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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  August 19, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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his attorney says today that he takes full responsibility. >> from famous tv pitchman to accused sex offender. >> today jared fogle is charged and has admitted to participating in a five year criminal scheme to exploit children. former subway spokesperson jared fogle in court in indianapolis after agreeing to pleading guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old and 14-year-old girl and distributing child pornography. >> he took responsibility for his wrong doing and hi conduct. fogle travels and used social trafficking in pursuit of june age girls. in 2012 he met a 17-year-old
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prostitute in new york city asking her to find another underage girl saying the younger the bet he leading to the abuse of those two girls. they found pornography in his home as young as 6 given to him by his executive director of his charity, russell taylor, and that he secretly recorded children and shared those videos with fogle for years. and subway has since cut ties with fogle, we are told that fogle agreed to pay 14 victims $100,000 in restitution each and faces minimum of five years in federal prison. reporting live marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> in other news a private catholic school that fire aid employee that allegedly pursued
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a students for sex. she was a teacher and swim coach at an all boys school in chester county, prosecutors allege she sent naked photos to a student and promised him admission to harvard david henry will have more detail komzing up on "action news" at 5:00. it's a hot and humid day and now storms are heading our way. now lets head to cecily tynan in for adam joseph. they are scattered but could bring a soaking. >> that is right, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing most of the region is not getting rain but those that are are getting heavy downpours, one broke off north of philadelphia moving to the east of manayunk and jenkintown and abington and
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willow grove getting heavy downpours and bensalem and buck county heading to langhorne drifting to the north-northeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour, then are not moving quickly than is creating the heavy rain and another cell has cropped up crossing 206 and lawrence now and on the new jersey turnpike, some are dropping 1 to 2 inches of rain in an hour's time than could cause local flooding, part of the reason why the dew points are so high, temperatures hit in the 90s again in philadelphia, before that rain moved in so we are in day five of the heat wave, dew points show that south and east of the philadelphia in the 70s, that is a tremendously oppressive air mass. this is what to expect until then, increasing chance of heavy
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downpours, 1 to 2 inches of rain and the heaviest is thursday night into friday and more details on the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. now to breaking news at this hour, according to multiple reports, the phillies have traded chase utley to the dodgers. lets get to ducis rogers if our "action news" sports center. >> nothing official but according to multiple media outlets, the dodgers and phillies have agreed to a trade, and chase utley has a no trade clause, he could veto any trade that means he would have to have agreed to the trade to the l.a. dodgers, is he from california, that may be a reason why he would say okay to the deal. as far as players coming our way it looks like minor league players and phillies will have to kick in money, up to $2 million, he is owed $6 million
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for the rest of the season, he has been a philly his entire career, he had trouble with his ankle, since he came back 13 for 26. chase utley to be traded to the l.a. dodgers, it's not official and we have a crew at citizens bank park now. we hope to get more information in the coming hours. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you ducis. meantime, one man is dead after a hit and run crash in wilmington, delaware and now police are trying to track down the driver that left him in the road to die, walter perez is working this story in wilmington with the details on the investigation. >> reporter: well sharrie, the victim was a beloved member of his community and someone that everybody knew. and he simply hit him and took
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off. >> she cannot believe her son dwayne wisher is gone. >> he liked to go out every day and meet friends, you know, who knows, i just can't talk right now. >> it was just before 2:30 this morning when the 47-year-old affectionally known as spud was crossing west 28th street and a westbound vehicle struck the victim and fled the scene, witnesses called 911 and he was taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead a short time later, family and friends gathered to create in memorial to remember him as a kind and friendly man that loved to laugh. >> spoke to him yesterday, he called me binky, and we joked and laughed. this is craze yirks i didn't think this would be the last time i talked to him. investigators are looking at
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cameras posted along that block but so far the only description they have is of a compact two door vehicle silver or gray. >> we just want whoever that did it to come forward or if anybody knows who did it to say something and contact the police and contact us. >> and local investigators echo that, anyone with information is asked to call wilmington police. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. today health specters made a surprise visit to the main line restaurant shut down due to a roach infestvation, they found the bugs in a meal served at yang ming, they settled a dispute over the discovery and they discovered it, they blame tropical disturbance on a broken ventilation system but today they found deplorable conditions and tables set out for dinner
