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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 5, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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year, allentown, trenton single digits at 9 and wilmington 12 and the same wildwood down the shore, they dropped as low as 4 below in philadelphia, 7 below in millville. 25 below in the poconos and even at the shore below zero and most of these numbers came at 3:00, 4:00, this morning. high pressure is to the west and that high pressure is supplying a lot of sunshine with the very dry arctic air from new england back to the ohio valley, cold air is linking with the relatively warm waters of the atlantic. 32 chicago and the same for philadelphia, the cold is dipping as south as cincinnati and raleigh and the southern winds are taking over and we'll chat about normal night ahead and the good thing about
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tonight, we will not have the wind, we won't have the windchills we had this morning, and we'll chat about a warming trend and precipitation i'll have the numbers when i come back inside of that warm studio. >> come on in, thanks. >> people all over the delaware and lehigh valleys are dealing with the brutal temperatures and the hard for anybody working or waiting for the bus. meteorologist, nora muchanic, continues our live team coverage, good to see you wearing a hat. >> i don't bring this out often, when it's 10 or 12 degrees, take a look around everywhere are trying to stay warm, it's no picnic waiting or staying outside. there is a word we heard more than once today to describe it. >> it's brutal, it's real cold. real cold.
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>> are you prepared for this? >> as prepared as i can be. >> with temperatures in the teens and only a little bit better this afternoon, people are braving the cold bundled from head to toe in an effort to stay warm. >> i have my hat, gloves and scarf and winter jacket. >> are you ready. >> it's a shock, it's been so mild when are so fortunate, i'm glad it's january and hasn't snowed yet. >> and construct workers working outdoor ands dealing with the sub zero temperatures, here in trenton they are replacing underground pipes, it's really there to help defrost equipment. >> nothing wants to run and nothing wants to start. some of the material you can't use in the cold, like cement and stuff like that. we couldn't pour concrete today. >> it's cold for the recycle
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collects too. >> you have to wrap up and stay as warm as possible. state street is packed with people picking up lunch and because of the frigid temperatures that wasn't the case today. it's definitely freezing out here, i'm out for lunch because he dragged me out. that is her friends hat and not his hair. >> it feels like montreal. >> yes. >> it's too cold, we go from hot to cold and it finally feels like winter now. >> and brian to think it was just a couple of weeks ago people were running around in shorts. not anymore. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> all right we'll do it again some day nora, thanks. the winter is finally here be sure to check in with, we are constantly updating the forecast and you can rely on the latest from accuweather to help prepare for whatever is coming our way. >> philadelphia police are saying that someone stole a car
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early this morning while a 6-year-old boy was sleeping in the backseat, the child is safe and back with his family and police are looking for whoever is responsible, sara bloomquist is live outside of the store where all of this happened in south philadelphia. we got a look at new surveillance video in this case. >> reporter: you'll see it in just a moment, despite the video, police tell "action news" they have little to go on as they try to find this man who jumped into the running car outside of the 7-eleven he sped off with the stolen honda with a 6-year-old boy asleep in the backseat, surveillance video shows us part of what happened. this grainy video outside of the 7-eleven shows the silver honda parked outside and a white car pulled up and a man jumped in the honda and both men pulled out of the lot, a man walked out
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with his bag in hand chasing the honda, what he knew was that his 6-year-old stepson was in the back of the vehicle now speeding away. >> it had a unique description. >> city officers kept an eye out and they reviewed the video at the store. the child suffered from asthma and did not have his inhaler. officers soon came upon the stolen car. >> in a half hour, philadelphia police did a great job they found the vehicle on the 4300 block of leaper street about 2 miles south of this location. the engine was running and the child was in the backseat still sleeping. >> officers brought the boy back to the 711 where he was reunited with his mother and stepfather, police are processing the stolen
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honda looking for prints and dna as they try to track down the thief. >> and his parent accomplice as well. the boy is just fine even told investigators and officers that woke him up, that he slept through the entire thing. the suspect had to idea the boy was in the backseat and ditched the car. he faces auto theft and kidnapping. i'm sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> the good news is the boy is okay thank you. philadelphia police are looking for the man who invaded a home and sexually assaulted a woman in bridesburg, it happened on granite street, a man forced his way into the home and took tvs and cell phones and other electronics, there were three women inside of the home at the time and three of the women told police he assaulted her, chad pradelli has more on the case in a live report at 5:00.
