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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  August 14, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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david. >> reporter: good evening, monica. washington square here is just a block from where the pope will be speaking at independence hall. that means the residents of dozens of condo and apartment buildings nearby won't be able to drive in or out. >> we're planning on stocking up on things. we're prepared to not have to shop over the weekend. >> reporter: bill and thousands of others are living in the black zone. that's the area outlined in black on the security map drawn up by the secret service. starting the thursday night before the pope arrives, that large section of center city is off limits to parking. that includes michael lieberman's car at 24th and fairmount. >> your car has to be offer the street 10 o'clock thursday night. >> for the weekend. >> reporter: so where are you supposed to put your car. >> there are certain areas that are allowed. how can that happen. >> reporter: the city won't be making any provisions for cars that have to be moved. you're on your own. that's going to be tough for residents of large apartment
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buildings like the philadelphian along the parkway. >> i feel like i'm going to be a prisoner in my home. >> reporter: francine gilbert parks in the building's garage. for three days she won't be able to move her car and if she lever the garage before thursday night. >> i can't bring the car back and then how. i going to return if there's no transportation? so, it's a problem. >> reporter: and they won't even be able to get around on their shuttle bus. outside the black zone major arteries like lombard street will be limited to emergency vehicles only, closed to traffic and parking. while many respect scrambling to adjust, others say bring it on. >> reporter: you're okay with it. >> we're okay with it. we prefer to be able to leave the building but in the absence of that, we're happy to be able to be with friends in the building. >> reporter: now the city will be holding another briefing next week on exactly what center city residents can expect and the mayor's office says that plenty of signs will be posted in the parking
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security zones well before the pope's visit. live in washington square, david henry, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, david. special passes the ride new jersey transit during the papal visit will go on sale this weekend. a limited number of tickets go on sale tomorrow at noon on the agency's web site but you must have one of those passes to board an atlantic city or river line train on september 26th or 27th. both lines have limited service on those days. at least a handful of hospitals are in that traffic box established for the papal visit. penn medicine has three hospitals so they've been planning ahead to make sure that they are ready to take care of all patients as they would any other weekend. health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman live outside the hospital of the university of pennsylvania with more on that. ali. >> reporter: these are just some of the numbers. this is for staff that will be staying at the hospital will need an additional 3,000 sheets and 1500 pillows. the chief medical officer says it's like planning for the worst snowstorm.
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they need to make sure they have enough supplies and staff to last four days. from supplies to medication and staffing, dr. pj brennan chief medical officer for penn medicine says plans are under way to make sure all three penn hospitals in the traffic box during the papal visit will be ready. the immediate consideration is staffing. >> we have mapped all of our workforce to understand where they live, what their proximity is to our hospitals. >> reporter: aside from who can walk or bike to work, he expects 1500 workers will stay at the hospital. >> we will be fully staffed for all of the services and if we need a surge we'll bring in additional people. >> reporter: the pharmacy will have at least a 44 day supply of medication. same goes for other necessary supplies including food and clean linen. dr. brennan expects the number of patients will go down going into the weekend but will go
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up as millions come to see the pope on the parkway. >> we're not all that far from the parkway and all the events that are going to occur so i expect many people will find their way particularly to pennsylvania hospital downtown. >> reporter: the hospital's also typically delivery about 100 babies per weekend. so, chief of ob/gyn is working with all pregnant patients due around pope's visit. >> we'll and looking at everyone's individual obstetrical history and where they live making sure that they feel comfortable with their care plan. >> we need to stay opened. we need to continue to deliver care at the same level that we do any other day of the year that the pope isn't here. >> reporter: and another consideration is making sure that they have enough translation services because many of the visitors may not speak english. on a side note they're also taking a vote as to what types of entertainment to have at
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the hospitals for the staff since so many of them will be spending so much time as work. reporting live from university city, ali gorman, channel6 "action news." monica. >> thank you, ali. now you can see the security perimeter maps and other road closures themselves on our web site there you'll also read about the expected impact on new jersey transit and septa service during the pope's visit. and learn more about pope francis himself. "action news" has traveled to the place of his birth. jim gardner is in argentina for us and he'll report live all next week from buenos aires. he's visiting the places that helped form the pope's views on helping the poor. jim's live reports begin next monday. look for those stories on "action news" at 6:00 and 11:00. a philadelphia police officer is okay tonight after a car crash. chopper 6hd was over the scene about an hour ago at sixth street and hunting park avenue. police say a car turned in front of the officer and then his air bags deployed. he was taken to temple university hospital with
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nonlife-threatening injuries. fortunately no one else was hurt. firefighters pulled a pilot from the wreckage of his plane after it crashed in allentown this morning. the faa says an experimental amateur built plane went down in the lily high creek just west of the i-78 overpass. it happened about 11 o'clock. the pilot was the only person on board. rescuers say that pilot was conscious while transported to the hospital. no word on the extent of injuries. the ntsb will investigate but no indication yet what caused the plane to go down. a partial building collapse in north philadelphia has neighbors worried tonight. just afternoon, a structure here in the 3600 block of north lawrence street gave way. nobody was hurt but fire officials did clear the scene, then l and i, license and inspection experts came for a check as well. no word yet on what caused the partial collapse. police are looking for a man they say stole a van filled with prescription drugs in west philadelphia.
