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tv   Action News Weekend 7AM  ABC  January 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EST

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grandmother from the flames. powerball drawing is tonight with one of the biggest drawings in its history. first, though, let's head outside meteorologist chris sowers has the big coat on today. it is cold. not chilly, cold. >> reporter: i could think of a better one. it's freezing out here. temperatures in the 20s and 30s, some areas dealing with a little bit of a breeze. windchills in the low to mid 20s at this hour. you'll need to bundle up first thing this morning. even though temperatures later this afternoon climb into the 40s with the winds it will feel like the 30s, so one of the colder days we've seen in quite sometime. philadelphia, 34. wilmington, 27. millville is down to 23. trenton, 32. and dover, 31 with a windchill. 26. allentown the feels-like temperatures is 26. feels-like temperatures in reading, 22. and feels like 29 in philadelphia. satellite and radar, should be a nice looking day, just a few
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high, thin clouds from time to time, that's about it. otherwise should see a lot of blue upstairs, lots of sunshine. the arctic front arrives sunday night into monday. for today, enjoy the 42. i know that 0 sounds a little strange. this is one of the warmer temperatures we see over the next five days or so. mostly sunny and breezy, 42 degrees, that's the forecasted high. with the winds it will feel like the mid 30s. we have changes heading this way. the temperature seesaw which has been leaning in the opposite direction for the last two months, mild air up and down the eastern seaboard we'll flip the script, we'll have arctic air straight from the pole, you'll feel it monday and tuesday. i'll have the numbers when i see you again. >> the search continues for a missing 5-year-old boy with autism out in the cold and not fully dressed. jayliel vega wandered off.
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this is new video of search teams looking around the area a few hours ago. jayliel vega was last seen at 11:00 p.m. on new year's eve. >> he is outgoing and adventurous, so he could go pretty far. >> reporter: that what worries you? >> yes, a lot. i don't know what's getting into, where's staying at, how he is surviving. >> well, today, divers will take a look in the river, k-9 will look for his scent in the woods. surveillance cameras will be reviewed for any trace of jayliel vega. a gloucester county police officer continues to be recover after being hit by an alleged drunk driver happened in elk township ocean county. he was responding to an emergency call when his patrol car was broadsided by a pick up truck on buck road. the policeman was treated and released and the pick up driver
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was not hurt and charged with dui. the new year's mummers parade was is a storied tradition in philadelphia. this year's festivities were marred with controversy. chad perdelli spoke with a victim of an attack and has more on the controversy. >> reporter: the truly insensitive acts were performed by the comic brigades. a young man said he was attacked by some mummers for being gay. the comic act was bruce jener turns to caitlyn jenner. a wheaties box side by side with a fruit loops box. >> i said this is not going to be good, everyone agreed. we found that the fruit loops box was really inappropriate.
