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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  August 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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is 5:00 a.m. on this monday august 24, tam is off, erin o'hern joins us, here's what's happening. >> breaking news, three people are shot in trenton we're live on the scene with the details. >> fire leaves a gloucester county home badly damaged and gas utility workers are on the scene. >> it will be a warm start for the week you can but could showers dampen plans for tonight. >> matt pellman and karen rogers, david murphy is off today. >> reporter: as you step outside we have clear skies as you can
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see on satellite 6 and action radar. it is comfortable with some of the disappoints low in spots. we're watching this front well out to the west. that's the indication we'll see showers in spots. we don't have a lot of the activity with it, but it progresses to the east, that will be an issue later on this evening, and in some spots. 59 in allentown. 60 in millville. 70 in cape may and feeling comfortable. the dewpoints measure how much moisture is in the atmosphere and how sticky it feels. 56 in allentown, 57 in reading, 58 in millville, nice and comfortable. sitting at 60 in philadelphia. anything above 60 is when you start to feel a little sticky. 89 for the high, we're warming up in a big way. the disappoints will rise, 9:00 a.m., 74. noon, 84. 3:00 p.m., 88 sunshine and clouds, 6:00 p.m. that's when we'll be watching for a shower
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or thunderstorm in a couple of spots and 87 degrees for the temperature then. matt pellman howl do the roads look early on. we are watching several issues, one of the issues is a crash in delco in the northbound lanes of the blue route 476 by route 3 broomall upper darby as you can see from the sign. emergency crews are on the scene. if you look to the left side of the screen, vehicles are squeezing by toward lima, springfield. on the ramp from 422 eastbound to go north on 202 that crash involves a vehicle that spun around. it is off on the side of the ramp. you can squeeze by. overnight work on the boulevard at city avenue has cleared out as work on the boulevard itself northbound approaching broad street. let's check the zone on the vine on vine street it is still out
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there. for those who ride the west trenton regional rail line shuttle busing continues between woodbourn and west trenton. check before you head out. we're following breaking news, three people were shot in trenton, new jersey. >> it unfolded hours ago, let's go to katherine scott on the scene at robling avenue. >> reporter: that's right, a triple shooting, i spoke to a man he said two cousin were two of the victims that were shot. he did get a call, he said his cousins were standing outside the home when this happened. he said they were outside smoking cigarettes, that's probably what happened, but like police they are trying to figure out what happened.
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this took place at washington and robling in trenton before 3:00 a.m. investigators are on the scene right now they are gathering evidence. what led up to the shooting remains under investigation, but we are told two people were shot in their back. we don't know where the third person was wounded. police have not released the severity of their injuries. neighbors said they heard something going outside earlier they looked outside the window and saw the police vehicles. >> reporter: we heard a truck backing up, it sounded like a tow truck, we looked out the windows and there were police lights, i looked and walked down the block and he saw a person getting put on a gurney. >> reporter: back here live at washington and robling you can see the streets were closed off for the investigation at this point there's no word if there's any surveillance cameras or witnesses who provided information to police, it is early on in this investigation.
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right now the investigators racism on the scene trying to gather evidence and details about what happened. if you have any tips, trenton police want to hear from you. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> more breaking news here, a fire broke out at a restaurant at a king of prussia mall. the action cam is live outside the grand lux cafe. firefighters received a report of a haze of smoke at 3:30, they arrived and found the smoke coming from the restaurant. they were checking other rooftops to see if the fire spread. it is unclear what started the fire or if anybody was inside. >> new this
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he is an extraordinarily devoted father, every time we pulled in,
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he was playing with his kids. >> he was a great dad. >> the 39th police district will put a black bunting today in honor of sergeant after of a papal play book will be put online for the world meeting of families. organizers say they need 2,000 volunteers to help the big crowds visiting our city next month. 8,000 people have volunteered to help with directions and translations and assisting those with special needs. you can get tips at our special papal twitter account @ 6abc pope. >> there's no heat wave in the forecast, which is nice.
