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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 13, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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still speaking here at city hall. there are two perimeters set up in center city philadelphia, we talked last week about a no traffic zone, within the zone we have two new perimeters that will severely restrict movement in and around center city. the red zone is the secure perimeter, that is an area fenced in around the parkway and around city hall and independence mall, people will only be able to get in and out of that by going through security gates and they will be screened for weapons and all the usual paraphernalia that is not allowed at large events and then outside of that is a secure vehicle perimeter. that is outlined in black and the city is asking everyone that has a vehicle on the streets in that area to remove it by the weekend, it will all start thursday night at 10:00 the
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night before the pope's appe appearan appearance. and people cannot drive in the blackout line. the green lines still the no traffic zone, people can drive around and drive around freely but they cannot get back into it once they leave that area. this has a lot of implications for businesses, people are wondering for weeks how to get their employees in and out and get deliveries and supplies, the city is making allowances for that. >> the basic message for businesss try to get your deliveries if you can before that weekend but we are allow for limited deliveries to occur overnight into saturday into the early hours of sunday morning, we are asking businesses to be smart and plan ahead. we'll have limited delivery
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capability. >> so some very severe restrictions on the way for center city philadelphia during the pope's visit, we'll have the maps on our website and you'll see exactly where the red zones are located and the no vehicle zones are and get ready for a lot of disruption starting at 10:00 thursday night on september 4th. >> all right david it's click ated for sure. meanwhile across the river, new jersey officials discussed their plans for the papal visit and that includes public transportation and road closures and parking problems and one long walk across the ben franklin bridge, john rawlins continues our coverage from there. >> it seems things are kind of complicated. they are telling people to expect big crowds not only with
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the ben franklin bridge, many surrounding roads here in south jersey will be closed. bottom line for garden staters, what is normally a 15 minute drive for the art museum will become a multihour trek. >> a handful of new jersey officials set out on a long walk to see what papal pilgrims could face if they choose to go to philadelphia via camden be prepared for a 4.5 mile trek. >> if you are not capable of making that walk, you may want to re-evaluate if you want to make the walk. >> don't expect to walk to camden park your car and walk across the bridge. >> there is not enough parking spots in camden city and camden county to accommodate the people that want to go to the event. that is a fact.
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>> there are zero parking spots. the thinking is that they will come via the train or charter buses there are 1100 of them coming here. people need to realize they may be returning from their nine mile round trip in the dark. >> bring a flashlight, don't count on the battery in your phone, fully charge your phone and we want you to preverve your charge because you won't find many charging stations. >> reporter: it was estimated if someone was to leave the philadelphia arts area and walk to camden, they would not arrive here until after 10:00 or 11:00 at night, the take away here is that people need to do some real thinking as to whether they have the stamina to walk from camden to philadelphia and back. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. sounds like quite the journey
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for those that will partake that day. visit for complete details of the security perimeter and you can read the latest impact on septa service and see road closures ash the city during that weekend. to learn more about pope francis, "action news" is going to the place where he was born, jim gardner is reporting live all week from argentina, he will talk to people that know the pope and visit the places that form the pope's views on helping the poor. jim's reports begin on monday at 6:00 and 11:00. other news today we are seeing more incredible images from china after the incredible blast from tianjin. at least 12 firefighter are dead and hundreds of others are hurt. marcy gonzales is live. >> reporter: the blast was so big it could be seen from space
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and now china's president is promising a thorough and transparent investigation into yesterday's disaster. today hundreds of people hospitalized recovering after these massive explosions. one blast after another, in the chinese city of tinjin. dozens of people killed including firefighters that were called to the scene a half hour earlier for a fire in a warehouse storing hazardous material. they and everyone nearby caught off guard, the force of the flames ripping through neighboring homes where migrant workers were asleep. >> look at this absolutely destroyed. >> oh, my god. these are people's homes, this is where they live. devastating damage throughout the major port city, even a mile away, windows left shattered.
