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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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big story is the district attorney's probe into the stockard town firing range. walter perez is live with the story. >> reporter: hey guys, this is a followup to a story we did earlier this year, this has got enthe attention of the district attorney. the falls family home is just one in this community pock marked with bullets holes, emily says that one of the most terrifying situations unfolded months ago when the bulletses came through the backyard when she was there with her son and granddaughter. >> my son grabbed haley and myself and threw us behind a tree and was yelling stop, stop, but of course nobody can hear you. >> the northampton district
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attorneys office launched an investigation to see if they are coming from the stockard gun club coming from a half mile away, he is not out to arrest anyone, he simply wantses to make sure that people on this stretch of main street can go outside without the fear of getting shot. >> if this was just someone shooting in their backyard and had a large property, we would be over there arresting that fellow, because reckless and dangerments because bullets are flying off their property. >> they feel confident that the investigation will prove that those bullets came from illegal hunters roaming the area east of main street. >> i want the gun club to get cleared as much as they can, i don't feel it's coming from there. >> but emily and several neighbors say that they have no doubt that those shots are coming from the range. >> this is going on for seven
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years, i doubt the same hunter is back there for seven years, illegally shooting up towards the houses. >> the d.a. says that the first priority is adding safe guards around the range and then coming up with a long-term solution, if they prove the bulletses came frtd range, they look into the poblts of criminal charges, reporting live, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meantime, another round of tickets were given out today for the upcoming visit of pope francis, 10,000 were available online for the festival of families and they were gone in just minutes. pope francis will be there on october 26th and andre bocelli will perform. and 10,000 tickets for the papal mass will be available online as
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well. lets go to chad pradelli with how the officials in the suburbs are planning for the pope's arrival. >> reporter: well delaware county leaders say their first concern is safety and transportation is not far behind and 59th street station is expected to be busy, officials say they expect 40% fewer septa riders than initially expected. >> they say they are ready for the papal visit and focus is on transportation hubs like the media train station, the county will deploy close to 300 pennsylvania national guard to help with security and crowd control and despite fewer riders expected the county is planning based on initialprojections. >> you can't ring that bell twice, for us to alter a plan
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would be a mistake. >> the message is plan ahead, know where you are be dropped off and picked up and if possible use public transportation. >> be in can't with your ride, let them know when you will be at the station so we don't have a backlog of vehicle sfwlz we need a plan coming back out, where is my car, who is picking me up, can i walk? >> radnor declared of a state of emergency for the papal visit, to have the ability to shut down roads and gets reimbursed for costs associated with the event. police are urging residents to be on alert if you see something say something. >> people rationalize that we don't want to bother the please, well we wants to be bothered. >> there is information on the
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delaware county website, you can access it on our website at >> okay chad, thank you. >> as more information is revealed be sure to stick with, our posts include the list of highway and road closures and items prohibited from the festival grounds, you can also find out how you can see the pope during his two scheduled parades. turning to the forecast tonight and heat wave number six is official. we hit 90 or above in philadelphia for a third day in a row, lets look live from sky 6 hd, and the sun is shining right now, we'll get relief from the heat and humidity soon, for more on that lets check in with adam joseph at the "action news" big board to get the details. >> it's a win-win here, we'll see much needed rain over the next 24 hours, heat wave number six, three consecutive days of 90 or above.