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the suspect swiped a vehicle that was parked outside a pharmacy at 57th and chestnut about 10:30 this morning. now, police say the thief crashed that vehicle later at 42nd and girard. investigators recovered the van but the man took off running. it's unclear if he took any of the drugs. folks in north jersey are still a bit nervous after a small earthquake rattled them today. this happened here just 2 miles north of bernardsville somerset county before dawn this morning. as new jersey correspondent nora muchanic tells us tonight it may have been slight but the repercussions will be felt for awhile. >> reporter: we've all heard of things that go bump in the night but in the bernardsville area it was a boom a-2.7 magnitude earthquake that jolted people out of a sound sleep. >> it sounded like something had hit the house. it shook things off our shelves, et cetera. so, it was a pretty big jolt. >> i was sleeping and it woke me up out of my sleep and it felt like a train was coming down the chute i guess and then my baby woke up and then
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we had to feed her and my dog was shaking. >> reporter: the quake happened at 3:41 a.m. here's wait looks like registering on a seismograph measuring ground. >> i slept through it. >> reporter: seismologists say the quake happened about 2 miles underground. that's considered shallow for an earthquake but it was just enough to shake everybody up above ground. >> i thought the house was exploding or there was an explosion and it was just a loud, loud noise. >> reporter: sharon owns the bagel bin in downtown bernardville. >> she goes it's thunder. i said it's not thunder. i didn't know what it was. it was like a big that you had. i didn't know if something fell on the house or the water heater blew up. >> reporter: bernardsville police confirm there were no reports of injuries or damage but the early morning wakeup call from beneath the ground has everyone talking. >> it's very unusual. i don't think we had an
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earthquake here in they say -- in my existence alone. >> reporter: mini earthquakes usually happen in new jersey. the last one was a 1.7, 17 miles outside of trenton in december. in bernardsville, i'm nora muchanic, channel6 "action news." >> tonight we know why some wilmington delaware residents reported smelling gas. turns out a construction crew did hit a gas line. it happened at 10:00 this morning at fifth and church. delmarva power says everything was fixed by 11:30 but they have been still getting calls all day. officials say wilmington folks should check to make sure their pilot lights are on as well. if you smell gas, please leave your house and call delmarva right away. also from our delaware news room painting on the delaware memorial bridge could impact your travels this weekend. crews will be continuing their work on the bridge's twin spans. that means there will be alternating lane closures from now until sunday evening at 7:00. officials say you should expect delays and that work is expected to be fully finished in late november. coming up on "action news"
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tonight, the american flag is again flying in cuba. we will have local reaction to this historic moment. also we'll go live to eagles training camp where the birds are prepping for their first preseason game this weekend. cecily. >> temperatures have started warming up already. 88 degrees in philadelphia. it's 2 degrees above normal. but the heat and humidity making a big comeback over the weekend. i'm tracking heat wave number four. >> those stories and more when "action news" continues for you tonight.