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even though the restaurant is shut down. >> there is no way they are even close to reopening, we walked through this place and it's a disgrace. that is the nicest word i can say on camera, it's disgraceful what we found in that restaurant. >> yang ming's manager responded to "action news" and said they are in the process of cleaning up and plan to re-evaluate the company that performs their pest control service and the restaurant is closed until it gains approval to reopen. as we prepare for our special visitor from the vatican, an artist calls it a devine invention that he is called to do the official portrait. a prayer for peace, you can see the pope kissing there and the holy day, that depicts the pope waving to crowds along the ben franklin parkway is exclusively
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licensed by the world meeting of families. he survived a brain tumor and feels he as destined for this job. >> i wanted to put him in front of the thong of what they say may be 1.5 million people waiving, it will be a defining moment, a historical moment in our city and country and for the world. >> milo's images will be used on more than 500 banners that will be displayed throughout the city and seen on t-shirts and mugs and commemorative items and on display at the pennsylvania convention center, he said he would trade in everything he has done at this moment to hand the works over to pope francis and to have them hang at the vatican. meanwhile as the clock tics down to the papal visit, "action news" continues to explore the pope's home town, jim gardner is
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in buenos aires, argentina and is learning more. >> i'm jim gardner we want to show you another section of buenos aires, it's a residential and commercial neighborhood and a gritty neighborhood which is frankly still showing the effects of this country's economic collapse in 2000 and 2001. later tonight we want to introduce you to the martino family, they are coming to philadelphia for the world meeting of families in september, and their deep religious conviction is only surpassed by their hospitality. we hope you enjoy meeting them we certainly did. >> much looking forward to that, you can see the live reports at 6:00 and 11:00 and they continue every night this week. and remember you can always stay up to date with all of our coverage of the pope with our
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special twitter account, follow at 6 abc pope. >> the day will be here before we know it. thanks alicia, time for a check of "action news" traffic report. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center, what is the latest? >> it's a day we are looking forward to except from a traffic perspective it will be rough but we'll get through it. not looking forward to our ride home, it has turned kind of wet and therefore extra slow from allegheny avenue, we are swaying back and forth a bit, the cars are traveling northbound and rolling through a big puddle and it's not really deep but people are slowing down to get through the high water in allegheny, and it's jammed in both directions like moefbt afternoons, farther north into bucks and mercer county, speeds of 11 miles per hour at the scutter falls bridge because of a crash on the jersey side of the river, northbound at route 29 taking out the left
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lane, left lane in pen sauk and the westbound side of 10, and black horse pike another accident with slow speeds starting to form on the southbound side of 295, heading toward gloucester county and an accident and fuel spill is closing down dupont road at maryland avenue. lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. lets see if we can get it to work in the next half hour. >> thank you matt. hackers make good on their threat to release details on customers of a controversial dating website. >> and he served less than ative and of his sentence for killing his girlfriend and was set to be released from jail find out what could stop that from happening.
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oscar pistorius will not get out of jail this week after a judge put his early release on hold. the south african department of justice will review the case, to see if oscar pistorius is moving to house arrest too early, he was suppose to get out of jail on friday and has served 10 months of his five year sentence and the department of justice has not set a time to meet to review the case. hackers that broke into the website ashley madison made good on their promise to expose the details on people that signed up at the site. they have released information on the users, they include 15,000 accounts, the owners are based in toronto, and now
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canadian and u.s. investigators are looking into the breach. ready or not back to school season is here, and there are a few days of summer left, now students are showing up at colleges in our area including temple university. katherine scott was there for move-in day. >> a big day, we did not sleep at all. >> megan drove up from scranton with her daughter, emily, emily's first year of college at temple university. knowing what to pack can be tricky. >> i pretty much pack the my whole entire room and basically everything is here and i don't know if i overpacked a little bit but -- >> 4800 students make up temple's class of 2019, they hail from 44 states and the district of columbia and puerto rico, they are settling into the rooms that will be their homes for the next nine months.
