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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  November 19, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon rick is off, in the news this noon, the rainy accuweather forecast, find out how much to expect, and when it will clear out. and the race for the white house brings a candidate to philadelphia and a new poll shows hillary clinton is falling behind. the big story on "action news" this noon, is confirmation of the alleged mastermind of the paris attacks is dead. police say that abdelhamid abaauoud was killed during the dramatic standoff in a paris suburb. now police are raiding more targets looking for suspects that are still on the run. french authorities did not know
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that the mastermind was in france. lets go to marcy gonzales live in paris with the latest developments. marcy? >> reporter: good afternoon, police are trying to identify the woman that blew herself up during yesterday's raid and the identification of the the ring leader is a step forward this investigation is far from over. >> his body so riddled with bullets and shrapnel, authorities could only identify him by his fingerprints, so-called mastermind that killed 129 people. abdelhamid abaauoud killed in the dramatic siege yesterday. he was a petty criminal that police say was behind other isis plots including an attempted attack on a paris bound tack earlier this year. they thought the 30-year-old was in syria, and now they are looking at how he was able to sneak across borders into france
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and was planning another attack. >> it'st for europe to come together. >> and this disturbing video from inside of this caf ark you designers ducking for cover, the killer shooting his ak-47 at the hip and then his assault rifle seems to jam and everyone surviving as the killer runs out. >> and raids in connection with the attacks are ongoing with at least nine people taken into custody this morning in belgium. we are live in paris, marcy gonzales, abc news. >> thank you. a proposal to pause the syrian refugee proposal in the united states, is being debated
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right now in the house of representatives. it would require additional fbi vetting before coming into the u.s. 27 governors said they were not welcome after they said that several of the terrorist suspects travelled to syria first. president obama says he would veto such legislation. accuweather tracking a soggy thursday, sky 6 hd looking liveality center city from our temple university camera, damp and mild conditions with rain moving through parts of the region, david murphy has the latest from the "action news" big board. >> the rain has filled in a little bit and gained some degree of intensity in some parts of the region in the last two hours, as we go in tighter, there are breaks in the rain and some is high lighted in brighter shades of green and you get the yellow with the darker green and 15 to 25 minutes in bucks and
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northern montgomery county there is the possibility of steadier rainfall. so parts of philadelphia is in and out of that. and lighter stuff down south but in the afternoon we'll all get a steadier widespread rain, it doesn't look like all that much now, but as you look to the face of the front, farther to the south there are organized cells with steadier rain involved. some of this will move in our direction this afternoon and be enhanced a bit as the face of the front gets right on top of us. as we look at future tracker 6 rain is being oversold in the western suburbs, watch what happens now and after 3:00, 4:00, and 5:00. you see the heavier precipitation coming up from the southwest, as the front gets closer to us, we get the forcing involved and we have to be for it for several hours this
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evening and steadier rain and get to the half inch, to inch total. even though we have not seen all that much during the early morning hour. it's mild but that is changing, we'll see how this progresses tonight into tomorrow morning, and talking about temperatures dropping a bit. >> thank you. can you stay on top of the forecast at, count on storm tracker live 6 radar to give you real time views. airport workers hit the picket line at philadelphia international airport, baggage handlers and wheelchair attendants are protesting here and at other major airports. katherine scott has more on their demands. >> reporter: baggage handlers and other workers are walking the picket line at philadelphia international airport they are
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all employed by a company and protesting their pay and unfair labor practices. >> we come here work sick and injured and without no sick days or benefits, we can't afford to take off any days, if we take off they threaten us with intimidation, even before the sun came up you can see their signs and hear their chants. they have protested here before but this time it's coordinated with workers in five other cities, it comes before one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. >> people are traveling to see their families, these brothers and sisters here can barely support their families. >> while airlines are reaping record profits they are struggling to survive on low wages with little to no health care coverage and some were promised raises months ago that they never received. >> the time to change behaviors,
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sub-contractors need to pay what they have to pay by law. >> and they want to union size, former wheelchair attend an believe ez was fired -- >> they bank on you not being educated enough to understand when and when you are not getting paid what you are suppose to be paid. >> that was katherine scott reporting. a man was able to steal $37,000 worth of jewelry that happening during broad daylight. this is video from the olney section of philadelphia, investigators say he broke into the victim's home through a basement window on tuesday, he left with a basket full of watches and other jewelry and two car keys and digital cameras, anybody that can
