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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 10, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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no doubt effecting efforts to send helicopters to the scene, it's described as a single engine mooney m 20, and took off from gaylord, michigan and was heading to atlantic city airport. now the coast guard has three vessels at the scene of the wreckage. also, tonight at 5:00, we are tracking heavy rain in our region, causing flooding on streets in the region as we speak, this is the scene in the last couple of hours, the streets in the area of 32nd and girard under water completely and several drivers took the risk of driving through, meteorologist, cecily tynan, at the big board. >> hi monica, i always say turn around don't drown, fine another way, those floods can be dangerous, here is the reason why, double scan live radar,
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showing what is going on a code front just stalled to the east and a wave of low pressure is moving along that and that is providing the conveyer belt of moisture in our region, not everyone getting the heavy rain and philadelphia we get a lull in the action and we have a pretty heavy, steady rain in montgomery county and pottstown over route 100 and parts of chester county and malvern and westchester. as we move to the south we see more conventihicle shouldn't. this slow pressure is taking its time moving out. and throughout the evening hours we deal with heavy rain and periods of heavy rain, because of that the national weather service posted a flash flood watch for the northwest suburbs and the i-95 corridor until 8:00 tonight, we are looking for 1 to
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3 inches of rain the problem is that our ground is so dry, we barely had any rain over the past three weeks and the rain is running off and causing the flooding, periods of heavy rain tonight and a rumble of thunder southeast of philadelphia and uponing on roads and then it all lifts out from the southwest to the northeast between 8:00 and midnight tomorrow will be a beautiful day, but i'm tracking another round of rain over your weekend, i'll talk more about the timing of that coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily. is your go to resource as the heavy rain moves through, check in often with stormtracker 6 live double scan for the very latest. >> we are nearly two weeks from pope francis' visit to philadelphia and now there are new details on parking regulations that could effect anyone living in center city. these are the traffic zones,
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cars parked enside of the black zone will be towed starting sunday september 20th, nearly a week before the pope arrives. >> we need to call on your civic pride and duty and ask you to reloebt your vehicle or unfortunately, under other circumstances, we will have to relocate that vehicle also known as towing. >> notices are posted for effected streets by monday, and parking options are announced some are free for residents but they are limited. we have all the information at hotel officials in philadelphia want you to know there are rooms available if you are considering a trip to the city, "action news" reporter, eva pilgram is live in center city with the details tonight. >> reporter: hey monica, there was concern even a week ago that the rooms for the hotels are not selling, there are rooms
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availableable but officials tell us if you plan to see the pope and need a place to stay, you need to book your hotel don't wait, minimum night stays have dropped and prices have come down a bit. here in the last week hotels tell us their phones have been ringing and the two nights the pope is here obviously -- >> right now a third of our rooms are available but we do anticipate a sellout for the weekend of the papal visit. >> we feel much better about it and our employees are excited to welcome all the international guests and it's going to be a great time, an exciting time for philadelphia. >> that was the latest from epp on hotels. meantime, the franklin institute is home to the exhibition from rome. it includes a 17th century angel
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sculpture, that will be open starting saturday september 19th, a week before the pope arrives. it's one of the large of the vatican collections ever to tour the u.s. and you can get latest on as we all prepare for at rival of pope francis later this month. the phillies fired manager, ruben amaro with 22 games left in their dismal season, it's announcement came from the phils front office that they would not be renewing amaro's contract. the phillies currently have the worst record in the majors. coming up in "action news" sports we'll hear from some of the phillies execs hearing more about his departure. mayor michael nutter and
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other officials were there to officially open a new center here at 2838 woodhaven road, a state of the art facility for classes and learning, officials say it's a much needed place for training officers and keeping them up to date on policing efforts. now a look at the traffic report thursday night. lets go to autumn marisa with the latest. >> hi rick and monica, it depends on which roadway are you on, 202 the rain is coming down and the wipers are going and the water coming up from the tires and flooding on the northbound lanes, this is route at route 30, as you make your way from westchester to malvern it's causing a slow down, lets go to 95 right through cotman avenue and the construction is nice and dry out there right now, earlier this afternoon we had flooding on 95, since that receded we look nice and clear and you can
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see the travel times reflecting that on the big picture, schuylkill expressway looking normal this afternoon and slower as i said on 202 and 422, and the king of prussia area on the turnpike, a few places we are experiencing flooding 422 westbound at arm and hammer boulevard and 724 and lincoln drive is closed at kelly drive and rittenhouse street. looking at the 42 freeway northbound, it's clear in new jersey right now, both directions moving along nicely, we'll keep an eye on things and bring you an update in the next half hour. >> thank you. a south jersey man that survived colon cancer at a young age is getting the word out that young people can get it too. ali gorman shares his unique journey. and the highly publicized case of a woman that ended her
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life when she learned of her terminal diagnosis. and cecily is back with accuweather. let's clear the air.
