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tv   Action News at Noon  ABC  January 6, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon in the news
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we are learning about a shooting death, that they knew believe is suicide by cop. but we begin with breaking news out of philadelphia's kensington section, that is where police are investigating the discovery of skeletal remains. they were found in a vacant lot on east cambria street this morning. shop-was over the scene and it's unclear if they are the remains of a male or female and they are not sure how long the remains have been there. we'll have updates online at now, to a very physical run-in with a bucks county high school basketball coach and a referee, it happened last night at neshaminy high school in langhorne, "action news" obtained this brand new video of the incident that unfolded in the middle of the game.
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now the coach could be facing disciplinary action. annie mccormick is live outside of the high school with more. >> reporter: coach divine is on leave from his coaching and teaching duties pending an outcome of the review of his conduct. >> take a good look at the video of coach divine and the referee, the incidents happened with less than a min in the game against pennsburg high school. divine approached the referee over a foul call and then this, he was ejected from the game. >> when he stepped out on the floor, coach divine made contact with him and the official went to the ground and people went bananas. some called it a head butt and others a chest bump and
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neshaminy school placed the basketball coach and long time special educational teacher on administrative leave. it calls for an immediate one game suspension of the coach and they spoke to the referee who says that the coach made contact with his chest and the side of his face. if it satisfies us in terms of actions they have taken we'll move forward if we feel further action needs to be taken we'll step in. middletown township police were not called and no charges have been filed. all we have is the video and we'll launch an investigation, they followed coach divine during his career and this is out of character. >> coach divine doesn't have a representation for this type of behavior and i don't think he intended to knock the referee to the ground, it wasn't a head butt but he definitely made
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contact with the official which is never acceptable. >> reporter: and the pia says that divine has no prior reports against him, he has been a teacher here for 15 years. annie mccormick, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now to accuweather and the small change for the better for the delaware valley, it's getting warmer out there, as we live at sky 6 hd at the center city skyline, we are getting a break from the bitter cold as temperatures break finally, it looks like clouds move in just in time for the weekend but hey we are getting warmer, meteorologist, david murphy at the big board with the first look at the forecast. >> the milder air will be here over the weekend, and really arriving here during the day on friday. we are at 35 in philadelphia now, this area of blue everybody is down to the freezing mark and above that and that extends through buffalo and back to detroit where it's cooler.
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you remember on monday i showed you this graphic, there was a gray, pink area of cold air and sub freezing air to the north and that was pounding down to the north and giving us the arctic blast, that is not on the map anymore as the winds settle down and we are not drawing the cold air down more and we are in the process of improving things and we improve cloud cover wise and this high is doing two things to us, keeping the clouds to the south and north and it's close enough where the winds are down and it feels a lot better out there. a little bit milder today and far less wind and sun and put that together and we are seeing moderation and improvement. there is the 35 degree reading in philadelphia, close to the north in allentown and reading and the winds are not much of a factor and we are not talking windchills, looks like a high of 40 today rick and sara, after that we see things improve for the weekend and there is rain mix nood the picture and i'll
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have details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you david. police in delaware county have identified the victim of the deadly shooting in upper darby, david zolo was shot more than 10 times by police after he charged at him with a knife. they tried to tase him and he has been hospitalized five times for mental illness and police are calling the situation a tragedy. >> we had to do what we had to do and our condolences go out to the family, and also we feel stronger about the officers and their actions and they were justified in what they did. >> "action news" reporter john rawlins is following the story and has more coming up at 12:30. officials around the world are scrambling after claims from north korea that it successfully tested a hydrogen bomb, they say
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they are defending themselveses from evil warmongers like the united states and now they have convened an emergency meeting at the united nations. marcy gonzales is live outside in new york with the details. >> reporter: north korea is already so heavily sanctioned to in this closed door meeting they are discussing the claim and what else can be done in response. >> this act is -- destabilizing for security, and seriously undermi underminds international efforts. and i condemn it equifcly. >> this announcements from north korea state media, saying that the 5.1 earthquake was caused by north korea's first successful test of a hydrogen bomb, the weapon can be 10,000 times more