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>> everybody is nefbous, i got my stuff in the room and doing it with my best friend makes it a lot less stressful i think, parents and students haul out crates and ferry them up to the room, some coordinated with roommates and some brought it all. >> i packed everything and the car is loaded right now, i packed my xbox and a lot of food. >> now it's time for parents to make their way back and their load lighter and sights on what is to come. >> she is going to be a teacher and i'm a teacher, we are excited. >> the freshman have a tuesdays to settle in and classes start on monday. good luck guys. >> very exciting stuff and students return to the college of new jersey in ewing this week
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and when they arrive they have a new place to eat and shop. they cut the ribbon and campus town, a complex with nine buildings with retail space and restaurants and apartments, this million project has been in the works for years fancy stuff there for back to school. >> nice. tell me about it. >> they didn't have that when i went to college. they didn't have a lot. >> all right it's time for the accuweather forecast. >> they didn't have vehicles back then either rick. they didn't have stormtracker 6 live double scan, and double scan live radar is showing pop-up downpours and the most impressive cell is over parts of philadelphia, points and bucks county, and jenkintown unwilling oh grove and heading into horsham and this has 19
4:20 pm
lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes. these are the rainfall rate, the cell near langhorne, the rain is at the rate of 2 inches for an hour, if it sat there for an hour, you would get 2 inches but they are moving to the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour, they are creating heave why i have downpours and cooling off the air finally, mid-day we had enough sunshine in philadelphia that our high reached 92 degrees so much for the heat wave ending, we are in day five and it's not over yet but tomorrow we should see more clouds and that should keep temperatures in the 80s, currently though if you factor in the humidity, the heat index feels like 93 in philadelphia and 95 in beach haven and 90 in millville, and it's a lot more humid than the last several days, it's going to get even a little bit more unsettled as we head through the week. a wide view on satellite 6 along with action radar showing all of
4:21 pm
this bubbling up it ahead of the cold front and the cold front is still well to the west and it's over chicago and pressing to the east and finally move through our region during the day on friday, tonight it's warm and muggy and once the sunsets, we lose the daytime heating and we'll lose the scattered showers and thunderstorms. 73 is the low in philadelphia, a warm night and wilmington 73 and cape may 75 degrees. future tracker 6 showing tomorrow morning again like today we wake up with a lot of clouds and a few scattered downpours and things get cranking and downpours are develop egg west of philadelphia ahead of that cold front and it will be sliding through by friday morning, the four day at 4:00, it's warm and humid and not quite as hot as today with a high up to 87 degrees and scattered thunderstorms in the afternoon and it looks like that will continue into friday
4:22 pm
morning with that front sweeping through some a soaking start to the day, 85 degrees and the weekend that front will be stalling across the east coast, this mean nicer conditions the farther west you are, philadelphia partly sunny on saturday and clouds and sun on sunday and if are you along the shore, a lot more clouds and better chance of showers, we'll talk about that in the full accuweather forecast. >> i guess the lawns need the rain. >> we really do need the rain. >> still ahead, police make an arrest at one robbery but ends up solving a crime free going on for months in philadelphia. plus, from pope francis on toast to a cold pint, there are items popping up in anticipation of the papal visit. we'll show you some of the more unusual ones. >> and coming up in big talkers, is delta trying to shame its customers into buying more
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police say an arrest in a robbery case has solve aid crime spree that is going on for months. 58-year-old donald thomas and yvette simpson were both arrested on monday after police say they robbed a family dollar on caster avenue, an employee recognized thomas because he allegedly robbed the store before, overall police say he robbed eight businesses from june until yesterday. sunday's maroon 5 concert in atlantic city, was so successful they are thinking of adding a permanent stage to the beach, they are weighing the plan and say a permanent stage would make it easy to have five or six concerts per summer but plans
4:27 pm
cannot go forward until chris christie defunds the agency. still ahead on "action news" at 4:30, a dallas mother explains why she thinks her child is better off without toys. and information on a deadly accident in south jersey, why the driver that struck four members of the same family including a toddler likely will not face charges. and they wanted to finish dinner, what this mother and father are accused of doing to send up in jail after date night.