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president obama moved forward without congress and announced executive action on gun control, kenneth moton-is in washington with details. >> good evening the issue of gun violence and mass shootings has angered the president, that could be seen on his face as he unveiled the plan. president obama shed tears as he made good on his promise to act on gun control. >> every time i think about those kids it gets me mad. >> the 20 first graders of the sandy hook massacre, their families impacted by gun violence were in the audience as he made another plea, these expand background checks and gun dealers to be licensed and to overall the background check system and increasing the use ofmentsal health information for
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checks. >> this is not a plot to take away everyone's guns, you pass a background check you get a gun. >> house speaker, paul ryan, said quote rather than go after criminals and terrorists, he goes after the most law abiding citizens. >> a father of one of the sandy hook victim says it's time for sensible laws. >> every gun death is preventible and we need your help. >> thursday president obama will hit the road for gun control town hall in virginia. reporting at the white house, kenneth moton, channel 6 "action news." >> and here in philadelphia today the city officially has a new top cop, today richard ross
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became philadelphia's 30th police commissioner and was sworn in as a ceremony at central high school, coming just one day after jim kenney was sworn in as mayor of philadelphia. ross says this is a lifelong dream come true for him. the 26 year veteran of the force says this is a challenging time in law enforcement but wants philadelphia's officers to know. that the reforms will he make is in no way a reflection of their hard work and dedication. and it's a sign of the times that are facing our nation. >> these are complex issues with no easy fix, there is no easy way around them. we have to confront them and be bold about it. we have to understand in order to be successful these things need to happen. we need to be more responsive and accountable for our neighborhoods. >> and today mayor kenney saying
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he chose ross because he instills a steady intelligent quiet confidence and has the decency and dignity required to run a police department in 2016, ross today saying that one of his big first tasks is choosing a deputy commissioner. you can watch his entire speech and swearing in at very passionate speech he gave today. take time to listen to it. you guys should get something out of it. >> a home town guy serving the town. time for the "action news" traffic report, here is matt pellman with a look at how things are moving along. >> we know that drivers are taking seriously which roadway to take home in the afternoon, here is one you don't want to take home, 95 as accidents coming and going, i know it's tough to see behind the vehicles, there is an accident there taking out the right lane
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coming away from center city and entering the work zone. there is one on the southbound side, approaching girard, and it's not pleasant either way, especially bad southbound. and the travel time is not looking good on 422 westbound either, coming out of king of prussia, a lot of speeds in the teens from 202 the whole way past oaks where an accident just cleared. the lanes are open and not a pleasant ride, taking off 42 it's not so good, southbound by 295, there is an accident taking out the two right lanes, coming off the walt whitman bridge off new jersey, speeds of 11 miles per hour and a wreck at cherry hill approaching 295, involving a pedestrian there taking out the left lane, burlington bristol bridge on stand by for an opening and head for the turnpike connecter, we head here to grab the ipad, one of our friends, talking about a pothole
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i-95 southbound as you head toward delaware, watch for that this afternoon. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> that is how we like our pr with a smile. a deadly attack in afghanistan targets special forces. >> and it's one month since the tragedy in san bernardino, authorities make a new push in their investigation for information. and star wars "the force awakens," something has people outraged.
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one u.s. service member died and two others were wounded in southern afghanistan today. this happened near the city and the military has not released many details but officials said the fighting is part of new efforts by the u.s. and afghan troops. to push back against recent taliban gains.
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>> the fbi is looking for more information about the shooting massacre that killed 14 people in san bernardino, california, authorities have established a timeline accounted for most of the suspects movements the day of the attack, but they are still missing 18 critical minutes of their activities after the shooting. investigators urged anyone that saw anything during that time to call the fbi. >> we want to ensure that we know whether or not they stopped at any locations, any residences or businesses we don't already know about. they were both killed in a shootout with police and investigators believe they were inspired by terrorism but there is no indication that they received any directives from any groups overseas it's day four with malitia men taking over a wildlife ref
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unl. they have been holed up since saturday claiming the land belongs to the people and not the government and for today the first time the authorities have a clear message for the defiant group of ranchers. they promise to stand their ground and defend their rights. >> it's time for you to leave our community. go home to your families. and end this peacefully. >> i'll tell you right now nobody here will fire that first shot, we will protect ourselves but that is not what we want. >> they call themselves citizens for constitutional freedom, they want the land returned to america's ranchers, they intend to remain peaceful, they are not terrorists, they are not inciting fear. this started over the two men convicted of starting fire on public lands, the father and son
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do not condone this standoff, and as for authorities and how they are handling this, the area that is so remote, for now they are watching and waiting and hoping for a peaceful resolution. >> interesting situation alicia thank you. >> auto makers reported their 2015 sales numbers today and showing that americans are buying more new cars than ever before. total sales are expected to reach 17.5 million, that is a hair over the old record set in the year 2000, general motors saw the most growth and ford was the top selling brand, and low gas prices and interest rates left more money in pock egts to buy new cars. >> looking at closing numbers, after a sharp fall yesterday some stability today, the dow is up 10 points, and the nasdaq down 12 and the s&p up 4 points.