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today so far 93 degrees with the normal only being 81 degrees this time of year. 90 wilmington and millville. near 90 for the atlantic city airport and to the north this is where records were either broken or tied and tied in reading at 94 degrees and allentown breaking the old report which was 93, today we hit 95 degrees, you factor in the humidity and it's still very soupy out there. it feels like 96 in philadelphia and 95 in wilmington and 94 in millville and 96 degrees right now in the lehigh valley, but to the north and west, there is a cold front approaching, a stripe of rain from pittsburgh west of albany, and doesn't look all that impressive at that point, but it's low pressure in the southern part of the ohio valley and western tennessee valley, there is more activity and this low ripples to the north and east and enhances it's rain
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around here tomorrow. overnight tonight and tomorrow morning, just scattered activity with localized downpours, it's tomorrow afternoon and evening that the heavy steady rain comes in with a heavy thunderstorm that could create ponding on the roadways, we'll let you know how much rain to expect and cooler temperatures somewhere in that seven-day forecast. >> the relief is on the way, adam thank you. >> a mercer county street has a new name today in honor of a fall enstate trooper. >> city leaders unveiled a special street sign dedicated to state trooper, carlos negron. he was killed in a shootout in 1984, he was trying to help a van that broke down on the side of the new jersey turnpike when a gun fight broke out, negron was shot and later died from his injuries, the troop c hamilton headquarters was named after
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negron in 2005. lets get a check of the "action news" traffic report now. autumn marisa is in for matt pellman. >> we are dealing with volume now on the schuylkill expressway eastbound, we have a disabled vehicle clear at the blue routeentance, we are hoping to see the 20 minute drive decrease a bits. a little better in the westbound lanes as you head from the city to the king of prussia area, we hope to see that go down as well. taking a look at the big picture, speeds across the region in the 20s, blue route northbound, 12 miles per hour up from 95 to media. slow going there, slow on 95 from woodhaven to the vine, taking you about 40 mines to do that commute. showing you 295 southbound at the 42 freeway, there is a
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tractor trailer giving us problems all afternoon. from you making your way off the schuylkill expressway, up towards broad street are you tapping the brakes quite a bit. we'll bring you another update in the next half hour. still ahead on "action news" at 5:00, she found out she had breast cancer at just 18 years old but this pennsylvania teen is not letting her diagnosis stand in the way of her happiness. ali gorman shares her story up next in health check and back live to the zoo and meteorologist, cecily tynan tonight. hey cecily. >> >> reporter: i am here with settler a broad wing hawk, migration season starts in october and they go south in groups called kettles, for meteorologists like me, i like it they save energy by finding
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rising air, they can kind of coast their way to mexico or brazil for winter, a good idea, they are pretty smart. i'll feed the penguins live from the philadelphia zoo. look at the camera. good job. back to you. >> that bird is telling me don't tell me what to do.
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embattled clerk, kim davis is resting at home for failing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, she made an appearance and is expected to return to work on monday, and a judge ordered her not to interfere in any way in issuing licenses to any couple. passengers on board the cruise ship stuck in st. thomas are having their vacations cut short, carnival will start to fly them all home, most people will head out on chartered jets, the ship left puerto rico sunday
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and an engine caught fire on monday. it has been docked ever since, carnival is offering the passengers full refunds and half off their next cruise. type two diabetes may be effecting more people than once thought, that 30% of all americans have diabetes or the precursor. >> diabetes if uncontrolled can lead to serious health problems, a government study found that 12% to 14% of adults have diabetes, mostly type two and 40% are prediabetic, and that can be turned around, making changes to your diet and losing weight can turn prediabetes around. however, the study found that many people are not aware that
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they are at risk. you should talk to your health cache provider about where you standard. >> also, today national breast cancer awareness month is coming up in october. we'll have plenty of events and frund raisers in our area and northeastern pennsylvania had their big fund raiser this weekend and giving hope to one breast cancer survivor. >> just months before graduating high school, britney beetle told her mother she found a lump in her breast he is 18 so cancer was not on her radar, but a biopsy revealed britney had stage four breast cancer, after a bilateral mastectomy, on the morning of graduation, she started chemotherapy. then the side effect she was dreading, she started to lose her hair. >> no one fights alone, i am right there with her through
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everything. >> thousands will also take to the streets of scranton pennsylvania, for the race for the cure, it raises money for screenings and treatment programs and research. >> i hope because of this, they will have better medicines and probably a cure. >> that is definitely the hope, we should mention that britney's case is rare. the race for the cure funds the susan g. komen foundation, they their making strides against breast cancer coming up in october. >> quite a story ali. >> it was quite a day for students in montgomery county, the action cam was in willow grove this morning and students gathered on the playground with their parents and backpacks in hand to catch up with their friends. let's clear the air.
