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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  December 17, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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"action news" continues with sara bloomquist, and meteorologist david murphy. hello again, here is what we are following for you at 12:30, a man is stabbed in the chest in southeast philadelphia and police are now searching for the suspect. a wilmington church is damaged by not one but two fires in the matter of weeks and keep the umbrella handy we are dealing with cold and rain. and the moment people are waiting for the force awakens
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opens at midnight. annie mccormick caught up with fans lined up all morning long. >> here at the regal cinemas in king of prussia, die hard fans are here since 4:00 a.m. for a marathon until tonight's premier. these fans might not be awake when it rolls around. >> i will be here for a few hours already so it will be 20 hours for me. >> i'm watching a star wars marathon, 14 hours in the theater. these are sold out, on the screen from 4:00 a.m. until 9:30 tonight, they will see all seven star wars movies, chronologically. and they prove even darth vader needs a break. i have been here since last night and we are here for the star wars marathon and we'll
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watch all seven of the movies and we are on movie three right now, many theaters are sold out and regal cinemas are devoting seven theaters to the force awake ands and are willing to add more. some are showing the movie on i max, check the type of ticket you have before you head out and if you want to dress the part of your favorite character check the movie theater policy first. >> if you have tickets but do not have assigned seating expect to wait in line up to two hours, if you don't have tickets you can try, but most are sold out until 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. reporting in king of prussia, annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." from you going to see star wars remember to join the action, use the force or your cell phone to send us pictures of the lines and costumes and
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fun at the movie theater, use #6abcaction or email us at to other news, a wilmington congregation is picking up the pieces after a second fire at their church in weeks. on pine street last night, firefighters were met with heavy flames that ripped through the church. the last fire was in the basement and they were already working to get it fixed. the pastor could not believe the church was burning again. >> they called me and said the church is on fire and i said you are joking this was last week we had a fire. no, we have a fire now. >> the church was built in the 1960s and members say there is no dourt they will be build. a woman charged with
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attacking a gay couple in a violent attack is back in court today. they adjourned without deciding on the charges, she insisted she never shouted slurs or threw a punch during an attack. two men are serving probation after pleading guilty. the mild temperatures continue and we are dealing with rain today opinion sky 6 hd looking live at philadelphia international airport and david murphy is here now with more on how long the rain will last. >> armed with the umbrella we have steady rainfall in philadelphia, look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are getting a great live image of that steady rain that double scan technology demonstrates for you in shades of yellow, this is not the same order of rain that we get from a spring thunderstorm but it's steady and we see a lot of ponding and puddling on the roadways. and that is extending from trenton to philadelphia and
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wilmington and in through much of delaware, southern delaware producing another band heading our way and atlantic city to surf city and up toward reading pennsylvania and berks county you also have that heavy rain falling. as we look at the satellite and radar view, after rush hour still plowing through and the heaviest stuff highlighted in yellow south of washington, it appears to be angling toward south jersey and the heaviest rain and the most highest rainfall amounts i should say are from philadelphia to the shore northern and western suburbs, but it will take a while for this to get through. 54 degrees in philadelphia right now, the flow is coming in off the ocean and ahead of that approaching low pressure center and frontal boundary, 57 is the high today at 2:00, the high coming in at 4:00 at 59 degrees, between 2:00 and 4:00 there is not much break in the rain, we
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think the rain is over or getting much lighter, 54 degrees there and 52 by 8:00 and 50 by 10:00. there is not much going on in the way of rain. if you have plans to go out, plan for extra time on the roadways, take it slow there are puddles in the roadways and drains that are a bit backed up. sara, rick? >> thank you. philadelphia police are searching for the man that stabbed a man in the chest, it happened after midnight on theodore street in southeast philadelphia, the victim is in the hospital. the mote he is unknown. we could learn more today about the brutal murder of an elderly man in the overbrook section of philadelphia, the 82-year-old was founded inside of his home on woodbine avenue yesterday, police say he had stab wounds to his face and back of his head, and detectives are
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questioning the man's 29-year-old son who also lived in the house. police are on the lookout for a female suspect that robbed the same gas station twice, this is surveillance photo of the woman, she an and unidentified man entered the shell trash inn and robbed the clerk at gun point and then the following night once again brandished as a gun and demands money, anybody that recognizes this woman is asked to call delaware state police. in chester county, route 113 is closed after a nasty head-on crash here near web road in downingtown, chopper 6 hd was over the scene and one person was taken to the hospital and it's unclear how baddy they were hurt. turning to politics now, most pundits did not declare donald trump the winner of this week's gop debate but that does not stop him from taking a