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>> a brutally cold day out there this afternoon. >> it has been i was out there earlier. lets head to adam joseph. >> the worst is behind us at this point from the dangerous windchills this morning to this afternoon's high temperature near freezing everything goes up wednesday and beyond. as we look at reading, pennsylvania, westward, the sun is setting later and later and close to 5:00. the earliest happened at 5:00 in the morning, doylestown 5 below and 7 below in west berlin, so everyone on the dangerous side first thing this morning. the numbers have recovered a little bit with sunshine, we are at freezing below in reading and lancaster, 30 in millville and at the shore temperatures in the upper 20s to around 32 degrees,
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windchill right now, it's actually the same as the air temperature, we are starting to lose the really strong wind out of the north, 27 allentown and 37 in reading and 24 in millville. the wind continues to ease overnight as high pressure is situating pretty close by and that means we don't have the winds to wrap around the feature when it positions right above, it's providing sunshine and quiet weather to the northeast and down to the deep south, north and west of dallas and heading towards wichita, is there a low pressure center gaining momentum and precipitation. for us it's clear and cold and calm tonight, it's the triple c. 8 in reading and 16 in philadelphia and teens at the shore, and this is how it will generally feel overnight because we won't have the wind to lower those numbers anymore. as we look at the highs tomorrow and a milder afternoon with the westerly wind, up to 40 in philadelphia and 41 at the shore
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and even west of the city, wilmington and land caster, coming in 37 to 39 degrees, we have the cold air in place. where is the precipitation, the winter weather lovers are asking, here is your next chance for snow over the next five days, 0% over the upcoming weekend, as you look at the four day at 4:00, 40 tomorrow and lots of sunshine, a touch milder on thursday, 44 degrees, transitioning to afternoon cloud cover coming in at 47, and then on saturday, cloudy with on and off light showers and drizzle, not a heavy rain but a dreary day with a high of 50 degrees, those numbers go even higher as we get into the second half of the weekend, we'll chat about the big recovery in the temperatures. a group of local soldiers returns home after a deployment overseas, it started with fire
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police are looking for the driver that killed a pedestrian on route 1, police say the victim died at the scene and they have not yet told us the victim's name and have not given us the details on the car just yet. dozens of people were forced out of their homes in huntington park, the action cam was there on north 5 and street, three homes showed high levels of that
4:26 pm
potentially deadly gas, five people had to leave their houses and go into the cold, and they called in a septa bus to give them shelter. some excited members greeted air men from the delaware national guard, after they returned from a deployment today. that little one as you can see is waiting for his dad to get off the plane after it landed in newcastle, members of the 166 operation squadron touched down after a 60 day rotation in southeast asia, a short time later they were reunited with their loved ones inside. >> it's a big, warm fuzzy, a happy glow, it's good to be back. >> these air men provided support for troops stations overseas. a great reunion there, the horticultural society has a new
4:27 pm
president. matt raider takes over the organization next week, the pen alum is looking ahead to this year's flower show and the theme is explore america, and celebrates the 100 anniversary of the park service, he will be the 100th president in pa's history. >> always beautiful. still ahead a philadelphia police officer is off the job following an off duty incident. more on his arrest coming up. >> plus, slim down for less. >> i'm nydia han five ways to save on a gym membership.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again. "action news" continues with the iphone trick so many of us are waiting for how you can finally make the seemingly default apps disappear. >> can you spot what is wrong with this star wars themed monopoly game. thousands of twitter users can and they are not happy with what is missing. and health goals we'll break down the expert rankings. but first what a difference a week can make, a bit gloomy and wet but warm enough last
4:30 pm
week for light jackets and this is what the world looks like today. those that braved the arctic air were forced to wear coats and hats and gloves and anything else they could fine. >> the delaware valley is being hit hard right now, the deep freeze should soon thaw. lets get to adam joseph with an update and he says the cold won't last all that long right adam? >> this is a tease for winter weather lovers, it's pretty harsh for the first go at this winter season, it's going as quickly as it moved in lots of sunshine and there you can see the river rink, there are a few folks out there right now trying to brave the wind, while you are at the river rink, it's exposed to a lot of open air and you get the air funneling in off the river. that adds to the chill. 12 degrees this morning, 14 degrees below average for the
4:31 pm