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the president of the comic division tells "action news" there was no intent to harm or degrade anyone with the performances. this sort of satire has been around for 116 years. but this video obtained by "action news" reveals a much uglier side of someone marching with the brigade. [ bleep ] it appears the hatred extends beyond the parade route. john was walking his dog two mummers who were urinating in the alley began shouting homophobic slurs. >> i turned to the guy and i said cool your jets, buddy. a guy jumped in and punched me in the face. >> reporter: the comic brigade perform their act fiesta to fiesta with brown painted faces. >> i think we need to be careful and people need to be
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cognizant of what they are doing. 99% of mummers do not engage in offensive behavior. they have increased divertty this year. he said he could not be responsible for the actions of a few members. we showed him the offensive video. >> when you see something like that. >> that is a wrong, that should not happen. like i said there are thousands of mummers and if one guy who is drunk said that kind of thing that's not going to be tolerated. mayor-elect jim kenny responded calling the acts bad and hurtful to many philadelphians. the human relation commission said more needs to be done to end the public displays bigotry. seven firefighters were
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injured saving a grandmother from a burning home. a picture cap you ared the heroic -- a picture captured the heroic image. after that they had to find their way to a ladder or jump. >> it was bail out or die. they had to jump off the roof. >> the firefighters are being treated in the hospital for burns and broken bones. a mother got her baby and her own mother out of the burning home before the firefighters arrived. a historic church in northern new jersey was badly damaged by fire it happened before 5:00 a.m. the structure was originally built in 1827 and housed an episcopal congregation for years. it was sold last year to another religious organization. officials are investigating how the fire started. beginning tomorrow you'll
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need more money when you drive on the pennsylvania turnpike. tolls increase 6%. the money will go toward repaying loans that were used to fund roadwork projects. there will be increases 3% to 6%. good news, east sidey -- e-z pass customers will see a slightly lower field. you cannot shop at the gallery, the doors between 8th and 10th were closed as a major renovation project got underway. it will transform into an outlet shopping center. septa passengers who used the east entrance will have to use a different way inside. >> still have your christmas tree? you're in luck, the streets departments has set up 6 places, state road and ash burner street
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and 3901 north delaware avenue until january 16th. all the locations are posted in the feature section on the front page of 23 separate drop off locations will be open starting next weekend, trees will be collected on trash day if you can't get to the recycling site. there's a lot of money up for grabs tonight in the powerball drawing. people have been buying tickets in hopes of winning that huge jackpot that's up for grabs. it's worth an estimated $334 million. that's the 12th largest jackpot in powerball history. police in georgia, say a mother used her own children in a crime. >> enjoy a visit from old man winter. >> reporter: we'll be enjoying that same visit later weekend into next week there's no rain in the seven-day forecast of course there's a ton of this,
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i'll have more on how cold it gets when we come right back.
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displl we have a video from upstate new york arc 7-eleven customer used a flashlight to stop an armed robbery. he whacked him on the head. police say he is linked to other holdups. police warning you never take on anyone with a gun. >> in georgia two women are on the run using children to help them carry out thefts. the woman and child distracted the clerk. the other woman goes to the front counter and steals the clerk's purse while a second child is to act as a look out. >> it's sad, because that's thief school for the children, they are teaching them how to steal. >> police say the same woman were spotted at a walmart using
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stolen credit cards. the children are not expected to be arrested when officers finally catch up with the woman. a man police say was drunk crashed an officer's cruiser during a joyride in north carolina. he allegedly stole it when officers was talking to people in the fight. he was found 14 miles away from the wreckage. grace son facing slew of charges. old man winter has visited erie, pennsylvania. several inches of snow fell making for ideal sledding conditions. some of the folks are visiting from florida and arizona where they don't get snow and they snow is not going anywhere, because the temperature is barely in the 30s today. an suv rolled over on a snowy road in erie county, pennsylvania. the vehicle flipped several times before coming to a rest.
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the driver escaped and didn't need to go to the hospital. very fortunate there. >> clear for us right now. >> reporter: even though we don't have snow we have cold in the forecast. i'm sure you'll like that. this is spring mountain looking live, there's no snow on the ground. they have not been able to make snow because the temperatures have been so warm over the last couple of months. this time next weekend, the slopes will be covered and you will see folks enjoying themselves and skiing and having a wonderful time. we have serious cold on the way, even though we don't have snow in the forecast, it's going to be cold enough to make snow. look closely, the grass looks green. it's been very, very warm. double scan live, crystal clear, we're seeing ground clutter false returns nothing is reaching the ground. 30 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 21. 28 in lancaster.
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27 in wilmington, these are actual air temperatures. 25 in the poconos that's cold enough to make snow. freezing in allentown, 32. 32 in trenton. 2 in millville. dover, 31. windchill of 24. feels like 22 in reading. 15 in the poconos. 26 in allentown and feels like 29 in philadelphia. bundle up, keep yourself warm bundle up in layers, if you're outdoors for an extended period of time, one layer will not cut it, you'll need several because of the wind. satellite and radar, shows cloud cover to the west, it will break apart, we'll see mostly sunny skies this afternoon. the big story becomes this, this is not just a cold front it is an arctic front. this is the coldest air of the season by far. actually the coldest air since last february when we had all those days in the teens and 20s. it's not going to be cold. this will be cold enough, chilly out there today.