4:28 pm
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hello again it's 4:30 and "action news" has a question that is generating quite the debate, why parentses are asking if it's okay to kiss your child on the mouth. from papal pale ale and pope tarts, we'll show you home grown products you can purchase to celebrate the visit from the vatican. and is delta shaming passengers to buy pricey upgrades. are they extorting passengers through embarrassment. and now an accident that killed one child and injured three of his relatives, four siblings and one cousin were in the road when a car slammed into them, the two youngest were riding in the red wagon and one
4:30 pm
did not survive. for more on what we know, we turn to john rawlins live at the scene. >> i'll tell you this stretch of bud town road is not pedestrian friendly, no sidewalks, no streetlights, no shoulder, you stick to the grass verge or walk in the lane of traffic, that is where the children were and the driver did not see them until it was too late. >> children laying all over the street, i thought it was two cars. >> cheryl o'neil was one of two neighbors that rushed to help heart broken about what they found. children tossed around like rag dolls. the children had been walking home from this nearby park. >> we see them walking up and down all the time. >> they live on a nearby farm? >> at the children's home
4:31 pm
grieving amily members were mourning. the 6-year-old along with his 18-year-old sister and -year-old cousin re main hospitalized. >> i would like to possibly start a go fund me, i'm sure they don't have insurance and probably hard working people, i don't know what i can offer. >> the crash is under investigation and according to police there was no drugs or alcohol. the children did not appear to have light or reflective clothing or flashlights. >> the man stopped and gave cheryl o'neil a bag and asked her to place it near the accident scene, she placed at
4:32 pm
the spot where 2-year-old john was found. >> the stuffed animal is now joined by a minion and the neighbor did set up a go fund me site for the martinez family, you can learn more by going to live in south hampton township, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. in other news a 24-year-old delaware man is arraigned on gun charges after a 10-year-old boy was shot in the head. he was formerly charged with possessing the gun that wounded 10-year-old mckey mitchell, the young boy remains hospitalized in critical but stable condition, it's unclear if he actually shot the child, he is still held on $500,000 bail. philadelphia police are trying to find two men that robbed the owner of a brewery
4:33 pm
town bar this weekend, they approached the victim as he left the tropicana bar, the owner tries to back away from the gunman and one takes the phone and cash and shoves him to the ground, the victim was not seriously hurt if you have information call central detectives. a south jersey hospital announced new details about a patient that recently traveled to west africa, the woman was taing ento kennedy hospital in stratford last night after developing a fever, today we learned she does not have ebola and was diagnosed with malaria, officials say there is no public health risk and the woman was monitored for signs of illness since she returned to the u.s. on august 7th. elmo and cookie monster and the rest of the sesame street gang spent part of the morning in the dark, this wire came unattached at 11:00 this morning and there was no power and it
4:34 pm
took an hour to restore the power to sesame place and no one was trapped aboard a ride during the out able. >> that will drain the day at the park. >> characters running around the park, what! >> cecily here to talk about the showers and storms popping up. >> we have isolated thunderstorms right now, double scan live radar showing not everyone is getting them but one intense cell across northeast philadelphia and montgomery county moving into bucks county, it's moving north along 611 and 263, nine lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes, dropping rain an inch to inch and a half of rain, the national weather service issued a flood advisory for this area. montgomery county and parts of bucks until 6:15, when you see flooded roads, turn around don't
4:35 pm
drown, don't try to drive through them, it only takes two feet of water to sweep away most vehicles. the rainfall in the next two days, we are looking at an inch, this shows 3 inches in the poconos, we are more than an inch below normal for the month, so we need it. we'll talk about that in the exclusive accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. this reminder before heading out into the heat, check, there you'll find live satellite and images as well as the hourly forecast and follow or team of meteorologists for expert insights when severe weather happens. the chefs that create the menus at lincoln financial field have whipped up new items that will be sure to satisfy the taste buds of eagles fans. monica malpass is live in the details. >> now they have unveiled the
4:36 pm
menu for your football season. they look delicious, chipotle mac and cheese with cool ranch doritos crumbled on top. and "action news" reporter, eva pilgram got the tough job of tasting that one and lots of other dishes, we'll have that story coming up at 5:30, and remember this, cecily tynan did it, and rick and i did it, and a lot of folks did the ice bucket challenge last year to raise money for als, it was cold. tonight at 5:00, ali gorman will tell us how the money raised by lots of folks that could have led through a possible break through for people with lou gehrigs disease. >> can we see the cecily one one more time. >> you remember that. >> i do. thanks monica. more students begin their journey to the priest hood this year at st. charles seminary, today they announced an increase