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powerful than atomic bombs like those dropped in nagasaki in world war ii. this is the country's fourth time testing a nuclear weapon in 2006 but the first time testing a thermo nuclear weapon, the u.s. launched nuclear sniffer planes to see if the claims are true, it could take months. >> the reported size of the detonation is relatively modest, comparable to the tests they carried out in 2013. which i think has led many experts to assume this is in fact probably a much cruder device rather than a full-fledged hydrogen bomb. north korea made false claims in the past and is being condemned by their ally china. >> marcy thank you. back here one person was
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hurt when a fire ripped through a montgomery county home this morning, the flames broke out at 5:00 a.m. on rittenhouse boulevard in west norton, the man was treated at the scene and the cause of the fire is under investigation. newly minted police commissioner ross has sworn in his right hand man, myron patterson, he is a 30-year veteran and highly respected among his fellow officers, patterson has there is accountability from his office. >> all right you now have 500 million reasons to get a power ball ticket this afternoon, ticket sales end in less than 10 hours from now, the jackpot just went up to $500 million, half a billion dollars and could grow larger by tonight's drawing, the
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sixth largest jackpot in u.s. history and the fourth biggest in power ball. and it's a $275 million payday for the cash payout. can you see the winning numbers on "action news" at 11:00 right before accuweather. we'll have more on today's ticket frenzy coming up at 12:30. good luck. there is more ahead on "action news" at noon, a recall alert for wegman shoppers, the common item that the chain is calling 1,000 pounds of effective immediately. >> but first hover boards banned from campus, the college banning students from riding the popular toy. when "action news" comes right back. ♪
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a family in california watched in horror as mud flow flooded their backyard, storms hit the monrovia area. homeowners say they have never seen anything like this. they helped to pile sandbags in back of the home and the house was not damaged remarkably.
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>> a father is outraged after his 10-year-old daughter was patted down by a tsa agent. his daughter was patted down after a pouch of juice was found in her purse. her father believe its was excessive and left her daughter feeling invaded. >> it violated my daughter. >> kept doing it over and over, i felt uncomfortable and i felt like screaming. >> a tsa spokesperson says that screening procedures for children are allowed under certain circumstances and the agent followed approved procedures and that the pat-down was performed in fronts of the father and the child was never alone with the agent. a new jersey college banned
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students from using hover boards on both of their campuses. kean university says they are dangerous. this is surveillance video, showing a boy about 11 years old stealing a drel phone at a restaurant in north jersey, it happened sunday night in saddle brook in bergan county, it shows the child gesturing to the phone that the father dropped on the floor. a little girl in pittsburgh is reunited with her best friend thanks to facebook. sierra lost her best friend, monkey going to a college basketball game. they found mofrpgy outside and
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were determined to fine the rightful owner, the picture was shared 3,000 times and less than a day later sierra and monkey were reunited. >> i wants to say thank you, and am happy he is home, i really hope they understand how i feel right now. >> sierra says she will sleep better now because her best friend is back. >> that is cute. still to come on "action news," a fast food fight is heating up over dollar meals, health check coming up it turns out the midnight munchies affect for than your weight, it affects your brain, now you tell me. that explain a lot. we are partnering with childrens hospital for an online chat today to help your kids maintain a healthy weight, submit your questions now on
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burg king is now the first food giant to offer a $5 meal that is just $4, a bacon cheeseburger small fries, a small drink and warm chocolate chip cookies, it's to compete with the wendy's four for 4
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deal. we know that snacking is bad for your waistline and bad for your brain. making a habit on munching on midnight meals may impair our ability to learn new things and store memories. with a study on mice they found that during their normal sleeping times they performed normal and then their sleep became fragments. the center for disease control and prevention worries that adds for e-cigarettes are luring teens, including sex and independence and rebellion, those were successful in past ads to take up smoking, unlike cigarette adds, there seems to be no regulation on what e-cigarettes can have. now the "action news" team is work on stories for today at 4:00.