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the front gets closer, by the time we get into sunday not here yet. sunday night into monday, things slide through. wind shift out of the north, the air dries out. windchills in the single digits and teens, high temperatures by tuesday, it will be a struggle to get out of the 20s, let's say 29, 30, 31 degrees, that's the high term for tuesday. here's a look at the numbers this afternoon. highs in the low 40s, with the winds it will feel like the 30s. 41 this reading, philadelphia 34. ahead of the arctic front wind shift out of the south. we're up to 46, 47 tomorrow. low 40s north and west, but then the winds shift out of the north here comes the cold air spilling on through here. monday afternoon, the high is 34 for philadelphia. upper 20s and low 30s north and west, poconos struggling to reach 20 degrees, you add on top of that the feels-like temperatures it will be colder.
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35 degrees for philadelphia. we get into tomorrow, let's say upper 30s, low 40s. here we go for monday, it will feel like the 20s all day long. 2:30 upper teens north and west, single digits in the poconos. again, 20s for south jersey and delaware. so for today blue skies nice looking day, 39 degrees by lunchtime. 42 by 2:00 p.m. that's the high for today, 4:00 p.m., back down to 41. for the western suburbs upper 30s, and low 40s. allentown, 38. mostly sunny breezy, cape may, 44. overnight tonight, 20s and 30s, clear skies, breezy, the windchills will make it feel 3 to 4 degrees colder than the actual temperature. trenton, 26. philadelphia, 32. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, looking like it should for this time of the year. 42 degrees today. 46 degrees for tomorrow. sunny and breezy. we get into monday and tuesday, coldest air of the season so
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far. 34 monday, 30 tuesday, wednesday, 39. thursday and friday, 46. no rain in the seven-day forecast, a ton of sunshine through wednesday. friday night into saturday maybe it gets wet around here, but that's a good seven days away. looks like nice, but it's going to be cold. >> we traded the sunshine for the cold weather. we're picking our poison. it's either rainy and cloudy and now it's sunny and cold. >> they say you're only as old as you feel. for a local business owner that rings especially true. tamala edwards has the story this week's art of aging. >> reporter: may i help you. >> thelma bought the bakery 8 years ago making her a first time business owner at the age of 75. >> i'm going to be 84. i don't feel 84, i think you have to be active have positive feelings all the time and keep
7:18 am
in touch with people. >> she started working at the bakery 18 years ago. it was a way to stay busy after her husband passed away. when the previous owners moved to vermont she asked their long time employee if she wanted to buy the place. >> in my mind, i said i don't know if i want that responsibility. >> reporter: when she was younger, thelma worked in the insures business. >> i don't bake myself, i enjoy good baked goods. we haveisan breads. >> reporter: she said there's perks to being your own boss. >> i can do what i want when i want, that's the main thing. if i want to take off, i do it.
7:19 am
>> reporter: thelma is a mother of four and imrrm of # and great grandmother of 6. her advice to other seniors living the retired life. if your health is good and you're bored at home and you don't know what to do, there are places to go and get a job. someone called me one day, i said may i help you, he said aren't you supposed to be working? >> reporter: tamala edwards channel 6 "action news."
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>> here's what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. take your little einstein to the young innovators fair at the oaks expo center bringing science and technology and math to life.
