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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  August 16, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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7:00 a.m., august 16. nydia is off, tamala edwards joins us. football is back, the eagles open their preseason this afternoon at the linc. a computer glitch causes an air traffic nightmare for a big part of the northeast. >> developing overnight, cam benefit police are looking for a gunman in a triple shooting. the shooting happened on york ship street. a 16-year-old boy was found shot is in the groin, another boy shot in the back and a man shot in the hand. all three people shot are hospitalized. investigators are sorting out how and why things went down. a truck that allegedly blew by police going 100 miles an hour slammed into gas pumps on route 130, the truck and pump
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caught fire. this could have been worse fit wasn't for the quick response of the officers who saw this. they doused the flames that allowed medics to get to the injured driver faster. get ready to sweat even are more, the temperature will stay in the 90s all week. the dog days are here and we're feeling the sizzle. let's go outside to chris sowers. are you sweating yet. >> reporter: i was going to say if i didn't know any better i wouldn't know there was a heat wave coming. there's a gentle breeze and temperatures in the 60s. the not too bad yet. pilots, 66. saint davids, 63. chemplet, -- chester, 64. center city, 73. avalon, and dover, 63. we have a high pressure firmly
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in control you don't see it on the map, but it is sitting over the washington, d.c. metro area. it will plant itself there all week long a heat pump high. our winds will be out of the south or southwest this time of the year that's a very warm wind flow for us, we're expecting high temperatures to stay in the 90s for a long extended period of time. hot and humid if you're heading to the eagles colts game. 1:00 p.m. start time, the first preseason game of the year. kickoff temperature, 90 degrees by the 4th quarter. we'll be up to 93. the feels like temperature when you add on the humidity, maybe it feels a degree or two warmer than the actual air temperature. not dangerous, but uncomfortable than where the numbers have been over the last several days. the temperatures continue to climb in the seven-day forecast. as a matter of fact we're close to record territory by tomorrow afternoon. i'll have the details in the seven-day forecast when i see you guys again in just a few minutes, guys. >> it may feel like baseball
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weather, but we're excited for this, the eagles kick off the preseason. here we go again, the eagles are back and "action news" is right there along the for the ride. >> absolutely we're live at the linc leading up to the 1:00 p.m. kickoff for the inannapolis colts. sam bradford will not be playing, but that will give chip kelly a look at the other quarterbacks. >> tim is a quarterback, he has proven that so far when he was been out here, all those guys, to begin with, they are in red jersey it is a different game when we get to sunday. i want to see matt play a while and see tim play a while. i want to see what happens to those guys. >> another major move, demarko murray signed after lesean mccoy got traded. he was asked about the heavy
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workout in dallas. >> i'm not worried about it. a lot of guys get a lot of reps, i've been playing football for a long time, it is my job to be ready to handle whatever they throw at me. >> we'll have live reports from the field on "action news" at noon. >> wrap up the day "action news" sunday sports sunday. brandon graham and ducis rogers breakdown the game at 11:35 after "action news." >> new overnight, firefighters rescued the woman from the roof of her burning home in camden. the fire ripped through the first floor sending her to the roof. firefighters used a ladder to get to the woman. they evacuated a sleeping family in a neighboring home. everybody is fine and the fire is out. there's no official word on how this started. three people were burned in a hot air balloon accident in lancaster county. the balloon deflated can you think in contact with electrical wires before making a rough
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landing in earl township. all people had to go to the hospital for electrical burns and one person needed cpr. faa is looking into what went wrong here. after major headaches yesterday, the widespread delays in northeast corridor are over with only minor delays. >> reporter: long lines and hours of waiting at airports across the country. hundreds of flights canceled abbey more than 2,000 delays with major east coast hubs hit the hardest. >> you want to set them both down you can set them both down. >> reporter: . it started at 11:30, faa blaming an automation problem at the air traffic center in virginia, a computer system responsible for processing flight data critical to air traffic controllers. >> they said the screens had gone blanc and they were not
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able to track the planes coming through the area. >> reporter: the result, chaos. airports delaying flights in and out of the northeast. planes in the air diverted away from washington, d.c. aerospace. that flight map showing no planes in the skies above washington, d.c., virginia, maryland and north carolina. brian bartlett trying to get back to washington, d.c. after a graduation in denver. >> they said there would be an indefinite delay and deboard the plane. >> reporter: tonight the faa assuring passengers the technical problem was just that and not the result of a hack attack. the incident comes five weeks after a computer malfunction at united airline triggered the delay of 800 flights. now another summer trim interrupted -- trip interrupted for thousands more. faa said the system is back up
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and running they are trying to figure out what went wrong. the outage lasts five hours. they are now trying to clear the backlog. >> looking live at philadelphia international, it is always wise to call ahead 1-800-phl-gate. check flight status there. there may be minor residual delays. >> happening today, more comments from donald trump that are sure to stir up debate on immigration. in the national news show he said he will deport undocumented immigrants. he said if an effort to keep families together he would deport people who have legal standings to stay in the u.s. trump was at the iowa state fair and talked immigration there promising to build a wall along the u.s. border that nobody would get past.
