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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 8, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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hands of the suspect who said he did this in the name of islam. >> we have team coverage and we'll check in with john rawlins but we begin with vernon odom live at police headquarters with the late of the on the investigation. vernon. >> reporter: sharrie, brian, good evening. police commissioner ross says tonight this could have been a full blown disaster but that was averted by the officer under sudden attack and his quick thinking and maneuvering. bear in mind the police commissioner and the mayor have been at the helm of this city for less than a week. the surveillance footage from 60th and spruce is chilling. how did this cop survive. you see the gunman identified as edward archer charging the patrol car and opening fire eventually getting his hand and side the vehicle. officer jesse hartnett was hit three times in the left arm but managed to get out of the car and wound his assailant in the buttocks as he fled. here's officer hartnett's first radio transmission. >> i've been shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> the bravery he demonstrated
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was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. >> the. >> reporter: the suspect was eventually captured near 60th and dell lance knee. when he got to police headquarters police say he gave a limited confession. >> confessed to committing this cowardly act in the name of islam. according to him he believes that the police defend loss. >> reporter: the mayor was quick to point out this man has a criminal record and his alleged actions should not be misconstrued in no way shape or form does anyone in this room believe that islam or the teaching of islam has anything to do with what you've seen on that screen. it does not represent the religion in any way shape or form or any of its teachings. >> reporter: the gun that was used to shoot officer hartnett was a stolen 9-millimeter handgun police issue. >> the weapon that this male used was a stolen police firearm. it was stolen back in october of 2013.
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it was reported. >> reporter: during the tense hours when officer hartnett a five year police veteran was in surgery we spoke with his father. >> he's a tough game. he's an excellent philadelphia officer. >> reporter: commission eros says jesse hartnett will require a lot more medical treatment and rehab in the weeks and months ahead. live at police headquarters in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news." >> okay, vernon thank you. now let's go live to john rawlins. he's in west philadelphia not far from the shooting scene where police and federal agents raided a home connected to this investigation. john, fill us in. >> reporter: hi, sharrie. well, the house behind me here is part of a complex and evolving story. police and fbi have cleared the house about an hour ago. at one time they had more than 30 personnel here. they were intensely focused on that building. it has a strong connection with edward archer, the suspect with a search warrant
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11 heavily armed swat officers entered the building along with a member of the bomb squad. they entered that building about 1 o'clock. they found it unoccupied and in a state of repairs being rehabbed. it's owned by the archer family still. apparently the amper lived in delaware county we should say. he spent a lot of time here in this part of west philadelphia. fbi agents removed boxes of items depending on who you talk to, archer would either visit his grandmother or his aunt at this building at 61st and pine. the relative whoever that relative might have been moved away though it's believed that he stayed here occasionally. now, this is about a block to a block and a half from the shooting scene over on spruce street. archer was apprehended just around the corner. there is some speculation he was trying to make it to this building to try to avoid police. he apparently still had a key to the building. this story of course has just got everybody here in this
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part of west philadelphia perplexed over the reasoning behind it or what was going on. we'll have more on that at 5 o'clock. police also looked at and raided a house in yeadon delaware county that was attached to archer. we'll have more on that at 5 o'clock as well. live in west philadelphia, john rawlins, channel6 "action news." alicia. >> john thank you. today an incredibly moving post from one of hartnett's brothers in blue. viral facebook. in it he recounts moments by moment the assault starting with the fact that hartnett was working alone last night when the gunman fired those shots into his vehicle. his friend johnny castro and also his brother in blue writing you ducked your head down at just the right moment. that rounds actually missed your head by inches. you drew your service weapon and viciously returned fire. it was literally a fight for life and death. castro goes on to say i was only two minutes away but it felt like it took me an hour.
