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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  January 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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sixers. not something that you typically kick off this segment with but hey lebron was in town. >> lebron james in town putting on a show, dunk after dunk after dunk after dunk. sixers facing lebron james and cavilers tonight. way the sixers have played you are thinking i necessity how this will play out. but believe it or not, they hang with king james and company, sixers, make it interesting. everyone looking at lebron. he is not looking at the ball, ouch. in the face, pregame. hey stars are out, mike trout, lesean mccoy, and i will bet he will shake lebron's hand. he puts on a show. slam in the first. raise the roof. not if the sixers can help. end of the half jahlil okafor two of his 21. sixers within one at the break. the fourth quarter sixers hanging around, ish smith. yes. sixers within two. but it is too good to be true.
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lebron takes over. he scores 12 of their final 14 points and he ties his season high with 37. sixers lose by ten. ninety-five-85. they are four-36. >> he just knocking down shots. when he is making shots, good luck. >> we played 40 games, 10 percent have of our schedule has been from somebody i think can win a championship. i'm pleased not to see them any more. >> yes, don't want to see them. andy reid's under study doug pederson is latest to interview for eagles head coach opening today. if the eagles plan to hire the the chiefs offensive coordinator they will have to wait until he is eliminated from the playoffs. eagles owner jeffery laurie, howie roseman and the team president is back in philadelphia after interviewing peterson in kansas city. former eagles quarterback has been the the offensive coordinator since 2013. he was also an eagles assistant coach on reid's staff for four years.
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would the the former quarterback make a good head coach. reid says, you bet today. >> i think it is great, man. i think it is great. he has an opportunity, a compliment to the hard work that he has put in, and he has done a nice job. he is ready to do that. heck if he has the the opportunity more power to him. >> next up for eagles former giants coach tom coughlin is expect to interview tomorrow. in today's new york daily news gives us a glimpse of what coughlin would look like in eagles gear, this may be hard to get use to. more on the coaching search on "action news" sports sunday at 11:45. mike miss until friday 97.5 the fanatic will join us live in the studio. two weeks ago desean jackson came into town's limb nateed the eagles and clinched redskins first playoff birth since 2012. but in jackson's biggest game in years tonight, the former eagle, quiet. well, except here.
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desean and the packers going after casey heywar. they aring at it fighting for the playoffs. jackson with two catches, 17-yard. here in the first he comes up short on the pass there curt cut instant in the touchdown. ball does not cross the goal line. only his foot. they settle for the field goal. big mistake. jackson says that is on me. this is on their d. green bay comes back, down 11 to nothing, fourth quarter, packers run a away witt. eddie laci, packers win 35-18. they will face arizona next. negative 6 degrees is nothing for this time. one of the coldest playoff games in nfl history in minnesota today. fourth quarter, seattle down nine. russell wilson to doug baldwin, seattle would later take a one point lead. minnesota can win, 26 seconds left, but vikings kicker blair walsh, 27-yard field goal no good. wide left. seattle will somehow wins ten-nine. they will play carolina next.
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more sports next, including college hoops. college hoops, 11th ranked
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villanova has been a big problem for big east teams. nova has not lost a conference game in almost a year. they have won 18 straight coming into play, dating back to last january. that is pretty good or maybe
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not. jay wright looks annoyed. villanova on the road a at butler, second half miguel bridges the freshman from malvern will put back. nova up three. look underneath the basket, josh hart wide open. villanova wins 60-55. they are 14-two and undefeated in conference play. st. joes is on the roll too against rhode island. tied up deandre bembr are y buried back to back three's. twenty-two for bembry. hawks take the lead. final minute, the the hawk will never die. aaron brown, back to back three's. st. joes wins 72-67. they are 12-three, one win shy of matching their win total from all of last year. phil martelli is doing a nice job rebounding from a year ago. >> good to see them doing well. still ahead on "action news", we are a friendship how talented youngsters team up with a group of volunteers to produce unforgettable creations, that and more when "action news" comes right
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it is a day to shine for talented local youngsters. children with special need teamed up with teenagers, these volunteers, to create these beautiful works of art. the team's created pottery, ceramic paintings and drawings. the exhibit took place at hebrew academy in bryn mawr and sponsored by the friendship circle. some of philadelphia's youngest artists showed off their work today. family and friend visited clay studio in old sit the toy see masterpiecees. elementary middle schoolers made ceramic thanks to the clay mobile creations which visited city schools. the artwork will be on display until the even of the month. "action news" sports sunday is next on channel six. a "action news" continues at the 4:30 tomorrow morning with david murphy, tamala edward, matt o'donnell and karen rodgers. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky, walter perez and the entire "action news" team, i'm sarah bloomquist, have a great night. sarah bloomquist, have a great night. >> ♪
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america runs on dunkin'. sunday sponsored by audi. >> welcome in the sports sunday thanks for joining us. we've got a special treat tonight, 97.5 fanatic mike missanelli joins us live here in the studio to talk about the bird coaching search, mike, let's get right to it. they cannot screw this up. >> yes, they can. >> here's my problem, is the candidates, it is not a rich field of candidates. so we're looking at certain guys and we're saying, this guy, you know, luke warm feeling, everybody they are considering. >> lets get right to the
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latest. eagles brass led by jeffery lurie returned to philadelphia this afternoon. they spent the day interviewing chiefs offensive coordinator doug pederson. thinks fifth known interview, lurie, and howie roseman conduct since chip kelly was fire. doug pederson, you are saying luke warm, is this a guy you can get behind. >> i just don't think so. sometimes people say you have to go back and discover your future. that is what they are doing with andy reid, with doug pederson. he has been a loyal solder the whole time. i don't see command. i don't know him well enough to say he would be a good head coach. he doesn't call plays there. would i rather have a guy to really runs things first before i consider him a head coach. i'm very luke warm on doug pederson. >> andy reid gave him a ringing endorsement today. >> i think it is great, man. i think it is great. so, he has an opportunity, compliment to the hard work he has put in.
