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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  January 3, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> good morning, it is 6:00 a.m. on this sunday january 3, 2016. powerball jackpot soars again no one won the $350 million jackpot. >> missouri governor jay nixon describing the flooding battering the state. >> back here we are bracing for arctic air on the way, the temperatures are set to tumble. chris sowers has the exclusive
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accuweather seven-day forecast. it's about time, right? >> she's looking forward to it. [laughter] >> reporter: let's get you outside, we have a cold shot on the way, this will be by far the coldest air of the season so far. temperatures behind the front are single digit below zero. the air mass will moderate a little bit before it makes its way into the delaware valley. we've been enjoying 60s and 70s the past two month. 32 degrees. cold out. 20s north and west, allentown, 24, poconos 28. trenton, 27, millville, 27. it's cold, but there's not much of a breeze. wind speeds are generally 3 to 5 miles per hour. the winds will pick up later this afternoon, but right now they are not too bad. satellite and radar showing cloud cover off to the northwest. you can see snow squalls making their way southward through the
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great lake states. for today, not too bad, temperatures should be near 41 or 42 on average. we'll go 48 this afternoon. a lot of sunshine clouds mixed in from time to time. 2:00 p.m., 47 and 4:00 p.m., 46 degrees, there's the arctic front right now. get a load of these numbers, this thing is collapsing to the south. i'll let you know how cold it gets in the seven-day forecast and when we see the return of warmer temperatures. >> new this morning, powerball jackpot is skyrocketing overnight. it will be worth $400 million. no one matched numbers last night. the odds were one in 292 million. too bad that 205 lump sum payment would have put the happy in the happy new year for
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someone. we have posted the numbers at and the crawl at the bottom of the screen. you may recall back in 2013, a north jersey man won $328 million. he owed 29,000 in child support. a lottery resolves those matters before the check presentation. the largest prize is 600 million in 2013, the neck powerball drawing is wednesday night. the eagles share their first game in the post chip kelly era. the birds take on the giants on the road two teams not going to the playoffs. pat shermer is the interim coach. sam bradford's future with the eagles is up in the air. >> obviously me and pat have a great relationship, we worked together in saint louis, my rookie year, i have a great deal of respect, i think him being
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here would be part that have decision. >> it is important to show respect for ourselves and our teammates and the organization and the game itself, to fight tooth and nail and try to beat the giants. >> 20 minutes, jeff skeverski tells about another eagles assist and who has been interviewed to fill the coaching vacancy. tune in tonight at 11:35 as brandon graham and the "action news" sports team look back at the season. >> did he big board, drivers who use the pennsylvania turnpike have to dig a little deeper. a toll hike took effect overnight tonight. cash fares went up 6%. e-z pass less.
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motorists heading into pennsylvania from new jersey via the pennsylvania turn, will not have to pay a toll, a camera will snap a picture of license plate at neshaminy falls and send them a bill in the mail. let's get you to the flooding in the midwest. swollen rivers have flooded some towns. this is new video out of illinois, the flooding fear is stretching south. abc's richard cantu has more. >> reporter: from the sky, the breadth and depth of the disaster is painfully career. the mississippi crested at a new high, from missouri to louisiana rivers are rising floodwaters swallowing everything in its path. >> its reached its highest
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since citizen 93. separate measures failed to hold the water at bay or came too late for many homeowners. >> they go to work in the morning and they come home and they had water rise 4 feet. >> the majority. deaths probably 14 of the 15 are people who drove into water. >> reporter: in suburban saint louis, this man could only watch helplessly as the water battered it from this to this. >> everyone did get out okay. >> yes, everyone got out, our dog is already. >> reporter: the threat of major flooding from cresting rivers will move down the mississippi and hang over the region for weeks meaning scenes like these are an ominous preview of the new year for many communities. rich another ntu.