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we almost crashed three separate times trying to get to you. he says from what he saw when he got there, the shell casings hartnett's injuries, the bleeding, he says you definitely shouldn't be here right now. it should have been 100 times worse. not many people would have survived an ambush like that. simply wasn't your time. he said. god was watching over you. you did great last night. you made the 18th district and the entire department proud of you. you are a hero. and finally, he says, january 7th will forever be your alive day. rest up jesse hartnett and again, johnny castro's facebook post to again a coworkers and a friend and a hero going viral with people all across the globe retweeting it and sharing it today, brian, along with of course members of the philadelphia police department. >> yes, moving and powerful words. alicia thanks very much. we'll have much more in the way of reaction from the law enforcement community in a
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live report at 4:30. we'll also hear reaction from a local islamic community. we are also covering this story from every angle at you can get another look at those incredible surveillance images from the shooting scene. we also have more raw video pictures and updates as they become available. >> ♪ >> breaking right now, two people are hurt after a crash involving a tractor-trailer in chester. chopper6 was just over the wreck near west second and jeffrey. you can see the tractor-trailer collided with another vehicle and rescue crews were focused on the victims in that car. police not said how badly either of the victims were injured. >> a north philadelphia family is in mourning after an early morning house fire killed a pregnant woman and her young child. flames broke out around 4:00 this morning on the 2800 block of north fourth street. according to firefighters elizabeth perez died after she ran back into the burning home to rescue her two-year-old son
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nathaniel. both were found in an upstairs bedroom. six others made it out alive. firefighters said the home did not have any working smoke detectors. >> two men involved in a deadly 2013 building collapse in center city learned their fate in court today. six people were killed, more than a dozen others hurt when a building under demolition collapsed onto a salvation army thrift store on market street. the lead contractor griffin campbell was convicted in the case. he'll now spend between 15 and 30 years behind bars. the excavator operator sean benschop pleaded guilty in the case. he faces between seven and a half and 15 years in prison. >> time now for a check of the accuweather forecast on a friday. >> let's get you outside to meteorologist adam joseph with the first look at what the weekend has in store. >> not the best of weekends but it will be a warm weekend for january and we are tracking a lot of clouds to end the week and a warm front just to our south and west. as we look at double scan live
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radar you see a broken area of showers with this front as it approaches from the south and west. most of the showers will fall apart. there could be a brief sprinkle or some spotty drizzle with us overnight tonight but the main system continues to develop near the panhandle of texas and just to the east of albuquerque new mexico. this will pull a lot of moisture up from the gulf of mexico and race to the north and east and bring us a heavy round of rain right in the middle part of the upcoming weekend. also with there low will come a lot of warm air. right now it's 53 he in atlanta, 57 in memphis, 64 in new orleans, cincinnati on the brink of 50 degrees while philadelphia we're sitting at 45. so, in that full accuweather forecast and what to expect with the weekend time line saturday a lot of clouds patchy drizzle. sunday morning windy rainy even a thunderstorm and then sunday afternoon record warmth while it stays windy and then we're chatting about really cold temperatures. we'll talk about the ups and
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downs how much rain to expect guys coming up in that full accuweather forecast. >> an eventful weather weekend. thank you adam. it's been an event full afternoon on the roads as we get a first check of the "action news" traffic report. >> hi, matt. >> plenty of ups and downs on the traffic front as well but mainly downs as we head into this friday afternoon. we have a crash that happened just about 10 minutes ago here on the ramp from the vine street expressway 676 westbound to the schuylkill expressway, 76 westbound. they just got the crash which involves this truck pushed off to the shoulder here on the ramp but damage is done westbound side a parking lot as you can see across town from 95 out to the schuylkill expressway. that traffic just slowly creeping along. eastbound's also plenty busy. that's just friday afternoon volume. springfield township delco a crash along route one, that's the state road portion at meetinghouse lane. in newark new castle county a wreck along red mill road at luther drive with slowing developing on the southbound