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he has done a nice job. he is ready to do that. heck if he has the opportunity more power to him. >> all right. former giants coach, tom coughlin is reportedly due in tomorrow. he, of course, a former assistant here back in the 80's. two super bowl rings in new york, but four straight seasons where they didn't make a playoffs. does he have a legitimate shot or they just being nice. >> do you need a interview if you are tom coughlin. if i'm tom coughlin, here's my resume, i'll fax it to you. do you need it. >> can you you imagine howie roseman. >> you will interview for a job, with your track record. he is a a good fall back position. i think he knows what he is doing. he won two super bowls. he would take command of the program right away. i just think it is more for show. they want to bring everybody else in. just to make sure they cover their bases. i don't think coughlin will get the job. >> who do you see getting the the job. >> i think it is easy plan, come minute necessity theory,
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and it involves sean mcdermott. not that i think he will blow me away as a candidate but easiest thing they can do right now. if you hire him, he brings pat shurmur they work together as a offensive coordinator. he brings sam bradford in because he likes to work with pat shurmur. domino effect, more stability as they go forward. i think they can win the division next year with that kind of a alignment, and hire steve spagnuolo as a defensive coordinator. all guys that worked together before would make easiest transition. >> recently our jamie a apody asked seth joyner about the qualities needed in a new head coach. >> having played for buddy ryan, a personality if there ever was one, what kind of personality dos this city and team need in a coach. this city embraces a type of person like that. >> philadelphia is a blue collar city. this is an in your face type city. hard working, you know, tough, give every ounce of energy that you have, pure hustle all
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the time. they need a coach who will install that in their players. we are not shakes and sleep monitors, and sports science. that is not what this city is all about. this city is just hard nose, in your face, rumble, scrape your knees, scrape your elbows, in your face and that is the kind of coach that we need. >> chip kelly was not that. mike, what type of coach would you like to see brought in here. >> i don't really have a prototype guy. i know a lot of people in philadelphia want this guy to take charge and emotional on the sidelines. i don't think you need a guy who is emotional. you need a guy that brings a plan that wins. mcdermott would bring defensive coordinator together and i with go for defensive coach more than offensive coach. they have tried the offensive coach. get the defense going. >> if they keep pat shurmur, it was just one game but a sam bradford looked good. >> they need to keep bradford. they have no other choice.
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pat shurmur keeps bradford. nfl wild card weekend wraps up, jeff skversky has those highlight, jeff. >> desean jackson clinched a playoff birth right here, two weeks ago. when redskins eliminated eagles in embarrassing fashion at the link. eagles went ice cold down the stretch. redskins won four straight heading in the playoffs today. jackson and redskins fighting for their playoff lives in green bay. jackson two catches, 17-yard. this in the first, he comes up short on the touchdown. the ball does not cross the goal line. only his foot. they have to settle for a field goal. jackson says hey, that is on me. point finger at the d too. redskins blow an 11 to nothing lead. packers rhawn away in the second half. james starks and eddie laci score rushing touchdowns. packers win 35-18. they will face arizona next. washington didn't beat a single team this year with the winning record. in minnesota, negative 6 degrees.