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>> a a car went out of control this morning and slammed into a utility pole. investigators are trying to determine what caused the vehicle to veer off the street. it was a sad ending to the search for a missing autistic boy in allentown. the body of jayliel vega was found in the lehigh canal. the discovery came after a volunteer pulled his tablet from the water. divers spent hours searching the frigid waters. the boy's body was found under 6 feet of water. we'll have more from jeff skeverski in our next half-hour. the mummers have banned one of their own for his actions during this year's parade. it has to do with an alleged
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homophobic remark who was part of the finnagan's brigade. he is not allowed to take part in any future parades. >> the group does not condone his actions or share his opinions. he would not apologize for the performance of mocking bruce jener's transition to a woman. they will continue to have discussions about sensitivity and what is considered satire and what is over the line. certainly a lot of people talking about this year. >> the mummers not new to he controversy. >> a pastor comes face-to-face with a gunman. what happens next? >> has some calling that pastor a hero. philadelphia's next mayor takes the helm tomorrow we'll
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run down what's on jim kenny's agenda. nydia, it will be fairly mild this afternoon, high temperatures in the mid to upper 40s, take a look at what happens tomorrow, these are windchills by 2:00 p.m. down in the teens and 20s. worse for tuesday. i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. ok, we're here.
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morning, happy new year everybody, 6:12, 36 degrees, it's cold out there, it's getting colder, it's january january it's about time. >> it's winter. >> reporter: let's get you outside, it's a new weather pattern in the weather department. we'll see a lot colder temperatures roll on in here over the next few days and windchills that are very, very blustery. there's the view right now looking at sky 6. it's quiet, but it's chilly. temperatures in the 20s and 30s. the good news is the wind is not too much of a factor. so the winds are not too unbearable. 36 degrees, 20s across intr sections of south -- interior
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sections of south jersey. philadelphia, 32. poconos 28 degrees. big story over the next few days will be this right here, this is a cold front that is in the process of slipping through. these are temperatures across southeastern portions of canada. you can see single digits above zero, as well as single digits below zero. that front is not moving toward southeast it is pushing through the northeast and the mid atlantic states through the day today tomorrow and tuesday. here's the surface maps, the front by 4:00 p.m. is knock on the door across the p-a/new york state line. it will drift to the south. the wind shift out of the north monday. monday is a very chilly day. the temperatures dopg -- topping out in the lower 20s. philadelphia, 32, 33. you factor in this gusty breeze it will feel like the teens and
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20s all day. future tracker windchills mid to upper 30s north and west, this afternoon. low 40s south and east that includes the city of philadelphia. we get into the overnight hours tonight and tomorrow. afternoon teens north and west, 20s for south jersey and delaware. monday night into tuesday, that's when the coldest air arrives, windchills tuesday morning, single digits throughout the entire area. poconos 5 degrees, 9 in allentown and 7 in millville. enjoy the temperatures today they will not last. ton of sunshine this afternoon, a few clouds. lunchtime, 45 degrees, 2:00 p.m., 47. 4:00 p.m. we're down to 46 anticipating a comfortable high of 48 degrees. western suburbs ready 42. allentown -- reading, 42, allentown, 42. cape may and atlantic city, not too bad, 50 degrees, dover, 50,
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millville, 48. the arctic front barrels through, reading 23, allentown this is the air temperature. 22. windchills easily in the teens tonight. lancaster, 21. philadelphia, 27 degrees, millville, 23 and cape may and on the boards in atlantic city, close to 30. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 33 blustery and cold tomorrow. windchills in the teens and 20s all day long. there could flurries north and west. tuesday, sunny and cold, 32 degrees, windchills a good five or six degrees colder than the actual air temperatures. wednesday, sunny and chilly. 42 degrees, thursday, friday and saturday, we start to moderate a little bit, 46, 48, 48. there could rain late friday into saturday morning. >> michael nutter two term tenure as mayor of philadelphia comes to an end tomorrow. jim kenny's swearing in happens
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at 10:00 a.m. at the academy of music. kenny is expected to sign his first expectative order. "action news" will have complete live coverage of the inauguration, the ceremony begins at 10:00 a.m., will be streaming the entire event as it happens. police commissioner charles ramsey steps down tomorrow. he tweeted a goodbye message saying it was a plefer serving philadelphia. richard ross will become the city's new top cop. caring for someone with alzheimer's means
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board with a deadly shooting in this california cemetary. new this morning, police say three people are dead in what they believe is a murder suicide. it unfolded when a man went to the cemetary armed with a handgun and waited for family members visiting a gravesite. police say a man approached three relatives and shot a man and woman before turning the gun on himself. tel aviv, israel, a candle light vigil was held for the victims of the deadly attack at a bar on friday. two people were killed and several others were wounded when a 31-year-old allegedly opened fire. family members describe him as a
6:20 am
troubled man who was traumatized after a cousin was killed by police in 2006. this is coming out of north carolina, a pastor confronted a rifle wielding man giving a sermon on gun violence on new year's eve. the pastor walked up to the man and the man asked if he would pray for him. the man apologized and admitted he want to hurt someone and was compelled to seek help from the church. he has been committed to a mental health facility. a woman from new jersey is facing charges after she was caught on video driving into several parked cars outside a casino in atlantic city. check out the video showing the woman repeatedly backing up and trying to drive in between two parked cars, even though the vehicle she was in was clearly stuck. police say it happened on new
6:21 am
year's day at the tropicana hotel. she jumped into an unoccupied car which was being parked and tried to take off. she was arrested and faces several charges including dui. new jersey state police are investigating an accident in burlington county, the crash was reported on 206 in shamong township. two suv collided, three people including a child were flown to cooper university hospital. a fourth victim suffered less serious injuries and taken to vertua hospital.
