3-year-old boy behind, they foup him okay but with a dirty diaper, they fired the employee and called the toddlers parents, the state decided to close the center though after finding a number of other violations in their investigation last week. from our delaware newsroom,
4:34 pm
a wilmington animal shelter is seeking donations for an abused and abandoned threat, they say that brutous arrived with a chain around his neck and a shattered leg, the dog was in so much pain, they had to amputate the leg, the shelter is asking to help cover his medical bills and trying to find brutous a new home. >> hopefully we can help. >> we have amazing viewers. >> i love his tail wagging all over the place. >> you are talking about this special thing in the skies tonight. >> the showers. >> you have to wait. how much time do you think we have? >> we have plenty of time, we are not going anywhere. looking live right now, it's all good in the weather department, a few clouds and 83 degrees and due points 55 and wins from the west at 10 miles per hour, and
4:35 pm
in cape may, you can see a para sail i think. it is, looking good there in cape may. the temperature is similar to inland locations and the water temperature is nice and warm at 73. dew points have dropped into the 50s across the area and the section still around cape may at 61 but that is comfortable for this time of year, we'll talk about the return of heat and humidity and heat wave number four and heat wave number four is on the way in the seven-day forecast. >> a renowned sculpture is putting his heart and soul into a work for pope francis when he arrives n month. monica malpass is here with more. >> the artist is from depford, rather gloucester county and this is not the first time he has made the elaborate creation
4:36 pm
for a pope. tom saider jr. says from the time the pope arrives he is making something special, a long pole with a cross at the top and using purple wood from south america to make it from the pope's argentina roots. it's worth it even if it never make its to pope francis, we'll have that story at 5:00. >> that is beautiful. this photo taken by a mom down the road in bala cynwyd, it shows jessica breast feeding her son and her friend's son at the time. she calls the kids milk siblings and it's creating quite a stir online. >> do what is best for my son at a time when he needed something more. >> mom wanted her son matt to
4:37 pm
breast feed and unable to pump at work and matt reacting badly to formula, her friend jessica stepped in, i treat him as my son. >> her suggestion was that she would nurse matt. >> i was at my witnesses end and when she offered i was nothing but thankful for it. >> it was the first time she ever nursed another person's child. many are applauding the gesture of friendship and some are taking issue. one person wrote, i found this picture disturbing and another one nothing wrong with breast feeding why not cover up, besides these children 13 and 16 months old now are old enough to eat solid foods. the concept of a wet nurse is not a new one, they lift nurse from a human wet nurse or human milk bank. >> if the woman has been
4:38 pm
screened, if she is healthy and substance free, if her child is healthy as well. it shouldn't be a problem. >> as for these two friends they not only describe them as milk brothers but they raise them together under one roof, moving in with her husband two months ago. >> colletty says living under one roof is about logistics a and -- and they are a monago mus couple. this picture is being shared over social media at record speed. >> no doubt. credit to them for sharing their story. thank you alicia. philadelphia's homeless charity, project home is asking people to give back in the spirit of probe francis and his
4:39 pm
upcoming visit. it's pope up day, they brought a life size pope and urged people to donate to the francis fund, their goal is to raise 1.3 million there's and donate it to local charities. hundreds of 6 abc viewers will be going to see two of the summer's hot of the concerts for free. the action cam was out at spruce park when hundreds of tickets were given out to see maroon 5 or rascal flats, the promotion you heard in freebie friday, it was live nation and exclusive to our 6 abc viewers, some viewers were camped out since 7:00 a.m., snagging all the maroon 5 tic egts within 20 minutes, rascal flats continue next thursday and i hear there was a wedding proposal that happened there today and i picked the spruce
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street park location, so i like to think i had a hand in it. >> should you reach for the artificial sweetener or the real stuff. the debate is next. and could you -- necessary to make a baby one couple says yes, they are now suing the man's ex and a sperm bank. a complicated case next. and what this woman is accuse of teaching their 4-year-old son to do for her. and adam joseph returns with it's accuweather forecast. a promise of something exciting in the skies.
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a florida mom is under arrest after allegedly making her young son blow into a breathalyzer so she could drive
4:43 pm
while drunk, this is the officer's body cam showing the woman get out of car and then you see the baby in the backseat holding the breathalizer, it was installed by doug king because his wife was just out of rehab, they were made aware after a 911 by a bartender. >> she seemed under the influence and i didn't know if she had a kid in that car. >> she had two kids, a 4-year-old and a 2-year-old in the backseat. she is faced with child neglect among other charges, her husband is moving away and leaving her in jail and taking the kids with him. >> on health check, the latest on the sugar debate, sugar versus artificial sweeteners for
4:44 pm
weight loss, pepsi announced they were taking out aspartame in favor of another artificial sweetener. does that mean soft drifrk lovers will pack on more weight? not necessarily. doctors say when it comes to beverages, limiting both sugars and artificial sweeteners after all water has zero calories. we have a lot of battles in big talkers lately over frozen embryos, but this one involves one man's sperm and two angry ex's, it starts back when lane harden first froze his sperm, he signed a contract with his then girlfriend, katherine lablank, it said that she he die or they break up she gets the samples
4:45 pm
well they did break up. enter his new girlfriend, toby deval, who managed to pick up a vial and become pregnant without his consent after they broke up. >> first, you think that is totally impossible. this is some kind of joke. >> there are more security checks in place for me going in to buy alcohol at a gas station than there were for her to go and receive a man's dna. >> so now harden and lablank, the first ex, are both suing the fertility center for breach of crack and suing deval the second ex, she says he granted her access and then changed his mind. and now harden is trying to have his parental rights terminated because they have never met.