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there are no limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can... release. and our senator, pat toomey, led the fight to keep it that way. carbon pollution, a major cause of climate change, leads to more asthma attacks in children. over a million pennsylvanians now suffer from asthma. and senator toomey took over a million dollars from polluters. tell senator toomey: it's time to clear the air. vote for the clean power plan.
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bmw is paying $1.6 million
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to settle the lawsuit. it alleged the company's background guidelines, used to check for their facility had a negative impact on black candidates and was not job related. and iphone had their annual event, the ipad pro, a 12.9 inch diagonal screen, apple says the new will be availableable in december. officials sat down for a manufacturing round table in northeast philadelphia, they all met at the delaware valley industrial resource center and among other things they talking about things to teach young people they need to succeed in
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the real world. philadelphia's city hall got an upgrade to their extear year, but there is a story that dates back a century. large portal gates are going unaround city hall. mayor nutter says it's all part of preserving and improving city hall, a national historic lan mark. for life...
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we are at the "action news" big board and that is where we find adam joseph. >> we will break the heat wave, and get much needed rain, the last time we had a quarter inch of rain was back on august 11th, a month in where we desperately need water, double scan live radar, a couple of spots seeing heavy downpours, one in ocean county, south of lakehurst, north of lacey, only 7 lightning strikes in the last 15 minutes, and a half hour ago as much as 30 lightning strikes, it's a dying thunderstorm as it pushes into eastern ocean county, and some rough surf on the delaware bay, if you take the lewes
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ferry. and a couple of lightning strikes with that and a quick downpour in dover and northern parts of southern parts of kent county. the heat index, 96 in philadelphia and 95 in wilmington and 96 in the lehigh valley and 94 in millville. this is the last time in the next seven days you'll see numbers that high. we have a front north and west, the humidity and temperatures and that much needed rainfall, it's still a ways away, and things are scattered until that front collapses through early in the morning, tonight the tropical feeling is still around and low temperatures north of 70 degrees across much of the area and there you can see those scattered downpours, from early tomorrow morning, most areas are dry, in the afternoon when low pressure develops to the south that will enhance the rain and a
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few gusty thunderstorms around and that continues during the evening rush tomorrow, and the heavy rain moves out and spinning showers left over and it clears first thing here on friday morning. what to expect, .75 inch of rain and heaviest in the afternoon and a very packed dry ground and at first rain will run off and not seep into the soil and that will create flooding on roadways, especially if you gather leaves that have fallen off the trees. >> a welcome soaking jove all tomorrow and sunshine returns on friday, and 83 with afternoon showers developing on saturday now and that shower activity will linger saturday night into early sunday and that september feeling is back here finally on monday at 76 degrees, meteorologist, cecily tynan, is at the zoo with a friend named boris. i never liked the name boris and
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that thing has no legs. i don't like you. >> i know you don't like snakes, this is not a snake, it's a glass legless lizard, look at the face, this guy has eye lirds and expersonal ear openings, the reason it's called glass is because when it loses its tail, it doesn't lose it off in one piece, it shatters into a whole bunch of little pieces and it can regenerate but not again it only has one shot. i'll be feeding the penguins live at the philadelphia zoo. >> i think adam left the building. run out. much more to come on our next half hour off "action news" at 5:00. federal investigators release their final report in the crash that killed philanthropist lewis katz and others. how the tragedy could have been avoided.
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also, dozens of local school children are given the tools to succeed by a group of philadelphia police officers.
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hello again, monica is off and sharrie williams is joining us tonight. here is what is happening on "action news" news this evening, weapons of all shapes and sizes are out of the hands of criminals in one community. what officials are doing with the stash. and two crooks take their time ransacking one business and it's all captured on surveillance video. and passengers and crew have only minutes to act as a flight heads for takeoff. now the details, dozens of weapons used in crimes across upper darby are off the street, automatic rifles and hatchet and swords are among the 150 dangerous items unveiled today. officials say that the seized item will end up helping the community but just in a
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different form. katherine scott has the story. >> this was used to attack an officer -- >> cross bows and a hatchet and 70 handguns and long guns. >> you see across this room what our officers deal with day in and day out. >> they confiscated these through drug raids and domestic violence calls, they were all destroyed today when upper darby police brought them to a steam plant to be turned into electricity. >> whether it's upper darby or philadelphia or chicago, regardless of where it is in the country, gun violence is a way of our life. >> superintendant, mike chitwood, says that melting down the weapons part of his department's efforts to cut down on violence.