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there are no limits on the amount of carbon pollution power plants can... release. and our senator, pat toomey, led the fight to keep it that way. carbon pollution, a major cause of climate change, leads to more asthma attacks in children. over a million pennsylvanians now suffer from asthma. and senator toomey took over a million dollars from polluters. tell senator toomey: it's time to clear the air. vote for the clean power plan.
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a judge has ruled to keep the trials for six officers charged in the freddie gray death case in baltimore. the baltimore attorneys argued that the days of riots and protests and city wide curfews would make it bias to choose a jury panel and the $6.4 million to gray's family sent a message to possible jurors. the california assembly approved legislation to allow terminally ill people to end their lives. it comes after the highly publicized case of britney maynard. the california senate is expected to approve the law as
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well. time for health check, you typically think of colon cancer as something that only affects younger people but that is not the case xs a young survivor is spreading the word now. health reporter and registered nurse, ali gorman joins us with his story. >> colon cancer is the third most common cancer, it's most often seen in adults over 50 and now doctors are seeing cases in younger people. this week thousands are expected to run or walk in their underwear to raise awareness and that means one local survivor that shared his story to help others. >> for months ed knew something was wrong but was too embarrassed to mention it even to his family. >> the bathroom issues nobody talks about that much. >> he didn't eat and lost 30 pounds, when he finally sought help the diagnosis was enough to
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knock this big man flat. >> it was colon rectal cancer stage four, i could not talk to anyone for three or four days. >> that was the day before ed's 30th birthday, just the beginning of a two year battle, two different stints of chemotherapy, six weeks of radiation and i had to rest. and had surgery and an obstruction. >> and he finally recovered physically but felt alone not knowing other young survivors, and then a friend took him to his first undie run and walk. >> i knew how lucky i was. >> he painted his body blue for one walk and got sponsors and sold hundreds of attention getting t-shirts for other events and then fighting for blue to connect survivors and put his story into an arm full
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of tattoos. >> ed has also taken his frank talk about colon cancer to national conferences. >> i am starting to reach other people that are just newly diagnosed and trying to give them hope. >> ed wants young people to be aware of warning signs because they are not in the age group for regular colon -- we have more about the race and colon cancer and signs of trouble at >> thank you. the fda has issued in safety rules after a series of deadly food related illnesses across the country, they have shown up on ice-cream and caramel apples and peanuts, they say it stems from dirty equipment in
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processing facility. now manufacturers have to take extra steps. and coming up one mistake nearly cost a family hundreds of hundreds of dollars. >> does a price published online have to be honored, the answer may surprise you, in this case a military family bought an airline ticket online only to find out later the price was a mistake. >> i was devastated, why don't you want to help get a military member home to his family. they were confirmed the price was correct and then to be told it was a mistake and have the ticket canceled. do mistaken airfares have to be honored.
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a new five below store is open at 15th and chestnut. officials cut the rib on on this two story, flag ship store at 1529 chestnut, the largest of
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the chain's stores, they sell everything from toys, clothing and gifts and games, all for $5 an under. and auto new report says that princeton is the best university in the country, they took the top spot again and harvard second and yale third. the entire top ten had the same schools as last year, but penn dropped one spot from number eight to number nine. and gloucester county opened their law and justice education center, the action cam was in sewell for the ribbon cutting, they added two forensic labs and two classrooms, and in the lobby a memorial to those honored on september 11th. here intel wear county a
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nonprofit organization was showing support for the teachers of upland school district, many of whom are working without a paycheck. the sons of ben is a charity group that helps to raise fund for the soccer community but instead were bringing lunch to teachers at the chester high school, after learning they were willing to work for free, they decided to provide lunch to the teachers, no charge. >> how nice. >> as we look live outside from sky 6 hd, a gloomy scene over center city tonight. cecily tynan has good news when we come right back.