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children from grade school through 12th grade can attend today and tomorrow. today is the last day to see yuletide at win within wint- winterthur tomorrow from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. tour of the revolutionary ward, it begins at bainbridge house and concludes at battle monument. the cost is $5 per person. that's a look at what's happening in and around the
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everyone, 7:25 here's a look at the day planner. sunshine from start to finish, a few clouds from time to time. 1:00 p.m., 40 degrees, 3:00 p.m., 42, 5:00 p.m., 39. big pattern change is on the way. for the last two months, the pattern has looked like this, cold north of the line, mild south. this is hooked up with the southern branch. jet that's why we had rain across the entire eastern seaboard. now the jet stream shifted and climb to the west, it will like this with all the cold bleeding into the lower 48. the cold stuff arrives monday
7:26 am
and tuesday with highs in the 20s and 30s. >> in sports a month ago the sixers beat the lakers in philly to avoid an 0h19 -- 0-19 start. history did not repeat i felt. former sixer, lou williams scored. sixers stay in l.a. for a game against the clippers tonight. here's jamie apody with the rest of sports. >> reporter: well it is almost over, the new year will begin with the end of the eagle season tomorrow in the meadowlands. they begin their final preparations for the giants who have nothing to play for but a long vacation. i'm sure you're wondering like i am how do they bring fight to the game. >> it's a failed season in our
7:27 am
eyes, as a player you want to go out there and audition for the next coach. i think people westbound aware of that. >> a lot of guys know why they are here, to a certain degree you have to mourn for a day or two and get over it and win a ballgame. >> reporter: i do not envy jeffrey lori, it was three years ago on new year's everybody -- years eve, he fired andy reid, and now they have to find the guy to do the job. >> reporter: it is critical that the eagles find the right coach for this city. i believe it is important that the coach is the kind of guy that inside the fans of philadelphia. their passion to win! their passion for the philadelphia eagles. a coach who wears his emotions on his sleeve. it is very, very important that
7:28 am
the eagles organization gets this right. >> the granddaddy of them all was a blowout. stanford, 75-yard touchdown, 368 all purpose yards smashing the rose bowl record card nams crushed iowa -- cardinals crushed ii can't. can't -- iowa. this is a tradition of carrying the seniors off the field after their last practice. there are various techniques, when you're a defensive tackle it takes four guys to do the job. >> it's a goofy way to honor the seniors, they deserve it, those guys stuck around when all the sanctions came out. they are all great guys and they deserve it. >> it reminds me of a tradition when the groom carries a bride
7:29 am
over the threshhold. my husband never did that, i'm far lighter than a defensive tackle, right? all right, have a nice day. >> searching for a missing
7:30 am
autistic boy jayliel vega has not been seen since new year's eve. we'll have the latest on the search effort.
7:31 am
in philadelphia, a man is shot numerous times after running out of gas, police say it's not the first time he's been targeted. plus, the unusual warm weather is gone. we begin the new year with chilly temperatures and meteorologist chris sowers is outside chilly doesn't quite describe it. >> reporter: no, it's a little colder than chilly. temperatures are below freezing in several locations and we have a bit of a breeze which puts windchills in the upper teens and low 20s. it's not as cold as what we're getting ready to experience monday and tuesday, 30 for slatington. oxford, 26. kennett square 24. everybody -- levittown, 30. buena, 23, gandys beach 31. satellite and radar, should be a nice, bright sunny day. all the cloud cover that we've seen over the last two weeks finally pushing to the south. we have two cold front that will slip through over the next four
7:32 am
days. the first one is threw, it's now toward the bottom of the screen running over top of richmond. that took outline the clouds and gray and gloom along with it. we should see a decent moon of sun today. if you look at the top of the screen there's more clouds associated with an arctic front coming from the north pole. 42 degrees, sunny and breezy, 39 degrees by lunchtime. 2:00 p.m., 42. by 4:00 p.m., 41 degrees, maybe just a few high, thin clouds from time to time. that's about it. again, with the winds it will feel like the 30s. tomorrow, the temperatures get a little bit better, we are up in the mid to upper 40s, 46, 47 philadelphia and then the front slides through, monday and tuesday it will be a slap in the face. bitter cold, icy windchills the whole nine yards you'll love it. i'll have the details in the seven-day forecast when i see you in just a bit. >> search efforts for a missing