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he said he'll release his full immigration policy next month. hillary clinton was at the iowa state fair. she was asked about the controversy over the private server while secretary of state. she argued that she did not send classified e-mails on the service and blamed gop for turning the questions about the server into a partisan affair. >> turning to our coverage of the pope coming to philadelphia. if you're planning to take new jersey transit trains into the city that weekend. tickets are on sale. there are a limited number of special passes available, 4,140 for each day. it is important to know that regular tickets will not work on the pope's visit september 26th and 27. we put a link on the new jersey web page visit our special pope channel at, you can see the
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security perimeter maps and other road closures and details and get more information on the transportation guidelines from septa and new jersey transit. >> 7:09. jim gardner begins live reports from argentina buenos aires at 6:00 p.m. because argentina is where the pope lived and spent most of his life. >> a chemical scare lands people in the hospital. we have gathered details from indiana. >> disney added an out of this world expansion is causing excitement among certain sci-fi fans. >> two ladies on the gridiron getting a lot of buzz. >> reporter: it's hot and humid today, look what happens later this week, i'll have the details on the latest heat wave right after this. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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a live look here, the view of center city from temple university. wouldn't you love to be a bird nested on one of those towers up there getting a beautiful view like this everyday, but looking at it from air-conditioning is your best bet today it's going to be hot. >> it's going to be hot, i don't want to be outside. >> reporter: it's not too bad today, but as we march through the workweek it's going to get bad. today is borderline bad. if you're not a fan. heat and humidity, you will not be happy with the numbers. you'll really feel it by monday and tuesday. looking live on sunday morning, cape may, a terrific beach day, high temperatures in time low to mid 80s. the sea breeze will kick in. it will be enjoyable. humid right now, but the numbers will drop off by afternoon. 73, dewpoint, 635. that is humid, the number will lower a little bit by afternoon. pressure reading holding steady,
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30.14 inches. 66 in wilmington. 73 for philadelphia. millville, 65. low 70s along the water, allentown, 67 and the poconos 62. taking a look at our dewpoints. over the next couple of days, the numbers should be in the low 60s which we call that slightly humid. not too terribly bad, but uncomfortable than that we experienced the last few days, the numbers climb over the next several days. wednesday, we get into the sticky air mass. thursday it feels soupy out there with the dewpoints in the low to mid 70s. fortunately the actual air temperatures are starting to decline a little bit. satellite and radar, crystal clear, we widen out the view, same thing. not too much going on other than showers along the gulf coast states and thunderstorms down and thunderstorm activity also across the high plains. the jet stream or the storm track is actually running like this.
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that means all the storms that are coming off the pacific will actually pull to the north up into canada. that means there's no relief. high pressure stays in control, heat wave number four, starting yesterday, we should keep the 90s rolling through the entire seven-day forecast. the latest forecast information shows next sunday a week from now, back into the 80s. from now until then 90s will be the rule. future tracker 6, combination of sun and clouds, we'll go partly cloudy overnight tonight, as we move into monday, afternoon same thing combination of sun and clouds, monday is a hot one, hot out there today, more so come tomorrow with high temperatures closing in on the record high of 96. 85 for the poconos. sun and clouds, a little toasty for the mountain standards, usually it's cooler up there. it's going to be warm today. jersey shore, 85 before the sea breeze kicks in. the numbers pull back into the low 80s, warm and humid, but a
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nice day on the sand. reading, 93. allentown, 92, wilmington, 91, trenton, 90 and philadelphia 9# degrees. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast here we go, i hope you like the 90s. 93 today, hot and humid tomorrow, 95. it will feel like 96, 97. tuesday hot and thunderstorms possible late 92. wednesday, thursday and friday, i dropped the temperatures down to 90 degrees we're borderline if we happen to hit 89 the heat wave would end. 90 degrees each and everyday. wednesday, thursday, friday, the big story becomes how the humidity starts to increase. the numbers are starting to tail off as the humidity starts to spike. saturday, sunny and hot 92. there are forecast models as warm as 95. sunday, tamala, looks like upper 80s. >> something to look forward. >> reporter: let's hope the dog days are over by next week.
