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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  December 6, 2015 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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rescue team. and today's training incorporated new q, that can be adjusted to simulates different real life circumstances. we get a check of the accuweather forecast coming up on "action news." taking a live look at penns landsing from sky6 in high definition. meteorologist melissa magee has a beautiful day on tap for tomorrow. your exclusive a beautiful day on tap for tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather forecast is next.
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>> with that it was liftoff off the florida coast. the young man atlas five rock set carrying much needed grossyes and other supplies to the international space statio station. there's even christmas present on board. the rocket was supposed to launch earlier this week and nasa scrubbed that launch and two prior because of bad weather. >> speaking of heavenlies, meteorologist melissa magee has
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the accuweather forecast. it's been hevenly in terms of condition. >> so nice guys tem tears well above average the month of december and if you like today you'll like tomorrow too. >> i appreciate that. >> you're welcome i didn't do anything. >> you're the messenger. >> double scan radar, dry, no issues of precipitation. high president bush you're dominating all weekend. it will continue to do so for first half of the day tomorrow. and then a few very minor changes as we go throughout tomorrow afternoon. and we'll show you the picture outside sky6 live in hd looking from tej pl portion of september are city sky line we have a partly cloudy sky and tracking areas of fog as you go throughout the overnight hours. it's been warm for december. yesterday's high, 51. today, 53. average for us this time of year is 48. and it looks like that mild stretch will continue tomorrow. it's currently 40 in the city and we're chilling down in allentown, 33. 6 poconos and out to west in
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lancaster 3. along the coast in beach haven 24. 29 in millville. here's the concern as we go through the overnight hours. tapping into south qurlly wind. there's low level moisture in the atmosphere. down to 6 miles in philadelphia and dense fog add sciencery posted for lancaster counsel xwli until 11 a.m. we're tracking areas of patchy fog as we go throughout the overnight hours especially areas mornl and west of that 95 corridor. here's satellite 6 and action radar. partly cloudy. if you high, thin clouds across the region and looks like we stay dry for the rest of tonight and for that patter start of workweek on monday. here the setup tomorrow. early areas of fog. chilly afternoon. chilly morning i should say. mild by the afternoon. high of 56 high pressure in control for the first half of the day. and ridge of high pressure starts to lose grip and we're tracking this upper level low coming out of the midwest. it will transfer some of the energy to coastal storm on off
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the coast of carolinas and looks like all moisture bypasses us to the south and east. and so the setup tomorrow, 6:00 in the morning the typical pattern chilly in the morning and 35 in philadelphia and 9 lancaster and 38 in poconos and nice recovery by the afternoon. 3:30 up to 53. you notice more in the way of cloud cover down across south jersey as we track that disturbance that stays out along the atlantic and smooming as way from the region as we go throughout the day on tuesday. clouds breaking for some lat late-day areas of sun by then and 1:00 tuesday will be a cooler afternoon with highs only in the upper 40s. once again something to keep in mind for the morning rush. give yourself extra time. especially for northwest suburbs as we are tracking areas of patchy fog and temperatures will be below freezing. definitely bundle up as you head out tomorrow morning. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast showing you it's mild by the afternoon. up to 56. on tuesday mostly cloudy in the morning as that disturbance moves off northeast and east
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and late day breaks of sun at 48. we're back up to 50s wednesday in at 54 and still above average thursday 57 and friday 61 degrees. stray shower is likely north of city. otherwise we're staying dry no arctic air in sight. 61 next saturday and 65 year records as we get into sunday. definitely not feel like december around here you guys. >> thanks, melissa. you can see the forecast and live look at stromtracker double scan any time of day on our web site head toe >> across the world tonight people are celebrating the first night of happen ka. the action cam invited to the lighting ceremony in delaware county where the first candle was lit righting there in front of the courthouse in media. there's a total of 8 candles representing the number of days a one day supply of oil lasted helping the israellites.