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identify this man should contact philadelphia police. a main line restaurant is shut down after an employee was accused of selling drugs. they say they bought drugs from mandy wheldon. investigators say she carried the drugs in her purse but made the saled outside of the business, the restaurant is cooperating and remains closed until further notice. four firefighters are recovering after being hurt on the job, they were battling a fire in darby, delaware county, the fire chief says it's injuries are not life-threatening and three homes sustained smoke and water damage forcing the people that live there to find some where else to sleep for the time being. >> pgw customers are being put on alert. that an employee used personal
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information for her own benefit. only six customers were affected. they reached out to every person that interacted with the employee just in case. pgw terminated the employee and closed her account. there is a new way to pay your meter in center city philadelphia. and it started with a little song. >> if you are parking in the city meter up ♪ >> it's part of the introduction of the new app, called meter up. mayor elect jim kenney were on hand to start the pay by phone parking app, drivers can pay with a spark phone and it electronically allows people to pay for more time. still to come here on "action news" at noon, the former spokes american for subway is finding out how long he will stay in prison. we are following the hearing
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former subway pitch man is in federal court as the pitch man finds out how long he will spend behind bar, he plead guilty to child pornography and sex charges. in the meantime his attorney is testifying on his behalf. he says he suffered from alcohol problems. two off duty new york city police detectives are credited with saving a russian tourist's life after being stabbed in an unprovoked attack in los angeles. he was at the hollywood walk of fame when a man attacked him with a kitchen knife. the off duty officer sprung into action and subdued him until the preiss arrested him. police in pennsylvania are searching for the person that
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stole a school bus and crashed it into a store. this is the scene in monroeville, allegheny county, the suspect crashed it into a vitamin shop and took off. a mother in south carolina is taking action after a video was posted on social media that appears to show a day care worker threatening her infant daughter, the video was posted on snap chat and it shows the worker threatening to kill her daughter. she wasted no time reporting the incident to police. >> i had a lot of rage and i had a lot of anger, but i'm not going to go and be belligerent, i'm not going to be crazy i'm doing it the right way. >> the day care says they reported an incident to child services but did not report any other details. she is currently looking for another day care. the government is helping students at a local high school
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that hope to have a future in health care, philadelphia school superintendant, dr. william hite was in roxborough for the big announcement. the department of health and human services awarded a five year grant to the school than will help prepare 70 studentses for a career in health care and science. coming up on "action news" at noon, some crafty seniors are giving back in a big way. we'll show you how these wilmington women turned trash into thousands of dollars for charity.
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tis the season to help people less fortunate and in this week's art of aging, tamala edwards met seniors in wilmington that have a crafty way to give back. >> reporter: this is wilmington salvation army center any tuesday and wednesday, you'll find a huddle of women in the back. >> reporter: it's craft class and making handbags by stringing together used soda can tabs. this is their envelope style bag. >> this is what we call a cab pocketbook. >> reporter: and this is the hbo oh, this is the 16 soda tabs and it took 16 hours to make.
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>> the goal is to help the salvation army do what it does to help the seniors eat breakfast and lunch and keep their bodies and minds active. >> it gives me something to do. i like doing things with my hands. >> the ladies learned how to make the purses six years ago, and the sales bring in a couple thousand a year. if we sold more bags we'd make more money. >> the soda tabs are donating. >> we have everyone under the sun saving tabs for us. everyone saves their old buttons to use as clasps, the only expresence is the parachute cord used to keep together the bags. >> reporter: they can make a necklace for you too. it's a way to give back to the center. >> i can make something for
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center and make something for myself and the children, and kraegted a sewing circle bond of friendship, not only are they talked about the bags they get the juiciest information of the day. ha, ha, ha. that is what they do. like going to the beauty shop, you sit down and yes. >> good for them. hopefully that helps to sell a few of those bags. the "action news" team is working on news stories for tonight at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli with' like ahead. >> that was great, made my whole day. love the bags too. coming up today at 4:00, a local school district in the news for all the wrong reasons lately and today there is word of more trouble for them. coming up in the show, we'll tell you about a couple of middle school students caught drinking on the grounds and a case of bad behavior in the district. don't forget you can take us with you on the go, if you have
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not downloaded the 6 abc news app watch us live streaming on your smart phone or tablet. i'll see you next half hour in the studio to talk about tonight's tgit. >> thank you.