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 6:23 sunday morning,
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what a stretch of weather we've seen over the last 45 degrees, november was extremely mild five to six degrees above average. december we had the largest departure from normal prior to this december was 7 degrees above average. we almost doubled it. 13.7 degrees this past december. the largest departure from normal since record began back in 1880. it's extremely warm on the eastern seaboard. now things change, we see the arctic express jet stream taking the dip into florida where we'll see temperatures close to freezing as far as down as jacksonville and tallahassee. everybody in the northeast will see temperatures well below seasonal averages. today, mostly sunny, fairly mild 48. tomorrow, much colder and
6:25 am
blustery, 33 with windchills in the teens and 20s. alicia. >> police in bucks county are searching for a missing man who suffers from seizures craig santz took a bus to the oxford valley mall and seen by a neighbor in the afternoon. he walks with a limp he is without his medication which he takes daily, so his family is desperate to find him. >> we've searched day and night all over bristol township. we searched the bus routes, we've searched the woods, everywhere we could possibly search going to trenton, gone to philadelphia we've left flyers all over. >> family and friends gatherd to pray for craig's safe return. if you have any information call police. the sixers lost twice in the same building in los angeles
6:26 am
this weekend. first they were beaten by the lakers and last night the clippers crushed the sixers. okafor was one of the few bright spots scoring 23 points. clippers racked up double digits in scoring. the flyers lost in as well. jeff skeverski has that and eagles are looking for chip kelly's replacement. >> reporter: the eagles owner jeffrey lori wants the new coach to understand the passion of the fans, who knows that better than deuce staley. you know staley from his playing game seven years as the eagles running back, he was a monster, over 4800 yards rushing.
6:27 am
he may be a long shot to get the job lori did higher andy reid who was only a quarterback's coach at the time. pat shermer said he is not lobbying for chip kelly's old job, the focus is this afternoon's finale against the new york giants. >> i sort of look at every day of my life as an audition, it so happens, the last game. year is against the giants in the meadowlands. this is the end of my 13th year here, i have grown to appreciate how strong the organization is. >> happy new year not if your a flyers fan. they ring in their third straight loss, they have not won on the road in more than 3 weeks. flyers fail to kill the penalty.
6:28 am
flyers fall behind two-zip to the kings. here they come and shenn scores, final minutes of the third, they need a quick goal, but jonathan quick robs claude giroux. flyers lose 2-1. college hoops 16th ranked villanova. first half, 15 of the 19 points scored in the first 15 minutes. josh hart making a point. end of the first, he finishes with 25. villanova wins 85-71678 that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski. have a good day!