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>> heat and high winds continue to fuel 60 wildfires across the northern rockies the pacific northwest and california. a 70-year-old woman died when she fell and hit her head fleeing a fast spreading fire in idaho. crews have contained a blaze threaten southern california homes. but a blaze is out of control burning four square miles of forest near los angeles him. a sulfur dioxide leak sickened people near a racetrack the racetrack was closed and evacuated. the company shut down the pipes to prevent more chemicals from getting into the air in indiana. a
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access to billions of e-mails. they played a major role in spying including internet traffic at united headquarters in new york. the information is documents provided by former nsa systems analyst he would ward snowdon. >> disney is getting ready to take fans to a galaxy farrah jimenez -- far, far away. they say are renderings of star wars land. disney made the announcement at the d23 expo. it comes ahead. movie the force awakens. disney is the parent company of 6abc. check this out, here's a duo. the first female coach in noafl
7:20 am
noafl -- nfl history standing next to the first female republic breaking the barriers for the ladies, tamala. >> in "healthcheck" more proof of reading to your children. scientists looked at mris of children being read to. their brains lit up, they can visual ides what's happening as they hear the story, since the prekindergarten years are prime time for brain development this is more evidence the more you read to your child the better. >> reporter: welcome back
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everyone, 7:22 sunday morning. time for the travel forecast we'll start you out with satellite and ray -- radar. it should be a smooth trip. there are showers along the gulf coast states and the high plains. the jet stream which causes the bumps in the road as you're flying. it's up here in the packed northwesterly. the front range if i were to say to you temperatures got into the triple digits in parts of the country, where would you expect that to be? probably in the south, no, in bismarck, omaha, nebraska topping out at 100 degrees yesterday as the heat continues to build and it will ultimately travel east. tomorrow will be hot with highs in the mid 90s. there's a small strip that runs into the western great lakes. everybody else is nice and quiet. all the major hubs are on time.
7:24 am
logan on time. chicago midway and o'hare temperatures in the 70s. orlando sun and clouds, 76. in sports are you ready for football? here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: eagles fans you want to see sam bradford watch the sidelines. if you want to see mark sanchez don't blink. sanchez getting limited time against the colts he the link at 1:00 while matt barclay and tim tebow battle for the third place quarterback. barclay is yet to throw an nfl tusm down. >> -- touchdown. >> just to approve i'm a capable quarterback in this league, i know what i can do in this league and in this team.
7:25 am
>> it's going to be fun playing ball, i love that, something i've been doing since i was a a little boy and love playing, it's great to be in practice and it's fun to scrap it up, too. >> with bradford out, and possibly demarko murray, chip kelly is not dieing to see his reconstructed rofort coming to life -- roster coming to life. all he cares about is week one in atlanta. >> i'm not a fan of anything. my job is to make sure everybody is ready to play when we go to play atlanta. check out our new show tonight 11:30, brandon graham joins ducis, jamie and myself for reaction and exclusive content later tonight. chase utley is atop of the
7:26 am
list of contending teams. he has to waive his no-trade clause for a deal to get done. utley is not out of here, but this pitch is in the third, utley gone. his first homer since the beginning of june, batting 500 since coming off the disabled list. phillies make two costly errors. it leads to this later in the 5th, the ball gets away. brewers tie it and take the lead. two on, freddie phils looks like four of their last five. the hottest team in baseball has cooled. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. >> more than 250 builders are donating their -- more than 25
7:27 am
builders are donating their time to provide frames for habitat for humanity. this builders challenge is helping habitat reach agetting families moved in by the holidays. since they volunteering their effort it will save the nonprofit $50,000 in material and labor. it was a special day for a local airman from chester county he returned home from a ten-month employment. todd reels returned to coatsville where he served as volunteer fireman, friends and family and officials came together to welcome him home there was a homecoming ride and picnic. love seeing the story, we appreciate everything they do and love seeing them come back home. >> we've got more "action news" just ahead. we'll be right back. >> a swimmer is found dead in
7:28 am
7:29 am
the schuylkill river that's ahead on "action news" sunday morning. a little boy spending his summer making a difference one step at a time. the eagles start their preseason today in south philadelphia. lots of people are excited about this one, it is almost 7:30, nydia is off, tamala edwards is here. chris sowers is outside with the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: it doesn't feel