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side of highway one. in east greenwich gloucester county an accident this afternoon along berkeley road near delaware street. once again today we have been seeing delays on septa's manayunk norristown regional rail line. at this point about 10 minutes behind because of signal issues. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this finally friday afternoon, the first end of a work week in 2016 and yesterday was so eventful in the southbound lanes of the. this afternoon you're okay there. once you get on the schuylkill westbound by the exit for lincoln drive kelly drive there's a minor crash. it's off to the side but as you can see no shortage of volume there will on the westbound schuylkill on a friday afternoon. we'll check it again, brian and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> all right, matt, thank you. still ahead, a local police officer injured in the line of duty. we'll get a big honor in washington, d.c. this month. >> plus, campbell soup starts a new trend. what the new jersey company just did before any other major food company in america. >> and the powerball jackpot
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>> ♪ >> a montgomery county airman who was killed in afghanistan was laid to rest today. staff sergeant peter taub was one of six americans killed in a suicide bombing near bagram air bass last month. he was a native of wyncote and a graduate of cheltenham high school. funeral services were this morning at saints evangelical coach. taub left behind a young daughter an pregnant wife. >> a pennsylvania state trooper who was ambushed in the poconos will attend this year's state of the union address. trooper alex douglass was critically injured in september 2014 in a shooting at a state police barracks. corporal bryan dickson was killed in the same attack. douglas was awarded the pennsylvania state police's purple heart for his bravery. he'll attend president obama's
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final state of the union as a guest of pennsylvania senator pat toomey. septa police officers are now wearing body cameras while out on patrol throughout the city's transit system. it's a $400,000 initiative that began at the start of the new year. septa ran a six month pilot program last year which involves officers testing out 10 different models of the cameras. septa police chief thomas nestle today showing off the new technology. the cameras themselves. there are about -- they're about 2-inches and they're worn right under the tie gnome he showed off footage captured on those cameras by officers on routine patrol. nestle says the goal is transparency. to serve as what he calls "a tool to get to the truth for both police and the public." >> this is going to be very good for the public and for the police. i'd like to say that cameras are going to make good cops great cops and make the rest of them follow the rules.
4:16 pm
>> now, nestle adds that it will take time for officers to get used to the guidelines on when they should activate those cameras. nestle saying the cameras should be turned on while responding to radio calls and also during all interactions with people while on patrol. and brian, he also says it may also serve as sort of surveillance footage for any perps who may run off. >> going to give an incredible perspective. u.s. economy added 292,000 jobs in the month of december according to labor department which released its monthly jobs report today. the same report showed the unemployment rate held steady at 5 percent. the numbers for the u.s. economy is holding strong at a time when china's economy has sent global stock markets into a tail spin. most economistings say u.s. consumer spending. take a look at the closing numbers.
4:17 pm
china still very much rattling this country and wall street in particular the dow off 167 points today, the nasdaq down 46 points, the s & p also off. by the way the dow setting its worst week start to the year -- weak starter to the year since 2011 so very bad start to the year on wall street. >> campbell's soup company says it will label all of its american products to show which ingredients can come from genetically modified organisms. the move makes campbell the first major food company to respond to the growing calls for more transparency about gmo's. the camden based company also says it supports a federal law that would create a single mandatory labeling system for all foods containing gmo's but many other major food companies including pepsi and kellogg have publically opposed that idea. >> all right. it is friday. you made it. almost to the weekend. so, what's the weekend going to look like? >> adam's ready for the
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weekend, too, right? let's check in with our meteorologist who is happy about the weekend. >> yeah, i'm happy about it but if you want winter weather this is not the weekend for you. temperatures going to be really warm. it's n not a washout but we're expecting heavy rain right in the middle part of the weekend. sky6 live looking at penn's landing a lot of clouds to end the week on this friday. a few hints of sun here and there throughout the day and we're sitting at 45 degrees in philadelphia. 5 degrees above normal. 46 millville, the same for the shore. even to the north and west lancaster reading, temperatures coming in around 41 to 43 degrees. we have a couple of areas of low pressure we're tracking for saturday and sunday. this is a warm front that you see some of those showers draped from the ohio valley now north of the tennessee valley into the midatlantic. low pressure number one cuts across chicago late tonight and tomorrow and swings that warm front through. then the second lowest of dallas will become the main player saturday night into the day on sunday. so, with this first round of
4:19 pm