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victory lap and ted cruz is taking tough questions on immigration reform. >> reporter: good afternoon donald trump is taking a break from the trail today but not before some high-profile opportunities to claim another big win. on jimmy kimmel live, donald trump suggests he may soften his approach. >> you decided to be nice. >> i would like to see the republican party come together and i have been a little bit divisive in that i hit people pretty hard. >> a little bit -- >> he defended his call to ban muslims from the u.s. >> isn't wrong if america to discriminate against people because of their religion. >> look jimmy, we have people coming into our country that are looking to do tremendous harm. >> meanwhile an uncomfortable moment for the republican
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looking to gain ground in the polls, ted cruz confronted on fox news about a flip-flop on a bipartisanism immigration bill. >> wanted my amendment to pass, it took citizenship off the table. >> and democrats are getting ready to take the stage this week. >> they act like they can just wave a magic wand and say carpet bomb the desert. and that somehow is going to defeat isis. that democratic debate is in new hampshire hosted by abc news and hillary clinton will take a break to hold her first fundraiser with her daughter, chelsea. pennsylvania governor, tom wolf's administration is working today to convince enough house
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republicans to back a $1 billion tax increase and stop the stalemate. a 12:30 deadline was set for the governor to show he could get enough votes to put it forward through the chamber and house republicans says it would be hard to get 20 or 30 of them to support the increase. coming up barbara walters is set to reveal the most fascinating people of 2015 and we have a preview. one louisiana family is under fire because of this controversial holiday photo. and a piece of history from 9/11 will be on display for all to see. those stories and more when "action news" comes right back. i have asthma...
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officer william porter is one of six charged in gray's death, gray's neck was broken in a police van back in april. rahm emanuel is talking with federal investigators as part of a civil rights investigation into one of the the u.s.'s biggest police departments. they announced the investigation amidst a video showing the shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald, he was shot 16 times by a white police officer charged with first degree murder. also, happening today the united nation's council is voting on a resolution to cut off funds to the islamic state. the revenue that isis gets from selling oil, antiquities and finance payments and it elevates it to the same level as al qaeda. one of the last train cars
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to leave the world train center before the attacks will be on display. the trans hudson train car was the last car in the station before the twin towers fell, it was only one that was lightly damaged and is put on display at the kingston museum in kingston, new york. they call it a great gift. >> it's the kind of gift that is a game changer for the museum and puts us on the map and people that live in the area, the hudson valley, now they have a place to come and reflect on the september 11th events. >> it has been at at jfk airport for several years. one louisiana family apparently went too far, a photographer posted their photo on facebook to showcase their work but is getting the wrong kind of attention.
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>> reporter: a family's holiday photo causing controversy on the web, comments pouring in from around the globe one poster writing the fact that you and your friend find this funny shows what a sick bunch you really are. they are calling it sick. >> i have received messages all the way from jeremy. >> they are posting between rows of christmas trees and the mother and young daughters with their taped shut and their hands bound by green tape. and the picture is going viral people are outraged saying it's sexist that women should not speak. the family photographer says it was always meant as a joke. >> originally my idea, i found the photo like it on pinterest and sided that hey lets do it. the johnson family standing by
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the photo. >> take it for what it is, it's a family photo, we love it if you don't scroll up and you won't see it anymore. still ahead on "action news," another check of the forecast out there. stepping live outside sky 6 hd showing you cape may, new jersey, a little wet drops there on the camera, meteorologist david murphy, has the latest from accuweather. on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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david murphy here with a look at your forecast as the rape rain comes down. >> a blob in the middle there, getting hid is the northern suburbs, willow grove and jenkintown along 611 really wet at this point, with the yellows and orange creeping in, if you are out and about driving in this area, and over toward
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feasterville you definitely want to slow it down we are looking at a lot of areas with ponding and puddling this is route 1 and langhorne is another spot getting the rain and there of course is the blue route continuing to push out the 476 way. this is the wider view, speckled precipitation through south jersey and wilmington is clearing out a little bit at least the most intense rain getting through you have more of the steady rain from glassboro to millville and toward philadelphia we are also wet and staying that way for the majority of the afternoon, as we head outside, we have sky 6 hd trying to look at the airport but the visibility not great with the rain falling and the cloud cover on the low side, 54 currently in the city and the winds are light and not a wind driven rain and not a great one out there right now.