7:33 am
autistic boy in allentown continues throughout the night. this is video from the overnight as police search for five-year-old jayliel vega. they used flashlights to look inside homes and other buildings while k-9s search for any signs of the little boy. a dive team will join the search this morning. he disappeared on new year's eve with no coat and no shoes. "action news" reporter, christy aletto has the details. >> reporter: allentown police called in air support and more resources on ground to the last miss location of missing jayliel vega. >> he is very adventurous, he could go pretty far. >> reporter: that what's worrying you? >> yes, a lot. >> reporter: the autistic child bolted from the family new year's eve party at 11:00 p.m. thursday night wearing minimal
7:34 am
clothes and carrying an ipad that no longer has a charge. as time continues to tick away, what's the fear for you. >> he starts to die slowly because of the coldness. >> cold weather is the most serious challenge at this time. >> reporter: k-9 units combed rivers and passion for -- parks for any clues. they have asked search groups to stay out of the wooded area to protect the integrity of a trail or scent. >> it's almost 24 hours. >> reporter: it is that reality that's cause for concern for family members. >> hope he find something warm, a cover trying to get his own warmth with his body heat. >> new this morning, a 22-year-old man is shot multiple times after his car runs out of gas. the shooting happened after
7:35 am
9:00 at 10th and olney avenues in olney section. police say the man had just run out of gas when someone came up and opened fire. he was hit three times including in the face. >> the shots were fired throots throots -- through the driver door window of the pontiac that the 22-year-old victim was sitting in when he got shot. >> the victim was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. another person in the car was not hurt and is being questioned. police are searching for a motive. a stray bullet went through the second floor of a home in lawndale section of philadelphia. it happened on 500 block of glen view street. another bullet pierced a car window. nobody was hit. police are looking for whoever fired the gunshots. new overnight, a deadly gun battle erupting at an air force base in india on the border of
7:36 am
pakistan. two indian soldiers were killed in the exchange of gunfire. no word on who the attackers are. india and pakistan have held peace talks, india previously will you accused pakistan of training terrorists. the death toll rose overnight in a separate at a -- attack after suicide bombers taferghted -- targeted the restaurant. a suicide bomber was arrested wearing a military uniform. new video shows the ruins of a inferno that engulfed the 64 story of dubai. a photographer trapped on a 48 floor balcony used facebook to
7:37 am
send messages for help. he took video of the flames. he propelled down a window washer's cable. firefighters got him back inside and walked him down dozens of floors. he was treated for smoke, everyone is okay. >> this year's mummers parade is marred in controversy. a comic brigade has been accused of performing insensitive acts. bruise jener turned into caitlyn jenner next to a wheaties box and fruit loops box. >> we found the fruit loops box was inappropriate. >> the president of the comics division says there was no intent to harm or degrade anyone. comic brigade performed their be
7:38 am
act fiesta to fiesta performed with brown painted faces. a man walking his dog said two mummers were shouting homophobic slurs. black lives matter are anchory about tamir rice. they targeted the mummers for their history of racism. bike patrol officers lined up to keep protesters off the parade route. two people were arrested for briefly interrupting the parade procession. the glitz and glitter of the mummers parade is over, but the festive memories are fresh in many peoples minds. >> this unique philadelphia street celebration features music and dancing plus competition on a new route down broad street. folks lined up to get a look at
7:39 am
