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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon we begin with breaking news, new jersey
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transit oils just announced their service plan for the pope's visit next month. passengers are warned to plan for restrictions for the entire weekend and the week looding up to it. the river line and express line will require special passes, those go on sale this saturday on the nj transit website, and the express from atlantic city to philadelphia with no interim stops, the river line operates on a limited schedule between trenton and camden. and all philadelphia bus routes will end in camden, those that do not need to travel between september 24 and and sunday september 27th, are urged to stay off new jersey transit. >> i cannot stress enough that the system is pushed to capacity. it will not be the regular
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commuting experience and rail trips will be impacted by large loegds of people and getting onp off the systems. i echo the sentiments i previously expressed that this will be a very challenging week. >> new jersey transit officials are expected to hold another update today at 1:00 and we'll stream that live on our website at >> you can also find all the details on our woeb at you can also read the latest impact on septa service and see maps of all local traffic descriptions during the entire weekend. the death toll is rising because of a series of massive explosions in china. 12 firefighters are among the 50 people killed in the blast that happened yesterday, marcy gonzales has more from new york. >> reporter: rick and sara that blast was so big it could be
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seen from space, and today hospitals in that area are overwhelmed with patients and people looking for missing family members. today thousands of rescuers desperately searching for survivors near the still smoldering rubble from this massive explosion in china. hundreds of people injured. dozens killed. the death toll still rising from the disaster that started yesterday just before 11:00 p.m. local time, firefighters first responding to a fire at a warehouse storing hazardous materials, more than a half hour later as they battled the flames, a huge blast followed by another bigger explosion. people nearby left with no time left to find safety. among the dead and injured some of those firefighters and migrant workers sleeping in
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nearby dormitories. bob woodruff at the scene. >> it's absolutely destroyed these are people's home and this is where they live. dvds, music. this is horrible. >> devastating damage through the major port city even a mile away, the force shattering windows. >> oh my god. >> the explosion so severe they registered on the richter scale and could be felt and seen for miles. >> i could just feel my whole building shake i thought it was an earthquake. >> everyone within miles of the scene are being evacuated because of fear of toxic fumes. japan's president is promising a thorough investigation. a two alarm fire forced a new jersey family out of their home, chopper 6 hd was over head
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as the crews battled flames on the 200 block of evesham. no one was hurt and a family of four is displacedp the red cross is helping them with food, clothing and baby supplies. traffic is moving again on the new jersey turnpike after two tractor trailers collided in middlesex county at exit east brunswick township. both drivers suffered minor injuries and the outer northbound lanes remain closed at the scene. the accident is still under investigation. no one was hurt when a truck carrying sheetrock spilled its load on to the schuylkill expressway this morning, chopper 6 hd was over the scene over city avenue and belmont avenue. the expressway was closed for a half hour or so, for the crews to finally clear the scene. turning to accuweather, and
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what may be the best day yet this month of august, sky 6 hd showing you the view of cape may at this hour. just light wind out there. david murphy is tracking the latest conditions and joins us live outside of the studio, just where you want to be today david. >> in august often times we have the high heat and humidity and today temperatures below average and humidity behaving itself. look at satellite, no major area of cloud cover, all we have the fair weather cumulous cloud cover you get in the afternoon, the main systems off to the north and west, and there is plenty of sunshine and in a situation like this, it adds to temperature, 78 degrees and that is not bad with a breeze blowing through and not humid at all, 76 is your temperature in allentown and down at the shore, on the boardwalk in a.c., 78 degrees and 77 in trenton and 78 in
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wilmington. here are the dew points, everybody pretty much outside of beach haven is in the 50s, dover holding on to 60. if you are heading to the pool, 81 by 1:00 and 82 by 4:00 with a high of 83 in trend, don't forget the sunscreen because the burn chance is high. and nice to plan a barbecue after work and we are at 81 in philadelphia and 7:00, 79 and less than that in the suburbs and mostly sunny and not all that humid. we have another nice one for tomorrow and we'll talk about that and show you a time lapse video of the perseid meteor shower sent to us by a viewer. >> look forward to that thank you david. on gorgeous days like this one check in with
