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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  January 12, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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doing much in the way of accumulation, we have the one batch that passed through spring valley and eastern new jersey, a few flakes falling there and mixed rain drops in southern parts of new jersey but there is a break happening now in much of the area and that break will continue in the next hour and a half. and then we track the actual arctic front here with lightning and thunder along with it. this will blast through here through 5:30 and 8:30 with another round of snow showers and snow squalls up toward the lehigh valley. ahead of the front we are in the 40s through much of the area, that is a warm ground and temperatures above freezing at 34 degrees, between 5:30 and 9:00 another brief round of snow showers could coat the grassy surfaces, north and west of philadelphia but roadways will mainly stay wet as that passes
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through, the big story is the wind advisory in effect until 5:00. winds gusting 45 to 50 miles per hour throughout the overnight hours and that will drop the temperature behind the front and tomorrow morning it will feel like 5 to 10 degrees in the heart of the delaware valley and 10 to 15 in southern areas. we'll talk about it's arctic blast and howl it will last in the accuweather forecast. >> adam thank you. many counties have declared a code blue, an opened warming centers through the night and crews are ready for any areas that has snow pop up. walter perez is live at a penndot salt yard in allentown. >> reporter: hey sharrie, as adam mentioned. a nice shot of snow came through here an hour ago and nothing really stuck and the clouds broke up and the sun is out in
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this allentown region, but right now old man winter is still dragging his feet. the winter season arrived weeks ago but it's putting off its appearance. the folks at allbright hardware say their decisions have been dictated by el niño. >> with this mild weather we are able to sell other items other than the snow items, it's a positive thing. >> it's a positive thing for penndot, like many of us they are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best, approaching the middle of january, the snow packed piles so far in our region. so penndot is ready, the rest of the us not so much. >> was going to buy a snow blower but i haven't. >> you are holding out for now. >> my neighbor hooz one and he will help me.
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>> russ says by now and he his wife are usually in florida. >> i didn't go because i have some health issues. >> when the snow begins to fly penndot has something new to check out. we added a component to that allows you to track hundreds of plow trucks. >> it's for interstates and expressways. if you click on it, it brings on a link and it shows you what happened in the last two hours. >> gives live traffic alerts, and it's a neat resource for travelers. >> sunny but snowy day. walter thank you. stay with as the snow showers move through our region, remember the power
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of storm tracker 6 radar is just a click away. brand new at 4:00, and from the delaware newsroom. a gun went off inside a school in dover, it happened at 12:15 at central middle school, police say that the child brought the gun to school and might have given it to a fellow student and that student fired the gun inside of a bathroom and police don't know if it was fired on purpose or by accident, no one was hurt here. there was also a bomb threat at the school earlier today but the police do not think the two incidents are connected. a camden county father accused of murdering his own son, he was in court for his arraignment. it gave us new details on what prosecutors say happened in this case. chad pradelli is live in camden. a chilling day there? >> reporter: yes brian prosecutors painted a picture of a new father enamored of his new
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teenage girlfriend and willing to kill his young son for her. but when and how brendon creato was killed was not revealed. >> they say he was paranoid during the hours leading up to -- and his new girlfriend didn't like children and disdained him from taking time with his 3-year-old son. >> she repeatedly threatened break up with him and he repeatedly begged her not to. >> the 22-year-old said he awoke and found his son simply gone. >> i just woke up and he was not in the apartment, i don't know what happened, i don't know where it is, the door was locked and i guess he unlocked it and left. >> he was found partially submerged in cooper river park, his socks were clean meaning he was placed there and the
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location was remote and known to his father, and that he took his new girlfriend there 30 times prior to the killing, even snapping a cell phone picture of it. >> we supported him through all of this justice will prevail. >> substantial is the only word i can think to use, you heard me say in open court, it's a weak substantial case. >> reporter: bail is set at $750,000 cash or bond, it's unclear if creato as posted. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a pennsylvania state senate committee held its fourth and final hearing today on attorney general kathleen kane, they are debating if they can remove kane from office because she is not a