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>> we feel it's an offensive weapon and we are called there for some type of criminal activity, it goes, it's gone. >> chitwood says they won't make a dime off of these. >> this is our way of making sure the guns never hurt anybody again. >> this is not every single weapon, there are more than 100 not being destroyed today because they are still being used as evidence s katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." in other news, a philadelphia woman charged with keeping prisoners in the so-called dungeon in tacony, linda weston plead guilty, prosecutors say they locked six mentally disabled people in their basement to collect their social security benefits. two have died and weston faces life in prison and two others have pleaded guilty and two
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others are awaiting trial. detectives have not announced if a man is facing criminal charges after shooting another man trying to rob him. it happened before 1:00 a.m. on seventh street and the robbery suspects ran toward concord avenue and then collapsed and died. the intended victim was not hurt and is talking to police. police need your help to fine two gunman that terrorized a bar on labor day. one of the men allegedly point aid gun at a 59-year-old employee and threaten tropical disturbance kill him if he did not open the register and another suspect forced a woman to kneel down on the floor, the first gunman ordered the male employee to the back office where he stole more cash. detectives say two thieves spend hours ransacking a philadelphia business, this is
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inside the monica restaurant on vine street, a man broke in through the back door and later brought back a friend, they took the cash register, cash from the atm and cigarettes and other items. the national transportation safety board released its final report on the plane crash that killed former philadelphia inquirer co-owner and philanthropist lewis katz that the crew did not make a complete flight control check income fact the crew did not complete their checks in 98% of their previous 175 takeoffs, as a result the crew did not realize the controls were locked keeping it from taking off outside of boston. this animation coming up shows that the aircraft reached
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takeoff speed before the copilot realized the mistake. the crews slowed down the plane but not enough to keep it from sliding off the runway and into a gully, a fire sparked on impact. we are getting a better look at damage left behind on a british airways plane after it caught fire on a runway in paris, it was about to take off from london and 470 people were on board at the time. and video shows how close the passengers were to an actual disaster. >> the fire you see in the pictures is really the airplane itself, not the engine that is on fire, after they put the fire out you can see how clearly that fire came from almost penetrating into the cabin, that this could have been a serious accident. >> 14 people were taken to the hospital and tonight the crews quick thinking is credited with
5:36 pm
saving everyone on board. the ntsb says it could be some time before the exact cause is determined. a hangar at newark airport under demolition partially collapsed and injured two workers, they were taking apart an old united airline structure and it came loose, nine workers were sin side. they believe that they all got out in time but a search is on going tonight. and world news tonight with david muir will have more on the airport incidents including more on the british airways fire, you can watch it all at 6:30 tonight following "action news" at 6:00. students in south philadelphia will have all the tools they need to have a successful year thanks to the generosity of philadelphia police officers, "action news" was there as members of the 17th police district delivered backpacks to chester a. arthur
5:37 pm
school today. members pitched in and purchased pencils and notebooks and all sorts of supplies. two other schools received donations. lets get an update from the commute home with autumn marisa. >> hi sharrie and rick, we are dealing with volume, 95 at cotman for the construction zone, we had a tractor trailer just clear that is good news. taking out the left hand lane, we were down to two lanes there, hopefully since that is clear we'll see that delay diminish. going over to the big picture, checking out speeds, we see them pick up a bit, better on the schuylkill expressway and the blue route as you make your way up to 95 to media, expect volume there and 295 looking better, they cleared the tractor trailer out of the way at 4-42 so that earlier delay dropped as well. the northbound lanes on the boulevard ar over the twin bridges, tapping the
5:38 pm
brakes from the schuylkill expressway expect to be going slow through broad street. and mass transit is on time with the exception of the warminster line and regional rails and bus 442. that is about it, lets throw it back to you. >> thank you. new questions about the dangerous hit on a texas referee, what both sides are saying about why it happened. and an historic day for the british monarchy as queen elizabeth ii marked 63 yours on the thrown. and cecily tynan is back at the philadelphia zoo. >> who is footing this bill. >> you are rick. i have ming ming, an indian runner duck, from southeast asia, they are found all over. are you nibbling on me, they are call that because the way their
5:39 pm
legs are situated they with waddle well, you remember the maury babe, ferdinand was an indian runner duck. we'll have more coming up in the accuweather forecast and i'll be feeding the penguins at the philadelphia zoo. >> oh boy. we'll have jaime apody live in south philadelphia where the eagles continue to prepare for their regular season opener against the falcons.