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>> reporter: we have a dry spell, but this evening, is one fly in the ointment. storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see we are dry and quiet. later this evening, we'll see a shower, but nothing happening right now. let's go outside and show you what it looks like sky6 live hd down the shore, what a weekend you have down the shore, a lot of people still down there getting ready to make their treck back. we are watching for an isolated shower or thunderstorm later on this evening, or evening. after that a dry and sunny spell, the seven day is looking good. 68 degrees in philadelphia. comfortable out there, the dewpoint is 60. anything below 60 we're right on the edge. the winds are calm and the barometer is holding steady. satellite and radar showing dry, clear, beautiful morning to start you off. the front is parked out here, we can see how the showers lost their steam in the overnight hours as that trecks toward the
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east. we'll see a shower or thunderstorm blossom out of this. the best chance is to the west. it's more humid, you'll feel it more than yesterday, too and the temperature is up, close to 90 degrees, watching for a shower or thunderstorm in spots, 70 degrees for the overnight low. future tracker 6 not terribly threatening. 6:00 p.m. you have a better chance of seeing a shower or thunderstorm in the west early on in the evening commute. it falls apart and maybe there's a shower in the overnight hours and shifts off the coastline. i think the radar may be downplaying it a little, but i think we have a
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nice weather continues, for the the weekend. the highs shifts off the coast, warmer and humid, 88. sunday, warm and humid, 89. is if you were hoping for mother nature to water your lawn for you in many areas you'll be mistaken. next on "action news," a louisiana state trooper is severely wounded after a man shoots him in the head during a traffic stop. here what a passer by did to insure the shooter was captured. how a washington state man avoided being burned in the devastating wildfires as they
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swept through his neighborhood. matt. >> reporter: aaron we are seeing drivers hit the breaks on the blue route all because of overturned vehicle accident, looks like they may be be stopping northbound traffic, we'll talk about and the crash in king of prussia coming up after the break. later in the morning buzz, the unique yoga class for cats. [laughter]. dear fellow citizen,
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monday morning, you're taking a live look sky6 live hd at the philadelphia international airport, no signs of the sun coming up just yet. everybody's mind is back to school already, it is going to be a nice stretch of weather in the 80s today. average humidity. that's a nice stretch. >> more school buses on the roads, matt. i've seen jams at the target store always kids head to get supplies. doing the suburban traffic report. this shot was brighter a little bit ago because we had the flashing lights from the accident. they are not here because the accident has cleared. 422 eastbound side at 202 that crash cleared. we're talking about a major accident along the blue route,
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476 in the northbound side by route 3 the broomall upper darby interchange. if you want to stay on 320 no problems over there. on the the blue route itself traffic is squeezing by, but there are restrictions because of that overturned vehicle crash that happened a little while ago. nearby they have been milling and paving, west chester pike route 3 during the overnight. this week they will resurfacing. main street or block ford station roads are possible alternates. matt and erin. >> a louisiana state trooper is in critical condition with severe neurological damage after getting shot in the head.
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54-year-old kevin daig faces attempted murder. he was pulled over for suspected drunk driver. several other drivers stopped to help em and subdue him with the officer's handcuffs. in washington state, firefighters are making ground on 16 large wildfires that scorched 375 square miles. meanwhile, five evacuations orders he divide that decision nearly took his life. he hit in a lake under a dock for more than an hour, firefighters found him and took him to the hospital. the neighborhood was destroyed by the fire. the phillies opened a series against the first place mets at citizens bank park, the phillies are a
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straight ahead on "action news," don't empty the medicine cabinet just yet. some medications may be usable even if they are past their expiration dates. no in august, it didn't happen here, but not elsewhere. >> reporter: i don't want to think about it. 89 degrees, not too humid today. things change later on this evening, things are coming up in your travel forecast when we come right back.
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few hours yesterday. snow blanketed the rockies and the foothills in higher elevations. summer snow is not rare when you live in alberta. >> reporter: looked like they were jumping up and down a little bit. >> reporter: please don't be offended i just ignored everything you said. i don't want to deal with it. i don't want to deal with a traffic jam already this morning, but that's what we got, in delco, the blue route because of that overturned vehicle accident just up ahead route 3 the upper darby interchange, traffic is restricted, slowly squeezing by on the left side of the road. are you are hitting this jam. if you ride septa's west trenton regional rail line, just like the weekend you'll be on the
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buses between woodbourn and west trenton always construction work continues. >> reporter: we have bright sunshine, slightly humid, noon, 83. 3:00 p.m., 88 under mostly sunny skies. later on this evening, we're watching for a chance of shower or thunderstorm. 6:00 p.m., a shower or thunderstorm in a few spots and 87 degrees, if you're heading out of town, no weather worries along the east coast, looking good. 68 degrees currently no flight delays as we look across the travel city. today's high, 89. it is warm and humid, channels of a shower or thunderstorm? some spots especially in the northwest. >> former president jimmy carter kept his usual schedule over the weekend. the 90-year-old taught bible school at the church in his hometown of plains, georgia. this time 700 people showed up. he has been teaching bible study
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since he was teenager. he received radiation teacher diabetes. up next in the morning buzz, yoga with cats, we'll introduce you to a furry way to relax. a local university reaction to legionnaires scare. but first america's money. >> reporter: today is called black monday in asia where markets were in a free fall.
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>> a major league baseball player is calling for more safety at games after two fans were hit by because this weekend. in chicago a cubs fan was hurt after being hit by a foul ball. a friday night a female fan was hit by a foul ball in the 8th inning between the tigers and the rangers. a call for major league baseball increase safety for fans. more protective netting is needed. >> something happens in every game, a ball misses a fan, it's usually small kids. >> reporter: coaches and records say they tell their own wives and children to sit only in the
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safest spot behind home plate or up high in the stands. >> do you do yoga? >> i do. >> did you ever have animals wondering around studio. >> there are poses named after animals. >> this is yoga class in port handle oregon. the studio uses cats to help people relax, that's a big partly of
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>> >> the launch of the papal
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visit play book is hours away, good morning, everyone, tamala edwards is off, erin o'hern joins us, david murphy is off, we have karen rogers and matt pellman. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we have showers with a front out to the west, that progresses east ward, the


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