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licensed attorney, her license was suspended after being charged with alleged leaks of grand jury testimony. kane did not attend the day's hearing and argued the group does not have the power to kick her out of office. today new jersey governor, chris christie announced the multimillion-dollar bill for the fight against mental illness. in his state of the state, he dedicated 1$100 million for increased access to care for people struggling with mental illness and substance abuse. >> we work to treat and rehabilitate some of the most vulnerable members of our society. >> and had harsh words for state lawmakers for fiscally reckless
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actions related to pension paymentses and taxes and called for an increase focus on charter schools which we called a resounding success for the state. tonight president barack obama will deliver his final state of the union address his aides saying he will use this address to highlight his successes in office. and there will be two special guests, both with local ties. first pennsylvania state trooper, alex douglas injured when he was ambushed at the state barracks in the poconos and he will be a guest of senator pat toomey, this results in the death of corporal brian dickson, it ends with frein's capture two months later and he was awarded the purple heart from the state police for bravery. and in attendance a boy from
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delaware, and also the special guest of first lady, michelle obama, brayden mannering of bear is bringing his mom with him, he started bray's brown bags. he first met the first lady as part of the lets move campaign and she is having him as her special guest tonight. you can see president obama's state of the union address here on 6 abc at 9:00 and we'll have a full recap on "action news" at 11:00. >> thank you. normally when anything increases by $100 million, it would feel like a big deal but when it comes to tomorrow's power ball jackpot today's increase is just the beginning, it moved up to $1.5 billion today. that is $309 million if you take
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the cash option. we'll bring you the numbers on "action news" at 11:00, the minute they are drawn. >> it gets my wheels turning each time we talk about that. >> can't even talk about it. speechless. it's time now for the "action news" traffic report, matt pellman you better not be speechless it's your turn. >> traffic was rendering us speechless yesterday, but this afternoon having a ball but not a lot of fun, vine street expressway eastbound side, you can see the delay starting to form this point past the schuylkill on past 95, westbound is not too bad and the key is, it's all dry here in center city, no snow falling and no rain falling. right on the bucks county border, a problem here, on the ramp from woodhaven road route 63 westbound to go north on route 1, you can see the broken down truck there it's a heavy
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duty truck trying to exit. hop on the southbound boulevard to do the old flipperoo. and old lincoln highway by route 1 and upper moreland davis is shut down because of a crash pioneer is a local alternate. and hockessin is blocked at lancaster pike. and lets grab the ipad and do the commuter report, a pothole in philadelphia along king street, the good news is things look good on the walt whitman bridge heading into new jersey unlike yesterday afternoon that was quite the circus. we'll check it again in the next half hour. still ahead, the charity founded by jerry sandusky makes a decision about its future. plus, it was a popular shopping certain but is empty for years today the crews
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and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. turkish officials say that isis is responsible for a suicide bombing in one of istanbul's biggest tourist destinations, at least 11 died and 15 wounded. many german citizens, many part of the tour group visiting turkey in the middle east. the man behind the bombing was a 22-year-old syrian national. there are no reports of american injuries or deaths. the foundation started by penn state coordinator jerry sandusky has asked to go out of business, fundraising has dropped to nothing and has virtually no assets left.
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he founded the foundation in 1977 and was found guilty of molesting boys in that group and sandusky is serving between 15 and 30 years in prison. a story of rebirth in burlington county, new jersey, the tri-town plaza in evesham township is vacant for a long time but now new editions are moving in. a $25 million deal to bring that plaza back to life. mayor randy brown says she are work on the revitalization project since 2007 calling this the centerpiece for redevelopment. the land you are standing on today within two to three years should have a value of over $30 million. >> rick murdoch the owner of rd
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management heading up the whole thing, they said today there will be more than 250 apartments there. two restaurant as long with other retail and entertainment options, the township is working to create a park and green space behind the property to enhance the township across the board, now demolition as can you see is underway and signs of new life is evident come the spring, it used to be a popular shopping center and now it's coming back. >> good deal thanks. meantime the snow and cold temperatures we are dealing with are nothing compared to what other parts of the country are seeing, check out what happened to this building in omaha, nebraska, a fire there yesterday and crews had to work in below freezing temperatures to put it out. today it's covered in icicles because of all the water it took to put the flames out. now inspectors are worried that the old restaurant may fall down
