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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  December 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the big story on "action news" is a fiery crash that left three people dead. >> it happened early this morning in the city holmesburg section and a car slammed into a tractor-trailer and burst into flames. this say live look at the scene of the crash. of of >> they say it's not unusual to speed down this stretch of torresdale avenue. >> nobody drivers the speed limit they're driving 50, 40 miles an hour down this road and it's just been a hazard for years and they never do
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anything about it. >> paul with the upper holmesburg civic association says he's working with city council hoping to ban tractor-trailers for parking here. >> it's constant. the people are constantly hitting parked cars here. it's dark along here. and they just can't see it. >> reporting in northeast philadelphia, trish hartman. channel 6 "action news". >> one person is incustody tonight accused of robbing a 9 91-year-old woman inside her west philadelphia home overnight. and police found him by tracking her stolen phone but where they found him was a bit of a surprise. and "action news" reporter christie ileto in west philadelphia with the story for us, christie. >> well, sarah, 91-year-old gertrude montgomery is rattled understandably so she heard a knock at the door early this morning and deposit recognize the two individuals standing on the other side and went to sit back down and that's when it got violent. >> and all of us, this guy with a gun. he kicked the door in. i mean, it was so loud. and it shocked me. >> clutching her cellphone that was just recovered gertrude montgomery relived the terrifying moments. >> 19th district two males armed with a shotgun. >> he said he took my stuff. so i don't know what this the
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meant. >> police state 91-year-old was home alone. montgomery tells "action news" she doesn't think her address was the intended target. >> i think they came to the wrong home. i really dovrment i think -- and i think he might have been a surprised as i was. >> the brazen bandits made off with electronics like her cellphone and laptop. police were able to track her stolen goods a short time later at a nearby hospital. >> when they got ready to leav leave, they pulled it out and the gun went off and he shot himself in the foot. and that's how they -- i was able to get my stuff back because he was in the hospital getting his treatment. >> and now, police confirm to "action news" one of the suspects is in custodynow, montgomery says she's lucky she was hot harmed and anyone with
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information on that second suspect is asked to contact police. reporting live in west philadelphia, christie ileto. "channel 6 action news." walter. >> thank you, christie. two philadelphia police officers are recovering tonight after being involved in a car crash this afternoon. it was right around 2:30 when the patrol car collided with suv at intersection of kingsessing avenue and south 53 in kingsessing section and officers were rushed to pen presbyterian medical septemberer and expected to be fine and no word who was at fault. >> it was early christmas today for families in camden thanks to this city's men and women in blue. members of the camden county police department were joined by none other than st. nick to go door to door delivering donated toys. there were lots of smiles as youngsters opened gifts. this is the second year in a row for this event . >> moving on to the accuweather forecast, it was not as windy as yesterday. but it sure was chilly. with winter officially beginning tomorrow, we are getting ready for another warm-up this week. meteorologist melissa magee is
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at the big board with her first check of the accuweather forecast. hey, melissa. >> hi, walter, today is was chilly and winter is on the way. but tomorrow is the first day officially of winter and it's not going to feel like that across the region. currently in philadelphia, coming in at 40. 33 in allentown and lehigh valley and 42 in sea isle city. still a bit of wind chill to factor in and even though certainly not as blustery of a day as yesterday. it feels like 34 in city and 27 allentown that hour. wind chill currently out to the west in lancaster coming in at 35 degrees. and so bundle up. extra layers are needed tonight and if you head to the linc the eagles are at home taking on cardinals prime time match-up 8:30. kickoff temperature 36. we'll hover 4th quarter upper 30s. you notice the south to southwesterly wind an indication of a change coming our way. so temperatures out across the eastern half of the u.s., 56 in wichita. 63 dallas, 54 memphis and piece
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of this mild air will be working its way into our region as early as tomorrow. and for the rest of the workweek. we'll talk about what is ahead. milder week on the way. mostly cloudy, periods of rain on and off. we'll also warm up just in time for christmas. in fact, records are likely for christmas eve. we'll take a closer look at the numbers with the full and exclusive accuweather forecast. let's send it back over to you. >> all right. melissa, thank you. >> parishioners at a church that burned down this week are vowing to move back to the wilmington neighborhoodch the pastor led the services this morning and at a different location. the group gathered at the non profit mencus foundation that allowed the worshipers to use the facilities. atf investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire that destroyed the new jerusalem missionary baptist church on wednesday night. >> much more to come on "action news" a bear attack in new jersey ends with four people injured and three of them are children. we have the latest. and santa makes a special trip to the streets of atlantic city to spread holiday cheer
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for youngsters spending this christmas in the hospital. and just a few hours the eagles take on one of the best teams in the ffl. jamie apody is at the linc with a preview. hey, jamie. hey there, guys, the birds are back in black tonight to see if 11-2, arizona cardinals, now this game may be important, it may not. i'll explain a bit about that coming up a little bit later in sports. all right. jamie, we'll have those story and much more when "action jamie, we'll have those story and much more when "action news" comes right