precipitation overnight there's not a lot of it, very minimal precipitation but the national weather service being a little precaution in the winter weather advisory zone of the poconos northampton county maybe a couple of slick spots after 10 o'clock tonight and before 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. future tracker will show at midnight there will be a few spotty showers especially north and west with the warm front. 35 allentown, 33 in the poconos, 36 degrees in reading. 40's elsewhere. as we get into saturday morning, still some drizzle or some on and off light showers north of the city especially lehigh valley into the poconos. drier down to the south and on saturday afternoon, mainly dry and warm, 50's across much of the area and you see -- still see a little green up in the poconos with some drizzle and fog for the ski resorts tomorrow. not the best of days for skiing and then certainly not a great day no matter where you are on sunday morning at 8:00 a.m., torrential heavy rain, very warm, maybe even a gusty thunderstorm in some spots with a very strong wind
4:20 pm
coming in out of the south. in fact, saturday night into the first part of sunday we're expecting close to an inch of rain across much of the area, philadelphia to trenton and over int an inch of rain. heaviest rain into the poconos. poconos could get a whopping inch to an inch and a quarter here saturday night into sunday. your four day at 4:00 forecast cloudy with isolated drizzle at times tomorrow at 52. then that heavy rain saturday morning, very windy as well. in the afternoon we may see some sun breaking back out and a record tying high possibly of 63 degrees. but then as strong as this system is to bring in the warmth, it siphons the cold air down on monday behind it so we drop to 37 with sun and a few clouds and then much milder come tuesday at 43 degrees and then those tropic temperatures will plummet in the middle part of next week and maybe a snow shower around. we'll let you know when that could be. maybe our first one of the winter season in that seven
4:21 pm
day in the next half hour. >> at this point i'll believe it if i see it. >> exactly. >> adam thank you. up next the powerball jackpot sky rockets once again. details on the record breaking prize up for grabs this weekend. >> and coming up at 4:30 we get back to our coverage of the shooting of philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett. we'll have more reaction from other local officers. >> and yesterday around 4:45 in big talkers we asked you to help us find who we're calling the love park bride. it is a big talkers update you don't want to miss coming up in just a few.
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4:25 pm
both suspects are palestinians born in iraq. >> all right, this is almost unbelievable but the biggest jackpot in u.s. lottery history just got even bigger. the prize for tomorrow's powerball drawing is now $800 million. how about that? that's almost 500 million bucks if you take the cash in one lurch sum. the action cam has found people across the region buying up the tickets and taking a chance on that historic jackpot. the drawing is tomorrow night 11 o'clock. we've got the numbers of course on "action news." >> students in philadelphia are starting the school year with a lesson in determination and hard work. students from philadelphia's special needs students from the pathway school in norristown were invited to a special program called empowering youth in 2016. 19-year-old singer rocco fear rainy tino who is blind performed several songs to demonstrate that physical challenges have not held him back. it was held at the national
4:26 pm
liberty museum in center city today. organizers hope students will be inspired to go on and do their best as well. a delaware opera singer performed for a very special audience in wilmington today. >> ♪ >> that's on that tra delaware's timmy mix accompanied by jeffrey milliter piano. today marked the first performance of the music meets medicine series at the nemours dupont for children. it's meant to lift patient's spirits alleviate suffering and promote healing. opera will return to the hospital atrium later this month and again in february. >> another powerful voice beyoncé will perform during this year's super bowl half time show. pepsi which sponsors the show confirmed that news today. it will be beyoncé's second time performing at that big game. she'll join coldplay on sage which announced last month that they would be headlining
4:27 pm
the show. last year's performer bruno mars is also expected to perform. >> a lot of celebrity power. >> yes, huge. >> still ahead el chapo is no longer the world's most notorious fugitive. where the mexican drug lord was found. >> plus at 4:45 yesterday we gave our viewers a test. help us find this bride whose wedding day was captured by camera high atop the center city skyscraper. 10 minutes later you came through. who she is and what she thinks of this unexpected photo shoot straight ahead. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with the very latest on a story that very well could have been the death of a philadelphia police officer. >> but incredibly that is not the story today. despite being shot at point blank range, officer jesse hartnett is alive and is recovering. though "action news" has obtained surveillance video of of the attack on officer harder net we chose to only air these still images honoring the request of police commissioner ross. officials say the images portray 30-year-old edward archer seen here charging hartnett's patrol car at 60th and spruce just before midnight. from there he unleashed at least 13 rounds firing with a gun stolen from a police officer back in 2013. even though hartnett was hit three times in the amount five year veteran of the 14th district still managed to chase archer shoot, him once