12:08 pm, live storm tracker 6 radar shows you the up to the minute changes and when they start changing. a teenager training as a junior firefighter kicked in when he was stranded on the water. he was jet skiing from coney island back to new jersey, goen clung to the buoy and when the sun came up he decided to swim, coast guard boats spogted him earlier. >> i had a smile from ear to ear, it was the most amazing thing. >> dillon suffered dehydration and hyperthermia but otherwise okay. the tolls are going up on the burlington bristol bridge and the palmyra, the bridge
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commission voted in favor of the increase, tolls increase from $2 to $4 for those that pay cash, easy pass see an increase of $1. the higher fee is needed to cover improvement work needed on both bridges. there is a new place to shop in south jersey, customers are lining up to check out the gloucester premium outlets. katherine scott takes us to the grand opening. >> a lot of people wanted to be here today when the stores opened. the grand opening celebration began today and runs through sunday, there is live entertainment, going to be family friendly events and of course a lot of shopping, the stores opened at sock and shoppers were ready to spend. >> three, two, one cut the ribbon! >> once the ribbon was cut the shops officially opened and shoppers did not want to miss a minute. >> i watched it being built from
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the time is started to the time it finished. the anticipation, i lived in gloucester all my life and i hope to run into people. >> this is 26,000 square feet of shopping and fire pits and walkways and stores, with savings of 25% to 65% today. >> this is huge for gloucester township. the largest project in the township's history, creating 380 permanent retail jobs. >> people wanted to check out the grounds and be here for the first day festivities. >> hilda got off the plane and this was the first stop. >> i came here from the airport. we are going to probably time here and then go out to lunch and maybe to depford mall and then tonight we'll see how much energy we have been how much money we have left.
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>> there are extended hours over the next few days, 10:00 to 10:00 today through saturday and sunday open 10:00 until 8:00. >> a lot of back to school shoppers there probably. more to come on "action news" at noon, a child winds up in the back of a cop car, the reason this 11-year-old boy was taken into custody. and prison inmates are battling the massive wild fire, the project that lets them out of jail to help on the front lines.
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investigators have new information about a 4-year-old girl found dead in massachusetts this summer. police are still trying to identify the child known as baby doe after her body was discovered on a boston beach in june. authorities created a composite imable of what she might look like. they determined that pollen in her clothing came from trees in new england, they believe she lived in the area, police are chasing down tips from all around the world. three women have come
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forward making claims of assault against bill cosby. one woman says she was assaulted on the cosby show in 189, nearly 50 women have accused cosby of drugging and assaulting them. cosby denies all wrongdoing. and now firefighters in california are getting help from prison inmates. the jerusalem fire in lake county has grown to 20,000 acres. roughly 800 inmates are helping on the front lines in shifts. they are low level offenders and come to a designated camp to eat, sleep and shower, and that the inmates add significant manpower and save the state a lot of money. >> they say at minimum, the inmate firefighters are saving california about $100 million a
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year. some of the inmates say they plan to pursue a career in firefighters after they get out of jail. an 11-year-old boy was put in the back of a police cruiser after taking a stolen car on a highway joy ride, the child found her neighbor's hidden key and took off in her subaru in new york state, he was too short to see over the dash board as he sped through stop signs and lights. fortunately nobody was hurt when he ran into a vehicle. it's up to prosecutors to see if the boy will face charges. a fight over big macs led to assault charges for a money in berks county, pennsylvania, but thomas became irate after he discovered his brother ate three sandwiches without saving one for him. he threw food and punched his brother in the face, he is charged with simple assault and harassment. still could come nurses in
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training are making a difference, a local program helping students and seniors.
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nursing students at drexel university get hands on experience in their field as part of their studies, tamala edwards tells us how one
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particular program is helping the students and the senior citizens. >> students in drexel accelerated nursing program in a retirement community in upper gwinnett. >> you climb the eiffel tower and things they have accomplished is so amazing. >> i lost my mom to pancreatic cancer, she had nurses they loved to hear about their lives and play cards with them. and i like to pay that forward, it means the world to me. >> the student nurses make a big difference in the lives of residents. >> it's wonderful. >> they bring me tomatoes and chocolate ice-cream. they are helpful, not just with gifts but a morale boost. >> whether it's remembering that really like chocolate pudding instead of vanilla pudding or how they like to do their hair.
