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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  January 11, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EST

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is 5:00 a.m., monday, january 11, we're working on several developing and new stories. a fire damages a bucks county strip mall. two church congregations are on alert after two break ins over the weekend. after record warmth get ready for the drops in the temperatures, i've got my jacket on. we have arctic temperatures. >> reporter: i was out walking yesterday, the it was beautiful, the sun was out nice and mild. but that's in the rear view mirror for the next several days. we have cloud cover suppressed
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to the north and west of us, it's on the cold side, and windy. 32 in philadelphia. 30 in trenton. upper 20s in allentown and reading, mid 20s in lancaster and 32 in millville. with the wind brogue in the teens and gusting -- and with the winds blowing in the teens and gusting to 20s windchill feels like 23 in millville. you want the extra gear. heading to the bus stop, it will be below freezing, feeling worse than that windy and cold conditions. 31 degrees by 9:00 a.m. 33 by noon. the high is 37 around 3:00, 3:30 p.m. we're back below freezing at 6:00 p.m. karen we have rain snow showers and in some cases snow showers coming up in accuweather. >> reporter: all right, we have a mess on i-95. we have an accident scene all
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three lanes on i-95 northbound blocked right there. this is northbound traffic on i-95 as you head toward the blue route. traffic is getting by from the on-ramp on the commodor barry bridge. a mess on i-95 a new accident, emergency workers are responding to the scene, jammed northbound approaching the scene. take route 13 or 291 instead of i-95 northbound in chester, delaware county. big accident there. live on the vine street expressway, completely different story, no overnight construction we're opened in both directions, westbound, eastbound, very light volume out here. we have a water main leak that starting pointed in the construction area near the turnpike in bristol township bucks county, 413 new rogers road shut down between new falls road and bath road. we're hearing this could be closed for the morning rush. that will be trouble, tam. starting this morning with the developing story, several
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businesses as karen was pointing out in certain areas may be closed after a blaze erupted at a bucks county strip mall overnight. annie mccormick is live at the scene in the feasterville section with the very latest. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning, tam, the fire crews just pulled away moments ago since they were out here on the scene since after businesses in the strip mall after a fire began inside the popular hong kong buffet where the roof partially collapsed. take a look at the video this is video from the fire scene. it broke out at 1:15 a.m. it was put under control at 2:40 a.m. after several fire crews from different areas did respond out here. luckily there were no injuries. we were told, again, there was a partial roof collapse. they believe the fire began in the kitchen. luckily there was nobody inside, but there are several businesses that were affected. on the left is a david's bridal
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shop and on the ride a small boutique and gift shop to the right of the buffet. we talked to the fire chief who was out here today, here's what he had to say. we had a one alarm fire at the hong kong buffet, every fire near the restaurant is being investigated. we had heavy damage to the bridal shop next-door from the roof was on fire and steppedded over -- extended over to that side, a lot of damage inside that part. >> reporter: and just to be clear, there's a bridal shop on one side that's the one the fire chief was just talking about. on the other side was a small boutique. they have bridal dresses. they have another store on this property where they keep a large amount of their merchandise. they both have smoke and water damage. as for the cause it has to be determined by the fire marshal.
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we are told they will be back out here for most of the day so they can go through the rubble find that cause out. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." reading police are investigating two attempted burglaries two churches blocks from each other. officers were called to christ episcopal church on saturday where someone broke a window. less than an hour later police responded to mennonite hopewell church on 6th street where they found an intr door open. it's not cool. -- interior door open. it's not cool not to mess with someone's religion it's not cool. nothing was reported missing from either church. police across philadelphia has been on high alert every since a gunman ambushed and shot an officer last week.