4:37 pm
of enrollment, they welcome 20 new men to study the archdiocese of philadelphia, the highest number of priestly vocation in the past 10 years, they are partially credited forming leaders based on the example set by pope francis. and it's being called the momentous event our city has ever seen, creative minds around the delaware valley are hard at work, hand crafting special commemorative ways to lets say toast the pope. >> i love something edgy and fun and also commemorative. something debbie fireman cooked up in her kitchen, something she thinks the best thing since slice the bread. fireman says the idea just popped into her head when we
4:38 pm
toast the pope, why not toast the pope. >> he is the people's pope, why not honor him. >> it sears the holy c on to your bread and two that spread the love. the marketer says that everyone can have breakfast with the pope while he is in town. >> pope tarts. >> that is clever. >> people get excited because they can't believe it's real, because it's sort of a little bit of a miracle. >> we are coming out with yo po. and the pope francis pale ale. we want something tasteful and respectful and something you would enjoy. >> new jersey's third large of the craft brewery will make 6,000 barrels of beer but only 15 contain the commemorative brew. >> he is not much of a beer guy and more of a wine guy but the
4:39 pm
beer he drinks is a light beer, we brewed a very light pale ale. >> and it turned out the arrange teenan process will take too long. >> an unholy amount of hops. >> minus two pointses for new jersey. >> yo po, made in cape may. >> it will be ready for sipping in september, only 15 kegs going to bars in philadelphia and spots around the garden state, tomorrow a cute and cuddlying version of the holy father, born in plymouth meeting, you don't want to miss this guy. still ahead on "action news," no toys no problem, a dallas mom explains what caused her to clear out her son's play room and is delta shaming travelers into buying upgrades, why critics say that the airline
4:40 pm
is extorting passengers by embarrassing them. >> tom brady does it and so does jessica alba, one woman says you should not kiss them on the lips. >> that should be interesting.
4:41 pm
4:42 pm
walking the 6-year-old out of the restaurant and then returning alone, her 51-year-old boyfriend eric heck told her to lock her son in the car so they could finish eating, the boy was able to call his mom and they freed him after 40 minutes, he
4:43 pm
is expected to be okay and they are both charged with reckless conduct. to big talkers, air travel could be a big expense and today critics are calling out delta big time. saying the airline is shaming travelers into spending more and buying ticket upgrades, shame on them for extorting passengers for buying their basic economy seats, when you go to book the least expensive seats, you get a pop-up that breaks down the caveat, such as you are the last to board and last to access overhead space and no ticket changes no upgrades and no priority boarding you get it right and you have to click okay, to let them know you still want the cheap seats and you don't want to get all the extra
4:44 pm
extras. the group writes they are furious likening to high pressure car dealerships. they say a kiss is just a kiss, that is jessica alba, according to one woman it's not okay. if your kid is a kid. and celebrities like tom brady could be seen giving a peck on the mouth to their parents and off spring and dr. resnick says how to turn anxiety and stress into -- she says it's too sexual your child on the mouth and it could be stimulating and could confuse your child, it should be reserved for grown ups only. so critics say what to do when a child plants their lips on your lips, a psychology tryst says
4:45 pm
there is no harm in a peck. >> and kids if your living room looking more like a nursery room, this blog sounds reminiscence of your preclutter day. why i got rid of the toys, she did a total toy cleanse, and there would be no more stepping on legos, and blocks too many toys are a safety hazard and children learn bet under simple uncluttered spaces and organized things by type. if new toys were purchased, it was a one in one out policy, there are only 15 toys and eight books in the play room, and some moms are applauding and some say it's a bit military and if you are like me your house looks like this. >> and then your kid has to
4:46 pm
learn how to count. time to get a check of the roads ton, matt pellman is in the traffic center, no toying around 95. >> i think we need to fung shay 95, we are drenched here in buck county, hearing reports of high water along highway 1 in bucks county as well. this is i-95 at scutter falls bridge, that is an accident scene in the northbound lanes of 95 they have it pushed off to the side but north of newtown, you are looking at jammed solid traffic and it doesn't help that things are wet. on the big picture, northbound by allegheny, earlier downpours left us with a big puddle in the left lane and we are going slowly through that, on the vine there was a multivehicle accidents and that is off to the side and all the lanes are open, a bad crash on the lincoln drive
4:47 pm
by rittenhouse, and that is cleared. and thecal oh hill section, we are watching this i'd stick with 1 and or 9th, here in north coventry an accident at the bank at temple road and construction near paintsers crossing along 202 in the chester county area, this just cleared a few minutes ago but through the trees and leaves you can see it's sluggish on the northbound side of 202, biel check it again in the next half hour. >> meteorologist, cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast turning out to be a soggy evening, she will have the latest. consideration