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"action news" is following news surrounding this incident in texas. two high school football players tackled the referee, claiming he made a racial slur and now they requested whether the coaches could have done more. and if they have a history of unsportsman-like conduct.
5:43 pm
both students involved are suspended. st. joe's university has settled hazing lawsuits that led the school to end the softball season back in may. two former players claimed the school and coach new older members of the team were bullying and hazing the younger ones, saying they were forced to drink alcohol and perform sexually demeaning acts and did nothing to stop it. >> turning to sports now the eagles are preparing for the first game of the season. getting closer, jaime apody is live outside of the nova care complex with more. >> hey there guys, 694 days that is how long it will be since sam bradford last played in a regular nfl game, when he takes the stage for the eagles on monday night. what a road for bradford, two
5:44 pm
a.c.l. tears. he admitted he was left thinking if he wanted to play again and the thought was fleeting, this preseason bradford led the eagles to touch downs on all three drives he played and can't wait for his rebirth on monday night. >> it will be the same as any other season opener, i enjoy things more now, take time to just enjoy the small things out there and have fun, you never know when it will be taken from you. i look to enjoy myself out there. >> bradford not the only new quarterback, meet steven morris, the man that is not tim tebow, they picked up him on the wire to replace tebow, he is already shown brotherly love in the city. >> i have two unbelievable vets in front of me with bradford and
5:45 pm
sanchez, she have been in the league for sometime and they know how the business works and the offense, just following them around will only help me get better, i am excited for that as well. >> monday night, count down to kickoff at 6:30 following by the eagles and falcons at 7:00 on monday night on phl 17, the phillies try to take the series from the braves, david buchanan joins the rotation tonight. and last night the kid did it again, aaron nola started off the worst game of his career, with a career-high seven strikeouts and walked only one and another rookie came through at the plate. the phils beat the braves 5-0 to snap a five game losing streak,
5:46 pm
the braves have drop 20 of their last 22 but the phillies are the worst team in the majors. venus tried to stand in the way of her younger sister's quest to make history and serena ate that challenge and won their meeting in three sets. serena moving on to the semis, only two win as way from a calendar grand slam, afterward venus told her sister i am just so happy for you. legend billy jean king says that serena williams is the best tennis player of all time, man or woman. >> thanks jaime. meantime, britain's queen elizabeth made history and her kingdom did not pass of a chance to celebrate. a sea of boats came down the river thames as she became the
5:47 pm
longest raining monarch in british history, queen elizabeth and prince phillip kept their day low key, they inaugurated a new train route and the queen passed her great great grandmother's record. south africa's ambassador to the united states toured holt logistics in gloucester, he is here to extend president obama's growth act, they can continue to export citrus from the u.s., it comes through the port of philadelphia from june until october and after that farms in florida and california start to ship for the winter season. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? well, fios is a 100 percent fiber optic network to the home,
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here we go back to the zoo, the feeding time for the penguins, we have the seafood special for the penguins. laura is here with me, you think about pepg wins you think about cold weather but that is not the case with these guys. >> that is a myth, most are warm weather penguins, these guys are
5:51 pm
from south america, peru, and some famous ones in the movies and media are cold weather peng wings. >> they are social. yes the female usually chooses her mate. they take care of the chicks, it's a family affair. >> you can identify them with the bands, they each have different color bands. >> lets introduce. >> the one i'm feeding now. >> that is lisa. >> this is pinto, he is 27 years old and he typically lives 25 to 30 years, so he is our senior citizen. >> how often to you have babies.