low this morning and when you factor in the wind that was still whipping around in the earl early morning hours, it was as low as 4 below in the city of philadelphia. it has improved some, high pressure is just to the west near pittsburgh and when high pressure is overhead, you get a lack of wind and clouds and when the high was to the west of the ohio valley, that is when we had the winds numberling around the high pressure secenter, as it ds the winds will calm. 26 in pittsburgh, you look to the north, caribou just 13 degrees and the same for burlington, vermont, and factor in a light wind from the north our windchill is the exact same as the air temperature of 32 degrees, that is a huge improvement and you lift to the north and you can see from burlington to quebec and caribou, maine, between 1 and 15 below zero, there is one good
4:32 pm
thing about how cold it will be and we'll talk about the quick warm-up and precipitation on the way and i'll have the timing coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> a good thing about how cold it will be tonight. we'll stick around for that. from walking around to filting fires, those brutal temperatures made it hard to do just about anything outdoors today. john rawlins is live in center city taking a look at how people are coping with the cold. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you i'm not coping well at all. but other people are doing pretty well. some find it rather refreshing, after a mild december to remember it has all changed. >> it's freezing. >> is that a good thing or bad thing. as long as you get your children bundled and everything, janelle rogers and her children are bundled up. a few steps away xart skaters
4:33 pm
reveling in the cold weather at the rink. >> it's suppose to be like this. you love it? >> yes. >> does it bother you at all? >> no. >> my grandparents have a house in the poconos we go there all the time. >> skating on it is one thing but working on it is another. worker john says working in it made for icy complications. as you squirt the water out the ice was coming down. >> it was freezing as fast as it went on there? >> yes. >> it was fire and ice overnight? >> yes. >> water became sheets of ice at the cobb's creek golf club, slipping and falling and gears and exhausted personnel. >> when we try to take it down it will break, we have to be cognizant of keeping it moving and keeping our people warm and we'll check out the troops and
4:34 pm
bring in fresh troops. very, very heavy damage to the historic building. fortunately nobody was injured, it was a cold night and cold day and it will warm up over the next couple of days. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you john. >> is the place to turn as winter finally makes its mark, rely on our constantly updated forecast and the latest from accuweather to get you through. >> a philadelphia police officer is off the job today and facing charges for an incident that happened while off duty. officials say that officer derek lewis was arrested on december 28th following a domestic altercation, the 25-year-old was charged with simple assault and harassment, the veteran of the 19th district was suspended and
4:35 pm
dismissal. and protesters packed into a meeting of the council last night, at the meeting they pledged to get to the bottom of the fatal shooting, the cat seen here named sugar, escaped from its house, the officer that came across the cat shot and killed it and said it was a judgment call. they are demanding the police chief resign and the officer be fired. >> now northampton d.a., has opened an investigation, the police department says it too is reviewing what took place. >> philadelphia police have given us new surveillance video of two men that robbed a customer at a tioga-nicetown gas station, the suspects arrived in a silver sedan at the bp on the 2200 block of west allegheny avenue just before 3:00 a.m. last thursday, they went into the store where they noticed a
4:36 pm
customer counting cash, one of the men snatched the money and ran, police are trying to track down both of these suspects. detectives are trying to identify the juveniles that caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the construction site in logan, three boys went into a property that is being renovated on the 4400 block of north broad street, this happened on december 24th, a worker discovered holes in the sheetrock and in the equipment and broken tables. they believe the suspects are between 14 and 17 years old. >> in chester county a family accidentally set their house on fire while trying to keep warm last night. investigators say that this blaze in kennett square started in the chimney, the flames quickly spread throughout the house eventually shooting through the roof there, firefighters got it under control after midnight and were
4:37 pm
called back to the scene this morning to extinguish hot spots. well, a young girl gave back to childrens hospital of philadelphia today in a very big way all in a way to say thanks for saving her life, monica malpass is live with the details on this one. >> hi brian, at the age of 7, emily whitehead was battle an aggressive type of leukemia and that was thanks to very special treatment. emily was the first pediatric patient in the world to have this treatment, ali gorman tells us about emily's new foundation that is helping others beat cancer like she did. we'll have that story and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00. >> thank you. anticipation it is building and so is the jackpot for tomorrow's power ball, now worth $450 million, lottery officials
4:38 pm