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flooding continues to be a problem in our region this morning, our crews were there as they pulld this woman out of her car and there was an infant in the backseat. fortunately everybody got out and they are all okay. police remind us not to drive in these flooded areas. turn around don't drown, like cecily tynan likes to say all the time. >> but nobody listens to me. >> i have not driven in a puddle in six months. >> you want to be safe, we have localized flooding in our region, stormtracker 6 live double scan showing we are getting a break in the action in philadelphia over the afternoon
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and now the rain advances to the east and as you zoom in spotty showers are developing in philadelphia and we have a heavy downpour now at the intersection of the blue route and route 3 in broomall and malvern, heavy downpours, no lightning strikes, we are not talking about thunderstorms in philadelphia or areas north and west, this is just a steadier rain and pottstown is getting a heavier downpour across the past hour, just sitting there that is generally moving up to the north very slowly, i want to head farther to the south, this is where the temperatures are warmer and it's more unstable we see thunderstorms seven lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes, one cell of intense downpours moving just to the east right now of dover and what is beginning to dissipate and more is moving closer to millville and the low pressure is moving slowly. with the thunderstorms, we get pictures like this, this was
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posted on my facebook page from inlet, new jersey, this looks ominous, this is a shelf cloud, an updraft and down draft, it's typical when thunderstorms are developing and they have been confined south and east of philadelphia, this rain is causing problems with localized flooding, this is a good thing, we need the rain desperately, we had 20 days in a row without any measurable rain and the record is 29 days set back in the 1800s, this is a long dry spell, so far philadelphia reporting .08 rain and more is on the way. this is what to expect as far as the rain. reading reporting an inch and a half of rain and allentown the same and pottstown about an inch and still adding to that, dover an inch and a half and writes town close to 3 inches of rain.
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a warning for the poconos and lehigh valley and berks county and buck county and trenton reporting minor flooding and the flash flood watch is posted until 8:00 tonight. temperatures, what a difference a day makes. philadelphia 76 degrees, allentown 70 and reading 69 degrees and warmer air is to the south and east in the atlantic city airport 77 and millville 75 and dover 73. that is why we get thunderstorms south and east of the philadelphia. satellite 6 along with action radar showing what is going on a cold front that stalled just to the east low pressure is along that riding and what this is doing is enhancing the rainfall, the low pressure continues to push to the north and east through the evening hours and tonight the focus of the steady rain between now and 8:00, and then we'll have clearing
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overnight and 68 degrees in philadelphia and allentown 62 and millville 66 and wilmington 65, future tracker showing pockets of heavy rain at 7:30 as we head toward midnight, the rain moves out and lingering clouds and tomorrow we wake up with clouds in the morning, at 7:00. and then drier air moves in and the sunshine is back and the humidity is dropping through the day tomorrow afternoon is going to be gorgeous, the five-day at 5:00, tomorrow morning clouds and then the sun returns, lowering humidity and on saturday, showers developing in the afternoon and evening hours, 83, and sunday lots of clouds and cool and 77 degrees, on monday feeling like fall, 76 and tuesday back into the 80s and i am tracking temperature as above normal in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. i'll talk about that in 20 minutes guys. much more to come in the next half hour off "action news" at 5:00, several armed holdups off the campus of a local university is prompting
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officials to react. and fear on the highway in arizona, after nearly a dozen shootings at cars. and after several lackluster seasons, general manager, ruben amaro is out.
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"action news" at 5:00 continues again more from the breaking news story when a single engine plane crashed several miles off the coast. this is just in from crews launching a search mission, the faa tells "action news" that a plane, a mooney a 20 took off from michigan and was heading to atlantic city airport. and the coast guard has three ships at the wreckage site. not clear how many people were on board or if any are injured. first, we are continuing to track heavy rains moving through our area tonight, so much rain after a relatively dry stretch in the area, has prompted a flash flood watch, cecily tynan in for adam is at the big board with the latest from double scan live radar.