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chilly air is hanging around this morning it's going to get even colder by tomorrow. don't say we didn't warn you. >> that's right, 6:30. it's time. my lawn is bright green, things are bugged, it doesn't look like january. >> the cherry blossoms were blooming. they were pretty. >> reporter: let's step outside, here we go we'll neat the coat,
6:31 am
the scarf, the hat, gloves, whole nine yards, temperatures are down there, and windchills are four degrees colder than the actual numbers. 24 in allentown. reading, 24 degrees, trenton, 27. millville, 27 anticipate wilmington, 27. there's the slightest breeze out of the southwest at 5 to 7 miles per hour. windchills are generally 3 to 4 degrees colder than the actual air temperatures. wilmington, 22. reading, 24, feels like 20 in millville. satellite and radar, just like yesterday we should see a ton of sunshine. this is the arctic front getting closer and closer to the us/canadian border. that will drop south during the course of the day. it will get in here tonight. that will set up a cold stretch of weather as we get into the
6:32 am
workweek. 48 degrees is not too bad for this time of the year. with the wind it will feel like the low 40s, north an wrest -- north and west, upper 30s, low 40s. >> remember you can get the seven-day forecast and storm tracker 6 live at any time at developing out of the port richmond section of philadelphia, police are looking for the killer who gunned down a 33-year-old man, the action cam was at the scene, the 2100 block of east first street. gunfire rang out at 4:00 a.m. the victim was behind the steering wheel of the car when someone shot him in the held. he was pronounced at the scene. homicide detectives are looking for motives. an allentown family is mourning the loss of their 5-year-old son found dead yesterday less than two days after vanishing from a new year's eve party.
6:33 am
jeff chirico was in allentown for the heartbreaking end. >> this is a sad conclusion to the search, a sad day for our city, but as always, the city pulled together. >> reporter: city leaders made the announcement that the community was dreading, the body of five-year-old jayliel vega was found under 6 feet of water in the lehigh canal a quarter mile from where he went missing. >> this is considered a tragic accident. however, there will be a full investigation. >> a break in the case came when a volunteer pulled the boy's tablet from the water in canal park. divers spent hours searching the fridge waters as family members tearfully watched and waited. >> it's heartbreaking, i have a 35-year-old at home, i can't imagine what the family is going through. >> reporter: over two days hundreds of volunteers helped search for jayliel vega last seen new year's eve running from a party from a relative's home bear foot and without a coat.
6:34 am
>> if it was my father, i would want people helping looking for my son. >> reporter: it is not surprising his body was not found in water. >> they don't think water is deep or i can drown or i can't swim. they don't have that level of unsecurity. >> reporter: but community members gathered around the memorial to honor the boy and his family they say they never met. >> i'm sure they don't have the strengthen to stand on their own right now for all these people to come here right now, it proves us as a community we're together. >> reporter: the community is rallying around the family, a local funeral director offered to cover funeral costs when he learned the family couldn't afford to bury their son, an occupies is scheduled for monday morning. jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> turning to the race for
6:35 am
president this morning, republican presidential candidate donald trump lashed out at hillary clinton at a campaign stop in mississippi, trump said the candidates e-mail problems should have landed her in jail. >> what she did with the e-mails would be a disgrace. people who did 5% of what she did, their lives have been destroyed, you look at general petraeus, nice guy, what happened, they have destroyed other people for doing far less than hillary. >> meanwhile, democratic candidate bernie sanders was heckled by a trump supporter during a camp stop. >> is a trump supporter worried about mr. trump running? [cheers and applause].
6:36 am
>> i say to mr. trump and is supporters that the billionaires of this country will not continue to ownous. >> that trump supporter said shame on you bernie before getting escorted out of the hall. >> bernie sanders and gop presidential candidate ben carson face questions on this week with george stephanopoulos this morning after "action news." >> happening today, the first family returns to washington, d.c. which means their holiday in hawaii is coming to an end. the president enjoyed golf and the family spent about an hour and a half at the beach. the president visited with his sister, they want to the national memorial cemetary of the pacific. >> the president is returning to the congress that is waiting to send him a bill that would repeal the affordable care act.