the costumes and the backdrops. the shows that local divisions practice and plan for all year. this year marked the 116 year for the tradition. the judges awarded the top prize to golden crown for its performance of a scarecrow's dream. shooting star came in second. it was a big new year for south philadelphia string band they celebrated into the night after winning for the first time in 41 years. still ahead on "action news" saturday morning, twins born minutes apart share different years on their birth certificates. we have their unique story coming up. a resort in our area is getting ready to open for skiing and snow boarding. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast "action news" saturday morning continues in just a
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preparing to reopen for skiing and snow boarding on monday. the resort hopes the current forecast holds and they laibility to make -- will be able to make snow for the upcoming weekend. >> reporter: they should be fine, i don't ever any problems with the forecast at all, my confidence scale is very, very
7:43 am
high. i don't see how we avoid this arctic shot monday and tuesday. that's a beautiful shot of the sun rising looking over the cam benefit waterfront. a nice morning, calm and tranquil. it is cold, 37 degrees outside of our studios, it's 34 at the airport with the dewpoint of 21. winds out of the west at 6 miles per hour. now the winds will pick up later this afternoon. they will be sustained anywhere from ten to 20 miles per hour. so with high temperatures topping out in the upper 30s, low 40s, you add to that 20-mile an hour winds means you'll be dealing with windchills throughout the day. right now they are stuck in the 20s, windchills will be in the mid 30s all afternoon. reading, 22. feels like 26 in allentown. 15 in the poconos. millville, 23. 32 in trenton. flipped the number around there. 32 in wildwood, dover, feels like 24. satellite and radar, the first front is all the way down to the
7:44 am
south across the carolinas off to the screen. the second front is up to the north pushing through southeastern canada approaching north bay ottawa and toronto. it will get here later tonight and around here sunday, and it crosses sunday night into monday. winds shift behind that that will help the -- that will open the door, we'll be breaking the dam. we've been very, very mild. the cold air is spill in next week. future tracker 6 nothing to show you, just a few high, thin clouds, mostly sunny. same thing for sunday, 2:00 p.m., wall-to-wall blue skies. monday we'll see a decent amount of sunshine, there will be clouds mixed in from time to time and flurries north and west, as the arctic front continues on its journey south into the baltimore and washington, d.c. metro areas. the big story is the cold air. windchills this afternoon, mid 30s. high temperatures in the i mid
7:45 am
40s. sunday better windchills in the low 40s, actually air temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, chilly north and west. mondays, windchills stuck in the teens for afternoon highs down through here, we'll see temperatures only tongue out in the upper 20s -- topping out in the upper 20s and low 30s. feels like 23 in philadelphia. 26 in millville. trenton, 21. it's the coldest air we've seen since the middle of last february. mostly sunny in the lehigh valley, cold. 38 degrees windchills in the upper 20s, low 30s. jersey shore, same thing ton of sunshine lots of bright blue upstairs, mostly sunny and breezy. philadelphia, 42. this is an average day for us, around january 1, 2, 3, mostly
7:46 am
sunny, cold breeze winds out of the west at 20 miles per hour. overnights tonight, clear and cold, 25 degrees outlying suburbs, 32 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, say goodbye to the 60s and 70s. 42 today. 46 tomorrow, a very quiet but breezy weekend, lots of sunshine monday, breezy and cold, 34 degrees, we wish suburbs probably upper 20s, 31, give or take. with the winds it will feel like the 20s all day. tuesday, sunny and cold, 30 for philadelphia, 20s for everybody else. wednesday chilly, high of 39. that's getting better closer to normal. thursday, 46. friday becoming cloudy, rain at night, 46 degrees. we get past next weekend how cold that looks monday and tuesday, it's going to get a whole lot worse. another shot gets in here. >> you love that. >> reporter: i do, i'm happy. the warmth was getting out of handles, it shun be in the 70s
7:47 am
on christmas. >> i agree with that for once. check storm tracker 6 live radar at we're starting a new year with a new you an new "fyi philly." here's alicia vitarelli with a preview of tonight's show. >> reporter: here's what's coming up tonight on "fyi philly." it's a new you. a celebration of all things new. new bakery. new food and fashion. new places to work out. that's good. a new look fitness challenge. we check out new luxury living and take to the skies for the city's best new view with some old friends like ben over here, that's tonight on "fyi philly." we hope you join us.