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oh, my god. >> the blast so strong they registered on the richter scale and could be felt and seen for miles. >> we are getting a shock wave that rattled all the doors and it seemed like big wind and stuff and the big one felt like an earthquake. >> reporter: today as rescuers continue to search for survivors in the rubble. people living nearby are told to evacuate because of concerns of possible toxic fumes. brian and sary, back to you. >> thank you incredible images. it's time now to get a check of the accuweather forecast. >> it's just about as stunning as it gets out there. meteorologist, cecily tynan, this time we mean it, 80 degrees and low humidity. >> it's fantastic out here and comfortable and not feeling like typical august weather, look at these temperatures, these are temperatures we see in the beginning of september,
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philadelphia 81 degrees, new york city and baltimore 82 and pittsburgh and syracuse, only 77 degrees, part of what make its feel so comfortable is the fact that dew points are very low, we have dew points in the 50s, and when you get dew points below 60 degrees it's a comfortable and dry air mass, if you are heading to bethlehem, three doors down are performing for the opening acts and it's clear and calm with low humidity and the temperature of 75 degrees, try to get outside and enjoy the weather, this will be a beautiful night, 7:00, 79 and 8:00, 76 and by 10:00 temperatures still in the low 70s, i am tracking though the heat and humts including our next heat wave of the season, detail coming up in the full accuweather forecast. summer vacation is already over for students in one local
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district, the action cam was at apple elementary. students grades one through five had their orienttation. maple lane is the only in the area going back right now, all other schools start on august 31st. >> that say whole lot earlier. time for the "action news" traffic report today, lets head live to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> hopefully all the kids are excited. i don't know if we are excited for the ride home on this afternoon. the big backups along 95 brian and sharrie in both directions by the work zone at girard avenue, these are nasty since they set up the new traffic pattern. the jam starts this afternoon back around washington after and goes through this point up to allegheny. these delays go back to the vine
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vote expressway. billy joel is at the citizens bank park and people are heading there. and an accidents that brought down trees and wires and kroton road will be closed for a while. in mount laurel, a crash at arbor way at church road and a disabled vehicle approaching 70 eastbound taking out the right lane and paulsboro gloucester county that is the downed pole. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this thursday. a lot of people heading down the shore early for the weekend and we see heavy traffic thanks to addicted to fear, thank you for letting us know about the traffic on arctic avenue into the city.
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we'll talk more in the next half hours. >> some of the names on waze are fantastic. >> still ahead, new developments in the kathleen kane investigation, the judge she talked about responded to her today. >> now what we know but jimmy carter's treatment. that he is diagnosed with cancer, and he was arrested while driving while intoxicated twice in the matter of hours, how he managed to cause two crashes including one that led to big problems on the road. and time for another edition of down the shore today. ab adam joseph is many live in strathmore. >> they have kayaks out here and wave runners and i found a boat sitting here with a captain from will creek marina. you are taking us out on the water? >> sure. >> i am eyeing this wave runner,
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it has keys and it's just left there, so i'll take a jump on it and head out to the bay. i'll have the forecast for the weekend when "action news" returns. hey terry stop! they have a special! so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one?
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a montgomery county judge is responding to a public plea from kathleen kane, yesterday kane called on judge carpenter to release emails that is part of a conspiracy, he says that that is part of the conspiracy against her. he says he never saw any such
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emails. >> the group posted on twitter the they put up a car bomb and hurt more than 150 others, the market is in a predominantly shiite neighborhood. it's one of the deadliest attacks in iraq since the troops left in 2011, president barack obama says he has reached out to former president, jimmy carter and wished him well in his fight against cancer. a recent liver surgery revealed cancer that is in other parts of his body, it's unclear what kind of cancer he has. his father and three siblings all died of pancreatic cancer and his mother dies of breast cancer. retail sales are up in july and that make its more likely that the fed is about to hike interest rates. according to the report from the
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commerce department, and food and vehicle saw growth and that is expected to see a fed rate increase as early as next month, the first hike in almost a decade. and a day of soft movement in the market, the dow is up 6 points, and the nasdaq off 11 minutes and the s&p down 3 points on the day. dozens of field craftsman joined forces to build houses for families in need. volunteer carpenters worked alongsi alongside "habitat for humanity" to build the homes. and they hope to have the families in the home by the holidays. now back by popular demand, and "action news" is treated to a preview today.