4:46 pm
>> can you map that out for me with a family tree? another check of the roads now, matt pellman is standing by. >> speaking of click ated, i really have something for everyone. starting with 95, the on going delays in both directions in the ongoing work zone by girard avenue, northbound is heavy through tasker up to allegheny. a couple of events, there is a union game in chester, at 7:month against the chicago fire, you'll see extra people heading towards ppl park and dining under the stars in media, baltimore avenue is an about road for the evening, and closures on a bunch of streets in ardmore at 7:00 and at 7:30 at the man music center there is
4:47 pm
another fish concert, expect extra delays there. it's a downed tree in west mt. airy blocking german town avenue and water main break is closing down been a broken down vehicle on the northeast extension has also cleared out of the way. but i believe that is all the possible traffic issues we can have in one afternoon. we'll check them again in the next half hour. >> you just challenged the traffic gods on that. >> he didn't leave anyone out. accuweather forecast is next.
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4:49 pm
we have breaking news chopper 6 hd over the scene,
4:50 pm
this is flower town road over joshua road, that broken water main has damaged the roadway and it is shut down in this vicinity and beyond until the main and road can both be repaired but quite a mess in white marsh township montgomery county. >> now to a check of the accuweather forecast. >> no water falling from the sky here. that is good news, a turn around in the thunderstorms and humidity for beautiful weather yesterday, as we look at double scan live radar it's quiet no matter where you are in the viewing area, pottstown a couple of showers but they fall apart as they come in from the north and west. 81 same for allentown and reading and 83 in sea isle city and it's poconos just 72 degrees this afternoon. once you are north and west of the mountains and i-80, we see the showers that have bubbled up, for us locally, the delaware
4:51 pm
valley and the lee lie sally, sunshine is in control this afternoon. so overnight tonight, gotting to be dry and stars and very comfortable, lows in the 60s and showers of a different kind, in the sky as the perseid meteor shower peaks tonight, look northeast away from city lights you can see 100 meteors per hour and with a new moon it won't add much light to the sky and helps to reveal the smaller meteors you would not typically see. when you see them burning in the at police fear, they are only the size of a pebble or grain of sand, that is how small they are and how bright they kind of flair up into our atmosphere.
4:52 pm
83 thursday, tomorrow wall-to-wall sunshine with high pressure still in control and this high kind of splits here on friday and that means another beautiful day, we start to heat things up on friday, 88 degrees and the humidity is still staying on the low side and the front will slip through on saturday and and down the shore another beautiful day, a late sea breeze will kick in, temperatures around 80 degrees and 73 is the owes, a couple of degrees cooler in the ocean and delaware 82 down there and nice and little in the way of clouds. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, gorgeous tomorrow, 83 and equally as nice just warmer on friday, the humidity stays low and we crank up the heat and humidity on saturday, 91 degrees and hot and humid on saturday, and 93 and low 90s again on monday with some of that humidity sticking around and the same for tuesday into wednesday, late tuesday,
4:53 pm
wednesday, a chance for a few scattered thunderstorms, so heat wave number four on the way, at least could be a five-day heat wave and maybe more that extends into the latter part of next week. speaking of hot, i have hot deals coming up in what's the deal next. mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold,
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but then i was like duh, just use your phone. mobile-deposit-techno-thingy to the rescue. i'm rayna. and i bank human at td bank. swelling through its dog days in august, good news for those in need of a new air conditioner, it's good news for retailers so they are slashing prices, just size it correctly, a too small unit will end up working overtime, a big energy waster and if it's too big, it surprisingly wastes energy too, summer lovers are known for saying it's not the heat it's
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the humidity, and dehumidifiers are great for getting rid of the moisture and keep in mine that the best dehumidifiers are not necessarily the highest price and come september it's back to school and resist the temptation to shop early, dragging your feet will save you money on dorm room and essentials. and you may find better prices on school supplies and pencils and pens and notebook and glue, and they can be found for less than a dollar sometimes. >> and if all of this sunshine and warmth pushes snow into the future, consumers can save money by acting in the presence. >> snow blowers are at their lowest prices in august. >> but retailers push larger sizes saying they will do a better job and if you don't mind
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buying last year's mode elyou can get a bigger discounts. >> snow blowers huh? that does it for "action news" at 4:00, next at 5:00 before he live at the philadelphia zoo, that is where we find meteorologist, cecily tynan, who is always making small little friends there. >> reporter: good day mate, that is my australian anna canzano accent, we are meeting australian animals. this was discovered in the 1800s, and was popular during the gold rush of the 1900s, you look at the crest, the angle of the crest determines the mood, when it's flat it's angry and olli is somewhere in between. i'll feed the red kangaroos live from the philadelphia zoo when "action news" returns.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. we very breaking news from
5:00 pm
montgomery county, chopper 6 hd is over the scene in white marsh township, it shut down parts of flower town road and thomas town road, it started at 4:20 and the broken main has damaged the roadway. >> that is right, the road closures will stay into effect until the main is repaired and road repairs are complete but we are looking live from chopper 6 from white marsh, shutting down joshua road and thomas road, if you are heading to that area, around this particular intersection you may want to avoid it. and the investigation into a hit and run centers on the driver of a tour bus. the driver left the scene, it happened yesterday in center city, that driver has been questioned by police but he has not been charged. >> david nr


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