7:30 am
like football weather. >> reporter: give it a few weeks i'm sure it will. let's go to the temperature maps. 63 degrees in quakertown. 67 in pottstown. the humidity has come up. saint david 63. warrington, 68. center city, warmer still, 76. gandys beach up to 70 now. avalon, same number, woodbine, 65. surf city, 72. there's the view from atlantic city it's a gorgeous morning right there on the sand. a little humid, but not too terribly batted. waves on the light side. only two to three feet. we have the slightest breeze out of the south. there's the view in cape may. if you've been down the shore, it's a spectacular weekend so far. today will not disappoint. actually most of the upcoming week should be nice down the shore, we don't have any threat of rain down there. you should stay in the mid 80s. beach forecast, rip current risk
7:31 am
is low. winds out of the south 10 to 15 miles per hour, seas somewhat choppy. 2 to 3 feet. the burn index is on the high side. rip currents during a low risk currents are stronger near piers and jetties. the if there are rip currents that's where they occur and they occur during the lower portion of the tide cycle. a low risk does not mean no risk. you want you want at that pay close attention to the lifeguards. in the city, sunny and hot, humid, jersey shore, 85 before the sea breeze kick in. tomorrow, we're near record territory. we'll talk about that when i see you in just a few minutes, and we'll look for cooler numbers in the forecast.
7:32 am
guys. >> the eagles are back in action today they take on the colts. we'll be there. look for reports on "action news" at 9 and at noon. we'll see if they sink or swim. one person you will not see today is new quarterback sam bradford, the coach had him sit out just to be 15eu6. the hunt is on for two men who stole a medical transmit van overnight with two special needs men inside. the driver saw a light on as he passed his own house and decided to stop and check. two men walking down the street jumped into the van and took off. when they realized there were people in the back of the van they kicked the people out and kept the van. another man picked up the men and took them home. a 24-year-old man is in critical condition after being shot outside a spring garden
7:33 am
nightclub. police say a big crowd was leaving the club when an argument broke out between several men. shooting began sending people diving for cover. one man was shot several times he is at hanheman university hospital. two dozens shots were fired during the incident. we have breaking news from indonesia. a commuter plane went missing flying south over the mountains over papua. that map you're looking at the town of jayapura. it left at 2 in the afternoon, and it should have gotten in around 3 in the afternoon. contact was lost and we'll bring you more as the information
7:34 am
comes in. >> a body was recovered from the schuylkill, the man was swimming near manayunk. >> reporter: an all out search for a missing swimmer doesn't end the way merge crews expected they pulled the body of a man in his 50s an hour after he was reported to have gone under. >> around 7:16 we recovered the body of a male who was reported missing around 6:15 p.m. >> reporter: this happened as the man was reportedly attending a blues festival on venice island. as crews searched by air and boat his drawght -- distraught friend waited nearby. >> he went into the river, he went about 15 feet out and he gave them the thumbs up and that was the last time they saw him.
7:35 am
>> reporter: the disappearance happened not far from where shane montgomery was found after he accidently drown in the river. fire officials warned just how treacherous the schuylkill can be. >> it's dangerous to swim in the schuylkill because of the current. we do not recommend it at all. >> it was supposed to be a happy and rocking day, it is very sad what happened here. >> reporter: philadelphia police are investigating they have not released the name of the victim. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> officials say the massive fire in trenton on friday night was started by accident, but investigates are trying to piece together details beyond that. the action cam was on the 200 block of hills place as demolition happened on the building. chopper 6 was over the fire after it break out, take a look at those images friday night around 10:00. it was on a narrow alley that and low water pressure made for
7:36 am
a difficult fight. >> i was in bed i heard like a cannon went over, like an explosion, i heard people creaming and i ran out to his what it was. i looked to the left and the house was engulfed in flames. >> a 22-year-old woman who celebrated her birthday that evening ended up suffering burns from 78 to 80% of her body 678 she is in the hospital in critical condition. nobody else was hurt, but more than a dozen people were displaced. >> a south jersey man is getting ready for pope francis in a special way. he made a handmade gift for the pontiff and hopes to give it to him himself. >> reporter: frank cedar is a dedicated catholic said from the time pope francis arrived on the scene, he knew this man was something special. >> he got out there and give to the poor and live with the poor.