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and collapse. >> obviously a danger but a beautiful sight. but we are dipping our pinky toe in winter tonight. >> lets head to adam joseph for this pinky dipping of winter. >> we have seen one or two shots of arctic air, what is more typical for this time of year and grabbing another one late tonight and tomorrow and quick warming for the end of the week, double scan live radar we saw showers and squalls past through and it did not amount to anything, but there is a second round of snow showers passing by with the actual arctic front between 5:30 and 9:00 from the west to the east, ahead of that arctic front we have a southerly wind and that moves the temperatures into the mid-40s for most of the us even north and west. reading 38 and 39 in lancaster and 34 in allentown so we are
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not seeing freezing temperatures as the showers pass through. there you can see front south of binghamton and that blasts through with strong winds and a couple of snow showers and maybe even a rumble of thunder north of philadelphia, so at 7:00 tonight, you see a batch south of philadelphia, there is the arctic front arriving in lancaster and allentown with a grassy coating north and west of the philadelphia as that passes through, it moves through trenton, wilmington and philadelphia at 8:30 this evening and then off the coast by 9:00 and by 11:00, the sky clearing out and the winds will be whipping out of the northwest. we take a look at future tracker 6 winds from 11:00 tonight, 36 miles per hour and allentown 41 and 41 in millville and in excess of 43 in cape may and the poconos over 40 miles per hour winds as we get deeper into the
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early morning hours. you can clearly see how cold this air mass is. 11 in green bay and 6 below in international falls, that is air temperature, not including the windchill. for us back at home tomorrow morning, bitter winds bundle up the kids and keep them in the car until the bus arrives, 24 is the air temperature, it will feel 10 degrees early tomorrow morning and even in the afternoon tomorrow, air temperatures are below freezing area wide despite sunshine and in the teens tomorrow afternoon the coldest feeling day so far this winter season, the forecast is blustery and bitter and feeling like the teens the entire day, a one day affair we bounce back to low 40s and sunshine and clouds, and mild for our january on friday, we are back to 50 degrees and what
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do you know, another southern system with a decent amount of rain coming in on saturday and afternoon sunshine with temperatures at 50 degrees, it will be a good soaker, lets say a.m. rain, and morning rain and afternoon sun on saturday and rain in the poconos to begin this weekend so everyone keeps asking about the cold but we can't link it to the storms in the south. >> very mild. thanks adam. still here today school counselor, giving cpr to a student only to find out someone robbed her while she did it. police need your help to find the person responsible. >> and a building ripped apart by fire what we learn about the flames that tore through a local castle. >> coming up in big talkers, is it a cruel joke or a glimpse into reality, the baby shower card you will not want to miss coming up. ♪
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a man was killed while walking on the highway this morning at the jersey shore, it happened at 12:30 a.m., on route 30 near mill road in absecon, the man was leaving work when he was hit by a car and the driver stopped nearby and told police he had not realized he hit someone. he is not facing charges at the moment. police have not told united states the names of anyone involved. police in north philadelphia are looking for the suspects that offered to help a 70-year-old man and robbed him instead. it happened on wednesday on north sixth street and the man withdrew money from an atm and walks with a walker and two men offered to help him instead they pinned him to the wall a restaurant and took $400, police want to hear from anyone that recognizes the suspects. starbucks upping its bet on
4:26 pm
china even as that country's slow down hits stocks markets across the world. starbucks plan to open 500 stores there each year over the next five years. they already have 200 stores in china and their sales continue to grow even like foreign brands like yum and hershey struggle. here is how things ended up on wall street. the dow up 118 points and nasdaq up 48 and s&p up 14 points on the day. china's richest man bought himself a hollywood studio. the dally ann group announced today he has bought legendry entertainment, the studio that produced blockbusters and jurassic world and inner stellar. they already own the amc theater chain, the largest movie theater
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group and produces movies there in china. vice president joe biden opens up about the private friendship between his family and the obamas. from apple to amazon we'll find out which streaming advice is best when it comes to bing watching your favorite shows.
