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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  August 14, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon sara bloomquist is off and we are following breaking news at this hour. chopper 6 hd is live over a plane crash in allentown. officials say that the single engine plane went down in the little lehigh river, are you looking live at the wreckage just west of the i-78 overpass, the pilot was rescued from the water and taken to the hospital, no word on what caused this crash, the ntsb will take over the investigation and this is live in allentown from chopper 6 hd, stay with the breaking news on this story on 6 abc and online at our other big story is another potential heat wave in the forecast, we are enjoying a beautiful, sunny friday as we look live at the sky 6 hd
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skyline in center city. karen rogers is here with more. >> reporter: it's beautiful out there, we have nothing but clear skies, some clouds and showers up to the northwest, and that is not our problem. taking a look at the temperatures, 81 in martins creek season 80 in kroetsville, and the dew points are not bad today, 83 in saint davids and 75 in center city and 81 in browns mills and 81 now in dover, delaware, if are you going to the playground or whatever, now is the day to get out and enjoy, we are heating up for the weekend, by 2:00 p.m. 85 and things change for us in a big way, we see the building heat as a jet stream to the north and pumping hot and humid air our way, and heat wave number four is likely.
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we are not the only ones baking, with the down sloping wind, even in bismark we are talking about reaching 100 degrees, on saturday just under the 90 degree mark but throughout the region, the whole eastern half of the united states, 89 in dallas and 89 in atlantic and jacksonville. today we are in the low 50s, and still comfortable tomorrow and a steady increase for the next couple of days and by the time you get above 60 it starts to feel more humid, we'll talk about the heat and humidity and what it will be like at the shore this weekend in a few minuteses. we are here to help you plan your weekend at, you can find updates around the clock by following our accuweather team on facebook and twitter. >> people who live and work in philadelphia are reacting to the
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new security measures announced for the papal visit, yesterday we learned that thousands of cars will have to be moved off the streets and a fence will be erected around the ben franklin parkway. david henry is live with that part of the story. >> reporter: good afternoon, the philadelphian here is one of several large apartment buildings that will be affected. most residents park in the streets and even those that park in the garage will be impacted. >> i feel like a prisoner in my home. >> the philadelphian is in the no vehicle zone than means all vehicles must be off the streets thursday night. residents can leave their cars in parking garages. >> it won't be good but we have a parking spot in the garage. >> you won't be able to leave
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the garage. >> i'll be leaving on thursday. >> many plan to get out of tounl on thursday, others will stay and make the best of it, they won't be able to get around on the shuttle bus or transportation. >> i can't leave the garage, and if i leave before i can't come back, i can't bring the car back, how would i return if there is no transportation, so it's a problem. >> it's a problem for townhome residents like michael lieberman, fairmount will be shut downer entirely on friday morning and his car on 24th street has to go. >> your car has to be off the street 10:00 thursday night. >> for the weekend. >> where are you suppose to put your car are there certain areas? >> no. >> the city is not making provisions for people that have to move their cars just like snow emergencies. many are taking it in stride and
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looking forward to the big event. >> are you okay with it? >> we are okay with it, we prefer to be able to leave the building but in the abexception absence of that we are happy to be with friends in the building. >> long before the cars have to be removed but if you live within the black lines of that map, the restriction map, you may want to start making plans now. you can get a look at that map at >> david thank you. this reminder, visit for complete details of the security perimeter, you can also read the impact on new jersey transit and septa service for the papal visit and see maps and road closures around the city next month, to learn more "action news" is going to his home town, jim gardner is in argentina talking to the people and seeing the places that help
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to form the pope's views and faith. you can watch jim's live reports on "action news" at 6:00 and 11:00 starting monday. the american flag is flying at the u.s. embassy in cuba for the first time since 1961, the marines that removed it were there to help raise it this morning. this marks the opening of the embassy in havana, secretary of state, john kerry, was there to witness it. >> i feel at home here because this is truly a memorable occasion, a day for pushing aside old barriers, and exploring new possibilities. >> regular travel to cuba is still banned however, we'll have more on that in a live report at 12:30. >> back here a new jersey mother is accused of driving drunk with her 6-year-old child in the car,