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david is here now with a check of the accuweather forecast. i'm surprised that i coordinated
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with the radar today. >> thank you sara, that is good. with the green screen there. >> it's over my head nobody wants that. >> here is the rain on radar, a bit of green coming through its mostly white. and we are in and out of moderate rain for the next couple of hours, but once we get into the late afternoon the rain intensifies. as we take a look outside, we have cloudy skies out there, this is earlier in wilmington, delaware, the late season flowers happy to get a little rain. and take a look at the temperature, we have topped out at what will be our high the rest of the way, 67 is your temperature and i expect a hold on that for the next two or three hours and we'll start to sag a bit. dew points 59 and an indication of how moist the atmosphere is. and we see the winds build a little bit, 67 in the city
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currently, 63 in wilmington and 65 in trenton and millville and low 60s in cape may and atlantic city, future tracker 6 showing you that as we move from now until 4:00, you start to see a few more steadier cells moving in and a pocket of steadier rain down to the south and west of us, raining moderately and lightly in some neighborhoods, damp and some drizzle. later in the afternoon up to 6:00 or 7:00, there is steady rain coming through for a several hour period, and a rumble of thunder mixed in here, it looks like the bulk of this is to the east and by 11:00, 11:30 is this lipg lingering showers by the shore. and adam joseph and cecily tynan will be here tonight, to track the end of this rain later on. we are looking at a general .75
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inch maybe .5 inch to inch. and one model shows us getting higher than that. not an inundating horrific rainfall but enough to get the roads wet. 65 degrees is your high today in the lehigh valley, and cloudy and windy out there today too with gusts in the 20 to 30 miles per hour range, and up in the lehigh valley you'll have the periods of rain and same at the shore periods of rain season 65 is the high there, in philadelphia, probably holding on or about where we are right now, if we get 68 for a half hour that is not that much different, cloudy and wet and periods of rain and the rain eases down toward dinner time and winds at 20 miles per hour gusting as high as 30, 49 is the overnight low and you can see how it is windy and the rain ending early. cloudy skies and probably a fair amount of rain around the region, and temperatures not
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moving too much, staying in the mid-60s, your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we have a big time change tomorrow, today's high 67 with the rain and tomorrow breezy and cooler and sun returning but a high of just 57 degrees, 54 for a high on saturday and 50 on sunday with cool overnight lows, if you head to temple football on saturday or eagles football on sunday or running the philadelphia marathon, keep those temperatures in mind, it is going to be chilly and brisk this weekend too. and on monday, 46 for a high, but sara we start to inch back into the mid-50s by wednesday and a big travel day for us of course and thanksgiving dry and not bad. >> there is a parade that day. thank you david. there is more ahead on "action news" at noon, one company is taking the fight against the flu to you, how you can get free flu shots delivered to your door this afternoon. karen rogers takes us to a
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you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. "action news" continue at 12:30. >> hello again, rick is off and here are the stories we are following for you at 12:30, the suspected mastermind behind the
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terrorist attacks in paris is dead. and the vote is expected in the house over president obama's plan to welcome syrian refugees into the u.s. and a local candidate makes her stop in philadelphia. and first to the accuweather forecast, we are dealing with the three w's from mother nature, wet, windy and warm. looking live outside, sky 6 hd showing you philadelphia international airport what you can make out of it, the delaware and lehigh valleys are expected to see heavy rain today and tonight before cooler air comes in to end your work week. david murphy is outside now with your accuweather forecast. >> we have rain falling and it's getting steadier than it was for much of the morning, look at double scan live radar a blanket of rain in the region and much of it light and a little heavier cell, i want to alert my director that the clicker out here dis


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