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"action news" at 4:30 continues. >> "action news" continues with the feel one new yorkville able is standing by, how they are defending an official image that depicted a white settler choking an african-american. >> plus, no good deed goes unpunished. this was no ordinary crime of opportunity, there was a good reason that the woman left it unattended, she was saving a life. >> later we have two words for you today. taco cleanse. it's not only a real diet, we eat tacos all day long, experts say you know what? it really works, we should tell you there is unsurprisingly a catch here, find out what is off limits coming up. >> we begin with the weather, the weather waiting game, so books though we have seen a few flurries, they are not the big
4:30 pm
story. calm and cloudy center city skyline, but in less than one hour, the delaware valley is expecting a front that could bring real flakes at the beginning of the year, lets go to this angle, adam joseph has the details. >> some areas have not seen the snowflakes, you think you missed out on the opportunity, but you haven't. the first batch is moving off of the coast but the arctic front is in central pennsylvania, you can clearly see the line of snow showers east of the state college, and we are putting the lightning tracker on here because there is a half dozen of or lightning strikes in this squall line, some areas seeing thundersnow to the west and that is an indication of how unstable and cold this air is moving in. as that passes through past 5:308:00 tonight in the early evening hours, there could be a
4:31 pm
grassy coating north of the pennsylvania turnpike where temperatures are cooler and mainly on grass and roads remain on the wet side and later this evening, south of philadelphia as well. take a look at the cold air, what is happening now in the pacific northwest in western canada, there is a ridge, the ridge builds to the north and on the opposite side of that, the southerly winds take over and you get a straight shot from the north pole with bitter air, as we look ahead to the accuweather forecast. we'll see the coldest feeling day so far this winter season for tomorrow but there is a late week rebound just in time for a bigger storm this weekend that arrives on saturday in the form of rain yet again, we'll chat about the temperatures, the windchills and wind advisories, tonight brian, with the future tracker coming up in the accuweather forecast. >> thanks, the "action news" facebook page keeps you up to date about any and all wintry
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weather, you'll fine pictures from across the region, make sure you get up to the minute details from accuweather, from your timeline, just like we are following breaking news here at 4:00, out of the middle east, the pentagon says that two u.s. navy boats are held by iran but will be returned. a military spokesperson says the u.s. lost contact with the boats moving from kuwait to bahrain in the persian gulf, officials said it appears that the vessels were escorted by an iranian craft to an island in the gulf. but it's unclear why. we are keeping an eye on that breaking development. >> turning now to the search for
4:33 pm
thieves that targeted a good samaritan, this is surveillance video from the charter school showing a man scooping up strangers purse but the victim only set her bag down to save a life. trish hartman is live with these details. >> reporter: well, police want to you look at the surveillance video to see if you recognize that suspect, this happened on january 6th, wednesday of last week when a student was having a medical emergency here at add prima charter school. >> it's shocking and scary. you put your children into a charter school thinking they are safe and then you hear that someone just walk nood the building. >> plenty of parents and guardians were talking about the brazen theft that happened on
4:34 pm
january 6th, detectives say that a teacher was performing cpr around dismissal time. you can see the man enter the school at 4:20 p.m., he walks up a stairwell where the counselor left her belongings while she was helping the girl and then two minutes later, he comes down the stair without the purse leaving the building, the purgs was later found in a classroom with i.d.'s and credit cards gone. >> it was just after dismissal and beginning our school program, we opened the doors to let a group of students in and at that time the individual took advantage of that and slip nood the building. now, if you see this man police say don't approach him but call 911, if you have information about the theft contact east detectives, the school ceo says for the next pto
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meeting they are checking i.d.'s as the door, as for the child having a medical emergency, after a trip to the emergency room she was just fine. trish hartman, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. meantime, philadelphia police are also looking for two men that managed to literally rip off thousands of dollars from an eastwick cell phone store, cameras captured the suspects walking into the at&t on december 29 and, the men started ripping dozens of display model phones and ipads from the walls and counter, the suspects got away with at least $6,000 worth of merchandise, if you recognize them call southwest detectives. >> a bucks county special education teacher was back in the classroom today one week after being caught on camera roughing up a ref. it shows high school varsity
4:36 pm
coach jerry divine knocking over the coach, he was suspended and put on administrative leave for one week, he remains barred from coaching but is back teaching. investigators in tell wear county are determining what sparked a blaze that gutted a chadded ford mansion known as rocky hill castle. it happened at 1:30 this morning, because of the remote location and limited access to water, firefighters had to call in tankers from nearby chester and newcastle county. but the 200-year-old estate was destroyed. it was originally used as a victorian summer home but converted to look like a castle. though the property was up for sale at the time, the buyer is