4:48 pm
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take charge of your retirement. talk to a state farm agent today. cecily is back and this hump day turning out to be one you
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need your umbrella for during the evening. >> we have a couple of clutters, most of our area is rain free but the people getting rain are getting soaked right now, lets go to double scan live radar one is south of dover and i am tracking one moving out of philadelphia into buck county, and it's starting to weaken but danny tweeted that fairless hills a flooded mess and it's creating a lot of rain over the past half hour and 24 lightning strikes over the past 15 minutes, it's following 611 and jenkintown unwilling oh grove east of doylestown another cluster. i talked about the flood advisory is upgraded to a warning. and more rain is falling now and that warning continues until
4:51 pm
7:30 forst montgomery county. we hit 92 earlier today, so we are on day five of the heat wave in allentown 6-and millville 85 and the atlantic city airport, 85 degrees, satellite 6 along with action radar showing the setup has not changed much since yesterday, a cold front in chicago ahead of it, all the thunderstorms beginning to bubble up and this setup continues into friday morning, we get the winds off the ocean and dew points are generally above 70 degrees and oppressive humidity and that provides lift and it squeezes out of the
4:52 pm
atmosphere and we are looking for the possibility of widespread downpours and 1 to 2 inches of rain. tomorrow most of the activity is west of philadelphia and in the overnight hours it advances to the east and by 6:00 friday morning, so the friday morning commute could be a wet one and that front will stall off the eastern seaboard and that means clouds and some lingering showers for the weekend along the coast. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow a steamy day but not as hot as today with more cloud cover and thunderstorms primarily in the afternoon and evening hours and tomorrow a soaking start to your day as the front slips through and 85 degrees and sunshine late in the day and philadelphia areas north and west, for philadelphia this weekend, partly sunny and 85 degrees. nice weather for the eagles preseason game, along the coast lingering showers and on sunday, the front drifts farther to the
4:53 pm
west and some clouds and peeks of sunshine and maybe a shower and 87 degrees it gets warmer and more humid and tuesday 89 and muggy and the humidity dropped on wednesday with a high of 84 degrees. i have been saying that the past month is on the dry side, a lot of gardners, if you have a lawn. we are getting the rain. >> quick break, what's the deal coming up next. 130 yards now...
4:54 pm
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sfx: crowd cheering sfx: crowd booing ♪ sfx: crowd chanting sfx: crowd cheering music stops sc johnson, a family company. so you get into a car accident or something happens to your home you have insurance to cover the cost of the dang damage, but should you file a claim, you may want to strategize first, some insurance
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carriers treat a call like a claim and if you are a constant caller or claimer, your premiums will go up. to avoid landing on the list know your coverages and deductibles so you don't have to call to ask. the car accident that is just barely over your deductible, you'll save in the end by not claiming there, also losing a piece of jewelry that is not recently -- even if your car was not harmed and catastrophic damage to your home by nature, if you decide to pay out of pocket for auto damage, let the service know they often offer you a better price for not going through your insurance. i never thought of that one. >> that is it for "action news" at 4:00, for brian taff, rick
4:57 pm
williams and alicia vitarelli, adam joseph and cecily tynan, i'm sharrie williams. >> i'm rick williams, "action news" at 5:00 is next. join brian and ducis rogers tonight and every night for "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. here is monica with a look ahead. >> coming up next at 5:00, a counselor at a chester county prep school is charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student. and head lice in the u.s. could become resistant to overkrsh narrator: first pat toomey
4:58 pm
voted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. we have the latest from ac weather, we are going from steamy to stormy midweek, cecily tynan is here. what is the latest? >> hi rick and monica, a humid air mass over us and with that we get isolated heavy downpours, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing most of our region is rain free, really two pockets i'm watching and one cropped up
5:00 pm
over dover and one i'm tracking over the past hour, moving through philadelphia into montgomery county and buck county, stormtracker 6 live double scan really zooming in on this, showing in the past 15 minutes, 19 lightning strikes associated with it, with the high humidity it's squeezing moisture out of the atmosphere and lifting across 263 right now and following 622, just drifting up to the north and the national weather service posted a flash flood warning and we have seen it in the area, already 1 to 2 inches of rain has fall and and beginning to weaken and this is the evening commute as you are driving home, you want to be careful do not drive into roads that are flooded, the dew points are high and philadelphia the dew point is 66 and just to the south, we


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