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alicia vitarelli is live in the newsroom. >> an iconic new jersey restaurant is finally back on its feet, it's a story that we love to tell. and after ten years it was devastated by a fire and today we get a look inside at the newly restored building and restored hope and excitement here in that community in new jersey. and a lot going on with the such for a new eagles coach. find out who is their top target. take us with you on the go, watch our newscast streaming live on our smart phone and tablet. rick and sara in the next half hour i'll be here to talk about the next episode of american crime and find out what is ahead this season. thanks alicia. looking live outside. sky 6 hd showing you cape may, new jersey, those beach days will be here soon enough. accuweather is next.
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meteorologist, david murphy, is back inside now. oh you were not outside yet. david murphy is here with a closer look at the forecast. >> stormtracker 6 live double scan shows us we are dry. isn't that nice and here is why. take a look barely any clouds on sky 6 hd and plenty of sunshine in the region and we go to montgomery county and spring mountain, they have things cold enough to make some snow over the last several days. and it looks like they have graded it and it's ready for the taking if you have skiers out there taking that on this afternoon, temperatures are cooler and above freezing and 35 degrees right now in philadelphia, and northern areas cooler, winds from the south-southwest at 3, not a bad day to be outside and on the chilly side, you need coats and extra gear and without much wind you feel relatively comfortable,
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33 degrees and close to the freezing mark, allentown and reading and 35 in trenton and wilmington and a little bit milder down to cape may and the airport in atlantic city, mid to upper 30s there. satellite shows you all of that sunshine building across the region with the lack of cloud cover and high pressure is in control and knocking out the clouds and even though temperatures moderate a bit, even though it's a bit chilly it feels better because of the lack of sun and wind. mostly sunny and certainly on the cold side in the lehigh valley, better than the last couple of days. pretty much the same story down the shore and hanging in the 30s yesterday and lots of sun and chilly in the coastal communities but better than the last couple of days. 40 is the average high for this date, we bounce back up to average, lots of sun and not as cold, winds 4 to miles per hour the rest of the way today.
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and overnight we dip, 25 is the overnight low, clear skies and cold and not much wind, and in some suburbs we go down to the upper teens, when you get out to the morning commute it will still be chilly. today 38 by 4:00 and 38 by 5:30, and below the freezing mark by 7:00. after dinner time we are back into the frozen zone, for tomorrow, future tracker 6 shows you that as of now we have those temperatures in the 30s, it looks like the temperatures will dip a little bit as we go into the overnight hours, we'll be down to the mid-20s at dawn tomorrow when karen and i and tam are on the air and new model runs showing back up to 30 degrees, it looks like tomorrow afternoon is better than today, 22 to 44 degree ranges and the warm fronts comes in towards us tomorrow and it shoots through and we get more clouds out of
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that and it gets milder and that trend continues through the weekend, 40 is today's high, tomorrow partly sunny and we'll go for a high of 44 in philadelphia, so a little bit better and then friday up to 47 degrees, friday with the warm front coming through we see the clouds increase quickly and eventually rain, but it looks like it doesn't happen until late at night. saturday morning showers and clouds in the afternoon and maybe a sprinkle and high of 50, and then on sunday, high of 53 degrees and above average, with periods of off and on rain and another cool down is on the way monday and tuesday back into the 40s and 30s respectively, no snow on the horizon but colder air coming back. is that all right with you. >> yes. i'm an avid skier -- >> you can go to spring mountain. >> just kidding david. a supermarket is recalling
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we now know more about the man shot and killed by police in delaware county. officials say mental illness may have played a role. and thieves are in action for a phone and hover board. >> and this afternoon a new bill is bound to end up on the president's desk. and more on an officer involved shooting that happened in delaware county. a man with a mental illness came after them with a knife. john rawlins live with the latest. >> reporter: the man's family says he was mentally ill and had a hard time dealing with life and called 911 last night apparently trying to involve police. >> he was going to commit suicide and


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