6:37 am
the president is expected to veto the bill that would cut money for planned parenthood. >> it is becoming a multimillionaire is one of your new year's resolution, you're in luck. nobody won the powerball drawing. we're scrolling the numbers at the bottom of the screen. the next drawing wednesday night will be worth $400 million. >> there's a new push to shove down popular sports website, two companies have been sued accused of illegal gambling. inif this attempts succeeds that means hundreds of thousands of players who bet big will get their money back. >> reporter: a potentially
6:38 am
crippling new set back for two giants of daily fantasy sports. if you play draft kings in new york, you may be entitled to get your money back, new york's attorney general. the sites taking in $200 million in entry frees from 600,000 customers in 2015. in a lawsuit he is asking the companies to pay a fine up to $5,000 per case. >> i deposited a total of $35 abbey won over 2 million. he is accusing the companies of misrepresenting the chances of winning. >> the addition in the new case they originally deposited money with the daily fantasy companies based on on their money. snyderman adding this to a lawsuit in northbound calling
6:39 am
them illegal gambling operations. saying in a statement, draft kings said it is based on the misunderstanding of fantasy sports competition. saying we are dewpointed in the attorney general's on going -- disappointed in the on going actions and will fight the suit. abc news new york. >> thanks to the eagles loss to the washington redskins last week, the final game of the season against the giants is meaningless, well except for the players and coaches who are trying to hold on to their jobs. the eagles will be led by pat shurmur. he coached eagles quarterback sam bradford when he played for saint louis. >> lots of changes. >> and lots of questions. hidden dangers in the
6:40 am
medicine cabinet. that's next. >> we'll tell you how children are getting their hands on pills. dr. richard besser puts kids to the test and breakdown the risk. jerry blavat is celebrating doo wop. >> he's got the moves. >> it's crisp and cold feeling out there, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast this sunday morning.
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>> it is 6:43 this sunday morning if you're just waking up taking a look at the peco building reading 27 degrees, bundle up if you're heading out the door. meteorologist chris sowers said it is going to warm up. we'll get into the 40s today. today is not too bad, but tomorrow it will sting a little bit. >> monday! >> reporter: monday night into tuesday morning. that's an appetizer compared to what's going to happen in the middle of the month. let's get you outside, we'll pay the price a little bit here. temperatures have been nice over the last 45 days or so. now old man winter will get his act together and start flexing his muscles. there's the live view over the platt bridge. it's blustery and cold, a slight
6:44 am
breeze out of the west/southwest 5 to 7 miles per hour. 48 degrees is the temperature we're shooting for this afternoon, 7 degrees above average. not a bad day. there will be a breeze out there, it will feel like the upper 30s, low 40s. 31 degrees that's the low temperature thus far at the philadelphia international airport. obviously other locations are colder than that. pottstown, 23. quakertown, 25 degrees. martins creek 25 and chester checking in at 33. glass borough, 30. gandys beach close to 40. buena, 27. hammonton, 24 and woodbine 27 degrees, big story over the next few days, will be this guy right here. there's a frontal system draped across the southeastern portions of canada. this is an arctic front from the pole dropping straight down from the mid atlantic to the northeast. you can see the snow squalls associated with the leading edge
6:45 am
of the frontal system. this will bully its way into the pattern and split the southern branch. jet which brought us rain for two weeks straight across the gulf states. the weather pattern clears out, we get sunshine, the negative we get the cold air. when you see purple those are single digits. that's true arctic air. 20s and 30s and teens showing up across the lower 48. that's the real deal to the north. you can see single digits below zero. 6 below up here, i won't attempt to pronounce the rest of the those. it's going to be sharply colder as we move into the work workweek. 48, this afternoon, windchills five to seven degrees colder than the actual air
6:46 am
temperatures. overnight tonight, the frontal system seeps through, temperatures crash, tomorrow afternoon, 232, 33 at best. upper 20s north and west, this doesn't take into account what it will feel like with the wind. it will feel like the teens and 20s. monday into tuesday these are actual air temperatures, monday night we rebound 30, 31 degrees tuesday afternoon. good news we'll keep it clear right through thursday, there's today, there's tomorrow. and then we get into tuesday afternoon, nothing more than a combination of sun and clouds, not a bad stretch of weather in terms of sky conditions. it will be blustery out there. for the lehigh valley, puffy clouds from time to time. sun and clouds and breezy, 42. it will feel like the mid 30s at times. for the jersey shore, a lot milder, 50 degrees on the boards in atlantic city. sunny skies and breezy. the wind will make it feel like the low to mid 40s. 50 is not that bad for this time of the year.
