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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  December 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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around the world and new year's day means the mummers in philadelphia a parade preview around the world and new year's day means the mummers in >> 2015 going out with a bang weather fireworks with your family or painting the town red you should not be forgotten.
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after a late night of celebrating you can wake up tomorrow for a philadelphia tradition known around the world. and thursday night skechb off and monica malpass and the big story tonight is in the 11th hour of 2015. we hope this has been a goodyear for you and yours and we look forward to a promise of you and yours. we begin with "action news" reporter dann cuellar pepz landsing with less than an hour to go until the big fireworks. hi, dann. >> hi, monica and festive atmosphere indeed at penns landing as you can see here behind me as they like to say it's twice the fun with twice the fireworks as the annual sugarhouse new year's ever celebration puts on two shows one coming up at midnight and one earlier at 6. there were thousands and thousands of people out here for that. let's take you there. >>♪
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"star wars"♪ yes, the sights and sounds of new year's eve on the water front at penns landing and this year they were highlighting music of "star wars" in honor of movie that just came out. >> it was amazing. >> definitely. >> all right. >> yeah. >> where are you from. >> i'm from the caribbean. >> how about the grand finale at the end. >> yeah. >> wasn't it awesome. >> yes. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. >> it was beautiful, nice, happy new year everybody have a blessed peaceful new year in 20 16. >> meanwhile at the hilton penns landing. >>. >> city rhythm orchestra ready for the big new year's ball with 350 guests all dressed to nines and in fact there was a lot going on tonight. >> we had a family event earlier 150 local families here that came with children they
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had a wonderful event. >> and wedding. >> and wedding going on as wel well. >> and there this was a fill house for wedding of tony gully and joe sluv. >> why did you choose new year's eve. >> and fireworks in the city. >> 7 years in the making. >> 17 long years. >> congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> let's go back to penns landing for the grand finale. just amazing there's one more thing. >> i could not have said it better myself. the only thing i say now and you will have a wonderful and prosperous new year and happy new year monica. >> thank you so much dann and meteorologist adam joseph and the all important forecast you have the warmest december in the 1800s actually isn't it.
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>> yes, it is record smashing numbers and numbers continue to run on the mild side here for new year's eve and clouds upstairs and temperatures still 43 in philadelphia and upper 30s in north and west and 41 millville and dover and sea isle city 43. we have wind draping out of north west whipped chills 34 lehigh valley and 34 wilmington and 37 philadelphia and millville and upper 30s at the shore. these numbers could be worse as we typically run into month of january. satellite and radar we show all the precipitation is pushed way to the south and we have cloud cover locked in. but at least no precipitation and those clouds actually hel helping to hold some of the heat in and then in fact, by tomorrow, partly sunny for mummers and wind chills in 30s despite the air temperatures pushing back to lower and mid 40s with sun in the afternoon and monica when i come back we talk about the first arctic air blast to come on here and we have the timing in the 7 day
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forecast. >> all right. sounds good thank you sir. and the mummers are putting finishing touches on the costumes and going over routines before tomorrow's annual strut up broad street. chad pradelli live at the reviewing stand city hall with latest on philadelphia special new year's day tradition, hi, chad. >> hey, monica come morning the grand stands will be packed and mummers marching down broad and market i want to show ut the props down the road way here and part of the festivities and performances tomorrow and early tonight we were on chew street as last minute preparations were underway. >> the costumes are being touched up. >> it's our super bowl. you know what i mean? >> eye ball as justed. >> i remember my father saying that at an early age i remember him saying if you think you're done, then you're going to lose. >> the 2014 fangsy brigade champion shooting stars want their title back the hustle and bustle is in full swing in
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their two street club house. >> fans can expect a spectacular show we're going all out this year and we have all the dark side of disney character and heck of a finale coming along with malifacent at the end. >> they're busy with the glue guns they used more than 300 pounds to creates these elaborate costumes. >> i'm caughted we've been going non stop for the last four months. >> they won the string dive in addition 2014 also and for both clubs the nerves are mounting. >> being nervous is something wrong if you don't have butterflies in your stomach then you have something wrong. >> outside it's calm before the storm and window wells boared up fencing ready to be put in place all part of experience woven into the philadelphia fabric and for these members a second family. >> some people say it's only a hobby. for me it's a lifestyle.