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[cheers and applause] >> stars and stripes are flying in cuba for the first time in 54 years. the american flag rose this morning over the newly opened u.s. embassy in havana. this historic moment signals new diplomatic friendship with cuba. of note the marines were invited to come back and take part in this ceremony today. local cuban americans are reacting to today's news. >> i think for me now i can see the country, i can know the people, i can experience what my mother experienced so going back to her country or going to her country is going to be very emotional for me. >> i feel like it's great, you know what i mean. it's great that we have communication again. >> both these women work at the latin american community center in wilmington. they say the theme of the center's annual fundraising bowl in october by the way is a night in cuba, celebration of a new era and world news tonight with david muir will have much more from cuba for
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you tonight at 6:30. philadelphia school district helped families get ready for the new school year coming up today. it hosted a back to school education day right at the high school of the future, the city's parkside section. students could register for classes. there was different information for parents and more than a hundred organizations were there to answer questions. there were even educational games and some fun face painting for the kids later. if you are looking for something to do this weekend you can head out the musikfest in bethlehem. gates opened about 15 minutes ago. 16 stages are set up and their plenty of vendors to check out at one of the biggest free music festival in the country. darius rucker are the headliners tonight. by the way the festival wraps up this sunday. >> the stage is also set for a big music weekend in atlantic city. lucky folks scored free tickets today on the boardwalk. sunday's concert put on by live nation will take up five blocks along the beach.
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nick jonas performs first and maroon5 takes the stage about 6 o'clock. the concert should provide a boost for hotels parking lots and other nearby businesses. [cheers and applause]
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>> time for sports. ducis here and our eagles versus the colts on sunday and time for football. >> finally. it's finally here. we get to see some real action in just a couple of days. you will not see sam bradford in that game. the eagles have chosen to take it easy with their new starting quarterback. our jeff skversky is live at training camp with more on this decision. jeff. >> hey, ducis. chip kelly will pass on playing sam bradford in that preseason opener on sunday. look, eagles fans are disappointed. sam bradford is disappointed but here's the bottom line and he's not hurt. it's not a setback. they just could not afford for this guy to potentially get hurt in the first preseason game of the entire season. bradford will have to wait until next saturday against the ravens to test that twice
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surgically repaired left knee. look, he went through this in saint louis as well. he was held out of the rams first preseason game last year, too, so it's not that abnormal. so, mark sanchez will start sunday against indy but tim tebow and matt barkley will get the majority of the reps at quarterback. bradford believes he still has plenty time to get ready for the monday night opener in atlanta next month. >> sam will not play. it's my decision he really wants to play. i don't think he's real happy with my decision but he's been out here for two weeks doing a really nice job. he'll get his first work against the rave avenues when we get a chance to train with them. mark will start the game. >> obviously i wanted to be out there. i was preparing to be out there but, you know, this morning he kind of sat down and explained it to me and its up to him. i'll be ready to roll next week, get out there and play against the ravens. >> after practice today clip chip signing autographs and taking pictures with fallen
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philadelphia police officer robert wilson, iii's partner and grandmother. chip attended a viewing after wilson was shot and killed back in march. chip told me afterwards he feels really bad for the family and friends of officer wilson. another football note. eagles starting tight end zach ertz had surgery today on a core muscle. will he miss the entire preseason but chip kelly believes he will be ready to go week one in atlanta. hopefully that is the case. live at team headquarters, jeff skversky channel6 "action news." ducis. >> thank you so much. we'll have a recap of the eagles postgame sunday night. join us for "action news" sports sunday at 11:35 following "action news" at 11:00 eagles linebacker brandon graham will join us live. to baseball the phillies in milwaukee tonight and so is chase utley. the second baseman is leading off. still nothing more on those trade rumors. second round pga championship. rory mcilroy the chip on number two.