say the sharp increase is due to strong ticket sales, the cash prize for the single winning ticket has a payout of $275 million. the drawing is tomorrow night and ticket sales close at 9:59 wednesday evening, we'll have the winning numbers for you during "action news" at 11:00. right after accuweather. >> i never get tired of dreaming about it. >> i will buy a ticket. >> i'll buy two. >> if you have an iphone, chances are you have a few folders filled with default apps you never use but can't delete. how to make them disappear straight ahead. and losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions that people make, if that is one of yours, experts break down the best diets for 2017. and why walk your way to labor when you can dance, a local couple that motivated them to
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bust a move before having a baby. and adam joseph is back with the full accuweather forecast, when "action news" at 4:00 continues. ♪
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tylenol®. she was carjacked and then kidnapped and held hostage for hours in her very own car but today a graduate student is safe and talking about her daring escape. this is 23-year-old rachel stevenson, the long island native was driving through pennsylvania last wednesday when she stopped an east strasburg gas station, that is when malik jumped into her car and told her to set the gps for virginia and instead she used her phone to text her boyfriend. >> i was getting all of these texts where are you please answer, i was thinking is that going to be the last memories that they have of me, after
4:42 pm
driving for 150 miles, chambers was forced to stop at a schuylkill county gas station, she made a break for it after the carjacker sped away. they caught up with him after a short chase near harrisburg. u.s. news and world reports issued their annual best diets list evaluating the best of the eating plans. the diet to reduce blood pressure was the best overall and weight watchers was the best for weight loss, and the mind diet focusing on brain healthy foods, they are based on well rounded meals and smaller portions and a lot of color on the plate. it needs to be safe medically
4:43 pm
and tim sell and sustainable. >> now abc's doctor jennifer ashton says that people can lose weight with almost any diet but have you to be able to follow it long-term for real success. big talkers now, and some pretty big disappointment from even the smallest star wars fans, that a main character was left out of hasbro's latest board game, here is t"the force awakens" monopoly, you can play luke sky walker, noticeably miss is the female lead, ray. a little girl sent hazbro, how could you leave her out without her there is no force awakens. boys and girls need to see that women can be as strong as men. >> hazbro says the game came out
4:44 pm
in september two months before the movie's release and ray was not included to avoid a key plot line. maybe they will do a redo on this one. >> this one has iphone users doing a collective yes. you know the iphone apps that kind of seen stuck and clutter your screen but never give you the option of xing them away, someone as cracked the code, they found a way to make the apps disappear, step one, if it isn't already put the app into a folder, step two open the folder press and hold the app until it jiggles. and then take the app and drag it into the next page of that's followeder, this is where it gets tricky, move it again to a third page, you know you have
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done so because there are three dots at the bottom. now you tap the hold button without letting go of the app and poof it is gone. have you to move it in and out before it disappears, it's not forever, it will return if you power cycle your phone back on. finally, there is old wives tales of speeding along labor and delivery, this couple says it's simple, just dance. and boy do yvette and jovany have moves. ♪ ♪ >> at the advice of their birth coach, she says get the baby to drop and get the baby going, they do a style of dance from the dominican republic, all the moms know, her contractses were three minutes apart in this
4:46 pm
video and even though dad, said she was in crazy pain look at her go. this happened on january 2nd, at eighth and spruce, and there is their baby, born nine hours after that video was taken. >> no doubt that little girl will have some rhythm. >> now lets check in with matt pellman. >> we wish we could get things moving better but instead we are delivering big delays. here in the southbound lanes of 95 check out the travel time, now over an hour, to get from woodhaven to the vine that, is about four times what it should be. and you can see here in the southbound lanes by the betsy ross bridge, the traffic is barely moving, it's like this approaching cotman into girard and that is where we still have the accident taking out the left lane, you want to stay local,
4:47 pm
roads like frankford avenue and a crash on the northbound side of 95 near girard taking out the right lane there. north of penn's landing just 8 miles per hour. heading into new jersey off the walt whitman bridge just 9 miles per hour, taking out the two right lanes and audubon park a downed traffic signal along 650 taking out the right lane and the pedestrian accident along 70 eastbound has cleared. issues on the a.c. expressway, blocking lanes near the a.c. airport exit. think about the white horse pike instead. and mass transportation situations, we'll check them in the 5:00 hour. we have just gotten word about a mass transit situation, chopper 6 hd is live over the ben franklin bridge where a patco train became disabled
4:48 pm
there, 100 passengers were on the train and they are being off loaded now and this is impacting the way to and from new jersey, it had a malfunction with the brakes, therefore this train will not move, we'll follow this one closely more "action news" coming up.