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♪ so high and yes, he is talented, local artist anderson sang one of his favorites at city hall as they announced phl live center stage, musicians can enter to win on the phl website on august 18th, i love to see local people with tremendous talent. >> time for another check of the accuweather and another edition of down at the shore. we wish we were there today. adam is live in strathmere. adam you stole that. >> i borrowed. i didn't steal, i borrowed this particular wave runner, i apologize, i forgot this has a tail to it. we are in strathmere, and the sun is shining and we are bay side near the doeville inn and
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the water tower there, a beautiful view there from the bay on a day where the sun is shining, no matter where you are it's a beautiful one, 1-in philadelphia and trenton 81 and allentown 80 and lancaster upper 70s and the dew points have dropped it's extremely comfortable out there, 50 in philadelphia and trenton 54 and lancaster 50 and right now in reading, we are talking about dew points near the upper 40s and the same for lancaster. as we look at satellite and radar, high pressure is in control, a massive high pressure voiding the area of cloud cover in the mid-atlantic, and the high tonight will create a clear, comfortable sky. you may want to open up the windows and give a break from your air conditioning bills, down to the 50s for the suburbs and 66 for center city.
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as we round out the week it's 80s in philadelphia, 81 but still very comfortable, millville 84 and 86 in wilmington with just a few high clouds in the lehigh valley and the poconos, where there it is extremely comfortable for august standards. it's comfy and 88 degrees and at the shore sunny and pleasant and 81 and the poconos wall-to-wall sunshine with your temperature only in the upper 70s, your four day at 4:00 forecast, it's warm and comfy tomorrow with a temperature of 88 degrees, saturday hot and more humid and 91 degrees, and on sunday 93 degrees for the eagles preseason game at home, very humid as well you'll notice the humidity come up saturday into sunday. sunday it's the triple h, hazy, hot and humid and the temperature around the 93
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degrees, strathmere is one of those places, it's sandwiched in between sea isle city and ocean city, every time i come here, and i have come here for 11 years now, everyone comes up and said don't tell anybody where strathmere is, it's quiet and we like it. you know what big personality in this small shore town and we have folks on their water skis and jet skis and wave runners and i have the upper township beach patrol with their kayaks because they have a big festival on saturday, i'll let you know more about that in down the shore but right now you want to get wet? i'm going to try and spray you. >> you better not get that camera wet. >> awesome, we hate to give away the secret, strathmere, it's beautiful. >> they don't want people to know it's the place to be. >> meantime young aspiring artists in philadelphia are
4:22 pm
getting a lesson in art and math from a well known painter. momo is working with high school students through the mural arts program, he is teaching the students his personal method that used geometry to create shapes. coming up at 4:30, another violence night across philadelphia, we talked to police in the spike in the number of shootings. and the man arrested twice for being intoxicated in a couple of hours, the reason that police say he was back on the road in the first place.
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toms river police say they arrested a man for driving intoxicated twice in ten hours, nick corsair was arrested after
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crashing his car at sunset avenue, and he was charged with dui, a few hours after he left jail he rear ended another car also while driving under the influence, the second incidents happened a half mile from the first in the backup caused by the first and his mother is also charged for allowing her son to drive while impaired. >> from our delaware newsroom, police are looking for two people behind an attempted robbery and assault in wilmington. it happened at fifth and market streets, they are not sure if it happened in a building or on a street but witnesses told them there are two suspects, one with a knife and one with a stick, the victim is expected to be okay and the suspects ran off without taking anything. still ahead we'll have another look at the new information about the pope's visit next month. and there is a lot of new
4:27 pm
information, plus, finding a needle in a haystack may have been easier and less disgusting of what two mexico men had to find after going through trash. and can you get back on the exercise wagon by getting sleepy and one new york hypnotist swears by it. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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this continues with the latest round of map and how it impacts our area. philadelphia mayor michael nutter confirm that a fence will go around a so-called security perimeter, you will only be able to enter that area by the red line after being screened by a magnet-ometer. in addition cars will have to leave a second zone called the secure vehicle perimeter, indicated by the black line. and the school district of philadelphia will be closed from wednesday 23rd, to friday the 25th, he went on to say that excitement is building around this event in an unprecedented way. >> congress itself has now exceeded from registration
4:30 pm