4:30 pm
in the backside. >> the bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly saved his life. >> now archer was eventually captured and according to police confessed to acting in the name of islam and pledged allegiance to isis though hartnett is expected to make a full recovery the ambush has undoubterredly shaken the police force. for more on how his fellow officers are dealing with the aftermath we turn to "action news" reporter dann cuellar live in northeast philadelphi philadelphia. dann. >> reporter: brian, everyone here is just very grateful that officer jesse hartnett survived this very chilling ordeal. no one here can fully comprehend how he did survive but they're very grateful. >> this is a total ambush and thank god for that officer's training and it kicked in and his survival instincts kicked in. you know, by the grace of god he's still here today. >> reporter: chilling new images of the attack were
4:31 pm
released by police this afternoon. they show 30-year-old suspect edward archer in a white robe brazenly firing at officer jesse hartnett. he then reaches into the driver's side window and continues firing striking the officer three times. he is later seen fleeing on foot. despite being seriously injured, the officer exits his patrol car gives chase and was able to return fire striking the suspect once. >> the bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly saved his life and we're ever so thankful to god that he's here today because this could have easily been a police funeral. >> reporter: hartnett is expected to be okay. somehow which police find it hard to explain he was only shot three times in the left arm. >> absolutely amazing that that's all he sustained. i cannot explain how he escaped. that nothing short of mirror ram will you say. >> reporter: suspect edward archer told investigator he ambushed hartnett in the name of islam because police defend laws that are contrary to the
4:32 pm
koran. roosevelt popular says regardless of what the motive was people should be appalled. >> we have to enact to get stronger and stiffer laws to protect the citizens of the city. if they're doing this to police officers, you as a citizen, you should be in fear yourself every day even more so than we are. >> reporter: now, the fbi is assisting police in investigating whether archer had been communicating with isis operatives or otherwise looking at online propaganda. that is the very latest from here. we're live at fop headquarters in northeast philadelphia, i'm dann cuellar, channel6 "action news. back to you guys. >> dann thanks very much. meanwhile the head avenue local chapter of a national muslim advocacy group is echoing philadelphia police officials today. he tells "action news" that last night's shooting does not reflect the muslim community or islam as a whole. >> they have perverted their version of islam and cherry picked quotes to support a basically criminal enterprise
4:33 pm
which is very distant from the soul and the compassion and the justice lying at the heart of islam. >> now, we are covering this story from every angle of course on there you can get another look at those incredible surveillance images from the scene. we also have more raw video photos and updates just as soon as they become available. >> in other news today, a north philadelphia family is mourning the loss of a pregnant woman who died trying to save her young son from a fire. tragically her heroic efforts were in vain. both did not make it. "action news" reporter greg hall has been talking with loved ones and family members today and joins us live from the scene with the story. gray. >> reporter: sharrie, as you can imagine this family is devastated by this loss. they are now leaning on each other in this really difficult time. if you take a look behind me you can see there is now a growing memorial for the victims of this fire and everyone i talked to agrees this mother died a hero.
4:34 pm
shock, disbelief and heart broken are just some of the words being used in this north philadelphia neighborhood after an early morning fire claimed the lives of elizabeth perez and her two-year-old son nathaniel. >> when we was here they was taking her body out already with her son and she was hugging him. >> reporter: the tragedy and pain deepens for the perez family. they say elizabeth was nine months pregnant and expecting her second child in february. >> she's in a better place now with my nephew. she died being a hero with her child as any mother should. >> reporter: the fire started around 4 a.m. on the 2800 block of north forth street. perez made it out initially but when she realized her son was still inside she ran back in. sadly, crews found their bodies in an upstairs bedroom. a mother's love giving until the very end and her family says she died a hero. >> that's her. she would not leave her boy. like she ran back in and, you know, she can't make it out so she's like i'm staying with my son and that's what she would do. >> reporter: firefighters don't believe the home had any
4:35 pm