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37-year-old jennifer highman police say crashed her jeep saturday night and her son was this the vehicle and he was not hurt, the other driver had minor injuries and that she tried to kick the police officer who tried to put her in handcuffs. a small earthquake rattled parts of central jersey today, the magnitude 2.7 tremor hit at 3:41 this morning and was enough to cause a bit of shaking, it was north of bernardsville, summer set county. small quakes are felt in the region once in a while and the last one happened in trenton last year. they have found a survivor bury add live today, the young firefighter was pulled to safety
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after spending 36 hours under the rubble. abc's marcy gonzales is following the latest she joins us live from new york. >> reporter: rick, that gave rescuer smz hope as they continue to look for more survivors, they are coping with fumes and other potential dangers left from this disaster. >> new video of those deadly explosions in china, captured by american, dan van buren who happened to be on the roof of his apartment building when he saw the first blast and then the other. holy [ bleep ]. >> i didn't know if the building would fall down, i thought i was dead, i thought we would die. >> a warehouse storing hazardous material, dozens of people lost their lives and hundreds were hurt including this firefighter who rushed in to battle the
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initial flames and found just today more than 30 miles per hours after the blast buried beneath the rubble. many others are still missing as small fires continue to burn around containers containing hazardous chemicals, chinese authorities are insisting it is safe. >> are you ready about the possible health effect. >> no she says, i just feel lucky to still be here. >> investigators are still out at the scene trying to figure out the cause. reporting live, marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> marcy thank you, back here local veterans powered past their disabilities to complete the first leg of the wounded warrior soldier ride, veterans will bike 40 miles over the weekend as part of a three day retreat, wounded warriors
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organizers say it's to help veterans dealing with lost limbs and chronic pain. coming up the investigation into an apparent isis hit list containing threats against hundreds of americans and more on a deadly roller coaster accident.
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a new york city firefighter is recovering after being shot in the leg while responding to a scene in staten island, police say a man barricaded himself in a house and then set it on fire. they think the gunman is the only one inside. hostage teams are still in a standoff with the suspect at this hour and the fire in the meantime is expected to be okay. an apparent isis hit list was posted online and on it a threat against more than 1,000 americans, it listed sensitive personnel information belonging to military personnel and government employees. they say they are watching every
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single move on they are passing on confidential data to isis. this drives people to follow-up on the information, maybe it will get a hit on someone and maybe it won't, it also does really freak out u.s. government and military and u.s. law enforcement personnel. >> they are taking this seriously and how the list is affecting its personnel. no one has been able to confirm the authenticity of the hacking claim. police say that a woman tried to many arrange a murder for hire to take out a romantic rival. that she plotted to kill her husband's pregnant girlfriend. she contacted a hitman that was actually an undercover police officer. >> she gave him money and the car keys and keys to her house.
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the entire thing was recorded on video. a man that died in an ohio moussement park was trying to pick up his dropped cell phone when he was hit by a roller coaster, james young was killed at cedar point park, he lost his cell phone while riding the raptor roller coaster and entered a restricted area to look for the phone, the raptor travels at speeds up to 75 miles per hour. police are investigating a robbery near the pennsylvania convention center, the victim was robbed of his cell phone and sprayed with mace and knocked to the ground, one suspect was arrested at the scene and people are looking for a sec attacker. crews rescued a driver after his pickup truck crash nood a tractor trailer on the new jersey turnpike last night, they used a special crane to free the
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general motors are recalling tens of thousands of vehicles over a possible defect that could thousands of vehicles at risk. improper wiring of the chevy cobalt could stop the passenger airbag from deploying from a crash, affected customers will be notified. health check this noon, one popular diet may be more effective for weight loss. researchers had 19 obese adult follow each plan for two weeks at the u.s. institutes of health in maryland. they lost body fat each day, they still lost weight on the low carb plan but the benefits decreased overtime.