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one of the coldest games in nfl history. vikings and seahawks fourth quarter, the seattle down nine to nothing. they come back. the russell wilson to doug baldwin. seattle would take a one point lead. minnesota can win this thing. 262nd left. vikings kicker blair walsh, a chip shot, are you kidding me. he misses. wow. seattle somehow, some way wins, ten-nine. they will play at carolina next. afc, pittsburgh faces denver next sunday, andy reid, andy reid still alive. he will face bill belichick and the the patriots in the playoffs for the first time since the super bowl 11 years ago. that is next saturday. i wonder if andy still thinks about that super bowl games. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, sixers get lebron james, and the eastern conference leading cavilers tonight. we will get mike missanelli's take on sixers seemingly never ending rebuilding process. but first here's melissa magee with weather. >> here's the exclusive seven day forecast.
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we're getting colder on monday, high of 37. wake up tomorrow morning, wind chills in the teens. on tuesday not as cold, mostly cloudy, 44. the coldest day of the week on wednesday with a high of just 31. thirty-six on thursday. "action news" sports sunday continues after this. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 6% received 5 stars.
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among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at slash eastern. cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. wow. the internet is crazy fast here. i know, right? it's so nice to have everyone over. hi hey. mmm. i just laid an egg. does anybody want it?
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joey, you want some gasoline? yes, please. mom, guess what? i married a clown and we're having tiny little clown babies. mhm. i just bought a hammer. with internet fast enough for everyone, your guests might get a bit carried away. get out of the past. get fios. sunday is sponsored by audi, challenge all givens. ducis rodgers and mike missanelli from 97.5 the the fanatic, all right mike, the the sixers have four wins but three since christmas. how confident are you that sam hinkie, now that he has jerry coangelo on his side. >> i think they are missing it up. they brought jerry coangelo in, focusing on winning, giving them a veteran presence to win games. start that next year. don't start it this year. ben simmons is guy they need to get to maximize their
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chance to get him. don't win more than lakers, please. that is my message to sam and jerry. >> no more wins. >> four is good. i'm good were four. >> lets see what they did tonight with cleveland cavilers. jeff skversky has those highlights. >> only four, that is it right now. let's keep that it way. winning is not hard enough for sixers now they have to deal with lebron james and cavilers tonight. imagine how that goes, yeah. sixers have lost four straight to the cavilers in the same season for the first time in 20 years. some big names out tonight, with lebron and cavilers in town. mike trout, lesean mccoy back in town. they see a show. lebron with the dunk after dunk. fourth quarter, sixers hanging tough, ish smith the three. yeah, sixers within two. but then too good to be true. lebron takes over ties season high with 37. sixers lose by ten. they have lost 36 of their 40 games this year. >> we have got a chance and an opportunity to play them four times, we have played 40
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games, and 10 percent of our schedule has been against somebody i think can win a championship. i'm pleased not to see them anymore. >> yeah, let them get out of dodge. college hoops jay wright, villanova on the road against butler. second half miguel bridges the freshman from malvern the put back. nova up three. final minutes underneath the basket. josh hart wide open, he lead the way with 22. nova wins by five. they are 14-two. how about st. joes, they are on the roll as well. today against rhode island tied up second half deandre bembry buried back to back three's. he had 22 leading the way. hawks take the lead and hang on, st. joes wins 72-67. they are 12-three. what a job by phil martelli, already 12 wins, they only had 13 a all of last year. guys, back to you. mike, while we have you here of the four major sports teams we have in town, they are all bad right now, do you remember a time it has been this bad. >> worst i have ever been
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seen. i have been doing this for 20 years. this is lowest ebb. there is one team capable of making the playoffs. i don't think flyers will hang on. they hold our hopes in our hand, the philadelphia flyers but it is bad news. >> who has best shot of turning it around quickly. >> i think phillies have a good chance to turn it around. with no salary cap, with money, emphasis on their minor league system now, i think they can get there quicker then people think, believe it or not, the the phillies. >> mike, thanks for coming in. >> my pleasure good check him out 2:00 to 6:97 the fanatic. that will do it for tonight. for mike, jeff, jamie, and the entire crew i'm ducis rodgers. thanks so much for watching. we will see you back here next time.
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i'm karen rodgers. >> i'm's melissa magee. tonight on fyi philly. >> we will check out philadelphia magazines list of the 50 best restaurants. >> everything to go into making this list. >> there are new wine bars in the city and suburbs. >> thank you sir. >> and new distillery and brew pub. >> i love that. >> plus we will check out a new anti aging facial. >> incredible. >> and a place where you can play. >> and you don't to have find a baby-sitter. >> hi everybody welcome to fyi philly. >> we are a at treadici in midtown village. >> treadici is italian for 13. >> we are on 13th street. >> and intecha translates means line librariy my kind of place. >> me too. >> we will he show new a bit. >> our partners at philadelphia magazine released their much anticipated annual list of the 50 best restaurants. >> and eight of the 50 are right here in the midtown


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