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>> starting tomorrow, new federal rules are set to go into effect for drones. operators will have to register machines with the government. they cost $5 to register and that information includes who owns one will be available to the public. it is all an attempt to keep close track of how many drones are out there. a bomb scare on board an
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air france flight today force aid pie lot to make emergency landing and turned out to be a moxhoax. the flight was on its way to charles degalle in paris. they were force todz land in kenya there was an apparatus behind the anywhere or in the bathroom and not an explosive def ees. this was fourth bomb hoax against the airline in recent weeks. >> a boy scout lead erin three kouts were attacked by a bear in new jersey today. and this happened in rock away township, nnl until. the scouts were in a place called split rock reservoir when it happened. the scout leader was flown to a local hospital for treatment and his injuries are not considered life-threatening and children were not harmed. state officials say bears are common in that area and never have gone after people. an investigation is underway to try to figure out what may have prompt the bear to attack. former president jimmy carter broke news to church in georgia today his grandson pass away unexpectedly. according to the church min ter
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28-year-old jeremy carter died this morning. carter told the congregation his grabbed son was not feeling well and laid down to take a nap saturday and never woke up. he taught sunday school today and his wife decided to stay home. back in august, president cart area announced he had cancer in his brain but after treatment scans showed no signs of the cancer. a local teenager undergoing treatment for cancer got one big christmas surprise today. kisses for kyle and live for eric foundations teamed one philadelphia police department and santa claus and few elves to make a special delivery. the group brought gifts and holiday cheer to 14-year-old sal wise and family this afternoon. and a few soldiers were among the dozens of people that pulled up to the family's fronts door. one of sal's dreams is to join the carpaly when he grows up. >> and santa is a busy man today since there's no snow he ditched sleigh and used white pickup truck to travel streets of atlantic city.
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saint nick made it to cape may regional medical center with phelpsa sea isle city volunteer ambulance corps. he was ready to check in on the hospital's youngest patients and once inside all the boys and girls gather around the christmas tree to get their grivrts santa himself. >> very nice. sports next on "action news". >> that's right the birds are getting ready to take on the cardinals later tonight at the linc. jeff jeff has a preview when oov comes back. jeff jeff has a preview when oov comes back. kalesk jeff jeff has preview what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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so simple. get the recipes at >> the magee rehabilitation hospital was transformed tie winter wondrerland today. the adam tallfair owe hosted a party for patient and family and guests got make ornaments and eat as many sweets as they wanted and of course have a visit with santa and mrs. clause. >> all right. jeff skversky has a check on sports. if there's one reason for the
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eagles to win the redskins cannot win the east. i cannot live with that you. >> may not be able to but that may be the reality. >> i know. >> winds tonight will make things easier on your philadelphia eagles and are the eagle getting hot at just at right time. they beat tom brady and the patriots and lesean mccoy aunt bills they face the top offens offense. 11-2 arizona a prime time show down with time running out. let's go live toy jamie apody at the linc. eagles have not won three snraiingt dmes four years. to do that tonight their d will have to play light out jamie under lights. >> yes this say team and arizona cardinals the only team in nfl ranked top four in defense and offense. here's the thing. the eagles are in a unique situation here because they kind of don't have to win this game. they still need to beat the redskins next week to have a shot as clenching this division however if for some reason they lose to redskins a win against cardinals would help because then all sovrlts other things
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will have to happen. take a look behind me the eeingings are back in black tonight. those black intimidating uniforms. the blackened zones. they're hoping that that will help bring them a win. eagles would like to beat the cardinals tonight to help themp with their shot at clenching this division. >> i've been in this division for four years, fifth years you know it's come down to this game nature december especially last game. you give yourselves to win an a chance to make playoffs and that's special. >> this team is beatable but at the same time we let carson gets comfortable it's bomb as way the whole game. >> i'm looking forward to the challenge this week they have good receivers and i really think that our front 7 will be able to stop the run and try to make one dimensions. >> nobody has ever killed the eagles like larry fitzgerald. 11 touchdowns in 7 career games against them and he averages 1
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114 yard per game. he's not having the greatest sthn year. now 2013 eagles beat cardinals here 24-2 1. carson palmer would like nothing more than to get some revenge. >> this is good football team we're plague and we get to play them sunday night and last time we went there we lost a heartbreaker. and we had a bad taste in our mouth from it and the chances to redeem ourselves. >> so, let's be honest here. even if it doesn't mean anything because eagles have to beat the redskins next week a win against 11-2 cardinals like a win against patriots would do worlds of difference for this team's confidence not to mention three snraiingt december boy would that be great as they make a playoff push. liver at the linc jamie apody, jeff. >> two hours away from kickoff. eagles need a win to stay tied for first place. as we talked about regardless of what happens win, lose, draw against the cardinals ft.