working smoke detectors. there's no word on what caused the fire but investigator say there were at least five portable heaters in there home. >> space heaters need space and you have to make sure you practice that theory because when you put them too close to anything that's combustible you can start a fire. >> reporter: six people were able to make it out. for the perez family now begins that long road to healing from a painful loss. >> that's her baby. that's the only thing she had. she wasly pregnant nine months but that's the only thing she had. she wasn't going to go nowher nowhere. >> reporter: back out live you can see the memorial still here no doubt. this will grow throughout the night and also becoming -- the coming days. i can tell you the american red cross now is helping this family. also not too long ago firefighters they were in this neighborhood passing out free smoke detectors. live tonight in north philadelphia, gray hall, channel6 "action news." back to you. >> all right, just an awful tragedy gray. thanks very much. there is now a reward being offered in what officials are calling a horrible act of animal abuse. officials have now put up
4:36 pm
$1,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who shot a cat with a nail gun. it happened on january 3rd in doylestown. the nails were discovered in the cat's head, cheek and hip and the cat which was still alive had been put in this box. now the animal did ultimately have to be euthanized. anyone with any information about this is asked to call the bucks county spca. a telford man facing charges for allegedly trying to have sex with a 13-year-old girl. the pennsylvania attorney general's office says 42-year-old david chandler posted an online ad looking for a sexual relationship. agents posing as that young girl responded. they say chandler arranged to meet them in lehigh county. he was arrest heed and charged with several crimes including unlawful contact way minor. >> services were held today in allentown for a five-year-old autistic boy who was found dead in a lehigh valley canal. jayliel vega's body was
4:37 pm
discovered earlier this mom he want add weigh from a relative's home on new year's eve without shoes or a coat. a coroner said the boy's cause of death is still pending but he was not hurt in any way before he died. investigators are calling it a tragic accident. the phillies held a press conference today but the big announcement was not about a player on the field. instead, it was for a hero in a different type of uniform. (applause). this mock press conference was actually a surprise for sergeant first class jameel ali. he thought he was coming for a tour of the citizens bank park. instead he found out he's receiving an all expense paid trip to phillies fantasy camp down in clearwater, florida. ali was presented his own jersey by former phillies pitcher tommy green. the surprise was organized by the phillies, the eff and liberty uso as a thank you for ali's service. >> a really deserving guy and
4:38 pm
obviously much appreciative of that. >> yeah. >> great story. all right, not going to be a great weekend. >> no. mild this weekend. >> we could be warm though. >> it's going to be warm. record warmth by the end of the week on sunday. here we go again with records this winter season but not the good records if you like snow and cold. as we look right now at double scan live radar we're dealing with a warm front approaching from the south and west that will bring some patchy drizzle or some light showers during the overnight hours especially north and west of philadelphia and just as they're making up ground after making so much snow here in camelback 34 degrees, wind chill 25, mother nature is going to throw a nasty curve ball for the ski resorts this weekend. saturday a lot of fog and clouds with on and off drizzle the entire day tomorrow with temperatures above freezing and then on sunday, heavy rain, we're looking at mourn an inch of rain over the weekends in the poconos, mild
4:39 pm
and very windy 52 degrees at 10 o'clock in the morning and still near 50 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. and we're looking at 60's for the rest of us in the delaware and lehigh valley. we'll talk about those record temperatures, the timing exactly on that rain and a big cooldown as well with some arctic air in that seven-day forecast. >> adam thanks very much. >> yes. >> a gloucester county postal carrier traveled his route one last time today after more than four decades on the job. it's been 41 years and six months for steve smith senior to be exact. being a postman runs in the family for the 59-year-old. his dad was a most pastor in nearby williamstown for two decades and his brother lab a postal carrier for more than 35 years. today he told "action news" he's sad to say goodbye but there's one thing he will not miss. >> i hate rain. i -- i just despise it. everything gets soaking wet, circulars, mail, you hand people stuff and it looks like a rag. you feel so bad but there's
4:40 pm
nothing much you can do. >> well, he's getting out just in time. smith has a wife, a son, a daughter and two grand kids. he plans to spend retirement biking on the shore and boating in the chesapeake. doesn't that sound great. >> there you go. good plan. >> many sunny days ahead. >> still ahead, an astonishing pregnancy break through a grandmother gives birth to her own grand child becoming a surrogate when her daughter could not have a baby. why experts say the case could change the future of fertility. >> plus, here comes the bride. yesterday we asked our viewers to help us track down the woman whose wedding day was captured by an aerial camera in center city. and man, did you come through and quickly. we'll meet her coming up next. >> meteorologist adam joseph returns with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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mexican drug lord known as el chapo is back behind bars. the president of mexico made the announcement on twitter saying mission accomplished. we have him. el chapo whose real name is joaquin guzman was reportedly recaptured by the mexican navy after a shootout this morning. five people were killed and one marine was hurt. in addition to arresting el chapo officials seized two armored vehicles sniper rifles an rocket propelled grenade launcher. the drug trafficker escaped from prison through a tunnel under his prison shower back in july. >> ♪ >> in health check at four block becoming a grandmother at the age of 54 may be not so unusual but giving birth to your own granddaughter surely s tracy thompson gave birth to a girl in plano, texas, on behalf of her daughter kelly mckissack. thompson offered to be a surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law after repeated fertility treatments and miss carriages. one embryo left from those