standpoint all other world meeting of congress events that have taken place. that in response to a question if parents would actually come into the city in the face of all of these security precautions. in the meantime securities officials in new jersey say that attendees will be required to walk several miles across the ben franklin bridge and anyone that is not ready to walk a significant distance should consider just staying home. >> can you fine all the details from mayor michael nutter and new jersey transit by following our designated twitter account at 6 abc pope. we'll pest the latest pictures and posts as we prepare for the arrival of pope francis. a teacher's aid is accused of having sex with a 13-year-old student, robert savage worked for gloucester public schools
4:31 pm
and was a high school coach. police arrested him two weeks ago but just announced the details. savage is held on a $300,000 bail and the school district fired him this week. a husband and wife fired him for his heroic actions on it's new jersey turnpike, two vehicles collided and an explosion rocked that roadway as horrified drivers watched the flames and smoke billow in the air and one driver emerged from his burning vehicle his legs engulfed in flames, a couple visit from australia didn't hesitate and got out of their car to help. >> we just got out and helped to get rid of the flames. we tried to get the fire out and then tried to get him away from the truck. despite the flames, they only
4:32 pm
suffered minor injuries and despite the explosion, they determine that one was carrying medical gas and one was carrying paper. a cell phone case in the shape of a handgun sparked a close call and has authorities telling you i told you so. ocean county police talked about this in june and could be mistaken for a weapon and could lead to connotations by police. heavily armed police stormed the beach in canada after someone mistook the man's plastic phone case for a real gun, fortunately officers realized it was fake and did not fire shots but ocean county prosecutors are taking this tun to remind them that this product in their view is not a good idea. some deserving veterans got the chance to pick the perfect wheels ahead of the wounded warriors project, soldier ride. the action cam was in
4:33 pm
philadelphia where the vets got a bike fitting, they will leave on a journey focused on healing and dealing with chronic pain or invisible war wounds like ptsd. it's starts at the nova care center and ends in new jersey. people are lining up in new jersey to check out the gloucester premium outlets. >> reporter: a lot of people wanted to be here today when the stores open the. the grand opening celebration began today and runs through sunday, there will be live entertainment and family friendly events and of course there is a lot of shopping, the stores opened at 10:00 and shoppersber ready to spend. >> three, two, one, cut the ribbon! >> once the ribbon was cut the
4:34 pm
shops in blackwood officially opened and shoppers did not want to miss a minutes. >> i watched it being built from the time it started to the time it finished and the excitement and anticipation. >> this offers 376 thousand square feet of shopping, courtyards and shopping and fire pits and stores with savings of 25% to 65% today. >> this is huge for gloucester township, the largest economic project in the township's history. not only creating retail jobs but the 300 construction jobs. >> they wanted to scope out the grounds and be here for the first day festivities. hilda smith got off a plane with her sisters and this was the first stop. >> we came from the airport and we'll spend probably the morning here season probably go out to
4:35 pm
lunch and maybe depford mall and then tonight we'll see how much energy we have been how much money we have left. >> there will be extended hours over the next few days, 10:00 to 10:00 today through saturday and on sunday it's open from 10:00 until 8:00, in blackwood, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." it was a big day for one of the philadelphia's zoo's biggest residents, euna the hippo turned 26 today and she and her exhibit mate cindy got lettuce and zucchini treats. yum. both hippos are on exhibit through the weekend as the birthday celebration continues. >> a hippo birthday party. >> pappy birthday party. it's time to head out to the beach, or to the water, that is where we find meteorologist, adam joseph, he is in strathmere but as in the water as you can
4:36 pm
see. >> oh. oh. in is not an easy job, i know you want to play the violin, are you in the bay on a kayak and we are fighting the high tide to low tide and the current is moving along. am i lying. >> pretty serious. >> we have an ocean kayak, this particular weekend in strathmere if you go to williams avenue, they have the strathmere ocean kayak festival, the upper beach patrol put its on every year and you can kayak in the ocean for free and if you have never ridden a kayak on a wave it's a lot of fun, there are other things going on down at the shore and melissa magee has a couple for you. time to set sale for the festival of lights boat parade, the yacht club of stone harbor invites you to join this one day event, decorated votes travel
4:37 pm
down the channel into the bay, it starts at 7:30 p.m. >> time for water adventure in strathmere for the annual ocean kayak 5-k run season standup paddle board race. if you don't have your own kayak, equipment will be provided. head out for a full day of fun and the money raises benefits the upper beach patrol. have fun this weekend down at the shore. >> reporter: all right. i am tired of trying to fight the current, we are really being pulled downstream here so i'll come closer to you guys since you are lifeguards, i need rescuing because i'm exhausted. take my paddle. guys it's not as easy as you
4:38 pm
think. hope you have a good weekend down the shore, i'll be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when i catch my breath. and one more thing, i didn't brick a bathing suit and i'm a little wet. >> i hope they tip the boat for you adam. still ahead, would you want your mom at your bachelorette party, more and more brides say yes inside of this surprise iin trend next. >> and many now they teaching an important lesson through social immediate. and adam joseph has the full accuweather forecast.