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and doctors see more kidney stones on drinks high in fat and sugar. lemonade is shown to release the risk of the painful condition, it has the stuff that could reduce the stones. >> specifically lemon juice has sit rick acid. >> the "action news" team is working on news story and we'll get a look at the eagles as they play their first preseason game against it's colts. >> and she was abandoned as a
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baby, and she tried to track down her birth mother on social media and now we have an update. coming up david murphy has your accuweather forecast.
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meteorologist, karen rogers is back now. >> it looks like we could have another heat wave, heat wave number four coming our way. lets look at stormtracker 6 live double scan around the area you can see we are dry and staying dry today, it's a gorgeous one, lets go outside, we are looking live from our temple university camera at our beautiful center city skyline, i don't see any
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clouds out there just blue skies and looking good and feeling good too. 83 is the current temperature, yes it's warm but the dew point 54 that is way down, anything below 60 is comfortable for this time of year, the winds are light at 10 miles per hour from the south and satellite 6 along with action radar showing that high pressure just keeping the clouds at bay and nothing but bright sunshine out there, clouds out to the northwest and even some rain to the northwest, and that is not impacting us today staying try today and tonight, 88 is your high and it will feel warm, but with the low humidity it's not bad out there. even in the lehigh valley, you get into the upper 80s, 87 in trenton and 86 in millville and dover and 82 inland at cape may and 84 on the beaches in atlantic city. by 3:00 p.m. 86 degrees, 5:00 p.m. 87 and 9:00 p.m. mostly
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clear skies and 77, our overnight low is 70 maybe not quite as kfrmts as the past few nights, the humidity is starting to creep up a bit in the overnight hours. musikfest, 79 degrees at 7:00, i love darius rucker, if you are headed there it's a great night to enjoy musikfest. what a weekend to be at the shore, not too many weekends left in august, sunny and pleasant and 81 and saturday sunshine and clouds and sun bright and rather warm and 84 degrees, you'll get the sea breeze, staying cooler at the shore in the poconos and today with lots of sun and saturday we have a chance for a storm, it's not widespread, the radar is well out to the west. sunday warm and humid and 86 degrees, you start to feel the heat and humidity coming up. here is a look at your exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast, warm and comfortable and 88 today for your high. tomorrow warm and slightly more humid. 90 degrees, by sunday it's hot and humid for the eagles and the union, dry and 93 degrees, monday no relief, 94 even turning up the heat with hazy sunshine, we are watching for the chance for afternoon storms, 93 for your high, they really don't break the heat, 91 degrees, thursday hot and humid and no relief from the heat and humidity and 93 for your high, and it's summer and mother nature wants us to know it. >> just have to be nicer to your friends that have a pool. >> all right we'll take a quick break. for life...
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"action news" at 12:30 continues with the latest on breaking news in allentown and lehigh county, chopper 6 hd over the scene of the small plane crash in the little lehigh river, it when down a little after 11:00, west of the i-78 overpass. the pilot was rescued and taken to the hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries, and the fta released a statement saying the pilot was the only
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person ornboard the amateur built aircraft. we'll bring you updates on air and online as we get them. more breaking news now from north philadelphia, chopper 6 hd is over the scene of a partial building collapse here, this is the 3600 block of north lawrence street, someone may have been trapped here but that report was unfounded and fire officials are on the scene investigating to see exactly what happened. no reports of injuries at this hour, license and inspections are on route to the scene, a building collapse on the 5600 block of north lawrence street, we are following the story and will bring you more information as it becomes available to us from north philly. in other news, after 54 years of severed ties, the united states and cuba took a big step with friendsh


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