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>> this is one the days we are dealing with on and off downpours all day long when have a pretty steady rain moving into the philadelphia region and the heaviest now is south over delaware moving into salem county, new jersey, right over 295, no lightning strikes associated with this and this is a pocket of heavy rain and this is slowly drifting up to the north and that is the general direction of the downpours and malvern, and chester county and king of prussia and phoenixville, crossing 422, a lot of the roads pretty tough to get through tonight. and 202 as well and this is producing rainfall of an inch and a half per hour. torrential rain and high humidity, the flash flood watch is posted until 8:00 tonight and what we are looking at is heavy rain in a short period of time. we have flooding in poor drainage areas, turn around and
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don't drown, it only takes two feet of water to really take your car down through the flooding. we'll talk about more rain heading your way for the weekend, coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thank you cecily, is your go to resource as the heavy rain moves through the area, checking in with stormtracker 6 live double scan for the very latest. >> we are just 15 days from pope francis's arrival in philadelphia. anticipation and concern is building among residents that live in the francis festival grounds also known as the traffic box. particularly troubling for several people living in apartments and condos along the ben franklin parkway, they are steps away from the ticket only zone, here is more about that. >> people that live in this area, say they are used to dealing with big events, it take a lot of preparation and
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patience and humor, but this event is different, while many realize that seeing pope francis is a once in a lifetime opportunities, the restrictions is creating a big headache. >> he is the pep's hope. >> but she won't be seeing the pope even though she has a front row seat, she could not get a ticket and standing amongst the crowds is too dix. >> i saw john paul so i guess that is enough in a lifetime. >> they complained that the security posed a logistical nightmare and strain on people that can't afford it. >> i heard from someone that there are no pets within the red zone, but there are thousands of pets within the red zone. >> perhaps the biggest chance is what to do with their cars.
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>> we'll be moving our car to a friend in the suburbs and taking the train in for the duration, a lot of our neighbors are leaving. >> a manager from park town place -- many residents say the communication is spotty and non-specific. >> i don't know how to get out of my apartment or how do a drive back, i don't know where to go to eat, there used to be a grocery store here but it's closed. i hope for the best and stay in my apartment for a tuesdays. >> clearly some frustration out there. the apartment management company says they will update residents as they receive more information from the officials and secret service, tonight the lowingal square association will hold a meeting to inform residents on the restrictions and precautions they need to take during the
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pope's visit. erin o'hearning channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. today mayor nutter announced new parking restrictions for residents in the traffic box, we have all the details on we have all the details you need to help navigate the papal visit, now just a few weeks away. >> in other news, students at st. joseph's university are on guard after a string of off campus robberies, there are three armed holdups and another attempted robbery near hawk hill, in all cases they were attacked between 8:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m. they stole everything from cell phones to debit and credit cards and even cash. the university increased their patrols and is making escorts available to students. pet stores that set up shop in camden county, have to follow new rules when it comes to where they get their animals. they are protesting pat's pups
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in cherry hill since it opened in july, this after it learned it may have been selling pups from puppy mills. now they banned that practice, the policy is aimed for rescue operations. at the "action news" big board with a dangerous situation unfolding in northern japan, tens of thousands of homeless after 24 hours straight of torrential rains, more than 20 inches of rain fell in cities north of tokyo and the rushing water knocked homes off their foundation and forced people to their rooftops to get out of danger and rescuers are working around the clock to reach them and thousands of others stranded. more scrambled to shelters on higher ground. >> even though in the past there was heavy rain, i have never seen so much water before. >> the heavy rains are unprecedented and likely to continu
5:37 pm
continue. rescue officials say they were overwhelmed by pleas for help. now the torrential downpours are forcing major runoff that is threatening the fukushima power plant, that is still damaged from the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. and officials fear the heavy rains could overwhelm the site's drainage pumps. >> the iran nuclear deal has survived a key vote in the senate, an 1:15 minutes ago, they blocked -- and it will move forward unchecked. they say that america's strength comes through principal's diplomacy, it would be a historic achievement to keep iran from nuclear weapons without having to go to war.