4:44 pm
treatments was implanted last spring. >> her and her husband had gone through so much miss carriages and the fertility and all that and i didn't want to disappoint her. >> no one could give someone a greater gift ever. >> well, the 6-pound 11-ounce girl was named kelsey, a combination of her mom's name and her grandmother's name. >> so beautiful. big talkers now and in bergen county new jersey a student under some pretty big fire as controversy swirls over twitter comments she made over the holiday break and slow says she's being branded a bully. bethany koval a 16-year-old israeli jew and student at a high school in fair lawn new jersey expressing support for the palestinians in the middle east and also not being too dined what she calls zionists in israel. some supported her stance but her initial tweet also started a social media firestorm with a pretty heated debate and some harsh words involving
4:45 pm
race and religion. when she got back to school she had to have a conversation with the principal tweeting there i'm about to be exposed for being anti-israel. pray for me. her tweet read. brins pal just called me down she says. i'm about to be exposed for being anti--israel and adding there she was being disciplined for bullying. bethany recorded the conversation they had. that hasn't been released yet. the district saying they were just doing their job by protecting students because of what ensued from the tweet. and adding that they respect her rights to free speech. we'll see how that pans out. probably one of my favorite follow-ups of all time. yesterday at this time i asked you our 6abc viewers to help find the love park bride. the woman whose photo was captured by an aerial camera atop one liberty place on her wedding day and it's now part of an interactive exhibit at the brand new one liberty observation deck. well, in less than 20 minutes you found her.
4:46 pm
see that picture from ground level from her wedding photographer darren and there she is, the bride, casey revere avril from reading pa and her new husband jeff and their entire entourage on their wedding day which happened to be on halloween. her mother saw the segment while making dinner. her matron of honor recognized them on my facebook page reached out to me and add familiar and "actioadam and"act" her photo captured from 1,000 feet in the air. a most amazing candid on her wedding day. >> the wedding photo you didn't anticipate. >> absolutely. >> the one there is now logged in history forever. >> probably one of the coolest. >> viewed by lots of people. >> it's amazing. i can't believe that people will be able to actually see us and for it to be in love park, i mean, we're so much in love and just got married or about to and here we are in love park for everyone to see. >> how about that for our
4:47 pm
viewers and how about that picture for her wedding album. our producer jessica telling me it wasn't even close to 20 minutes. it was exactly 10 minutes, 4:45 and by 4:55 you guys helped us find her. >> go back to the video because didn't we say yesterday we were positive our viewers would come through. >> we really did. >> and they did. >> awesome. >> love story. >> alicia, thanks very much. let's get another can check on the roads tonight. >> let's check in with matt pelman with the upday. hey, matt. >> brian, sharrie, we're making some observations from our aerial view here along the schuylkill expressway and getting i was positive follow-up on the ramp from the vine westbound to the schuylkill westbound. remember that truck accident that we started the afternoon with here on this ramp? it just cleared a few minutes ago so everything is reopened. that doesn't mean the traffic is moving well at this point. it's certainly not. as you come west on the vine across town you're looking at this sort of pace which is a really, really slow one. eastbound side also crowded from the schuylkill on out to 95. 95 and the schuylkill itself
4:48 pm
have normal afternoon delays. a lot of speeds in the 20's and 30's. we're getting word of some police activity in kensington. centered around f street near hilton street. good area to avoid this afternoon as the police activity continues out there. in upper moreland by the japanese restaurant a crash along 611 at andrea drive. also one in abington along susquehanna road near edge hill road a crash we showed you during the last half hour involving a tractor-trailer in chester second street at jeffrey street. they're still out there working on that accident and very slow speeds on the commodore barry just single digits headed into new jersey. heading into delaware in new castle by new york fried chicken watch out for a wreck in the northbound lanes of 13 approaching memorial drive. but if newark a crash we had along red mill road has cleared out. i'm clearing out right now but we'll be back brian and sharrie in the 5 o'clock hour. >> don't go too far. >> okay. >> meteorologist adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast coming up next. >> ♪ ♪