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>> these guys had to believe in chip callly and themselves toll pull off a improbable win. the patriots banged up do not lose at home. they won 51 of the last 55 games. they would be down 1 4-0. nobody thinking they would come back and score 35 unanswered points. chris blocked the punt before the half. naja good tied game 14. bill belichick says that was not supposed to happen. neeminger is thment 3rd quarter tom brady picked off at the goal line and jenkin was not going to stop. 99 yards for touch down gave eagles 1-14 lead there he goes and kelly gave sproles a chance and he took a punts back 83 yards. and 35 unanswerhood never happened in brady belichick era. and late in the fourth brady of course would rally patriots and
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as he always does they make it a one touchdown game eagles bench saying oh, no and then, and then kenyan barner fumbling the football with a minute to playch that opened the door for brady to do what he does best. 4th and 10e brady could not connect today. eagles somehow, some way defeat the patriots 35-28 saving season an sanity and perhaps adding to it nor. and because jeff skversky how can you explain this team that's been so bad beat a team that's been so good. >> jamie it is absolutely hard to believe the eagles had lost three right to last place games they could to new england where patriot never lose at home. they're facing greatest quarterback on planet and they full out.
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>> did you believe in this team. chip kelly says he does believe them. he gave them a pep talk and confidence goes a long way. >> i've always been proud of them and i told them that. sometimes they don't see in them what i see in them i know we have a good football team i think she showed it itd everybody has been down with us but we didn't lose faith as a team. >> we believe in what we're doing and guys we have in the pudding and it was a matter of playing way we work. >> coming in here and getting contributions from all three phases tonight this is definition ever a team win. >> we knew we had to have it it this week and i'm happy we got. it this is one of the games when he to v especially the last couple weeks we had. man i'm happy we didn't get buried.
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and tom brady is a quarterback that could have buried this team for good and eagles who allowed ten touchdown passes, ten touchdown passes the last two games they pick him off twice in the red zone. right hereby this end zone. and eagles they have life. they're still alive in the playoff hunt. >> we're live in foxboro, jeff skversky, "channel 6 action news," jamie. >> crazy thing this win means more. because yes they are very much alive. what you say? because giants lost to jets today and so red skips, redskins are atop the stand wingz eagles and eagles and giants a half game back. skins play the cowboys. if washington lost tomorrow there would be a three way tie for 1st and 7 win team will very likely win nfc east and go to playoffs which just shouldn'ting ayou loved. >> are you ready to go bowling. holy toledo they're headed to
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poke arat ton to take on the rockets. the 10-3 owls sgaermed to find out they will place tall load owe in the boca raton bowl. it's not 234u year's six. they're going to the peach bowl a fwhol nice warm weather somebody to be proud of and something they're excited abou about. >> we're going to go down and have fun and hope everyone joins us and comes to boca raton before christmas and finish the right way. this is tremendous group of seniors what tlaevr zone historic from beating penn state to ones we've done and we want to send them off in the white. >> your hometown. >> who are you routing for. >> okay. >> temple. >> definitely temple. >> good answer. >> we'll be right back. >> good answer. >> we'll be right back. >> get me ought of
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from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m., enjoy any medium latte sfxt charles seminary was filled with beautiful music today and the action cam on the scene here stopping by the 28 annual christmas concert and on house. dozens of that activity scenes were set up all around the seminary and also artifacts from the papal visit are on display. >> story of jesus's birth dime
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live in delaware county newman under arrest aston hosted live that activity celebration and students and faculty perform add long with local children's choir and a crowd gaermed to watch this annual tradition. >> "action news" sports sunday is next here on channel 6. "action news" continues at 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edwards, matt o'donnell and karen rogers. >> now for melissa magee. jeff skversky. jamie apody, walter perez, and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great night. great night. >> good night.
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>> i believe in them. >> it's blocked and ran all the way in. >> they're a really good football team. >> intercepted, malcolm jenkins is going 99 yards. >> we played together as i group. >> there goes sproles. mighty mouse. and on his way to the end zone. >> i think tonight you know hopefully gives us even more of that belief. >> one, fires, complete, touchdown jordan matthews. >> guys did a great job of detailing their part of the game plan. really taking ownership in what was going on. >> we always have the mind-set. we won. what's the next thing. >> it's easy to wonder if you lost to the likes of tampa bay.
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the apps is resounding and emphatic no. >> if you're still in the hunt at this point of the season then you know you have a >> hello again. who saw that coming? >> thanks for joining us alongside james jam aim ducis rogers. eagles stun patriots in box row row to improve to 5-7 on the year and at times it looked easy and at the end it was not. >> not birds had to hold off a late 1st quarter rally from new england to win this game and key play occurred in the 4th quarter when tom brady and patriots were whop would have thuvrping. it two interceptions thrown in the game. brady had never thrown interception against eagles before.