4:37 pm
not considered suspicious. >> we are learning a bit more about an accident that happened this morning, on the new jersey turnpike, the new jersey police say that the crash involving a single tractor trailer was deadly, the driver veered off the road into the woods near the carnie's point exit. one person died but it's unclear if that crash killed the person or if they had another medical issue. vice president, joe biden, is giving a glimpse of hi personal relationship with president obama, he talked about how he confided in the president when his son beau became sick and was concerned about supporting his family financially and that he would sell his wilmington home. he said don't sell the house promise me you won't sell the house, he is going to be mad at
4:38 pm
me for saying this, but he said i'll give you the money. it shows how close biden and obama have become and advisories because of concerns with childrens cough syrup. rick williams is live with more on this story, the recall involves two types of childrens cough syrup and the concern is the markings on the dosage cups that comes with the medicine, the companies that sell the medicine issued the recall themselves. ali gorman will tell us where this medicine was sold and what you so do if you have the product. also coming up tonight, a local college student called the "action news" troubleshooters for help after having major issues with her laptop computer, nydia han explains how we got results. those stories and more when we
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come back at 5:00. >> thank you. we heard the phrase, lions and tigers and bears oh my. a new litter at six flags, great advance in jackson, ocean county, is two-thirds the way there. this is the look at the park's newest residents a siberian african cub and a siberian lion cub, they were born in the same week and both mothers failed to care for them. now the facility has stepped in to raise the lion and tiger as one litter for the very first time. the two species would typically never meet but raising them together helps to mature their relationship skills. they will be named at a later date. it will be fascinating to see how they develop years from now. >> we'll keep an eye on those
4:40 pm
two. why would anyone describe a baby shower card as pure evil. and if the thought of eating tacos all day long is a healthy diet. stick around we'll break down the taco cleanse. and adam joseph looking to put a smile on your face. he has the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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we have more breaking news at 3:00, video just into "action news" dramatic video here, this is in wilmington where you see firefighters having quite the time putting a fire out there, this breaking news happening on the 500 block of north monroe street in wilmington, this is happening as we speak. there is also a report of a person trapped at this location, the fire itself we are told
4:43 pm
broke out 30 minutes ago, firefighters responded to a two story middle of the road brick dwell,ing. the video is pretty dramatic, one person and a child we are told have been remove frtd home and that person's condition, there is no information on that as of yet. on health check at 4:00, it is the first diet craze of the new year and it's caught the attention of one celebrity it's called the taco cleanse, the creation of four young authors from texas, discovering eating tacos for one month, vegan, is good for your health, it offers 75 sound vegan recipes, actress jennifer aniston thinks the taco cleanse sounds good. she may start stocking up on tortillas. i like the way is sounds.
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>> big talkers and big controversy in a little town in new york state, this is the official seal in a town calls whitesboro, a seal that people call racist but not enough to get it removed. it looks like a white man choking a native american man, they took a vote in the town to see if they wanted to keep it. and they did. the town and the voters arguing as well that the emblem dates back to the early 1900s, they don't see it as choking but a friendly wrestling match between hugh knight and an oneida indian, white won the match and the lasting goodwill of the oneidas. and it appears on street signs and it's part of their town history and for now they are
4:45 pm
keeping it. the big question today, is this baby shower card realistic or really cruel. either way i can't say we didn't get a good giggle out of this one. this one pretty much captures the also accurate side. oh the memory, that is what you hear for three straight hours opening this card, joker ridgely launched the card, the only way to get the card to stop crying is to destroy the card or let the battery run out. he found the inspiration right at home, but a lot funny sharing snapshots, real life with first timers. >> it's bringing me back. >> all of us listening. it's still going.
4:46 pm
>> still crying. the story of the card, alicia thanks very much. lets get another check of the roads right now. there is an accident from allegheny to north avenue, seeing if the school bus can squeeze by it, you see the ambulance on the scene of the crash and traffic is squeezing by trying to exit 95 northbound for allegheny here, but the northbound traffic is slow past washington avenue through this point at allegheny avenue this afternoon. on the big picture, traffic light trouble as long the mlk drive at montgomery drive, there was an accident there, we said you know what we'll try again on the schuylkill and the mlk, if you exit at montgomery, have you to go to fairmount park.