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7:49 am
>> good morning to you, sky6 live hd taking a live look for us spring mountain. this time. year we should be seeing snow and skiers and snow snowboarders
7:50 am
we see green grass out there, next weekend, meteorologist chris sowers says they will make snow it will be cold enough. we've been following the story of a missing five-year-old boy in allentown his parents say he is autistic. it is said he was attracted to christmas lights, but not all children are attracted to that kind of stimulus. we talked to a behaviorist who said -- >> make sure where the exits are and locking the door after each guest. >> stephanie cassidy suggests talking to the parents ahead of
7:51 am
time to to see what you can do to make their stay more enjoyable. many people make new year's resolutions, but many break them before january is over. make smaller adjustments which are easier to accomplish. one small measure is to walk more through the day. those shooting for ten thousand steps a day, add a little more week by week. to say -- toss out the to-do list. >> i put things that waste my time at work or at home. things that don't get me to help you, my goal at work, or be able to help myself in getting efficient. >> another small change which rates big benefits, get more sleep, it lowers blood pressure and stress while raising energy levels. a california couple is celebrating the bitter of their
7:52 am
newborn twins, this set of siblings will have a unique story to tell on the playground in a few years. this is daddy showing off a set of twins. one is a new year's baby, his baby girl was born one minute before midnight on new year's day. her brother was born two minutes after midnight. they are twins with different birth dates. >> meteorologist sour source will have a final look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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with no health questions. you cannot be turned down because of your health. call for your information kit and gift. both are free, with no obligation. don't wait, call this number now. ♪ >> new year's day was the perfect day for a dip in the atlantic ocean. hundreds of people took the
7:55 am
plunge in ocean city the 9th street beach a perfect way to cool off after running a 5k. lindsey and michael feeley of north jersey got married midnight on new year's. >> it's a shame it wasn't like last weekend. i would be like okay i'll jump in. here's the forecast for the weekend, sunny, brisk and cold today, 42 windchills in the 30s. sunday, sunny skies, breezy. 46 is the forecasted high with the wind it will feel like let's say 40 or 41. then the cold stuff gets in here. here's the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, breezy and cold for monday with a high of 34. windchills in the mid 20s all day. tuesday, sunny and cold, the winds relax, but look at that temperature. 30 degrees that's it for the high. northwestern suburbs more like mid to upper 20s, 39
7:56 am
wednesday, thursday and friday, quiet 46 both days, maybe rain friday night. no rain over the next 5 or 6 days. >> thanks chris. >> it is 7:56 we're just minutes away from saying good morning to "good morning america." here's paula fair i -- ferris wh a preview. >> reporter: good morning, philadelphia, a massive cleanup effort is underway after historic flooding devastated parts of the midwest. we go live to hard hit missouri with the latest. a terrorist group affiliated with al qaeda is using donald trump's words to recruit more members all with the iowa primary weeks away. how will the video affect the campaign? that's ahead. quarterback is sidelined from the bowl game because of his involvement in a bar
7:57 am
incident. this one time heisman trophy contender faces assault charges coming up on "g.m.a." saturday in philadelphia. >> "action news" continues at 9:00. family and friends are speaking out as allentown police search for a missing autistic boy. plus the philadelphia auto show is about to crews into town. one of the hottest parties of the year is the kickoff game we'll have a preview. now for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. we'll see you back here in an hour.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump starring in a new terrorist recruitment video. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states. >> so, does this mean hillary clinton may have actually been right? >> they are going to people showing videos of donald trump insulting islam and muslims. plus, the worldwide terror threats on this holiday weekend. this gunman's deadly assault in israel and police opening fire outside a mosque in france. new this morning, bracing for the worst. flooding on the mighty mississippi moves downstream taking homes with it. >> you never expect your house to float away. >> the river rising to record levels, levees threatened.


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