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an anonymous source claims a group of radicalized muslim men may be planning more attacks on police officers. katherine scott is live at police headquarters with more on the threat. >> reporter: matt, the fbi and philadelphia police are investigating this one. they take these tips very seriously and working to verify if it is credible. a warning from police, an unnamed woman stopped an officer to report that a group of radicalized muslim men may be targeting them. according to this police incident report, the woman said the threat is not over that the offender who shot police officer hartnett is part of a group that consists of three others, and archer is not the most radical of the four. edward archer was charged with attempted murder from the unprovoked attack on jesse hartnett allegedly in the name
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of islam. the other three males frequent the 1600 block of pine and for police to be came. in an unrelated case, police released this video of an assault of another officer on saturday night at penn presbyterian center. a man tried to grab the officer's gun. he was subdued by the officer and the hospital security. all police officers will be travel winning a partner until further notice. kathleen kane faces a final senate committee hearing this week, even though her job is at stake, she plans to skip the meeting. lawmakers decide if she should be removed from the office while her law license is under suspension. the spokesperson said she will submit a written statement by noon today. we turn to david murphy it's been ayo with the
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weather. >> reporter: no more. we'll see the cameras shaking around a little bit, looking down broad street to city hall. 32 degrees in philadelphia. windchills making it feel like the low to mid 20s out there. 29 degrees in allentown. 30 below freezing in trenton. 31 in wilmington, 32 in millville and 36 in cape may. satellite and radar shows you how we'll start out with sunshine. we'll take whatever we can get positive out of this, because it's going to be cold. you'll need your sunglasses as you head up and down i-95. out the turnpike and elsewhere in the region, some of the clouds will swing through later in the day and we'll wind up with a sun and clouds mix. that's what we'll call in the lehigh valley after the sunny start. 33 degrees is the high, windchills will make it feel
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like the teens in the morning and the 20s in the afternoon. down the shore winds and cold, sun and clouds, once again it will feel chillier because of the wind. in philadelphia, we'll go for a high of 37 degrees, sun and clouds, windy and cold, here the winds. they will be whipping out of the west gusting as high as 30 miles per hour at times the windchills will be no better than the mid 20s as we roll through the day. 32 by 11:00. 35 by 2:00 and 37 by 3:00, 3:30 p.m. tomorrow, no big i. it will be on the -- no big issues. it will be on the cold side certainly and no precipitation until 12:00. we have a spoke of energy that's coming through, a clipper system that will produce rain showers around philadelphia and trenton and maybe wet snow mixing in here. the farther north you go through the suburbs, the better chance
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you have of light snow showers. not expecting big problems out of this, but there could be a light accumulation every now and then. whenever it is snowing you slow it down just in case. looks like it will be an minimal impact event. tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening wet snow and snow showers, the farther north you you are the better chance you have of that sticking just a bit. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 37 is today's high, windy and colder. tomorrow in the afternoon, a rain or snow shower is possible, high of 44 degrees. wednesday that's all over with and we're bufort and much -- blustery and much colder. feeling like the teens and 20s. thursday, 36, back to 44. saturday we have periods of rain 50. sunday leftover rain shower possible, high of 46. moderation is on the way in the seven day, it's not coming today. there's that yo-yo again.
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a suspected drug lord caught after an interview with a famous hollywood actor may be heading to the united states. fbi are investigating the death of an american woman in florence. >> reporter: we have an accident in chester blocking three lanes, it's a mess, we'll have that coming up. actor jamie foxx pulled a steve harvey at the golden globes last night, that's later in the morning buzz. but why? well, because there's never been a better time to get a great deal from fios, the fastest internet and wi-fi available. only fios has speeds from 50 to 500 megs. because your devices run better on a better internet. and for just $79.99 a month online, you can get 50 meg fios internet, tv and phone for your first year.