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>> and philadelphia tradition it all starts tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. i'm live in center city chad pradelli, "channel 6 action news." monica. >> look forward to that thank you so much, chad. >> new year's eve festivities shut down king's highway tonight in cam death county and action cam on hand for the 16 annual first night celebration ever the arts and more than 40 perform abcs were scheduled for 18 venues throughout the downtown and culminating on wonderful fire worked display. >> "action news" was invited for a sneak peek of south philly production. in the south 17 street created own new year's ball it twin twinklees and drops down a pole to ring in the new year like the big one. they've been doingp this the past 20 years. >> three, two, one, happy new year. >> little ones don't want to miss out on the fun this is new year's eve bash at the please touch museum with confetti and
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ball drop except the children countdown to twelve noon. >> havt world rung in the new year in style. you see the laughicish fireworks from hong kong and mrepttive others to show you starting first time zone, sydney, australia. ♪ and across the pond london lit up with stunning fireworks display barges and giant fair is while known as london eye. in japan a traditional releasing of balloons in the tokyo night sky at midnight and
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at the vat dman italy before the year was out pope francis presided over the solemn first ves pers of service taken was impossible to forget so many days marked i by violence, death, by unspeakable suffering of so many innocent and encouraged the world to cherish good deeds as triumph over evi evil. >> and new year's eve festivities went off home of the tallest building despite towering inferno just blocks from the celebration and luxury hotel and condominiums was consumed by flames as a million brang in the new year. 14 people were injured mostly minor injuries and no word yet what may have sparked that blaze. >> and now too a live look at new york's time square the biggest gaermerring in the globe now according to nypd
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it's safest. 6,000 officers on hand and ref letters had to go through checkpoints and bag screening 'a million estimated packing people right now to watch the ball drop when the ball strikes midnight and many have been there since sunrise and that favorite waterford ball is poised and ready to go this is video of it raised to the top of the pole just a short time ago. >> and however, in upstate, new york, new year's fireworks with cancelled tonight in rochester after a terror threat. police charge 25-year-old 'moon all lechin with supporting isi isis. he converted to islam and planned to use knives and mishet dwroyz attack a bar and snared in fbi sting using three paid informants after making a trip to walmart to bye flies. >> authorities in munich began
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evacuating trains due to serious threats of attack ther there. a group of 5 to 7 uside bombers were about to carry out attacks. and fireworks display was cancelled because of terror concerns the same as in brussels. six people were detained over suspected holiday plot and the mayor said this was no way to safely screen 100,000 people in the main square. still to come on "action news" we'll hear about the tough old lady in philadelphia who was shot in the face during a robbery today. still dropped off her grossyes before going to get help and a new year new eagles head coach at least for this weekend. jamie apody hears from pat shurmur. >> historically warm december cold air moving in on cue for the new year and chat about the first arctic blast. >> and portfolio check how
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stock mark debts for the year when "action news" continues tonight.
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> >> a woman going home with two bags of grossyes when jumped by an armed robber it happened and the two struggled and woman was shot in the face. remarkably she still walked home and put away her groceries while she waited for help. >> she was shot in the cheek and walked two an a half blocks home. >> i'm taken by that that's amazing it shows you how strong a woman she is. >> the woman is in the hospital tonight. she's given police a vague description of assailant and officers are also check foring possible video surveillance of that suspect. >> and philadelphia police are also investigating a home invasion in center city tonight and it happened on 16 street between spruce and pine and investigators say three men
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forced their way to a home and tighten sued and suspect dropped his gun and two suspects ran off a third taken into custody and fortunately the family was not hurt. >> most major stock markets closed out the year in the red dow jones and s&p having worst year since 2008 but it was not too bad the benchmark s&p ended where it started down seven tenths of 1% and nasdaq 6% gain for 2015. >> waterlogged mid western communities are seeing relief as blood waters begin to recede. mississippi river neared record levels and tributary surged four pete beyond previous records before it fell 20 deat deaths in that region blamed on the floods. more than 10" of rain has fallen off a three day period. across missouri and illinois. >> certainly tough times for them and we're having a nice new year's eave.