6:47 am
philadelphia, 48 degrees, sunny and breezy. winds out of the west at 15 to 25 miles per hour. mainly clear and cold overnight tonight. 22 degrees north and west, 27 in the city. windchills going down into the mid teens across the area. breezy and mild today. 48 degrees blustery and cold tomorrow, 33. the rest of the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows improvement, still cold tuesday, 32. it gets a little bit better by wednesday 42 degrees, sunshine, thursday, 46. friday night into saturday there could be a round of wet weather up close to 50 degrees again and then we get past next weekend there's a colder shot of air that will make the beginning of this week look like a joke, quite honestly. it was a night of friendly competition for first responders in wilmington. firefighters faced off against police officers during a charity ice hockey great game.
6:48 am
the 4th annual winter classic helps families with kids battling childhood cancer. annual 8 week old kitten likely ravaged by a dog and abused by people. take a look at died blue. he was treated for puncture wounds some of which are deep and scheduled to have more surgery this week. >> he has a good progression to be a normal cat. he is very sweet and very gentle and loves attention and he is relatively strong considering what he's been through. he has bonded with another kitten and the two of them will likely be place understand foster care together. we'll b right back.
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teenager from north philadelphia was shot and killed and one year later his killer remains on the loose. now his family has a message for the person responsible. >> reporter: he said his nephew jovanni oyola was filled with love. the 19 was outside his girlfriend's house on north howard street in north philadelphia. before 10:00 p.m., police were called to the scene for reports of a person with a gun. >> the guy came down the block and saw him and started shooting him. >> reporter: officers found jovanni oyola suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. >> the way he left, it hurts. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia is all of these a
6:52 am
$20,000 for the arrest and conviction of the person responsible. all you have to do is make a call to unanimously 215-546-tips. >> we want to know what happened. we want please, somebody say something. >> reporter: he has this to say to his nephew's killer. >> we not mad at him. he understand he was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, but at the same time, we want to let him know we'll forgive him. >> reporter: he said even though jovanni oyola lived 19 years, the family is grateful for that short time. >> we thank god for that moment we had with him. >> reporter: for crime fighters i'm rick williams channel 6 "action news." >> the site of the deadly shooting in san bernadino, california is set to reopen tomorrow. last month 14 people were killed and 21 others were injured at
6:53 am
the inland regional center. two who carried out the attack were killed by the police. farook was worked at the sister. there will be tighter security when 600 employees return to work. >> a warning this morning for
6:54 am
6:55 am
households with churn, pill boxes are placed in easy to reach spots in some homes. children can get their hands on them and that can end in tragedy. abc news richard besser has more. >> reporter: it's a sound no little kid should be listening
6:56 am
to. 2012, 64,000 children under five went to emergency room for medicine poisoning. with the help of montclair children's school in manhattan we put kids together to see if they could open the medication containers. not one child in the group is able to open the child resists antibottles. but getting into weekly pill organizers is a different story. margot opened this in 9 seconds. that one opened up. >> reporter: experts say the eye catching boxes look like toys. >> we use them for story of toys or smalland crafts.
6:57 am
>> reporter: three out of five kids broke into the boxings under 15 seconds. the group of 4-year-olds was faster. >> had hannah has one open 4-year-old kye got into a child resists antimedicine bottle. parents were shocked. >> i guess i'm surprised that he could open this one, i didn't think about it. >> i definitely thought maybe we should make sure the pill box goes on a higher shelf. >> reporter: but the kids caught on fast. >> if you find something like this medicine box at home, who she would you tell? >> your mommy. >> your mommy or daddy or grown
6:58 am
up, right? >> you don't take mommy and daddy's pill. >> you don't take it out of there. >> smart little kid. in more ways than one. >> if you have parents or grandparents visiting make sure they know to keep their pill boxes out of sight. >> here's some of the stories we're working on for you, more than $350 million on the line in the powerball drawing. pennsylvania turnpike drivers are paying more and some drivers using one bridge will be getting a bill. >> plus an update from meteorologist chris sowers and accuweather. dangerous windchills are settling in. we'll be right back.
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on this sunday, january 3, 2016. the powerball jackpot soars again, nobody one the 35 million-dollar jackpot. >> it's almost as if you're living on some other planet. >> missouri governor jay nixon describing the flooding battering his state. the swollen mississippi river will threaten several states for weeks. >> back


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