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rory leave the putter in the bag. you'll not need it. mcilroy at two under par. jordan spieth having a tremendous year already two majors to kick off the season on 18 from the bunker, exquisite. six under par. john dale on number 10. after putting his third ball into the water, his club follows suit. yup, he tosses his club into lake michigan. one man's trash is another man's treasure. check out this youngster. goes in there and gets the soup near. your leader right now jason day and matt simmer at nine under par. >> that's worth something absolutely. the philadelphia police officer surprised a group of students this afternoon. the 35th district officers stopped by the sturgis recreation center in east oak lane to give out back packs filled with school supplies. this is part of their first book bag give away. the officers say they want to surprise the students during their last day of camp. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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>> meteorologist cecily tynan is here and going to go back into the sizzle this weekend. >> yes, yes, the heat will be intensifying and the humidity will be intensifying as well. >> double whammy. >> uncomfortable by sunday. right now live on storm tracker6 double scan showing that we have rain free conditions out there and the action cam taking a look over the schuylkill river, just a beautiful shot, blue skies and sunshine, the 6abc zoo balloon there and tomorrow pretty big event a rowing competition for athletes with physical disabilities will be taking place so definitely good luck to all the competitors. should be a great day out there but definitely drink lots of water it's going to be
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hot. right now in philadelphia, 86 degrees our high 88, that's 2 degrees above normal. allentown 84. millville 83. trenton 86. and wilmington 85. sea isle city 81 degrees. satellite6 along with action radar showing you have to look elsewhere if you want to see a lot of cloud cover. we are in the clear today. high pressure really in control and that's what's keeping this cold front that's draped across upstate new york from really working farther to the south. so, tonight will be a clear night. humidity levels will be comfortable but it will be a little bit warmer than the past several nights. 68 degrees in philadelphia, seasonably warm. allentown 60. millville 62. and wilmington 64 degrees. tomorrow the heat is on. 91 degrees, dewpoints in the upper 50's and low 60's. so, humidity really won't be a factor. this cold front really will be washing out and this high pressure intensifies on sunday. that heat pump cranking the temperature up to 93 degrees. dewpoints in the mid 60's. so you will notice an uptick
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in the humidity on sunday. sunday definitely will be less comfortable than saturday. if you're heading to the linc definitely dress for the weather. hot and humid, stay hydrated. at kickoff 90 degrees and by the fourth quarter reaching that high of 93 degrees on sunday. if you are down the shore, though, enjoy it. the ocean temperature 77. it's going to be a beautiful weekend on the beach. abundant sunshine tomorrow, 83 degrees. sunday it will get warm and more humid with a high of 85 degrees. if you're heading up to the poconos tomorrow, most of the day will be fine but in the afternoon with that cold front getting a little bit closer, it could spark an isolated thunderstorm, a-82 degrees and sunday it's going to be warm and somewhat humid for the mountains with a high of 85 degrees. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, here we go, the 90's making a come back. 91 degrees tomorrow, loads of sunshine. on sunday, hot and humid, 93 degrees. so, definitely dress
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appropriately and drink lots of water if you're heading to the eagles preseason game or the union game in the evening and monday should be the peek of the heat. very muggy with a high up to 44 degrees, possibility of a late day thunderstorm. i think really the best chance of organized thunderstorms will be on tuesday as a weak cold front approaches. steamy ahead of it with a high up to 92 degrees. and we will keep those 90's likely right through the end of the work week. on wednesday 91 degrees. a pop-up thunderstorm is possible. thursday hot and humid, with a high of 90 and friday here we go again, 92 degrees, the last heat wave was eight days. looks like this one will be seven or eight days. the good news we're talking about temperatures in the low to mid 90's not the upper 90's but still several days you definitely want to take it easy. >> thank you cecily. today museums in olde city opened their doors to philadelphia teenagers for an ends of summer party. hundreds of teens from the greater philadelphia cultural
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alliance's starch pro federal participated in this free event. it started and ended at the national constitution center. and abc's world news tonight with david muir is next here on channel six. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff adam joseph and ducis rodgers and then join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel six. for jim gardner cecily tynan, ducis rodgers the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a great night. hope to see you at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, history in cuba. the american flag flying for the first time in half a century. the cuban people cheering as we ask how soon will americans be able to travel there freely. and the vintage cars we showed you of the trip. the plane crash, the new fires on the ground. tonight, the reports of evacuations. >> >> the other air scare. 9 flight headed to america. we learn the pilots suddenly having trouble breathing in the cockpit. the unarmed black athlete whoegs car breaks down knocking on a door for a help. the officer who shoots and kills him. tonight, the officer in court. the tears and his explanation.


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