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>> yeah it's been quiet after a ten day stretch of clouds and rain and no flood around here and as we go to the new year all is quiet and sunshine returns and temps take a bit. right now double scan live radar it's a good thing when you see nothing on the radar especially around the holidays. so we'll bypass the radar and as it is quiet tonight and we take a review over december. temperatures running close to 14 degrees above normal this month in philadelphia and that is truly impressive and historic record warmth by part warmest december in philadelphia history and 13 days almost half the month our temperatures were in the 60s and 70s for highs and 7 of those days record high temperatures and not a flake anywhere even up in the poconos the entire month. wind chills have come back down. 34 allentown and reading and 37 philadelphia and millville and dover right now feeling like 36. all the showers we had this time last night had pushed way
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off south and east and still doling with healthy amount of cloud cover taken takes time. we've seen a few breaks throughout the day today with the sunshine and more in the way of breaks will arrive for new year's day. future tracker wind chills 9:00 tomorrow morning upper 20s north and west and 32 in philadelphia and 31 millville and into the afternoon 32 in lehigh valley and you will still be down at mummers parade in philadelphia feeling like 38 even in the afternoon despite team turz top off 46 degrees and tomorrow night once again once we lose the sun those wind chills will go back into the 20s. so a feeling of let's say true january weather arriving on the first day and then saturday a crystal clear sky 43 degrees and then we're awaiting this arctic boundary those who have been asking and waiting and wondering where that feeling of winter is it will ariver with this early next week as slams down from the north.
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and highs in the 30s monday and tuesday. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast mart pi sunny new year's day 46 wall to wall sunshine saturday and highs about 43 and 46 and with that fronts monday a lot of clouds could be a flurry or two especially in the lehigh valley and poconos and 39 and just 34 for high coldest so far this season on tuesday it doesn't last long it's 234 and out of here as it goes back to 40s wednesday and thursday and you note the constant in there in the 7 day decent at of sun. >> i like that thank you so much and keep it here on channel 6 with rocking new year's eve with ryan seacrest. they'll be still partying into the early hours of 206
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and all the premium movie channels for a year. so go online or call now for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. >> time for sports, jamie apody here and time to talk about the interim coach who has good words coming out from players. >> he has endorsement. demarco murray said he would like to see the eagles new coach have "connection with the players mental lane he emotionally as well" that is what many say chip kelly was lacking and he endorsed pat shurmur era begins and may end on sunday. he awnzen veryable task of guesting the boys up for a game that doesn't mean anything. after a week filled with distractions. shurmur said today don't expect any changes. >> we started something in motion here. players are used to doing
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things a certain way and very many, many of the things that we're doing it's right and so we're going to try keep it as business as usual as it can be and very odd week and go out and put our best effort forward to beat the giants. >> i'm so used to watching the orange jail and new year's eve mark the final four. clemson and oklahoma in the fist of national semi-finals vlts first ranked and undefeated up next and shawn watson hit republicanthrow for the touchdown. they will play for the national championship in 11 days in alabama barring miracle. crimson tide rolling over michigan state 38-0 in the 4th quarter in cotton bowl. jay wright squad will be celebrating tonight villanova hosting undefeetd xavier. ryan dearchno and caps upset
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the muss ka tears in the opener 95-64 and first win over top 15 in a decade and drexel and lasalle both lost today. >> jamie thank you and happy new year. >> you, too. >> philadelphia orchestra held a house full at the kimle septemberer enjoyed the final night of 2015♪ >> music filled the venue here backed plenty of performances like this including historic backed plenty of performances like this including historic papal mass on the parkway this is the best block of all.
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>> adventure aquarium in camden tried to whep those that could not stay up to midnight and they headed out for a fireworks display. >> new year's rockin' eve is next. "action news" continues at 4:30 a.m. with meteorologist david murphy and karen rogers. >> and for jim gardner, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass have a good night tonight and news" team, i'm monica malpass have a good night tonight and happy new year, everyone
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we're live in new york city. the magic moment, just a half-hour away. the crowd is pumped. our special guests are ready to hit the stage. we're saying so long to 2015 with the biggest party on the planet. so, let's get it started. here we go. live from hollywood, it's "dick clark's new year's rockin' eve" 2016. with carrie underwood and jimmy buffet, 5 days of


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