5:52 pm
>> like once a year. >> they are cute and fluffy and the faces have more gray on it, the ones that have the black are adults, and the ones with the gray are babies. >> if you like to see animals fed there is a nice event coming up. it's a really fun time that animals get enrichment from a local farm and working to get sustainable food for all of our animals. >> i'll give you the fish so you can feed them, i have to talk about weather. go to laura i'm done for now. i want to show you stormtracker 6 live double scan we have a couple of pop-up downpours right now, one moving into cape may county and another one over northern ocean county, they have heavy downpours and lightning and also some wind gusts, up to 40 miles per hour, elsewhere the big story, the heat a new record high in allentown beating the record of 93 set in 164, reading
5:53 pm
hitting 94 and trenton 93 also tying the record and philadelphia shy of a record high at 93 degrees and millville and wilmington 90 and atlantic city 89 degrees. the heat index shows you how it feels right now, the combination of the heat and humidity it feels like 96 degrees, still oppressive. 85 in wilmington and 94 in millville. so this is officially the third day in the 90s, so heat wave number six but it will be ending after today. satellite 6 along with action radar showing that band of showers stretching from binghamton to pittsburgh, that is a cold front, that doesn't look that impressive but a wave of low pressure develop as long that, a tropical feeling ahead of that cold front with scattered thundershowers and areas are dry, 69 to 73 degrees, future tracker showing at 7:00 tomorrow morning, a few spotty downpours, by 1:00 the radar is
5:54 pm
filling in and for the evening commute, this is when we'll see the heaviest rain in areas near wilmington and allentown and by 11:00, the heaviest rain is pulling off the coast and future tracker rainfall totals, this is what we want to see, it looks like philadelphia will get more than an inch of rain and allentown and trenton could have more than a few inches of rain and some get in the ripoff zone wildwood just a half inch of rain but rain across our viewing area, the exclusive accuweather forecast tomorrow ai rainy and humid day with a high of 82 degrees, low humidity and beautiful and another round of rain comes in late in the day on saturday and into sunday morning, look at the temperatures, 79 on sunday and we clear out on monday and high pressure in control and feeling like september is 76 degrees be tuesday and wednesday we are warming up and lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s, here we go, everyone is taking a
5:55 pm
swim, this is perfect it's so hot and it's feeding time at the zoo and even the ducks like to fish here. back to you guys, everybody is hungry. >> so much fun thanks cecily. with more heat today and rain possible tomorrow, keep checking back with, storm tracker live 6 radar has you covered.
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right now jim gardner and the "action news" team standing by with stheez these stories, tickets for the world meeting of families are claimed in a flash and items for the pope's visit go on sale at a pop-up shop. crews dug up this antique
5:58 pm
cannon this morning, i'm nora muchanic, we have the latest on what historic preservationists are saying about the find. now for the entire "action news" team i'm sharrie williams. "action news" at 6:00 is next.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night, six correction officers are charged with smuggling drugs into philadelphia prisons and congressman chaka fattah turns to the internet to finance his
6:00 pm
legal defense, but the big story is 10,000 more papal tickets in now in circulation, just after 4:00 this afternoon, 10,000 tickets were released for the festival of families, and tickets to the mass on the mark way will be put online for sale tonight and they started to sell pope francis merchandise tonight in center city. this is a means to help pay for the cost of world meeting of families. live on the parkway is david henry, what about the tickets released late this afternoon. >> reporter: you know 85% of the parkway is open to the public but you need the tickets to get in the secure zone down there, where the 10,000 tickets were up for grabs at 4:00 and they went within two minutes, 10,000 tickets for the saturday event


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