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and president obama says they will accept 10,000 syrian refugees in the next fiscal year. since civil war broke out in the middle eastern country, the white house is under pressure to do more than just provide money to meet the crisis in europe. tens of thousands of people from the middle east and africa have risked their lives to seek safe haven in other countries including the u.s. tonight on world news david muir reports from the hungarian serbian border where hundreds of thousands are crossing every day. all right time to get a check of the traffic scene on a very night. now autumn marisa in the traffic center. >> it's wet on 95 right now, these are our northbound lanes at 420 at ridley park, you can see the rain coming down and the
5:39 pm
cars have their wipers on when see ponding and reduced visibility and speeds and you will rant to keep that in mind, here we are at 20, on the northbound lanes as you make your way toward malvern, the vehicles are going through some deep water and use caution, they certainly don't have any where to turn around and they are pushing through the flooding, you can see speeds across the region dropping in the 20s and teens, especially within we see the storms begin to pop up. a dissed abled that is slowing us down there as you make your way out to belmont. taking a look at flooding, arm and hammer boulevard and 724 we have flooding and lincoln drive is closed. >> thank you autumn. still to come on "action news," a former tennis star is
5:40 pm
taking aim at the new york police department, after he says he was roughed up after a case of mistaken identity. and the ruben amaro era is officially over for the phillies, jaime apody has the details in sports. we have heavy rain moving through our region tonight and i'll have details on when we dry out and track more rain over the weekend in the accuweather forecast. >> all right we'll have those stories and more when okay coles right back. for life...
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police in phoenix, arizona, are looking for the shooters on busy roads, totally 11 incidents in two weeks, most on i-10, a busy highway, they are asking people to be vigilant and look for signs of suspicious activity. tonight the new york police department apologized for arresting former tennis star james blake, he was waiting for his ride to the u.s. open when he was tackled to the ground and
5:44 pm
handcuffed by a plain clothed officer, they were investigating a credit card ring in the area and blake looked like one sts suspects and now the officer is on desk duty and an internal investigation is underway. >> all right, turning to sports, as we mentioned no big surprise but gm ruben amaro is out. the timing is questionable. >> very to say this though, unanimously, facebook and twitter and the whole phillies universe everybody sees to be a fan of this move. your prayers are answered. the most vilified man, ruben amaro is fired. jeff skversky is live now at citizens bank park, the timing is interesting, the phillies have 22 games left in this dreadful season. >> what is interesting here is that ruben amaro was in charge not that long ago when he traded chase utley and traded cole hamels, but incoming president
5:45 pm
said he did not want to make a decision to fire ruben amaro until after the trade deadline, because it would be too disruptive. the bottom line here is they need a fresh start. they informed him this morning he was no longer the general manager of the phillies after sefrp seasons in charge. it's a steady decline since 2001, when the phillies had the most wins in history, the owner says it's not all on amaro but have you to hold him responsibility. this was his decision backed 100% by the owners. >> if i'm entrusted to create a baseball operations department that will compete and achieve success and sustain success, over a long period of time. i felt that a change was required. >> we talked to ruben this morning as you might imagine, he was a pro.