7:37 am
>> reporter: cedar happens to be a renown sculpture who created this staff for pope benedict and john paul who he had the honor to meet. he is creating a jaw dropping lap vertibrate staff for the pontiff. purpose heart wood from south america in honor of the pope's arnlg -- argentine roots and it wraps around the pole. the project has not commissioned by the catholic church. of course he is hoping to get the staff into his hands when he comes to philadelphia. the process of creating resulted in its own rewards. >> different people over the past few months have wanted to give me money to support me or help me with materials. >> reporter: in fact he has received thousands of dollars over the past few months as word
7:38 am
of his project has spread. he decided to donate it all of it to local charities. >> i would rather see the money to help the poor or the needy, especially children, than go into a staff for him. >> reporter: frank admits at first he wondered why he was pouring so much time into a project with no promise of a paycheck. now he said he thinks he knows the answer. you realized talents and gifts and blessings thawfer understand where they came from, it's pretty wonderful. reporting from deptford, new jersey, walter perez channel 6 "action news." >> remember you can get updates on the pope's upcoming visit by following 6abc pope on twitter. >> everything i turn into the building i see the pope clock. it is getting closer and closer. speaking of that, jim gardner is in argentina, he is learning about the pope and the city and
7:39 am
the people that formed his views. youthful want to see his reports that start tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. and 11:00 on flax, sun- "action news" sunday morning, climb aboard america's most decorated battleships, arts arts goes for a tour of the big j. you can, too. >> down the shore at cape may, if this is the week you're going on vacation, you are smart. this is atlantic city as we deal with the 90s. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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sky6 live hd looking live at penns landing. it looks pretty, 76 degrees right now. it is august. >> that's true. 93 degrees thoonch which is a good -- this afternoon, which is a good 7 degrees above average. morning low was 73 that's well above where we should be. wait until you see tomorrow. tomorrow continues to climb.
7:43 am
but, again, the humidity is failure comfortable. not too bad. allentown, reading, 67. 62 for the poconos. millville, 65. sea isle city and avalon around 70 degrees, it feels humid right now, but like yesterday, the numbers should decrease a little bit going into the slightly humid category by the afternoon. if you're heading to lincoln financial field for the eagles colts game, that's a situation where you want to take it easy drink as much water as you can. take breaks and seek out the shade. 93 degrees is 93 degrees and that could hit you a little bit. here's the wider view, not much to talk about, showers and storms along the gulf coast states. there's a front pushing through the high plains. that will activate the severe weather this afternoon. high pressure system sitting over the tennessee and ohio valleys this morning which will sit there all week long and
7:44 am
continue to pump in that hot, humid weather by midweek. looking at the tropics, they have been quiet adhere. we continue to see -- this year, we continue to see nothing going on. if you're taking a vacation bahamas should be nice and quiet. el ninos tend to quiet things down in the tropics and brings mild weather during the the winter months. the forecast has 91 we'll forecast 93. tomorrow afternoon, 93, accuweather is forecasting 95 which is a degree shy of the record 96 set back in an el nino year. for the jersey shore, sunshine, maybe a few serious clouds by
7:45 am
afternoon, warm, 85 degrees before the sea breeze kicks in and the numbers start to lower a little bit down toward 80 or 81. philadelphia, 93 hot and humid, winds out of the southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. the way the day plays out, just like wall-to-wall blue skies, clouds mixed in. lunchtime, 87. 3:00 p.m., 892. 6:00 p.m., 91 degrees, somewhere in between we hit 94. ppl in chester, philadelphia union taking on the chicago fire, a few clouds around, 90 degrees by the 90th minute excuse me by the start time, 84 degrees by the 90th minute. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we've lowered the temperature a little bit. the latest information has wednesday, thursday, friday in the 80s, i put 90. you get the idea it will be hot and humid monday, 795.
7:46 am
tuesday, hot, thunderstorm late 92. wednesday, thursday, friday, 90 degrees each and everyday with the latest forecast information going 87, 88, 88. we'll wait and see, maybe melissa magee will change things up tonight on "action news" at 6:00. even if we only hit the upper 80s, it will be warm. two military parachute jumpers were seriously injured during a chicago air and water show. they collided midair one jumper landed on a nearby road. one is in serious condition the other in critical condition. a man from bucks county will be racing up his running shoes everyday keeping his promise he made to a little girl suffering from cancer. >> reporter: on most days, ryan runs in middletown township with his mom.