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only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes. so you stay steady ahead. typically it's the people that break into a house that do the scaring, but that is not the case with these guys.
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that is the scene as homeowner chased frightened burglars out of his home, unaware that the 6'10" nathan was in his bedroom, he when running at the criminals. >> they were more surprised than i was and way more scared than i was. apparently they did not waste time running out the same door they had broke and down and they recovered dna from the tv that one suspect attempted to steal but so far they have not made any arrests. finding a needle in the haystack may be harder than finding garbage in new mexico, rudy arrived at a facility begging for help, the generic white trash bag filled with
4:42 pm
priceless family photos. they gave him a flashlight and gloves and he went digging through two tons of trash and soon enough they found his bag and learned an important lesson about storing his valuables and is now filing them away. not in a generic white trash bag. >> exactly. at the big board with the big talkers, beginning with a chilling and controversial experiment designed to tell parents the dangers associated with social media. youtube prankster, toby showed how easy it was to lure a girl out of their homes and into the arms of a stranger. he posed as a 15-year-old boy and started to chat with them on facebook, they say they were all
4:43 pm
confidence they would go to meet him, within three days, all the gill as agreed and each gave out their addresses, if the final experiment, the 14-year-old girl's parents, pretended to kidnap their daughter when she got into his van. ski mask and all. >> yeah hop in, he is in the back. >> stop it it's your mother and father. turn around. turn around. >> pretty intense you can see, though the girls will likely never repeat that mistake again, they felt it was not necessary to traumatize a child like that,
4:44 pm
can you see for yourself, we posted the entire video at another trend that is happening, the new trend in bachelorette party planning, putting the bride's mom or mother-in-law on the guest list, yes these are the bashes the ones with male dancers and such and in some cases the moms are spearheading the rowdy bashes and the moms and daughters are very close and they don't want to be left out and some are fitting the bill for all the girls to attend and social media is weighing in fueling this trend because if mom is a follower or friend, she is going to see the pictures any way, that is what some are saying, as for me, i'm not sure if my mom can stay for the entire bachelorette party. later mom. >> thank you sharrie. lets get a check of the roads,
4:45 pm
matt pellman is standing by in the "action news" traffic center with an update. >> quite the party on the roadways this afternoon brian, we are dancing around a few delays as we look live at 95, a broken down vehicle, but if it has to break down, this is the kind of day you want it to do that. disabled vehicle on allegheny avenue and northbound a little by slower with speeds like 1 miles per hour headed to the work zone in girard and one at han sell road near the church, and it's good to stop and listen to the music but tonight people are stopped to listen to the music at citizens bank park, billy joel is attracting people to philadelphia tonight. and the folk festival and the campground is open at old pool farm and if are you headed to
4:46 pm
musikfest, at the northeast extensions some speeds are in the 20s with normal afternoon volume, in coatesville there say crash closing 82 and kalan road gets you around that and upper gulf is the alternate there and buck county near the church field deli, look for a vehicle into a tree along bustleton pike. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thanks matt. meteorologist, adam joseph, back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast live from strooth mere next.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
beautiful day and adam joseph is most fortunate, started on the beach and got on a wave runner and then a kayak
4:49 pm
and now a boat. >> i thought i would relax a bit. be honest with me, how is the current? >> not as bad as you said. >> what? did you see us almost go into the dock they are great here at the upper township beach patrol, they have the ocean kayak festival on saturday and come down and they give demos, it's great to ride one of these in. they are honking on the bridge going into ocean city leaving stranl mere, go ahead show your muscles, are you in the bay, it's calm move swiftly. a lot of sunshine and philadelphia as we head inland, 81 degrees, trenton 81 and lancaster in the upper 70s, as we look at satellite and radar
4:50 pm