5:46 pm
>> all of us wish ruben well as he moves into the next move of his career and we pledge our full support to him as he does that. in closing this chapter of the phillies history, i would like to thank ruben personally for his years of loyal service to the organization. >> so the phillies are looking for a new general manager, in the meantime scott profok is the new general manager he could be a candidate for the full-time job coming up at 6:00, how much of this is on ruben amaro hear from larry bowa coming up at 6:00. >> thanks jeff. amazing he was a bat boy in this organization, and now he is gone. the nfl season kicks off tonight as the patriots host the steelers and we have to wait until monday for the eagles and falcons, downpours forced the
5:47 pm
practice inside. i could not hear much of what he said over the rain but that his trio of running back, are not dangerous, dangerous is jumping out of an airplane, they are just talented. he thinks the approached has worked this offseason. >> come in training camp and it worked out for all of us and the team and i feel great and the legs feel great and really fresh and ready to go. >> we are teaming up with phl 17 to bring you complete coverage, the pregame show is at 6:30 and the kickoff is at 7:00. both on phl 17. i can't wait until monday. >> you watching tonight? >> of course i'm going to watch. a special memorial will open today for a group of passengers that foiled a plot to hijack their plane on september 11th,
5:48 pm
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meteorologist cecily tynan, is here now to tell us when we'll see sunshine. >> tomorrow. we have 20 days of dry weather and one day of rain and now everybody wants sun. stormtracker 6 live double scan showing that the thunderstorms across south jersey have evolved now into a steadier rain and the thunderstorms are off the coast and we are looking at pockets of heavy rain and generally this is a steady, moderate rain and the heaviest rain is over the tell wear memorial bridge you can see there and this is all generally moving towards the northeast at about 5 miles per hour. it's moving very slowly, another pocket of heavy rain at norristown over the schuylkill expressway, quakertown generally is light and heavier rain is moving in and areas northwest of philadelphia have received in
5:52 pm
general an inch and a half of rain and that has caused locationized flooding and a flood advisory is posted for western chester upper montgomery uber bucks and the lehigh valley and that could cause localized flooding. temperature-wise, the heat wave is over, 76 in fmd, cooler in reading, a rain cooled 69 and allentown 70 and millville 74 and cape may 74 and wilmington 73 degrees, the coolest afternoon since august 10th, satellite 6 along with action radar showing all the clouds and this moisture associated with the cold front and low pressure from the south really lifting up to the northeast in the evening hours, the heaviest rain is between now and 8:00, but the rain will be ending from the southwest to the northeast, 62 to 68 degrees, the humidity is pretty high tonight and the
5:53 pm
humidity is lowering during the day tomorrow. still pockets of rain, it's generally lighter and everything is lifting out of here and clouds east of philadelphia and it's a transition day, by the afternoon, loads of sunshine and the humidity will be lowering as we head through the day with a high of 84 degrees, we have the slice of nice, before another low pressure develops over the weekend and saturday morning sunshine and by the afternoon and evening hours, this low pressure brings us showers and thunderstorms, it will be cooler, 83 degrees and that low pressure will be lingering on sun and that brings us cloudy and cooler weather with the possibility of a few lingering showers, the exclusive accuweather forecast, yes rick the sun returns tomorrow and 84 degrees and saturday sunshine in the morning and it clouds up and afternoon and evening showers and 83 degrees and sunday not a lot of precipitation but the possible of a lingering shower
5:54 pm
generally lots of clouds and relatively cool with a high of 77 degrees, for the beginning of rosh hashanah and monday a preview of fall, breezy and kfrm, 76 degrees and temperatures begin to trend up, tuesday 82 and wednesday 84 and thursday above normal with a high of 86 degrees, the weekend really the best part of the weekend will be saturday morning. >> thank you. >> all right. >> well after noons on 6 abc are about to get more fabulous. tyra banks stopped by our 6 abc studio, they took pictures and sign autographs and talked about the new show, they join christy teigan hoping to make your life more fab. fun and beautiful by the way, that premiers right here on 6 abc.
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a new religion themed exhibit is now open at is the museum of art, the wrath of the gods, it includes michelangelo and other renaissance and baroque artists. it is on display through december 6th. right now jim gardner and the "action news" team is standing by with stories at 6:00. we are following breaking news from laents city, where rescuers are searching the ocean for wreckage of a reported plane crash and mayor michael nutter released new information about parking during the papal visit. and police searching for the suspects of a robbery spree. those stories and more coming up next. and for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" tonight is the search for survivors in the crash of a small plane. the single engine aircraft went down into the atlantic ocean 7 miles southeast of atlantic city, it happened at 2:45 this afternoon. dann cuellar is live now in atlantic city.
6:00 pm
the plane was bound for atlantic city from michigan, what do we know about the flight and its fate. >> that is the unknown thing, they believe it crashed into the ocean, it never made it into the airport here, the coast guard and marine corps is looking for survivors of this plane crash, it remains unclear how many people were on board the plane, the faa says that a single engine, mooney m 20 crashed southeast of atlantic city in the atlantic ocean, the plane is designed to carry four people and it departed gaylord, michigan, and was headed to atlantic city airport when something went terribly wrong, the coast guard has confirmed the wreckage and they see a trail of debris where they are looking for survivors, they have three vessels and a helicopter searching


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