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4:50 pm
we went from one extreme in december with all the record high temperatures to the other extreme at the beginning of the year with all of those freezing temperatures but not finding precipitation with the cold. but they are making some man made snow like crazy at the ski resorts, this is a live look at
4:51 pm
bear creek where everything is covered here in white. you can see the walkway covered here and the accumulation of snow on the edge trying to make up ground and then unfortunately they are fighting warmth and heavy rain possibly as we go into the upcoming weekend, the almanac, 32 degrees, the high temperature, the normal is 40 degrees and 8 degrees below normal and the low is 12 and 10 degrees off the record low set back way in the early 1900, of 2 below 0, and upper 20s at the shore and just below freezing in reading and 24 degrees in the poconos, winds right now are beginning to really relax, it is calm in reading, 3 miles in philadelphia and 6 in millville and to the south 5 miles per hour at the shore and compliments of this high pressure that brought the cold air in, but as the core of this high pulls overhead it ceases
4:52 pm
the wind and we are look at calm conditions overnight than will prevent the good thing with the extreme cold between 7 and 16 from dropping lower overnight. clear, calm and cold, and the wind is maybe 2 miles per hour at a time and wednesday the high is just off the coast and the wins start to turn out of the southerly direction, with a clear sky a milder afternoon and right on target with the 40 degrees for the normal high this time of year and on thursday, just a few clouds developing, back above average at 44 degrees, a low developing off the coast and this remains out to sea as it heads to the north and east and we are watching this storm off the great lakes and it will swing the warmth front through and 50s again with rain, the exclusive accuweather forecast, 40s the next few days, as we get to 47 by friday with morning sun and afternoon clouds and the warm front on saturday, showers and drizzle, kind of a dreary but not a bashout kind of
4:53 pm
day, 50 degrees, and then another coastal storm develops and it could bring heavier rain on sunday, very mild at 55 and it turns breezy and cooler and then back below normal on tuesday at 38 degrees. unfortunately no chance for snow for the winter weather lovers. >> it has to be man made. >> yes. what's the deal is coming up next. patients across the country have spoken.
4:54 pm
they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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consumer reports reports did some digging to keep your fitness regimen on track, if getting in shape is one of your new years resolution, you don't have to break the bank to get in shape. the first rule is always negotiate. >> always assume you can get a
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better deal, you do that by asking the right questions and visiting at the right times. january is a great time but wait until the end of the month when sales teams may be eagle toward make a deal. consider bringing friends and asking for a group discount and consider what kind of membership you really need, some let you pay less for limited access and less perks. >> maybe just come in and pay $10 a month and if they are interested in amenities 19.99 there's a month. see if your boss is willing to share the cost. >> many larger firms have wellness programs, they may pay for the gym or have on site facilities. >> some blue cross blue shield members can pay as little as $25 a month at fitness chains around the country, finally if you
4:57 pm
don't know how often you'll work out or like to mix it up, consider a pay as you go or individual class facilities, with these deals you can sign up at more than one type of place and only pay when you use the facility. some offer passes for a day or even a week this way you can try it out before you sign on the dotted line. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian williams. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it is day two of the bitterly cold temperatures and once again everyone is dressed in layers, covered in hats, scarves and gloves and as the sun is setting it is starting to feel even worse. the big story on "action news" is the frigid conditions across our region, but good news accuweather says we start to
5:00 pm
warm up tomorrow. cecily tynan is at the big board with the details. this is tough to take but there say light at the end of the tunnel. >> we have another shot of cold air next week but this morning a tough morning to get out of bed, philadelphia the temperature dropped down to 12 degrees, that is 14 degrees below normal, allentown 8, trenton 9 and wilmington 12, it's big problem was that we had gusty winds and the lowest windchill in the wee hours of the morning down to 25 degrees below zero in the poconos and philadelphia dropped down to 4 degrees below, and reading 5 below and trenton 6 degrees below zero. and the winds eased and it's not feeling that bad now, satellite 6 along with action radar showing high pressure building in from western pennsylvania and as it moves over us, the winds calm down and what happens tomorrow is this high pressure


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