4:47 pm
couple issues in northeast philadelphia and bucks county, a broken down truck on the northbound side of 1, the roosevelt boulevard, the ramp remains closed get on the southbound side of the boulevard to get around and old lincoln highway the super highway, a crash likely for a few more hours shutting down davis road and pioneer road is an alternate there, we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you, meteorologist, adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather forecast. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. find the lowest prices of the season, going on now. save $600 on the #1 rated i8 bed. only at a sleep number store.
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a brief lull the activity west of the harrisburg and pottsville pushing in here through the evening hours, ahead of that front, temperatures have warmed to 44 if philadelphia and 45 in millville and dover, even above freezing in the lehigh valley, the only place below freezing is satellite and radar. passing past north of philadelphia, the actual arctic front, meaning businesses that pushed through state college and also parts of lewis town and west of harrisburg and as you dip down to west providence, moving quickly to the east so quick reduced visibility passing through it can coat the ground north and west of philadelphia,
4:51 pm
watch the early snow showers with the actual front, the winds are gusting 45 to 50 miles per hour with the front dropping the temperature to 20 to 24 degrees, a wind advisory until 5:00 in the morning, future tracker at 7:30, the snow showers start to break up as they push in from the west at 7:30, moving close to philadelphia, through philadelphia at 8:00, and 8:30, and 9:00 in central new jersey and pushes off the coast after the 9:00 hour. the big story is the winds whipping overnight and it will feel like below zero in the poconos and not much better in the afternoon tomorrow even with full sun the wins remain 30 to 35 miles per hour and feels like the teens with the high temperature at 31 degrees with the low deepening into eastern
4:52 pm
canada, that will also bring in that sunshine as we get sinking air behind the storm and wins relax on thursday and we go back to 41 degrees, back above normal pretty quickly here on thursday. the exclusive accuweather forecast blustery and bitter tomorrow. 31 feeling like the teens, 41 and not as cold on thursday and mild to end the week, on friday 50 degrees and a round of heavy rain on saturday morning, in and afternoon returning sun of 50, another shot of cold air behind that storm sunday into monday, monday only 31 and martin luther king day staying below normal at 31 degrees. you could even see a quick coating north of philadelphia this evening. >> thank you.
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the biggest names in streaming media are showing off a new generation of players, if you are considering one for your home here is some advice, to find which one is best for your house, consumer reports just tested popular options, the new version of apple tv makes it easier to control the box and search for content. can you search for an actor, tv show or movie. the new box starts at $149. >> apple tv is a good choice for people that live in apple's world and has content stored. it's easy to set up but is missing some streaming services such as amazon. >> and the amazon fire tv, great
4:56 pm
for prime members since the interface is build around prime content, it supports 4 k video. >> it's one of the fastest boxes we tested that means that apps and videos will load in no time at all. >> the highest rated player is the roku 4. >> they took everything we liked about the 3 and added other capabilities and has the most streaming services of all the devices we tested. consumer reports recommends the completely redesigned google chrome cast for $35. >> it caught up because of a wifi upgrade that could mean less interference, but not as robust a player as other models we tested. sfwlu to use your phone, tablet or laptop to control it. >> the amazon fire stick for $40, you get a lot of features
4:57 pm
of the fire tv but without the speed. lots of options there brian if you are in the market. >> we are as you in the market and we like options. now for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff. i hope you'll join me tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17.
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. we begin with breaking news in delaware tonight, crews have a potentially deadly fire here. there is at least one fatality, flames erupted 45 minutes ago and even firefighters had to jump out of the windows for their own safety trying to rescue those inside. here is a look from sky 6 hd this is wilmington, delaware and you can see the charred remains of this fair and at least one child was removed from inside. we have no word on the child's
5:00 pm
condition and another person is hospitalized. but we confirmed that there is at least one fatality. we'll bring you more details on this fire in wilmington, delaware as more information becomes available tonight. and we are talking about the first snow showers in our area, they may be brief and likely won't get much but winter weather lovers feel it's about time. it's mid-january and we are finally seeing flurries, not everybody is getting it though depending on where you live. penndot is ready. jeff jericho is live in king of prussia but first let go to meteorologist, melissa magee. >> hi there rick and monica, a few light flakes in philadelphia and showers north and west of town, showing you the first batch of moisture moving through knowledge and south and east and you can see the arcti


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