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the happiness on their faces is very rewarding. >> when i leave here at the end of my day i feel like i have made a difference in the residents lives and it makes me feel good to walk out the door. the "action news" team is out working on news stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. a local man arrested for driving while intoxicated twice in two hours, and the two accidents he allegedly caused. and adam joseph is live in strathmere today where they are getting ready for an ocean kayak festival. >> i like that. we take a live look from sky 6 hd from the center city skyline, a beautiful thursday. adam joseph has the forecast. what do a nascar® driver...
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david is here about your accuweather forecast, and boy it is a nice one. >> this may be the best day we see in august. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan there is no precipitation out there, a quiet night for the perseid meteor shower, and we got this cool time lapse video from greg fisher. he shot an exposure of 30 seconds pointed up to the northwestern sky in quakertown, this is time collapse photography over the course of three hours, a great meteor shower, you tweeted me and told me how you enjoyed it, i went out and was too close to the city lights so could hardly see anything at all. the dew point is low, in the 50s, not humid and the winds are
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currently calm, 78 in the city and 77 in trenton and 76 in allentown and 77 down the shore in cape may. satellite shows you that there is little pronounced cloud cover out there, of course you get the little bitty fair weather cumulous clouds developing this time of year and we do have some of that. the closest pronounced cloud cover is out to the west. we are looking at a sunny day today. 79 in the lehigh valley and mostly sunny and pleasant this afternoon, if are you headed to bethlehem to musikfest a great afternoon to do that. lots of sun and the moderate risk of rip currents, even though we are in the 70s in the ocean water, be careful to stay near the lifeguards and listen to their directions, sunny and gorgeous, 83 degrees and humidity on the low side and 3 degrees below average, and winds
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are light at 5 to 10 miles per hour. and every once in a while a nice breeze. kfrmts overnight and in between we have the afternoon commute and you'll need shades for it. 80 by 4:30 and mostly sunny skies with the cumulous cloud cover tonight. if you are headed to musikfest tonight, three doors down is the main stage act, 6:00 is where the opening acts begin, 76 by 6:00 and 72 by the time three doors down hits the stage at 8:30, and the perseid meteor shower was really a show. there is a chance you might see a little bit of this out as we go into tonight. if you miss tropical disturbanced -- missed it you may get a chance tonight. it's going to be warmer with a
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high of 88 and then we cruise into the weekend and gorgeous today and warmer tomorrow with a high of 88 and for the weekend 90 on saturday and 93 on sunday and the humidity will rise and cool drinks are important as you head to the eagles game or the union contest, or the musikfest. still cooking on monday and by tuesday we are still looking at high humidity and maybe a thunderstorm rolling in and all the 90s tell you we are in for heat wave number four. >> it's a nice day to take your colleagues to lunch. >> that would never happen. >> i meant david. play along sara. more coming up on "action news" at noon. some of america's finest got a new ride in southwest philadelphia, preparations for a three day trip of healing and reflection. and the philadelphia zoo, the hippo that is celebrating
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her birthday today and through the weekend. nice long birthday, those stories and more up next.
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"action news" at 12:30 continues, with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. >> hello again, here are the stories we are following for you on "action news" at 12:30, new information out of new jersey about transit plans for the
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pope. and a stunning announcements from former president, jimmy carter, the health battle he is facing after undergoing surgery and later a fight over this toxic river spill in colorado, why the epa says the situation is getting better and residents say it's only getting worse. now the details, we are getting an idea of how the pope's visit will affect new jersey transit next month. among the highlights, river line and the atlantic city express line require special tickets the weekend the pope will be in town. many lines are running on limit the stops and as for bus routes, all buses heading for philadelphia will end in camden once the ben franklin closed on friday september 25th, new jersey transit officials stress that anyone planning to head into philadelphia from new jersey or new york, to take amtrak and be prepared to walk


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