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eagles lost next saturday to the redskins, eagles loseto the division. redskins hosting lesean mccoy and bills tough two weeks for mccoy after losing to eagles last week gets hurd in the third and mccoy leaves with a right knee injury does not appear serious late in the third they let rain awaw desean jackson, 153 yards receiving today including 77 right here. washington wins 35-25. the redskins are here next saturday in a must-win game they're 7-7. another giant game between new york and undefeated carolina it's superman no green lantern newton to ted junior in the third and new york makes a giant come back with under 2 to play. eli manning to odell beckham. wow. we're takeed up at 35 thanks to 28 unanswered points. carolina comes right back, though, drives down the field
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and final 90 seconds gram gno with no time left the winner carolina 3-35 they're 14-0. new york 6-8. >> luck, we all get it. if you lose, you get a better draft pick. at this pace the sixers on the sportsfever television network track to be worst team in nba history. it's getting ugly. perhaps one day they'll be kipingz of nba for now they're taking on the kings. lebron james and cleveland into the first. tony wroton what a finish. sexers up and lebron james with the slam down as many as 35. sixers lose 108ive 86 first team in nba hist troy lose 28 of first 29 games. >> that face i don't get it one win that's unbelievable. >> you don't get t. they're ba bad, they're terrible. >> now i get it. >> up next the warm weather is making return for christmas week.
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>> meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather >> meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day coming up. pass this is the best block of all. it's like candy cane lane. i know. oohhh. oh, holiday ferris wheel. i kind of love it. look at those reindeer. jeffrey, you're awfully quiet back there. i was just thinking... maybe it's time we finish this test drive
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>> homeless children and flows families in need took part nay big christmas celebration toda today. the action cam was in university city for this party thrown by the martin luther king, jr. association for non violence. members told stories of hope and talked to children and the true meaning behind the spirit of christmas. >> okay time for a final check of the accuweather forecast. >> and guys it was pretty chilly today. although a nice rebound as we get into the rest of the week. christmas week.
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and temperatures are mild. 50s. 60s. on the way watch out. here's stormtracker 6 double scan radar and you can see no issues with precipitation. and good news today it's certainly was not as windy. it was not blustery day like it was jedd yesterday across the region. we'll show you the picture outside. you still need to bundle up this was action cam there at 7 and walnut in washington square and we had a partially cloudy sky plenty of sunshine and temperatures where they should be for the month of december. high today in philadelphia, 43 degrees. 43 is average for us this time of year. the record 64. setback in 18957 and we will more than likely climb up into the 50s tomorrow. 60s and 70s not out of the question this week. currently it's 40 in philadelphia and 33 allentown and lehigh valley and 35 for both reading and lancaster and that hour we're tap into a southwesterly wind which will change the wind direction around. but we're still dealing with wind chill this hour of 36. wind sustained anywhere from 3
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miles an hour in trenton and nine philadelphia and whereas yesterday that time we had winds gusting in 20 mile an hour range and peaks yesterday were in the 36 mile an hour range. things will be calmer in comparison so yesterday. here's satellite 6 and action radar partly cloudy sky and tracking moisture coming out of the great lakes and portions of ohio valley. so ahead of that we tap into the southwesterly wind which will get numbers above average come tomorrow. but it will be fairly cloudy day as well. the call from accuweather partly cloudy, chilly, 27 suburbs for overnight low and drop down to 35 and come monday, winter officially begins. it certainly will not feel like that. this is when the sun's direct raise are over the tropic of capper corn and winter solstice 48 tomorrow night. here's the setup on monday. high temperature 54. well above the average of 4 3 this time of year and mostly cloudy and staying mild. we're tracking front to the
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west that will work its way east ward late in the day. late night showers are likely and this trend continues as we go throughout the first half of the day on tuesday. but the big store story by then even though dealing with a passing shower early in the day it stays mild with southwesterly whipped. high temperature coming in at 62. and really no cool air coming for the rest of christmas week. here's exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day forecast. warm for winter. high temperature coming in at 56. showers likely late monday night into tuesday. those showers stick around. staying mild at 62 and if you're traveling the day before christmas eve looks to be wet for the travel day high of 66 and thursday, for christmas eve record are likely. we're calling for high of 74 degrees by thench the all time record for the month of december for our region is 73. we could more than likely surpass that by then. christmas day, nice, sunshine, high of 61.
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good 15 to 20 above average and rain possible on saturday. 61 and on sunday mostly cloudy and in at 59. it's cloudy week and areas of rain and guys we're well above average this time of year you can believe that? >> a pair of shorts. >> in a hawaiian shirt. >> you can find the 7 day forecast and live look at stormtracker 6 double scan radar any time of date on our web site. go to >> "abc worls news" sunday is next on channel 6. and don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight then we're right back here again on 6abc at 11:00. >> now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, sarah bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, see you back the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez, see you back here at 11:00
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welcome to "world news tonight." the race for president heating up with a striking accusation from hillary clinton. onstage at the debate, saying isis is using donald trump's own words in recruitment videos. trump calling clinton a liar, as both parties start the real fight for the nomination. bomb scare. the passenger plane bound for paris, making an emergency landing. the suspicious device investigators found onboard. bear attack. the boy scouts and their ferocious encounter in the woods. their troop leader attacked by the wild animal. how they put their survival skills to the test. lotto fix. the industry insider, convicted in a high-tech scheme to rig the game. the investigation now reaching more than 30 states. is your state on the list? and, gift card confidential. they're one of the most popular holiday pres


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