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
>> we are expecting quite a bit of rain for part of the weekend. adam is here tracking timing and totals. >> not only rain but turbulent temperatures in that seven-day forecast. there's a lot going on over the next seven days. temperatures all over the place. as we take a look at double scan live radar around the region a lot of clouds once again today and they will bake be right in placbasically be in. heavy round of rain tomorrow night into sunday morning. 43 for reading, 45 in philadelphia, 46 in millville. even in the poconos right now temperatures are above the freezing point. warm front draped from cleveland south and west of washington. most of the energy or moisture with this is going to lift well to our north and west so just a broken area of some
4:52 pm
light showers and some spotty drizzle will pass with the front overnight tonight but its main low pressure center connected by many different fronts is all the way back to the border of new mexico and texas. not a lot of moisture at this point but once it pushes to the east it will grab moisture out of the gulf of mexico and send quite a bit of rain our way. future tracker at 11:30 tonight some of those showers to the north and west, temperatures above freezing for reading as well as allentown so not looking at any freezing concerns but up in the poconos winter weather advisory late tonight for a possibly some patchy freezing rain or some sleet pellets and then on saturday afternoon, maybe a few splashes of sun to the south but really cloudy, warm into the 50's across much of the area. could be some lingering drizzle up in the poconos and then early on sunday morning this is 3 a.m., that's when some of the heavy rain starts to arrive in lancaster and moves right in for sunday morning at 7:30. very gusty winds, torrential rain, maybe even a thunderstorm or two with
4:53 pm
temperatures soaring into the 60's sunday morning. heaviest rain lifts away by lunchtime on sunday but then the cold front arrives in the afternoon on sunday so there will be some scattered showers at the end of the day with a break coming in early on sunday afternoon but very mild from start to finish here throughout the upcoming weekend. so, the heaviest rain is expected 3 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on sunday, about three-quarters to an inch and a quarter likely, possibly some gusty thunderstorms and wind gusts at the shore between 40 and 50 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 52 cloudy tomorrow with some isolated drizzle. morning rain on sunday, warm in the afternoon, a break of sun before another round of showers. a record tying high possibly of 63 degrees in philadelphia and we could tie or break records for allentown, wilmington, trenton and atlantic city. and then behind that cold air wraps in on monday. we are wind whipped. it's dry, 37. a mild tuesday before an arctic front arrives late tuesday night, early
4:54 pm
wednesday. could touch off a flurry or a morning snow shower, a high of just 32. and it stays very chilly thursday and friday, so we're going from record highs this weekend to well below normal for the most part of next week, guys. >> okay, adam, thank you. >> freebie friday coming up next. >> ♪ our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap.
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they're underground so the details are a secret. we'll show you how to sign up so you can get the alerts. go to for that. intentional engaged couples when you get a free file tote to help you stay organized with your wedding planning. have a great weekend you guys. happy freebies. >> good deal. you too alicia. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00. for sharrie williams alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> "action news" at 5:00 is coming up next. >> see you tonight. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> he was aiming to kill. still photos show a man walk up to a philadelphia police officer's car and start shooting. despite his serious injuries, the officer fired back several shots. the suspect was hit and is in custody tonight. >> i've been shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> the bravery he demonstrated was absolutely remarkable. his will to live undoubtedly
5:00 pm
saved his life. >> the injured officer jesse hartnett is a five year veteran of the force. officials say he has a long road to recovery but they are amazed and incredibly thankful that he survived such a brutal attack. friday night, the big story on "action news" is the latest on the ambush of philadelphia officer hartnett. >> police say the suspect edward archer admitted to the shooting and said he was acting in the name of islam. >> we just showed you the pictures that of shooting but we want you to know "action news" has obtained video of the shooting but we are choosing not to air it because it is graphic and police commissioner ross has says it could inflame the situation. >> all right, we have team coverage tonight. "action news" reporter john rawlins is live near the scene of the shooting in west philadelphia. but let's begin with vernon odom who is live tonight at police headquarters. vernon. >> reporter: good evening, rick and monica. the word is amazing. that is how police commissioner richard ross describes officer hartnet


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