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tonight. >> full highlights any moment. first we bring in jeff skversky who was at the game. he joins us live from foxboro with postgame reaction, jeff. guys just as you're about to give up on this team the philadelphia eagles club they shock everyone and they get down 14-0 to patriots on road in this stadium where they never loss. you're thinking utd oh, here we go again. eagles come back into the fame and score 35 up answered points largely in part to defense. who believed in this team. chip i k kelly that's who. last night in a team meeting he told them i believe in you guys aim confident and he showed them a highlight role and a little confidence and reassurance goes the wrong long way. >> i think sometimes they don't see in them what i see in them. i know we have a good foot pal
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team. they showed that today. >> we believe in what we're doing and guys we have in the building an it was a matter of playing the way we want everyone to play. >> obviously the last three weeks were tough it on us all and you know i'm not sure anyone else outside the locker room gave is a chance to come in and win tonight. >> it was ugly. in the end it felt good to get it done. >> hey, it's all about the pregame pep talk on chop of chip kelly pregame speech last night jeffrey lurie went around the team owner to tell them to play angry. even a soft spoken quarterback in sam frad ford had emotional speech in the looker room because he out it was time to get it done. and maybe time is not running out on this philadelphia eagles team after all. this time tomorrow night guys they could be in first place crazy right? we're live any fox borough.
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>> and now to the highlights. jamie this was a game that saw it all. >> yeah interception for touchdown and blocked punt and return for touchdown and recovered on side kick too. eagles defense. getting early pressure on tom brady. conner barwinn and vinny you curry come one a sack. chip kelly made an interesting decision to start darren sproles over demarco murry and murray came up empty early when he got late touches. past driving. brady would lose to pressure. watch it here. and hookup with scott chandler. that's a 30 yard pickup. it would be scoreless still after one. >> first play of the 2nd quarter brady and pats looking at second and goal and brady hits james weight on the flat and 80 yard drive, 7-0 new
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england. >> the patriots tut together that jamie amendola cover ramming. 14-0 pats league they're on the bird. bradford is live diving somebody's yoodz. a game changer there and block through to -- before you ran it in for touchdown. someone stole bill a bill bale check's right. that's early in the third quart erin make sures is fast. picked off my ball come exchange epz and look out. he is zone. 99 yards interception return for touch down. eagles yes eagles take lead 2 21-14. defense would force a punt on the next series and your surprise starter darren spolz
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would receive that up a sideline and gone. >> 3 yards of fuch point whoa are the patriots. they go up 24-14. how is that possible and how touch was the day for brady. this does not look like best carter back in nfl and another interception by byron maxwell hum way in total control through three. >> looking to step on the gas. bradford rolls out to gourd an moonl us 11 yards. second straight game with touchdown. 34-14 birds. dpans young fellow. >> after new england onsite touchdown makes you feel like 35-1. >>. >> and there's your ten minute left the boss. with the fall they were running it out. they was trying smart for extra
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sirlz. he kawingd her up. patriots to cover. new england has sports wide. this is no keyshawn jan son. >> and that will do it that's the ball game. it's a little securey eagles win 35-28 talk about upset this is game of the year for the birds. >> for more on this improbable way lets go to fox po row. south alan toneo. >> so how did this miracle nal foxboro if you told after the philadelphia eagles it all started monday at the chip kelly. a team needed with coaches and staff in the room and he basically told the team i still believe in everybody in this locker room and he said i'm not going back to college. we fwot stick together. and if we do that, we can get this right. kelsey told me after the game that that cleared the area and allowed this thyme team for it
11:59 pm
forward together. >> this is the end zone it all turned around, malcolm jenkins 99 yard interception pick 6 against tom brady longest of his career and then the block punt also here for a touchdown. this was luxy end zone for the eagles. and this was not -- was a very important written for the fran cheese. after the game i had aware 101 presidential view with chip kelly on the field and he said it's hard to be a hall of fame quarterback and maybe our team can poach on this and then i had a really rare interview off camera with jeffery lurie and he told me chip kelly's job was never in danger and you make a decision. and you awls look up. ups and downs emotionally. you have to keep emotion tionz straight. in the nfl you have to play with anger and our team played with anger against the patriot
12:00 am
patriots. jamie, ambiguity is, back to you. >> more eagles coverage ahead and focusing on defend. plus bes spite yesterday's law temple is going bowling we'll hear from the all on pace book through toledo. >> "action news" sports sunday sponsored by audi and challenge we're all givens.


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