high pressure is in control and that is a dynamo, really squashing a lot of clouds we have a few fair weather clouds today and this is going to set up for a very clear and comfortable, beautiful august night. open up the windows if you can and let in the free air conditioning, 66 for center city and the heat will be building. we have the jet stream buckling into the north of the great lakes and southern appalachians and that creates a heat pump and we'll talk about 90s and humidity going from montreal and quebec, canada. the shore tomorrow, ocean temperature is 75, and 81 and sun and clouds on saturday and 83 and 81 on sunday and poconos lots of sunshine and 79 and saturday is night with an isolated thunderstorm is possible up there but it would be late in the evening and on
4:51 pm
sunday warm and humid with a temperature of 86 degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast warm but comfy with a temperature of 88 degrees and then the humidity starts to come up a bit here on saturday, hot at 91 and sunday hot, humid, 93 degrees and that is when the eagles are home for their preseason game. so for the spectators and the players, it will be a little uncomfortable, and the hhh on monday at 93 degrees and sizzling with a temperature of 92 on wednesday and thursday not as hot with a temperature comes in at 88 trgs, last week i was in -- really corin? that is my niece visiting out of town all week, she went 85 on a jet ski, she blasted by the beach patrol there, having a good time in strathmere, i want
4:52 pm
to thank will creek marina for lending us this boat today in strathmere, lets turn the boat around, i am doing a lot of work, you don't know how hard of a job this is until you are down here, i'm going to go to the doeville inn, and if there is any left, i'll bring you some back. >> there are no words. thank you very much. up next what's the deal. consideration
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i'd like to put in my 15-year notice. you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you. i made this. take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today.
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>> does it work and if so? how? deborah roberts investigates. >> you feel your eyelids getting heavy. >> we see it in the movie getting you to do what you don't want to do. >> zonk me out so i don't know i'm at work. >> hypnosis is used for all sorts of things but to get someone to workout? some people in hollywood swear by the motivation. >> exhale, all and any tension. >> hypnotist elaine says she has changed lives through hypnosis, now she is trying to get katie's goal of running a half marathon. >> can it get you to the gym. >> you are in a trance like state and dreamy like state, you can see yourself exercising and
4:56 pm
getting the benefits and your mind gets excited. >> john says he when from chain smoking to pumping iron. every night instead of getting a snack or getting a cigarette, i go straight to the gym. now 15 pounds lighter, he feels great. >> hypnosis put a positive spin on my life and i look forward to living a healthier life. >> some say it's not a magic pill. >> hypnosis is not going to be a magic bullet to get someone to eat healthier and workout. >> it comes from hard work, but hypnosis may help you get there. >> you go and exercise. >> 5:30 wonderful. >> interesting. experts say that hypnosis is a hyper focus form of meditation and can work as an effective
4:57 pm
motivator, because a relaxed mind is open to suggestion. i can buy into that. >> for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli, adam joseph and cecily tynan, i'm brian taff. we hope you'll join mow tonight at 10:00 for a full our of "action news."
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. more details the upcoming papal visit will effect people in and around philadelphia, whether you want to come to the city to see the pontiff or avoid the event all together, there are important things for everyone in the region to know. thursday night and monica will be along at 6:00 and sharrie williams is joining us and the big story tonight is the significant update on the visit of pope francis. philadelphia mayor, michael nutter, announced more road restrictions and closures and now in camden they have a more details plan in place as well. we have it covered with our "action news" team. lets go first to the latest on the new philadelphia plans from
5:00 pm
david henry. >> reporter: good evening, you could see that the other shoe has dropped now in terms of major restrictions for pedestrians and vehicles, during the pope's visit, you will recall last week they announced a traffic box that stretches river to river from spring garden to girard and there are two new security zones within the box, we'll show it to you now, see the outlined areas at the independence mall area, those are restricted secure stones that are available to pedestrians only and the red lines represent fences, you'll have to pass through medal detecters to get to the red zone, furnish back you see a red line, no vehicles can move within those black lines and all vehicles on those streets on thursday even


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