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between now until 2:00 we are looking at the continuation of the same sort of pattern, by 4:00 we are still looking at decent rain and getting close to the back edge of this system and 5:00 or 6:00, we are drying out and 7:00 a little drizzle or spotty shower, we are looking at a decent amount of rain, a quarter inch so far in philadelphia but another .78 inches to come yet, and trenton almost an inch and an additional inch for millville and maybe nor than that in atlantic city. 54 degrees in allentown un55 is your high in reading and 55 is the high in trenton and south jersey and delaware a lot of spots getting into the low 60s, 58 in philadelphia, by 3:00 we think we'll get our high around 4:00, the 59 degree reading and as the rain dies down the temperatures ease a bit, we are
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not going all that low, a low of 47 degrees, and overnight tonight into tomorrow, there will be clouds around and it looks like we'll start to punch holes in the clouds and wind up with sun returning in the afternoon tomorrow, the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 59 is the day's high and rainy and the majority of rain shutting off by dinner time and breezy and cooler and more sun as the day goes on and a high of 51 and then on saturday, we bottom out with a high of 42 and the morning low as you get out early on saturday, down around the freezing mark and windchills in the 20s and 30s, and even though we have sun it feels like a winter afternoon, sunny and chilly on sunday maybe a few more clouds digging in as the day goes on and still cool, and monday winter arrives in the evening and we wind up back in the 50s and 60s by tuesday and wednesday and that sets a new report and another couple of records like we just had.
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>> i like that david. >> thank you. you can find the seven-day forecast and get a live look at stormtracker 6 live double scan any time of day on our website just head to it is one of the most anticipated specials of the year and happening tonight here on 6 abc, we are talking about barbara walters ten most fascinating people of 2015 and alicia vitarelli is at the big board with a review. >> lets face it, 2015 did bring some fascinating people to the forefront, we can tell you that actress and comedian amy schumer made the list and bradley cooper among the big names to make the big cut. barbara jokes that what makes this list so good is the drama, not just the silver screen kind, two presidential candidates made the list for making headlines, democratic candidate, bernie sanders and gop frontrunner,
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donald trump, barbara does not hold back asking him about critics calling him a bigot and tracy morgan talking about his brush with death following a crash on the new jersey turnpike last summer that killed his friend. >> was there a points you thought you might die? >> yes. yes i don't know where i'll be in five years you don't know. people say to me. brain damage? i don't know what that means. >> ballerina misty cope land on the list and fighter rhonda rousy and designer, donna caron. and wait until tonight to see the rest, the 90 minute special airs at 9:30 p.m. here on 6 abc, rick you know we don't get advanced info here, i will take
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a guess and go with caitlyn jenner on this one. >> i would agree with you on that too or maybe saint west. you know who i'm talking about. >> adele. >> you never know. rick williams. >> sara says no. on our people scene this noon, former saved by the bell dustin diamond will begin serving his four month jail sentence last month, he was convicted in june for carrying a concealed weapon after a bar fight in wisconsin last christmas, he testified he was trying to protect his girlfriend and he'll serve his sentence with work release starting january 13th.
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meteorologist, david murphy is back with a final check of the forecast for your thursday. >> lets show you radar, heavy
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yellow stuff pushing past philadelphia for the next hour, hour and a half and we'll get out from under this tonight and 59 is tonight's high. coming up on "action news" at 4:00, soldiered were in the right place at the right time and how they stopped a local armed robber in his tracks, and the top theme parks, disney is adding metal detectors and that is not all. don't forget to join us later today for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for rick williams and david murphy i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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♪ get ready, get set, it's finally here. it's "the chew's" holiday spectacular with the world famous rockettes and the one and only santa claus. brace yourselves, because i'm mixing up one of the greatest cocktails of all time. then, she can dance, but can she sing? >> it's christmas, i'm caroling, i have cookies. wait for me! >> carla's going caroling, then making an incredible cookie that'll have you singing with delight. plus, we're finally revealing our secret santa gifts, and we've got a message from our own daphne oz. the holiday fun starts right now on "the chew." ♪


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