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a live look at the philadelphia international airport. 5:13, very cold and 33 degrees. all right, karen, you have problems already? >> reporter: so early to have such a big backup on i-95. this is chester, delaware county. it's hard to see from the shot, it's a little blurry. a lot of emergency workers on the scene, northbound approaching curlin street. traffic is getting by from the commodor barry bridge. we found someone on waze saying a big accident on i-95 and speeds have been traveling just about 8 miles per hour ahead of this diswent -- accident scene as you can see. it's creating a backup approaching the commodor barry bridge approaching curlin street. take 13 or 91 the accident is
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blocking all three lanes on i-95 northbound it's a mess. auto there we have a problem, with a water main leak in a construction area shutting down new rogers road at new falls road and bath road. if you're in this area stick to bristol oxford valley road. in feasterville bucks county, bustleton pike is reopened between gerald avenue and rohandle avenue. use buck road or trevose instead. airport road is shut down between e macarthur drive and 291. 1 had 1 is -- 141 is the altern. it's 23 degrees colder right now in philadelphia than it was at this point yesterday. i kept reminding my kids, i know
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you're wearing shorts on sunday, you have to bundle up on monday. the trial is set to begin today for the baltimore police officer who drove the van that carried freddie gray. seizure goodson is one of the officers charged in gray's death. he faces second degree prosecutors must show he was so callous about gray's life. an american woman was found strangled in the italian city of florence. she was found in her bed with her neck bruised and scratched. the 35-year-old from florida was well-known in the neighborhood and lived in florence since 2012. it is big news, mexican authorities capture "el chapo." authorities want to know what was sean pen doing having a
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secret sit down with the kingpin rolling stone wrote about the kingpin. not all press is good press. mexican officials say penn's secret meeght helped them to lead them to the drug lower. guzman is expected to be extra extra -- extradited to the u.s. "g.m.a." will have more on the meetings with sean penn and the extra extradition to the u.s. alabama takes on clemson it will be the first time the stadium hosts the national football championship. you can watch both teams on our
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sister station espn. tom coughlin is expected to interview with the eagles today. doug peterson interviewed yesterday morning. he was randy eed's assistant on his staff for four years. another rough start to the week to u.s. markets. a study finds secondhand smoke remains a big problem for teens.
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what...before the sugarcane.f was discovered... all our favorite sugary foods would be our favorite truvia-y foods. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. winners are showing up all over pennsylvania. and with more than 500,000 winners of match 6, cash 5, and treasure hunt every single week, that's not a big surprise. winners, winners everywhere! play today! >> reporter: happy monday everybody, it is cold out there, how would you like to sit new big traffic jam. we're taking close-up views now, delaware county, i-95 northbound approaching curlin street. we were looking at the accident earlier. now we're looking at the backlog.
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i-95 northbound approaching the commodor barry bridge to approaching curlin street. penndot checking everything out right now. stick to route 13 or 291 so you're not sitting in this mess. an accident blocking all three lanes. we have a vehicle fire conshohocken elm street at light street. chestnut hill west line weekday schedules in effect today, dave, so grab one. >> reporter: we have cold conditions this morning staying blustery this afternoon. on the el stop or the bus station 31 degrees by 9:00 a.m. right now we are right around 31. windchills making it feel like the teens and 20s. and things don't get better today, 33 degrees by noon. it will feel like the 20s because of the strong blustery
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winds. airport call we don't have precipitation in the most commonly traveled destinations. it's cold in atlanta and dallas. so the cold air is across the region. even though teens are putting down cigarettes they are facing dangers from second handle smoke. kids in middle school and high school encounter high rates in 2013. second handle smoke has been linked with several illnesses in children including ear problems, bronchitis and pneumonia. rickyvace and mel gibson have an awkward moment at
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the golden globes. a main stock sell off. that concern could drag down other markets today as it did last week. u.s. stocks had their worse week in four years. >> reporter: uber is cutting its prices in 100 cities. the third january where they cut prices. detroit auto show starts today with lots of cool cars. new mercedes benz eclass has self driving technology. >> reporter: lexus will show off it's luxury sports car, all i need is heated seats. have a great day.
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little fun at golden globe awards. actor jamie foxx is not letting steve harvey forget the flub. fox announced the winner was straight out of comp ton. the winner went to the hateful 8. harvey announced the wrong winner of the 2015 competition.
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actresses set the record straight on which latina they are. i'mva longoria. that was gina rodriguez. back in december, golden globes confused fererra with rodriguez not once, but twice. host didn't hold anything back last night. he took a couple of digs at mel gibson and mocked him for his arrests and antisemitic outbursts in 2006 and then the two engaged in awkward and on
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stage banter where gibson threatened to put him to sleep. ricky said he didn't care. the search for the man who tried to steal the car from a woman who was pumping gas in bucks county. we have more on the woman who cearpd out several jewelry store -- carried out several jewelry store robberies in the south. "action news" will be right back.
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developing now on "action news," fire at a popular bucks county restaurant causes part of the roof to cave in and damages other nearby businesses we're live on the scene. the music world is mowrk an icon -- mourning an icon, david bowie is dead this morning at 69. police learn of a threat who remain shocked over the ambush that left an officer dead. let's head over to karen rogers and david murphy with weather and traffic good


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