7:47 am
his thoughts are consumed by one thing. >> it's hard to deal with cancer, if my sister had it, i know somebody else who would do it for her. >> reporter: he is talking about 6-year-old isabella o'brian, in march she was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer that affects the body connective tissue. he wanted to help her with something he knows he is does well. >> i'm good at running. >> reporter: for 30 straight days he'll run up and down the streets of his neighborhood. his long heest run is 6.2 miles. after months of chemo and therapy isabella's father said her tumor is shrinking. he said unexpected expenses travel costs and wigs for his
7:48 am
daughter who lost all her hair adds up. >> it's nice to know we have that cushion we won't be out on the streets. and having a kid raise money like this this is awesome. >> reporter: in very few days, ryan raise $1,900. ryan will continue his runs through september 8. you can donate at team isabella .org. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> time for 6abc loves the
7:49 am
7:50 am
arts, philadelphia is steeped in history, on that note there's something you should check out across the delaware river. karen rogers takes a look. >> reporter: the battleship new jersey has sat on the banks. delaware river for the past 14 years. climb aboard and you can experience the life of a sailor during world war ii. >> wonderful thing about touring the battleship unlike going to museums you look at
7:51 am
history through glass, here you get to touch history. >> reporter: the ship launched in december 1942 and with the span of three football fields the longest of its kind. it offers a glimpse into the life of a sailor. >> where they slept and where they ate and what life was like at sea. >> reporter: there are self guided tours. >> you can see more on this than any other battleship in the world. you can crawl around and see the guns, you could see where they would launch nuclear missiles. or sign up for an inter active experience. >> you can lay on a rack where
7:52 am
the sailors did, you can sleep on board the ship. you can handle the guns and pull the trigger. i think they come away with a better understanding of what people sacrificed so we could have the freedoms we have today. >> reporter: you can find all the details at battleship new or visit 6abc loves the arts to learn more about other area events. for 6abc loves the arts, i'm karen rogers. >> people in egg harbor township, new jersey, came together to stuff the bus. they organized this school supply drive. the they collected supplies to fill # hundred backpacks for needy children. more than a dozen companies donated for this thoughtful cause.
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football research. >> it is wasted on us. >> reporter: i got to draft at one, i've got to study. that's the only thing about the drafting, we'll be stuck indoors. hot for some, but the humidity fairly low. it's a little bit higher than yesterday, but not all that bad. 95 tomorrow, sunshine, noticeably more humid come tomorrow afternoon. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll throw a thunderstorm or two in the mix, tuesday or wednesday, very spotty. a lot of us will stay dry. looks like the entire week could be stuck in the 90s. late computer information has wednesday, thursday, friday, around 88, 89, still we're
7:56 am
splitting hairs here, we're still pretty hot. >> 7:55 we're just a few minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." >> reporter: good morning, all the major candidates are making the rounds is at the state fair. it was donl trump who made -- donald trump who made the biggest splash once again. he won over young fans by giving kids rides in his chopper. we'll be live in des moines at the fair grounds. air show gone wrong, two parachutists collide midair be in chicago, leaving one in critical condition this morning. star wars fans has a reason to celebrate. star wars land as the attraction will be known features all the favorite android also spread
7:57 am
across 14 acres in anaheim and orlando. we'll see you soon. >> "good morning america" is next on channel 6. "action news" continues later this morning. >> these are the stories we're working on for you, it's that time of the year, the eagles take on the colts for their first preseason game. >> the game of thrown is a popular tv show, students are getting college credits. they are learning about this. for nydia han, tamala edwards, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. have a great sunday!
7:58 am
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good morning, america. right now, fighting the flames. the intense battle against raging wildfires. helicopters can take up 2,000 gallons of water. businesses destroyed. the national guard called in. conditions are stretching resources to the limits. the candidates converge. all eyes on iowa. donald trump's high-flying arrival, with chopper rides for the kids. >> the kids love it. >> hillary clinton mingling with the crowd. bernie sanders on the soap box. who made the biggest impression on the voters. caught on camera. scary scene, a parachutist slams into a building at a popular chicago air show. another crash landing on the beach. spectators horrified. how did it happen? and the big "star wars" surprise.


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